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Cazenovia Republican. (Cazenovia, Madison County, N.Y.) 1854-current, November 04, 1868, Image 4

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. .. mri^nrrr.v -itf-iiii 'i iofco, hollar? ».4j5id^Wbvl!^ee^ §yeo MdJjgpyfil^JQeg^c^ia pur-bund. LIU. SWereafwiffiV'^dipaCea* haruiss and waited apoit-by »_.spruce postillion, and a] n A.—Tea, liav^afidihav seon old ago put on pomposity-hobble in brocade, ooipmand ^VS^e^fi^fnitK-pride, . Shi-p\h jnth a^vaaiMV^eSdiie^ myself \poor old ^^RdlS^Mit^k^'^'tdB FALL &-WINTER. war surtain, thtt^pjrinfess waz skaso ? \ but i never bjgtea^z. v man find enny, H^SJOEJ^ fault Wl'fr fTitflnngHi a regret that detb wii? a r j«- iff\ f ~ . tmvo^ if' ricbldaag^or tyEo\bMn!t bbrefe»<*es8utf$T, fOTTUebmself'ytSStlf \ W%%L ' -**' SSjSB ^e hear^dv en^fttocn oponin*; we^Hn^teiegraf^HiJit on5ef£bat'gist , ! now, the way^thin^jre^tra,\^ •a ? nisu7' with seedy mmnentff^tfTTitsJd 'iJffeiJ &iViacked out ov a fost-klasameotin^:house, and be put»uuder iffififjusand doTleifbonds tew.te^ffieTpce&t. , ^fa^avr^^aVoqn bT ^irtewooblndi ^ • s tid»l<S^)^be„t6;ta]w bju^irtmronae/ nja am.'jDBTOrsniuiy^&Ayet^^^ tjhew eacivStiier^- • ^*jv«-t -s&wfr\ Q.-fKin a yonWroaawjAoutTcflny.-inus- taob&e*isittiashM i n NuTorfeSitferi- A§% bnti|Stould;^r6febtebriri/ll,c rtafio> iguce. }^pg \-^en ; %i«ioafjMiiiy mpst&ak4tiro JfooJto&'ujpon. with' saspicxon, that thev|,eilHejr ;y6 (nit*\^p8 eni^u3n]tbi,t Q.—Kan you inform mo the best way that h&z yet been iuveutcd tabring-up-a boy? J- A—Giw njeJO^olkrs;an3dCTriU^tBfryou. Bnt hernia aireoiptf that I givliway. Brin^ UD your .-boy in»fear ;jiygi6 , is)jl and a gin null. *' * Q.—Iz tharo enny kore for natral laziue^ wharo itis-a^art OT at man's • conitituahun and bye laws T A—Only-one tore, that iz, milk a cow. t^®west ^asK Priced ,- A-^-Tbltf r dopends ajigood- deal 'gixm ]the natur ov the noize iae a talkiilg abant The sound ov a dinner horn, for instance, travels half a mile in a sekond, whflo an in- vitashun tew git up in thd morniug i have knowo^rfbe-S quartets av an houn going up two pear w gtaiBitftndthenaot bav -strength enuft tew be heard. Q.—Kan yu tell me who waz the author the saying \giV a beggar a boss and be ov ov ..... „ _ will ride tew the. devil?' \ Af—I aonTtfeelieqttal to-the *tesk?i|filt.i will Bay onej thing i a favor ov the »proSnrb, i konsider it a good risk tew take if yu think- the dovil would send back the hoss. —What is \yure private opinion humaii happiness az a fertilizer ? A-^t got a-^ip ^M ,mea n private opmyun ov human happjaBfL/biit all thata kaa say forit i2 thatlt ^1 ^Mob# a new pen ny hove in among-a parcel of ragged yaug urehanes, awl ov them are immediately crazy for the cent, but only one ov them gits itt Q.