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I l» l w • %— v- j V,\ --SM; ynwVlf*' -*,■ » -w>- V grbc Pmn |Jan @*prc 50 PENN YAN, YATES CO., N. Y. REUBEN A. SCOFIELD, EDITOR. AND PROPRIETOR. t e r m s : #1.35 P er Y e a r i n A d v a n c e , fi.50 if N ot P a id in A d v a n c e . Express and N Y. Tribune Farmer, i yr,. . ,$i 60 Express and N. Y Tribune,thrice weekly,... :8s Express and Thrlce-a«Week World, i yr ........ i 65 Express and ’ Rochester Weekly Dem., lyr,,.. : 50 Express and Rural New Yorker,: yr ............ 1 75 Express and Albany Semi Weekly Journal,.. 1 60 jBueincee tfLarbe. r e s s The Only Continuously ? Republican Paper in Yates County. £ P E N N Y A N , N . Y „ W E D N E S D A Y , JU L Y 23 , 1902 . Vol. XXXVII.—No. 16.--Whole No. 1894 Ffimona Fam ine*. In A. J>. 4 5 0 famine prevailed all over the south of Europe, raging worst in Italy, where parents ate their children, and in 730 England, Scotland and Wales were ravaged, also in 8128 . when thou­ sands starved, and in 0 5 4 , when the crops failed for four successive years. In 1010 an awful famine raged through­ out nil Europe and again from 1103 to 1105 , when crop failures caused terri­ ble* suffering. In England and France the people ate the flesh of dogs and cats, and many cases of cannibalism were recorded. T AMES H. BRIGGS, ATTORNEY AND TheCifoens Bank KIDNEY AND LIVER TROUBLE AGENT. All kinds of claims promptly attended to. Office, new No. 415 , old No. 77, Liberty Street, Penn Yan, N. Y. Past Commander Sloan Post. No. 93, G. A. R. B. O. B. NEWMAN, ffloe, first house below Baptist Church. No. 9 * Main 8t. Penn Yan, N- Y. Phore, 5 r-X. A SPECIALTY MADE OF ALL DISEASES OF THE NERVOUS SYSTEM, STOMACH, AND SKIN. Office hours, 8 to 10 a. m.: 8 to 4 , and 6 to p« m. PENN YAN, N. Y. CURED BY Chartered April 14, 1899, Capital, $ 5 0 0 0 0 Dr. David Kennedy’s Favorite Remedy Writes L. J. McAllister, of Parish, N. Y. JOHN H. JOHNSON, President. LORIMER OGDEN, Vice-President, J. A. UNDERWOOD, Cashier. A ROADE DENTAL OFFICE. All branches of Dental Work done by the latest and most approved methods. Gold and plate work a specialty. The best is the cheapest. Lady assistant. ^ DR. DOLBEARE, D entist . Rooms, 11-12 Arcade, Penn Yan, N. Y. M ao NADGHTON, DENTIST, _ Penn Yan, N. Y Office over Wheeler's Jewelry Store, Main Ht. Directors. FRANK H. HAMLIN, HENRY M. PARMELE, JOHN T. ANDREWS, HOWARD JL WOODRUFF J. A. UNDERWOOD. LORIMER OGDEN JOHN H. JOHNSON. Certificates of Deposit Issued. W. SMITH, DENTIST 63 East Ave., Rochester, N. Y S EOURITIES BOUGHT AND SOLD, MONEY LOANED ON BOND AND MORTGAGE. CARE OF ESTATES A SPECIALTY. FARMS FOB SALE. 99yl JOHN T. ANDREWS A SON. \NJ OTICE.—At the office of 1 DBS. H. R. PHILLIPS & WREAN From May 1 , 1900 , yon can get A Set of Teeth, on Rubber Plate, Fcr $10.00, And Dentistry of the best at the Cheapest living prices. Consultation Free. C. ELMENDORF, Silas Kinne & Son R e p resent tb e AETNA INSURANCE CO., OF HARTFORD, “ The Leading Fire Insurance Company of America.” AMERICAN FIRE INSURANCE CO., OF NEW YORK. YORK UNDERWRITER'S ACENCY. SPRING GARDEN INSURANCE CO., OF PHILA. and NORTH-WESTERN MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE CD. OF MILWAUKEE, WIS. Policies Properly Written. Losses Promptly Paid. SILA S KINNE A. SON, 94yl Agents. 11 Some tim e ago I suffered considerably with Kid­ n e y and L iver T r o u b le and S e v e r e Pain in m y y B a c k ,” writes L. J. M cAllister o f Parish, N. Y ., “ and I did not seem to grow any better. I chanced to see an advertisement of Dr. David K e n n e d y ’ s F a v o r ­ ite R e m e d y ; I bought a bottle and began its use, and it r e lieved m e a t on c e , and I have had no trouble since.\ Dr. David K e n n e d y ’ s F a v o r it e R e m e d y is the only kidney medicine that does not constipate. Most k idney and liver medicines contain poisonous and deleterious drugs that never should be taken into the system ; they in­ jure the stomach and impair digestion. Remember, D r. D a v id K e n n e d y ’ s F a v o r ite R e m e d y is absolutely harmless. It keeps the bowels open and free and strengthens the stomach. It stimulates the kidneys and liver to their greatest normal activity. It is the best food for the nervous. The best tonic for w e a k o raged people, , The best assistant for brain workers. If you suffer from kidney, liver or bladder trouble in any form, diabetes, Bright's disease, rheumatism, dyspepsia, eczema or any form of blood disease, or, if a woman, from the sick­ nesses peculiar to your sex, and are not already convinced, that Dr. David Kennedy’s Favorite Rem edy is the medicine you need, you may have a trial bottle, absolutely free, with a valu­ able medical pamphlet, by sending your name, with post office address, to the Dr. David K e n ­ nedy Corporation, Rondout, N. Y ., mentioning this paper. / / #1 Z «■/ , ~ v \ W lr, DA7TD KENNEDY'S GOLDEN FLA3TE83 strengthens Muscles* removes pain anywhere, isc . eac! We eell and recommend Dr. David Kennedy's Favonte Remedy, Harry O. Bennett, Main St., and Frank Quackenbueh, Main St., Penn Yan.” FIFTY-SECOND SEMI-ANNUAL STATEMENT OF THE B O F E S S I O N A L D E N T I S T . 