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Mexico independent. (Mexico, N.Y.) 1861-1872, September 12, 1861, Image 4

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- t **mr»*> :**m»iff*Jmik «S*«fl8B(aas»\..w< *!W\ •ytm -•<-'—*•- •jfiiiaii W^HF *>» •nfc- 2 M B X i CO INDEP & ft 1) E N T: i *& \. Molly Oo'w det.'i mined on & coup de maitre, AoeordiiiK'y \-he reloaded tb'eoafiiion with dou- ble the ordinary quota and then discharged it, A terrib'e crash mcceeded. Molly was thrown into the air several feet, and fell to the ground with violence.' Three British soldier-\ were killed., and* an cruet*? of high rank was apparent- ly mortally wounded. Many who' stood by wer thrown down and general confusion; prevailed this last discharge had broken the cannon into fragments! • For a few moments Molly was insensible, but she soon rallied and rose with a steady eye.\— The soldiers loudly applauded her.uotwithnand. ing »wbich she imjmedkvteiy withdrew to her home, followed, by two soldiers with the body ol her husband. Oo. ,the following morning, Molly was sur- prised by a visit from Generals Washington, ' Wayne and Lafayette-\%ho had witnessed her\ brave conduct at the battle ground. Molly retained her self-command. \\Our army, madam, being about to leave \Monmouth we took this early opportunity to express to you our entire approval of your ac- tion yesterday,'' paid Gen. Washington. «Sir, n replied Molly, •• I only wis ed to serve my country 5 the death of my husband made me almost frantic.\ \ You merit a coat of arms like our Joan of Arc,\ observed Lafayette-; *• her's contained two golden lilies and a sword pointing upward bearing:axrown.'^__^ . . _. _ \ I should prefer eagles in place ol the lilies,\' said M«Uy, \ You shall have an epaulette for your coat of arms,\ said Gen. Washington, rising in bis accustomed dignity ot maimer ; •• 1 here coah-r upon yoa the rank 01 oap:aio, as a testimonial of my regard for your service.\ The other General rose, uod crossing thejr arms upon their breasts, beheld the scene with asmile of gratification. \Many thanks, General,'' said Molly, the tpars rushing to her eyes ; 'but would that n.y husband had been b^ui .J to have this honor\ instead of myself.'\ \I trust you will come to A glorious end .\re- marked Lafayette, \unlike the Maid of OrleanB, who was burned at the stake.\ '•I have come to that ulready,\' returned Mol- ly j \I have been taken prisoner by the Indi- ana, and confined to a tree, where I should have been burned alive had not lis who afterward was ray husband nobly offerd his life for mine.'? • \Brave madam 1\ exclaimed Lafayette; \be- fore we leave permit me to salute you, alter-the custom of my country, when we should honor noble ladies like yourself.\ A blush suddenly overspread Molly's cheek as the chivalrous Generaymprinted a kiss upon her brow. A few calm, earnest words, like a benediction, Gen. Washington added to Molly, •and the difjtinguiBhed visitors took their de . partnre.—: * \Mercy on us!\ exclaimed MrstTSogere, who had partially witnessed this scene; \you're now really captain! This 1B the most wonderful thing I ever heard of in all my life.\ Retrospective. Otiee, having little el«e to do, I took 0>y 8obool-m»tes full In view; And many that were in my clans, With eyes ware e'rer downward oant, they seemed to think, by tumbling o'er The dust and pebbles, »» Of yore, A mythic treasure might b£ found Hid neath some spot within the gtsmnd. Next seemed » class whose lofty look Beiipoke their language like a Imok , I'm rising, rising, high and fast- Think not that / with yon am classed ; J have a stool on which to stand— My father's banker oi the 'and ; But ere his words were hardly done, Th« stool legs reU beneath the son. The ones that most attracted me, Were those that bappj seemed to be ; They had one object lull in view, With mind arid might tbey strove to do ; Their eyes Were airer upward turned, For they had this great Wssorilearoed— That he who'd rise from low estate Must labor hard to besome great. Mexico, Sept. 6. 