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( * t 1 4 > . 55 < * * 4 - — • i . . . . • ®t)e IPenn $ a n titxprcee. WEDNESDAY, OCT. 29, 1902. E lection , next Tuesday. F ootball tragedies are becoming on­ erous again. Now is the time to join the Y, on the blue side. C.A. * Scotch As co?d weather approaches real estate transfers become more numerous. Is a favorite game with boys—a favorite game with shoemakers, too. The only shoes that will stand such wear and tear are I I I • A M • || vuc JCIAUVO gau g U1 VUUaWd) IChCI iVIduG Ifl U lir F a c t o r y H o r c ly committed suicide at St. Paul, Minn. At home, and you well know if you bought a pair and they were no good that we would make it right, for that is the only way we do business. We don’t want your cash unless we give your money’s worth, and hundreds o f customers tell us that our children's shoes wear longer than two pairs bought in other stores, but that is easy to guess because we make them of leather and make them for ser­ vice. It won't cost you much to try one pair and see for yourself. Price is from 65 c. up. The contest is still raging. The ques­ tion Is for you to settle. Decide to join the blue. * M e s s r s . Charles Butler and Richard McBllfgott, of this village, have started a barber shop in the store on Jacob street recently occupied by Joseph Mark ey as a cigar factory. T he record of the local weather bureau for election day last fall, Nov. 5th, Is as follows: Highest temperature, 36°; low­ est, 320. Barometer high and rising. No rain or snow fell, and the day was cloudy, R ochester is receiving a supply o f I with a northwest wind. coal which ia retailing at ?6.So per ton. Y f s t k r d a y , at Buffalo, at the home o f James Younger, a former member of the bride, occurred the marriage of Dr. the Jesse James gang o f outlaws, recent- James Hermans, of Naples, and Miss Alma Besser, the father of the groom, Rev. W. H. S. Hermans, formerly of this village, performing the ceremony. W i l l i a m A. C a r s o n , supervisor from. Potter, has been appointed receiver of the crops on the land which is covered by the foreclosure action in course of deter­ mination between D. H Mai field and the Bassett estate. The property is lo- cated near Gorham. R ev . W. H. Giles, pastor of the M. B. Church, is planning for a series o f evan­ gelistic meetings, to begin about Novem­ ber 9th. C ounty Treasurer James M. Lown has fixed the collateral inheritance tax on the estate of the late John Mangan, of this village at the sum of $322 35. Do not forget the Republican mass meeting at the Yates Lyceum on the af­ ternoon o f October 31st, to be addressed by Senator Depew and Judge W. P. Ken­ worthy, of Iowa. S c o r e s as follows, out o f a possible 105, were made by the contestants at the weekly shoot o f the R5fle Club on Wed­ nesday morning: Charles Coats, 92; Dar­ win P. Spear, 92; Walter L . Burd, 88; Dr. T he regular monthly meeting of th e lj. F. Underwood, 87; Christie B. Briggs, Sure of pure foods when you buy of us. W e dis­ play a large variety of P r o p e r ly S e lected G r o c e r ies, table necessities and lux­ uries, A t th e M o s t C o n v in c in g P r ices. Quality is linked with quan­ tity, and the price is the great impressionist. A. Mac K A Y & CO . Woman’s Auxiliary of the Y. M. C, A. will be held in the Association rooms, Thursday, Oct. 30, at 4 p. m. All mem­ bers are urged to be present. T he Wagener Street Reading Circle have elected the f llowing officers for the ensuing year: President, Mrs. Dr. Ben­ jamin Havens ; secretary, Mrs. Dr, Haw­ ley; critic, Miss Hattie Corey. A rrangem ents have been made with the trolley line so that cars will run from the College to Branchport and Penn Yan after the Eiwln R. Weeks company en­ tertainment, Oct. 31. Admission, 25c. B erlin H. W righ t recently completed the astronomical data for an almanac to be published by the New York A m e r ica n , His father, Dr. Samuel H. Wright, used to do a great deal of that kind o f work. S everal of the women’s reading cir­ cles of this village have deferred action in starting up their fall and winter courses until coal shall be more plentiful, thus enabling the residences to oe comfortably heated. 86; Charles J. Moore, 86; David Miller, 81. A n y Republican entitled to vote in Yates County may get a railroad ticket to his voting place and return for one-half fare by presenting to any ticket agent in New York State a certificate to that ef­ fect, signed by William S. Cornwell, chairman Republican county committee, Peon Yan, N. Y. W hile picking apples on Monday of last week, Will Reed, of Bellona, fell over twenty feet from a ladder, striking his side on a bag of apples. The liga­ ments of some of his ribs were torn apart, but, aside from soreness and a gen­ eral shaking up, he feels none the worse for the fall. I t is reported that Warren Amidon, of Crosby, m e night recently had six rows of grapes stripped of their fruit by thieves. It is also