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Penn Yan express. (Penn Yan, N.Y.) 1866-1926, May 15, 1901, Image 1

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1 # ‘I l1 * . !#■ i ia— 1 V# ® l)e P e n n p a n E x p r e s s . PENN YAN, YATES CO., N. Y. REUBEN A. SCOFIELD, EDITOR AND PROPRIETOR. t e r m s : fi.25 P er Y ear in A dvance . $1.50 if N ot P aid in A dvance . r e s s Kxoress aud New Y o r k W eekly Tribune, 1 yr $1 23 Express and New Y o rk Tribune, thrice weekly 1 85 Express and Thrlce-a-Week World, 1 yr . . . . Express and *Rochester W eekly Dem., 2 y r. Ex Dress aud Rural New Y o r k e r , 1 y r ........... Ex press and Albany Setnl-Weekly Journal, 1 65 1 50 x ll 1 60 The Only Continuously Republican Paper in Yates County. PENN YAN, N. Y., W E D N E S D A Y ,M A Y iy , [901 Vol. X X X V I.—No. 6.--W h o le No. 1832 O d o r * a n d D e a f n e s s . “Here,” said the observant boarder, who bad a newspaper In his band, “Is a writer who asserts that odors can cause deafness.” “Well,” added the cross eyed board­ er, “ musk Is pretty loud/*—Pittsburg Chronicle-Telegraph. I 5 << Diplom acy Wine. ‘Yes, that cheeky young WIntergreen made a friend of the haughty Mrs. De Young the very first time be met her!” “ How did he do it?” “He asked her if her hair wasn’t prematurely gray.”—Cleveland Plain Dealer. Business (Sards. R. O. E. NEWMAN, Ligneous Liniment, the Great Pain Killer, w ffice, first houseV below Baptist Churoh. ~ nJ \ ., N. Y. - M uuv wav n x No. 94 Main St., Penn Yan, Phone. 57 -X. Office hours, 8 to 10 a. m.; 8 to 4, and 6 to 7 p. m. Without Doubt the Greatest Medical Discovery of the Age. F. L. DOLBEARE, DENTIST, Will not Smart, Burn, or Stain. Will kill pain with a greater certainty than by the use of internal medications. For all Kidney trouble or Pain in the Back, Warranted to cure unless these organs are in a state of decay, and incurable. (Successor to Dr. W. W. Smith.) Arcade, - Room 18 , - Penn Yan, N. Y. Sold at LEWIS’ Drug Store, and CHAPMAN’S Main St., Penn Yan. J^R. M ac NAUGHTON, DENTIST, Penn Yan, N. Y Office over Wheeler’s Jewelry Store, Main St. The “ Viavi Home Treatment” can be procured of Mrs. J. R. Van Tuyl, 58 Keuka St., Penn Yan, N. \. Office Hours, Saturday, 9 to 6. THE GENTIAN W .w . SMITH, DENTIST 68 East Ave., Rochester, N. Y, Silas Kinne & Son s ECU 1 UTIES BOUGHT AND SOLD, R e p r e s e n t t h e MONEY LOANED AND INTEREST COLLECTED. AETNA INSURANCE CO.. OF HARTFORD, The Leading Fire Insurance Company o f Am erica.\ «. CARE OF ESTATES A SPECIALTY. AMERICAN FIRE INSURANCE CO., OF NEW YORK FARMS FOR SALE. YORK UNDERWRITER'S ACENCY. 9 »yl JOHN T. ANDREWS A SON R OBERT N. COONS. ARCHITECT AND RUELDEK, SPRING GARDEN INSURANCE CO., OF PHILA. and ORTH-WESTERN MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE CO OF MILWAUKEE, WIS. Office on Benk&m street, Penn Yan, N. Y. I de­ sign to attend personally to all business en- ' trusted to my care, and to give prompt atten­ tion to the same, and have opened an office for that purpose. Plans ana specifications will be made for those who wish them. P o licies Properly W r itten. L o s s e s P r o m p tly P a id . SILAS KINNE A SON, 94 yl Agents. \NJ OTICE.—At the office of N DBS. H. R. PHILLIPS A WREAN Prom May 1 , 1900 , you can get A S e t o f Teeth, on R u b b e r P late, For $ 1 0 .0 0 , Aud Dentistry of the best at the Cheapest living prices. Consultation Free. C. ELMENDORF, R O F E S S I O N A L D E N T I S T 4 2 M a i n S t r e e t . Opposite Baldwin’ Bank, Penn Yan, N. Y. C . H . K N A P P , U N D E R T A K E R , WITHIN EASY REACH. (N e x t D o o r to B e n h a m H o u sideuce. 116 Denham St. lephone, store, 6a K. lephone, residence, 62 F. .) All sorts of candies, OPERA CAREMELS, and SCOTCH KISSES are within bounds for the most locketbiocketbook Read This! modest p at 3 0 <t You’re heartily welcome here, whether you buy five cents or five dollars’ worth. Our aim is to please and satisfy every purchaser, be be small or large of stature, income or spending proclivities. 