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The Mexico independent and deaf-mutes' journal. (Mexico, N.Y.) 1872-1874, October 22, 1874, Image 1

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in s MEXICO MEXICO, THURSDAY, OCT. 22,1874. Speech by Prssidoat Grant. Avollanda Las been installed president of* the Argentine republic. Public opin- ion in Buenos Ayres is very strong against him, and there is disaffection in tho army. The German government is consider- ing a proposition for the creation, of a provincial\ Assembly in Alsace and Lor- riane. Five buffalo hunters were recently killed by the Indians near Fort Dodge, Iowa. David L. Follet, of Norwich, was nominated for circuit judge by the re- publicans of the-sixth judicial district of New York, Thursday. The Society of tho Army of the Ten- nessee, the President, Vice President, St-cretary Belknap, General Sherman, and other distinguished official*;, were pve-t'itt at the unveiling of the Lincoln statue at Springfield, Ills., Thursday, iioii. dense K. Dubois read a historical sketch of the Lincoln Monument Asso- ciation. Senator Oglesby delivered an . eloquent oration. The services were very impres&ive. About 23,000 persons were present. The Episcopal [House of Bishops, on Friday, adopted a divorce canon. Twenty-five clerks in the Treasury De- partment will be discharged November 1. At Albany, on Friday, Charles H. Phelps was convicted of grand larceny in stealing a draft from the safe of the State Treasurer. Sentence was deferred. '[\a.- Union Pacific railroad commission his reported that the company has faith' fully complied wstft the r> ..•..; : ,:i.->idatioiis of the former commis -'.. • ..;.d that the i-Mud was legally completed on the 1st inst.,,, at a cost of $1 id,214,587.T l J. Alexander H. Stephens made a speech at Augusta, Ga.,- Thursday, in which he indorsed the President's Louisiana policy, and favored, a third term for President ('rant. j Fort v-two additional arrests have been made in Suinterf county, Alabama, of peisons elwgeii with Ku-K.lux outrages ami stopping the mai-id. T.,e Woman's State Temperance Con- v-v-iiti\>u 4 bavin.; rally organized under 'ho of the Christian Woman's Tern- > League .of the State of N»-w York, with a by-law providing that a meeting shall be held at least once yearly, resolved to meet as such League in Brooklyn- in February next, the day to be fixed by the president. 22 delegates to the national convention at Cleveland, were at >i minted, |UHI the convention ad- i-i affairs documents to the •Ut.lv Hid'b name p •!-.v:u- ' jounicd sine die. ] The French, imnistt-r of fori has cor,ii!iH!iicat(}d 'Sp.;-K;.-h :'.mba.-sa to:' wlncti France from the-afj-'U-^ii ion-> r by Spain. \ Tlie White l.\:.j ff St. Mary's par- i-di, L'/uifiana. his adopted resolutions r->v^!ih.i;vg the political :tnd >•••.!' •••/hts •;f colored people, and providing for the substitution of any eligible colored man in the place of white men nominated, and in\ iting colored men to meet them in mass meeting at Frank 1 in on the 24th •<-,x ...- . ,,,.„....-.,.. .. [!.M!,.! Fiji Inlands ' i avc b.-en iv. ::-\d to Groat S>rils.in. Tiie Li-.j.-ici'«i>:<.( (.onventioa The ceremonies of unveiling the Lin- coln monument at Springfield, JIl.,Thurs- day were notable, among other things, in eliciting from President Grant the long- est speeeh he ever made, ,- He said : Mr. Chairman, Ladies and Gentlemen: —On an occasion like the present ifc is a duty on my part to bear testimony tq the great and good qualities of the patriotic man whose earthly remains now rest oe- neath this dedicated monument. It was not my fortune to make the personal acquaintance of Mr. Lincoln till the be- ginning of the last year of the great truggle for national existence. During those years of doubt and despondency, among the