'tgS&£n ' PROVERBS WORTH PRESERVING —He that 5s tjjo good for advice, is too good for his neigh* oftr'a company. ties 01 h^at, iherefoie out,- w.U not nai:» of the .. h,»r. But a piece of ice placed 1 in a warm room will receive much mnv bent, from ibe HurrouuUi:;^ objects tna'i it. impart* : ft. will lh< reloir K in in'U mperaturo and ni.'l!. The god luck, Dfl'pei|iup« got his fn-«t brief whi n he w.',<ahmt five and thirty, and began to make n:of«-y at fifty ; niter which he acenmulattd t. pi'jt'y ROIHI tortile, then nuuri' d, and now in his r>W ag.a i* worried to dt>ath by whiskered A Few Words to finsuauds. Are the \Hints to Wives,\ which of late seein to form one of the staples.if literary com- merce, if not takt .1, to'beVuccn .it-H *y au im- perative -movement of the foot'.' It so, I, tot- one, shall ftand on the defensive (Bridget band earth iltt'iug tb« day rect'ivt'P tiuic^i ln.n-e hv(it,\!ihe who are in the guard\ or idlers about from the Hiin'than it imparts to the suvrou: rt- j town, and qinte reuly to spend any amount :ing .•.prtoeiu the fame time : Kill during a dt-ar 'that their father may'yield on being well squeez- night'the surf'acrt of the -iiuh is constantly I ed. What lu'ure lawyers may b\ under the !'parting with its heat, and recives none ; thp t modern systems of learning made easy, itIsnot j consequence is.'tbat it become so cold that the eaf« to say; formerly, tbey \worked like horses humidity contained in the surrounding air be- comes ecid'T^ed, ard attaches itself to objects and Jived like hermits\ Lord Tburlow's advice\ to a rich yxumg student was, \spend in in- form ot <leu>, in-the same manner that a j your o-wnloaune, theu-ffiiirry and fptud your tnrahlpr or pitcher containing cold wukr-i wife'n, then hhut yourself up and read; hard* me the-broom). Not but I could appreciate. ! \sweatn us it is called; in a hot day ; the sur 1 aud you may do.\ and would appropriate to myself, said hints, at j too is cooled by the v^ter, and this surface ,- least these which apply to me, wpre they not; ooudenses the h'traidity of the contiguous air.— ! such one-sided affaiiB; but I think the swelling ; If the surface rtrthe earth, afur the formation chorus now arranged FO expressly for male | of dew, loses beat enough to bring it to the voices, would better subserve the taws of hur- 'freezing point, the dew becomes irozeh add we , mony if the base masculine, with a /wfewortby | h ^« » ^o.t. But if it be cloudy, then the heat { Corresponding charfge inthelr renor, would rpsH radiating from the earth will be received by, at some of the bars, aid invite a feminine SOIJ. ! IQ « uloi ' ds . «•'•' b y ^e\ 1 the- preat.-r portion of Mr. Smith,, who is loclting over my shoulder (1 wonder if lie has forgotten the fharp reproof he administered to John Smith, jun., only this morning, tor a -i:u>!ar, to use his own expres- sion, act of impolitPiiPBs. Precept is one thing, exnmplH .-nofh-r), malieiously re-marks that mj brivin mu.-»* '-.. s't fifiomeasortofceiTr.il depot, judging f'ntn that long U iin of brtiliaT/t ideas whi^h ju-t iss-ied tbi-ri'troui and now, assumiL-; it v. ill be returned to the earth ; thustbe sur- face oL the earth very nearly retains its tern perature. which not\uily prcve'iits a frost, but almost always, prevents the 1'orraat.ion of dew. S<pt~ 1S«5L PuATivii.i.i-. P. S. Pmttville \Critic\ criticise. The Great Joint Stock Company of North America. Physical Culture rrScuools, It is a physiological fact, that evcPRsive mental action fearfully deteriorates physical strength ai?d power. The m-ntat faculties and muscxlay system have a rrntual sytDpatliy one for the other. It the brain is overtasked by apatroniziog tone ai.tt DeariirfiTBWwwlK whin _~^~;;;~;-. 