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T Al I r m < . , , . 2i l ^ V : f : . i . : *■*-- ..=_•<- - 1 W^v‘-> n--= . . . <*. ; S’, '• i ■ sr- Bathing Shoes The New Styles The Kind that Look Nice at Low Prices. j| 3 Tt)t Penn $mt <8 xpxt 00. IFormer Ontario Woman, Noted Gard­ ener, Dies. PERSONAL. W E D N E S D A Y , JU L Y 12, 1922 Penn Yan, July 6.—Mrs. Rachael _ . _ __ Edwards, the oldest resident of Ober- f,°^n G‘ . ^ox 8 ®Pen^ n6 a ltn. Ohio tiAflqpfi a wav at hnmA week in New York City. of the manufacturers* No 244 Morean street on June^Trh' “ Ml88 Mary Bennett, of Washing- payroll on page 1, the Yates Lumber after a aho® 1Ilness * ghe w 98’ ton, D. C., ja spending the summer Co. should be in the place of Cramer years oId OI1 Februar*y 10th laat® aad with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. O. Bros. * In the list had enjoyed good health until she Bennett. < 4 i | White Sandals. 4 4 4 4 The new law regulating pool rooms i if.1* a w ° „ a week in Rochester. time she began to fail and took to , Mrs. Edw. Elsworth is spending will go into effect September 1 s t M,1lk is retailing in at Sc to 10c per quart. Canandaigua her bed about a week before her death. On Tuesday afternoon she went to sleep and did not awaken. Mrs. Cusick and children are visit­ ing her mother, Mrs. Kate Miles. Miss Eljzabelth Johnson la' jin Mrs. Ruscomb Habberfleld recently underwent a serious operation at the local hospital. I went to sleep and did not awaken. ciifton Snrines for a week L i n ^ ’*38 W?ahib0rnw n, Hen£ ? \ -M r s Agnes Wyant, who has Warm, in Monmoutshire, Wales, Feb-Lnon,nno. «,tth been White Flappers. White Oxfords n t t w n , r of Detroit, Midi., on flt Keduced Low iflCCS [ daughter, Marion Louise. „1inw, 1A 100. mu ^ .. . . ... spending some time with her sisters, iuary 10, 1824. The family had resid- the Mlsse3 Lynch, has returned to ed there for more than 500 years. Rochester She came from a long lived and stur- _ Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Tipton, of Liv- The Surrogate’s office will be clos- dy stock and her brothers and sisters jngston, Kentucky, are guests of Mrs. ed during the month of August, as all lived to old age. Maurice Harrison, the law permits. She was married In Wales to Thos. —Mr. Leman Conley spent Sunday —— ------- - Edwards and four of her seven cliil- and the first of the week in Rochester ► | Born to Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Grady, dren were born there. In 1860 Mr. Ed- and officiated at the wedding on Mon- > of Detroit, Mich., on July 8th, a 1 wards came to America and the fol- day forenoon of Mr. Leon Smith, son ‘ lowing year his wife and children of Mr. and Mrs. Newell Smith, of this came. They settled in Gorham, ten village. ! miles from Penn Yan. In 1873 they Yates County farmers are reported Chautauqua 1922. In response to many inquiries about Chautauqua the Executive Committee is pleased to announce that the dates are August 17th to 23d. One Remembrances In Rochester crat and Chronicle. Demo- (Taken from “ Over the Percolator”) I remember when mother wove our hundred \and* twenty-four ^signed g £ £ j U k “ f ! ^ ° Ut ° f long rye Btraw~ antors are interested this year and 1 remember when nearly all hotels a promise of a mor elaborate and in-, “ on the road” were $2 a dav. Amori- Seneca Lake Is Very High. Attention Ladles o f G. A# B, structive program is made by the as­ sociation. The local press will an- __ . . . . . $2 a day, Ameri-! the Geneva datum, which is at vari- can plan, which included room and ance with the datum used by the . . . The next regular meeting of Phil Not since 1908, according to the Sheridan Circle will be held at the Z T o t l e X K home of Mrs. Fred Butters, on Chapel level of Seneca lake risen to over street, on Wednesday afternoon, July 483.31 feet. This height is computed 19th. Tea will be served at close of from the plane of what is known as, meeting. Please note change of place of meeting. mleals, free ’bus to from the railroad nounce news items each week and station, and a special rate of $1.50 for tickets will be offered for sale at a °yer Sunday.”—W. S. F. seasonable time 1 remember when farmers did all The adult tickets are S3 00 each !i?e!r trading at one store and paid n n ? L » l i , S f 0 «1 nn 53,00 eachttheir bills every six months or once a and junior tickets $1.00. 1 year, and on such occasions the mer­ chant gave a new hat to the man and a calico dress to his wife and candy for each of the children.—D. M. S. I remember when bicycling was the Lake Kenko Medical and Surgical Association. State. In 1908 the lake rose to 438.32 feet. The highest level recorded at the engineering department office ap­ peared in the record for the year of 1903, when the lake rose to nearly 439 feet. Wjlth the exception of 1900, this year’s level is the nearest ap­ proach to that mark. The low water mark for .December 20, 1901, was The 23d annual meeting of the Lake paper printed: “The racing ’hump’ Keuka Medical and Surgical Assocla- has been adopted by the fresh crop tion was held at Keuka Hotel, Keuka, of cyclists this spring in a more ag- N. Y., July 6th and 7th. gravated form than ever before. All There was a very gopd atendance, want their handles low, and all want 124 physicians being registered, be- 1 ° look like Zimmermans, and in real- sides guests. ity they look like monkeys.’/—M. J. O. ,ge. • . 