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O 4 •b P - ..h. I L» T 'if 4 \'A * * « ' s « 4 4 4 4 4 S H O E S HESS THAN HALF PRICE $t)e |)cnn $ait (flfxpreea _ __ WEDNESDAY, MARCH 7. ™1923.\ The linotype operator for this of­ fice is off duty this week, suffering from grippe. PERSONAL. Miss Ruth Williams, proprietress 4 4 4 j We have marked down abool 500 Pair oi Shoes al LESS Tfl*N BALE PRICE. Women’s fligh tu i Lace. Women’s Oxfords and Pumps. > Has anyone seen the first robin? Miss Griffith spent Sunday at her home in Rochester. ■ ■ ■ t ■ After an “open” winter, all are looking forward to the 21st of this month—the first day of Spring. Air. Jack Cramer, who has been of Sharp & Co., milliners, spent Sun- spending sometime in the West, has hday at her home In Geneva. returned. n —Mrs. Maurice Harrison, who has Some of the Rotarians looked tired *jeen ,n Brooklyn for the past two i>u Monday, upon their return from I mont“ S, has returned. Montreal. I —Mrs. Zimmerman, Mrs. John Palk- ner and Mrs. Frieda Rogers, of Johns- Born to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mon-1 ton, Pa., have been guests of Mrs nin. of East Main St., Saturday, March John C. Fox, for ten days. 8, 1923, a son. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. L. Barden were Girls’ High Cuts. Girls’ Oxfords and Pumps. Children’s School Shoes, Boys’ Dress Shoes, Boys’ Heavy Shoes. This is a chance to get some Good Shoes at less than if cost to make them. Tell us What You Want— We Bave It. \ t0^ i VY ?m‘ A resident of Hamilton street, on J? Hamilton. N. Y.. last week, called ^ 5 . r* f L SI£ f r J '” I Saturday, tapped his maple tree and the death ot Mra- Barden'a Miss Reusswig, of the High School £ ” 1“ ° “ ° J l h e Palmyru I the sap ran in good shape. Journal, at Palmyra, N. Y. .. . \—+— — | Henry Ford says there are 206,0001 faculty, spent Sunday at her home in There is one case of typhoid fever Ford cars ordered for March, and he | Utica, N Y in Middlesex. Many of the residents can only manufacture 156,600. of that town are being vaccinated as a preventive. Count y Agricultural Agent Books \ the farm at Trumansburg, taken up Scries of Farm and Home Meetings to ( by bis great great grandfather about Open on March 18 at Middlesex. A series of five farm and home In- NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS. Sealed bids will be received by the Care and Custody Committee of the 1797. , Yates County Board of Supervisors Graduate of Cornell. ... . . ... . . . After graduation from the New York loth, 1923, for the construction of a stltutes for this county has been ar- state College of Agriculture at Cornell horae and dairy bam at the Yates ranged by County Agricultural Agent University, he returned to his home bounty Home property known as Holllngworth under the joint ausptc- and engaged In fruit growing, mak- pmnahnd specifications can be seen es of the farm and home bureau as- a specialty of peaches. He Is also the office of Chas. Mallory, Clerk soclfltlnn and the state college nf growing cherries, plums aud a few of the Board of Supervisors, Arcade sociatiou ana me state college oi n n ,i x t v lpervieors, penn Yan agriculture, according to an apples and pears, and raises most of an~ the grain and hay used on his own nouncement made today by Mr Hoi- fan Dennis C. Pieirce, district deputy home for the past two weeks. t . Mr. James Mooney was called to, umm;, ,vyv Miss Marie Laudon, of the High Dansv.ille' fj; Yl’ Sunday, on account | state indicate School faculty, has been ill at her | of serious illness in his family. Mr. Wilson R. Trueblood, Jr., of llngwortb. The institute was the original form of agricultural extension work, and in spite of the fact that many other kinds of community meetings are now held, the institute still holds its pop­ ularity, reports from all over the The places and dates at which in- I grand master of the 21st Masonic district, paid his official visit to Sen- . Sugar has advanced from 6c to 10c lage for several months. New York City, has come to this vil-1 aUtutes WM be held follow: Middlesex, March 12 and 13; Dros- eca Lodge, Seneca Falls, on Monday I *n *be local markets. The rise is na- Miss Barbara Tobey, of Elmira, |^en* March 14; Potter, March 15; evening, February 26th. tion wide. It seems to be the work of spent Sunday at her home in this vil- Branchport, March 16 and Barring- market manipulators, who are en- lage. A car driven by Leon Townsend, deavoring to gouge the public, of this village, came to grief on Sen- jvirs. Charles Kelly is