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1 1 » _ _ . —-X \ iiB . $t)e Penn pan (Express. PENN VAN. YATES CO., N. Y. REU B EN A. SC O F IE L D , 5 DIT 0 R AND PROPRIETOR, f l -25 T E R M S : P er Y e a r in A d v a n c e . fi.5 0 IF N ot P a id in A d v a n c e . Express and New Y ork Weekly Tribune, 1 y r $1 33 Bxptessand New York Tribune,thrice weekly 1 8$ Express and Thrice-a-Week World, t yr . . . . 1 65 Express and *Rochestcr Weekly Dem., 1 y r. 1 50 Express and Rural New Yorker, x y r ........... x 73 Express and Albany Semi-Weekly Journal, 1 60 Business (tfarfcs. The O n ly Continuously ) Republican Paper in Yates County. ( PENN YAN, N. Y., WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 18,1901 Vol. XXXVI.--No. 37.—Whole No. 1863 D n r k n e e i o f O c e a n D e p t h s , How far does sunlight penetrate be­ neath the surface of the seas? has been asked many times, and now the camera has answered the question. By expos­ ing the most sensitive photographic plates at various depths It has been as­ certained with definiteness how much sunlight there is in the water each de­ scending foot. There is a point at which no action of light is found, and that point is GOO feet under the surface. Below that is abso­ lute darkness, and the only way In which the most delicate plate can be ef­ fected in that black abyss is to send down nn electric Held with it._______ 7\\R. 0 . E. NEWMAN, *01600, first house below Baptist Church. No. 94 M»in St. Penn Yan, N. Y. Phone, 57-X. Office hours, 8 to 10 a. m.; 8 to 4 , and 0 to The “ Viavi Home Treatment” can be procured of Mrs. J. R. Van Tuyl, 68 Keuka St., Penn Yan,Si. V Office Hours, Saturday, 9 to 6. D B, p, L. POLBEARE, DENTIST, (SuooesBor to Dr. W. W. Smith.) Arcade, - Boom 18 , • Penn Yan, N. Y. Save Your Eyesight, D KM ao NAUGHTON. DENTIST, Penn Yan, N. Y Office over Wheeler’s Jewelry Store, Main St. W.w .SMITH, DENTIST 63 East Ave., Rochester, N. Y S EOURITIES BOUGHT AND SOLD, MONEY LOANED ON BOND AND MORTGAGE. CARE OF ESTATES A SPECIALTY, FARMS FOR SALE. 99 yl JOHN T. ANDREWS & SON. D OBERT N. COONS, ARCHITECT AND BUILDER, de- en« Office on Benham street, Penn Yan. N. Y. I sign to attend personally to all business trusted to my care, and to give prompt atten­ tion to the same, and have opened an office for that purpose. Plans ana specifications will be made for those who wish them. OTICE.—At the office of DBS. H. R. PHILLIPS & WKEAN From May 1 , 1900 , you can get A Set of Teeth, on Rubber Plate, For $10.00, And Dentistry of the best at the Cheapest living prices. Consultation Free. C. ELMENDORF, R O F E S S I O N A L D E N T I S T . 42 Main Street. Opposite Baldwin’ Bank, Penn Yan, N. Y. C . H . K N A P P , U N D E R T A K E R , ( N e x t D o o r to B e n h a m Residence, 116 Benham St. Telephone, store, 62 Iv. Telephone, residence, 62 F. .) Read This! IT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE WHA 1 YOUR DISEASE IS, go to No. 7 Liberty St., Penn Yan, N. Y ., and get A PERMANENT CURE by taking magnetic treatments. It will bring sunshine to the afflicted. 89 m 6 ADMIRING ONE OF OUR SUPERB Dining T a b les. To See Such a Furniture Triumph is to admire it, of course, and equally of course any one with an eye for the artistic would long to add one of these tables to the home equipment. We show them in Golden Oak with handsomely carved legs and finely finished, at from $3.75 to $11.00 We also have a tempting table of special prices for furniture gener­ ally, which it will pay you well to examine. ClarenceH.Knapp Next Door to the Benham House. Send for test for astigmatism. Special care taken in fitting the eyes. Wo value our reputation. We guarantee Ratinfan. tion. Our Spectacles and Eye Glasses the very best lenses (glasses) in exist©] set with A YI n, Q fl A A E. E. BAUSCH A SON, Opticians, No 6 East Main St., Rochester, N. Y. Silas Kinne & Son Rep n t t h e AETNA INSURANCE CO., OF HARTFORD, “ The Leading Fire Insurance Company of America.” AMERICAN FIRE INSURANCE CO., OF NEW YORK. YORK UNDERWRITER’S AGENCY. SPRING BARDEN INSURANCE CO., OF PHILA. and ORTH-WESTERN MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE CO. OF MILWAUKEE, WIS. Policies Properly Written. Losses Promptly Paid. SILAS KINNE A SON, 94yl Agents. The Citizens Bank ■ OF PENN YAN, N. Y Chartered April 14 , 1899 , Capital, $50000 JOHN H. JOHNSON, President. LORIMER OGDEN, Vice-President, J. A. UNDERWOOD, Cashier. Directors. FRANK H. HAMLIN, HENRY M. PARMELE, JOHN T. ANDREWS, HOWARD L. WOODRUFF J. A. UNDERWOOD, LORIMER OGDEN JOHN H. JOHNSON. Certificates of Deposit Issued. DR. DAY, Graduated Specialist s p e c i a l t i e s : Catarrh and Diseases of Lnngi and Throat, titer, and Bonal Organa, AISO Poiitite Cure of the Liquor, Morphine, and Opium Habit. URINATIONS FREE I 1 At K N A P P HOUSE, PennYan Monday, Dec. 2 d , 9 to 6 . 