1 The meeting was up to the usual * **e™e™ber w^en our school days Mrs. Charles Corey and Miss standard and many interesting papers popular amusement and a local news- 434.6. Seneca lake began to rise early In Men’s Low Cat Shoes, $ 3 9 5 The Kind that Sell for $5 lieu AAvm 4. ▲VM. I * ** vuw; --- 1VA19. L11U11C3 VVi oy UUU owe*auui u mvoioauu© yuyvi o a«e rxrywnAaya Wft had tWO W6eks' Va- to be short of help, frequent rains' moved to Elyria, where they resided Henrietta Corey have been spending were read and discussed. The fol- catlon jn Jan’e and at the chffstmas putting them behind with their work, for some time, and then they moved a few days in Rochester. lowing officers were elected for the en- period, and no more. No public school to Cleveland. They lived there for —Miss Mary Cornwell, of Rochester, suing year: money was appropriated for school Superintendent W. E. DeMelt de- ten years and went to Oberlin fifteen is spending the summer with her aunt, President ..Dr. E. C. Foster, Penn Yan purposes and the teachers were paid livered an address before the Middle- years ago. Mrs. N. Winton Palmer, sex school Tuesday evening, June Mr. Edwards died in 1913 and since —Mr. and Mrs. Whipple Smith, of Vice-President, ................................. I by rate-bill, that is, a definite sum of ____ __ ___ _____ ___rr-- _____ , -- Dr. Allen W. Holmes, Glen Springs, money for each pupil, depending upon 27, in place of Horn C. J. Huson, who I that time Mrs. Edwards and her uu-1 Hamilton, N. Y., have been recent I Secretary and Treasurer ............. the age of the scholar. The teachers could not attend. married daughter, Sarah, had lived guests of Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Barden, together. During the war she gained at the Ark. barns | considerable prominence as a war| —Mr. Rexford Potter, of Norfolk, I Funeral Services For LnBrecque on 1 Fails* We w ill S a v e y o n M o n ey on any [ th in g in F o o tw e a r . Saturday afternoon, July 1, on the Dr. Lockwood farm near Stan- gardener and the National War Gar- Va., is visiting his mother, Mrs. Ed- iey, were struck by lightning and den Commission used her picture ex- son Potter. burned. The Doctor formerly lived in tensively in arousing the people to —T|he Misses Gertrude frmd Ella Penn Yan. raise their own fruits and vegetables Miller are spending At that time the Cleveland ........... Dr. J. A. Hatch, Penn Yan wer? p,»id, from to| 4 tor flJ e a° d one-half days and board around with the patrons.—W. R. H., Honeoye Tuesday. I remember several of the old-time ferries over river or lake of Central I. D. Aspinwali, who was, Dealer published a large picture of Mr. Earl. WAGENER BROTHERS B0RDWELLS INC. C o r n e r Main and Elm S is., PENN YAN, N. Y. i * ■* OIL OF CITR0NEILA for MOSQUITOES Pure Oil of Citronella, the good old standby, to chase the mosquitoes. Has a very pleasant odor and guards baby from mosquito bites. Don’t forget a small bottle of Oil of Cit­ ronella when you go on that vaca­ tion uip. Don’t let a single fly escape. Kill them all, for every fly carries filth and breeds disease. 45 years a Western Union telegraph operator in this village, and ohiciat- ed as messenger since his retirement from that office on a pension, was 82 years old on June 28, 1922. F. Clayton Green, of St. Louis, Mo., formerly of Vine Valley, N. Y., was in town last week. When residing at Vine Valley he represented his town in the Board of Supervisors for sever­ al terms. William A. Brown, of New York City, formerly of Penn Yan, was in town on Saturday last. Mr. Brown was foreman of the Express Office about 40 years ago. He is now the proprie­ tor of a job printing establishment at 155 Lafayette Street, New York City. Funeral services for Leon LaBrec- New York and Northern Pennsylvan- two weeks atlque, 24, who was found dead in bed, la. One was across Cayuga lake from Plain 10 wasco Lake, guests of their nephew, | his face buried in chloroform-satur- Union Springs to Canoga; another, ated handkerchiefs and his head cov- 2Yer. Seneca lake between Hector and her looking after her vegetables, I ^Frof. J. C. Benedict, of Elmira, is ered with bed clothing, Saturday af- R ^ e ^ b e tw e ln ^ when she was in her 94th year. spending his vacation at a lake cot- ternoon, will be held at 10:30 o’clock The first I recollect ran by^ horse- She is survived by five children: I fas®. I tomorrow morning at the home. No. j tread power, and the last by oblique James L. Edwards, of Prospect St.; —Mr. and Mrs. Ira Price went to 110 Summit avenue. Burial will be in force of the current being attached to WlMiam G. Edwards, of East College Batavia Tuesday to attend the funeral St. Agnes’ cemetery. LaBreque is |a cable extending from shore to shore the spring after the thaw until finally, augmented by the recent rains, the level began to approach the' high wa­ ter mark. The requirement level of the Barge Canal, computed from the stated datum, is 445 feet. At the pres­ ent time the level of the canal is 447.9, making the rise of the lake 2.9 feet Reports of flooded cottages at Kashong have been denied by resi­ dents of that place, although it is ad­ mitted that in some places the piers are nearly covered with water. Old residents along the lake shore say that high water is seldom accompan­ ied by high wind. The wind stor that churned up the lake several months ago, it is said, was an excep­ tion to the rule. With the lake at its present level, boat houses and cot­ tages along the shores would be en­ dangered if