7; m ~ nw ' H \~\ ^\ nn th ~ Mow\\ appl^nioliat^aTIs^-TTrTupTJoTrTW \Try a solo your^lf, love. We will all res/,, Tbo tructees of this company declared on the n, ._ . ^ ^ ^HJ je»,*/f«-p • vea. ,f you like, while J0U chant | l*b of July. 1776, that \all meu are entitled ! 1 by the gi .-at ©reator of the-- uulverne to life. the grievance* nfyuir married i-isters.\ Mar ilidrcd! J-ist mark th» cool eig- ''berty, «bd the pursuit of happiuuss ; and at a ritu sUt.tis „ filBoaacc. J of course hive no grievances:—...sub«queDt period tbey ad.led a written in Well, I won't d^enssthat point, for I daresay Eminent,,called a Uomstitatlon, confirmiag the my faults are *s numerous and g.ave a s -are' above declaration, in which they say : -W\ his ; aud our .ittl'Mltm-renc. s arv adju-s-1 hn 'th<» people ot the United Stat .*. in order to medUely a« they occar. The one who tajks ' f*>rm«- more pertect. Union, establish joatiw, the loudest a^d gesticulates the mo«t flercoly ; * I,H \« '1°™^ tranquility, provide for the IH, bj mutual consent, acknowledged in the *^mnnn d- fense, promote the general welfare 'right, and domestic quiet immediately super, verve*. But seric.oly, gentlemen, unless you can make out a clear ease of willful extravagarrcV- llle ^'^\^ «« tu « S r «\. companjjjwjj, ,. , »'„„.,„.„ .,, .„!,„ „ „,...,iiio^i. ,^ 1 'he di.vid&uuai f other companies t picmcditat-d. nervous attack-, » ptedilection ™ - ^ a P fcth u and unmana-abR tat excess of arts, for untidiness, and a studied disregard for your' pr 0IU ' Jt -•vrnii-uwiiy.a&Mit easeumy w.,are , ^ ; .1 well beJiRr. do treat Us with I madH hmrX ?' b ? && ? aud ni>?ht ' the \to^k-hoW. , era aii thuring tqunily, according fct* the-ulwvu *'\'* l and secate the ujessingaof liberty to oun-elvef »ud our posterity, do ordain aud establish this I Constitution ot th; United State*.\ vital asirimilatior —elements ol the nervous and-musrnl'-.r py»t<Mtir—trid the c'li'-p stucleut heconi's a •walking ntiatomy,\'cadaverous unflocir.l, unatfrartive ar ! selfish. True cul- ture t:\isit only when the physical, intellectual aud moral powers are developed in Iwrnony, 0ur educational system amply providfsfor ali but physical culture, Sirr-.t the intelleohial and morul powers greatly depend'on the vital- ity ii.ii a;tivity of the physical, why is the lat- ter •\> \t'lpdly nee.. e*e<l\ fWt -j!\+-»e *PJMIO1S- fn A''r^rjca hav e inc»rporftt( d into their cnnr«>e of uiy fundrmental. impuhinr drills, in it: m< nt of true excellence.' Plato said. •]xfe\«s o'' Viodily exerctsi* may \r^nd^r us wild science 1 and music mak'^us fuddled and tHT-m-kvate.— 'tie '.s(Af combination makes the «nul nregramuie, to wit: lite, liberty, M&the'$ar'f* iBe ' ani1 mnni y.\ T A briBh*. omen for future educat'on is the •'stablifbi'ient of a Hygienic and Gymnn^ic ! suit of happiness. social and phy al.ttle uxor\ consideration. Don't \wonder\ so often \what on earth has become of that five pound paekaafc of sugar.\ To be snre it disappeared in a hurry, hut so did that pie and sake,of which.yoaexpress* d yourselves so fond tbat yoa co Jd noffesist the temptation to help yourselves to a second piece at each meal, to say DOtWnS T^n^ fQr aii; only ,^erphy.calor r . Z a ] t 1 on im ore pennant ! think of it I A great step in advance of any j thing which had been prorautgatod to the | of «*nfrjry and power, and c.msiqu.M.t steady and uniform progress in educutiou, will he fie result. » Reader, had such a co partner)hip ever been formed before? Never. The names of those j Chair in AmherstCollegp. Harvard is moving trn«tees should be written in letters of gold, j'*«*«h* ms»- 4,^6iimu The Bostou Boardijf and handed down to posterity, as commem-1 Ki'^ation havp ju=t. cr-atfd a D^p.rtm.'ht of A ntw era thtndawned 'Pbysioal Tra : n ; nr. Oth .r, will ^o ,n follow — 1 Higher physical or land uniform health, with (| s natural iuciea'e sarj^e. 