42 Main Street. Opposite Baldwin Bank, Penn Yan, N. Y. |. C. H . K N A P P , UN D E R T A E G R , (N e x t D o o r to B e n h a m H o u s e .) Residence, 116 Benham St. Telephone, store, 66 W. Telephone, residence, 66 F. Before Taking Life Insurance See the W t ^ T R A V E L E R S ’ POLICY. I t i s f u l l y G u a r a n t e e d . N o p a y i n g t w e n t y p e r c e n t , e x t r a t o g e t a 1 0 p e r c e n t , d i v i ­ d e n d a t t h e e n d o f t w e n t y y e a r s . Goodspeed Sc Carpets and Draperies, Store, 80, 82, and 84 State Street, R O C H ESTER , N .Y. 33 and 35 State St., ROCHESTER, N. Y., July I, 1902. RESOURCES. Bonds and mortgages .................... Land contracts ................................ United States bonds (marketvalue) Bonds o f cities (market value) Bonds of States (market value County bonds (marketvalue). Village bonds ......... ................ Railroad mortgage bonds .... Interest accrued ............................. Real estate ...................................... Cash in banks and trust companies Cash on hand ................................... . . . . . . $7 215,131 00 23.688 96 1,219,500 00 2,727 120 00 357,800 00 282 100 00 33,540 00 2.454.275 00 218,663 85 350,950 00 381,831 94 215.120 49 LIABILITIES. Due depositors..................................$13,679,237 08 Other liabilities ....................... ........ 58,614 87 Surplus, - - 1,738 918 29 $15,469,770 2-1 JAM E S E- BOOTH, President- The largest and choicest assort­ ment In the State. Best makes and serviceable qualities in all the different kinds. We make a speci­ alty of furnishing carpets for CHURCHES, LODGES. AND T U B & f t riT l T ti T IO N S. Un- equalled workmanship. Satisfac­ tion assured in every instance. Inspection invited. $15,469,770 24 DAVID HOYT, Sec’y and Treas-* Interest allowed on accounts of $800 and under, 4 per cent. On accounts exceeding $ 800 , 3% per cent, on the whole account. Money to loan at 4 = 1 - 2 in sums of $ 10,000 and over. All sums less than ItthXto.-^pfirjig.Dikj Miller, Agts. “AGAINST ALL ACCIDENTS” “AGAINST ALL ILLNESS” Excepting Rheumatism and Insanity. Fidelity & Casualty Co., N. S. DAILEY, Agent, Office Room 1 , over Lown & Co.’s Store. J Paying Too Much. It's an Inflated idea to suppose that high priced goods are necessarily the best. High prices may come from slow sales and large profits, or the merchants bad judgment in buying goods, or bad management and consequently heavy expenses. Our Expenses Are Light, And our goods are bought at CLOSE FIGURES, And we sell on a SM A LL M A R GIN o f profit, relying on a LARGE PATRON A GE and QUICK SALES for a fair return. The demand for our DR. D A Y , Graduated Specialist. s p e c i a l t i e s : A Catarrh snd Diseases ol Lnogi and Throat, t i r o , and Banal Organs, AMO Positive Care of the Liqior, Morphine, and Opium Habit. EXAMINATIONS R U I is never dull. It is'nt dull now. contrary. Couches Are Just Now Having the Run. Sec them and get prices. Quite the NEXT DOOR TO THE BENHAM HOUSE. At KNAPP HOUSE, Penn Yan, Monday, Aug. 4, 9 to 6 . Canandaigua, Webster House, Wednesday, July 30, 9 to 6. Geneva, Kirkwood House, July 31 , 9 to 6, and every 4 weeks thereafter. At home office, 211 Powers Bl’k, Rochester, every Saturday ClarenceH.Knapp| Cured Himself, Pronounced by his medical brethren an in­ curable consumptive, he was led to experiment with certain drugs and chemicals to save his own life. This ne succeeded in doing, and since that has cured hundreds of cases that were pronounced incurable. Weaknesses of Men and Women treated w ith a prescription procured while in Paris from one o f the ablest French specialists, that has proven a sure cure for all weaknesses, from whatever cause, o f the sexual organs, in male or female patients. A sure remedy at an expense not to exceed $ 3 per week. Victim s o f the TESTIMONIALS. ------ we have hundreds of them of the strongest character, still we seldom publish one. Few responsible persons desire them pub­ lished. We invite all to call and read references and testimonials of the very best, that they may refer to or that they may know, and who live in their own town. C onsultation F bee and P rivate . J . W . D A Y . M . D . . L . L . D . O F F ICERS FOR 1902 JAM E S E. B O O T H ...........................................................................................................President. RUFUS K . D R Y E R > 4 A L E X A N D E R M. L IN D S A Y , f ....................................................... Vice-Presidents. D