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R e f u s e D a n g e r o u s S u b s t i t u t i o n * e n d I m i t a ­ tio n s . Buy of your Druggist, o r .red 4 c . <0 stamp, for P a r t i c u l a r s , T e s t i m o n i a l s and “ R e l i e f f o r L a d l e s ,” In letter, by r e ­ tu r n M a J l. 1 0 , 0 0 0 Testimonials. Sold by Dragglits. C h i c h e s t e r C h e m i c a l C o * Mention this dido # M a d iso n P a r k . H U I J .A .. P A . The writer owes to Dick Iluyl a debt not exactly of gratitude, as the story will demonstrate, which she, by writ­ ing his biography, seeks to discharge. Dick IluyVs history will never be writ­ ten by me nor by any one else who knew him to adorn n Sunday school li­ brary. lie was not that kind of boy. Dick was an Apache Indian, with all the characteristics of total depravity that the word Apache conveys or sug­ gests. We were children together, Dick and I. We lived, fought and play­ ed together for two years in the same army post. On one memorable occa­ sion Dick, instigated by the devil—for I firmly believe in the devil, if only for Apaches—dropped down the neck of my frock coat a live toad. It was the cause of my first fit of hysterics, and 1 determined if 1 ever grew old enough 1 would tell the whole world bow bad a young Apache could be. In 1872 , if I remember rightly. Gen­ eral Crook had succeeded, after years of bloody war and the loss of hundreds of good men, in subduing most of the bands composing the Apache nation of New Mexico and Arizona. They had dwelt in (lie strongholds of mountain and desert, from which they frequent­ ly emerged to rob and murder all min­ ers or emigrants that they could am­ bush. leaving nothing for the human mind to conceive of in the way of cru­ elty whenever a white man fell into their power. At the reservation, although they were well fed and quite decently treat­ ed, it was necessary to watch them constantly, and large bodies of troops were detailed for that purpose. Never­ theless. scarcely a week passed but a small squad of Apaches, usually led by some attractive squaw, would slip quietly past the guards and escape through tlie darkness into their beloved STRONG WHEN IN DOUBT, TRY AGAIN! They have stood the test of years, and have cured thousands of cases of Nervous Diseases, such as Debility, Dizziness, Sleepless- Vaaricocele,Atrophy,&c. ness and V They clear the brain, strengthen the circulation, make digestion perfect, and impart a healthy vigor to the whole being. All drains and losses are checked permanently. Unless patients are properly cured, their condition often worries them into Insanity, Consumption or Death. Mailed sealed. Price $t per box; 6 boxes, with iron-clad legal guarantee to cure or refund the money, $5.00. Send tor free book. For sale by H. 0 . BENNETT, Druggist, near Post-office, Penn Yan, N. Y. 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A favorite Apache mode of disposing of the un­ suspecting freighter, miner or emi­ grant whose camp they had succeeded in raiding was to tie the victim by the four limbs to stakes and then to build a fire on that portion of his body desig­ nated In the old fashioned almanacs as “vlrgo.” There seemed to be something par­ ticularly fascinating to the Apache temperament in this form of torture. Death beiug long in coming, it gave the squaws and papooses plenty of chance to invent small torments on the side, as it were. The women and children emigrants— But enough. Suf­ fice It to say that the absolute hatred entertained by these Indians for the whites was fully reciprocated, especial­ ly by the soldiers. It was no easy matter to track aud successfully fol­ low the runaways through the cactus and mesquite thickets, over the barren deserts and desolate mountains that make up the topography of Arizona. But in that parched country water is only to be found at certain springs and water holes, between which days of travel often intervene, but which are equally well known to soldiers and to Indians. So when the morning report showed to General Crook that so many war­ riors, squaws and papooses were missing the grim old warrior would make no sign of pursuit, but on the night following or perhaps the next one a squadron of mounted men would file silentlj- out of the reservation bear­ ing orders to move as rapidly as pos­ sible to the water hole of Palo Pinto or to Agna Grande spring or to some other place where the presence of the precious fluid favored a camping place for the renegades. The troops were always positively instructed to bring back no prisoners, all matters of de­ tail being left to the officers in com­ mand. One June morning there were- reported missing 8 Indians and 11 squaws and papooses, including Wall- nemo, than whom a more depraved and cruel Indian never existed, even in Ari­ zona. Two nights afterward a squad of the Twenty-third infantry, Crook’s own regiment, under Lieutenant Huyl, a splendid young fellow, who has since left the service, was sent out ou a scout with the usual orders. No trace of the renegades was found, but a burned ranch and stage station and a cremated cowboy gave sufficient evi­ dence of Indians at large. The next night, or rather just at dawn, after a long and fatiguing march, the scouts reached a natural rock basin at the foot of