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t- - m S* -IW r-w ->' || v * I * l>- K . Special Cut Prices ®l)e Penn pan (fijrprtss. W E D N E S D A Y , JU N E 25. 1902 IT will soon be in older to pay village taxes. T h is is Co key Seminary. till! eucem cnt week at Star. Personal . L ocal fourth. after on every page but the C au c u s calls will be found on first and second pages. H om e grow n strawberries of very fine quality have been retailing in the markets at 6 to io c . per quart. D r s . Doubleday, Underwood and New* man performed an operation on Mrs. E. A. Burrlll yesterday, and she is in a crit­ ical condition. Persona desirous o f h a v in g personal m e n tion m a d e o f th e v isit of friends are requested to ■ end us th e oeceaearv inform a tion. — Miss Anna Russell is visiting relatives in Rochester. — Col. A. S. Thurston, o f Albany, is at his summer home at WiUowhurst. Painters9 Union. S a t u r d a y last, June shortest day of the year. 21st, was the F r a n k G il b e r t , a teamster employed by S. L. Pratt, fell from a load o f logs a few days ago, and tan a cant hook into his leg about two inches. R e p u b l ic a n county convention, July 12th ; caucuses, July 5th. f \ L o L & x e V , tiw v V & v e x V s T h e pension of Eden Hunt, of this vil­ lage, has been increased to $12 per month. LKVi B assett , o f Dundee, has been granted an increase of pension to $17 per month. T h e members o f the Knights o f Mac­ cabees of the Counties of Yates and Steu­ ben are planning for their annual outing at Ontario Beach, Thuisday, August 21. O n account of the severe frosts the home strawberry crop this year is remark­ ably fine. T h e Board o f Education has appointed Walter Wolcott to take the school census o f the Penn Yan Union School District. The work has to be completed before June 30th. — Mrs. W e tdin Uuderwocd, o f Horse* heads, is the guest o f Mrs. U. V. Clark. — Mies Caroline Stoddard, of Roches­ ter, was the guest last week of Miss Julia L* Leary. — Mrs. N ellie Sellew, o f Rochester, is the guest o f her sister, Mrs. James H. Cornwell. — M is. Martha Ballard has gone to Jop­ lin, Mo., to reside with her two sons, A l­ fred and Louis. — Mr. Paul Knox, Hamilton, ’04, re­ turned home on Friday, the 29th, for the summer vacation. R.eAvve.cA \o Xx>ixo\x>w V v v c e s . ■KVY ‘’KXxvtXs, *K \ Y V v Y c c s , $ wrnyc T h e Yates Baptist Association will meet with the Himrod Baptist Church next year. T h e graduating exercises o f the Penn Yan Academy w ill be held in the Yates Lyceum this evening. T h e deposits of the Dundee State Bank at the close of business June 10, 1902, amounted to $101,877 00. I r a G a g s , residing about three miles north of Rushville, recently received a dangerous kick in the tem ple. He was alter ded by Dr. A. T. Halstead. T hom a s C a r m o d y , E sq , o f this vil­ lage, has bzen invited to deliver en ad­ dress on the occasion of the annual pic­ nic of the church of the H o ly Cross at Ovid, J u ly 4th. B e g i n n i n g with the week ending Mon­ day, June 30th, and continuing for sev eral weeks, our weather report will close the record with Monday, instead of Tues­ day, as heretofore. T h e quarterly afternoon meeting of Phil Sheridan Circle will be held on Wed­ nesday .July 2d, at two o ’clock. All memb­ ers are urgently requested to be present, as business of special importance is to be discussed. M r John Johnson, an aged citizen and former drayman, residing on Clinton Street, stepped into a hole in a walk on Seneca Street one day last week, which threw him down, badly cutting his face and otherwise bruising him. D u r in g a recent thunder storm, light­ ning struck the dwelling occupied by George Warren and fam ily on the Foster place in Barrington. The building was T h b young Ladies' Sodality will give B! considerably damaged, and some of the lawn social for the benefit of the new Catholic church on Thursday evening. July 2d, on the convent lawn. Ice cream and cake, 10 cents. inmates were stunned by the shock. T h e painting and gilding o f the statu­ ary o f St. M ichael’s Church, Penn Yan, was the work o f W illiam G . Cleveland, of this village, and has been highly praised by com p etent critics. O n Thursday last,while Martin Christen­ sen was shoeing a horse at W h ite’s black­ smith shop on Liberty street in this vill- ege, the animal fell upon him , and his right leg was badly cut by a horse shoe m il. Dr. Sherer attended to the injury. How To Do It! M r . F . C. W ixom is a candidate for the nomination o f school comm issioner. Mr. W ixom is a graduate of Cornell Univer­ sity, and has had eight years’ experience as a teacher in all lines of school work. T h e Penn Yan R f l e Club made the following score at their shoot last Wednes­ day : J. F . Underwood, 68; W . L. Bird, 67; C. J. Moore, 65; Charles Coates, 64; George Goodrich, 61; James Goodspeed, 57; Christie B. Briggs, 52. Theodore Coons, 49; David M iller, 