—What kind ov books would yu advise\] a yung man like me tew read, who am very anxious tew be full ov wisdum ? A—Don't read but on« pnxl book at a time, and oz soon az yu git thru with that, keep a readin it over agin.. ,Hs.ivhp, re^Us everything iz like he who drink* everything, he gits az full az a soder fountain, with just about az much whizz in him. It iz better tew be a good deal like somebody than a lit­ tle like noboddy Q —If yu had a fust rate daughter would yu teach her, musick '( A—No I' Bur*if ado had musick mutch, I wood boa it and dig around iC A tallent for musick iz not ono tow banket after, unless it iz S iibstro?e: Two^d'ttrbEKffytHnr tedy j gal ov mine would have a genius for pitchin cents at a rolling hub than tow be a tbi rate muaeker. Q.—How long kaa a goose stand on one legg? . A.—Try it and see, that's the wa? the goose found out. TAKE IT EASY —A few days snroe Consta­ ble Judd was callpd upon to fulfill a writ of ejectment, issued by a son of the Emerald Idle against a fellow cuilntryinan. Dan, who 'never waits for persuasion 46 do fan dnty, infltontly called on Pat, and found hfxn rnlfprl in tho hnnsp nnmnrl in t.^n wnt, enjoying a \dudeen.\ ''Gotiu morning, Pat,\ says \Dan pulling out his writ ' The top o' ;the morning to yourself,'' re­ plied Pat, undisturbed. \Patrick I have business with you. continued the constable, , • \Bedad and sure ye have, an' why would >. yo ba-afthor calling on TOP , gir?'' n. <.»'.»mf KhMVJ \i'fel 1* «i »t.> l '.i gt^iiH. y '-i'tA wilCl r j- fv:ii'> <J lone- J <l I a '.us !«5 r i\wu« r*«s Alno, TEAS , -;r.,*^^^MB - BS^;HAKD'^mB, All or wttca *ey kre tU»poafAio,s »n rtW.i ' CP IS' NO' TEOVBLE JEpB\TJa TO SHOW om .soom - Our sta££?l»sb£«oitt$16ie tliatyou can hardly fbil to find Jait ^vliat roil waiai^B^iiia^t^Ji^.jfAoeis Pl«u»c«]l and azatnlM our LET C S CO'iTT&CM YQV. i. \ ao '>* sir AND 3 P » That «t oar store ii Uie pluw to tny GOOD GOODS CHEAP 1 n AS K Ett, QROKf. * SP^AB- Caxeoovla, October 12,18CS. Tillotsons. \I have a. writ hem commanding me to eject you and your goods from this bouse, it's rather OR unpleasant duty\— \Ahl itisMiphael O'Callighan that or­ dered ye, shore ?\ \Yes sir, Michael is the man.\ \An* did he pay the costs, Misther Con- rtable?\ \Certainly—we always demand advancs costs in these cases.\ \Thiu.ye've been paid for yer work, eburc.\ \Certainly.\ \Thievecan do it, divfl a bit will Pat­ rick Owic n stan' In the way of a man's working for pay.\ This rathd\f astonitibed Dan, who had cx- perted, as is usual in Buch cases, .meet with serious resistance. He doffed his coat, *nd after an hour's hard labor, succeeded in removing the Irishman's household goods into the street After securing tho house from improper intrusion, Bad, fatigued with-the Jabors Tie bad performed, started All&f-^^^dffiBg-bin* good-by. *a>-wixr wns seated on 1 apart of bis goods, with the \dudeen 1 ' BGH in bis mouth) remarked: \Au 1 Pm obliged to ye, sir, for saving.me aU the'trouble.\ \How?