said that Isaac Crosby lost several bushels of peaches in a sim­ ilar way. R a y B a l l a r d , a son of Mr. and Mis. M. L. Ballaid, died at the family resi­ dence on Stark avenue in this village, October 22, 1902. Besides his parents the deceased is survived by four sisters— Lena, Jennie, Azora, and Edna—ard two brothers—Howard and Frank. A n d r e w L o n g w b l l , of Second Milo, took a half teaspoonful of fluid extract of veratrum vinde on Wednesday last, having mistaken it for syrup of chloride of iron. Realizing his mistake he came to Penn Yan, and Dr. J. L. Van Bender adminis­ tered the necessary antidotes. H on . William H. Adams, presiding justice of the Appellate Court of this de­ partment, returned on Monday, October 2d, from his European trip, after an ab­ sence o f several months. He spent some time at the German watering places, and was greatly benefitted by the treatment. N o t i c e of pendency has been filed in Yates County Clerk's office in this village in an action entitled Maurice B. Andrews against Mary Farrell et al. The property in question is situated in this village. The action is to foreclose on two mortgages, one bearing date of April 6, 1898, and the other June 6, 1895. A pparently Yates county is to have quite a southern colony this winter. Prof. Berlin H. Wright has left for his winter home, and before snow flies Mrs. Homer Martinet and Mrs. Timothy Costello of Benton, and William Buxton and William Coon o f Milo, intend to start. These are in addition to those from this section who usually winter there. A ny registered voter is entitled to ab­ sent himself from his place o f employ­ ment for two hours during the time the polls ate open, and no deduction can be made from his salary. However, the law provides that on the previous day the employer must be notified of the desire and mnst designate the time for him to go. Undoubtedly the law is unconstitu­ tional, bnt it is not likely that it will ever be tested in the courts. A pple shippers in this section are com­ plaining that prices are being gieatly re­ duced by a practice of some evaporator T h e r e ATI* S w p II G a r m p n t * l owner8of picking over the piles o f drop nieie are oweii uarmenisifraitwhlchig sold lhem and placingln barrels that fiuit which is of the fairest appearance, this fruit afterward being placed on the market in competition with choice hand-picked apples. It is said that a considerable number o f barrels of this inferior stuff has been sent out in the past two weeks. X ovx Caxx & v o m v e s \ L . v . ^ V\^ \ \ \ * ax\A T he Loan Commissioners o f the U. S. deposit fund o f this county are likely to have two or three pieces of property in the town of Italy on their hands, because of default in the payment o f interest by the mortgagors, due to the great damage to their property by the floods a few months ago. T he First Assistant Postmaster General has issued a circular letter to postmasters of the rural free delivery post-offices, in­ structing them that postmasters and rural free delivery carriers are not permitted to condemn the letter boxes used by pat­ rons. That duty rests with the route in­ spectors and special agents. A n o t i c e of pendency in County Court of a foreclosure action entitled Maurice B. Andrews against Mary Parrel and oth­ ers has been filed with the county clerk. Two mortgages are involved, the first having been given June 6, 1895, and the second April 1, 1898. Both are on a house and lot located on Jacob street in this village. T he rush o f drop apples, caused by the heavy wind of the latter part o f last week, has made it necessary for the evaporators at Branchport and Middlesex to add another kiln to those they already had in operation. These plants now handle nearly 1,000 bushels of fruit per week, and have pay rolls aggregating about $100. All the evaporators in the county are running full time, and are handling a great deal of fruit. R o b e r t G r i f f i n , of Wayne, was ar­ rested in Penn Yan on Thursday for dis­ orderly conduct, in driving bis horses on Main street in a reckless manner while intoxicated. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced by Police Justice Baker to spend eight days In the county jail. There has been not a little o f reckless driving Ion Main street, and it is high time it were stopped, regardless of the age, rank, or residence of the offenders. Personal . Persona desirous of having personal mention made of the visit of friends are requested to send ns the necessary information. —Mr. Earl Gage, of Elmira, is in lown this week. —Fred S. Hopkins is spending several weeks in Detroit, Mich. —Mrs. Emily D. Smith, of Steuben­ ville, Ohio, is visiting friends In town. —Miss Lilian Butler is visiting in El­ mira as the guest of Mrs. Heury Russell, 2d. —Mrs. Eunice Wood is spending a month in Rochester as the guest of Mrs. Clarence Page. —Mrs. J. B. Sample has gone to St. Louis, Mo., to spend the winter with Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Parker. —Mrs. Ella B. West, of Brooklyn, Pres­ ident o f the Ladies of the G. A. R , De­ partment o f N. Y., will visit and inspect Phil. Sheridan Circle, No. 13, on Nov, 12. —Mr. and Mrs. Bert S. Elliott and Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Turner are expected home from Washington the latter part o f this week to spend a few days with their parents. M r . Weeks was compelled to respond to three or four encores for each selec­ tion .