43. There are numerous ways o f making Tea. Every person has a favorite way, but any person can make good tea By Using Our Half-dollar Tea. No other Tea is as good for that price. Try it. _________ A. Mac K A Y CO. T h e annual “ Outing Tea M e e ting” held at H u tton’s Place last week netted between $11 and $12, and was well attend­ ed, the result being a most enjoyable oc­ casion, as well as gain for the advance of W. C. T . U. work in various lines. T h e remains o f the Rev. W illiam Cat- terson, who died in Geneva, June 2I, were brought here for interm ent in Lake View Cem etery, and the funeral was held at St. M a rk’s chnrch on Monday a. m., the rector, the R e v . J. Howard Perkins, officiating. — Miss Margaret Koehler, instructor in the Elm ira High School, is at home for her summer vacation. — Mies Sarah F. Sheppard left on Fri­ day, the 20th Inst., for a visit o f several weeks to friends in Detroit. — Mrs. G. F. Cramer and Miss Jane Cramer, of Rochester, are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. George Cramer. — Mrs. Howard Patchen, of Covington, Pa., is visiting her sisters, Mrs. Charles Plaisted and Mrs. William M cKay. — Miss Em m a Franklin, o f Geneva, was in town on Monday to attend the fu­ neral of the R e v . William Catterson. — Miss Florence Stryker, an instructor in Miss M ittleberger’s school, Cleveland, is the guest o f Miss Louise Armstrong. — The Rev. E. C. Hayes, formerly Dean of Kenka College, was in town on Satur­ day last, on his way to visit that institu­ tion. — Mrs. Eva H icks and Master Charles Beaumont are spending a few days in Syracuse as the guests o f Mrs. Cornelia H. Beaumont. e — Mrs. Robert Hamlin, |of Syracuse, has been the guest for the ipast few days of Mrs. Sam A. Johnson and Mrs. Charles Doubleday. — Mrs. John Sogard and daughter, of Vinton, Iowa, are visiting at the home of Mrs. Sogard’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Miner Taylor. — Mrs. H enry D. Watson and three daughters, Janet, Margaret, and Jean, of Flatbush, L . I., are the guests of Mrs. Watson’s mother, Mrs. Charles Hunter. — J. R . Clark and fam ily, o f Colorado Springs, left June 14th for a m onth’s stay in Los Angeles, Cal. Mrs. Clark will be rem em bered here as Mrs. M ary Godfrey. — Mr. H K . Armstrong, class of *73, Williams College, is attending Com­ mencement at his Alm a Mater. The in­ stallation of W illiam s’ new president, Dr. Henry Hopkins, is one of the events of Com m encem ent week. On Friday evening the new union of the palnteis, paper hangers, and decor­ ators met for the first time under their chatter and elected officers as follows : P r e s iden t..............................Benjam in Seym o u r. V ice-President ................... E d w a r d Bridgm an. R e c o rding S e c r e t a r y .......................................Pearl B ridgm an. F in a n c ial S e c r e tary ................... ....F r e d Luley. T r e a s u r e r ....................................... F r a n k Gillette. T rustee, 18 m o u t h s .................... Jam es M asten. Trustee, r y e a r .............................................. ..Isa a c Goodm a n . Trustee, 6 m o u t h s .* .. ............ George D u u n ing. W a r d e n ........................................... Albert Bennett. Death ol Hon . Guy Shaw . Hon. Guy Shaw, of Benton, died on Thursday evening latt, aged 82 years. The immediate caose of his death was an accident on the 15th inst., resulting in a broken hip, the particulars of which ap­ peared in the E x p r e s s last week. Mr. Shaw was, for many years, a prominent and influential citizen of his town, and represented Yates County in the Assem­ bly of 1863. He was born in the town of Barrington in 1820. He married Miss Laura L. Peirce, daughter of John Pearce, of Middlesex. Besides his wife helis survived by three children, Marvin B., Mrs. E. B. Porter, of this village, and W ealthy, of Benton. Lake Notes. Railroad Time Tables. Board ot Trustees . At a regular semi-monthly m eeting of the board of village trustees held on Fri­ day evening last, the bond o f O G. Shear­ man, as treasurer o f the cem etery com­ mission, with D. W. Beilis and H. W. Perkins as sureties, was accepted. Sev­ eral new walks were ordered to be put down, and a few persons who had built new walks o f stone and cement were granted rebates, as the charter provides. It was resolved to macadamize Lake street; also Elm street, from K e u k a street to the cem etery. The electric road authorities were authorized to repair the road around their tracks in this village, under the direction of the street comm is­ sioner. vonnty Court. The June term ot the Yates County Court, which convened on the 9th inst., adjourned on W ednesday last. In the case o f Zenos B. Davis, plaintiff and re­ spondent, vs. Orson D. Davis, defendant and appellant, the ju r y rendered a ver­ dict of $199 04 in favor o f the plaintiff. Hom er T . Reed, Esq., of Canandaigua, for plaintiff; Calvin J. Hnson, Esq-, for defendant. It was an appeal from the decision o f Justice St.John , o f this vil­ lage, which was also in favor o f the plaintiff. The case o f Clarence T . Birkett, re­ spondent, vs. Charles Adamson el a l.