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Few responsible persons desire them pub­ lished. We invite all to call and read references and testimonials of the very best, that they may refer to or that they may know, and who live in their own town. C onsultation F b 6 b and P rivate . J. W . D A Y . M . D .. L . L . D . Before Taking L i f e In s u r a n c e See the NEW TRAVELERS’ POLICY. It is fully Guaranteed. No paying tw e n ty per cent, exti a to get a IO per cent, divi­ dend at the end o f tw e n ty Our Brownie Kodak for the children is as as good A Picture Taker! as the larger and more costly Kodaks. Makes a picture 2J x 2J, and costs $ 1 . 0 0 , loaded for 6 pictures. H.HOPKINS. A F u l l L in e of Cam e ras and Supplies. J . C . G o o d speed.A g t. WALL PAPER a t COST A large assortment in all grades to make room for the coming year. We are giving you a great oppor­ tunity. E. VAN G E L D E R 9 116 M A IN ST.* YOU CAN Bend & two-cent stamp to Long H a ir “ About a year ago my hair was coming out very fact, so I bought a bottle of Ayer’s Hair Vigor. It stopped the falling and made my hair grow very rapidly, until now it is 45 inches in length.” — Mrs. A. Boydston, Atchison, Kans. There’s another hunger than that of the stomach. Hair hunger, for instance. Hungry hair needs food, needs nair vigor— Ayers. This is why we say that A y e r ’ s Hair Vigor always restores color, and makes the hair growgrow long and heavy. ; 30 r. bottle. All druggists. If your druc\’-iitV c ■ :;iot supply you, send us one d- r ni.d wc will express you a bottle. Lo sure :mtl give the name of your nenrest express office. Address, J . v. A YElt CO., Lowell, Mass. BY HUBERT NORTHEN Copyright, 1001 , by W. L. Vail, A p p l e s o n t h e H n l f S h e l l . A variation of baked apples has the somewhat fanciful name of “apples on the half shell.” Slices of bread are cut into rounds (the cover of a half pound baking powder can makes a good size), buttered and put in a baking pan. Pare and core some large, good apples, cut them crosswise into Inch thick slices, put one on each slice of bread, dust with granulated sugar and put in a hot oven. Bake twenty minutes and serve with plain or whipped cream. NCB a clever Boston papa ceased to be­ lieve in Santa Claus, lie had bought a slate and pencil and figured it out that the sleigh which would contain the toys that • come to all the little boys and girls in the world would have to be as big as a house and that the span of reindeer that could pull it would be forty tons too heavy to drag it up the walls of the first house for the trip over the roof. Many other strange things did this wise man find out with the help of his slate and pen­ cil. and then he added them all up and found the sum total to be that Santa Claus is a myth. He joyfully told this to liis little son, who was an advanced student of an­ cient literature. To his great surprise, his little son seemed very glad, and when the amazed parent asked him wherefore he thus explained: “ My worthy father, because of cer­ tain ocular demonstration afforded by a surreptitious glance or two into our kitchen last Christmas eve I wad grav­ itating rapidly to the opinion that San­ ta Claus does not exist. The onlv ex- SECUR ITY TRUST C O M P AN Y * ♦ > ❖ <♦ A V Capital,$200,000. Surplus,$278,000. Deposits, $4,000,000 A / b s o l u t e Is the best thing we have to offer. Upon this basis we solicit your patronage. i f <* ❖ 1. 2. 8. 4. If our rate of interest on deposits is high enough. If our rate of interest on loans is low enough. If the accommodations we offer are satisfactory. If you are not already a customer, then we invite you to become one. Deposits can be checked on without the book. Business can be done by mail, thus affording special advantages to parties out of town. (EDWARD HARRIS. President. JULIUS M. WILE. Manager. OFFICERS, -{JAMES S. WATSON ,\ VV i a FRANK M. ELLERY, Secretary. (ALEX M. LINDSAY, f Vice-Presidents, ❖ ❖ ❖ ❖ ❖ ❖ ❖ ♦1* ❖ ft HOLIDAY SALE NOW ON. *5 Our stores are filled with a very complete stock of goods suitable for Xmas gifts . Never before have we earned so large and varied an assortment . To enable us to move the goods rapidly, we have decided t to offer a special Christmas discount on all presents, and we shall be glad to store your purchases until time for delivery. The following is a list of the articles that we are anxious to close out before taking out