A V ID H O Y T ........................................................................................Secretary and Treasurer. W ILLIAM B. L E E ................................................................................................ Attorney. George Ellwanger. George G. Clarkson. Cyrus F Paine. James E. Booth. Alex. M. Lindsay. T R U S T E E S Rufus K. Dryer. Eugene T. Curtis, Marvin A. Culver. Elias 8. Ettenheimer. Henrv A. Strong. William Hamilton. Thomas J. Devine. William B. Lee. Edward W. Peck. Pharcellus V. Crittenden. IEI I0BK IBIBU1B FAMES. Established in 1841 , for over sixty years it was the N E W Y O R K W E E K L Y TRIBU N E , known and read in every State in the Union. On November 7 , 1 0 0 1 , it was changed to the NEW YORK TRIBUNE FARMER a high-class, up-to-date, illustrated agricultural weekly, for the farmer and his fam ily— Price, $1.00 a year, but you can buy it for less. How ? F— i | B y subscribing through your own favorite home newspaper, F a r m s r S I T h b E m b s , Penn Yan, f c Y . 1 Both papers one year for only $ 1 . 6 0 . Send your order and money to T he E xpress . Sample Copy Free. Send your address to NEW YORK TRIBUNE FARMER, New York City. For Every Member of the Family ♦ > ♦ » ♦ > ♦ » BAY OF QUINTE ROUTE TO THE I I O O O I S L A N D S ❖ ❖ ❖ v ❖ ❖ Leaving Summerville (Port of Rochester) Daily, except Sunday, at 8 .30 P. NEAR181GHT and FAR SIGHT correctly fitted. Only the beet glasses used, HOPKINS, Jeweler and Optician. s ❖ ❖ ❖ e ❖ A A Complete Review of all the Scenic Beauties of the Bay o f Quinte and 1000 Islands, reaching all points of interest, «:» .» ❖ »:♦ ❖ * i ❖ ❖ e «8» Also, Daily Trips to Coburg and Port Hope, leaving Summerville at 9 .4 5 a. m. The shortest route to all Canadian Pishing and Sporting Resorts. Electric care convey passengers and baggage from railway stations direct to steamboat landing. For information and tickets, apply to F. J. AM 8 D E N, Powers Block; Lehigh Valley Railroad Office, 13 East Main St., or LE W IS & CO., 107 Central Ave.. opposite New Y o r k C. Station, Rochester, N. Y . t ♦ > I.*| 4 |A We promptly obtain U. 8. and Foreign PATENTS Send free report on How to Secure Patents and el, sketch or photo of invention for .tcntabllity. For free book, write to Attractive surroundings are half tbe battle for home comfort. The beauty of a room can be enchanced by its wall paper more than by any other one thing. A new cover ingof paper makes all the difference in the world. We can make the room harmon­ iously beautiful and please you with the quality and price of the paper. Let us show you our stock. patentability. For frei TRADE-MARKS GA-SNOW & ( ? . Opposite U. S. Patent Office W A S H IN G T O N D. C. Is It A ll Right ? That question is satisfactorily answered as to anything requiring the use of flour i f your methods of baking or other forms of cooking are as good as the flour. You will permit us to say that no better flour than P M A R I4 W H I T S brand can bo found in this broad land. W hat we want is your approval of this high grade flour. 1 . VAN GELDER 1 1 6 M A I N RT.» PAINTER an d DECORATOR. The erstwhile fashionable shade of Paris ecru has been superseded by a dark­ er color with a tea tone in it. CLARENCE T. BIRKETT, 7 ^ D r . D a v i d K e n n e d y S Favo r i ic Remedy DK . p N | Y . S T O M A C H ^ SOLE MANUFACTURER, 2 *AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA IN THE TEMPLE OF RUIN By W ILLIS EMERY Copyright, 10:i, by Frederick IL Toombs ▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼VVTTVVTVVWVVVVVe O N T E C A R L O w a s the scene o f this little adven­ ture. The season w a s ear­ ly June. The gardens were sw e e t w ith a thousand odors and silvery w ith moonlight, but in the casino there were glaring lights and a heat that seemed to strike upon the top o f one’s head ami the scents that are bad counterfeits of flowers. A young gentleman named Wllmot, whom I had met in Paris, had (lined with mo at the hotel, and w e had then strolled across to the place where vis­ itors are expected to spend their mon­ ey in the purchase of nervous prostra­ tion. I had never visited this temple of absurdity before, but Wllmot, who had spent some years abroad, had been there often—much oftoner, in fact, than any real friend of his would have wished. On this occasion be lost about 20 louis without winning a bet. “ Well, w e ll!” he cried. “ I ’m not in luck tonight. A ren’t you going to play?” I confessed that I could see nothing in the sport. I had tried it elsewhere and had found, as one who lacks, the I WAS INTERESTED IN TWO WOMEN WHO SAT SIDE BY SIDE. instinct alw a y s w ill, that gam b ling is the most disappointing o f the polite vices. A ll the seats a t the table w e re occu­ pied, but there w a s no great crowd about. T w o or three men w e re dodg­ ing here and