— R o c h e ster D e m o c r a t a n d C h r o n icle. Mr. Weeks and his company will be at Keuka College on Oct. 31. Admission, 25 cents. _______ ^ _______ T he Dickens Club has been reorgan­ ized for the winter by the choice of Mrs. Mattie W. House aa president. The earlier readings o f the club this year will be from “ Bleak House. Republican Rally, The Hon. Chauncey M. Depew, U. S. Senator from New York, and Judge W. S. Kenworthy, of Iowa, will speak at the Yates Lyceum, in this village, on Friday, October 31st, at 2 p. m. Everybody Is invited to atterd. Claitvoyant Predicted Death, Railroad Time Tables, Anniversary Exercises, Harwick Lodge, No. 152, A. O. U. W., observed the 34th anniversary of the founding o f the order on Tuesday even­ ing, October 28th. The address of the evening was made by Petty M. Thorne, of Buffalo, Grand Foreman o f the Grand Lodge. Music was furnished by an or­ chestra composed of Misses Southerland, Bessie Havens, Julia Hobart, Beatrice Horton, Nellie Gaige, and Mr. Fred Beatd. The balance o f the program was as follows. Reading— . .............................................................. n . Winton Palmer. Oar readers will hear with regret that Addr« , ............ Uncle Zfke Bonzey, of Veazie. Maine, instrumental D u e t .......................................... asserts that a winter of unusual rigor is George and Merrill Holloway. ‘ iuevltable. Uncle Zeke is a famous Vocal Duet, \ David and Gollah,, , ....................... . Harold Jenkins and George E. Knight. Instrumental Duet, banjo and guitar ................... I tions OD groundhog, goosebone, corn- Mlss Nellie Gaige, Fred Beard. Herman H. Bogardus, a former resident of Penn Yan, disappeared from his home in Syracusejuly 5th. He was an old man and in poor health and it was feared he had met with an accident. One of his eons, it is said, consulted a clairvoyant, who made the following statement: “ Your father is old and has lately suffer­ ed a severe illness. You will find him in a thick clump of bushes in a body of wa­ ter not far from home dead.\ On Monday o f last week the body of the missing man was found in Onondaga creek, where it had lodged under a clump of bushes, and now the coroner is making an investigation, which will include the “ second-sight\ of the medium, with a view of ascertaining where she got her In­ formation. The passenger trains on the Northern Central pass Penn Yan as iollows: g o i n g s o u t h . g o i n g n o r t h . Express ........ 8 ag a . m . A cc'm 'n...... » 04 p . m . Acc’m’n ........... 7 13 p . m . Express ........ 9 *4 p . m . Express ........... 6 26 A.M. Express .......... 11 37 A.M. Accm’n ........... 3 03 p.M. Express...........6 50 P.M CORNWELL SUNDAYS, Express.........9 24 p . m . I Express.;....si 37 A.M . The passenger trains on the Pennsylvania Division of the New York Central will arrive at and depart from Penn Yan as follows : ARRIVE. DEPART. Just Received. 9 28 A.M.»From N. & 8. 12 58 A M...........From 8. 3 so p . m . ........ From N. 8 23 P.M. ...... N. and 8. 8 12 A.M. Going N. & S. a 19 P.M ....... Going 8. *l 57 A M ....... Going N. 7 07 .. ............ N. and 8. A N E W L I N E O F ARRIVE. 9 s8 A.M.. ...... FromN. is 58 P.M ......... From '8. 28 p . m ......... From N. aj p.M ......... From 8. SUNDAYS. DEPART. 8 12 A.M ......... Going S. 11 57A.M. ....GoingN . 4 27 P. m .........Going 8 7 07 p.M ......... Going N. P O C K E T B O O K S . All trains connect at Dresden with trains on the main line. Wants, For Sale, Etc. A Cold Winter Coming. P IGS for sale. 5 weeks old. Price, $1.50. B. C. GILLETT. weather sharp, basing his prognoatica- Street this office. H OUSE FOR RENT.—Opposite Court House Park. Inquire Mrs. M. Hicks, 109 Wag­ ener St. F OR SALE.