% ap­ pellants, was argued and decision re­ served. —Mrs. Charles S. Darling and eons, David and Thurston, come this week from Canandaigua to join Mr. Darling at Willowburst for the summer. — Mr. and Mrs. Henry Russell, 2d, and Master Clinton Russell, arrived on Mon­ day, the 23d inst, from Elmira, to take possession of one of the Hart & Scott cottages for the summer. — Mr. and Mrs. Bert S. Hopkins, Miss Emma Holdaworth, Miss Elizabeth Bush, and Messrs. Ralph Brown and Charles C. Debenham spent last Sunday at Mr. Deb- enham's cottage on the lake. — T he following party spent last Friday and Saturday at fu t t i Fiutti Lodge, the cottage of H. A. Johnson: Mrs. James M. Henderson and Mrs. J. E. Lewis, of Buf­ falo ; Mrs. Robert Hamlin, o f Syracuse; Mrs. S. A. Johnson, of Penn Yan ; Mrs. James H. Langstrotb and Miss Adabelle Langstroth, of East Orange, N. J. 1 ♦ « — ■ Yates County Convention . The sixteenth annual of the Y a tes County W oman’s Christian Tem perance Union will be held in Middlesex Baptist Church on June 26th and 27th. The chil­ dren of the Loyal Temperance Union will open the exercises on the evening of the 26th. An address will then be given by Mrs. Louise S. Rounds, of Chicago, of national fame. Appropriate music will be rendered. At 9.30 June 27th, devo­ tional exercises by Mrs. Rounds, wel­ come by Mrs. Cora Fry, response by Mrs. Griffin, 10.30 corresponding secretary and treasurer will give reports, which will be followed by reports o f superintendents of “ departments of work.” A paper by the State Superintendent o f “ M ercy” will be read by Mrs. Goldsmith, also sn essay by Mrs. Stevens on “ Narcotics,” and an article by Mrs. Gray regarding the “ Soldiers and Sailors” department. Then all to be followed by discussions. Officers will be elected and superinte ndents ap­ pointed for the year. S e c y . Real Estate Transfers. The passenger trains on the N o rthern Central pass Penn Y a n as follows: GOING SOUTH. E x p r e s s .......... 8 29 a . m . Acc’m ’o ............. • 04 p . m , A c c 'm 'n ............. 7 13 p . m , E x p r e s s .......... 9 24 p . m . GOING NORTH. E x p r e s s ............. 6 26 A.M. E x p r e s s ............ 11 37 a . m . A c c ’m ’n ............. 3 03 p . m . E x p r e s s ............. 6 50 p . m . A fter a V e r y B u s y SUNDAYS. E x p r e s s .......... 9 24 p.M. | E x p r e s s ............ it 37 a . m . T h e passenger train s on the Pennsylvania D ivision o f the N e w Y o r k Central w ill arrive at and depart from Penn Y a n as follows j ARRivB. 9 28 A.M. • F rom N. & 8. is 58 a M ........... F r o m S . LL PAPER 3 so p . m ........... From N. 8 S3 P.M ........ N . and 8. ARRIVB. 9 *8 A. m ............ From N. is 58 p.M ............ From 18. 5 28 p . m ............ F r o m N. 8 23 P.M ............. From 8. DBPART. 8 12 A.M.Going N & S. a *9 P.M ......... G o ing 8. xi 57 A .M ....... G o ing N. 7 07 P. .. .......... N. e n d s . SUNDAYS. DBPART. 8 12 A.M ......... G o ing S. xi 57 a . m ....... G o in g N. 4 27 p . m ........ G o ing S. 7 07 p.M ......... G o ing N. A ll train s connect at Dresden w ith train s on the m a in line. LAKE KEUKA NAVIGATION COMPANY. Boats leave Penn Y a n 7 00.11.00 a . m ., i.oo, 3.50, 645 p .m . Arrive at Penn Y a n 10.00, ix.55 a . m . , 3.00, 6,io, 9.15 p. m. Sunday, leave Penn Y a n 9.30 a. m . Leave H a m m o n d sport 4 00 p . m. Season, we find lota of odde and ends left over. These are juet what you want for upstairs rooms, and any other rooms which you are not very particular about. Many of these pa­ pers were originally sold for 10c., 15c., and 20c. per roll. W e are dosing out a majority of the patterns at O jc . Per Roll. Wants, For Sale, Etc. Here is an opportunity for careful and eco­ nomical buyers We are selling Wall Paper in complete combinations at 3c., 4c., 5c. 6c. 8 c , 10c., 12£c., 15c., 20c., and 25c. per roll, and are giving the greatest values you ever heard of. F OR S A L E OR R E N T —Shop on W a g e n e r St. M C A D A M S A K I N Y O U N . F OR SALK. .000 No. x C a taw b a G rape Roots. F. C U L V E R , B lu ff P o in t, N . Y . Handsome Designs in Room F OR R E N T — T w o acres o f good pasture land w ith in the village lim its. • W M. F . H O B A R T & SON. cents per foot W A N T E D —A n am b itious m a n fo r responsi­ ble position In tow n . Address, J. A . W A T C H O R N , G e n e v a , N . Y . W A N T E D — T o bu y , a good D e m o c rat or platform w a g o n . Address, P. O. B o x 13, H lm rods, N . Y . 