there to lay their bets, but w e had room to spare at the end o f the board, w h e re w e remained aw h ile to w a tch the faces o f the play­ ers. There w e re no great gains or losses. I w a s interested principally in tw o w o ­ men who sat side by side, one o f them m ildly successful, the other steadily losing. It w a s am u sing to observe that the wom an who lost w a s angry with the wom an who won and not w ith the croupier who sw e p t in her money nor w ith herself for being so foolish as to play. Am o n g those w h o lost w a s a young gentlem an w ith a typical Yankee coun­ tenance anil the tall, thin, strong figure that m atches w ith it. I sym pathized w ith him because he w a s a fellow countrym an and also because he w a s 0 long w a y from home and so m ight be the more seriously em b arrassed by the sort o f indiscretion which this place w a s built to encourage. I observed that his eye w a s alw a y s on the wheel when the ball w a s rolling and that when it fell in the w rong place he started as if w ith a spasm o f pain. I had seen him lose about 200 francs upon the numbers 3 1 , 3 2 and 3 3 when a very charm ing young woman, simply dressed and escorted by a youth who looked as if he m ight be the brother o f the player, approached the table and addressed the object of my inter­ est. lie had no seat, but w a s reaching over between tw o other gam esters to lay down his bets. , A t the sound of the wom an’s voice be straightened up, withholding his money, and turned to speak to her. Their conversation w a s surely no busi­ ness of mine, and I moved aside, but I could not help hearing her beg him to come aw a y . She w a s not insistent, and she veiled her anxiety beneath some thin excuse of a social duty that he was ifc’glecting, yet the essence of the affair w a s obvious. I felt a strong de sire to take the young man by the col lav and march him out of the place, but the etiquette of Monte Carlo for * 1 8 * The duel in the dark was a favor­ ite with duelists. Two men were locked in a dark room and crawled stealthily fro m corner to corner, until some false step made one ot them the target f o r b u l l e t o r blade. Life is a duel in the dark with disease. One false step, one mistake, and the attack comes swift and sudden. The mistake which commonly opens the way for an attack by disease is neglect o f the symptoms of stomach trouble. When eating is followed by undue full­ ness, belcliings, sour or bitter risings, etc., disease is attacking the stomach. The best way to frustrate such an at­ tack is to use Dr. Pierce’s Golden Med­ ical Discovery. It cures diseases of the stomach and other organs of digestion and nutrition, and makes the body strong and healthy. \ I was suffering very much with my head and stomach,” writes Mrs. W. C. Gill, of Weldon, Shelby Co., Ala., Mieod was so dizzy when I would raise up in bed would fall right back. Could eat but very little, in fact scarcely any­ thing, there seemed to be a heavy weight in my stomach so I could not rest; I had to Belch very often and would vomit up nearly eveiythlng I ate. I was in a bad condition. I took four bot­ tles of Dr. Pierce’s Golden Medical Discovery and five of his * Favorite Prescription' and am now well and hearty. I feel like a new woman and give Dr. Pierce’s medicines credit for it all. I had taken medicine from physiclana without any benefit as I cyuldjee.w Dr. Pierce’s Common Sense Medical Adviser is sent free on receipt of stamps to pay expense of mailing only . Send 21 one-cent stamps for the paper covered book, or 31 stamps for the cloth-bound. Address Dr. R . V, Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y . bids such help from man to man. So I remained passive, while the croupier announced the number 3 2 . The young woman, whom I rightly judged to be ttic w ife of the player, turned away, hiding considerable vex­ ation. She had accomplished nothing except that she had prevented her hus­ band from putting down his money at a time when he would have won. Though I felt that any gains lie might nutke would only bind him more se­ curely to a folly that could have but one conclusion, I w a s so full of human frailty os to wish that lie might win. It w a s not possible from where I stood to watch the rolling ball with any ac­ curacy or to get a notion wlicro it would fall even 111 the very last In- aunt. hut be w a s nearer, ami his la c i told me unm istakably when the In­ fernal bit o f ivory narrowly missed his numbers. In half an hour not one of them had won, and the croupier had changed the last of the notes from the small roll whirl) had been tightly clinched in the young man's left hand. His last supply of 5 frank pieces quickly vanished, and ho began to bet “ petit moimaic” from Ills pockets. lie had a surprising quan­ tity of silver, and whenever I fancied he had