a heavy wind storm swept the lake from the south, neva Daily Times. President Harding has advised that the coal miners go to work at former wages, and until a commission, after a thorough investigation shall decide as to the conflicting claims of the operators and miners. Subscribe for the Express. Dance to the latest num b e r s by the m o st sn a p p iest Dance Or­ ch e s tras In the country on Colombia Records t First Prize Mayonnaise—Best ever. street, and Miss Sarah, all of O b e r- of their cousin, Robert Gabby. survived by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Like Washington, I have even “ cross- lin who cared for her mother here* I —Rev. S. G. Palmer, of Pawling, O. LaBrecque; three sisters and three ed the Delaware,” the ferry in this Morgan Edwards, of Chicago, and | N .Y„ has been spending the past two | brothers. — Syracuse Post-Standard, |case d° a^ty° p®d ^ caUicoon,’ „ ^ ... . . . , the old home town of Dr. Cook, the Young LaBrecque, with his parents, cxpiorer. _ p. j . r . Thomas Edwards, of Cleveland. One weeks at “Shenandoah”, his cottage | July 10. child died in infancy and a married on the Branch. On Monday, Mr. Pal- daughter, Mrs. Barrow, died here in | *iier left for Auburn, where be will be | ]jVed In this village some few years 1906.—Roch. Democrat and cle. Chroni- the guest of friends. ago. His father at the time was em- Do not forget the annual meeting ot the Soldiers and Sailors’ Memorial Board of Village Trustees. —Mr. and Mrs. H .Arthur Schubert pioyed at the Taylor Chemical plant are occupying “Shenandoah” for the | on tbe outlet, month of July. —Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Johnson and sons, Palmer and Sam, have been the Do You Like Children? Take “ Fresh Air.” ,« Auto Bus Destroyed When Garage Burns. A regular meeting of Lhe Village I guests of Mr. and Mrs. Schubert for Board of Trustees was held in its the past week. They returned to Buf- room Monday evening, July 10th, 1922. faj0 on Monday Permission was granted to Mrs. L. __Mr. and Mrs. Germain Hyatt were |“ ulu u° ^ r ln7 ; “ V l24th ^ l C^.e0.d- C2?S“;U£La ~ over-Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. nf&M ™ it Are you expecting to entertain one of these “little ones” for two weeks from August 2nd. Snyder & Rexford, who conduct an| so* R be necessary for you auto bus line between Penn Yan and to send in your invitation before July Job work of all kinds done at the Express Office. Right prices and de­ livered on time. Try us. Read the Express. S A f lP S O N sidewalk in front of her property at | Schubert, at “ Shenandoah”. 'Ralph Alderman and son, Craig, Hospital Association, which will be I No. 1 1 Collins Ave. held in the Trustees’ Rooms on Mon- Permission was granted to John I Qf Washington, D. C., have been in day, July 17th, 1922. Everyone who Hoban to build a 13x26 addition also penn Yan for several days. Mr. Al- is interested in the hospital should 1 12x15 porch on his house at corner derman was a former resident of this be present. | Lake and Monell streets. village. His son is a second-year cadet The Police report for the month of | west Point, of Mrs. I June was received, read and ordered John J. Sheridan, a son Mary Sheridan, of Jacob street, has | filed, commenced the practice of law in this A deed was received from Charles CHURCH MOHS. village. Mr. Sheridan was born in Penn T. Andrews and wife dedicating that Yan, received his primary and high strip of land, which lies between the school education here, and prepared I north end of Burns Terrace and for the bar at the School of Law, Cor- Court street, to the Village of Penn cause the Whitfield factory in Penn Yan is so busy it will take nearly two nell University. Yan to be used as a street. We have fly killers in Powder and Liquid Form Sticky and Poison Fly Paper Insect Poison (inns The members of Phil Sheridan Cir- | accepted and recorded, cle, Ladies of G. A. R., are invited to meet at the home of Mrs. David Deck­ er, on Bluff Point, on Thursday after­ noon, July 13th. Bring individual china and silver and something good M E T H O D IST EPISCOPAL Rev. W. S. Wright, Pastor ™ _ _______ ______ . . TIie Pasto^ will preach next Sun- months to get another one built, a . Moved and carried that the deed be „,m k j eTemng seven passenger touring car has been church, and will be in charge of the Pressed into temporary service Y. P. B. We are glad to give the this route young people this opportunity to dem­ onstrate the work they are doing. There should be a large attendance son recently when one of their new if you could know the benefit which $2700 Whitfield auto busses was burn- these children received even In two ed in a fire which destroyed a garage weeks of change from their deplorable in that village. This bus ran on a conditions of tenement life and hot route between Williamson and Man- streets, then we should have many in- chester, through Palmyra, and was vitations. driven by Harry Snyder, a younger Won’t you stop for two minutes brother of the proprietor. The auto while you are reading this—and ask had been on the road-only ten days yourself this question-^ and was insured for $2000, with Wm. Could I not do this for some little Fitzpatrick, of Penn Yan. child? This will prove a serious loss be- H you can not and prefer to give on Surrogate’s Court. Human Fly to Climb for the Finger Lakes Association. dinner. Jack Williams, the Human Fly, said G E T IT A T BORDWELL’S. _________ _____ _____________ _ =— . -Wm' Trimmingham has qualified as ou thls occaslon. for supper. Take an early car after executor in the estate of Jane Trim- — a church and Sunday school pic- mingham, late of the town of Jerusa- nic will be held at the Electric Park, lem. The estate is valued at $5500, on Wednesday afternoon of this week. The members of the Geneva Rotary and after the payment of expenses A special car will leave the trolley I to be the greatest climber in the Club were guests of the Penn Yan and giving $1000 and all household station at 3.20. Supper will be served j world, has tendered his services for Rotary Club on Tuesday. There was furniture to her brother. Wm. Trim- P™“ ptl£nd congre^ation^weU a baseball game on the Fair Grounds mingham, the estate is equally divid- the^^members o?