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4: ><f - V I - -----------r. . ■■I a*' •4 y C ^ ~ - —• - • ■X.-K r. - l » - i \ \\ 4 X t . :i f » i i I r 1 YAN THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 1, 1923 Page Three NEWS OF THE CHURCHES BAPTIST. —Public worship next Sunday morning at 10:30. On this Sunday the pastor will begin his seventh year as pastor of the church. He will have a message fitting to the beginning of our seventh year of service together. We hope to see all members of the church and congregation present. —At the close of the morning ser­ vice the ordinance of the Lord’s Sup­ per will be observed, and reception of new members. —Sunday School at 12 o’clock. —Junior C. E. at 3:30. Senior C. E. at 5:45. —The union evening service will be with this church at 7.00 o’clock. The pastor will preach. —The School of Religious Educa­ tion meets every Monday night :n the chapel eof this church. --Prayer meeting of the cnurch on Thursday evening. —On Saturday night the first of the entertainments in the course given urder the auspices of the 13 iraca Class will be given at 8 o’clock. “Smiling Bob Briggs” is the enter­ tainer for this evening. On Decem­ ber 3 the “Ambassador Male Quartet will be with us. Secure tickets of any of the following -committee: Messrs. Mallory. Hurford, Windnag'e, DeMelt, Burnell, Wilhelm or the Pastor. The price of the season ticket for all four numbers is $1.25 for adults and 50c for children. —On November 8 , there will be a Bible and Missionary Conference for Yates Baptist Association in our church. At the noon hour the women will have a Loyalty Luncheon. At the afternoon and evening sessions we will have noted speakers of the de­ nomination present to speak. This will be a great opportunity. All are in­ vited — The Rudman Class will serve sup­ per at the church on that date tor all attending the conference. — Your subscription for Missions our great mission -1 rv magazine, will txi ire soon. See Mrs. W»n Workman about your renewal. 'W it' S&fk $ •>««A. v '2 i . . . Y A T E S C O U N T Y ’ S H A L L O F FA M E **• .4 «• A. L. HOLLINGWORTH -y.-. .x- 'X ' •M' ■y>;. m *' ■ a •>;x: y.-.- . & Vy. *. i ‘ VS-WW > yy. . w •>.-.x m WM •v.L.e ■ Z-y. rv^y*; •y--y. ■yv; W .zti: mmm v Z Y .'.v ■sy. o*v. •vy. i ■MX.V, ••■Xx-X S z z - ' z Z v r.r.v: •x-s S * » y.V. ,XS* m mu v y y.y -y, .i.i. vy yy. -v y - y x x z . v •vy. w / . W % . . yy. ■VVA- V. V A->.' - V v.v- Z . C - X x v Z Ex-/. -xv. v . . XX* ■x-yy.x* .V-' y rX -X- •/ xX* V- yr< x / > « y > \ .X' y y .v .- ' V ; U x X ; -X* ■y-x-.v. lililis? .-**< Xxx . -X Z y x v i z . Z x ^ 'Z 'Z ;•> A .y v E -/.v:vX « ->X' / a x ;; y x* ■X e-VN- x\ i-to : \ <y.< .•IO .X*. ■ n >: x-:*<x k\ .M i L ” * . . i Holly” has resigned as Farm Bureau Manager, after five years of success in that work . . . j . A. L. has often accused us of charging for Farm Bureau items which he argued should have been printed gratis. Of course, that may be right, hut this once we are going to give \Holly” some space, a nice write-up, his picture— and everything. Arthur Liddle Hollingworth began life in Uica, N. Y. He was educated in the public schools of that city, later entering Syracuse University, graduating from that institution in the class of 1906. Prior to taking up Farm Bureau work, “Holly” was engaged in the lumber business and spent several months in South and in the lumber district of Canada. He began his farm bureau work in Cazenov- ia, as assistant agent, coming to Penn Yan in 1918 as agent of the first farm bureau in Yates County. The first year the Farm Bureau had 450 members, today it boasts of a membership of 1154, having led the State of New York in membership for three years. The farm bureau picnic has become one of the insti­ tutions of Yates County. From an atten­ dance of a few hundred, it has shown an at­ tendance of over 10,000 people. For its success, we can blame no one, except \Holly”. The farm bur.aeu work has taught - the farmers to care for their crops. It has shown them that co-operative marketing can .solve their marketing problems. There are now the Lake Keuka Grape Growers’ Association, Sheep Growers’ Association, Fruit Growers’ Association and Seneca County Poultry and Egg Association. Extension work has cov­ ered the spraying and pruning of fruit trees, better seeds,( better drainage, eradication of bovine tuberculosis, poultry culling and numerous other valuable and instructive in­ formation. The farm bureau, through \Holly’s” efforts, has taught the farmers that co-operation is the one big thing that counts, on January 1. 1924. We are sorry to learn that \Holly” has tendered hisi resignatin as farm bureau man­ ager, bu glad that he intends to remain m Penn Yan. His resignation will take effect Owing to ,a recent Supreme Court ruling which allows cider vinegar to be made from apple peelings' and cores, the Cramer Bros.’ vinegar fac- will not be this I . x - . . . in operation The Cramar cider vinegar is made from the whole apple. The f.act that vinegar made from refuse can be sold several th an tom to ket. The Association a revision cents cheaper the pure vinegar caused the bot- fall out of the vinegar mar- vinegar manufacturers’ is endeavroing to secure of the decision. ♦ False Reports . . K . Persistent false rumors of the deatli of Hon. Calvin J. Huson have been causing no end of annoyance i and consternation among his num­ erous friends. Instead, his attend­ ing physicians are glad to announce that in the last few days his condi­ tion has improved and hopes are en­ tertained for his recovery. LIFE TERRORS . ■ . i • » . . » A U . v ..* i . . . . ■. i .* • <T«.\ i x « - V • •• •e i . .V ? . . 4 4 10^ Ml :<t X METHODIST. —Next Sunday, Nov. 14, the sacra­ ment of the Lord’s Supper will be ob­ served, and new members received. In the evening the monthly union ser­ vice will be held in the Baptist church at 7 o’clock. —The month of November will be observed as “Go to Prayer Meeting” month, in which an effort will be made to interest a large number of people in the Thursday evening ser­ vice. A writer has said, “The decad­ ence of the prayer meeting is the danger point in Christianity, for the prayer meeting is the dynamo which t is responsible for the delivery of pow- 1 , er.” On Thursday evening a picnic supper will be served at 6.30 to.which all are invited. Come and bring some­ thing to eat. This hour of fellowship will be of great help to us. At 7:15 a stereopticon exhibition will be giv­ en, to be followed by a short prayer meeting. These gatherings will be held on the first Thursday of each month. — The Conference meeting of the Woman’s Home Missionary Society will be held in Hedding Church, El­ mira on Thursday and Friday, Nov. 1 and 2. A good delegation from the lo­ cal church should attend. — The annual chicken pie supper and sale under the auspices of the Ladies’ Aid Society will be held Fri­ day, November 9. ------------------------------------ $ ------------------------------------ Penn Yan Grange The last regular meeting Grange w.as held Friday evening, Oct. 26th. The meeting was called uromptlv at 7:30 P M — . . The Lecturer’s Program follows: Music in charge of Mrs. Irwin Pulver Reading Mrs. Morris McElwee \Songs of Our Country” W . E. DeMelt Vocal Solo Mrs. Thomas Rector Lad In Trouble Also the Grangers making are plans to entertain the Lecturer of the New York State Grange, Brother Fred. J. Freestone, who will be here sometime in November. A young lad, named Elmer Sav­ age, was; brought before Justice