remodeling I at her home in Bergen, N. Y. Miss Hewes spent the week-end We save you about 25 per cent, on first quality rubbers. ----------------------------------------------------- 1 WAGENER BROTHERSI ton, March 17. Subjects of interest to the several communities will be discussed and the The Swh^shield^1\vas^ broken^the * top I her Main street residence into Lwol —Mr. and Mrs. I. Hord, of Mitchell’ ! S n s badly Im a g e d and other' damage ai,art“ eKUt8L ° Ue °1 ™lucYL -T li b* oc~ f ° ntar10’ Canada, are guests in theL e r to those attending the institutes, badly smashed and other damage| cupied by Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Short home of their daughter, Mrs. H. J. The speakers are all practical farm- and family. -------- 1 done. M. F. Buckley has tendered MacNaughton. —Mrs. English, of New York City, is the guest of Mrs. John C. Brooks. Mrs. Ralph W. Hoyt, who has ers, some of them already well known In the County Clerk’s office dur- resignation as Secretary and General I,ing the past week there were _ Superintendent of the Yates County twelve mortgages were recorded, to-1 been*\spending\ the winter in “wash- Agncultural Society. Mr. Buckley taling $35,140.47. Three judgments i (on *D c „,IH returD this week at present is in charge of the office amounting to $898.18 also went on 1 ngt ' ' retU,D of the Fruit Growers’ office in the! record. Arcade building. One Dundee family has been ship —Mr. and Mrs. Edward Nutt, who have been in Florida, have returned. A hundred high school students I ~ ™ rs- Edso“ has Qb®en have been absent the past week on | s.|)„en<! 1,n® J ? . \ 16 r Rexford ► ping wood in barrels to members of I account of the epidemic of grip. On j^Nnr’fntk*1 \v« > 1 their family in New York City. The their, return to school undoubtedly I rotter’ 1,1 lvm’ va* Dennis C. Pierce and son. Rod- ---------- charges on one barrel, which had to another hundred will be absent as the „ Norfolk Va to ■ -------- lx— n I io vnru pnntam'nnc I n6\ • UdVO gOIlC Ul 1>UI 1U1K, »»., IU B0R0WELLS INC. Corner Main and Elm Sis., PENN YAN, N. Y. Paint Those Smoked, Stained Walls with SHERWIN-WILLIAMS FLAT=TONE FLAT-TONE is a Flat Wall Paint that is DURABLE, SANITARY, ECONOMICAL, ARTISTIC, and is obtainable in almost any color. FLAT-TONE CAN BE WASHED Freely with Soap and Water ASK FOR COLOR CARD TRY YOUR DRUG STORE FIRST G E T IT A T BORDWELL’S. A Complete Line ol r$ A Men’s, Boys’, W om en’s, Misses’, Children’s Rubbers, and Rubber Boots. 11 n M c A D A M S SHOE CO., Inc. r* “ There’s No Chance of Missing It.” Satisfaction is a certainty when you buy groceries here. Satis- iaction with the quality — with the price- with your good judge­ ment in giving us the order. W E O F F E R a seasonable and attractive line of Foods for the LENTEN SEASON G. A. Kelly Qnality Grocer Rhone 221 t The notable qual­ ity of our profes­ sional efforts their di gnified character. Our services are faith­ fully performed. IIIO T be sent by express on account of a disease is very contagious. freight embargo, dee Observer. W'ere $2.66.—Dun- spend a few days with relatives. —I. L. Yetter and T. J. Reynolds, Miss Louise P. Sheppard is in spring, is here. Why? Because Penn Yan for a few days to attend Sunday morning a resident of Hain­ an important meeting of th,e Penn ilton street was scraping the ice from Yan Board of Education. Miss Shep- his sidewalk and he was wearing a pard has be^i living in Kingston, straw hat. N. Y., for the past winter. She is the guest of Mrs. Hiram BaJlard. ------------------- <# --------------------- The frosty wave on Monday to the contrary, we insist spring, gentle buyers for the Lown Dry Goods Co., on are in New York City this week. SOCIAL. —Mrs. Ralph Norris entertained at luncheon on Tuesday, of last week. Among those who joined the Ro-1 —Mrs. Courtney Earle entertained tarians on their trip to Montreal over at luncheon and bridge on Wednes- . .. , , the week-end were: Mr. and Mrs. | day last. The annual institute of the Yates j saac Yetter Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Nor- County W. C. T. U. will be held in the Dundee Methodist church on Monday, March 12. The speaker will be Miss Grace Leigh Scott, of In­ diana. Miss Scott spent a year in Europe, engaged in Y work during the war. i ♦- - ------- The New York Tellephone Co. has reduced their rates for this place, the change becoming effective on March 1st. There will be a reduction of 25 cents per month on all lines, with the exception of the 4-party business line, and the rural business line. The