\ \Faith an' wasn't I going to move? an' wasn't I jist taking tiff m y coat to lap^oct the duds, mr, whin you oame on* tarried etn^ all •olL Pm much obliged to ye,- su^'-ao' hope ve'll call agin when Patrick O'Brieif wants hia goods carried down stairs, sir \ ~* ' ' Daa \ BTICIISQI ? \haa\ \business\ in\ \anoth'er- place, though the joke was so good he could •notr-help twfcng it afterward. '** 1** g-^a v .g&ttJia&TMJ'Wfl.oao-MAN ^Di^Lecg, of . ed*-temper«Bee- •advocate, jagf etmXi wot ho bis country abnoat solely to ^thess^nimiiclf the •BUCdes* of prohibitory legislation; ' ' \ \Ha put \up at A hotel In' PbttiaBd, and «sked,tiotthe 'W-k'eeper,' r Bttttbe r 'cleTk,\ tS^a^liEffof'bfiBay, stating tbatiie.jras^an Etfglisbmati, aii^at the'same time puttin. •^wtf a'gol^ouftf, a^^yin^, \Neve^ n^qi assured, hnn'that h<t could not have any, and that! evening Dr. Ldes walked four mula in vain to procn^e a glass.of liquor. At last be-met a working man-m'&o jitreot, and ad* dressed bim thus. \My fnend, I am * stranger in town—I have been walking aboat four hours^to see i f I can find anything 'to drink j can t you tell me where J can -find something?V He replied. \No I and i f I could I wouldn't.' Wo hare received oar NEW GOODS ! Bargains! Bargains! We bare brought op tho AND THK 4 , CABGE3T SSOOS: 6^»Gbol >3 Cvter before <oflierBd »ln ttzisi Mar­ ket. Our Trade i s Increasing. hiajwj-, y^^poporjr^airjfft?lio^n«4^| vfeaTai wt>»l -fla^iJ^P* | MACHINE OIL. '^M^SfW?** «i3THTTlfi e-«j£rmT «oi* r6M r :^ir» .^BaES^^SlWjf^Pft'^ Oaq^.e« I fcte, A Sid ( Mattings, Uijlll—•fl',~'ttiii lorthrTiOmd WJ»ua;wiauLOmfttonr«rd. [ j, «-r- Tturf%0l<»42iin5lih?ixim|niiUoc»nd p «tJOD »K« goaermlb of »imom the four qturtem of the Conntrr'- •<!'-, ffl^ WOW luopad,., Wp^+offj^of oaf -' . . - «» • ' ' » -itt ' . INT^&KITT, MEANS, ABtttTY,' IN- |>i .'l.l /t. 'iECOSOMIL' K »:i : IWT ; r Vr -,.x \.;.i -^vtw^ atlj ,1- wJDwiiQieatat^luof^ui^-J •» T . W.oTrtn*»U yo* taai ^r «6o<U leu* tbaa bti ^,1 )n, , •t ^V \Da il pITC?j i AGA :3OT.)-i thn man (poken of. oo »1U \Co Tour Way BOKI - Boost of .. Yotnru •Bargain*.'* >~ \Many littlnw mflfcfl tti,W rlTI \' tr ' ;l \\ \ U k ?o'alW (2SlW nbtiKhmebi o, rqaill; upon PLEASE CALL. EXAMINE, Bjrmciue. Sopleaberil^USS. Il-22ra3 D . M. Pulford. ETEUr MONTH, Ef\ERY WEEK, EVKHY DAY, ^ f A^ltSf^irJ^Abiilr^LoS.' . . 1 We bare rerolred to m *k« oar heme THE VEBT BBSrf ^tAGB /?H28 SECTION Sor people to do their trading, by ecttuUIy Scningr Goofo tower _ ' r . / i,. i•* Thjp other hoo»e», thrrebj inoreanloc onr MIH »na beneBtin* both oar ooiloMot. an? oarMlriV We have OTCoeoaog tiHMi»fi»r be yond oii r ttlbst sdn^alii b oxpectO' 11 m • • i People bare *>ht lo come in and examine onr »«rr lur£« stock , AND GQMPA&E PKICES. J !T* , .i 1> ^ : . tlu *j''Si*»«§<>f < JUS T WttAT, THEY WANT, HELP tm/ANl) W33 tll?lLl.,H!ELP CAL L B^igDIATKLYja t tho old stand, No. 30 Albany: StrcQlrJf yon wisft-t^sefure SO5fiBX)P't ¥0^! ?6xt5EL^iE9^«J8AIt- QAlNS'-lbWW e «cm| bffeVW in MEKI- NOES, P'OPLCra, SOOTDH PLAIDS, EMPRESS, ALPAOA8, EMPRESS AND ; SHAWLS, KNED406D5) fLANiJELS ; AND TRIMMINQ S of all buds,, Jn «acb»' of the above named goods I havo full and ...... lot ;o. i :-, i i > .M'' | 'u lisiiJi .... ^oi'ib'fiiis! 