many patriotic men of the country, Abraham Lincoln never for a moment doubted but the final result would be in favor of peace, union, and freedom to every race in this broad land; his faith in an all-wise Providence di- recting our arms to this final result, was the faith of the Christian that his Re- deemer liveth. Amid obloquy, personal abuse, and hate undisguised, and which Were given vent to without restraint through the press, upon the stump and in private circles, he remained the same staunch, unyielding servant of the peo- ple, never exhibiting revengeful jeelings toward his traducers. lie rather pitied them, and hoped for their own sake and the good name of their posterity that they might desist. For a single mo- ment it did not occur to him that the man (Lincoln) was being assailed, but that a treasonable spirits—one waiting to destroy the freest government the sun ever shone upon—was giving vent to iXat'lfuu iiiui :u> the Chief Executive of the nation, only because he was such Executive. As a lawyer in your midst, he would have avoided all that slander, for his life was a pure and simple one, and he, no doubt, would have been a much happier man ; but who can tell what might have been the fate of the nation but for the pure, unselfish and wise administration of Lincoln 1 From March, 18-61., to the day when the hand of an .assassin opened the grave for Mr. Lincoln, then President of the United States, mv personal relations with him were as close, as intimate as the na- ture of our respective duties would per- il: it. To know him personally was to love and respect him for his great quali- ties of head and heart, and for his pa- tience and patriotism. With all his dis- .appointments from failures en the part of those to •vhom he entrusted command, ami treachery on the; part of those who ,4iad gained his confidence but t o betray it, I never heard him utter a complaint, «•.;• e.-.-.t ensure, for bad conduct or bad f-iith. It wits his nature to find excuses for Iiis adversaries. In his 'death the nation k>st its greatest head. In his death the South lost, ito most just friend. MEXICO MARKETS. o c.-i'oiiier ti>e [proposition and make he I'.e.-e^.-arv chajijte.s in liieticl.tr . \oivnaiiv -•a» -——— iS-?v\ Brooks keeps ou hand. Doors, Hliuds, Window Glass. Li in a call. Sash, (.ive 83tT Music Teachers will get as good bargains at Virgil's as in New York, Oswego or- SvraCu^e. hi Album. Oct. 15, -lit- Rev. J. O f. v ,'!;itp.-v. EsM.-of Mexico, t- h •<•?:.. A iluliubiv, «••! Xcv Haver.. •-»u-m\inv i\K ...tl.ip a res Hi .' •itioa ,1 it -ir.d uiis<vMil-v-:it.isic • am.>uni of £l.,0i M prf'c.ttin'X li:. the- elinfeli. A deftte.ati-.nl - btiw i r , t {ei,Hj!;tf <1 in the iiuvana ! 'fwuiHi R\t'!!-ns to t!i«> Department of Agrienl- t .:re .-'how uu-tt t|ie wheat crop \? f*-pial t-ei- •_;;•. atei- t.h:iii- that of last year ia lemriv all the states, and th-'t the total •M-ual that of O.i\. census VVi; : . l-.i'-. • ;... 1 It--. !:• V\'.-,„i, -,.- . Y -rk • 'it -,- l-;»Ji n H Hv: I '-We -. Il' te>:. • ;u;v. h. • •II, C<> S.I ij.-.. r:. Af.-.v !•' ;\)()- ?Ji^. I>u- Kurr. Jr., :<h Itillin-, jfiirr, -Tl\> \>.il :i>an, hi i -.iiiViJii, Urf.-, %h\ r.PiMi.-1-ick- \V:;;.. t -i-. l.-.tii, lv t':i! lie.-. 1). Tul- !5!aikwo<i.t to Jlis.s Sarah yield will nearly year, A treaty has bt-cn r.itiiiet! !>,- v-i :i:.el China wticL.it is s-x] .-.boli^h the oooli<[ trade. ( Veil Bncklatiil, con •'.vft- Vo: . Ween \*.e<i. IV >.vi!i - DISS: (i:i i-Yi-i.Vv- liitifni-iujr,. .the tilth iiif-t... at. thy Kiri- j.hv H-n:-', in *.l>iri i.ili:if,'t», after a Mrtnepme, il-1- iK-.-<,. Mr. fra TiiiWitCLine, aged-39 year-. ' In thi- Uliave, mi .tin: \J-lat last., after a pnj.- ' tiui-te.l itltl -•;, Z»-ti:i-i Hiitterfit-1'il, agt\.l 7- yearn, i Fiuier;-,! .'.t il.-'-'O'i-e at t p, ta., t'i-iu<HTi.\v, Fri- !