Democrat office force was crippled last week, owing to the ill­ ness of two of its members—^Messrs. Bailey and Morse. Few people realize what the loss of one per­ son’s services in a printing shop means. Sometimes tit means night work for a week for the remainder of the force. It was a very small crib pillow, but it reposed in the place of Jionor in a case in one of the gi^eaC historical museums. “I can’t see anything re­ markable about that pillow,” remark­ ed one of a group of visitors. “My dear madam,” explained the guide. “It is very valuable. It is Washing­ ton’s original headquarters/’ Jacob’s Brook and Sucker Brook are roaring. The latter stream which flowrs through Cornwell’s gully and through the village parallel with Keuka street, overflowed that thor­ oughfare Saturday, subsiding some­ what toward night on Sunday. Dwell­ ers on Head street could hardly sleep Saturday night for the roaring of the brook as it emerged from the gully. • -------- ❖ — ■— ■ Cook Academy bajsket ball! team claims the Southern Tier basket ball championship. Out of 15 games they have won 13. The two teams which took their measure were Elmira Heights and Rochester East High. Among the schools which went down to defeat before them was Penn Yan Academy. Cook boasts of 604 points to their opponents’ 297. They have five more games to play. The Watkins Review of February 28th said: “It was Washington’s birthday and the Club celebrated it in good style. Professor Norton, president of Keuka College, and a Rotarian from Penn Yan Club, was the speaker. He made an eloquent address, emphasizing Washington’s Americanism, his in­ tegrity, patience, pity, confidence in his cause, his respect for law and his spirit of cooperation. — - ------ ♦---------- Night Officer Moses was called to Seneca strfeet on Wednesday night to subdue a resident of that street who had started to beat his wife and ris and Mr. and Mrs. Clarence An­ drews. During the brief absence of Mr. Basket Ball Stock Goes Down. For the home conference, there has been secured Mrs. Della A. Jones, of Worcester, Otsego county, whose sub­ jects are clothing and household management. Country Minister’s Wife. Mrs. Jones is a rural clergyman’s wife and the mother of three chil­ dren. Her homemaking experience, combined with training as a dress­ maker and study of home manage­ ment problems,_ gives her an excell­ ent preparation to appreciate the problems of women who are doing their own work. She has had long and successful experience in the far­ mers’ institutes of this state and is said to be one of the most popular workers on the staff. Building, Penn Yan, N. Y. Bids should be enclosed in a sealed envelope and endorsed on the outside “Bid for the construction of barn, Espteranza\ and addressed to the Care and Custody Committee, Yates All bids should be accompanied by a certified check made payable to Yates' County Treasurer, for 10% of the amount of the bid. . The Committee reserves the right to reject any or all bids. i Dated February 26, 1923 By order Care and Custody Com­ mittee. 2w FLOYD HUNT. Chairman. Don't miss seeing Wallace Reid in his last picture, “THIRTY DAYS”. To be shown at the Elmwood, Tues­ day, March 13th for the benefit of S A f l P S O N ^WEDNESDAY Katherine MacDonald in \WOMAN’S SIDE ’ The powerful story of a girl who is forced to fight a woman’s battle against the man who would sully her father’s honor and leave her nameless. Admission: 10-17c. International Horses—Will have a carload of South Dakota horses at my bam, Brown St,, March 15th. P. S. Pros­ ser. m il l in e r y opening . Thursday, Friday and Saturday, March 8, 9, 10. Also a showing of the new styles and shades in Phoenix Hosiery at M. A. DEWAN’S 116 Main St. -------- 1 -------- _ Don’t miss seeing Wallace Reid In his last picture, “THIRTY DAYS’’. To be shown at the Elmwood, Tues­ day, March 13th for the benefit ot I Business Girls’ Club. Admissions 10c.; Business Girls’ Club. Admissions 10c. See Our Window and Mrs. Rexford Potter fro Last Friday night at Elmira their I Heights the Penn Yan Academy has L M. HURD apartment in Norfolk, Va., it was ket baI1 team went down to the most in the county. visited by burglars and a large su of money taken. —— t overwhelming defeat of the present Two Tickets For Coming Election? Monday, March 5th was the last day for the filing of petitions for nomina­ tions with the Village Clerk, for the annual election to be held in Penn Yan on Tuesday, March 20. The following petitions have been filed: The Citizens Ticket using the name “Citizens” and