January inventory: Morris Chairs. Students’ Hookers. Gold Chairs. Odd Upli. Pieces. Library Tables. Combination Cases. Jard. Stands. Hugs. Easels. Palms. Carving Sets. Tea Bets. Salads. Morris Rockers. Children’s Rockers. Reception Chairs. India Seats. Parlor Tables. Ladies’ Desks. Book Cases. Carpet Sweepers. Shaving Stands. Pictures. Jard. Bowls. Albums. Lamps. Dinner Sets. Fancy Va«es. Child’s Morris Chairs. Turkish Rockers. Reed Roekers. Hall Furniture. Parlor Cabinets, China Closets, Baby Robes. Foot Rests. Oak & Mhg. Pedestals. Ornaments for Dens. Artificial Flowers. Cake Plates. Plated Ware. Cuckoo Clocks. Wall Poekets. Cut Glass. Oil Heaters. Mirrors. Music Cabinets. Clocks. Bust Figures. T W O 118 State St. 443 Clinton Ave. N R O C H E S T E R , IMJY. ♦ » ❖ ❖ ❖ <1 ❖ «» 9 V ❖ ♦ > ❖ ❖ ❖ ❖ ♦% ❖ T h e * § ❖ i Housewife’s i F r i e n d ❖ 5 ❖ ♦ > is ever that ingredient of so many dishes— flour. It behooves you to make certain that the flour you use is not only made from the first grade of wheat, but is properly manufactured, preserv­ ing all its nutrient qualities, PEARL W H ITE brand meets the severest specifications for a fine, wholesome, satisfying flour. ♦ > ❖ ❖ v A V A ❖ l ❖ | C L A R E N C E .T B I R K E T T , ❖ A IT HAS BEEN WELL SAID Our Picture Department, in the pleasant and well-lighted basement, is a veritable Art Gallery and well worth visiting. Hundreds of choice subjects in planntion of the phenomenon observed consistent with Ids existence seemed to be that he could at once take the ap­ pearance of yourself, sir. and also of mamma, In your nlghtrobes and with your arms full of gifts for me, and this, too, while neither of ydu was in your own room. I established the alibi for you by a hurried visit. It is not to be marveled nt that my faith In Santa Claus received n severe jostle. “But your conclusion revives my an­ cient belief and puts It on a sure foot­ ing. You have discovered that Santa Claus is a myth. Hurrah for the real, true Santa Claus, king of myths! Here­ after I will believe in him, hope in him, adore him! “ You appear astonished, parent, but perhaps that Is because you do not\ un­ derstand myths. There is nothing so real as a myth. When I say that He­ llos rides across the sky in a golden TflWflTI By G. L. Langdon. Pension Statistics. “you APPEAIt ASTONISHED.” chariot every day, preceded by blush­ ing Aurora, it is as true as if I say that the sunrise follows dawn in all the lands of the earth. When I say that Hiawatha wrestled with the corn and threw him and buried him only to see him rise again, I but speak of the fa­ miliar industries of reaping and sowing and of the sprouting of the new plant in its time. “A myth is a folk tale describing well through personification the attri­ butes or offices of the abstract. Yes, papa, write that down. Let us now apply the definition to Santa Claus. “ Santa Claus’ office is to bring toys, sweetmeats or more useful gifts at Christmas. His attributes are gener­ osity, benevolence, care for dependents. That office is actually tilled; those at­ tributes display themselves. Therefore, according to myth law, Santa Claus really lives and acts his useful and pop­ ular part. “With a hint or two as to the man­ ner of doing it, I will now leave you to pursue the study further. You will find it fascinating. Observe that Santa Claus comes out of the frozen north. That is as if you would say that the impulse 0/ Christmas giving proceeds from the coldest heart at this season. Note that be drives reindeer, pleasing spectacle for the. mind's eye. It is as if you should say that he seeks to make his guise or his gifts unusual, for the better enjoyment thereof. Consider that he comes down the chimney; to­ ward the warm hearth of the home; that is a lesson to the children. Christ­ mas gifts shower on the warm hearted and loving. “ Father, I have only to add that 1 am warm hearted and loving. You will pardon me if I now go into the library and write a chapter of my book on the truths of mythology.” S u i t e d H U F l o c k . The Colonel—You only have to preach one sermon on Sunday, Uncle Micajah? I should think your congregation would insist on an evening sermon too. Parson Micajah—Dat’s coz -de con- g’gation has hern me preach, cunnol, an’ yo’ hain’t.