•!- , JJMUih iit i-'f the '. -, \- • 1 I ' in S*»piUi:i, Ins he*11 ( plicans. •UO-t t'V t-ilC r«pUpia;.i:.i>. i A 'uror in the} s -eomi trial <>t\ Phelps, : has ip-ade affidavit that David K huriu-tti, | ;nt o.'H \ r in the sheriffs oiliee, ollererl ' him J J '_'i'f) if In: vVould refuse-to. find the prisoner \nil* v. The troops under « •••uera! MiV, •direeti«*n of the it is b\l\eved thi »iri\ ii-ig large nurttbers of Indians in the Jheyenne .agency, where y will sir-. • '•'• • It is probable] that : : . Ignited States againssi; Sp:ii..n, for indem- nity in the Virginiti3 case, will become, the subject of arbitration, according to the terms of the Fish-Pclo protocol. A committee of fifty appointed at the mass meeting of republicans, held in New Orleans,on, the *tn inst.,. states that the ad Iress signed b;. T. Mortis Chester and others, adopted at that meeting, does not represent their views ; that they do not repudiate republicanism,, and pledge themselves to the support of the principles of the national republican party. Tho Governor of Tudiana sent troops to Porter county •.. Monday, to quell a rio'. -bi.tween the Baltimore tfc OI-.IQ,. and M icfiitran Cetitr-'.l railroads. T-i ('',.vi-; n , ; t t. H, 1871, William, son nf Daih a'ul' 'iiurhif.u r.ai'hc , lor.,a r !(;-leisjlit <moiiths. lno-iivv.-.i-, VVeiliu\! Uy, Oct. 3 i, Mp. Aim 'L\>ih a_'oil ^\> y '.trs. Ii» (t-.v.-f. ,\> Tues-l.iv, Oct. loth, Mary, \vije Patri-k Hoiusey, a : pi.l Ti'5 yer-rs. In l>-vv,-ii, Sunday,. OrHoher I'.Sth, 1S74, TiMUjas J.. t)t,ii:-mmv, ayt-l 13 yeaw ami 11 iii\:iuhs. iSiith--- hit.Ii in-.t.. in the town <>f KielJand, are | ,,s -.-irl-:t :\cv.-r !. aVaneha,- <>niv diutiflitt-r ti,iid el-li'C eluld at Mr. M. \. and Mrs.. M.C. Rich, a,'ed ! l yt-ai-s and 7 ltiunt!:-). Ala-; ! U.iw many mora homes are t o he made us of the ! desulate, Utee our friend Barkers the pruvious 1 week, ami now ourneighhor Rich's.by the visita- tion of thi:? terrible scourge! But He who is over all doetk all things well.. W. ('. JOHNSON . The \sew York Chainb'-r <-i.-r Com- merce has adopted resolutions recom- mending tho constitutional amendments to voters, and asking mercantile bodies to e\ert th'*i-r influence toward their ail'iptiott. / The liabilities of K. K. Morgan's sons, ag-nts'of the (rFangers of California and < >regon, are over S35f),00G. S.-eretarv Bristow requests that con- sul'i at foreign ports in rendering eertifi- eate.s of depreciation of currency in which invoices are majle, will adopt the Ameri- - in gold dollar for a uniform standard. In the Episcopal convention, Tuesday, the committee on prayer book reported adversely on petitions for an English version of the Nicene creed as conform- able as may be to the original text. On Tuesday tho United States mint delivered the first installment of bronze and' silver medals struck by authority of «*ongres3 fir the centennial commission. The gran'd jury of Salt Lake City has found indictments against polygatuists. The number polygamists in (Jtah, is given as 1,000 men, 3,000 women atid 0,000 children. •m* — »i F F AtiCouOLie STIMCLAXTS—-are taken into the blood the heart works faster, and this unnatural speed wears out the vital machinery. AH intoxicating nos- trums advertised as \tonics \renova- tors,\ &c, produce this disastrous effect, and should be rejected. I>R. WALKER'S VEGETABLE VISEGAR BITTERS—an In- vi»orant without the curse of alcohol—•• is evei'ywhere Bupplanting these poisons. 49-^4 ^f()RT(i-A(VK SALE.—Whereas, Reuben A. jJJ. I'richai'd, of Fhct-nix, ^. Y., by his certain indenture of inorteajte, bearing-' date- the four- teenth day of December, A. £)., one thousand ci'tht hiiudred ailtf- seventy, to secure the pay- inuntof the sum of onethousiandandeighthunilied dollars, (-Sl.SOO), payable as follows : Foni- hun- dred dollarj, Augntt Ibt, 1871; five hundred dollars January l>t, lb7'^J; four hundred dollars, August is»t, 1^7*2 ; u-ve hundred dollars, Jalnuary 1st, lb)'.