one of the steepest and most inaccessible knobs to be found in des­ olate Arizona. This basin had often collected a supply of acrid water, which, however, was drinkable enough 111 that country. A thin vapor of smoke from a nearly spent fire convinced the troopers that their night’s march had not been in vain, aud on creeping up as close as.possible tlie bostiles were outlined against the rocks fast asleep. The little squadron silently deployed out so as to avoid missing a single shot nnd at the word of command fired, kill­ ing nearly every one of the Indians. The others jumped up, only to be cut down by the reserve fire. The only two unhurt were Wnlmemo and his 4 -year- old papoose. Grasping the child, he sprang for the mountain side, scaling the rocks like a chamois amid a show­ er of bullets, soon distancing his pur­ suers aud getting out of range of their rifles. Halting on a shelf of rock, he set the child down and proceeded to in­ dulge in every exhibition of contempt and derision that his imagination could invent to aggravate the discomfited troopers, who gnashed their several sets of teeth in rage at the insults of the old heathen. They were relieved at last by the arrival of Lieutenant Iluyl. who bore iu bis hand a new tar- Sm ile and Seller. b That’s the motto of many a woman’s life. She manages the house, receives friends, entertains company, with a moan in the mouth which is stifled and a smile on the face which is a mask to cover up her pain. Only «»• those who note the dark ringed eyes, the lines a b o u t the lips, the occa­ sional pallor of ([“ the cheek, know the real s t o r y . Such women are 1 among the most grateful for the cures performed by the use of Dr. Pierce’s Favorite Prescription. To smile and not to suffer is something wonderful to them. Women suffering from female weak­ n e s s , inflamma­ tion, ulceration or the drains that so weaken the body, may take ” Favor­ ite Prescription ” with almost abso­ lute certainty of cure. It’s sure to help. It’s almost sure to heal. It has cured ninetv-eicrht per cent, of those id faithful trial. who gave Mrs. H. A. 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It Is made of solid oak, nicely pol­ ished, measures 60 Inches high, 24 inches long, 18 Inches deep, Is lined with heavy zinc, galvanized iron shelves, and Is Insulated with water-proof fibre felting. Its retail value la $ 16 . 00 — $ 7.05 saved In buying of the maker. Our F u rniture Department contain! thousands o f similar bargains. Our Mammoth Catalogue o f 480 pages, size 14 z 10 X Inches, tells all about Furniture— also about Every­ thing to Eat, Use and W e a r— contains over IS.OOOlllustra- $ 8 . 95 , Freight prepaid. tlons and quotes wliolesale prices to consumers on over get rifle, received only the day before the scouts started. This wonderful gun was guaranteed to carry—I forget—1,100 yards with ac­ curacy, and the lieutenant, who was one of the best fellows in the world in garrison, but quite cold hearted and bloodthirsty where Apaches were con­ cerned, announced that while he was doubtful of bis gun carrying near the Indian, yet he was going to try. The Apache, feeling secure against their carbines, continued his taunts until Huyl, taking deliberate aim, with sights raised for 1,500 yards, fired. Ills aim xvas true and the gun all that it was boasted. The old savage plunged face forward over the ledge and crash­ ed down tlie rocky mountain side at the very feet of his slayer. The attention of the soldiers was now directed to the papoose, the sub­ ject of this sketch. That interesting Infant still calmly occupied tlie ledge and was evidently turning tlie situa­ tion over in his mind. The troopers, with Lieutenant Iluyl at their head, slowly and painfully clambered up the rocks and finally approached the or­ phan, wlio, instead of squalling as a civilized Christian child would have done, commenced throwing stones at his pursuers, hitting Lieutenant Iluyl squarely ou the nose with a half pound rock and drawing blood copiously. lie followed this success by other good throws, causing as nearly a panic as possible. At last, by flanking him, our Apache was knocked down by a blow from a saber and stunned. His capture was now easy, but the lieutenant’s orders were to return no prisoners. “What shall we do with the little dev­ il?” asked one of the men. “Shoot him or throw him over the cliff after his fa­ ther?