—T wo large sized, nickel plated oil stoves.. Will be sold very cheap. In- Refreshments. First National Bank ot Penn Van. » Our candidates for State Senator and Representative in Congress, Hon. Frank­ lin D. Sherwood and Hon. Sereno E. Payne, will be re-elected without any doubt, but their majorities should be made as large as possible. T he elevens of the Penn Yan Academy and the Canandaigua High School met in their first game on the Fair grounds in this place Saturday. Two hard-fought halves o f twenty and fifteen minutes were played, the Penn Yaners proving the vic­ tors by a score o f 6 to o. O n Sunday last Miss Alice Carroll, of this village, died In Dr. Whitbeck’s Hos­ pital, Rochester, where she had under gone a surgical operation, aged 40 years. The deceased Is survived by three sisters, Margaret, Nellie, and Mrs. William Fo- shay, and one brother, Thomas Carroll. The receiver of the First National Bank of Penn Yan, insolvent, has completed the labors o f his trust. There will be no further dividends to depositors. Instead a rebate o f 38.3 pet cent, will be paid to stockholders who paid the 100 per cent, assessment in full. The rebate will be paid by the Comptroller of the Currency direct from his office. The bank failed September 16, 1899. The first dividend, 70 per cent., was de­ clared March 9, 1900, a little over five months after its suspension ; the second dividend, 7 pet cent., April 23, 1900 ; the third dividend, 20 per cent., September 17, 1901, making a total of 97 per cent. After the payment of the rebates to stockholders a small balance will be left, which will be retained by the comptroller to meet contingencies. Teachers’ Examinations. M rs . Jeanette Burnham died at the fam­ ily residence on Lawrence Street at an early hour Sunday morning, after an ill­ ness of several months of cancer, aeed 42 years. She is survived by her hus­ band, Giles Burnham, of this place, and four sons. «« [ y dear,\ said the young husband, “ did you speak to the milkman about there being no cream on the milk?\ “ Yes, I told him about it this morning, and he has explained it satisfactorily; and I think it is quite a ciedit to him, too.\ “ What did he sayl\ “ He said that he al­ ways filled the bottles so full that there is no room on the top for the crean Uniform examinations for teachers’ certificates o f the first, second, and third grade will be held at the Academy in Penn Yan on Thursday and Friday, No­ vember 13 and 14, 1902, Thursday a. m. —Arithmetic, geography, drawing, histo­ ry of education ; p. m.—English compo­ sition, grammar, physiology and hygiene, current topics. Friday a. m.—American history, algebra, bookkeeping, orthog­ raphy ; p. m.—Civil government, school law, physics, methods and school man­ agement, reading. These examinations open at 9 a. m. and close at 12.30 p. m.; open at 1.30 p. m. and close at 5 p. m. Normal entrance examination will oc- Thursday, November 13, 1902, at le place as above. N. W inton P a l m e r , School Commissioner. husk, and the many other pointers which nature gives to the observant. His views* receive wide attention, and the old man now speaks as follows: Ef y’re wantin’ signs fer cold weather an’ plenty of it, jest you come out in the woods with me any day an’ I’ll show what Natur’ hez ter say ’bout it, an’ Natur’ never told a lie in her life, bein’ sorter peculiar In that air respect and consid’bly onlike some men I’ve*seen an’ see now afore me, without callin’ no names. Ever sinct I ate my fust mess of green corn I’ve noticed how thick the husks was, an’ they was all whiskered out with silk, like they were trying to bank up the kernels afore they was ripe. The woodchucks are goln’ ter sleep when the clover is still green about their holes, the fur onto the backs of the critters is like wool, the feathers pull hard from the wild ducks, and the goosebone is white from tip to tip. The Grape Market. Shipments continue light, although prices have advanced slightly. Quota­ tions yesterday were: Concords, 8>£c.; Catawbas, ioj£c.; Niagaras, 15c. Most of the Niagara crop has been disposed of. A year ago, although the crop was much larger, the price of Concords was about ic. higher than it is now. Miss N ellie M arion R eed , Piano Instiuction. “ At home\ Saturdays. 118 Clinton St. T O RENT.—The Main street drug store former­ ly occupied by Edgar H. Lewis. Enquire 01 John T. Andrews & sou. tf We are showing some very handsome things in ladies’ pocket books. All the newest styles. Prices, 25 c. to $2 00 . F O R M E N we have coins, bill, and combina­ tion books, from 25 c. to $ 1 , 75 . Card cases for ladies and men in alligator, seal, plain leather, as well as imitations of the above. A special offering in small change bocks for 5 and 10c. L AND contract for sale. To close an estate. __ Farm and buifdinga in good condition; rail­ road runs through It; part heavily timbered. Gilt-edge investment. Address, A. Osoorn, Italy, N. V, _______________________________ | W E offer 5-pound Grape Baskets $12 50 per I thousand here, and will take pay in grapes. Concord and Catawba grapes wanted We pay cash. SEVBRNE WINE CO., Himrod,N.Y* G RAPES w a n t e d .— » oo tone concords, cataw­ bas, Clintons, and Ives. Have orders for two cars clippings, must be fresh. Each variety kept separate. Hammondsport Vintage Co., Benhem St., Penn Van. W ANTED.—All kinds o f grapes. Don't ob­ ject to broken berries. Take any quan- M U S I C R O L L S . 35c. to $1.50. A great variety in leathers, as well as price. lily and paycash. 6 3 SEVERNE WINE CO. Himrod, N. V. CORNWELL BROTHERS, Blank Books, School Supplies, Stationery, and Wall Paper. F OR SALE.—Good grain and stock farm. 318 acres. 