—Chicago Tribune. Crihig tor the Moon” i i ♦ > ❖ ! < 1 ❖ ' Has become a pro­ verbial phrase to ex­ press the futility of mere desire. There are a great many peo­ ple who think it is as useless to hope tor health as to cry for the moon. They have tried many medicines and many doctors, but all in vain. A great many hopeless men and women have been cured by the use of Dr. Pierce’s Golden Medical Discovery; people with obstinate coughs, bleeding lungs, night- sweats and other symptoms of disease which if neglected or unskillfully treated find a fatal termination in consumption. \ Golden Medical Discovery ” has a won­ derful healing power. It increases the nutrition of the body, and so gives strength to throw off disease. It cleanses the blood from poisonous impurities and enriches it with the red corpuscles of health. It is not a stimulant, but a strength giving medi­ cine. It contains no alcohol, neither opium, cocaine, nor any other narcotic. Sometimes the extra profit paid by inferior medicines tempts the dealer to offer a substitute as \just as good” as \Dis­ covery.” If you are convinced that \Dis­ covery” will cure you accept nothing else. ” 1 was in poor health when I commenced taking Dr. Pierce's medicine,” writes Mr, Rimer Lawler, of Volga, Jefferson Co,. 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ST, ROCHESTER * Y Your Money Back If China Closet is not a s described 1 12-J5 We wilt ship this Chifia Closet freight prepaid East o f the* Missis* sfppl — Points West are allowed freight to the River. It Is made of solid oak, measures 60% Inches high,80% Inches wide, French beveled mirror on top, 81 x 5 inches 5 swell plate glass ends and plate glass front. Retail value, $10 — $1.16 $12,75Freight II B saved In buying of Prepaid tl,c maker. Our Furniture Department contains thousands of similar bargains. Our Mammoth 480-page Catalogue tells all about furniture, also about everything to Eat, use and W e a r: contains over 13,000 Illustrations and quotes wholesale prices to consumers on over 160.000 different articles. It tests us f t — sen t to y o u /or toe., which toe.you deduct from yourfirst order o fftx » . Free Lithographed Catalogue shows \Famous Mary­ lan d \ Carpets, Rugs, W e ll Paper, Draperies, Sewing Machines, Blankets. Comforts, Framed Pictures and specialties In Upholstered Furniture In their real colors. Carfets sewed free, lining furnished without charge, ana freight paid on all the above. Free Catalogue of Men’s Clothing, has cloth samples at­ tached. tVe prepay expressage and guarantee to jit. W hy pay retail prices for anything} W e sell absolutely everything. Which book do you want f Address this way i JULIUS HIKES ft SON, Baltimore, Md. Dept [Copyright, 1901 , by Hamilton Musk.] There are two reasons for Christmas feasting aside from the instinct which tenches us that the joy of holiday making is Impossible or Incomplete without good eating and drinking. One is that Christmas is the survival oi one, or both, of two great pagan festi­ vals; the other, that the mind of man In all times and conditions expressed rejoicing by the laden board and the brimming bowl. Victory, good fortune, weddings, christenings, are celebrated today by dinners, as they have,been for thou­ sands of years, the practice undoubted­ ly coming down from that prehistoric time when the victory over the animal was the means of supplying the feast, We can find trace of it and its con­ comitant habit, glftmnklng, in the \ book of Esther, where Movdecai says to his people that on the anniversaries of the days wherein the Jews rested from their enemies, and the month which was turned unto them from sor­ row to joy, and from mourning into a good day, they should make them days of feasting and of joy and of sending portions one to another and gifts tt the poor. And what greater cause for rejoicing and the usual expression thereof could exist for the early Christians than the fact of the birth of Christ ? It is true that there were differences of opinion in the early church as to the date, or even the season of the year, when that all important event occur­ red. Clemens Alcxandrimis tells us that It was kept by many Christians in April and by some in Egypt in the month Pachon, corresponding to out May, but long before the council ol Nice had fixed the day, separating it from the Epiphany, a curious circum­ stance had operated to fix forever the observance of it in the European mid­ winter. Observing the course of the seasons and their relation to the growing oi lessening length of the days, the Ary­ ans inhabiting Europe had come to learn that at the winter solstice the decline of nature wras over and that as the day lengthened she revived until a few weeks later she walked abroad glndsomely again In the green garb of spring. It was a fitting time for uni­ versal rejoicing. Nothing could be done afield. The bins ami butts were still well filled and the cattle fat. It was also a time to remember the good­ ness of the gods; to make sacrifice as