^^hetsSn<Sy school at 3 o’clock, between teams represent- ed among William, Mark, and John are cordially invited. Let us^ make it ing the two clubs, with luncheon at Trimmingham and a sister, Hannah a glad get-together occasion. It will Alley’s Inn, at 6.30. Gelder. help to make a better acquaintance, Cornelia Beaumont received letters and promote good fellowship among Mr. and Mrs. Fred Rechsteiner, of with the W*R annexed in the estate of us. . _ Geneva, N. Y., announce the marriage 'Charles C. Hicks. This estate has Religion is fully as important in of their daughter, Miss Adina Char- been partly administered, but the zl™slacken ^bedevil lotteoue Rechsteiner,tecnsteiner, too Mr.. Maynardaynaru M.. administrator died. ^ ^ neverever takesakes a week to the Finger Lakes Associa­ tion, offering to climb the highest buildings • in Auburn, Ithaca, Penn Yan, Geneva, Seneca Falls and Can­ andaigua, as an advertisement of the Finger Lakes movement He is accompanied by an eight- piece band and the expenses of the | Crop Cultivation project are met through a collection money to help, you may send your in­ vitation or gifts to any one of the fol­ lowing members of the Boy’s Work Committee of the Penn Yan Rotary Club. Walter B. Tower, Chairman Charles H. Whitfield John C. Fox Clarence Campbell Arthur Mitchell. The following sums have been re­ ceived to date: Previously acknowledged .............. $40 Miss Elizabeth F o x ........................ 5 John A. Underwood ........................ 5 H. C. Underwood ........... . ......... . • 10 H. K. Armstrong ............................ 10 Wm. McLauglin .............................. 2 WEDNESDAY American Legion Benefit ‘ irLASJriKS OF ACTION” Thid picture is 5000 teet of Uie best and most thrilling snots taken in the millions ut leet ot the United States War Departments olficial war films. You will see the men in training camp, on board ships, training in France, in the trenches, over the top. Y ou win see men wounded, others killed, artillery tiring, a gas attacK, a balloon come down in flames aud many oth­ er great sights you will nev­ er witness unless you see this wonderful picture. Matinee, 25c; evening, 25 and 35c. THURSDAY Eugene O’Brien in “CHIVALROUS A rip-roaring comedy, with the hero getting into trouble every time he turns around. Selznick News Total . ............................................. $72 Delayed by Rains r i t mr m m ---------------- ----- „ n t a vacation and the taken amon£ the crowds of spectators- Sunshine and drying weather are Ungerer, also of Geneva, on Monday, Letters were issued to Cornelia church must be up and at it constant® Mr- Williams has offered a percent- badly needed for farm work, accord^ July 10, 1922, at that city. The groom Beaumont on the estate of her sister, ly> in and | ut Gf season. This applies a&e of each collection to budget of inS to the summary of ^ J h e r and is the manager of the local Market Eva Hicks, who died in Penn Yan, t0 the mid-week service as well as the association, without expense to crop conditions for the week ending Basket Grocery Mr and Mrs Unger- leavte£ an estate of $4500 personal the Sunday service. Where were you the organization or any liability for July 4, issued by the Ithaca ouice or er will reside in Penn Yarn * and realty estimated at $3500. Fran- last Thursday night? The pastor possible accidents. the W ith e r Bureau. ______ _ L __ ces S. Hicks, mother, and the admin- would like to see you this week, and The tentative schedule arranged Moderately warm weather prevail- Bqforq Justice Randolph -Monday istrator’ win share the estate. will be disappointed if you are ah- starts today at Auburn. He is sched- ed except on the last two days, which afternoon, was tried by jury, the case H+aury,?nnnM° r?a? re„ceJXed otters se^ he Sundav school ig maintain- uled to cllmb Tuesday, July 11, at were cooL Sunshine continued inade- of Ambrose Athawes against E. Wal- PP theT esta*e, of,.h*s m°Lher, ing * g0od average. Every tea^?r JfhacaI Friday, July 14, at Penn Yan; quate and rainfall was again heavy, ter Johnson, an action to recover for Mary Morgan, who died in Penn and scholar should make a special Saturday, July 15, at Geneva; Monday, further seriously delaying cultivation alleged damages resulting from an au- > au June 26th- He is the only lielr- | effort to be present every Sunday July 17, at Seneca Falls, and Tuesday, and haying; most crops, however, ex- this summer, unless out of town. Let July 18, at Canandaigua.— Finger cept com, made good growth. Low- u i n n , r n ius make a high average during the Lakes Topics. land crops continue to suffer injury MARRIED.