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Lansingburgh gazette. (Lansingburgh [N.Y.]) 1826-1880, November 11, 1882, Image 1

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TATE A. B. ELDIO'i'l', AN INDEPENDENT JOURNAL DEVOTED VOLUME LXXXIV. LA.NSINGBtJRGH, N.Y., ~SCRIPTION n.A.rus Qua Yret.r, m Mvn.noe. • • • • JOB PRINTING L\l .ALL ITS ERA.NOnES 'Executed with Neatness and Dispa~ch AT TIIIS OJ.l'FIOE. Special contracta made wtth v.early era on applicatiOn LocnltWti<;!ds in IC'adlllg- colnmt s pOI hne AdvettlSClnents, or chnllges for ndH.rttsc mente, muat b~ handed 111 as (>flrh us 1hu ~ d&y. Tr.a.nw.ent n.d-vertisemeuts runat tnvanably Le dd fGr :m .advance M. L. F'ANCHEH, FIRE, l..IFE AND II:IARINE INSURAN.CE AGENT, OP,poil!e the'Nswa Room, Lllllsmgblll'ib. 1 C. L. I\'ULLER VILLAGE SURVEYOR. Oir r~A:{SINGBUR.GH AS'D Gutm~ JSLAS\ [} I nth\ JOB HYATT & COMSTOCK, Attorneys & Counsellors at Law; 616 ~tate St., lansmgburgh, N.Y. EUGE:J.E HY.A.Tr A C COMSrOO!t. S. R. NClYES, Wholesa.le ~nd :Reta1! Doaler tn Lehigh. Lackawanna & CUMBERLAND COAl, .Offioe snd Yard corner of Ja'\ ..t: nw~t Strj LANSINGBUHGH N Y Uorgofll! shipped by Rat! or Canal at Lowe• I &tea. R. HARR£SON, CHEMIST ANTI DRUGGIST, c u p~'ulls prt ns:;ortmt=-nt of ~ -- ' Watches and Jewelry . .A new nnd benutilul nssortml!llt of Walchen and Jewelry just ro cetved AJ•o a lull lmt ol Table Cptlmy, Tea Sots, Castors, Cake Bnsktt:l, .Jrutves and Fork!>, ere.. eto., At Thomas Coldsmith's, Troy Honse bnilding, a :ew doors belol't CnnnOll Place. .James H. Adams, \DRUGGIST 635 & 631 STATE STREET, Phystctanti will1ln i the Rtook oC Oilcwaa.la and Pharrnaco Jti... 1 l Hlli 'md& complete. rmd from the mo11t 1m 1 ''>1 d f.ngltsb l n:uc\ n. d Amertcau ruannf tmt r All tho Prt~scrq tious Comp1uu dl d 11 Jill J iltU1.1so 1 cstl\b- lishod the bustnetas tl11 ... \~t1r1;1 ago, Cl\!1 L'l duplicated at an r t>m WINES AND LIQUORS, Paints, Oils & all Staj}le Drugs fi\ Agent for GEYHER f\PI\I:iG WATER, WHITE GEHMAN P&KFU:tlE Doupoe;r'o Lanalngburg.., 1:r.,. O<lt'<l Alban:r EzFeoot F<>r Paolmgee, Bllggllge r.nd oil Express fretght. Le•vin,( l:.mtsingbargh ovary morn- mg and aftel1a'3Qn 1 Sundays e%C~ted, tn timo to oonnec\ with all trains. ~J>xpress and Stes.mb<!.at orders lett a1 tho oftloe co1uer ol State and Elimbeth etreem, opposite Phmmx H<\''ll61 will reee:ave dae attention, and returns promptly Dl!lde. Oheob en orders left at tho National .Expreoo olllce, In Troy, on!! bo promptl;r attended to. PMaonr:era amvm~ at Troy by the evening trains by leaVlng tbetr aheab at tho Expreea omee, can recen o thetr bnggage by the MGl'llmg Expreae Or ders lei\ at J, 11. Warren's, Wood, Wil!Jlrd & Prentice's and E. A. Burrow'• tA.Oroo, Troy 1 will receive prompt atll!mtion. 'QegaJar EX]ll'<Wleaveoa\ I A. a. and 3 P M Extraa an be had at any hour, GEORG!j: M.. DOUQREY LOW PRICES. WM. O'CONNOR, DEA.Llm IN ALL KINDB OF MEATS, POULTRY -AND- VEGETABLES --AT- No. 626 State Street, lilT State St., ~lways bas on hnnd n. flno assortment of good~ Hmted to tho :..oat:: m C'u uJtsl ng of Gontlemon '.t Boots, Caiters Aud Engll~<h \\11 l sbuuH Lt11 r; B ttton n )Ots Gu.!t~rrl <1.1 l II ll rl. U.tll a.nd lllKpOIJt them before gm 1g t 1 roy Prices to Sutt the Ttmes ' 25CENTS WILL BUY A TREATISE llDOll tho HORSE AND HIS DISEASES· Book of 100 p~~ogos V•lu~~oble to ov, rs ow• et of hol'l!ea. Postago stamps taken Bent postpa1d by New Vork Newspaper· Union, 1.16 Worth Strert. Ntw ln.: h .. 'Twas a fond farewell, 'twas a •weet good- bye, Bnt she W!