well as to feast. Hence we find at the dawn of Chris­ tianity two great midwinter festivals among the two most powerful branches of the Aryans of that period — the Saturnalia among the Romans on the south and the Thor feast of the Scandi­ navians. It is a curious fact that they appear to be Identical as to time of observance. In Rome and wherever Rome had ruled long enough to have planted liei customs the Saturnalia was a season of sacrifice to Saturn of social equality and of riotous license. The slave in many households was permitted to be­ come master for the week of the feast­ ing, and his master executed the ridic­ ulous orders wiiich he gave. Buffoon­ ery In street processions and in tiic homes was one of the chief elements of the festivity. Orgies indescribable formed another. Present giving was universal. The sea kings called the season Jule (whence Yule), and they celebrated it in gorging and drinking, besides making sacrifice to Thor. Around a great blaz­ ing log, big enough to burn for the whole week of the gluttonous feast­ ing, they flung the half bare ox bones in rude jest and passed the wassail bowl. The primitive church found these pagan festivals institutions which it could not uproot, so it wisely adopted them, turning the sacrificial rites there­ of into worship for the born Christ, stripping the feasts of their grossest sensuality, but letting much of tlieh* joyousness remain. Besides the two great festivals men­ tioned, there was another observed at the same lime by a large family of the Europeans—the Gauls, Gaels or Celts— which was similarly adopted by the church as she spread her teaching among them, but this had a far less Influence than the other two upon the customs which have marked the cele­ bration of Christmas down to the pres­ ent time. The reason is that there was more of sacrificial rite and less of feasting in its celebration. From it, however, comes the kissing under the mistletoe, which with them was em­ blematic of the union of man and wo­ man and of the union of mankind with Baal. Fyom it also comes the Christ­ mas tree, dear to the little ones, a sur­ vival of the hanging of votive gifts on their sacred pines. But out of the other two* great pagan festivals arose the principal form that the feasting took. Eating and drink­ ing of the best, giving to the poor by right of their equality at that season, as well as the old mummery, practical­ ly abolished since Puritanism tried to suppress the festival utterly in 1047 , are easily and directly traceable to those pagan orgies. Of the pensioners now upon the rolls nine are revolutionary, and 1,528 repre­ sent the war of 1812. There Is no sur­ viving soldier of the Revolutionary War upon the pension list. Four are widows and five are daughters of soldiers who fought In the war for in­ dependence, and these marriages must have been contracted a good many years after the close of the revolution. Hiram Croak, of jAva, Oneida County, who is 101 years old, is the sole surviving pen­ sioned soldier of the War of 1812- The remaining 1,527 pensioners on account of that war arc widows, a decrease of 215 during the past year. On account of the Indian wars there are 4,565 pensioners paid; Mexican War, 15.577; Civil War, 970,352, and Spanish War, 5,604. One thousand and eighty-six survivors and 3,479 widows draw pensions on account of Indian wars, and 7,568 sur­ vivors and 8,109 widows on account of the war with Mexico. Of the Civil War pensioners, who form, of course, a great bulk of the list, 735,- 000 are survivors, while the remaining ♦ payments are made to widows and or­ phans. There arc about 965,000 surviv­ ing soldiers of the war between the States, so that some 200,000 either do not desire a pension or do not see their way clear to secure one. The Skill of the Cook Is demonstrated to the family through the medium of the food she serves. Those cooks show the greatest. skill in making delicious and whole­ some hot-breads, cake and biscuit who use the Royal Baking Powder. ROYAL BAKING POWDER CO., 100 WILLIAM ST., NEW YORK. Night robes, all sizes, fro at Maxon’s Clothing Store. 50c. to $1, Mrs. VaaDeveateTs Dower Right* A $6 conch for $4.25 at Corcoran Bros.