'i'bats wr»er«' toe sugar goes. explain away to your satisfaction every com plaint we make, 'A headache or fatigue, by in 'forming us that it is nothing but nervous fan c v~ world - i'ovAtffxm looked on with, wonder and or 111 humor ; unless, indeed, jou judge us by! admiration ? a a9W existence w.«s opened to : ua PP> .,...,-.,, , .. -r L—^-^-j '_i JL_° _ J their view aad U>»v flocked to otir shores bv 1 \en-hprsiuid pupilp need daily and cont n- yourselves;e tor jou know^o?*, are scarce. evern tu vie«,.u.ij.-ii..y uj'u_iie >y>^niiL._™yi™ »y i__ ^ 1- 1 j fre from headache, and as for fati«ue you ca Ini > li ^ to Participat in the heavenly boon.- - r n^-itDietto «cwrt«pS!inaranng, mn-pto* hardly recall tbe sensations of its opposite, so • ^las 1 need it.be told tbat, after the expe.ienc^ ^m* games exciting mu«cular ac.rvty. 3 of between 70 and *0 years of unbounded' da9l »\K 'the \put-pie current of life\ to the and happiness, there are nstl-OR 1 brain, comeyinga freshue-s and elasticity to prosperity spirits among us, whose motto r^-rule or' th,, ' n/! \ d mind - >-'o sjstemii so well adapted long have you been strangers to them. Don't read us a long lecture on our lack of order and close the'exer :ise by abruptly taking, • - - 8toak .holdcr„ be , *»• the .cbool-room a S \he Swedish Movement yoor hats and departing without givmg us an' ^^ ^ ^ ^ M ^ t<j the ^ y l a9 dewl0ppd and taugU by ^ LewjPj o f fift|r opportunity to speak We might, Perhap^. lhtg wicked Bnd m ^ reh , iUon ; ton.^None other combines so much joyful have called your attenttou to a fact overlooked dowa? ^ epd w<j te from the 0 , d Ure , k . mental activity witn the physical, and can be by you, which won d have bad an^ important I rb tbat „ whom „, Q g0&H mean to de , tr oy r M .weli practiced by both sexes, and simul- tanoooFly, No other sysiem can so tbrn'oanhly bearing on the subject, indicating the gender of the offending articles, \so confusedly strewn about\ — coat*, bats, loots, bootjaek, account books, Tribune, chees men, rifl?. razor, Ac, are j masculine gender, are tbey noi ''. Ah, Haman, don't frown if the snipper is not on the table at precisely five to night. I might refer you to many times when you have' kept me waiting. Dou't scold if I forget to cew up tbat rent in your coat, or neglect to replace the missing button; or Lin turn may be pro voked into reminding you of many things which you have forgotten, or neglected., whioh ! were equally neeecsary to oar comfort. Just remember, gentlemen, that we are wives not menials. We are willing to practice self denial; we will pot shriRk from necessary toil; we^ill cheerfully accept povery at your they first make mad?'' We, know that, a ma- ' jority of th'e stock holders are ready to con- tribute everything they pqssccss oa earth to j maintain the original stock of the company in its prime and purity. SJ^ECTATOU. . Praitville, Sept. <i, 18»51. Lawyers. diFCipline and secure the attention and active coop ration of so many as this. Why will .not the' educators of Oswego county wake up to a f<;ase of the grtat utility . of this truly efMi-ntial branch ol education? — Now is the timn for actiou. If you will hut I take some effective aetiou on the fubject at I'rattvllie, Sept., 1W:1. TlTOIl. Death is the only master who takes Ms Ber x ^we want you to concede some indiv dual rants without a character. ; When pride and poverty marry, their children are want and crime. He tbat borrows.binds himself with his neigh bar's rope. Where bard woik kills ten, idleness kilts a huadred. Hasty people drink tbe wlae of Hie scalding hotw The firmest friends ask the fewest favors. Oontent is the mother of good digestion. Folly and pride wilk side by side. 1)0 good Wtth what thou hast, or it will do Ito sso f aM, •I have known a good old man, who, * Sen he heard ot any one that had eomnwtted aoroe notorioua offence, was wont to say wHfcia UilS»>*.