come to the end of it lie would thrust a nervous hand into another pocket and bring forth the value of one more wager. I think, however, that his very last ft frank piece w a s on the board when the croupier called 3 2 . The young man had upon this number the value of $1, the sm allest sum that may be bet at Monte Carlo. When the be* had been paid, he had 180 francs, or $ 3 0 . W ith this encouragement he laid down his money more liberally, and alm ost im- m cdiately won again upon 3 1 . Then I could see in his eyes that hope w a s alive in him. It alw a y s seems so natural that fate should relent. The element of pity in a human heart is shocked by the brutality of chance and is very slow to believe that the ulti­ mate intention can be bad. It m ay have seemed only fair to this young gentle man that he should have a turn of luck upon his last coin and should win enough to recompense him for bis suf ferings. He wiped the sw e a t from Ills brow and w e n t into the silly struggle w ith a new courage. But the little ivory ball that cared nothing for him or for his sacred obli­ gations to his w ife refused to perform the small service that w a s requisite. Instead It tantalized him by falling into 1 7 , which is on one side of 3 2 , and then into 20, which is upon the other side of it. And I could see the poor fel­ low ’s heart leap in his bosom. W a tching this perform ance, I got my first comprehension of the gambling passion, which has for its basis a fatu ­ ous pugnacity; an aimless, agonizing resistance to an im p alpable foe. A t the outset I wished this man to stop play­ ing. I knew that he w a s doing a foolish tiring. A t the last I merely wished him to win, and I s a w his coin dwindle with no more rational feeling than sorrow and w rath that he m u st stop, give up, go aw a y beaten. I remembered hearing that an Eng­ lish nobleman. Lord Arrelsford, whose w e a lth had been a byword on the con­ tinent since the recent death of his un­ cle, had won 4 5 ,0 0 0 francs on the day before our arrival. W h y could not such luck come to this man who needed it rather than to that Croesus to whom ten tim es the sum would be o f no im­ portance? W hen one asks w h y , why, w h y, he is beginning to be a gambler, for a sane man knows there is no w h y in the matter. “ T h a t man is losing more than he can afford,” whispered W ilmot. “ I don’t like the look of him.” “ Nor I.” w a s my rejoinder. “ Con­ found those numbers! W h y don't they come ?” “T h e y w o n ’t show again,” said W il­ mot, w ith the confidence o f an experi­ enced gam b ler who is alw a y s deceived w ith the notion that he has some small insight into the w a y s o f chance. “ He is on his last legs.” “ I don’t think he has another franc in his pockets,” said I, “ b u t it looks as if he w e re going to m ake another search.” “ So you’ve noticed that hand o f his, eh? It’s hovering around his hip pock­ et, and It’s not money he has there.” “ Y ou don’t mean” — “ I mean just that,” whispered W il­ mot. “ He wouldn’t be the first man who’s shot him self over that table. The croupiers are w a tching him.” “ Gracious heavens!” I exclaimed. “ Did you see Iris w ife?” W ilm ot nodded, w ith his eyes full of meaning. “ T h is Is a terrible place,” he said. “ E d ge over a little nearer to him, and if he loses his next bet look out!” The croupier called 5 . Our friend had three coins remaining. He covered 3 1 , coivcd that what he had taken from ^ y / ^ I / H A 1 7 ▲ | f W I ^ Y ^ Y I f f | his pocket w a s not a revolver, but a V V C / X l X } r X l U l N U i W I F ^ The sight staggered me, and yet In 0^ « , \ ' , _ tenth part of a second I perceived that D l \ V Y C C n C 8 N e r V l i r a 1 8 t l l C R e m e d y O U f f i his folly was really almost ns bad as t t _ ^ t i 7 a i i the one I had anticipated. By his anx- 1 , v H A c U A C H C l W C i t s lety I knew that the money in the wal- The man who has a sick w ife has a great burden upon him, but hie burden let must be a reserve, the loss o f which is ligh t compared to th a t of his sick wife. She may not be slok abed, but she ve him stranded. | ailing all the tim e ; she Is weak, nervous, irritable, would lea and tired out. 8he Is It w a s hard to say that which I njffkts and w a k e s mornings feeling tired, without energy or ambition, knew should be said, but at that mo- discouraged, dragged out, and indescribably miserable. Her head aches, her back aches, she cannot eat, is constipated, melancholy, and so nervous at times th a t she feels as if she should fly. She feels just good for nothing and Is tired all the time. How quickly w ill the weight of her burden of disease be lifted if she w ill use that g reatest boon to woman­ kind, Dr. Greene's Nervura blood and nerve remedy I How quickly it w ill relieve her weakness, her nervous­ ness, her pains and