1> M. 3iit ).'tfaSa_ii J !ij>Lnj?' &tu 'In Ti i .Jntittf«>*«o-rnr-Sp' ; iftm^kv °* *wn v r ./3 J -i. i io R 'm 'i 'w* stEl^ ' jtoorj \ .Jtlftl]* 1iwl.1i\ twit ,10 >.V~ *l .il '118\ ' 11 1 is»» K tsMfeuetlaenciissf^t^K^ j,f r 1111 • O r 1 'f f r 1 ,' : \1.. • Would jay to tho poollpthut ha haa U<ah J^IM^,] •; 10'- -iwii'taOJf j]-- t^Kjn v(T •Uf-'t. c f n-ii>i)I <3 <Htf'inb.-r 1 •-' «jlfrf*l )!r-,v»fi< f>sib-0 ul ». wuM -woab^Umrujili iSp»DW*feiiWA!N»= -FRENCHi till T/;wiji unS* U*>AV>*««Wfijn d- - 5wi*' -j;,l ->.ftt Theeul - f. . - fc. *. j jW» -1 ~aV) :T /M ^n7J -2VV»l 1 ) ft ; I Ml. _ : i i »*4. 1 ^ni- ( ........ tfi ,a r~ c ^ Ao'ii-^splcHiive Solar «as. non -s ^ploelre. In proof t \atuattoi. «rth «jptibne?(A' .• • ^ 'Warp»» 1 «l. olde!t *! fIlB r ^BRiCAir; STOVE. COOKXSG AND I u * N OTfElT \W ^HT-BtflTWWe nndentand 1 Mesiire. Shear, Packard; A Co. hare been compelled to commence a suit agaiont ilaot A Miller, of Bat- American Cooking Store. This la the fWh ante tier haje boon eomp«(l*d to brlni against dlfferon* par ties for lafnn({ln({ the different polenta 00 this SrfV 1 - JFK£ (ourproTtous snita ha»$ roaalted faTora- WT for 8, P.,'A C^*ml U, 07 are doVnaJnerf to V lowupalloasetrof Iftfrldbtmjl.t riucfl' buiers cease k ^nln 'l&^Si,^^^^^ 1 onder the gra»,atrj£& lroiror<*iWnt is lolly aeenred to ns iiy Ave dirfirenfFatenls, and all persons BeUina- pr qsing Stores with this Unprorement. will be liable A VEKYXAl5l\_.-„_ ' -t-r J.,','...T»-| , I u-u .ti »n flufli * • OUWA^^l >5i ~^uore' M r ^ra.tu» ^n .ffifet» 8 «»^- • 18M, aad recorded In-thtrOIffrK's?fflca of3 ootinW^ on \Hie «t&' SgyidfmWnSrVPJff oft.oolcii'. jf^W^lJtMrUaid'nMArWafiBfat'^co -i,,. . to eocura itiei-jiajSriSettt'-af thg^uHF*m'fftnffi*Te/- iidnwdtsii-idollaTs »0 *-'Jnte >est*/rtt ^j ?eD ^fti^Sl - •Sy «Wi . ^t<dOIUr« aOtJ-itJnte^est^iftiJn^.. „ kl5p»3oTditirortga^tttiilaWo'^adeW I>,l5edjaId/>'All-thnt'<tnlot l br^WirViol ^r'* .... T-wiMMiiSBri -ifiaii^New fnto^Uiiiwi'TrnllohTvrlui^'so^aS^^ ...r ^S ,5fflnpfm ?ii«l' .is;\ .|yiiii \hi Baecessorto 1Uss KcJ^am',.has^ )K»alao, \onai* othocul noVS/in. third. Allow cast Itoo; farcnmiBhiiOXliai.ii!Unerunnln2 - \ loUVith th8\-'so^th•\ —- \ highwayt, Uianoe'stf. waji.to IBB TJls^s. 1 orboj (boil\jpieoo»to-cont«in\i bDjrtnnlpK la:aili *A« j ;tWe^^d- : 1oi .Bitt4.tUo' soulhejut corner of lands- |ierelofor <»4ooda4lis : ^Ze' •' blp» Woodwardi JhdBSo alo D i^d;;-Wood 1 rard , »i. and tarns, li clialns,MJJaU»,.to.tbe cmtat-'oril-Mm^ look ^^J»J^^^i^|J !«n^^t^di : *tt*>tJ ill -fl'— tlllJattirrf .