89 2 F OR R E N T — T w o pleasant room s w ith bath, steam heat; 221 M a in St., opposite Baptist church. F irst floor; outside entrance. JOH N R. LIG H T F O O T . r ------ -- ----------- — ---------- - M ____ F OR S A L E — T o be rem o v e d , tw o -story build­ in g opposite B a p tist c h u rch, kn o w n as “ the gu n shop.” W ell b u ilt; new roof; suitable for d w e llin g . JOH N R. LIGH T F O OT. W A N T E D —T w o ladies to accept position. Salary. $9 to $15 per week. A lso tw o bright youn g m en to travel or local w o r k $75 per m o n th and expenses. C a ll after six p. m . at the Central H o tel, room 33. Perhaps you have noticed the heat. W ell, It will be hot again. Come in and let ns fit you out in our summer clothing department, so you can take solid comfort and still have money left for other needs. W m. Holloway & Co., Elm St., Penn Yan. Mouldings a t ................... t i and up. Curtains, with Spring Fixtures, ready to put up, 10, 20, 25, and 30c. The 25 and 30c. kinds are prettily fringed. We are Agents for Johns’ Asbestos Paint You will never use any other, after trying this. CORNWELL BROTHERS. Runaway Accident. T h e weather the latter part of last week was remarkably cool for this season of the year, especially at night. It is pretty safe to assume, however, that there will be plenty of occasions for the use o f shirt waists, belts, linen dusters, etc., before the 4th of July. M ost crops in Yates County are re­ ported to be looking well. On account o f the severe freeze in M ay there will be a light yield o f hay. The outlook for grapes is very promising, but, of course, the critical tim e will be later in the sea-* son,when killing frosts are likely to o ccur C ar d s of invitation have been issued by Mr. and Mrs. Frank K ipp for the mar­ riage of their daughter, Miss Frances Sutherland, and Robert F . Coleman, which will take place at their hom e In Benton this W ednesday afternoon) at 3 o’clock. P en n Y a n Encam p m ent, I. O. O. F., elected the following officers Tuesday evening, June 17 : C h ief Patriarch, J. Harvey Purdy; high priest, Fred C. W h it­ aker; senior warden, W illiam Snyder; junior warden, James M. Stark; treasurer, George M iller; scribe, Charles Blm en- dorf. G r a n t S. M o s h e r , an em p loye at Pat- teson’s factory, had the fore finger o f his left hand badly cut while operating a dado machine on Monday afternoon last. It was cut on either side from end to knuckle joint, but fortunately the bone was not injured. Dr. J. F . Underwood dressed the wound. O n Saturday afternoon last, while Henry Conklin was backing his team at Keuka mills, the wagon went on to the track of the railroad, and a swiftly passing engine knocked it into flinders. Conklin was thrown out of the wagon, but not seriously injured. T h e r e are seven members In the grad­ uating class of Starkey Sem inary as fol­ lows: Arthur Garfield Adams, K n o x v ille, Pa.; John Morton Ferrier, L a k e m o n t; Floyd H u e y , T y r o n e ; Alvin W illiam Meade, Lakem o n t; George James Seager, Milo ; Charles Frederick Shaw, West Henrietta, Fred L e e W arner, Second Milo. The graduating exercises will take place this forenoon. T h e base ball game yesterd ay between Canandaigua and Penn Yan, on the diamond of the former, resulted in fa­ vor of the latter by a score of 10 to 3. T h e State Encam p m ent, G. A. R ., Is holding at Saratoga this week. Post Long will be represented by Charles Kerney and M. W. Parson ; Post Sloan, by W . H. Whitfield and C. N. M cFarren ; W om an’s R e lief Corps, by Mrs. L n ley and Miss Lewis. T h e steam yacht Lucy T ., which has navigated the waters of Lake K e u k a since its launching, started on a unique voyage M onday, going overland in tow o f a traction engine to Dresden on its way to Cayuga Lake, where it will here­ after be located. Mrs. Edward W ilklow, who resides In the town of Jerusalem, near the County Poor House, was thrown from a buggy on Sunday afternoon last about six o ’clock, while out riding with her husband. Near the residence o f the late Guy Shaw, in Benton, Mr. W ilklow got out of the bag­ gy leaving the lines in his w ife’s hands. At this tim e a man was driving by a num­ ber of cows. The horses were frightened by the crack of his whip and ran away to Head Street, where they were captured. Mrs. W ilklow was thrown from the bug­ gy, striking on her left hip. She was badly shocked and somewhat bruised, as was determined by Dr. W . A. Oliver, who attended her. The following deeds were entered of record in the Yates County Clerk’s office since our last r e p o r t: L y m a n Reeder to L . J. B rundage, prem ises in S t a r k e y — $5,000. Ira C r a n d a ll to N . Y . C. & H . R . R . C o ., p r e m is­ es in S t a r k e y — $45. R e e d C r a n d a ll to N . Y . C . & H . R . R . C o ., prem ­ ises in S t a r k e y — $1x4. C lin ton B . Stru b le to H e n r ietta C. Strong, prem ises In T o r r e y — $1. B a ld w in ’s B a n k t o W a r r e n A . C lark, prem ises in Penn Y a n — $1. W a rren A . C la r k to W illiam J. F itzpatrick, prem ises in Penn Y a n — $1. M a rion G . Bassett to M a ry A . C o n k lin and C h a r ity A llen , prem ises in D u n d e e —$t. E . A . C o y k e n d a ll to F . J. C o y k e n d a ll and G . W. C o y k e n d a ll, prem ises in D u n d e e — $333 33. W illiam M. B irkett to Charles W . Brow n , prem ises in Penn Y a n — $1. A d d le A . S tew a r t to M a tild a G ille t t , prem ises in Penn Y a n —$x. Lawn Swings fro: $2.25 to $7 at Knapp’s. H A T S AND CAP S. W e are not the only ones, by any means, who regaid onr store as head­ quarters for hats and eaps. Our line of straw hats is a “ d andy.” W e can fit your head and we can fit your purse. W m. Holloway & Co., Elm St., Penn Yan. Ether Cholroform Morphine Or other injurious drugs used in manu• facturing Brompton. Give Brompton Cough Syrup F ob WHOOPING- COUGH. Recommended by eveiy one who has used it. Sold by— T. F. W HEELER, FRAN K QUACKENBUSH, EDO A lt H. LEWIS, Druggists, Penn Yan, and BURTCH BROS., Branchport. Use All kinds of machinery repaired and boilers repaired and inspected, at the W illoughby Iron Works. Shop, rear o f Beebe’s carriage works, Jacob street. 89 2 Paragon W a ll Plaster See our line of shirts before buying. We can show you something “ swell.” Wm. Holloway & Co., Elm St., Penn Yan. We have both hand made carriage and factory work, also a lot of second hand work that we wish to dispose of at very low prices. W. H. W h i t f i e l d . “ T HE RIGH T PLACE” to get your millinery and have it satisfac­ tory in quality, style, and price, is at Mrs. Hotchkiss’, Elm St. 80-tf Call and See our HOUSE CLEANING TIME is also system cleaning time. Try Lewis’ Sarsaparilla. Large bottles, 75 cents. 81 tf Lewis’ Ding Store. We have no old trash to Our goods are the best, ing Store. for walls put on to you. klaxon’s C loth And Do not leave it in your will to have a monument erected at your decease. Buy it of Jenkins now, and put it up while you are living, then you ate sure of having one. „ O n r Soda Fountain” Isjnow open for the season. Ice Crea: Soda with pure frnit Syrups, 5c., at Ben­ nett’s Drug Store, near P. O. Atlas Portland Cement Bargains in Straw Hats. Possibly Yon Have Not given me a chance to figure on your monumental work. Call and get my prices. I can save you agents’ commis­ sions. C. J. M oore , Penn Yan Marble and Granite Works, 73 tf Jacob St., Penn Yan, N. Y . FOR A SPRING TONIC take Lewis* Beef Wine and Iron. Pint bottles, 50 cents. 81-tf Lewis’ Drug Store. T h e G . A. R . excursion and basket picnic to the Soldiers’ Hom e at Bath will be held on Thursday, J u ly 10th, under the auspices o f W illiam H. Long Post, No. 486. If you wish for a day o f enjoym ent and recreation, join the “ old boys ” in this their third annual excursion and have a royal good tim e. The G . A. R . drum corps will accom p any the excursion. Fare, round trip, only 65 cents. Louis V r e b l a n d , who was arrested a short tim e ago on the charge o f trying to enter the house o f Mrs. C. C. H ayes, on Head Street, with intent to com m it mis­ chief, pleaded guilty yesterday morning, and was sentenced to pay a fine o f $10, or ten days in ja il. H e paid the fine. GLASSWARE. Housekeepers looking for Tumblers, Lemonade Glasses, Sherbets, Fruit Dishes, Water Pitchers, Lamp Chimneys,&c., would do well to look here first. W e have many excellent values to offer. SUMMER REQUISITES. Most everything needed for lawn or camping outfit: Hammocks, (Jrcquet Sets, Porch Shades, Ice Cream Freezers. FINE WHITE W A ISTS. our third ibroidered We have just received shipment o f those very fine, E White Shirt Waists. The prettiest that have been shown this season. T h e Farmers’ Club picniced at K e u k a Park on Saturday last. On account of the unfavorable weather in the morning the attendance was not as large as had been expected, and the speaker announced for the occasion— W illiam F . Shultz, Secre tary of the Niagara County Farm ers’ Club— was unable to be present. T h e new summ er tim e table of the Lake K e u k a Navigation Company went into effect on Saturday last. Boats leave Penn Yan 7 00 and 11.00 a. m ., 1.00, 3 50, and 7 45 p. m. Arrive at Penn Yan at 10 00 and 11 55 a. m ,, 3.00, 6.10, and 9.15 p. m. Sunday— L e a v e Penn Y a n 9 30 a, m.; leave Hammondsport 4.00 p. m. M r s . Mary E. Erwin died at the home of her sister, Mrs. Hattie Vair, in W ater­ loo, on Thursday last of paralysis, aged 84 years. She leaves two sisters, Mrs. Hattie Vair and Mrs, Grains D. Y e o , of Waterloo, also one brother, John Byram, of Bristol Center. The deceased was a sister o f the late Mrs. Truman Corey, of this village, and form erly and for m a n y 1, years resided in Penn Yan. O n W ednesday afternoon las*, at Ham­ ilton, Canada, occurred the marriage o f Mr. G e o rge B. Lown, of Penn Yan, and Miss Jean Effie Shaw Vincent, of that city. The cerem o n y was performed in the McNabb Street Presbyterian Church. The groom was attended by W alter Sher­ man. Mrs. Marion Lown, Miss Marion Lown, and Miss Dent, of Penn Yan, at­ tended the wedding. T