\ Tlie “little devil” had regained consciousness by this time and deliber­ ately set Ills teeth into the calf of the soldier’s leg. Lieutenant Iluyl wiped his bloody nose and replied: “ A baby who fights this way ought not to be killed in cold blood. By George, I’ll take him back to San Carlos if it costs me my commission!” A gag was put into the young one’s mouth to prevent any more biting, aud, with a soldier holding each hand, he was landed on the plain below. There he was placed on horseback, a lariat tied to one foot, passed under the horse and tied to the other, and thus the troopers returned to the reservation. Lieutenant Huyl was a great favorite with General Crook, but he had dis­ obeyed orders and confidently expected to be put under arrest. But the general had already heard something of the stone throwing affair and had enjoyed a hearty laugh over Huyl’s broken nose. When the lieutenant in making his report reached the point where Wahnemo was killed, the general in­ terrupted him with, “ B y the way, I think you had better not let me knoxv officially any more of this scout than you have already told.” Then glancing at the swollen nose he burst into a roar of laughter, in which all the other offi­ cers joined. The young Indian was confined in the armory until his first fright was overcome. The soldiers of Company A named him Dick Huyl and, fitting him out with a uniform fashioned from the lieutenant’s old clothes, regularly adopted him into the service. In less than a month the small re­ cruit learned to express himself tolera­ bly In English and in a very short time had accumulated all the accomplish­ ments of tobacco chewing and profani­ ty possessed by the soldiers. He also picked up a wonderful knowledge of bugle calls and evolutions, always turn­ ing out at roll calls and taking his place at the extreme left of the compa­ ny when in line. When I first knew him, he had been under the refining influences of the United States service two years. If that Indian had Improved in that time, I am very glad I did not know him be­ fore. He was not beautiful according to classic standards. The Apaches flatten the heads of their babies between boards, and this, as much as anything else, served to render Dick unattractive to us chil­ dren. Then he had such a predilection for carrying snakes in his pocket! The soldiers spoiled him, of course, and up­ held him in every villainy he chose to perpetrate. When he shot the mules in an ambulance tilled with women and children, causing a runaway and a smash up, one soldier thrashed him with a barrel stave and a dozen more gave him 5 cent pieces to comfort him. They alternately pounded and petted, but it was all one to him. He seldom laughed and never cried. He was an Apache. I said he never cried. I will note an exception. Every Saturday afternoon the men took him out behind the quar­ ters and gave him a bath. This process was very simple. They stripped off his clothing nnd turned the hose on him. On these occasions the shrieks of the little savage could be heard all over the post. I have not seen Dick since I was 9 years old, but I like to think that he grew up and regularly enlisted in the oJd regiment and is now an honor to the service.—New York Tribune. Cocal. A e w Rural Delivery Routes. A R C H I T E C T The postoffice authorities have been busy o f late in mapping out the new routes which will be started on July ist, and re-arranging the old ones in accord­ ance. Besides those routes heretofore referred to in the E x p r e s s , it is practi­ cally certain that there will be one from Middlesex, two from Rushville, besides one from Naples, which will tap Yates county territory. The postoffices which will probably go out of business on ac­ count of these changes will be Benton Center, Yatesville, Friend, Cinconia, Ste- ver, Kern, and Cyrystal Springs, and pos­ sibly others. The three new routes iu which the boundaries have so fat been fixed are as follows: the World’s Finest Library Building Recommends Peruna for Catarrh. Starting from Penn Yan—To the Milo Mill*, to No. ro school house, to s . F. S w anhout's, to Milo Center, to Hunt’s Corners, to William Coon's, to Mrs. Sarah Barnes,’ to A. C. Townsend’s, to J. B Hazzard’s, to T. R. Norris's, to Randall’s Cor­ ners, to City Hill, to Marsden Henderson's, to Sarah Burns’s, to Milo Center, to Mrs. Kate Rus­ sel’s, thence back to Penn Yan. This route is about 23 miles in length. Starling Irom Penn Yan—To Kinney’s Corners, to Heck school house, to school house No $0, to Bluff Point road aud south to school house No. 5, to coon’s Corners and residence of John Finne­ gan, to Shaw’s Corners, to school.house No 3, to Keuka College, to Rleciric Park, to Patter sou’s Coruets, to W. P. Hartshorn’s, to Tomer's Cor­ ners, to county house road, thence back to Peon Yan. Length o f route. 