<lft3Xin !».l ll \r ailti- f>t '• MTUrtf. -r-ffi -n tiv «xTa - K 1 1 lti 'JyV(rf >|i»''«fT I* f^l-Hi-- .1 1 'IT Noadranoe haiirgoff 60 pibHalieW . A^l le'adin'^'evrspapor (i .kept on file •^o^^Uotfji&to'Ooeeor ^f ^ua ^iotBTsIjed. /II ^rde^r^^lvrfcal-.efalot^tip^'J 1 \ ' 1 •trt « ,*>'\ii'>'rtf e'l rl'.it- —. .uiwJ.. f c j, ji f > ./ 1 ,'i )> ••'<. . 1 4 ill 1 i 1 ayr^-s t - n-j iiurf^ ..ii ...- [ f: .id 1 w 1^ AMD j.pron prosannliiin-far4atldnBnmiinl, «•««-» tian, cruled 1. 1 llceflsrs to other partes to mate or sell this Jm- I !M «irU Albaton N. V. PjraaletvO.f^ jBRf ^g ^i^O, Caapioni. U. Y. \D&CfcW IN ' OEOOERIES, PBOVI8IOHS. BLOT/f PEED. MEAL , BffCK n WiafeeJwaEa BACCO & CI GABS, SUQARST iHfe—BAIS1N8, &0 ;v 4c ; -i-i - > 1 H- i 1. ' / , s r- . lojB 'lher'allh.an IMPOSING ABBAS' OI* SHAWLS, ». • J i' ' • t '• I.., • J J ' 1 < a -t &a., £co. ,/••,-• .t /. K - /-j-:;: » t ... .. -< . WE AfiE ^JEEEAD^PARTEES •< OH' BEAVER CLOTHS,, ^KbAl)CH^OTHS, it • . COATINGS, OASSIMERES. SHIRt B & CRA'WERS, And keep the *-AKGEST VtdCK. OF 'GOODS Tooefoand in*Maficlnlt>. LARGE\ STOG^^Fl^MI^EfliSSRS: .i<-.< .. i.icinSj ^Jis ^r^i ^fr -H c.OTJ ^t ^ir^ettlr^? 11 .*'^^ 8 ' ! 2 EfcU-an*^»amliio her ttook bafora•T^ur^nnsl^^ , —--ealHmd-«xamlBe-h«r stoo^biifarejin^nslag. . h C«snoTia.8ept S mbeJK lSlftV^ ^ i .$g ^f i or«xi%'.aa£Jritii , ;?aj&gi .'iatK • -| ..n^ifliir. oJi P5AR.IS'pl867.'- ' \ M *•fit P^MA^rT^^:,?.i?.' r ''^:^^, OlO N dp HONOR • i<i»i. t 1 • m« rf 71 v ~ »it -'; M ,4jR0iVBR ^RAJ&tUSr - * At \t'iie ' Pnijrt^'elF^lilb^oji, Paris, 18(f7, tbjs>»Uestin^^liejx^re*t i^nperV^lty orer \iMtt J?f HE:B, : >^NO •JVJACHl^ES. ino sum uecarea \ left ' paid tbero is claimed.'-te^,8H \---•'- - publication of 11 , BiKbUndred ««d alnetyiQvti --. - _,„_oVjaoKitaKi^abd »,-afcil' BT A'« 0 1 oftho Jirat. Big n Mio'o.WViqinbCiHro• thooiuncl. alnetyiQvft dotlara a '\~ and'o'ij{ht>yil,r«o —xllnghasHb— oti^siii'hyt'i g.ce-l» fiiaieby iMitffati^ii^^^^\ morlgased premlees, at public atotloo;•tllhoiEi'ncki laen House,, lo tho village- 6PCa»nona,-'ltr>Bild |iIpq^lrlli3by.^aTl^»i^rbU p\romptlyW-.'£ [-Complete Printed Lists otNewspspers Tor sale?-' -AdyorO»em»nt»aW^n«d~iJolioea scoured, Wti% from BusTn'^'fteMspe 'cialiy iolicliSi. 1 —; -• J- • i.tog«Wof the County- oRjJJadlaoJ&ngMco la>-r«p»by glren to all persons havlug claims amlnat tho_*&nato DfBmiiy Acltley, hf |Xr«Ruyieiy deceased, fthaCttfoy ...Cawnonafitrniaid ^AI'JL\^.^)\?\) on the twelfth day of bosember.*. .1^ itm^iliek\ U. JONATHAN ii. LEDY/»&!}{, — .—. Mortgfliras *v ' —'— J-'\L— 1. ••'\t.i\i JIT- • \ - Attention Jsftrited tohar JUSloves, HnsJBrjL. -Yankcei ^otigns^.Qil CKltfts, Gxoetfrw*. im3 HarasfiW. \!7Io;ia6ti evci^iihi^ to^y^i^by -B -nrei^claas -oonh- ^HW&t- r.« n ^ • .... most desirab|^jB^leE^ bopphyjdose figures, and I propose to sol Ithem at the LOWEST Prints frotn -ten cents-upward. Another case> ofithoee Army Ovurcoaw and ' ^laftkgtA - -,\•:?'