h e Woman’s Hom e M issionary Soci­ ety o f the G e n e v a district met at Seneca Castle on Tuesday of last w e e k , and re­ ported a membership o f 1,000, including young ladies’ and children’s societies. The following officers were chosen : Pres­ ident, Mrs. M . W . House; vice president, Mrs. W . H. Giles ; corresponding secre­ tary, Mrs. Bash ford, of Lyons ; recording secretary, Mrs. D. C. A y r e s ; treasurer, Mrs. K e n t, of Palmyra. T h e Bureau of Ordnance, U. S. Navy Department, has adopted as the standard field carriage for the Gatling Gun a de­ sign submitted by Lieutenant Frank H. Schofield. F ifty o f these carriages are now being built, and will be supplied to the new battle ships. A small arm am­ munition carriage of Lieutenant Scho­ field's design has also been adopted, and 25 o f them are now being built. Hereto­ fore the Navy has had to depend on shore facilities for transportation of ammuni­ tion. T h e following notice is published in The I r ish World o f recent date : D o n e g a l—N e w Y o r k . C O N N A G H A N .— I n fo r m a t io n w a n ted o f M a r y C o n n a g h a n , w h o le f t M a lin b e g , G len C o lu m b k ill, D o n e g a l, Ireland, e ighteen years ago. L a s t beard from , n in e years ago. Sh e w a s then in Penn Y a n , Y a t e s C o ., N . Y . , l i v i n g w ith h e r a u n t , M rs M a r y B a r r e tt. She i s h e ir to a sm a ll legacy be­ queathed b y h e r u n c le , F r a n c is M cShane. I f she is n o t h e a r d lrom on or before the xst day of Oc­ tober, 1902, h e r s h a r e w ill be divided betw e e n her tw o sisters liv in g In C h icago, an d her tw o co u s ­ ins, one in C h icago, and one in Jackson, Tenn., according to p r o v ision s o f th e w ill of her uncle. A d d ress C. M ’Shane or J. C a r r , 318 T h ird Street, Colum b u s, Indiana. Surrogate’s Court. The following business has been trans­ acted in the Surrogate’s Court since our last report : W ill o f John J. Best, o f P o t­ ter, admitted to probate, with Charles H. N e ff as executor ; letters of administra­ tion on the estate o f N a n cy M cBlain, of Milo, issued to Ira O. Sprague; estates o f James M. Johnson, o f Potter, Matilda J. Cham berlain, o f Benton, and Selina Sherman, o f Milo, settled, and distribn lion o f assets ordered. New stock o f famous “ Black Cat” hosiery just in. Lown & Co. for walks M cADAM S & K I N Y O U N . Are you a swell dresser? If so, the only place for yon to buy your suit is at onr store. W e sell the best, at M a x o n ’s. A t We have had an enormous sale of pants. Did yon get in ? The assortment is much smaller than it was, but every pair left is a bargain just as surely as those sold, and likely we have just what you want. No harm in seeing for yourself. Wm. Holloway & Co., Elm St. Penn Yan. Large Bamboo Curtains, 75c , at Knapp’s. As I have no salesman on the road this year, I can give onr customers better prices than ever and save y o u salesman’s com m ission. Be sure to call before you buy a carriage, harness, or bicycle. W . H . W h i t f i e l d . Coal Yard R. M. Kinne Penn Yan ...i ... W hen you are in Penn Yan just step in­ to M axon’s Clothing Store. Social. — Misses Cora and Nora Harrison enter­ tained the Philathea and Baraca Bible classes of the Baptist Church at their home on Head Street on Friday even­ ing last. Light refreshments were served. About seventy-five were In attendance. TIRED WOMEN APPRECIATE MINORS Italy Tent K . O. T . M ., has chosen the following officers for the term: Comman­ der, L . L. Beeman; lieutenant-command­ er, Harry W yckoff; record keeper, T. M. Jamison: sergeant, A. J. Hunter; chap­ lain, H . L. Burke ; physician, R e v . Ar­ thur Osborne; first master of gnard, P. Marshall; second master of guard, E . O. Eddy; sentinel, F . Benedict; picket, I. C. Fox; auditing board, A. Hunter, P. Marshall, and H . L. Burke. A t the May term o f Supreme Court in Penn Yan, the suit of W illiam H . Ellis against Polly E . Cole and Ida E . Hutches was tried before Hon. Adelbert P. Rich, Justice presiding, who, at that time, re­ served his decision. Justice Rich has ren­ dered his opinion, the question at issue being breach of contract, growing out of the sale of a house and lot on Harpen­ ding Avenue, Dundee, known as the Emerson Perry place. The decision awards the plaintiff the sum of $500, be­ sides his costs in the action. H . C. & H. B. Harpending, for plaintiff; C. H . Everts, for defendants. 