}; with interestou all SIHM viupaid at the tirne of each payment, did mortgage .and convey uiit-i Kd-iori J. Viekery of the same place : iVll that tract or pa-ceil, of land situate in-the village of Flnjt;nix,in fchecounty of Oswego, New York, known :uid distinguished as \\illag.e lot number eight, (S), in hlot-k number six, (0), in-said' village of Phoiuix, a--. HUr'vcyed by Charles A.. Moffatt, A. D., LS30, it being a corner lot on Church.and JeiF'-rson street, sixty-hix feet front and r0ar, and one hundred and sixty'five feet deep, except- ing fr.mi said lot, from the south end thereof thirty-three feet on Jefferson street, making the lot hereby intended to be conveyed, sixty-six f'lft front .unit rear and one hundred and thirty- two feet deep. Also that- tract or parcel of land situate in the village of Phrcnix, in the county of Oswego, being a part of village lot number eight,- in block number six i n said village as sur- veyed by Charles A.Mofiatt, A. D., 1836, being two rods in width otf of the south end of said lot fronting oii Jefferson street, and extending back sixty-six feet deep.beihg the same land con- veyed by George S. Lee, and Olliver T^ee to llelville Shermaii, l>ecember fourth, 18C5. Which said mortgage,, with the power <.£ sale therein contained was duly recorded in the Os- wego County Clerk's office, the 15th day of Octo- ber, 15)70, at 3 o'clock, p. in,, in Liber iH) of mort- gages, at page -07. And whereas, the said mortgage and the debt intended to be secured thereby, was b y the said Edson J. Vickery, on the 27th day of Aug.-, 1872, duly sold, transferred and assigned to Saihuel H. StouejAdrmnistrator.andfiosihatT.Downiiig^^d- minisfcratriXj of the estate of Levi Downing, de- ceased, who are now the holders and owners of sail i mortgage, and which said, assignment was duly recorded in the Oswego County Clerk's office, August 11, l!>7;>, at 9 o'clock a. m., in Book of ?vlortgages, No. 'J'J, page \G3. Anil, whereas, default has been made in the payment of the moiiey secured to be paid in and by virtue of «aid mortgage, and there is claimed to be due and unpaid on said mortgage at the date of the first publication of this notice the sum of twelve hundred sixty-nine dollars and seventy-six cents, (Sl,2G9.7<>). And whereas, ho proceedings in law or equity have been instituted to collect the said debt se- cured by said mortgage or any part thereof. Now, therefore, notice is hereby given that by virtue of the power of sale contained in the said mortgage and pursuant to the_ statute in such case made and provided the said mortgage will be foreclosed by a sale of the premises above described at public auction to the highest bidder, at thelaw office of John D. Hartson, in the vil- lage of Mexico, in the County of Oswego, Ji\ Y., on the 2d day of January, 1875, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon of that day.—-Dated Oct. 8,1874. SAMUEL H. STONE, Administrator, \ROSINA G. DOWNING, Administratrix, Of the Estate of Levi Downing, deceased. J. D. HARTSON, Attorney, Mexico, N. Y. The following are the prices produce,etc., in this market: Mour,(retail) Spr'gS60u, red § Meal, ^ cwt, (retail) Corn, , Oats,,......,,, Butter, ... .i Loose Butter, .,................. Cheese, .., », Lard, Eggs,^doz., Beef^Ib, .* ........; Beef, $cwt.., Mutton,#cwt,, Pork, ^ barrel, reiad, .. ..., Pork$ cwt., Apples, (dried,) $tb, Ham, $ H>, Dres'd Poultry, ^ lb, Potatoes, $ bush., paid for finrmers 5 25, white §700 1 90 95 ©100 50(@ 55 38® 40 35 Iff® 16 16® 16 ...... 23 . OS® 16 ....;. §5 @ §8 $8 00 $25 S8-.