\tched htm g<>, w1th n troubled ~1gb So mto the basket, tht\t swayed and swung 0 er the yawnwa abyss, he hghtly- sprung, And the JOY of heart seemed turned (!)woe As they lowered htm mto the depths below. Herswet\t JOU:lg face, Wtlh 1ts tresses b.rown, ''as the fntroot fo.ce w the m mng town LoJ the mo.:ntng carao, biit the matuage bell._ H1gh up 1n the tower, rang a mounitng knell For tl e true heart bun~d 'neath enrt.h and stone, Fat -do~n m the heart of the mme-alonGl .\ •? row pool on her wedumg dR.:;, for the bre tldng heart. and the heart o£ clo) • And tho ft cb that looked from her hesses br.J\ n \\ \\ the sadde'if face m the mmmg town 'lbns bme rvlleJ on In tt~ weary Wf\~ 1 Uuttl tift) ye!Uo w1th !het'\hadows gJRy Had darkened the bght of her sweet eyQS glow, ..,. A.ntl had turned the brown of her hntr to snow Oh 1 never a k1ss from a husband R hps Or the oln\Jl of a chtld ssweet finge1 ttp~, II u.l hlted one moment the sh 1Uow~ ln awn F10m the s tddost heart in the mu••llg (own Fa1 d0wn m the clc>rthq of the m1ne one daJ In thf' lnoJ=~Pn~d toa1 th the~ \H 10 U1....,.,.,mg aw 'j \I h!':) tli,.('o' ered a hce :-.o yonn~ so fmr~ F1om the slllilll's.g hpf' to the brlght.l.Ho\vn hatr- Untou{'he-tl by the finger of hmo H deca) Vi hen they drew hlm up to the hght of da~ fJ he wondc;~nng peOJlle gathered round To gaze nt the man sa ~trangelj; found Then a wom!Ul sprang frolll i\moug crowd, Wtth hor long wbtte h111r, and har slight fo1 m bowed~ She stlently knelt by the form of clay, And ktssed the lips tlmt were cold and gra~ Then the sad old face, with 1ts snowy hatr, On his youthful bosom lay pillOwed ther< He hnd found her at !a.J- us Watling urnle A.nn the-peeple l:mried-them stde by stde \ I ou look pale 1 a1 en't \ ou well?\ asked Mrss Nanme when they were seated Thegirldroppedher eyes \Nanrue: I have some news for von,'' she srud \Hth an efl'ott 'r...:...last mght-I j)rorutsed Mr PetNs-to-to marry htm \ Then she stghed as If relieved of a g1 eat burden '.Che room was st11J, utterly st1ll If 1\l:lss Nan me were snrpnsed or shocked she gave no token ShP. only sat quietly lool,mg at the g1rl ,Lnd takinfi' time to collect Agatha ne> e1 liit~d her eyes unttl, after \ome moments, her coUsin cl<:>areu her thro.tt ant! tranqmlly m- q tureu \W til, tle.tr, are you sat1sfied that you Will be h.tppy?' Then the girl ruse ,md tilr~w herself upon the sofa \Oh Nanme, I don't know , I c,m't tell\ .More s1lence Then ~1hss Nanme asl,ed J( slle h tu told the boys '1 o til< \e \omen GeoPge and Lewis \ould be \the boys\ as long us they liHd fr <111 the door and bN heart AZETTE. DOMESTIC INTELLIGENCE. EsTABLISHED PIIIOD TO 1798, B1r1lH nn•l lom!H h< ulH u~ed on hatM ami lJUunds NO. 47a Tiger Killing in J nva. The followmg is a translation of an A Flench paper says t ''It is are- extraordma.ry report published m th& markable fact that there atetiorats lll Java Bode, the chief paper of BaiaV!a: the Islands of the Pacific ocean lte\ \Yesterday so says the Mataram, a peated attempts have been maile to newSptiper at DJoOdJalmtra, there took acclimatize the rodents there, as tile place helfl the announced clelfrance flesh ia'II!uch esteemed by the natives among the tll;!ers belongmg to his as an !lrtwleot1'ood, But the attempts Jughness, the siiltai!, in order to make thus far have failed, as they invar1ably room for a fresh supply when th~;~ new die of eonstimption\ tiger pens will be bmlt .A~ about 10 Among the Instruments !It a r,ecent A lit. the sultan, the resident ~ilitary sCientllic meetmg was one exhibited commander, assJstant resident I!Jld by S1r F, Bramwell, employed fo:r other ilpectators appe.