Ran- doph recently, charged with having entered the school house in the Red- dout district near Rushville and de­ stroyed books and other articles in the building. The teacher, Miss Sarah Foster, on her arrival at the school in the morning found that the building had been entered and Victrola broken open and the re­ cords strewed about the floor. Also 150 books, the property of the school, had been torn and mutili- ated and thrown about. The pencil boxes of the children, which had been left locked the night before, had been pried open and their con­ tents distributed about. The teach­ er’s register had the leaves torn out and otherwise defaced. The boy is under sixteen years of For W om en W h o Rely upon Lydia E. Pinkham’s Vege­ table Compound Greenville, Pa. — “ I took your medi­ cine through the Change of Life and it did wonders fotf me. I was down in bed when I started to take it and weighed 95 pounds. I had hot flashes and was so nervous and weak that e v e r y t h i n g would get black and I could not see. I would sit and cry and did not know what I was crying for. Since I have been taking Lydia E. Pinkham’s Vegetable 'Com­ pound I feel younger than I did ten years ago, and my friends all tell me I look younger, and I owe it all to the age and so action was reserved un- \ Vegetable Compound. I do all my house­ work for a family of seven now. I will be til the return of County Judge Gil­ bert H. Baker, who is the judge of the Children's Court, and the boy’s case must be decided in that court. In the meantime the lad will be on parole to Judge Randolph. The boy’s parents are dead and he lives with his grandparents. He has been z in trouble in the Rushville section before. The homes of Lloyd Wheel­ er, Allen Foster and Grant Lewis, of Rushville, had been entered pre­ viously and 'Similar damage done. glad to answer any woman who writes me in regard to my case.” —Mrs. J ohn M yers , 55 Union St., Greenville, Pa. Many letters similar to this have been published testifying to the merit of Lydia E. Pinkham’s Vegetable Com­ pound. They are sincere expressions from women who«describe as best they can their feelings before and after taking this well-known medicine. Many times they state in their letters their willingness to answer women who write them. It is syi offer dictated by gratitude and a desire to help others. T h r e e M re o f this Merchandise J M ney-Saving M a ssive Sale \ PRESBYTERIAN. — Public worship at 10:30 Sunday, Nov. 4th. Mr. Imbrie will preach. Sun­ day School in all’departments at noon. Men’s Class in Palmer Hall. * — Mid-week service on Thursday at; 7:30. Topic: “Our Alaskan Work, f Meeting of the Guild afterwards in the auditorium of the church. — Girls’ Mission Band meets on Thursday after school. — The Boys’ Mission Band is asked to meet with Mrs. Imbrie on Wednes­ day afternoon, after school. —A supper will be given on Tues­ day, November 6 th, begining at 5:30; by the Missionary Society. Price 35c. | This supper is open to the public: Menu: Corn beef hash, cabbage salad,J brown bread, biscuit, pumpkin pie and cheese. W e stiU have a line assortment of things that you really need Suits $45.00 Adler Rochester, now $33.00 40.00 • “ “ « 30.25 38.00 “ « « 28.00 35.00 “ “ “ 25.85 Overcoats $45.00 Adler Rochester . 40-00 “ 28-50 Adler Collegian . 35.00 Top coats $33.00 30-25 - 20.50 . 