@- §8J 06 fit @ 14 8 @ 10 00 ©45. Housekeepers Take Notice. Oswego Flour, Winter, SI.50 ; Spring, §1.35. Kerosene oil, - r 13 eta per -palloti. One Dollar Tea, - - 80 \ per lb. Salt. - - - - S'-'.0tf. 50fb. Butter l\ibs, - - 35 cents. Lard, - - 10 t o 13 cte. 10 lbs of Oat Meal, - - 65-cts. Soap, ... 4 t'ts. per bar. Coat's Thread, - - 7cts. perapool. JKS\ The poor can have cheaper. W. 0. JOHNSON, Washington St.. Mexico. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. AN ELEGANTLY BOUND CANVASS- ING BOOK for the best and cheapest Family Bible ever published, will be sent free of charge to any book agent. It contains Over ItOO fine Scriptiu-e Illustration^, and {agents are meeting with unprecedented success. Address, stating experience, etc., and we will show you what our agents are doing. NATIONAL PUBLISH- ING CO., Philadelphia, Pa, Chicago, 111., c r St. Louis, Mo. Tke Mason & Hamlin Organ Winner of THREE HIGHEST 5IEBAI.S& DIPLOMA of HONOR, at Vienna, 1873, and Paris, 1867, now offer the FINEST ASSORT- MENT 0 f the BEST CABINET ORGANS i n the WORLDS, including new styles with recent improvements, not onln exclusively for ecisk, as formerly, but also on NEW Pi.ANb op KA.SY PAYMENTS, the most favorable ever offered. ORGANS RENTED WITH PRIVILEGE OS\ PURCHASER to almost any part of the country. First payment S9.00 or upvyards. Illustrated Crfalog.iicij and Circtdairs, with full particulars, sent free on request. Address MASON. & HAMLIK ORGAN CO,., Boston, New Vorli or ClaScagQ. S5 EH ZZ2 S'5*« S33S(|S§ -3 \3 «' CO &i .eeliiili mm < 3-d , 55-3\ si - y2 «.,9 .-•^ 25 TEN PEE OEM!. MET. Ths Iowa Loan and Trust. Com- pany, Des Moinies:, Iowa,, invests money for Eastern lenders at ten per cent. intere.;t, net., payable •semi-aunnally at the Cheaiical National Bank, New York. All loans secured on. improved Heal Estate,_ ami the collection in full yuurantced by the Uiinnpany. lenders subject to no expense. Full abstract of Title, t'oupon. Notes, Mortgage, &c.,_ (made di- rect to lender,) forwarded oh completion. New York and New England references, and full in- formation sent onapplication. SAM-UEL JJEKR-I-LLJ (late d-overnor of Iowad Pres't; -J-AS-. B. H'EA-KT- W'ELli, Sec'y. Pes Moines, Iowa. B, MMTOJLL & 00., MAKtJFACTimEES OP / Our specialities are Four and Six-seai 'Carriages of all descriptions f..r Family and Livery use. We selloo work but our own make, and that we warrant. SEW HAVES, C«SS. Send for illustrated Catalogue. y' Xl.j.'*'} JL i.jlj EA.yioru-tiK.i- . <-i ^>.'. lusv- i.ig-itoii*','\ complete,, authentic. A frewh bo >k. Price suited to the times. . Addrtss IJ. P-. ILas^ sell, Publisher, Boston/'Mass. fBiJYSaS'OSEi' FROMiaiiTKE rMSUffleSJUttUSER. , iPninrla Facliaires, with Pricu List, mailed for bftvtfcitts. I nE'\^»:it CfiViiv.cls without cbarpe. Tr*c. SK<WINO| JMACUI.N-ESUFPLIKSCO., 2oTBroadway, New Vorlk. F EXiT CARPETINGS, 35 cents per yd. jFEI/r CEI1.IXG for roomsin place of Plas. ter FELT EOOFJXG and -SID-ISW. Ad- dress (on Postal Card)-. (.'. J.. FAY, (-amden, New Jersey. Z $&*} A per day at home. Titrms free, r-| *piC\J Address^ GEO. STINSOS-& CO., Portland, Me . '. A WEEK guaranteed to Male and Female Agents* in their locality. — •Coits NOTHING to try it, Particu- P. O. VICICERY & CO., Augusta, lars Free. Me. s 'pSYCH(>MAH.eY, OK SOU I , CMIARM- JL TNG.\ How either sex may fascinate and gaih the love and affections of aiiy peirson they choose, instantly. This simple mental acquire- ment all can possess, free, by mail, for 23. cents ; together with a Marriage Guide, Egyp<San Ora- le, Dreams, Hints to Ladi*---. A queer book. c ,000,000 sold. Address T. WILLIAM & CO. ublishers, Phildelphia. A DVERTISERS send 25 cents to GEO. P. ROWELL &Co., 4 1 Park l»>w, N, Y., for their eighty page pamphlet, showing cast of ad- vertising. y.iMKTni^CTiywnc'J s%a.w w»;W WMMVLtufsm FfllTE PEOPLE OF THE HTATE OF X&W 1 YORK—To.the Creditors,, Legatees and next of kin of Valentine