80 acres timber, oak, pine, and chestnut, 5,000 telephone poles. Four miles from railroad station in adjoining couniy. Must be sold to close an estate. It's a bargain for some­ body. See us soon. M. F. HOBART & SON, 7 2 Room No. 5 Lown Block. \W (VMxXeA fj,ew nore men and women as AGENTS For Our Seven New Holiday Books all shown in one Combination Prospectus (cost $7.00) which we will send F brb and prepaid for 85 cents (stamps). 1ST We can give any one in this vicinity work that will pay over $200 before Sapper, cur on the aai >1 A Record Breaker, Temperature, 8 p. m., Oct. 26 . Highest temperature, Oct. 27 . . Lowest temperature, Oct. 27 . . Temperature, 8 p. m.. Oct. 27 . No range in temperature during twen­ ty-four hours. First time in the history of the local weather bureau. 5 i 5 i 5 i 5 i The Bean Market, The price of red kidney beans has ad­ vanced several cents since our last report. The local market is quite active at the following quotations: Ked k i d n e y , ............................... $2 70 White k i d n e y , ..............................2 20 \'arrow s ,.........................................2 50 ediums.......................................2.00 Church Notes . 1 , Y I& k It is announced that the state surveyors have completed their work on the Penn Yan-Blufl Point road In Jerusalem, which the Board of Supervisors set aside as Yates county’s first experiment in the line of “ good roads.\ The new road-bed will be sixteen feet wide, with three-foot wings on each side. The rumor that work will be begun on April 1st next will pro­ bably be one o f the jokes of that day, as too much litigation is on the docket in re­ gard to the strip to make It desirable for state work. —A union social o f the three junior so­ cieties of the churches will be held in the Methodist Chnrch on Saturday after­ noon, Nov. 1st. The object of the gath­ ering will be to receive gifts of fruit, canned or otherwise, jellies, and cloth­ ing, to send to the Fiuit and Flower Mis­ sion in New York City. A program will be rendered and tea will be served. Attention, Taxpayers ! Below we give the State tax this year of each town in Yates Couny, also the tax of 1900, which shows an aggregate decrease, as the result o f Gov. Odell’s re form administration, of #13,308.56 : In our Cloak Rooms Now. We have picked the very best we could find. They are worth coming a long distance to sec —and buy. As is our custom in other lines, we strive to avoid low grade, trashy gar­ ments. If you are in search of a good, well-made Jacket or Suit, you can be fitted here, and you will get your money’s worth. RICH FURS. We have on sale, now, a beautiful assort­ ment of rich furs, Isabella Fox, Sable, Marten, Lynx, and Bear, Coney and Elec­ tric Seal. AU summer made and selected pieces—without blemishes. We Invite your inspection. T. 0. Hamlin &Co. The People Appreciate Good Goods Prompt Service. That is what we are Giving Them. A n e w time table will go into effect on the electric railway on Sunday next. Cars will leave Penn Yan at 7.30, 9 30, 11 30 a. m., 1 30, 4.00, 6.15, 8.15 p. m. Leave Branchport at 6.30, 8.30, 10 30 a. m., 12.30, 2.30,5.15, 715, 915 p.m . Sun­ days—Leave Penn Yan 10.15 a. m., 12.15, 2.15,4 15.6 15 P- m- Leave Branch- port 9.15,11 15 a. m., 1 15. 3 15, 5 15. 7 15 p. m. Saturday evenings the 9 15 car out of Branchport will continue to run to Penn Yan, leaving there at 10 15 for Branchport. The car due to arrive at Penn Yan at 3.25 p. m. will lay over un- 4 00 p. m. to accommodate patrons trad­ ing. _______ _______ M any people are getting aweary In burning wood, especially in furnaces, and they are likely to get more so should cold weather come before a supply of hard coal. Wood answers very well in the kitchen range, but it ia far from a success in a furnace, while soft coal can­ not be burned at all In some furnaces, as the soot it forms quickly clogs the flues and draft pipes. As about 90 per cent, o f the mines are now in running order, coal in small quantities, to be doled out by the quarter or half ton, ought to be ob­ tainable in most villages in a week or two. As to the price, more will be known later on. A paper in Golden, Colo., raked in many delinquents on the ground of this eloquent appeal: “ Yon may approximate the stars in a nail keg, hang the ocean on a grapevine to dry, wipe the nose off a cyclone with a towel, cut off the tall end of a tornado for a keepsake, put the sky in the ground to soak, unbuckle the belly- band o f eternity and open up the sun and moon as health resorts, but never be de­ luded with the idea that you can escape the other side of purgatory if you don’t pay for your paper.\ S ome time Saturday night burglars made an entrance into the meat market of George H. Sisco, on Jacob street. En­ trance was gained by palling the bars from a small window opening into a dark alley, and the burglars removed the cash register from its place to a cornet behind a meat block, where, by use of a cleaver, it was broken open and about #6 in cash taken therefrom. The damage to the register entails a greater loss to Mr. Sisco than does the amount taken. The burg­ lary waa committed by local talent. 