21 % m lea. Starting from Bluit Point—To M. E. church, to Patterson’s Corners, to school house No. 1, to Willett’s Corners, to Dean’s Corners, to Orr's Corners, to Biown’s Corners, to Snow's Corners, to Rose’s, to Kern posloffice, to Sturdcvant’s, to school house No. 3, to school house No. 20, to Van Tuyl’s, to Butler’s, to Keuka College, thence back to Blufl Point. Length of route, 22)6 miles. CONGRESSIONAL L I B R A R Y , WASHINGTON, D. C. The Census Bureau states that the cen­ ter of population in the United States, exclusive of Alaska and the recently ac­ quired territories, is now six miles south­ east of Columbus, Bartholomew County, in the southern poition of Indiana. Col­ umbus is forty miles south and is s ightly to the east of Iuniauapolis. This center has moved slowly west almost exactly on the line of 39 degrees north latitude for nearly an hundred years. O nce I was young, but now I am old, and I have never seen a girl who went back on her mother, who ever came to be worth a one-eyed button to her husband. It is the law of God. It is not exactly in the Bible, but it is written large and law­ ful on the lives of many misfit homes. If one of you chaps ever run across a girl with her face full of roses, who says to you when you come to the door : “ I can­ not go for thirty minutes, for the dishes are not washed,” you wait for that girl. Sit right down on the door-step and wait for her, because some other fellow will come along and carry her off, and then you lose an angel. Wait for her and stick to her like a burr on a mule’s tail.— Bill Arp . Hon. I. 8. Smithmeyer, architect of the new Congressional Library of Wash­ ington, D. C., ranks first in his profes­ sion In this country. This library is considered the finest building in the United States. Mr. Smithmeyer spent sixteen years traveling in Europe work­ ing on the plans, and Congress appro­ priated six million dollars for this building. In a letter written from Washington and dated J u ly 4 th, 1899 , to The Peruna Medicine Co.,Columbus, O., Mr.Smith- meyer says the following in regard to Peruna, the world-renowned catarrh cure: W a s h i n g t o n , D. C., J u ly 4 , 1899 . The Peruna Medicine Co., Columbus, O.: Gentlemen—I endorse the good opin­ ion expressed by Senators and Repre­ sentatives in Congress regarding the curative qualities of your compound. Those who have used it recommend it as an excellent tonic which is particularly effective as a cure for catarrh. Respectfully, I. S. Smithmeyer. One of the most wonderful events In the history of medicine is the multitude of remarkable endorsements which Pe­ runa is receiving as a catarrh cure from men and women of national importance. During the past two years a large num­ ber of people well known from ocean to ocean, have In glowing words of un­ stinted praise made Peruna the most famous and justly celebrated catarrh remedy In the world. Men high in our national councils, statesmen known the world over, dis­ tinguished officers in the army and navy, physicians, lawyers, preach­ ers, and last but not least, an in­ numerable company of people in the common walks of life, have all joined to place Peruna on the highest pedestal of honor that any remedy has ever reached in the history of medicine. There can be no further question that Peruna is the catarrh remedy of the age . It has no rival . There are no substitutes . Peruna stands alone as a systemic catarrh cure which will cure catarrh in a ll phases and stages. Everybody should have a copy of Dr. Hartman’s latest book on catarrh. Sent tree by The Peruna Medicine Co., C o Iambus, Ohio. X NEW- Real Estate Transfers . The following deeds were entered of record in the Yates County Clerk’s Office since our last report: YORK Fred E. Brown to E. A. Price & Co., premises in Milo—$623. Charles H. Thomas to Charles Stape, premises in Potter, $i,2co. William Best to Francis H. Best, premises in Potter—$500. to George W. Beyea, Cyrus C. Harvey and premises in Dundee—$450. Ellen M. Nethaway to C. C. Harvey, premises in Dundee—$425. Harlan P. Sturdevaut to Herman Bullock, premises in Jerusalem—$2,600. TRI-WEEKLY Board of Water Commissioners. SPECIAL M EETIN G . April 27,1901. Present—Commissioners Turner, Swarts, Hol­ loway, and Lynn. The President of the village was present, and stated to the Board the desire o f the Trustees 10 obtain water for sprinkling purposes. Moved and carried: That water be furnished the Board o f Trustees for sprinkling purposes In the business portion lor $4 per week, and for residence portion at $3 per week. That Commissioners Swarts and Turner be ap­ pointed a committee to report action of this Board to the Trustees The meeting then adjourned. FRED H. LYNN, Acting Secretary. Published Mon­ day, Wednesday, and Friday, is in re a lity a fine, fresh, every - oth­ er-day Daily, giv­ ing the latest news on days of issue, and cover­ ing news of the other three. It contains all im­ portant foreign cable news whi h appears in THE DAILY TRIBUNE of same date, also D o m e stic and Foreign Corres­ pondence, Short Stories, Elegant Half-tone Illus­ trations, Humor­ ous Items, Indus­ trial information. Fashion N o tes, Agricultural Mat­ ters and compre­ hensive and relia­ ble Financial and Market reports. NEW- YORK Published on Thursday, and known for nearly sixty years in ev­ ery part of the United Stages as a National Family Newspaper of the highest clsse, for farmers and vil­ lagers. It contains all the most im­ portant general n e w s o f th e D A I L Y TR IB. UNE up to hour o f going to press, an Agricultural Department of the highest older, has entertaining reading for every member of the family, old and WEEKLY young, M arket Re TRIBUNE R e g u lar sub­ scription price, $ 1.50 per year. We furnish it with TH»E EX ­ PRESS for $ 1.85 per year. iports which are accepted as au­ thority by farm­ ers and country merchants, and is clean, up-to-date, interesting ana instructive. TRIBUNE Regular su b ­ scription price, $1 00 per year. We furnish it with THE EXP­ RESS for $ 1.25 per year. Send all orders to THE EXPRESS, Penn Yan, N. Y. Cornell University State Scholar­ ship. “ W h y D o n 't It B u s t f “ We quote from The Century an an­ ecdote related as one of “A Woman’s Experiences During the Siege of Vicks­ burg:” Speaking of fuses, the rector told us one day a very funny thing that lie had seen during one of his trips to town. Every day, as long as the siege .continued, lie crossed that hospital ridge and passed over the most expos­ ed streets on his way to the church, always carrying with him his pocket communion service, apparently stand­ ing an even chance of burying the dead, comforting the dying or being blmself brought home maimed or cold In death. Ills leaving was a daily anguish to those who watched him vanish over the brow of the hill. One evening, coining back iu the dusk, he saw a burly wagoner slip off his horse and get under It ln*a hurry. His head appeared, bobbing out first from one side, then from the other. Above him in the air, bobbing, too, and with a quick, uneasy motion, was a luminous spark. After a full minute spent in vigorous dodging the man came out to prospect. The supposed fuse was still there, burning brilliantly. “Darn the thing,” he grunted, “why don’t It bust?” lie had been playing hide and seek for («0 seconds with a line speci­ men of our southern lightning bug, or firefly! R EG U L AR MEETING. May 7, 1901. Present—Commissioners Holloway, Sheridan, Turner, Swarts, Lynn. Commissioner Lynn appointed acting Secre­ tary. Messrs. Frank Fenner and R. C. Hewson and a representative oi the Olympian Candy Co. pres­ ent, and made statements regarding their water rents. John Alm y present, and asked the Board to ex­ tend the water main at the upper end o f Liberty Street. Rev. H. E. Frohock present, in the interest o f the Y. M. C. A , a sking for a satisfactory rate for water. Minutes o f meetings held April 5 and April 27 approved. Committee on iunds and other property o f water works department stated they had re­ ceived and turned the same over to the newly elected officers. Committee discharged. Repair committee reported that there would be a man from the Henry K. Worthington shops here this week to put the pumps in good condi­ tion. Superintendent reported amount collected dur­ ing month o f April $798 62 on old accounts due prior to April ist, aud $2,356.69 on accounts charged April ist. Moved and carried: That the Liberty Street extension be referred to the Superintendent to ascertain the probable ex­ pense and bow many would take water i f the same were put in. That the Superintendent be instructed to write to other places and ascertain the usual price for furnishing water to Y. M. C. A. Associations. That Commissioners Turner and Swarts be a committee to ascertain what should be placed In the budget for water works purposes and report same to the Village Trustees. That Commissioners Holloway and Lynn be a committee to look after the assessment of water works property in the town o f Jerusalem. Bills amounting to $449 93 were audited and or­ dered paid, also (iso, iuterest due Magee estate, $1,013.25, interest due State of New York, and $i,« 100, amount of principal due on bonds held by State of New York. The meeting then adjourned. FRED H. LYNN, Acting Secretary. [Notice pursuant to the laws o f 1894, chapter 556, title 12.] A competitive examination of candidates