aches, her hope­ less depression of mind and heart, and how speedily it w ill restore her strength, renew her vitality, vigor, energy, power, and the pulsing life which means happiness for women 1 Dr. Greene’s Nervura is indeed a blessing for weak, nervous, and de­ spairing women, for its use means to them health, strength, hope, happi­ ness, and life itself 1 Mrs. James Roakc, a well-known lady living at 145 Washington Street, Peekskill, N. Y.. says: “ About fifteen years ago I was taken very sick. After sevtn months I got over that, but have never been well since. I have suffered terribly with pains in tho chest, back, kidneys, and head. There was I LAID MY HAND ON HIS SLEEVE. ment I caught a glimpse of his wife and brother approaching somewhat hastily through the long rooms. “ Pardon an entire stranger,” said I, “ b u t you know we’re both Americans, and” — “ W ell, upon my word!” be cried. —”and you—you really mustn’t lose any more. You’re not Lord Arrelsford, you know. You can’t afford”— “ B less my soul!” he said slow ly as he fixed his bright blue eyes upon me. “ I really like your impudence. If I’m not Lord Arrelsford, who the deuce am II You m ay know more than I do about my financial situation, but, by George, sir, I know my own name!” Lord Arrelsford turned to the table and took from his w a llet a sum of mon­ ey that made me dizzy. W hen I recov­ ered consciousness, W ilm ot w a s lead­ ing me aw a y . woul< a disagreeable feeling in the eyes and I rid b e very sick 11 id was always elo< low-spirited. I had terrible numb spells, in the morning. mind was always gloomy and I frit very id terril ‘ My and would have to be rubbed some time before 1 could get around. Some of these numb spells were so severe m y friends thought I would not recover from them. “ I tried doctors and medicines, but got of Dr. no better. Finally I Greene’s Nervura the use and nerve remed as my husband had been most miraculously cured by it. After using it a short time there was a most wonderful improvement. “ I continued to steadily gain in every respect until I was cured of all these terrible mlings. This wonderful medicine had now cured my husband and myself of the most fearful suffering, but this was not a ll I now want to tell about my little girl. “ She has never been well since she was born. No doctors have known just what ailed her. She was out of her mind most of the time and had constant pain inner side. She has had spasms continually, from six to sev en a month, “ She is the smallest child for her age that can be found. All medicines could do noth­ ing for her until I gave her Dr. Greene’s Nervura blood and nerve remedy, and then she was cured in a short time. I cannot say enough in praise of this wonderful medicine, it has done so much for me and my family. I heartily advise everybody to take it .n Do not fa il to try this wonderful Dr. Greene’s Nervura blood and nerve remedy. You should specially take it now, for everybody needs at this season this grandest of spring medicines. People have more confidence in it than in any and all other remedies, because i t is the prescription of a famous regular physician and therefore perfectly adapted to cure, and because Dr. Greene, 101 F ifth Avenue, N ew Y o r k City, can be consulted at any time free ot charge in regard to anv case, w h e ther you call or w rite. When eggs are to be boiled herd, In or­ der that they may be made digestible, they should be allowed to boil for twenty minutes. “ N lck n a c k lt o r ian .” London shopkeepers' slang is a dia­ lect in itself and one that is alw a y s changing. W h at, then, is a “ nieknack- itovian?” W e know not the word to­ day, but, looking recently through some old law cases dating about a hundred years back, I w a s puzzled to find it applied in all good faith to describe a plaintiff in the sheriff's court. On further search it turned out to be a piece o f forgotten cockney slang for a dealer in bric-a-brac. T h e evidence showed that this plain­ tiff kept a sort o f old curiosity shop, in which he dispensed “ mummies,” poisoned arrows, the head o f K in g A r ­ thur’s spear and a genuine manuscript o f the “ first play acted by Thespis and his company in a wagon!” The de­ fendant, a woman, had actually bought and paid for some o f these rarities, but she died after having com­ missioned the embalming o f an orang|tion fro outang to add to her collection, and for this her executors refused to pay. Counsel for the defense poured con- Nerd More Help. Often the over-taxed organs of diges­ tion cry out for help by Dyspepsia's pains, Nausea, Dizziness, Headaches, liver com­ plaints, bowel disorders. Such troubles I ££ifertimefiu DR. E. F. BUTTERFIELD, ol SYRACUSE, N. Y. The Famous Clairvoyant Physician Talks ol the Progress that Has Been Made in the Treatment ol Chronic Diseases in the Last Forty Years. Very few Doctors, who began their prac­ tice torty years ago are lett to tell the stoiy of the ways and methods of those call for prompt use of Dr. K ing's New L ife Pills. They are gentle, thorough and guaranteed to cure, er’s drug store. Always begin a ball o f siring or wool from the inside, and you will find it never gets tangled or untidy. SAR A T O G A W ater A delicious and effervescent drink. Aids digestion, tones tbeetomach.assimilates the food. Book free.