the emblem “a cluster of grapes” and nominating, T. Warner Windnagle for Village President. Abram Lamoreaux, Roy E. Wheeler and W. E. Burnell for trustees. Augustus Durnin for Collector. William B. Townsend for assessor and Ezra J. Titus for Treasurer. The Fusion ticket using the name ‘fusion” and the emblem “a horse­ shoe”, and nominating, Robert M. Cramer for Village Presi­ dent. John E. Sheridan, Hiram Ballard and Clarence E. Campbell for trus­ tees. Ezra J. Titus for Treasurer, William B. Townsend for Assessor and Au­ gustus Durnin for Collector. This petition contains 72 names. The total number of names on the petitions as filed headed by T. War- ___ T. H. King, Jr., who will take up ner Windnagle for village president and some jewelry were | season at the hands of the high school alfalfa, grain crops and the like. He is 9 1, which includes 25 names for of that place. After the smoke and operates a large fruit and general the same candidates on the “Peoples” the smell of the battle had cleared farm near Trumansburg. Born on Big Fruit Farm. On Friday last the State Troopers | away and a perfectly good adding arrested Joseph Costello and J a y I machine had been rumed, it was tickets with the emblem “ an ivy leaf” ; however this name and emblem will Mr. King was born and reared on a not appear on the ballot as the law Cook two local youths. They were found that the locals had lost ljy a 500-acre diversified fruit farm. After requires 27 names, and no more brought before Justice Randolph, 62 to 9 score. The Elmira Heights his graduation from the New York names were filed for this ticket, charged with reckless driving. Both team took the lead in the first minu- state College of Agriculture, he went Therefore there will be but two tick- pleaded guilty and were fined. The tes °f tlx© game and were never head- back to the home farm in partnership ets on the ballots one under the name fines were paid. ed. Orsely was the individual star with his father. In addition to sue- “Citizens” and the emblem a cluster of the contest and high scorer with cessful work in growing different of grapes, the other under the name and the emblem “a horse- The services of nurses are almost a garner of 20 pointsi for the Heights kinds of fruit, he and his father have “ Fusion as difficult to procure as the prover- team, while Kole registered seven carried on a general farming bust- shoe, bial hen’s teeth. The prevailing epi- field goals. Boyle and Spirawk play- ness. Recently Mr. King purchased demic has drawn on the nurse’s re- ed and spendid passes and floor game some neglected apple orchards and has been successful in producing HONOR ROLL. The honor roll for the fourth per- are on the jump night and day. serve list until now it is next to im- for the elevated quintet. possible to get one. They are busy. The Elmira Heights team played large and profitable crops from the mjany with opportunities to take an excellent floor and pass game The The war caused the Kings to give' bas been announced as follows: 91% , three and four cases, and the doctors visitors put up a stubborn defense special attention to growing farm | iod of tbe year for Penn Yan Academy I ** 1 * —F. Ballard, M. Creary, D. DePew; 90%—G. Carroll, E. Winters; 89%— W. DeVaney, B. Purdy; 88%—Ed­ ward Pond, Josephine Anderson and Iva Conley; 87%—Edward Bingham and Adella Wortman; 86%—D. Jen­ sen, M. Botsford, Molly Mitchell, N. Tears, Ethel Wilson and H. Wort- man; 85%—Arthur Hunt, Polly Bing­ ham, Edith Larsen, Theda Long Mildred Windnagle. but were outclassed and lacked ac- crops such as wheat, hay, corn, oats curacy in the registration of field and beans. The average birth rate in 1922 for goals on the 1? w courj ’ hittinS tbe Another speaker who has been sez all the 57 counties of N e t York State ceiling manY times a9 d consequently cured for the institute is L. M. Hurd, ail tne i>( counties or i\ew lors orate blowing go0d attempts. The score of exclusive of the cities in them, was the contest foliows- 19.7; the average general death rate th,e contest toIlows* was 14 6; and the average infant mor­ tality rate was 73. Yates county had a birth rate of 20.1, with a death rate of 17.7, and an infant mortality rate of 45. Heights (52) P. Y. A. (9) Orsely 2 0 ................. Porter 2, Barden Right Field. Spirawk, Doyle, Strong 6 . .Culhane 4 Left Field. Mantanle 12, Bailey ............. Oarlock Center. Diamond, Doyle Deane 3 Right Guard. Kole 14 .................................... Tunney Left Guard. Refieree: Wittenstein, Elmira. ITALY YOUNG MAN