* Justice Nash has handed down an opinion in the action entitled Susie M. VanDeventer against James Costello, whicn was tried at the equity term of Supreme Court in October. The action was brought to establish the plaintiff’s dower right in premises on Cornwall street, in Penn Yan, which were trans- ierred to Michael Hayes by Stephen W. VanDeventer and Albert K YauDeventer by deed bearing date January 1, 1897, lor a consideration ot $725. Tbe property was subsequently purvuased by defendant in this action. The case was somewhat complicated because anotner deed con­ veying the same property to Frank E. Prosper was executed by Stephen W. Van- Deveuter on June 21, 1897, It was rep­ resented to Mrs. VanDeventer at tnat time that only a portion ot the premises were to be conveyed to Prosser, and ac­ cordingly she signed a release ot her dow­ er right for the sum of fifty dollars. As a conclusion of law Justice Nash finds: 1 find that the plaintiff is entitled to dower right in the said real property des­ cribed in the complaint as having beeu conveyed by sam Stephen W. 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Let those given up by others call for an examination. He cures the worst cases of scrofula, catarrh, piles, female weakness, asthma, diseases of the heart, lungs, and kidneys. He will be at Knapp House, Penn Yan, Wednesdnv, December 18, 1901. D O L L S / \U P-STA I R S I I DEPARTMENT, H O LLO W ELL & WISE.* M rs . Goldsmith has all the latest in Winter Millinery, and a fine stock of Christmas goods already on display. Village Ordinance . At a regular meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Village ot Petm Yati, N. Y., held in their office in said village on the 2d day ol December, 1901, the following ordinance was adopted: Be it Resolved and Ordained, That all persons presenting claims for rebate on sidewalks be re­ quired to present with same a bill, subscribed and sworn to, showing number of square teet in _ __ _ said walk, price paid per square loot, and total Z- - . ...-'Ti 1 i cost of said walk, together with an affidavit during her natural life, lor her dow e r in j ir0m the party laying said walk that such bill is sard property, and that the sums so to be paid be and remain a chaige upon the property during her natural lire, wuh costs ot tbe action, which are tiereby awarded to the plaintiff. W. H. Fiero, Esq., represented the plaintiff, and M. A. Leary, Esq., the de- lendaot. The Christmas Dinner . In spite o f the fact that the word dyspep­ sia means literally bad cook, it will not be lair lor many to lay the blame on the cook if they begin the Christmas Dinner with little appetite and end it with distress or nausea. It may not be lair lor any to do that—let us hope so for the sake of the cook ! The disease dyspepsia indicates a bad stomach, that is a weak stomach, rather than a bad cook, and for a weak stomach there is nothing else equal to Hood’s Sar­ saparilla. It gives ilie stomach vigor and lone, cures dyspepsia, creates appetite, and makes eating the pleasure it should be. party laying correct. This ordinance shall take effect immediately. By order o f the Board of Trustees J.K . CREARY, Clerk. ♦ M rs Goldsmith is selling all hats and bonnets at cost now. 62 2 D AINTY TEA C U P S I \U P-STAIRS '' DEPARTMENT, H O L LOW E LL & WISE. • Only £4.25 for a $6 couch at Corcoran Bros.* SPEAKING OF BIBLE AND PRAYER Books, when you make up your shop­ ping list, just remember that you can find the largest assortment ot these goods, at very low prices (25c. up), at Cornwell Brothers’. We defy competition in these lines. Men’s 75c. fancy shirts, 59c. Tower’s Clothing Sale.* Hog Skinnhig. All orders left at Sprague’s market will be promptly attended to by W. W. Ton- gate, the best man in that line in Yates Co. An English writer thinks he has discov­ ered a food particularly adapted to the literary man. He asserts that apples, and raw apples at that, are the best diet on which to feed genius, but that they should be eatt n as the children eat them, skins and all. ard in sufficient quantities to be satisfying. Saved His Life. “ I wish to say that I feel I owe my life to Kodol Dyspepsia Cure,” writes II. C. Cbrestenson. of Bayfield, Minn. “ For three years I was troubled with dyspepsia so that I could hold nothing on my stom­ ach. Many times I would be unable to re­ tain a morsel of food. Finally I was con­ fined to my bed. Doctors said I could not live. I read one o f your advertisements on Kodol Dyspepsia Cure and thought it fit my case and commenced its use. I began to improve from the first bottle. Now I am cured and recommend it to all.” Digests your food. Cures all stomach trouble. T. F. Wheeler. W anted, Hog Skin n in g . Having become firmly established in the business we solicit your orders whenever you want any pork dressed in the quickest, easiest, and cleanest style. We have expert skinners in all parts of the country, and by leav­ ing or mailing orders yon will be sure to have your pork dressed free of charge at any desired time. Last season we took off over 4000 skins, and are prepared and expect to skin double that amount this season. We guarantee to do'.all work in the very latest ways, and give you all the ac­ comodations accompanying hog skin­ ning. Be sure and send your orders here, and, if possible, a day or two in advance. B e a c h ’ s M a r k e t , 128130 Jacob St. 18 Skinners. 