* A banana skin will remove discolora- 1 rnsset shoes. Use Allen’s Foot-Ease, A powder to be shaken into the shoes. Your feet tempt on the mummy o f the orang 1 5 S i T l l > U ,l 5 ? S . S l 2 <,i & orli/h't ,ired •> J* A .V .1 A.\ I I A ll 5 * A * • t 11 rt* i \ ll ft. A l l I t . n lA I t - —I a 17 a a . It.AA T* . outang and called it a “stuffed m o u - 1 try lAHen’s Foot-Kase. it cools the feet, and makes walking easy. Cures swollen, sweating feet, ingrowing nails, blisters, and callous spots. Relieves corns and bunions ot all pain and gives key.” Rut the “ nieknackitorian” won his 1 1 « q nrnfpssinn \v*is more takin g I r^st a°d comfort. Try it to-day. Sold by all drug- case. i l l s pioression w a s iiioil iaM l|e gists aod shoe stores for 35c. Don’t accept any than his nam e .-M a n c h e ster Guardian, substitute. Trial package f r e e . Address, Alien S. Olmsted, LeRoy, N. R. D o u b tful Praise. Mr. Faxon w a s the oldest patron of the “select boarding house” in which he lived, and his landlady sometimes referred people to him for a recom­ mendation o f her table. H is w ish w a s to praise the food highly, as he could conscientiously do, but one day he overstepped his mark. “ I ’m dyspeptic, sir,” said a man who had gone to Mr. Faxon to make In­ quiries about the boarding house, “and my food has to be simple and well cooked—no high seasoning, no in­ digestible compounds.” Mr, Faxon looked at him with a bland and reassuring smile. “ My dear sir,” he said in his most impressive manner, “you need have no fears. All I have eaten in the ten years I have been under Mrs. Brown's roof would not interfere with the di gestion of the most delicate baby, sir, in the land,” are prepared to furnish ice cream in all flavors— or any flavor desired— at short notice and at low prices. They will gladly quote prices. Their cream is always pure and uniform in quality. Served by the dish in their elegantly appointed parlors. The old saddle-bags contained Dover’s powder, Calomel, Fink and Senna, the last 25c at T. F. W heel -1 given to the young to cure worms, and also to give proper religious bent. Bleeding, even to the point o f prostration, was an adjunct to the drug remedies. The Allopathic School held the fort for many years; it was finally changed and modified by the Homeopathic and Eclectic Schools, and the Galvanic Incubator. Taking all the different schools o f med­ icine, including those called irregulars, the Christian Scientists, Magnetic tiealers, Os­ teopaths have tailed to give us any surety of pertect diagnosis and treatment of disease. They make lamentable failures as yet, showing their knowledge veiy imper­ fect and not to be relied upon. We still have heart disease, sugar diabetes, Bright’s disease, dyspepsia, rheumatism, paralysis and all other various Ills that seem to baffle the skill of the phys­ ician to rightly name the disease or perform a cure. First, we are aware that wisdom and knowledge are the result of long years ol toil and research, and that deep uown in human life the loftiest truths are bora. Dr. Butterfield starts out from a differeni standpoint, basing his knowledge upont s-pintual insight into the causes of you condition ana the reasons for your suffer, ing. This spiritual insight is the incentive to all progress and Is the one method by which the right remedies can be used to suit the case. The Doctor has been coming to Penn Yan for eight years, and has cured hundreds of cases that have come to him as a last re­ sort, and he has cured where all others had failed and hope had gone. He uses vegetable remedies entirely, which are as natural as fruit, in the system. They can be taken by any one, no matter how delicate the stomach. The Doctor cures some of the worst cases of kidney and bladder trouble, enlarged liver and heart disease, dyspepsia, rheumatism and all other forms of chronic diseases. A ll are welcome to a free examination. His long experience is worth everything to the chronic invalid. Dr. Butterfield will be at the Knapp House, Penn Yan, N. Y . on Wednesday. Aug. 20 th, 1902 . lU i l l n s th e C h i l d r e n . A ticket examiner entered a compart ment wherein a respectably dressed la- dy w a s comfortably seated. lie did 1101 notice a long, flat package lying on th( opposite seat, covered with a traveling rug and u newspaper carelessly tlirowi over it, and lie probably would have left the compartment oblivious of its existence had not a pair of sweet, pret ty eyes peeped over the top and in a cautious tone the owner of them In qutred: “ Mamma, lias the man gone yet?” The artful mother confusedly ex plained that her child was only thrc< and entitled to travel free, but cuviositj Impelled him to further Investigation and a robust 3roung girl of appnrvntlj ten revealed herself.