KILLED BY CARS. Mrs. Ray Fox, aged 21 years, died at the home of her aunt in Watkins on Saturday morning last. The young wo­ man was formerly Miss Helen Beck­ with and lived in Penn Yan some years ago. She is survived by her .father, two* sisters, and one brother. Funeral services were held on Mon­ day in Watkins. „ „ . „ . ,. , „ , About 8:45 Tuesday night, Feb. 27, Seneca Fails is ‘ pro ectm for a p, d Dunt a about 20 years, new hospital but the plan is only at f yItal Hollow, Was killed at the the preliminary stages. Measures are Parish crossing ot the Middlesex Vai- being taken to find out whether the , His skull was fractured sentiment of the community is in fa- y both legs were broken. vor of a personal solic tation cam- Th man had planned to go paign or to have the matter submit- N f t% a party. *He had been ted to a vote of the village or town- t theP Standish farm. Parish Cross- ship authorizing a bond Issue cover- i8 a fl statl and in trying ing the purchase price. to flag the train he got too close to the track and was struck by the lo- Mrs. Susie Smith S. Persons, while comotive. His body was thrown into visiting in Elmira on March 1st, slip- the ditch some, distance away, ped and fell on Water street, in that FINGER LAKES T A X 7-Passenger Paige FRAN K COVERT Phone 546-R, Olympian. THURSDAY Viola Dana In “THE FIVE DOLLAR BABY” Adapted from Irvin S. Cobb’s Saturday Evening Post story about a baby somebody pawned . for five dollars, and didn’t come back until eighteen years had passed. It you want to see the have the laugh of your life— best comedy of the year and see the “Five Dollar Baby.” Admission; 10-17c. Kinograms FRIDAY \ Harry Carey in \GOOD MEN AND TRUE” No Sheiks or tawdry sex stuff, no heavy preachments or queer philsophy but fine whole­ some, straight - forward ro­ mance — big, clean drama — quick shooting action and sizzl­ ing adventure in this great su­ per-western. Admission, 10-17c. AROUND THE WORLD IN 18 DAYS SATURDAY Hoot Gib son In \THE GENTLEMAN FROM AMERICA” Here we have a corking mix­ ture of comedy drama and farce, plus action that almost takes your breath. Everyone likes “Hoot” but you'll admire him a lot nore after you have seen “The Gentleman from Am­ erica.” It’ll give you a laugh that will knock the “ flu” clean out of your system. Admission: Matinee, 10-17c; Evening, 17- 22c; Children under twelve, 10c. Century Comedy Special Five-Piece Orchestra MONDAY AND TUESDAY Barbara Castleton and Rod La Roque In “WHAT’S WRONG WITH THE WOMEN” Daniel Carson Goodman, the author, has drawn his story on a huge canvass of cyclonic emo­ tions. His characters are real flesh and blood men and women, most of whom move in the swift set of the world’s fastest and most furious metropolis. The story deals not merely with individuals but takes a great world problem and treats it in a big and inspiring manner. It is in no way an attack on wo­ manhood. It is in no way a ser- jnon. But in the very magnitude *of its treatment it drives home a lesson the whole world will be better for having seen. Cast includes Wilton Lackaye, Hunt- ley Gordon, Montague Love, Julia Swayne Gordon, Constance Bennett and Mrs. DeWolf Hop­ per. Admission: Matinee, 22c; Evening, 17-28c. Children under twelve, 10c. F O R C o n s o le THE LATEST STYLES. $75 $175 $295 $135.00 $225.00 $325.00 Bush’s Music House Player Pianos. Phonographs. Sewing Machines. THE METROPOLITAN INC. H. P. KING The engineer of the train saw him, city, sustaining torn ligaments and but too late to give warning, it is who is, first of all, a practical chicken a fr actured bone in her right ankle. said. The conductor went to the man- He owns a poultry farm at Wil- Mrs. Persons was on her way to the Standish farm immediately where he braham, Mass., which he personally station, coming to Penn Yan. Mrs. notified them of the accident. ' ’ ' ’ ‘ Dr. Chaffee, coroner of Middlesex, Persons will notify her local patrons seon as she is able to open her | was called and after the arrival of beauty parlor. operates during his vacation. Knows the Farm. Mr. Hurd w5S born in Morris,* Conn., Police Commissioner Enright, of _ New York, said in a recent interview: “Prohibition is bound to fail. You was a 8on see, it is easy to evade the prohibi- charjes Dun ton, who survive. 4 « mmmsm 9 t Y T — . L •• . 1 . 