60 tf Mother G-ray's Sweet Powders for Children. Successfully used by Mother Gray, outse in the Cbitoreu's Home in New York, cure Feverishness, Bad Stomach, Teething Disorders, move and reg­ ulate the Bowe.s and destroy Worms. Over 30,- 000 testimonials. They never fail. At all drug­ gists, 25c. Sample Free. Address, Allen S. Olm­ sted, LeRoy, N. Y. Misses’ shoes, worth $1.50, for 98c. at Wegener Bros’. A simple remedy for indigestion is the white ot an egg beaten to a stiff froth and stirred into a wineglassful of cold water. This should be taken after each meal. It Keeps the Feet Warm and Dry. Ask to-day for AUeu's Foot-Ei^e, a powder. It cures Chilblains, swollen, Sweating, Sore, Acn* ing. Damp Feet. At all druggists and shoe stoics, 25 cents. 50c. Shirts. 50c. Fancy Winter Shirts, worth $t, we are selling for 50c. 1 if McAdams & Kinyoun. THE PARASITE MISTLETOE. #,Oh, lady, give a luckless man A little Christmas gift I” Thus spake the wand'rer with the can, Who longed to get a lift. The lady was a spinster gay; Her wit was counted keen. She only gave the tramp a spray Of mistletoe so green. \Oh lady, give a man a chancel” Bewailed the weary wight. “ I'd ruther have a pair o' pants Than any parasite l\ E arle H ooker E aton . Immense line of gloves and mittens, cheap. Tower’s Clcthing Sale. A $4 center table for $2.98 at Corcoran Bros.’ tiafnrda^, October a6th, will begin our closing out sale ot watches, clocks, silverware, etc. 55tf R. W. WHEBLER, Jeweler. Good, solid dining chairs for #3 97 per set at Corcoran Bros.’ Don’t miss Corcoran Bros.’ special sale of fine rockers. Eggs in Winter • A gentleman writes to the Albany Journal telling its farmer readers that they can have eggs all winter by feeding hens as follows: “ Take a pound of powdered red album­ en ard mix it with one pound of black or red pepper, ground fine. Then every morning mix some ground feed, half wheat bran and half cornmeal; to each quart of this mixed feed add two tea- spoonsful o f the mixed pepper and al­ bumen, then add enough hot water to dampen the feed, not to make it sticky. Give a quart of this hot feed to each twelve hens every morning, and a quart of whole grain, wheat or corn, or both mixed, for each twelve fowls every morn­ ing, and in two weeks your hens will begin to lay, and lay all winter If you feed them this feed.” The writer adds that his father, brothers and neighbors have tried the feed for several winters with most gratifying suc­ cess. The pepper costs thirty cents a pound, red albumen sixty cents, and a pound of each wi 1 feed fifty hens for over a month, and give the owner ico dozen eggs he would uot otherwise have got. Gray squirrel is u«ed for trimming child­ ren’s coats, and is more youthful in appear­ ance than many other furs. Health and Beauty. A poor complexion is usually the result of a torpid liver or irregular action o f the bowels. Unless nature's refuse is carried off it will surely cause impure blood. Pim­ ples, boils, and other eruptions follow. This is nature's method of throwing off the poisons which the bowels failed to remove. DeWitt’s Little Early Risers are world famous for remedying this condition. They stimulate the liver and promote regu­ lar and healthy action of the bowels, but never cause er pine, cramps, or distress. Safe pills. T. F. Wheeler. POCKET-KNIVES / FO R THE HOLIDA YSf HOLLOWELL A WISE . A celebrated physician has claimed in one of his lectures that the best remedy for nose bleed is a vigorous motion of the jaws as in the act of chewing. In the case ot a child, be recommends giving a wad of pap­ er to chew, as the rapid working of the jaws stops the flow of blood; but why not try chewing gum instead ot paper. Chas. Replogle, Atwater, O., was in very bad shape. He says: “ 1 suffered a great deal with my kidneys and was requested to try Foley's Kidney Cure. I did so, and in four days I was able to go to work again. Now 1 am entirely well.” Harry U. Hennett. T he place to get your Christmas pres­ ents, such as towels, handkerchiefs, side board covers, tray cloths, center pieces, Battenberg laces, baby dresses, hand- painted novelties, brush-broom holders, shoe bags, etc., etc., is, without doubt, at 62 2 Mrs. Frank Goldsmith’s. florae Hade Candies! Strictly Fresh, and Strictly Pure. We make them ourselves, and for that reason, we quote you the follow ing prices: A U n lgn e B o o k . A publishing firm which makes a spe­ cialty of expensive editions of standard authors has recently published au edi­ tion of the works of Dickens. The set Is in thirty volumes and liberally Il­ lustrated and illumined. An eccentric buyer decided lie would like to have a set composed of the proof sheets of the edition. These were, of course, much marked, corrected, noted and otherwise marred, but they were collected and bound In au exquisite binding and sent to the collector of original books. lie paid $ 1,400 for the privilege of owning probably the most unique reprint of a set of Dickens’ works In existence.