Moor, late of thit town of Hastings, in the county of Oswego, deceased, send Greeting :. You, and each, of you,, are hereby jcited and required personally to bo and appear before our Surrogate of the County of Oswego, at his office, in the village of Mexico, on the lfith day of Nov. next, at 10 o'clock in the fomioou of that day, then and there to attend to th>; settlement of the arpount of Mary Moor, as the adminis- tratrix of the estate of the said-deceased'. In testimony -whereof, we have caused the Seal of Offioe-of our said Surrogate to be here- unto affixed. Witness, Timothy W. Skinner, Surrogate of our said County, at the village of Mexico, the 25th day of September, A. I)., 1874. 4S-7 T.'W. SKINN-EHj SuiTogate. COAL. The following are the prices for coal: GRATE, 8.20 EGG, 8.20 STOVE. 8.r,,> CHESTNUT ,. : ....... -8.K CHARCOAL, (per bushel,) 20 Blacksmith's Coal ahvays on hand. BS\ All coal must be paid for when delivered. 35^ ^ W. PENFIKLp. Speculate in Wall Street Withoiit much risk with Puts, Calls and Double Privileges, which answers instead t>f large Cash Cajfctal, aiid gives equal chance to make rnone^, negotiated by us at the lowest rates on responsi- ble parties. On 100 shares stock for 30 days §5.40, for T5 days §50, from 5 t o 5,000 shares at proportionate rates. Pamphlet, entitled Road to Fortune.sent. free on application. Address, DAPJIAGH, BRIDGEMAN & CO., Brokers 52 and 56 Broadway, New York V. 0. Box 5026. 56-ly QURROGATE'S COURT. A Surrogate's Court will be held at the Court House in Oswego City on the first Thursday of each month ; at my office in Mexico on Monday of each week ; at the office of S. N. Piada in Fulton on the first Friday of February, Aprils July and October ; at the office of J, W. Fen- ton in Pulaski, on the first Wednesday of Feb- ruary, May, October and November j at the of- fice of M. A. Barnard in Phcenix om the first Tuesday of May and September during the year 1874. T. W. SKINNER, Surrogate. $£F A LA.EGE QUANTITY OF^fr •«^\ OATS WANTEB AT THE ^> j^- TORONTO MILLS. 29 A. C. THOMAS. GOBI BEOS. NEW PRICES. Having purchased the interest of J. 1I00SE, in the old stand, we are ready to sell every thing in our line, consisting of f 3 --.»»* W *w** W , CEOGKEEY, GLASS WARE, PLATED WARE, LAMPS, &c, &c, Cheaper than Ever Before. Having fitted tip and arranged our store, we wish to make a SPBCIALTYIN 1 And ask a liberal patronage of our old customers. LET EVEEIBODI TBI OUR SLOO JAE TEA 5 Warranted the best stock in town. see the new Chandeliers, 'Vases, Lamps, &DG. \We Sell Sets of Crockery from $7 to $15 Warranting the goods to be ISTo* 1. We sell no SECONDS or GRAZED WARE We ill-tend our store to bo one of the best in the County, and shall spa-re no pains to make'it attractive to the ladies who wish to inspect our samples. Lu B. COBB, Mexico. June 10, 1874. 3k3T? ML QLS'III' J. J. COBB. 34 ^M S§Y1D /~i TO I IPurcliasers of DOORS,. 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All kinds of Job Printing neatly done at this Offlce & Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Black Walnut, FOR THE Ladies of Mexico I A Full assortment of Constantly on hand. Special attention given to CAE OEDE However Large or Sinall. West End of Upper Bridge, Opposite Delaware, Lackawanna and Western, and Lake Ontario Shore Railroad Passenger Depot, The undersigned, who recently purchased E. U. WADSWORTH'S Grocery has just opened a And., he is prepared to DELIVER BREAD At the houses of his Customers In the Village every other day. My Baker,, J. W, Larkin, Has had 26 year? experience in this business, and I feul confident that tire bread made by him will be of a .