.. » Oysters by tlii^fiyg^/Caii, or Plate, .im r SA^iSozen .qr MX),, !^*i eto> We hare from . -J .UT^ IMPOETAKT V? faItCkl£.~The Puponco Svcnfij nMIQinJ »l»y»loIaW»nsW4«Wn*t mend them. Druggists ewrywhere pronounce them the most saleable^uprolJjia^qMeest pills tb *r bare arer sold, aad there In nor a lady llrlng but what at i3?>f»** I )<* aft*rAH» *H1 flud U«<sj|iDlr.jn>6.Ua SfiAI, ESTATE 10 PEB OE^T., ]S08tiS nT FOE SALE. ^-10 ..in f nUrest pa;a£l& 1 quatteriyIn thoaife^aaTJ^rk, A LOT OF STEItEOSCOpST ff-mi/tO to! aib}!*>iff jfl *aH CHOICE ASSORTMENT OfrSTEREf r - BEST TVK»UA\»-B TH*' BAO. «xp«rl«nce, J*A.no«L ]feU !?jJtS£!V WWILTJUT ^ OIU«ec^^^ty^^UtaSagnWh <.E88 price than is charged for {h<r\Wne elaas of work la the 'la ,Sel' cannot, WE CAN AND wti-L DO rri We sen eTSrylliln'g in a g>Hanoi** (hat the \» - .A- III' J7rjcc gliall be fu low, and lower, Tbaa oas bn found\ elsewfast*. ^ \'\^^^ T ^LOTSONa CoxeaoTla, Octoboi 13, U«8 1S-S5 citlea. CueoorU eptemberS, nesul r 1W i • II- \\ r, MABKET, L. ,> Ojppoalto CooeertBalL binokJa.en.BU, Caaenarla. ^ 3IEATB OlFAlCL 'lSNDS/ • J ^ In their sea^orr, J *r WA ^LEra sni'EniOElp'XusAOB consiasuy on hand. lo-Z3tf Qtaeuorta, eeptcmbu For sale, a* Par sad aecraed Interest, principal aMd'ln-' terest secured by mortramon lands worth more thatf double the Issue^pflWaJld fThe anbsoriber will also Kturanloa the paymenl of principal and (nteresl 4V».o<.a.- - - ''ul - —^- -i-\ 1 -\ —\ Application for the Ippllcailoa for the purohase of these bosds mar mm _ . ,4^SS^ST!i£^a.—>tag, , , -.-y* With a splendid assortment of * !'WA'EGfiJBa;o OLOOKS,*'^ ff-BWKBK? tiGazeaoTia ^8aptefab «r4 r IsA^^ ' 4 ?-..»• «i- can make <mdof<ar«p «AfiP ta County of Hadlsos by selUng HUDSON'S UN1VEU8AL eTerjfbody \wsSii.lfVt slHKli-.For puiicoiau address I .uue lajoly, fab manutaoturer, Whlhh idreaj XffllmS 4S0ortUadtStrerKl Family CJriwBeyies • t 1 l 'L... 71 1 I II 1 -ii^ .ABftl^oorstpclsnf GLASSIVARX NaARpWAKE, HOUSl^FtJRNISHTpNG GOODS.' • -j OCBTSTijlE 8T0CIK OF GOO 03 u - XST COMPLETE IN EVgltY * % / ' ! T'Tf ,i » ; ' * »>#**1 it , i ... . » .- W • ' • Jit' 1 . . K 1 u\ • • lilt I , . w •IT ^r-. FEKJE* ' ..1* QXtXKlT BAVARIA. «uu vita iblnes bate i«t'' br'special command to'ihe BJlf- lumstatun the fairs and ex- '\os apd^arope hare boon . . Baker dewing Machines, jind the work done by them, w hero tor exhibited in ttompeUdoiu • .n ' s '\' ' \ EtABT 'ifJsi 'lTca' FA^iLt SEWING iiioliiSES,' ' Bioapwar, KBW-VOfUt J*&INT13 OF~EXCELLEJ>mC. Beauty »n3 ElsaUplty of'Stttch. Pprffc-Tlon and Blm- pllclty. of Mioblfaery. Using both\ tbcfad* i!T «r «t from the spools. No tastenmc nf seams Xtt hnnd, and no waato of thread. Wide^Vange of application, •jrltfioqt ehango of ladiaatmcat. The ream retajna its 'beao.ty'andVrmoesa after washing and ironlov- Be- wdo doing nil kinds of work douo by other Sowing AladhlnoS,theSO Machines execute tho most beauti­ ful and. permanent Einbraldory and Ornamental Work. For salo by \ H-S8yX orAphl, \m. , 1 BOHA&E BENJAMIN, ^ .8.