1902. Barrington .................*. ....... $75 00 Benton 230 00 Ita ly ............................................ 55 co Jerusalem .............................. 235 00 Middlesex ............................ 75 00 Milo..........................................300 00 Potter..................................... X15 00 Starkey....................................... 325 00 Torrey .................................... 1x0 00 igco. $644 65 1,749 71 4x8 Ol 1.776 18 654 98 4.085 30 1,008 33 2,003 83 982 67 In Surrogate’s Court . It appears to be more than probable that there will be a contest over the es­ tate o f the late Mrs. Leonore Post Banks, formerly o f this place, who died in a hos­ pital at Canandaigua some months ago. The deceased was survived by her hus­ band, Wilbur Banks, of Bellona; a daugh­ ter, Grace ; and a brother, C. Clint Post, of this village. Shortly after her death letters of administration were issued to John S. Sheppard, Esq., and to her hus­ band. Subsequently the brother, through his attorneys, brought an action to estab­ lish a will, which, he alleged, had been made in the fore part of 1891. Several hearings were had and another was set down for Monday last, but previous to that time the will was placed in the hands of the surrogate. The amount of the estate is said to be upwards of #60,000, and by the terms o f the will the entire property, after the payment of #icoo each to the five daughters of John Robson, of Gor­ ham, is given to the brother, and he is named as executor. The daughter, through her attorney, makes the allegation that this Is not the last will of her mother; that several other wills were made since the date thereof, and that at that time and subse­ quently the testatrix, by reason o f mental alienation, was not competent to make a will. ________ ____ ________ New L a r d , ................................. \2 % c . lb. New Salt P o r k , .......................... i2j£c. lb. Pork S t e a k , .............................. i2j£c. lb. Pork Hams, ....... i2j£c. lb. Pork L o i n s , ..............................I2j£c. lb. All Yates Co. corn fed pork. Sprague’s Market, iw 29 Main St, THE BEST MAKE The famous Samuel Corn mercerized petticoats, at all prices, are now on sale at Mrs, Goldsmith’s. * 67 The members of St. Mark’s Altar Guild will give one of their famous sup­ pers Wednesday, October 29, beginning at 5*30 P- Supper, 25c. New doylies and centerpieces, and other things, for Christmas, at Goldsmith’s. Go to Wagener Bros.’ for bargains. Have yon a red book? Are you collect­ ing redistampt? If not, get a book at once. On Saturday, Nov. 1, get Double Red Star Trading Stamps. All our merchants give double stamps Saturday. #3 00 bedspiings for #1 98 at Wagener Bros.* #5.00 mattress for #2.90 at Wagener Bros.’ WAISTS. There is not an assortment anywhere more complete or exclusive. The prices will please you. Lown & Co. Ubrietmas. Freights paid and credit given. (Established 1864.) Address, Hartford Publishing Co., Hartford, Conn. \ I F YOU J HE AWAKE COUGHING ” Tiy out “ Quick Stop\ Cough Syrup, and you will find it rightly named. 25c. Sold only at Bennett’s Drug Store., Beacon Falls, Granite, and Buckskin rubber boots are warranted at Wagener Bros.’ The Strike Ended. Strike is ended, hey. Sambo t Yes. sah, so they say, bnt wqb things than coal strike can be. What’s wus than being cold and nothin to burn? Why, having no Brompton Gough Syrup to cure a cola. W ould’nt that be wus? Yes I Y e s ! But Frank Quackenbush, T.F. Wheeler, Penn Yan, and Bnrtch Brothers, Branchport, have it to sell, and it will cure all coughs, colds, lagrippe. whooping Cough, and throat and Inng diseases. _ No drugs ns-d. Composed of herbs. LADIES, HAVE YOU SEEN the display o f new fall millinery at Mies Dewan’r? If not, you ar* in­ vited to call and inspect the same. Working coats just received. Large line. Sizes from 34 to 48; prices from #1.25 to #3.50. Maxon’s Clothing Store. U s e P a r a g o n W a l l P l a s t e r The 50c. Fleece Lined Underwear for w a l l s WE ABE SELLING FOR 45c. A GARMENT, OR A n d Five-piece parlor suits, #16.50, at Wag­ ener Bros.’ #10 Turkish couch for #6.90 at Wagener Bros.’ Wear the bine button and be true fo your color, * GOOD, STYLISH SUITS. W e have a big line of good, stylish suits cheap. Wm. Holloway & Co. Saturday, Nov. 1, you will get double Red Star Trading Stamps with all goods purchased of out merchants using Red Trading Stamps. W e have both hand made carriage and factory work, also a lot o f second hand work that we wish to dispose o f at very low prices. W . H . W h it f i e l d . A t l a s P o r t la n d C e m e n t 85c. A Suit. McADAMS & KINYOUN. T O THE PUBLIC, Having purchased the photographic business of H. R. Seeley, I will continue at the same place and solicit a share of the photographic patronage. Copies in CRAYONS, INK, WATER COLORS, ETC., at reasonable prices. Prompt attention to business. A welcome to all is extended to all by E. A. D ean , Opera House Block, Penn Yan, N. Y. The blue buttons are seen everywhere, because they are the most popular. * We warrant our rubber boots to wear. Wagener Bros. P o s s tb ly Von H a v e Not given me a chance to figure on you monumental work. Call and get my prices. I can save you agents’ commis­ sions. C. J. M oore , Penn Yan Marble and Granite Works, 73 tf Jacob St., Penn Yan, N. Y. As I have no salesman on the road this year, I can give our customers better prices than ever and save you salesman's commission. Be sure to call before you buy a carriage or harness. W. H. W hitfield . for w a l k s A t L T G O T Total $1,4x0 00 $13,322 66 C. N. McFarren’s dry goods store is where you will see the Red Star Stamp premiums. Get a book and double stamp on all purchases Saturday. At the Lyceum. James O'Neill’s “ Monte Cri&to \ is one of the strongest plays ever written, and Dumas, who was its author, never had an idea when he conceived the story of the book that it would attain such h<gh rank as a play, and run the gamut of innumer- rable presentations for nearly a quaiter of a century. James O’Neill played it for twenty years, and the managers who have leased this play are wise-acres in the theatrical world, and have been iden­ tified with the same production for a long period of time. The performance will be given at the Lyceum to-morrow evening, Oct. 30. T he blue side members. Y, M. If buckskin rubber boots do not give satisfactory wear, you get new boots free of charge. Wagener Bros. THF BEST IS THE CHEAPEST. * Don’t buy second quality of meats when you can get the best at the same price at Sprague’s Market. He will not be undersold. iw Our prices on Felt and Knit Boots, Socks and Leggings are low— way down LOW . Our stock is freeh ana new, and is one of the largest in Yates County. M e n 's R u b b e r B o o ts, All Sizes, $ 3 . 8 5 and up at We have on sale the beet makes of shirts, collars, and cuffs. ______ Wm, Holloway & Co. “ DOROTHY DODD\ SHOES are sold at McAdams’ Shoe Store. #3 50 men's hand welted dress shoes for #2.50 at Wagener Bros.’ M cAdam s 9 C o a l Y a r d R . M . K in n e P e n n Y a n ♦> *?• S ❖ I We are now in the season that calls for warm undergarments, warm jackets, warm furs, hosiery, gloves, mittens, sweaters. We want you to know that our stock o f these necessary goods is in prime shape, and we want you to see for yourself that our qualities are the best and our prices are the lowest. Floor oil cloths and linoleums in many different styles, coco door mats in seventy sizes. Coco matting for the porch saves tracking inside dirt and snow. We can supply your needs. Monte Carlo Coats from $ 10.00 to $ 25 . 00 , We are sole agents for Penn Yan o f the “ Crcsco ” corset. Try one. _ n A ’•> S h o e Store. Up-to-Date styles vary in furniture as much as in dress. W h en you are get­ ting you might as well get the latest and best. Our stock is up to date in style, first class in quality, and our prices are the lowest in Yates County. Corcoran Bros. Furniture and Undertaking. Main St. We have the agency for the W. B. corset, so favorably known. We can supply you with any style they make. In our glove department we have the golf knit gloves in the desirable shades—Mocha, Cape Tan, and a full line o f dressed kids. We guarantee our gloves for wear. Blue Trading Stamps on all cash premiums for the asking. If You Want The Best for the Least is still open for new C. A. contest. * C h an gin g his usual procedure, Sousa j will take his great band on tour this fall instead of this winter, owing to the fact that he Is to inaugurate his third Euro­ pean tour in London on January 2d. The great band is going to California for the elxth time in its history, and will play all the laigest cities en route. The itinerary Includes Penn Yan, and a concert will be given in the Yates Lyceum on Tuesday afternoon, Nov. 25th. The band ie said to be up to its usual eplendidiform, hav­ ing been playing without interruption all the year. Mr, Sousa has secured all the latest music o f the best foreign and native composers, and his programs during the tour will consist largely o f novelties. Maxon’s Sample Clothing Sale is going very fast. Attend to it at once, at H on’s Clothing Store. “ DOROTHY DODD\ SHOES are sold at McAdams’ Shoe Store. The only Sample Clothing Sale in Yates County is at Maxon’s Clothing Store. $1.50 girl’s shoes for 85c. at Wagener Bros.' $ M A X O N ’S It will pay big to come a long distance to attend the Sample Clothing Sale at Mexon’e. #5.00 fancy rockets for #2.75 at Wag­ ener Bros.’ Pretty sideboards for #9 75 at Wagener Bros.' _______ _ **}Far Better than Plain Quinine” Fora cold. Oar “ Laxo-Quinine\ tablets don’t make the head ring and contain no opiate. 