- 'next two months. OXFORDS Patent Leather Brown Kid ' Black Kid Brown Calfskin White Rainskin White Canvas P r ices R a n g e iro m $2 to $7 tomobile collision on Millard street, Dundee, June 18, 1922. The jury ren­ dered a verdict for plaintiff for $63.80. John E. Sheridan, attorney for plain­ tiff; Asbury Harpending, attorney for defendant. The New York World Gates—Collison. In the reception from excessive moisture, some sec- BAPTIST Hats Off to Keuka Park and Pulteney tions being still under water. Rev. W. H. Wheatley, Pastor. for Real Civic Boosting Spirit. Com in general is only fair and x „„ , . —(Sunday services- as usual next -------- badly in need of cultivation. Pota- room at Keuka [Sunday. Morning worship at 10.30, the marriage .ora world announces c aiiege, Saturday afternoon, July 8, with preaching by the pastor. Sunday , Tae Pennant for C1V*C en“ at Southampton, L. I., Miss Laura Gast Collison, of Benton, school at 12 o’clock. The attendance *asm *n Central New York should The 1922 pennant for civic enthus-P?63 generally are very good, although go there are some reports that those T A/r . _ ~ uauxa. urasi vvm a vu, ui oouwi ot a * v vivva. h id atbcuuajicG ------- — - — — w iAiAviA«fAA t „AfHnir °n June 30th, of Miss Florence Ma- was united in marriage to Mi\ James is keeping up splendidly. Last Sun- to the little hamlets of Pulteney and late PIantea are rotung. gee Ellsworth, daughter of Mr. and h Gates, of Seneca, by Dr. H. C. Ly- day we had 285 in the school. Be on Keuka Park, according to officials of Oats are mostly in good condition. Airs* Duncan Stewart Ellsworth, of tyirti Wfiddin^ sunner was served at next Sunday, the Finger Lakes Association# Reports New York City, formerly of Penn Yan, ^ i m m e of Dr and m 7 s A H Nor- , -Arrangements will be made Sun- trom both communities show what is a del phi a. The^eremon^wa\’ ^rfo,™ - t0IL Miss Collison was librarian at -Ju n ior ^ B a t 4 o'clock. Miss a jemarkable record for local boost- ed in S t Andrew? chumh! b ? R?v. Geneva and* Mr- Gates Is recognized Johnson, leader. Senior Christian Bn- inf; Dr. Slattery, and was followed by a coimtv recepiton at Meadowbeach, the sum- y' iner home of the Ellsworth family. as a leading young farmer of Ontario I deavor meeting at 6.15. At this time Keuka Park has a population of 45 McADAMS SHOE CO., Inc. Secretary of State Lyons says that during the first six months of the present year 9,461 companies were in­ corporated with a capitalization amounting to not less than $343,899, 490. During the same period last year the incorporations numbered 8,55J. companies. During the past six months the number of companies in­ corporated in Yates county were sev­ en, with a capitalization of $389,500. One company was incorporated in June with a capitalization of $100,000. DEATHS. Seal Brand Coffee IS PERFECT COFEEE Because it contains every requisite Cornelius C. Cole, who is 100 years old, and was Senator from Cal­ ifornia right after the Civil War, vis­ ited Hobart College, at Geneva, July 9th. He is the oldest living former student. He visited the room he oc­ cupied eighty years ago, and talked with Dean Durfee about his class­ mates and teachers. The centenarian seemed unfatigued by his travels and spoke with great pleasure of meeting Uncle Joe Cannon in Wash­ ington. “He looked pretty old to me,” he said. the delegates to the State C. B. Con- souls, counting men, women and chil- vention at Binghamton will give their dren. It has just turned into the reports. I Finger Lakes Association 50 paid —The evening services are to be memberships from 50 individuals. To continued through July and August. do jt, Keuka Park took out a member- night the s e ^ f c ™ 6beFnfhe MeU? ” ™an' an / °then odist church and will be in charge 0n res^ in6 there and there and then the young people of the Y. P. B. In went out an<* got memberships from Pniiiri Focfmcn I addition to short talks and special in- five non-residents. So the town is 111 . 0 a strumental and vocal music there pfer cent, strong when it comes to Charles S. Eastman, who died about wiU be some novel and beautiful dem- Finger Laking ten years ago, passed away Monday onstrations which were used at the Pulteney has a population morning, at the C lifton Springs Sani- recent State Encampment. Mrs. Charles S. Eastman. Hay is very good, but little has been cut because of the unfavorable weath­ er conditions. Pastures are excellent. The planting of buckwheat is greatly delayed. Cherries are mostly picked. Apples continue to drop, and consid­ erable scab is reported. Berries are ripening and of good quality. Keuka College Approved Regents. by the Mary of 351, The authorities at Keuka College have been notified by Dr. Augustus Downing that Keuka College is now on the approved list for State scholar­ ships. Any young woman who earns tarium, after an illness of about one mi w . _ . | II has just turned in 100 paid member- a State scholarship and is otherwise week with pneumonia, aged 78 years, will meet on Wednesday afternoon of ? JJ ? * s t nf L 1 U 1 land receive $100 from the State, and, She is survived by a daughter, Mrs. this week at the home of Mr. and „Wh °L. rnmmnnhv in t h J in addition to this, the trustees have Claude T. Birkett, and one sister, Mrs. Mrs. Wm. Athawes. Mrs. B. P. John- whea evel£ community m the th ri ^ „rize of «25 to such son will have charge of the program. Finger Lakes Region shows a spirit I ® ° possessed of | Autos, wil^ ieavethe church _at_ J.M.