>red behmd the ascertammg the V'elomty of trams and Krnton and seated themselves m a the effictency of brakes. W1th tins grand dtand constructed for the pur- appat•atue 1t was found that a tram pose Thousands of Javanese flocked we1ghmg 125 tons ran five mUes live to the spot to see the combats. Soon yards after steam was shut off whil\' a fight between a royal tiger and a buf- travelmg at a speed of fofty•five falo together iii a pen commenced. The miles an hour Thelme Wllil ~eve! and ttger was several tmleB tossed mto the the day perfectly calm. a1r and then gored to death by the buf- Senaations •are trans=tted to the falo, 11 h1ch had been made as funous as I bram at a rapidity of about 180 feet posHtble by peppered wat~r, burmng per second, ol at one-fifth the rate of nPttl<>s and red-hot Iron bars. The sound, and thls is nearly the same in com hat lasted fully two haurs. .After- 1 all mdlviduals 'l'h~ bmm regUires ward began the rampolsen or tiger one-tenth of a second to transmit Its !light On the plam alongstde the orders to the tteryes which ]1\eHide over Kraton stood Javanesll aPmed with voluntary mohon; but this amount stout spears fifteen to eighteen feet vanes much m diffetent mrltvtduals, long, drawn np In rows one behmd and in the same mdividual at diiTerent the other, forrumg altogether an ex- times, accordmg to the dtspositwn or traorrhnmy lmge squar<.> '!'he two conditiOn at the time, ani! is more foremost rows lay kneelmg, the two regular the more sustamed the atten- ll1U<ll!1ost stood Prect In the center twn. of thw .., pen space were thirteen I E]cpet;!ments upon over four hunilretl \traw-rocrfed raoden pens, m each of individuals of all elasses, ages and oc- \\ hich \\as a tlg~t. At a gn en s1gnal 1 cupahons show how greatrs the chver- a muslcalmstrumPiit called the gam- sity of opimon as to the site of objects elan lwgm\ pl,LJ mg a martial 1 seen through the microscope The oh• air to slow measure. Thre6 ' Ject used m the expernnents was a ttget keepers then step out of common louse mmmifterl tu a tl.teoret I- the ranks and approach the ~age. Two I caJ size of 4 66 11 ~ches 1 he nmJur•ty 1 of them Loor each a burmng torclr, of observers umlmstuuated tins l with winch they set fire to the straw. value , two estuuatlll! wera 1 '!'he tigef~Ightt>ned by the shower of only one mch , seven were O\ er a foot;-r:parks, lS then forcefl out mto the open and one was at least five feet Xew space, but ]{nows not Wh>ther to tum. students of the llllC~oscope usuallv n.~ It moHs around anrl seekg wluther It 1 eel\ e an 1 mpressJOl'i somm 1 hat larger can llml an outlet, until It endeavors than the reaJ \ aJue, and adhere tu It ttther by a desperate sprmg to geltt for a considerable time m t) over the human wall whic 1 Corn ts Hall! to l1e 1 tte In n penmg, lint wh~n a ftlluw til a<lH on your f<!Ot \\ much you Will find ) urn cum lM r1 pt<, an• 1 1 yell oh I kee-p~ tt mclosed OJ: tnes to creep through underneath But it f,tlls p1erced by the tnnny spears~vhwh have strtld<i It It utters ttso.vage rry, \\Inch 1s dro\\ nl'd lJ! the appi,IUBe ant! shouts 0f the multitudP In silent agony 1t strikes around furiously With 1ts rmghty paws 'rhi' shafts of the spears often lneak hke glass. In such rases a single blow mtght cost the ltfe of any unfortunate Wlth!n rerteh of 1ts claws. It lS.Jtfterward \Wil c the Gentleman,\ '!'he ne\\ Hrbs \\Inch the rush of )lrogrPss lmngs mto use are often ,t nm bhng-uloc ks to the HI 111 pi~ The fun 'otnt\ m \hen 1gnorant p~rsons gt t fnghtPmtt at thf'lll tnd go off wtth- nt n.'kmg 11 hat the) mean The nt,mner \\ at<'l' wto h1s lJ!llHt of ne-

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