25c. box at Bennett’s Drug Store. Don’t wait until the sizes ate broken. Come at once to Maxon’s Sale. $1.25 children’s shoes for 65c. at Wag­ ener Bros.’ ❖ 1 ❖ t ❖ S A M P L E “ DOROTHY DODD\ SHOES are town talk. McAdams’ Shoe Store, C L O T H I N G Wegener Bros, will save you nearly one-half on your shoes. The finest suits and overcoats in Yates County at Maxon’s Sample Clothing Sale. S A L E What’s the It’s all right. after with the blue side ? * ❖ # * ❖ l | I $ I ? $ W ords Money, trade at O W N 9 S . Goods— Waistings. Hundreds o f women—and the number grows day by day—turn instinctively to Lown & Co.’s when it is A question of getting the right kind of Dress Goods and Waistings. W h e n The Fall and Winter Suitings are on display now, AU the new weaves and colorings in a handsome and refined variety. You can surely find here what you want to make up m to fashionable wear. F a c t s Words fa il to describe the pretty patterns of waist- inge now on our counters. Lown’s having them makes them correctly right. Coming to see them ? t It is an old saying that ‘ ‘a new broom sweeps clean,\ but we will proveto the public that the system we inaugurated on our opening day will be adhered to throughout our business career. Every department will be carefully looked after, and whether you give the order personally, by telephone, or send a little child, the service will be perfect. A. C. ROBINSON. We regret to learn o f the serious physi­ cal condition of our venerable friend, Nathan J. Milliken, the senior editor of the Ontario County Tim e s Last Wed­ nesday evening Mr. Milliken fell down a cellar stairway which he had left open, fracturing a bone in bia right wrist and cutting a gash in his head. He was rend­ ered unconscious, in which condition he remained for some time. We are very glad to know that although still suffering from the terrible shock to his system, he is somewhat improved, Mr. Milliken was 81 years o f age in September. The Chronicle hopes to record his complete recovery .— Canandaigua C h r o n icle . A t the election of officers of the Meth­ odist Sunday school the following choice was made: Superintendent, George W. Hobart; first assistant superintendent, William B. Dlngman; second assistant superintendent, Miss Jessie Miller; super­ intendent primary department, Mrs. Bertha Parker; secretary and treasurer (twents-aixlh year), Stephen B. Dan ton; librarians, John Turner, James Sutton. The report of the treasurer shows that during the year the collections for mis­ sions were #210.09; for church board of education, on children’s day, #23.50; for home purposes, #108 95; that at the the beginning o f the year there waa on hand #68 16, and now on hand #49 37. During the year there has been paid oat for mis­ sions #207, and for library books, #45.16, Saturday, Nov. 1, Is to be a great bar­ gain day in Penn Yan. All merchants using Red Star Trading Stamps give dou­ ble stamps on that day. There has never been such an oppor­ tunity to buy fine goods at such small prices as at Maxon’s Clothing Store. In cloaks and suits. Money never had a greater purchasing power than now, at Lown & Co’s. We have the best clothing, and we are selling for the least money. Maxon’s Clothing Store. _______ “ DOROTHY DODD\ SHOES are town talk. McAdams’ Shoe Store. ❖ ❖ ia just BOOMING. No wonder. You are getting the very beat gooda for ao little money. If yon are in need of an over­ coat or a euit do not delay in getting one, aa they will not last long. W e have all aizea. A r e New Fall Suits and Skirts. Ladies’ Saits not all here, but lots o f them in the new colors, and the latest outs, inolndiug the slot scams, and priced w ithin the reach o f all. Furniture on the easy payment plan at Wagener Bros,’ “ COLD BREAKERS Another name for out Laxo-Quinine tablets. 25c. box at Bennett’s Drug Store. Come to Penn Yan on Saturday, Nov. 1. Bring your family, your sisters, your cousins, and your aunts. All will get double Red Star Trading Stamps of all merchants using them on that day. One-half saved on Children’s shoes at Wagener Bros You can buy your suit or overcoat for a small amount at Maxon’s Sample Cloth­ ing Sale, Small expenses enable Wagener Bros, to sell cheap. The best fitting suits and overcoats that have ever been shown in Yates County you will find at Maxon’a Sample Cloth- lug Sale. _______ _ Cygolf shoes, hand welted, for men. Make stylish feet. Wagener Bros.' N o t M AXO N “ The Leading Clothing Store of Yates Co.” Cornwell Block, Main Street, Penn Yan, N. Y. * B e h in d Them . Walking Skirts. . It is a delight to wear a skirt that yon can be com­ fortable in and not be haunted with the fear that it is not stylish or well made. Lown’s skirts give you that ease of mind. C orsets. You will find this Penn Yan's corset store —all the leading makes are here. The Cresco, R. & G., Kabo, W. C. C., R. & H., P. D., Thompson’s Glove Fitting & Marlon. Come here for Corsets, 20 styles to pick from. T iQVyM *S— The Real Money Saving Store. *,• •>*

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