-Jt', \Hi: It'll tr't^v *fll \•->• ^u^ni-frtw.\ it; if sll .Others fore&ke, we will cling the closer. In sickness oar presence and care shall never fail you. But we wish to be appreciat*d; your coming Teacher\* Institute you will have It is a vulgar prejudice that lawyrs, and \ \ lH d the van \ o f ,he Empire State, other profefsional men, live an easy lif.., com- \ pared with other people. Itseems a very pleas • rng thing ill freezing weather, to sit. in a warm j cifiiee, and peddle out one's opinions at a stiff' price,.or poeket rite and ten dollar bills for ' ., scratching a^w words with a pen-compared r «»e great ampn.vyn.euia \'•* »*'*«» b ^» «»«>« with Kiappling in tbe frosty air with the stub-!'\ U In mo6 * tn ^ * ? et b \ f '*» «* in -'\^ • bora realities of phy^cal toil. But they who ' K Tbe «P*«\»oe of ..ItnuM every da, t,v.!,,-,,,- Education. Education is an art or edence wh ! 'ch. despite le great improvi-mei in it in modern Mm-e. it vet bat bands, if r ou bavs manlull^fraggled' to avert hRve tr , cd bQlb waya of gPttingtt . j, vlngi know j how much tbe «tece^ of any ^ ^., em „f 0.1- rights ; we want you at least to seem to feel perfect con9denr° in our deposition and ability to manage OIH- vtirius. imp^itani,, and'by na- ture, tastlfjted ofllc-s a'\d I'll warrant y.>u shall not report your trtmblieg tniBt mis- placed. Mas JoiiNf SMITH. Palermo, ?*epl C. Prost. The remark is freqn ;>tiy made that \thefe Will be no frost to m,i;ht, for it i% '00 cloudy;'' This pbencmei-oh is tumibar toall. but the :tbe troubl\ of thinking parpTSe of ^Mcm.i. i:UT^ AM in proportion a H th';. toi>«.n Bt aiii-il t..ai(j .a'*.;., pl'i • 4 Ifiil MuiUstiijr jji vii'.aKo..' >r tbirn elves, f«.r tlif> fruit of his exertions. The London correspond- ent of tho New York A'Hon, speaking of tb.s sahje'ct, has the following remarks, which sbnw that in England a lawyer, still less than in tuia country, triads the \piiurrOfe path of da! llance:\ A judge lofiks very grand upon tbe bench, but few < who envy iiim his full-bottomed wig and rohf'p, k'n^w v\bat his previo.is lib; h & b-en. lt»in hit youth he bad h.jd more than bv.iad 'Ud cheese. t , be'proba'6il'-'y'iflh» > would nevei have been a great lawyer; and as to bis pismires. why and tb<> wtereore o- ...hieb ew hiv« taktuj tliey **-rc in rl' h bhnnd liirtitpd to ;b« -diesi ucatjon d\ponds npon th- ebarart'r and rr*t>ln tion of the inptrmHur. A Dr. Arnolii c>in uoik wonders with m»ans that. i>ro\e ufeily ii'ad. - inh-DPO lahor, which he ha, spent in pr.pat^tion , f a ? ^ h ™ k > r >* M * * ° «*''° for h'B profession, during «bich be reaped no ! i toU P,,1 » M \ tUa '' n i[m ^ ' ^ '' ,M ! that there is little *o choose between tb^m.— ; Vhen a lawyer gfts fl f ty dollars or morf for arguing a cvse, few think of the many years of j Oll'llf i.i jt. Two br<d e» . <v<h- .-ach othi r cqial .quanti Wit 1 these pition of KOnir : <••. fe H year to the theatre at od'ep emit beat, t half price. a> •' t k!r.ga wall: around Lincoln's Inu I'U-ld-, < r. iu d'ft'.er. and in c:- \0'iug perplo are taught a« \h- they are quitp a* hippy in «o 11 • \1 'seldom less d^ltgbted, n^y. ripus. m..r ! well directed cx»*r<iRpi». of the • ,i,v I BIOS, than ttith that of ih\ir rr'>-r.i„i • it is. however, H> very se!<:<irr> 'li t t > '.pi 1? are a- happy in sch\'l as at play 1 are forced to hdii-ve th.»t itj'y HI j ecldmn tauebt as they » ^'1 t fo *»•. I ho-vev\r u B a achnuir\ not 1 •• f^ ..',) :v t lotioeable. ihe deritp, which i* !•« .< - I \monc toch'n, '0 n^k* t» < i h j Uflo.wted>» its< If nn v o\ 1 j-cl ol rb.. ...,nf i-rr? ti.'.r p-i,'-« : ar d. rri'\'-». f juvenile opin on. «b' n y-h-^n A Critic W^ th viif 1 t. ! Li . :>'«:• : .'!. li;.; VJL t '1 V Touipl* n'fV pvrL- (lardei.s b( !<ir»- ! \As (bef' •tu ]• i : i i' -

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