-uipefor quality.. adie s ? Why take the trouble of making your own Bread any longer, when you can have excellent bread supplied you at the extraordinary low rates of os. of Bread For 10 Cents, fmm Supplied On the shortest Notice. ,kes Made and lea% Ornamented at Reasonable Bates- Pics, t'ookies, Buns, iz-c, manufactured on the \premises and conseqtiently, always fresh. FRESH & BUNS i)i%X Walker's California Tin- eecar Bitters arc a purely Vegetable preparation, made chiefly from the na- tive herbs found on the lower ranges of the Sierra Nevada mountains of Califor- nia, the medicinal propei-ties of wnicla . are extracted therefrom without the use of Alcohol. Tho question is almost daily asked, \What is the cause of the unparalleled success of VINEGAR BHN- Tiais?\ Our answer is, that they remove the cause of disease, and the patient re- covers his health. They ate the great blood purifier and a life-giving principle, a perfect Renovator and Invigorator of the system. Never before in the history of tho world has a medicine been compounded possessing the remarkable qualities of VIXEGAE BITTERS in healing the • sick of every disease man is heir to. They are a gentle Purgative as well as a Tonic, relieving Congestion or Inflammation of the Liver and Tkceral Organs in Bilious Tlie m-operties of DE. WALKBE'S VrKEGARBiTTERs are Aperient,Diaphoretic> CJarminative, Nutritious, Laxative, Diuretic, Sedative, Gounter-Irritant Sudorific, Altera- tive, and Anti-Bilious. R. H. HcTKHSAJUO 4s CO., Drnggists and Geiu Agts., Son Franoisco.Californio, and dor. of \Waaldngton and Charlton Sts., N. T. Sold by all Druggists and Dc*lsr§. I-lEitB shall we buy our Sum- mer Clothing is the great and momentous question which is now agitating the public mind. To those uninitiated we -would G-o where you will find trie Largest Assortment, Go where the Styles are the fewest. Go where the Salesroom is well Lighted:. Go where every Garment iaGnaran- teed to fit. Go to the Well 3BstablishedFu?m oi £1CKEE BEOS. For your Clothing, Hats and Caps, BOOTS & SHOES* AND oods. M ORTOAGE SALiS.— ^Tiereas default has been made in the payment of the money se- cured by mortgage dated the 25th day of J^iiitia- ry, 1859, executed by Oscar It. Drake and Em* ma M.pi-aky, of tiiie town of New Haveir, in,' )K- wego Co.. N, Y.,to John Jamison, .of Amboy, in Oswego Co., which mortgage was recorded in the (vlepk's office of said county iii liber 50 of mort- gag«s, at page '21G, on the £9th day of Jahuai^-, 1B59; at 2 o'clock in the afternoon of that day, and Whereas the amount -claimed to be due upon said mortgage at the time of the first publication of this notice i.s the sum of two hundred eighty- eight dollars and seven cents., that being, the whole mortgage debt unpaid. And whereas, the Raid.mortgage has been duly assigned to J raomc Woodard, Now, therefore, 'notice is hereby given thatby virtue of the power of rale-contain- ed, in saidnsoi'tgage aiid duly recorded as afore- said, and in pursuance of the statute iii s«'-h-ef»». J •made and provided, the said mortgage will be foreclosed by a sale of the premises therein des- cribed, at public auction, at the oince of A. F. Kellogg, in.the village of ilexico,. iii Oswego County, JSf. Y., on the 2Gth day of December* 18;74,atl o'clock i n the afternoon of that day* The same premises are described in said mortgage as follows; All that tract or parcel of land situate •in the town of New Haven aforesaid,and being a part of lot No; 49, in the 19th township of Scriba's Patent, bounded and described as follows:. Beginning • 5 chains 4'J links, ; from the north-east corner of said lot, on the north line of the sanies and running from thence south along the eastline of five acres of landpw^edbyEdmundWheeler.tpthenorthline of laud lately^ deeded to Henry M . Smith,, thence . east along said Smith's l»nd so far as t o include ten acres of land, lying between said Smith's north line and the north line Of said lot, the east iine of said ten acres to be parallel to and with the east line .of said-\Wheeler's live acres.