0. Hamlin&Co. GO TO . Robinson, No 10 Main St., for BARGAINS. T h u marriage ot Mark L . W ilhelm and Mies Snsan Dunn occurred at noon last W ednesday, at the corner o f Liberty and W ater Streets, where they will reside. The cerem ony was performed by Rev. Eugene Haines, o f the Baptist Church. The bride was dressed in a gow n o f white swiss, and carried bride roses. She was attended by Miss Grace Merrifield, who was gowned in white organdie and car­ ried white and pink carnations. The groomsman was George Brisco, of Friendship, N . Y . We have the Celebrated Crown, Vienna, Rye, Graham, and Cottage Bread at c- A LOAF. We have Ltpton’a Teas, the at there is in town. We get our Coffee from the largest coffee house in the United States, and w ill sell you Coffee, wholesale or retail, as low as 8c. per pound. Y a t e s county will be saved the trouble and expense o f at least one crim inal trial which was expected in the near future, the session o f court recently held at War­ saw, W yom ing county, having disposed o f a man who was recently indicted b y the Yates county grand ju r y , but who was then in the hands o f the W yom ing county authorities. H e was one o f the parties who was m ixed up in the raised note matter connected with the sale of steel ranges to parties in the town of P otter. A deputy sheriff from Yates county was at Warsaw ready to take possession o f him in the event that he had escaped convic­ tion there, where he was tried for forgery in the second degree. T e n thousand fingerlinge, or yearling lake trout, from the pleasant Valley hatchery, were placed In Lake K e u k a at this place last week. They were the fin­ est specim ens ever placed In these waters and each will weigh a pound next y e a r at this tim e —that is, if they live. These fish grow a pound each year until four years old, after which the development is slower. The stocking of public waters is usually the work of a few enthusiastic individuals, and the general public, and, often, devoted fishermen, take little or no interest in it. Last week it was next to impossible to secure help to put the fingerlinge in the water, after being de­ livered at the dock freeof charge.— H a m - mondsport Herald. L ast week the Court o f Appeals hand­ ed down a decision in the action entitled Thomas Tindall and W illis K . Jackson, appellants, vs. Clarence T . Birkett, re­ spondent, *in which the verdict o f the lower courts was reversed and a new trial ordered. The case was originally tried In Erie County before Justice Hooker, and the plaint ffs non-suited. The Appellate Court sustained the non-suit. The case involves some important legal questions, which were raised on the tiial and before the Appellate Court. The plaintiffs sued to recover on the grounds that the rating o f Russell & Birkett in Dun’s agency was j fraudulent, and claim ing that they had extended credit to the firm because of such rating. The amount of plaintiffs’ claim was $901 86. A m e e t i n g of the residents of Crosby and Barrington who were interested in telephone matters was held in Maccabee Hall at the form er place recently, and ar­ rangements made for the erection o f an independent line connecting these points with Penn Yan. Interest in the project was worked up by those Interested in the independent lines centering at Keuka Park, and will probably be erected under their direction. Since the tetion of the Board of Supervisors in placing an instru­ ment o f the independent com p any in the clerk’s office the Bell or Em p ire people have been industriously circulating a p eti­ tion that it be one o f their instruments instead. AT the semi annual election c f Wendia Lodge, Danish Brotherhood, held Sunday evening, the following officers were ch o s e n : President, Martin Sorensen; vice-president, Christen Christensen; cor­ responding secretary, Martin Christen­ sen; treasurer, A . J. Hansen; trustees, Christen Olsen, Christen P. Christensen, Anton Jepsen; foreman, Christen Larsen, inner guard, Johannes Jensen; outer guard, Christen Jorgensen. Ludevig Ped­ erson was chosen delegate to the national m eeting o f the societies, to be held in October, with Marius Nielsen as alternate delegate. K n a p p ’s Furniture Store is next to the Benham House. Resolutions ot Respect. A t ft r e g u la r m e e ting o f W illiam H . L o n g Post, N o . 486,0. A . R ., the follow in g pream b le and res­ o lu t io n s were unanim o u s ly adopted: W h e r b a s , I i has pleased th e Suprem e and D i­ vin e Com m a n d e r to rem o v e from o u r m idst another ever tru e and zealous com rade, John H. G a r r iso n , o f Co. A , 126.h N . Y . V., be i t — Resolvfat T h a t in the death o f Com rade G a r r i­ son ih e P o s t has m e t w ith a g r e a t loss, for w h ile in health he w a s ever ready to help in every good w o rd and w o r k . A n d w e hereby exten d our sym p a th y to th e afflicted fam ily. Rtsolvtd, T h a t a copy o f these resolutions be sen t to the fam ily, be entered on the P o s t records, published in the v illa g e papers, and th a t the Post ch a r ter be draped in m o u r n in g for t h irty days. P. H. C O N K L I N , S. H . M Y E R S , C o m m ittee. Announcement^ Culhane Bros., the new cash grocers, will open their new store on Jacob street, in the old stand form erly occupied by T. S. Burns, on Saturday morning, June 28, with a com p lete line of new, fresh gro- eries. EAXY JH0E5 BECAUSE T H E Y RE^T TH E F E E T $ THIS BRAND ON THE JOLES OF EVERY PAIR Tpifioi vBti I Dress Wrappers. ♦ T.l t ♦ % i i ❖ 1 ade V i WTE Miss Dewan’s is always headquarters for fine m illinery, and her prices are al­ ways reasnable. If you have not pur­ chased your summer hat, call on her. Bargains in Buggies and Surries. I am closing out the carriage department o f m y business. W hole stock to be sold at less than cost. 88 w 2 C. C. H ic k s , Elm St. Plow points, m owing machines, knife bats, and knife bars ground at the W illoughby Iron Works. Shop, tear of Beebe’s carriage works, Jacob street. 