25.00 Sf. Paul’s Lutheran Lewis C. Larsen, Pastor -Next Sunday, Nov. 4, will be our harvest festival, let it .a rally day fr our church. At the morning ser­ vice, 10:30 A. M. an offering for the purpose of releasing some of the debt on the church will be laid on the Altar. At noon, lunch and soc­ ial gathering in the basement, at 2:30 P. M. gathering of St. Paul's brotherhood .and at 3 P. M. general meeting in the church. Let us all tome together and have a day of re­ joicing. > —Nov. 10, beginning at 5:30 P. M., the Ladies' Aid Society will serve a chicken supper in the church base­ ment, tickets sold for 40c, for child­ ren 25c. At the annual sale many fancy and 1 useful articles will be of* fered to the public at fair prices. Shirts $2.00 and $2.50 Wilson 2.75 3.00 u 2.75 Collar attached 3.00, $3.50, $4.00, silk Bros. - $1.49 6 u - 1.79 - - 1.99 fibre - 2.69 ♦ CHRISTIAN SClENCf:. —The Christian Scientists hold eer- ices Sunday morning at i l o'clock in heir rooms in the Elmwood Theatre uilding. Subject: Everlasting Pun- hnr.ent. Real Estate Transfers Hats and Caps $7.00 Knox Hat, - 5.00 « . « - 5.00 Crofut-Knapp 3.00 McGregor Caps - 2.50 z “ “ - $4.95 3.85 3.00 2 . 0 0 1.85 z Underwear $1.00 Union Suit .79 Helen V. Moore to Charles F. Strat­ ton, premises in Jerusalem. Charles F. Stratton and wife to John Mahaney, premises in Jerusalem. Charles F. Stratton and wife to James C. Vinall, premises in Jerusa­ lem. Charles F. Stratton and wife to Myrtle Conklin, premises in Jerusa­ lem. Hattie R. Lord to Theodore E. Obrig and ano., premises in Jerusalem. Merton Owen and wife to Ralph Goundry and wife, premises in Milo. Joseph C, Barone and wife to Floyd T. Keel and ano., premises in Milo. Floyd T. Keel and ano. to Joseph H. Sanderson, premises in Milo. Nathaniel S. Jayne to Ruth K. Mead and ano., premises in Benton. Sarah Daines to Gertrude Hazard, premises in Torrey. Elizabeth B. Wyman et al. to Roy C. Hobart and wife, premises in Pot­ ter. Fred 0. Phillips and wife to Bertha M. Turner, premises in Barrington. Grace E. Wilcox to S. Willard Chap­ man and wife, premises in Starkey. Olney S. Perry and wife to Fred T. Butters, premises in Milo. 1.50 66 66 • - 1.05 2.00 66 66 - 1.49 3.00 66 66 _ ' - 2.20 4.50 66 66 3.69 □ Sweaters $9.00 Pull Over 7.00 All Wool Coat 9.00 “ 12.00 Imported $6.35 □ S a s u u 5.00 6.35 8.25 10.85 □ □ \ Hosiery $1.50 Silk, all sizes - $1.00 1 . 0 0 “ “ “ - .69 .85 “ “ “ .59 .60 Fiber “ “ .49 .45 Lisle •29 .25 cotton .19 * Overalls Reg. $2.25—Sale price $1.69 “ 2.20 Khaki pants - 1.49 “ 3.00 Odd pants 2.00 > “ 3.Q0 Union alls , 2.20 , z. Scarfs ■ $3.00 Wool Muffler - $2.00 3.00 Silk Muffler - 2.00 5.00 Silk Muffler - 3.50 Bath Robes, $12 value $8.50 Smoking Jacket, $10 value • 6.50 Collars—8 Arrow for 1.00 Fancy Silk Handkerchiefs, .69 Fancy Linen Handkerchiefs .59 Men’s Gloves 1-3 off A A l l K in d s o f A t th i s O f f i c e W e Want Y o u r BEANS AND GRAIN See Us Before You Sett LAKE KEUKA FRUIT SALES COMPANY UDDaaDDDnDDDDDDDnnDDnDDDDDDtiDDDDDDDCmDDDDDnDDnBDDElDCg □ a a □ □ c O c tober Ends N e x t W e d n e s d a y and so does our offer fo r a □ 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ T h e only gift your t friends all w ant this Christm a s and can­ n o t buy is your photograph* . goto BURNELL’S before next T hursday and get the large one free □ □ D □ D n □ o □ □ o □ Q □ Q □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ D □ □ Q D D D □ □U □DanDOOaODODDOODODDODDOOODD030DDODC313QOOOD03nQODDQnDQrf> “A T T H E EASTERN ENTRANCE TO PENN YAN” Main Street Bridge A . COLMEY G a s, O il, T ires Exclusive Sale o f Firestone T ires in Penn Y a n Socony Gas Socony Oil w 1 WANTE i Apples 9 Beans , Potatoes We are offering the following prices for BEANS: I I I Peas and M e d ium s, W h ite M a r row s, - Y e llow Eyes, - Red K idneys, W h ite K idneys, $ 4 . 7 5 8 . 0 0 5 . 5 0 6 . 0 0 7 . 0 0 W e are Always in the . Market for- t i H N D STRAW C.E.CA MPBELL MAIN TREE T . Masonic Temple Building, \ Penn Yan, N. Y. Represented in Dundee and Watkns Iff JOHN CLARK. i7 X £ i ) 0 X i — v;\ v'~i - r : r - . » • I V . _ pi X t ■I . \ / I

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