—London Tit-Bite. ♦ T h e illONNPiiKer B o y . “ W h y is It that one can never get a bright, reliable and speedy messen­ ger?” “ De company don't pay dnt kind of wages, ma'am.” — Indianapolis News. with or without ice cream can be had at their soda water fountain at five cents a glass. Their trade has con­ stantly grown because their custom­ ers are perfectly satisfied with the goods and treatment they receive. Olympian Fruit & Candy Co. Main Street, Penn Yan. H a ir F a lls HE WOULD THRUST A NERVOUS HAND INTC ANOTHER l ’OCKET. >2 and 3 3 . Again the ball whirled around. It seemed to me that it rolled for half an hour before it fell sharply against one o f the divisions o f the wheel and .bounced back. I waited for the croupier’s word, but the ball had not come to rest. It was spinning like a top on the edge of the wheel, upheld only by the force of Its rotation and seemingly fixed on the re volvlng disk. 1 got a glimpse of it, and It w a s poised above the yum ber 3 2 . Im­ mediately It fell w ith a little click. “ T wenty, black, even and above!” called the croupier. And I saw mil T-n - -- pftiuj CO .tlVluLU lU to hla nip pocket, while his figure straightened rigidly. I laid my hand upon his sleeve, and be turned like a flash. “ Don't do It,” said I in a low tofle. “ T h ink o f her.” “ W hy, w h a t the devil do you mean?” he demanded and drew forth his hand hastily. I hud a firm grip on him before Ijper- “ I tried Ayer’s Hair Vigor to stop my hair from falling. One- half a bottle cured m e.” J. C. Baxter, Braidwood, 111 , Ayer’s Hair Vigor certainly the most eco­ nomical preparation o f its kind on the market. A little o f it goes a long way. It doesn’t take much of it to stop falling of the hair, make the hair grow, and restore color to gray h a i r . $ 1.00 . MU.. All diEifId.. If your druggist cannot supply you, send us one dollar and wo will express you a bottle. Be sure and give the name of your nearest express office. Address, J. C. AVER CO.. Lowell. Mass. LOW RATE EXCURSIONS. Greatly reduced round-trip rates to va­ rious points in the West are offered by the Michigan Central, \T h e Niagara Falls Route.” If you contemplate a trip to Col­ orado, Utah, Dakota, or to the Pacific coast, write to W. H. Underwood, G. E. P. A., M. C. It. R., Buffalo. U8 10 It is said that clusters of the ordinary roadside clover in a room and left to dry there, more efficaciously banish flies than any fly trap or sticky paper. Poisoning the System. It is through the bowels that the body is cleansed of impurities. Constipation keeps these poisons in the system, causing headache.dullness and melancholia at first, then unsightly eruptions and finally seri­ ous illness unless a remedy is applied. DeWitt’a Little Early Risers prevent this trouble by stimulating the liver and pro­ mote easy, healthy action of the bowels. These little pills do not act violently, but by strengthening the bowels enable them to perform their own work. Never gripe or distress. T. F. Wheeler. The finest of manicure acids is made by putting a teaspoon of lemon juice in a cup of warm water. This removes most stains from the fingers and nails. C A S T O R IA For Infants and Children. The Kind You Have Always Bought Bears the Signature of Whipped cream, grated cheese and minced rad sh hearts form a new and much relished sandwich filling for teas, spread between slices of brown bread of wafer thinness. 4x05 Box Plaited Eton Jacket, 32, 34, 36 bust. and get a fashion sheet free, and if yon want this jacket, or any other May Mauton pij» u for ten cents, or if.you want a nice chiffon or any other kind of hat at a great deal less money than you ever thought of get­ ting one, go and see them this week, also cor­ sets, corsets, and corsets, at Mrs. Frank Goldsmith’s. 124 Main St. Mother Always Keeps It Handy. “ My mother suffered a long time from distressing pains and general ill health, due primarily to indigestion,” says L. W. Spalding, Verona. Mo. “Two years ago I got her lo try Kodol. She grew better at once, and now,at tbe age o f seventy six, eats anything she wants, remarking that she fears no bad effects,as she has her bot­ tle of Kodol handy.” Don’t waste time doctoring symptoms. Go after tbe cause. If your stomach la sound your health will be good. Kodol rests the stomach and strengthens the body by digesting yonr food. It is nature’s own tonic. T. F. Wheeler.

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