90 2 “It Yon Enjoy a Headache9* Don’t take Bennett’s “ Quick Stop” Headache tablets. Jenkins sells the best Western New York. onuments in DO N ’T D R I V E N A ILS in your walla. Room mouldings from 1 Yz cents to 3 cents per foot. 81 tf ______ Lewis* Drag Store. Do you like to look swell ? Then buy your suit at M axon’s Clothing Store. Swing chairs and ham m ock chairs at Knapp’s. ROOM M OULDINGS A T COST. W e are closing out the stock at i> 4 , 2, and 3 cents per foot. 81 tf Lewis' Drug Store. Awnings at Knapp’s. 44No Hanger*9 In using onr “ Quick Stop” Headache tablet*; no cocaine, morphine or other opiate. 25c. bottle, only at Bennett’s Drug Store. All shirt waists at reduced prices this week. Lown & Co. Have y o u seen the Lawn Swinge at Knapp’s. 44It You Have a Headache99 Yon don’t know the comfort you might have enjoyed, until you try our “ Quick Stop” Headache tablets; prompt and safe. 25c. a bottle. Sold only at Ben­ nett’s Drug Store. See what $( 49 will buy in silk waists this week, at Lown & Co’s. There is no place like M axon’s to buy your shirts. TO TH E PUBLIC . H aving purchased the photographic business o f H . R. Seeley, I will continue at the same place and solicit a share of the photographic patronage. Copies in CRAYO N S , IN K , W ATER COLORS, ETC., at reasonable prices. Prompt attention to business. A welcome to all is extended to all by E . A. D e a n , Opera House Block, Penn Yan, N. Y . * IF YOU WANT SOLID COMFORT, Try a pair of our “ E A S Y ” Shoes or Oxford Ties. They're just the thing for these hot days. Look Here. DO Y O U W A N T T O B U Y A R E F R I G E R A T O R ? If bo , you want the best you can get for the least money. Our line of refrigerators is surpassed by none. Our prices are the lowest in Yates County. If you want a good, comfortable house wrapper that is 1 long and with a good, wide skirt, we have them. Madras Curtains at $1.50 a Pair Are not half bad. Batter ones at $2 00 , $ 2 . 50 , up to $ 3 . 75 . Still another 100 pairs of those Muslin Curtains. Plain ones at 37 c. a pair; fancy ones at 50 c. a pair. There is no place in the county that you can find better val­ ues in Lace Curtains than we have. Extra values at $ 1 . 00 , $ 1 . 2 5 , and $ 1.50 a pair. Summer Dress Goods are on the move these days. Our great assortment at 25 c., the popular price, is catching the eyes of those looking out for hot weather goods. We also have those at less price, if interested. SwxmxvtY Cov&eXs, X\\e, gooiX Vvx\A, Black Silk Gloves. i White Gloves. White Silk Mitts, elbow lengths. White Gloves in a good quality of at $1.00 a pair. flcADAMS* Shoe Store Corcoran Bros No. 133 Main St. Furniture and Undertaking, * 5 ❖ ❖ ❖ <♦ eBLvV>X>oV\s vx\\ \xv5X xx>VvaX v^ou ave Vookvxvo 5 V \ 1?<vcv% \\ ¥ axvs XX X *> ❖ $ ❖ ❖ e ❖ s i 5 $ ❖ American W eek! %x\\\.\\\x ❖ ❖ The United Statea is the only country with a known Birthday. All the rest began, they know not how. If there had not been any Independence day, America would not have been ao great aa it is. Thia Glorious Birthday will be celebrated at our store from June to ♦ July 4tb, and during this time All our Men’s Suita, All our Youth's Suite, All our Boy’s Suita, All our Children's Suita, All our Flannel Suite, All our Flannel Panta, A ! $ Will be sold at great bargains, this store’s constitution, at Best goods, lowest prices, is i ❖ t $ ❖ ❖ $ ❖ e ❖ B Distributers Dry Goods and Millinery, Buy Porch and Lawn Furniture at Knapp's. “ Quick Stop99 Headache Tablets Go right to the tearing pain and soothe it, until in a few minutes the headache has left. Sold only at Bennett’s Drug Store. ______ _ ______ New muslin underwear, the finest ever shown for the m cney. Lown & Co. It will pay yon very big to buy your suit at M axon’s Clothing Store. W e can sell you a suit for less money than the other dealers. Our expense is not big. M axon’s Clothing Store. riAXON Cornwell Block, <♦ Main Penn Yan, •> ❖ We have succeeded in collecting for tlie Summer Season the strongest line we have ever shown. Oar line of Wash Goods has earned for us an enviable reputation, and we are making new records each season in this department. Our aim is to improve on what we have done by showing the newest productions at correct prices. Leading Cloier of Yales County, i Lown X v % \ X x x x x x x x x x x x x x \ \ x x \ •. e <

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