-^ Dated October 1, 1871. JEROME WOODARD, Assignee. A. F. KELLOSG, Atty,, Mexico, N. Y. No. Ij Empire Bloek, Main Street. They :>.}KO keep a ia-rge assortments o ^Oi AS»?STS. @2^.; 3<5) 2© Jd EYEBY BAY? WHY, AND Oil Cloths, :' WLicli wiil ]>y stvld as clu;m :>s o^i, l>p hi- hought west of Nw York. .1. F. JiElTJEB, D. ]>. BKCKKl:. M.-xit-t-., Mav il*',, lg7-i. ov yp mi Laay TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTr TTTT TTT IT- T TTT TTT TTV TTT TTT TTT TTT TTT TTT TTT TTT TTTTT ITTTTTT TTT! 1 TTT TT T IU -Vianufacturer of mo THE PUBLIC. 'KOMAS HEfflESON, Late of the firm of R. GORDON & CO., of Oswego, has opened a Hew and Extensive Jam oi TTTTTTTTTTTTT 01 OHEAP STOABS What is the Reason ? Bectmse yon don't go to (JIBSOWS G10GE1Y STOBE aad get it. CARR IAGES, WAGOJfS, Platform Spring Wagons, &c, &c. Call and get the 90 ce~~ ^^ Jr . -w_, The Best in the Coiinty for the Price. All grades of Siigar equal- ly Cheap. Bepairing done on most reasona- ble Terms, Manufactory Main Foundry. Mexico, April'8, 1814. street, oppodte AND NOTIOIS of all Descriptions, at No. 3 HtingerfQrd Block, Oswego, EAST END OF LOWER BRIDGE, would respectfully invite his friends aiid the public in general, to Gall &Examine his Goods . Ha-cing had many; years experience 1 in selling Dry Goods in the.city, and understanding the wishes of the, citizens, he, feels ponfidentthat the QIJAlIfY OF HIS GOODS, THE STYLES AND PATTEBNS, AND THE PRICES Will please any and all who may favor him with their patronage. ii—U» i» || ORGAN FOE SALE.-—First-class reed- pipe organ for sale. Call and examine before purchasing elsewhere. j. H. COCAGNE, 43 Academy, Mexico. A. S. GIBSON has filled his Store with a first class stock of Which are warranted to bo equal for freshness, quality and price to any in this part of the State. My motto is quick sales and a desire to give satisfac- tion. The stock will be kept up with a superior quality of , COPEEES, STOAES, Fruits, Tobaccos, &c. Goods delivered Pree. A. B. (HBS01, No. 1 Empire Block, Mexico. (Wadsworth's Old Stand.) 37 S Ul-'RKME COUirF-CoDSTi- OP OSWEGO.— Edward D. Forman and Mary Jane Green- wood, as Administrators of the goods, chattels and credits of John 11. Greenwood, deceased, against Perley Wyman, Jr.^^Summohs. To Perky Wyman, Jr., defendant, yon are hereby summoned to answer the complaint of Edward D. Forman and Mary Jane Greenwood, as Administrators of the goods, chattels,and credits of John li. Greenwood, deceased, plain- tiffs, which was filed in the office of the Clerk of Oswego County, New Ycjfh, on the 30th day of September, 1874 5 and t o serve a copy of your answer on the subscriber at Pulaski, Oswego County,New York, within twenty days after the service of this summons, exclusive of the day of service, or the plaintiffs will take judgment against you for two hundred and twenty dollars with interest from November 12th, 1870, to- gether with $L3!) fees and expenses of protest, besidts costs. J. W. FENTON, 50 Plaintiffs' Attorney. NOTICE.—Whereas my wife, Frank Adelia \Burke has left my bed and board without just cause of provocation, I hereby forbid ail persons from harbor- ing and trusting her on my account, as I shall not pay any debts of her contracting after this date. his EDWABU' + BURKE. mark. Mexico, N. Y., Oct. 3d, 1874. FAmS FOB SAMS. The undersigned offers for sale her farm, situated abotit 2^- miles east of Holoiesvllie, on the town line road • be- tween Albion and Richland, Said fatm contains 38 acros of land, eight of which are well timbered. Farm well improv- ed and buildings good. For pardaculars apply to the undersigned on the premises. 46-3m - PotiiT TfloitPEosr. Or to L. L. THO3MEPSOJT, Mexieo , N. Y,

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