— New York Times. Judge Newburger, of New York, has refused to quash the Molineanx murder indictment or to let Moliueaux’s lawyers inspect the minutes of the grand juiy. The,case will have to be tried again. The city of New York has a district attorney and a half a score or more of as­ sistant district attorneys, yet the most important cases are prosecuted by expen­ sive outside attorneys. Chocolates and Bon Bons, from 10 c. per pound, up. Mixed Candies from 10 c. per pound, up. Taffies, Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate, and Old-fasbioned Molasses Taffey, 30 c. per pound. World’s Fair Chewing Taffy, 15 c. per lb. Box Candies from 5 c. a box, up. Besides our own make we handle Lowney's and oilier makes, loose and in boxes, from ^ lb., up. Fruit, Bananas. 0 ranges, and Lemons, 5 to 10c. per dozen less than elsewhere. Nuts of all kinds, Cocoanuts on the shell, 5 and 10 c. each. Figs, Dates, and Malaga Grapes at special prices. Grenoble Walnuts, 18 c. per lb. Mixed Nuts, 10 c. per lb. Bananas, from 10 c. per doz., up. TO YS/ T O Y S / T O Y S / M UPSTAIRS ’ ' DEPARTMENT * HOLLOWELL <fe WISE. Large tuikeys will excel in weight, but the smaller, fat, plump turkeys sell at a higher price per pound. The quality and condition are prime factors. Information Wanted. The manufacturers of Banner Salve hav­ ing always believed that no doctor or medi­ cine can cure in every case, but never hav­ ing heard where Banner Salve failed to cure ulcers, sores, tetter, eczema, or piles, as a matter of curiosity would like to know if there are such cases. If so they will gladly refund the money. Harry O. Ben­ nett, druggist. $1.00 . A few of our ft 00 Derby Hats left. Call and see them. They are worth $2.00, $2.50, and $3.00. tf McAdams & Kinyoun, 25 per cent, saved on Furniture, at Knapp’s. As a rule never breed from the same gobbler more than one year unless the same breeding hens are retained for another season. A C h o i c e o f C a lv e s . The difficulties the early Virginian colonists had with their live stock is curiously illustrated by the fact that in the colony of Massachusetts Bay a red calf was cheaper than a black one, experience having shown that the for­ mer was more likely to be attacked by .wolves, owing, It was thought, to the wolves mistaking it for a deer. C O U G H S Y R U P cures Hacking Coughs, Sore Lungs, Grippe,Pneu­ monia and Bronchitis in a few days. Why then risk Consumption, a slow, sure death? Get Dr. B u l l ’ s Cough Syrup. Price, 25 c. Don’t be imposed upon. Refuse the dealer’s substitute ; it is uot as good ns Dr. Bull’s. Salvation Oil cures Rheumotlsm, Aches and Pains. 15 4 k as eta. Hot and Cold Drinks and Ico Cream served all winter. We make a Reduction to School Teachers and Church Sociables for both Candies, Fruits, and Ico Cream, Give us a trial, and we hope a trial will make you a regular customer. Gtt our prices before you buy else­ where. We will save you money. Remember the place, Olympian Fruit & Candy Co. Main Street, Penn Yan. Telephone, 52 w. F o le y ’s K id n e y Cure makes kidneys and bladder right* Saturday, October isbtli, will begin our closing out sale of watches, clocks, silverware, etc. 55tf R. W. W heeler , Jeweler, Poultry should be fed three times a day giving at each meal all that is eaten up clean of a sufficient variety to keep them with a good appetite. Bears the Signature of Tho Kind You Havo Always Bought Have Yon Seen Them? The one hundred trimmed hats at Miss Dewau’s at from $ 1.50 to $ 3 . Make your selection early, as they will uot last long. A solid oak Bedroom Suit, 3 pieces. with large bevel glass, for $14. at K nap P’S- An egg cordial to bs served at once is prepared in this way: Beat the white of an egg almost to a froth, add h tablespoonful of sugar and whip to a stiff froth. Lastly add by degrees a tablespoonful of brandy. BANNER the most healing salve In the world.

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