for the State scholarship in Cornell University fall­ ing to the county o f Yates will be held at the Academy in the village of Penn Yan, Saturday, June i, 1901, commencing at 9 a. m. Candidates must be at least 16 years of age and of six months’ standing in the common schools or academies of the State during the year imme­ diately preceding this examination, and actual residents o f this State. No person should enter an examination unless prepared to accept a scholarship, should one be awarded. The exam­ ination will be upon the following subjects, viz.: English, history (Grecian, Roman, English, American), plane geometry, algebra through quadratic equations, and either Latin, French, or German, at the option o f the candidate. There will be as many candidates appointed from this county as there are assembly districts in this county. Candidates w ill become entitled to the scholarships in the order o f their merit. Dated at Penn Yan. N . Y ..th is eighth day of May, 1901. N. WINTON PALMER, School Commissioner, Sole commissioner d istrict Yates County. 1 IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT. We sell clothing and gents’ furnishings. You will do well to look into this mat­ ter before you make your purchases. W i l l i a m H o l l o w a y &-CP-, Elm Street, Penn Yau.- Salt sprinkled under quince trres is ben­ eficial. Miss Mamie Smith, Middlesbo.o, Ky., writes : “ My little sister had the croup very bad. I gave her several doses of F oley ’ s H oney and T ab and she was in­ stantly relieved. It saved her life.” Harry O. Bennett. The least In quantity and most in qual­ ity describe DeWitt’s Little Early Risers, the famous pill for constipation, and liver cc mplaints. T. F. Wheeler. Rosin and tallow in equal parts good covering for wounds on trees. iake a W hy you should bay your Spring suit of us. Because you can have the largest line to select from. Because you can safely rely on the ma­ terial, trimmings and workmanship. Because yon can depend entirely on the recommend or guarantee being given in good faitb. Because you can save from one to five dollars on the suit. W illiam H olloway & Co., Elm St., Penn Yan. 1 1 The obstreperous prisoner realizes that a policeman not only collars but cuffs. DeWitt’s Little Early Risers search the remotest parts of the bowels and remove the impurities speedily with no discom­ fort. They are famous for their efficacy. Easy to take. Never gripe. .T. F. Whee­ ler. Bears the Signature of S T The Kind You Have Always Bought n The man who has a lawn always wants some mower. Notice of Tax Meeting. Notice is hereby giveu that the annual meet­ ing o f the taxable Inhabitants ot the village of Penn Yan w ill be held in Engine House No. x, on Tuesday, May ax, 1901, at 1 oclock p. m., for the purpose o f voting upon and determining the amounts (exclusive of the suras allowed by chart­ er,) that will be required to carry on the village government for tlie eosulug year. Penn Yan, May 6,1901. By order o f the Board o f Trustees. J. E. CRKARY, Cleik. ESTIM A T E . The following Is an estimate made by the Board o f Trustees o f the village of Peuu Yau o f the amounts, (exclusive of the sums allowed by charter,) that will be required to carry on the vtl- NEW YORK CENTRAL EXCURSION RATES TO THE PAN-AMERICAN EXPOSITION. Beginning April 30, and continuing un­ til Oct. 31, the New York Central will sell excursion tickets to Buffalo and Niagara Falls on account of the Pan-American at special reduced rates, varying with dif­ ferent time limits aud accommodations. Excursion tickets, good in first class day coaches, but uot in parlor or sleeping cars, within two to five days of date of issue, are sold at lowest rates. Ten-day tickets, thirty-day tickets, and season tickets are also on sale. Specific rates, conditions, and limit of tickets, time of trains, in­ formation as to hotels and boarding houses, etc., will be made known upon application to ticket agents. “ I had a running sore on my breast for over a year,” says Henry R Richards, of Willseyville, N. Y., “ and tried a great many remedies, but got no relief until I used B anner S alve . After using one-half box I was perfectly cured. I cannot rec­ ommend it too highly.\ Harry O. Ben­ nett. v What a pitiful thing it is to hear a lazy man talking about the spring fever attack­ ing him. Mr. W. J. Baxter, of North Brook, N. C., says he suffered with piles for fifteen years He tried many remedies with no results until he used DeWitt’s Witch Hazel Salve and that quickly cured him. T. F. Whee­ ler. - 4 -l lage government for the ensuing year, and which will be submitted to the taxable Inhabitants at the tax meeting appointed to be held in Engine House No. 1. on Tuesday, May ai, igoi, at 1 o’clock p. m. : Stone fu n d . ................................................ I'.ooo Contingent f u n d ........................................... i,oco Highway f u n d ............................................. ... P o lice fu n d ......................................................................... 900 Five hundred feet new hose ..................... 3so Lighting fund................................................ 3,876 Three addition arc lights : One ou Chapel Street........................$68 One on Head Street, in tront of Price Bros', factory ....................... $68 One on Jacob Street, at the intersec­ tion of Lawrence Street ............... $68— $904 For new stone walk iu front o f Lake View Cem etery ..................................................... 500 Bv order of the Board of Trustees. J. B. CREARY, Clerk. More than 150 new school houses have bceu built in Kansas within the last year. A W h l e t S t o r y . When Lord Tlrnnet was imprisoned In the Tower of London for the O’Con­ nor riot, three of his friends, the Duke of Bedford, the Duke of Laval aud Captain Smith, were admitted to play whist with him and remain till the lock up hour of 11 . Early in the sit­ ting Captain Smith fell back in a fit of apoplexy, ami one of the party rose -A) call for help. “Stop!” cried another. “We shall he turned out if you make a noise. Let our friend alone until 11 . We can play dummy, ami lie'll be none the worse, for I can read death in his face.” There is always a fatted calf for the prodigal son. Many times the other son pays for it. If you are sick all over, and don’t know just what ails you, it’s ten to one your kid­ neys are out of order. F o l e y ' s K id n e y C o r e will bring you health and energy. Harry O. Bennett. Never keep hens over winter to sell in the spring. George C. Ilickock, Curtiss, Wis., says: “ F oley ' s K idney C ore has bceu tested, and found to be all you claim for it. I have given it to my father and it is the only thing that ever helped him.” Harry O. Bennett. 160,000 different zrtlclez. It costs u s $1.16— mailed to you Jtrst for 10 cents, vhith to ctntt y.u dtduct /rom your ordtr o/pjoo, Vree Htbogrephed Catalogue skew* u FAMOUS MARY­ LAND” Carpet*, Rof*, Dreperlee, Well Paper, Sewing Mztklnee, Blanket*, Comfort*, Framed Pleteree, nnd BperUltle* In CphoWtered P e rnlture, In tkelr reel colon. Carpet* sowed free, lin in g ternUked wllfceet e k irge sad FUBItiHT PAID OR ALL TUB A DOVE. Free Catalogue of Ben’i Made-to.Order Clothing—has large elolh sample* attached. WB PHBPAYIXPBBB8- AGE ARD 0 DA 1 IARTBB TO FIT. Free Dress Goods Catalogue contain* lam p lsi fre e 11 % eenle to $ 1 . 6 0 . WB FAY TttANSPOBTATIOH. W hy pey retell price* for anything f W e sell absolutely everything, Which book do you want? Address this way< JULIUS MINES A SON, Baltimore, Md. Dept. T h e y W e r e A tten tive. A clergyman preaching in a c»untry church for the first time was delighted to find the congregation very atten­ tive and told the verger so after the service. The verger replied, “Lor* bless you, sir, we was all looking for you to dis­ appear!” “Why, what do you mean?” said the clergyman. “Well, sir, you see, the pulpit is rot­ ten and hasn’t been preached in this ten year or more.”—Pearson’s Weekly. It takes a wife woman to be able to dis* criminate between her opinion and her prejudice. Mr. F. D. Arnold, Arnold, la., He was troubled with kidney disease about three years. Had to get up several times during the night, but three bottles of F ol ­ ey ’ s K idney C urb effected a complete cure. He feels better than he ever did, and recommends it to his friends. Harry O. Bennett. A n E n e y M a t t e r . “The reason some men don’t get along happily,” said Mr. Meektou, “hi that they don’t know how to manage a wife.” “ You know this?” was the skeptical query. “Certainly. It is the simplest thing In the world. All you have to do Is to say ‘yes* whenever she wants any­ thing aud always let her have her own* way.\—Washington Star. Fowls that are shut up should have - constant supply of grit. You are much more liable to diseas when your liver and bowels do not a< properly. DeWitt’s Little Early R,sC1 remove the cause of disease. T. F. Whe< ler. HENRY F. FARRELL Will pay %e. each for J. T. and Navy in tags. Poultry in orchards are beneficial to the land and to the trees. F o ley ’s Honey and Tar fo r children,safe,sure. No opiates. BA E R 8 A L V E the most healing salve in the world* F o le y ’s Honey and Tar cures colds, prevents pneumonia. -T.

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