| corresponding w iththat of Keuka' ^ T f c ^ s e of ™ h S f S t a r t t t S William Tracy, both of this village. Mrs. Eastman was many virtues of head and heart and = £ ^ c e \ ’^ - ^ ^ t i b , ^ , ™ k a S S had many warm friends. I __ — ___ — ...— * ___ - . Ilttno vuuuviy wm ue irresisuoie, hav?,anL eX-tL a ,spac„e„.ln ..I0.111:5 ar I President Leonard H. Searing stated S f . J ? ? ^ The funeral will be held from Mrs. 8t0p at the church for any who have , 0da v —PinTer Lakes' irlrott’o It r»m a nn lmnor TVTnln otroot Inn z>nn irnvro nnn \Quinn- /Halt no and oil. I'Otldy. it lUger LjS-KeS 1 OpiCS. Birkett’s home on upper Main street no conveyance. Bring dishes and sil- this (Wednesday) afternoon, the Rev. ver. expert strives lover coffee craves blend* The third annual reunion of the Lee family was held at the home of Wal­ ter G. Smith, about two and one-half miles from Penn Yan, just off the Benton state road, on July 4th. Benton state road, on July 4th. An enjoyable time was had by all. After a bountiful dinner was served, pic­ tures were taken of the family groups of which about 24 were pres­ ent. The reunibn will be held next year at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Stuart F. Kinde, at Canandaigua. President, Mrs. Stuart F. Kinde Secretary, Mrs. Walter G. Smith. Kelly Quality Grocer Rhone At the Eastern Star picnic on Fri­ day, July 14th, the grounds surround­ ing Mrs. Parish’s cottage near the Ark, will be open at 10 a. m. Start­ ing at 10 o’clock, Mr. Parish will make a trip to the cottage, every hour, starting from his garage on Elm street, providing a way of trans­ portation for all who have no cars. George Donaldson will have charge of the quoit tgames, and Mrs. Perry Mrs. Ludlow and Mrs. Kirkpatrick, of all other games, besides which there will be boating and bathing. At noon, there will be a basket lunch and bring lemons or coffee, which can be made at the cottage. Mrs. Campbell will have charge of the supper. Bring your own dishes and silver and some­ thing toward the supper, as you will not be solicited. Samuel Palmer officiating. Burial will be in Lake View cemetery. ■ i Mary Elizabeth Fuller. FRIDAY Hobart Bosworth in “BLIND HEARTS” Bosworth is a real man’s man, and hero of scores of gripping and virile out-of-door stories, but this thrilling tale of the Alaskan gold rush days is one that me ladies as well as the men will enjoy. “ WINNERS OF THE WEST” SATURDAY Zane Gray’s “GOLDEN DREAMS” Starring Carl Cantvoort, Claire Adams, and the same cast that appeared in “When Romance Rides,” which made such a “hit” on July 3-4. Zane Gray has never created more thrilling situations-clever, in­ genious, gripping. His stories are the most fascinating re- are the most fascinating ro­ mances ever screened. Monkey Comedy “SNOOK Y S TWIN TROU­ BLES” SPECIAL ORCHESTRA Matinee, 10-17c; evening, 17- 22c; children under twelve, 10c. MONDAY AND TUESD A Y “COME ON OVER A Rupert Hughes story, and he has achieved fame as a writer because he seeks out the simple, the human things as a foundation for his stories and he builds on this a clear- cut story of people like you and your neighbor. Remember “The Old Nest” and “Danger­ ous Curve Ahead” ? Those were Hughes’ stories, but this time it is something entirely different—the stofry of a young Irish couple—the boy leaving for America, with the promise to send for his sweet­ heart, but he didn’t, so she “Came Qn Over,” and what she found makes the most de­ lightful comedy of the sea­ son. Matinee, 22c; evening, 17 and 28c. Children under twelve, 10c. z A. IN. BERNTSON ultimate approval of the four years course, which will rate Keuka as a Grade A. College. Best work at a low price—send us —Prayer meeting of the church on l Were You in the World War? Thursday evening. I ___ . . ——'Ohoir rehearsal a t thA phnivh on I Here is your chance to see the Friday evenlnl World War from the front line your job printing. —The Philathea Class will hold trenches- Some of these scenes were I -------- - their annual picnic at Tyagaghton taken by soldiers who later lost their! Dr. G. R. Hammond, . . n 1 • * _ , i . I 1 v . . v * . |/ . V 4 . . V WV— A J I I l-VS 1 4 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - v - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -.-.wI - « . .vsist/ V l . v . a I 4S 4 • V . • . . . 4 J U I 4 . 4 4 4 V I I U f w i t O W U S Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Fuller, aged Cottage at Willow Grove Wednesday lives. “ Flashes of Action” at Samp- Principal of Starkey Seminary from 83 years, died at the residence of her afternoon, July 19. Husbands and son Theatre July 12, is guaranteed by 1886 to 1891 and again from 1896 to daughter, Mrs. Fred Beard, on Liber- friends are invited. Bring cups and the U. S. Army to be actual war 1898, died at Merom, Indiana, June 9, ty street, Monday. She is survived by silver. scenes , iq 22 aepd 74 vprm two daughters, Mrs. Beard, at whose —The W, W. House Party will be SCeneSl ! aged 74 yearS* home she died, and Mrs. Mary E. ^ie^dmat Keuka College August 14-21. Ball, wife of the late John Chlester m £un?' Ball or Newark N Y Praver service Assembly will be held at Coo Ban, or JNewarK, in . y . rrayer service Academy, Montour Falls August 7-14. was held at the home of Mrs, Beard, wm be necessary to secure reserva- on Tuesday, Rev. Wright officiating, tions for these meetings early. If Burial will be at Oberlin, Ohio, on you thinking of going, see the