1 a J a *. J —. ^ 1 . U \ - the young man’s parents, the body an(I bis early lif4 was spent on a wag removed to the undertaking farm. In 1907-08 and in 1908-09, he rooms of Fisher & Johncox, Rush- RUTH A. WILLIAMS S h a r p & C o. of Mr and Mrs. tion laws.” He chuckled and went on A little foreigner over on the East also leaves a brother, Howard. took the winter courses in poultry at Cornell University. Since 1909 he has been one of the He I most successful workers on the ex­ tension staff of th e poultry depart- The young man had been living ment of the state college. otherwise make things lively for his Sid© made a lot of money by putting $n p enn Yan the past winter, work- Another of the instructors will be £ — - - - ■ 1 W L J k A J a L — t e . a - - - M l . J k 1 . 1 - 1 . _ » l • 1 1 _ • » . I “ • — ■ ■ ■ M * . « . family. Neighbors ^heard the rumpus|out a harmless beer substitute which| jng at the Geer garage, and living at) W. T. Grams, whose specialty is ~ 1*~ ” - **’ j,-f _ _\ ’ sheep. is illegal to I * ’ f Is Real Shepherd, and was in hiding. Later he returned open this bottle and insert three \ Mr Grams was graduated from the in a more peaceful state of mind, raisins, as same would make con- and the affair was settled up satisfac- tents intoxicating.’ \ and sent for the officer but before he plastered all over with this warn- home of Ivir. °and°Mrs. Bert Reed his arrival, the man had skipped out ing label: Warning! It is illegal to ^ ANNOUNCES SPRING OPENING * * Spring Goods are Arriving Every Day. THE NEW TXVEED SILKS promise to be very stylish this season. IMPORTED RATINES in good assortment of colors. LINENS, 36 in., shrunk from 45 in. Pink, Copen, White Toast, Natural. ANCHOR BRAND MIDDIES and DRESSES. They fit, they wear. No better made. A few Winter Coats left at prices that are veiy'low. Everything points to higher prices for Domestics. We are stil keeping the prices down. It would be good policy to look over your wants and replenish now. NEW DRESSES, a wonder at $17.00. NEW KNICKERS. RUGS, Shades, Curtain Materials. GAZE MARVELS, a Tissue Gingham that is strictly high grade, 60c. yard. % Greenwich Suiting, guaranteed fast colors in every way, 36 in­ ches, 45 cents. *11$ PAISLEY KERCHIEFS for collars and hip drapes, very latest. * * torily. DEATHS. _ T , The Penn Yan Rotary Club was Kenneth Lynn. 16 years old. was ar-| awarded a handsome silver lovlng oup Mrs. George Eastman. University of Wisconsin in 1918, where he specialized in sheep. When the war came he enlisted. After he was released from military service in i?QettYit.n i.p-o/1 «7 vpnr<a 1919, he returned to Wisconsin as as- ^ e n Uer t ^ ^ e as the prize tor having the highest was found dead in bed at her home on distant to Professor Kleinheinz, who Chief Wren, ®h^ged with petit lar- percentage of attendance at the 28th the Hanford place on Tuesday morn- has charge of the university flocks, ceny He was arraigned In juvenile district Convention field in Montreal ing. Surviving are her husband, one Here Mr. Grams lived as a real shep- court and discharged, as the charge jagt weejc Twenty-one Rotarians left nephew, Dr. Peter Hanford, of Color- herd with his sheep. Before ?0t b* Proven. It was alleged on a spectai car on Thursday evening, a<j0 and a nieec, Mrs. George Lapham, graduated from the university, that he took a fountain pen returning on Monday morning. The of Auburn ......... . ................ ^he ^ and pencils from the desks in Liberty prize for attendance was based on the street school. Lynn claJmied that he highest percentage of attendance for found the articles in the gymnasium the number 0f miles traveled. Penn Yan scored 183 points with Oneonta, N. Y. coming in second with 160. The party of Rotarians report a fine time Thurs. and Fri. Mar. 8th and 9th WRIGHT’S LIQUID SMOKE A liquid smoke made by distilling wood, for smok­ ing all kinds of meat. It imparts to meat the same flavor that is ob- taiued when meat is smoked over a fire in the old way. Every bottle guaranteed to give satisfaction or money refunded. The Metropolitan of Penn Yan, Inc, ARCHIE THAYER U N D E R T A K E R 201 JACOB STREET, PENN YAN, N. Y. Lady Lmbalmer Public Funeral Parlors Ambulance Service Day or Night Without Charge, PHONE, 412 t#t MARRIED. but was waiting for the owner claim them. « - * — —♦ A Hornell corespondent says: “ Big I a” d 'are\ loud\\m\7hei7pra!se~o£~ Mo“n - interests, backed by strong political | treal pull, are working toward the seem*’ ing of an appropiflatlon of over a on Wednesday evening million dollars to build a state road Johnson-Costello Post was held a sud Mr. Charles Wager, of Webster, along the east side of Keuka Lake, Father and Son Smoker 150 were They were unattended. The bride and Hammondsport to Penn Yan. pres nt. An amateur boxing progra he was he had experience on t ranges of Colorado and Wyoming. Another speaker on the program in this county is Herbert P. King, whose specialty is horticulture and farm crops. Mr. King is living on part ot# FEATURING Regina Hats Wagar-Bassage. Married, in Penn Yan, Wednesday noon, February 28, 1923, at the Bap* tie parsonage, by Rev. W. H. Wheat- at the I leY» Mrs. Ada Bassage, of Penn Yan, PROUTY & RiPilEE Prescription Druggists Penn Yan, N. Y. of flJmiliar| ba(j been arranged and was the draw-1 their home in Wjebster. While there arte scores bills ready for introduction in the! f pg~ o f the” evening’.’ Throe bo\uts state legislature, his© behind the] were presented. The first one was be­ tween James Carroll and Bain Trench- groom left Wednesday afternoon for Real Estate Transfers. (Keuka Lake projeet, which, by the V I ard, two school youths—both well up I Yates county transfers for week on sparring tactics, put on the bout ending March 3, 1923: of the evening. The decision as given John E. Sheridan, ref., to Geo. L. are hopeful of getting the appropria tion.” A supreme court action has been out tor publication, was a draw Jack Connolly.premises in Starkey-$2405. tnsituted by Mrs. Levina Gardner, of Corning, as guardian for her sen,. . . . .. . . . . Willard G. Gardner. Jr., aged lfi ^ l e r brothers members of the Legion. years, against the New York Central I Clad in overalls and felt boot their Garlock was referee. The second ex- U. S. Gast and wife to W. B. Town- hibition was put on by the two Lam- send, premises in Jerusalem, etc.— * 1 . G. Barney Walton and wife to Clar- RanroadbTo\cover $8^000‘ dk^geT*as botut wa? £ar t-he bS ? , Iaueh-Pi’0-1 ence Seeley, premises in Barrington the result of an alleged Injury receiv- voker of the even i ng. This also was ed bv the bov on the Dundee station considered a draw. The third event pfatform (October 4 1922 The lad wa® maij> on* r a 6-round boxing win B Gelder and wife, premises in was hit bv a mail truck which had exhibition of good boxing, by Mer- Jerusalem—$1. was mt oy a mail trucK, which had re„ e Griffith and Sailor Meddison, T • $ 1 . Merrill R. Brown and wife to Ed- been left standing too close to the track and which was struck by a pas­ senger train. He w|as brought to the -Corning Hospital and confined there for several weeks. It is alleged that the boy received permanent in­ juries to his spine.—Elmira Star-Gaz­ ette. This has been the most snow-boun- ed winter we have had in many years. The rural sections for over a month have bteen isolated and the Edith Latham to Albert G. Ingalls, both local boys. It was both exciting premises in Starkey*—$1. and interesting. Refreshments follow­ ed the entertainment. The Legion now has a membership of 96, and is now rated sixth in the state. Tureen Dinner of W. C. T. U. Marsden Henderson to Clarence S. Voak and wife, premises in Benton— *1. Dennis L. Lyons and wife to Wm. Habberfleld, premises in Jerusalem— $ 1 . Arthur Jessup et al. to Francis E. Queenan, premises in Milo—$1. Merton Owen et al. to Nels C. Nel- The regular meeting, annual tureen dinner, and paying of dues of the W. I son nremtsea in Mllo^Sl. C. T. U. will be held Friday, March 16 ' at the home of the Misses Turner, . * , .. „ n i . Many substitutes for coa l have merchants of the village have felt a Head street. Members are also urged been, used this winter; but “BURN- depression along business lines, a to attend the County Institute at Dun- ING SANDS,” the Paramount Special situation foreign to Penn Yan. How- dee, March 12. An executive meeting with Milton Sills, Wanda Hawley and ever, now that the month which of the Penn Yan Union is called tor I superior cast, is said to be ten times brings spring has arrived, the sltua- i:30 after the dinner. Sec. ! tion will readily readjust itself and already trade is beginning to brisk up. If a system could be perfected for keeping the country roads open for automoble travel during Meet Miss Scott! .suitor than \THE SHEIK.” At the Elmwood, Saturday and Monday, March 10-12. lw ------------------ * ----------------- A FEW LITTLE BILLS. Specials for Friday - Saturday Pink Salmon—fancy ...................................... 2 for .s 25c Bulk Oats ................................................... 6 lbs. for.. 25c P. and G. Soap ......................................... 10 Bars.. 55c Premier Salad Dressing......................... Lg. Bottles.. 30c Hollytime Salmon ................................... Reg. 25c .. 18c Pastry Flour ............................................ J bbl. sk... 90c Hickory Nuts ................................................... 3 lbs.. 25c Mustard ................................................... 15c. Jars .. 10c Standard Pack Corn ..................................................... 10c Soda Crackers.............................................................. 12c Oyster Crackers ................................................ 12c Liduid Veneer ......................................... 30c. Bottle.. 20c Fancy Toilet Soap ..................................... Per Bar.. 05c ( Made by Palmolive Soap Co.) R I C H A R R e q u e s t . Mr. JOHN MOSHER wonld like to have the public know he is doing TAXI work. Courteous treatment, Clean Car, and careful driving are guaranteed. Day calls can be phoned to this store, and night calls to 637-J. This Week will see Spring Merchandise Miss Grace Leigh Scott, of Indi- .. ______ ________ ____ _____ _ the ana, will be in Yates county for a few . . . , . snow months” business between all days, coming from Elmira on March | He^owned a handsome touring car, places could be carried on without 9. Miss Scott has been speaking and . . . Interruption. To quote an exchange singing in Syracuse, Rochester and H® ac™8 8Some broken gIaas - \ W e are not eight-months’ people. New York during the past month and I tilu We are ‘all-the-year-round’ folks, and has wide experience in social welfare , . . . - work in other cities. She has given | took some friends out for a ride— musicales and talks at Hull House A.. . A-*t*,*~ tYio. and “ The Commons” In Chicago, has I The carburetor threw a fit- o f ACberH. PS e r dT eL n s .- “ ptTuce done tor Juve^lelI BUI $80.85. dealers, had a narrow <*a icape^ on w° rk tor the y M>’ Ci a . in Europe I He started on a little tour, we want all-the-year-round roads. Wednesday last, when the truck, . worir i« the streets of Paris be-1 JustJust ioror a ntueittle tun.un. which he was driving went ovier the iftnf11Pa« tn cluba and factory He stopped too quick and stripped f a l t , . __ . ^ i sides lectures to clubs and factory embankment near Keuka^ I workers are among Miss Scott’s ac- Porter was delivering grain and at tempted to turn into a driveway near Herbert Blood’s. The icy condition of the^ road caused the truck to Blew, I Ma^cb n jn the Presbyterian church his gears- Bill $90.51. Handy Helper For the Housewife. Put a Hcosier in your home and then see how much better you1!! feel. There’s no use having that “ fagged out ” feeling every night, when this great household convenience is available on easy terms. A Hoosier will save you miles o f steps and hours of time each day. Prevents backaches and muscle- strains. Makes the work day shorter—and easier. Come in and get a demonstration of Hoosier’s helpfulness. of every description take its place in our stocks. tivittes. Miss Scott will address a commu-. a t ^ , . . nity service on Sunday evening, He took his wife downtown -to shop, To save carfare was great; precipitating the outfit down a 30-ft. d tha aU8PiCes of the W. C. T. U. He jammed into one lamp-post embankment. On the way down the g^e flbouid have a large hearing. ~ ' truck missed two trees, but at the bottom of the drop it crashed into the boat houstet of Herb Blood, tear Don't miss seeing Wallace Reid In in* down about one-half of it. After | ^ ^ \ V ' t h ^ ^ i m w L ^ u e s : the truck wjas tak e n out of the mess Don’t miss seeing Wallace Reid in his last picture, “ THIRTY DAYS” . To be shown at the Elmwood, Tues- The tru c k w a s driven on the tee as day, March 13th for the benefit ot far as Keuka College and fro pueiness Girls’ Club. Admissions 10c. to Penn Yan by highway Porter also suffered no 1U effects. The Canadian city of Winnipeg is their suffering from an epidemic of sleep­ ing sickness. • Bill $268. He spent about all that he had, And then in anguish cried: “ I’ll put a mortgage on the house And take just one more ride!” Don’t miss seeing Wallace -Reid in his last picture, \THIRTY DAYS”. To be shown at the Elmwood, Tues­ day, March 13th for the benefit of l Business Girls’ Club. Admissions 10c. i w t a j r I F U R N IT U R E , U N D ER T A K IN G j y s v z v ’ i v . r . “ Dependable Furuiture at Moeey Saving Prices.'' Come in and see the stylish new Hats, Coats, Suits, Dresses, Skirts, and Blouses. Also, view the new Ginghams, Ra­ tines, Eponge’s, Linens, and other new wash^ ~iaterials. Fine show mgs of Rugs, Linoleums, Congoleums, Curtain Materials, aud shades. THE LOWN DRY GOODS CO. PENN YAN, N. Y, i

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