pastor Thursday. about reservations and expenses. __ _ # ST. MARK’S. Mrs. Margaret Jorgensen , R. C. Hatch, Rector Margaret Jorgensen, wife of Carl —Sunday, July 16—-Morning prayer Jorgensen, died at her home at Bluff ai,d sermon, at 10.30. No Sunday Point, on Tuesday. July 11, aged 25 chariL c /nthr^ Asslsfam Rector years. Funeral services will be held of A11 Saints” Church. Worcester, at her late residence Thursday after- Mass,, will preach at the morning noon at 2 o'clock and at St. Paul’s service. Lutheran church in Penn Yan at 3 o’clock. Burial in Lake View cepie CHRISTIAN SCIENCE, tery. Besides her husband, she leaves —Christian Scientists meet In the her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Severn Elmwood Theatre every Sunday at 1 1 * /\rAl/vAir Q ii M aa I • IIT ft MERCHANT TAILOR Cornwell Block Over Marvin’s Book Store / I c o l a n FURN! TURE , UNDER TA KING - R E W - 2 5 L Y . i V . Y. Petersen, of Bluff Point, and two bro 10 cloc^‘ Subject thers, Emil of Bluff Point, and Thor- wald, of Cazenovia. Life.1 Wants, For Sale, Etc The Yates County Children’s Com- | mittee has granted a leave of absence to their agent. Miss Beatrix Moore, so that she may take a trip to the $ I island of Crete. An unusual opportun- • I ity has been offered to Miss Moore by a friend who worked with her in Albania, where, immediately after the war, they were in charge of the organized recreation and relief of the children. After eight months in this work Miss Moore did refugee work in France, and up her return to this country, was connected with the Home Service section of Red Cross in Washington. During Miss Moore’s absence the agent will be Miss Lena Parrott, a trained and well qualified worker sent here by the State Chari­ ties Aid Association. Miss Parrott has already become acquainted with the work in Yates county and will be glad to see anyone who wishes to consult her at the office, 122 Main street. No T im e L i k e I The P r e s e n t and No Present Like the Time BUY YOUR WATCHES OF C. E. Shepard O P T O M E T R IS T Real Estate Transfers. Ford Car Come to Grief. About three o’clock Tuesday morn­ ing a Ford car came to grief on the Lake Road, near the Grant Travis farm. A man who gave his name as Joseph Doyle, and said his home was at the Osborne House, in Rochester, was cut on the right leg, so that Dr. Franklin Sampson, of Penn Yan, to whose office the men went after the accident, found It necessary to take ten stitches. There were four men in I C O T T A G E FOR SALE —West side of the car, which was a Ford, and they Lake Keuka, near Keuka College, said they were on their way from El-1 three rooms and porch. Price $900. C O T T A G E FOR SALE— On west side of Lake Keuka, one-half acre of land with good vineyard, two hun­ dred feet of lake front, extra well built cottage with ten rooms, par­ titions extending to celling, furnish­ ed better than the average cottage, running water in the kitchen. Own­ er leaving the estate, price very low. Y» alter B. Tower, phone 552, over 109 Main street, Penn Yan. over 109 Main street, Penn Yan. The Furniture, Rugs, and Phono­ grap h s e i & ell offer B ig g e s t Values az Rock Bottom Prices mira to Rochester when the accident occurred. Two of the men were from Elmira and two from Corning, butl HOUSE AND LOT-^ClInton street, 8 Wittier B. Tower, phone 662, over 109 Main street, Penn Yan. they would not give their names. The party resumed the trip to Rochester after being taken care of by the Penn Yan doctor. rooms, electric lights, bath, good location. Price $3500. Walter B. Tower, phone 552, over 109 Main street, Penn Yan. Stowe’s \Uncle Tom’s Cabin” Co. There never has been so lavish and adequate a production of “Uncle Tom’s Cabin,” as that which Jno. F. Stowe will offer amusement lovers at Penn Yan, Monday evening, July 17, HOUSE AND LO T — At Dresden, ten rooms, electric lights, furnace, bath, oak floors, garage, a beautiful home, furnished. Would sell for $12,000 In Penn Yan. Price very low. Walter B. Tower, phone 552, over 109 Main street, Penn an. The scenes, which are large enough {FARM FOR SALE— ^167 acres in Je- Byron G. Whitbeck to Gordon H. Simpson, premises in Milo—$1. Edwin Wl Smith and wife to Lewis W. Fenton and .wife, premises in Je­ rusalem—$1. „ , John D. Buckley to Glenn G, Gibbs and wife, premises in Milo—$1. Charles Houck and wife to Jan­ ette Dancinburgh, premises in Starkey —$1 H. R. Habberfleld to Anna J. Mey­ ers, premises in Benton—$760. • miara Leila D. Cramer to Fred G. Dine- ?HIar8’ hart, premises in Middlesex—$L to fill the most spacious stage, could not be easily improved. Those repre­ senting the Ohio river In winter, the rocky pass in which George Harris protects his family, the S t Claire plantation, the levee at New Orleans, the cotton fields in full bloom, and the “Celestial City” are all most no­ table effects. Each, pictures the reality as closely as paint and canvas will permit and the stage prospecting is so big that the effect is exceptionally pleasing. The company Is also worthy of the environment. One grand night performance only on the Champlin Avenue grounds. rusalem, 1 1-2 miles to State road, three miles to market, rich produc­ tive soil, well-watered, well-drained, ten acres of prime concord vine­ yard, 2 acres of apples, all small fruits for family use. Good 8-room house, gambrel roof, basement barn, two good sheds, garage. All stock and tools and crops. There are $6000 worth of crops now on the farm. Possession given immediate­ ly. I have several fine opportunities right now. Walter B. Tower, phone 662, over 109 Main street, Penn Yan W e invite a most careful, unbiased and critical comparison of our goods and prices with those of any other store in the country. W e pin our faith to honest goods, rock bottom prices and straight-forward methods, aud mean to treat all customers in such a manner that they will come again, and often. 4 Our stock consists of the Best Values that great buying power and long experience can command — Furniture aud Rugs from the best factories and mills in the country, and the Three Best Phonographs Made — Victrolas, Sonoras, and Brunswicks. W e carry a very large assortment of Victor and Bruns­ wick records, and will be pleased to play any selections you choose at any time. A visit to our store, a better acquaintance with its large assortment of up-to-date goods, the low, plain figures marked on each article and our unequaled facilities for serving you, will convince you that it is to your advantage to trade here. HELP W A N T E D — -Basket machine op­ erators. Steady work, good wages. When the law succeeds in making I Yates Lumber Company, the bootlegging business bootless, It won’t have a leg to stand on.—Phila-1 W A N T E D — A woman for general delphla Evening Public Ledger. If it’s Letter Heads, Envelopes, Cir- Statements, or anything in job printing—see ue. 1 housework, at the lake, during July and August Must be a good cook. No washing or Ironing. Wlages, $10 per week. Mrs. Calvin Russell, phones, 286-M, or 19-F-4. “ The Furniture Store that Saves You Honey X ALWAYS A FULL STOCK ON HAND and n e w o n e s com ing in e v e r y w e e k . We already have the AUGUST RELEASE ON SALE NOW. Colombia Records play any make of talking machine. You will find them clearer, less liable to break than other needle records. Call in and hear the latest—Columbia “ Velvet Tone\ Records and get a large Record Catalogue. Cam p ing and Sum m e r M odels in G ralonolas £ < £ § Q Q g p Easy T e r m s if D e s ired . Bush’s Music House u Everything Known in M usic/’ Sewing Machines. Auto Tires and Tubes* THE METROPOLITAN INC. 42 piece Dinner or Tea Sets of Semi Porcelain, Blue and Gold Decoration: 6 Dinner Plates, 6 Pie Plates, 6 Bread and Butter Plates, 6 Fruit Dishes, 6 Cups and Sau­ cers, Baker, Platter, Bowl, Creamer, and Sugar, $6,50 Wool and Fiber Rugs at 25 per cent, less than this season’s prices. Bathing Suits, Bathing Caps, Bathing Shoes. Linene in Rose, Tangarine, Blue, Brown, etc. Linen finish, basket weave, no,w reduced from 45 to 35c. Sweaters Silk Sweaters, Fibre Sweaters, Mohair Sweaters, W ool Sweaters. The Metropolitan SPECIALS For Friday and Saturday If I were selling five dollar gold pieces at one dollar each, yoy would either think I was crazy or look for a catch somewhere. That is just what I am doing this week on a smaller scale. If you think I am crazy all right, but just take advantage of my lapse of mind. . _ _ ^ J VI Army Bacon ...................................................................12 lbs ........ $1.00 Toilet Paper .................................................................8 rolls............25 Mop Sticks ........................................................................each ........... 14 Soda Crackers ............................................................... Per lb ............ 11 Catsup ........................................................................3 bottles .......... 25 Holly time Salmon ....................................................1 lb. can .......... 23 Bulk Oats .................................................................7 lbs. for ........... 25 Best Blue Rose R ic e .................................................... 4 lbs ............ 25 Pastry Flour ................................. . .................. 1-S bbl. sack ............. 77 Libby’s Plain Olives ......................................................3 for............25 Corn Flakes, Kellogg’s and Post Toasties ....................................OS Sunbrite Cleanser ....................................................... 4 cans ........... 25 Choice Tea Siftings ........................................................1 lb ............. IS Bulk Cocoa .......................................................................3 lbs ............ 25 Bulk Macaroni ............................................................... 3 lbs ............ 25 Van Camps’ Spaghetti (cooked) ..................................................... 10 Look this list over. If there is something you uwant that I hap­ pened to overlook, ask at the store, we might have a good price on that article also. RICHAR TELEPHONE FREE DELIVERY • • + # ♦ • + # * • « • * • * • * • * • * # * # * # * * # * # * • * • * # * # * • * • * • * • * • * # * # ❖ ❖ KELLASTO N E ❖ ! T h e Original Magnasite Stucco I ❖ vn - * «rr\T i-i , ♦ , -i t> V ❖ $ e ❖ i ❖ e ❖ e ❖ ❖ DON’T GAMBLE on uncertain building materials. Know the truth about the material you choose for that “ home-to-be” before you start to build. Don’t gamble now and repent later—the old story of “ I didn’t know.” Build for a lifetime of guaranteed security with KELLASTONE, Imperishable Stucco. Sold only by— R E M S E N M . K IN N E 109 BENHAM ST. 'PHONE 148 OUR JULY Clearance Sale will begin Saturday and continue Weeks Really Wonderful Values L0WN DRY GOODS

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