% BIZKDIOK, , •DatediSeptember 31.1MS. - Administrators; KxpAVisW NjiW foKK -mAk dmit. KJ meat. Albany, VebrUary C, ledWNotke IHihaMby Birori, pursuant to cimiiiw Oe. idtra of im, andjt'.a; liWs-WlsW.IMIttho oirculatfnp hotoV iSi ,& -tSSho Uaok-of Cneqovia,a banking assoolatta 'Oazennrls, MadliiMH^flnry, wtll.be redei by..Uie aupertfltendent. of ifto Benklnifflba pu presantaUon at (ho N«,w Vork Btato?fatloual Bank In the city of Albsnr.-for alx yoara. from. Ibo-Sito, hereof,aod not thereafter. The ouietaodiniKairoitLn-. ting notes of the said bunk must WVSSS^^.'iS- .alpreaald, within six r«sxs from the dati hereofii*id *1I ftotes wIilthsnBllTioT-beprriscnted ror redemption ,-aud psytaont, within tlig tlmo. ibns-.spo^c ^&Alit ceaso to bo a charge upon the fund in the uatula ot Ihaaupermteodent fox that purpose. Of '^Si6ri(:& i TO cREDiro.aa.-irqiife '8 s \ig [JLi hereby atren ai-oordmg to law to all persons. ..oonsl J'-natbau M Smith, labo o?Jbo. TIB, lo Hie County of Sloiffsii'rtiTijtd InriQg claims s ; town or Caxenorl State ul New York,deooasod, toat they sro,n-qaTcad to exhibit the same, with p|io y^ucherathfironf.uiJlio aubaehuers, the o-liulmawniar? of liie-KuOftSf-ohiltCSls, I end crtdits.ot the said dt-craaod. at the roaidopoo «ot .-*— - -rJane*H^8mnhj-ia <J<«Pai»ia, aforesuid.'oa ai IwRirtt Ibe^tth day of beceuibi-r, A. D~ IMS. ,..<, , jAhfratSAVAbi!;' - JANETTl ..a «tTlI,T OMmo) AdlSTnlstnitor*. . Jl C COON, DJfRoTTra. N Y TMPBOV^D CHEESE A l'PAUATUS. lwm \ea.t l. 0 o of too tarm roWri /J ^n ^'.ry 'siTu .y JL ; 1' r Hni>»rt»; IhotKro nnrth alnag m 1 line iwnolmrmi NO MORE STEAM ENOINE8-NEBUEb-IN THE ?\A } b ! rl l J'\ k « ; thuoco noru,. MJ, degr*«8,as-pat, • MAWtTFACTUBE OF CHEESE. toufteen chains and sotonry fl»,- l,ntt«. u, the oentot- „ . . ... orifceiroBdi thonce soutli. X]Ki iteurtxi wast, albfiir ,Cr«pil> SeaLiy.CMtar^tt-HeSl-te*. tl.e cent-r of the r u «l li .r.-e ^.ainYind mijSsSii onhallf nn» th« Chtaaa maklnri world to nhnwiiu litms, to ilig p!».ce yf bctfinginj^ ajHtLauiait^GMu .j>_ =. .... sirriiarMirourttnuisofanacroofLLOd.roureprJejw:'' imH whereas, default hai bei-n made in the pifrnVot nf jhe Mim «cured to tte paid by snid mortgage,M.| there la .-I,,. NU 0[to be due at the Ume of the Brat oublloauou «f this uoiieo too sum of twou)tttDUrc4 UwhoMos.-nosqit or proceeding it iaWlaa'booft-CTAw 'l Oqa»i;'n»lmHlioIty, eafoiy, durability, economy-, and will *ave its t*ost anno ally, when eoippiu-cd with the 6t*«m J5oislD», and Is -aasjly controlled, uoiseleas, mord reliabto; and better C7-TIT ' i' i., !i '.' II '''''T-U- . fourd Beater WauWb ^KjSna'mMm^a^ Ibebcst- i < ' AHmanora'ctarers wbohaVe seen it In use sire It .^hetprefereDCC. Come and See it in use I TJie»» you will be narwH thaneatisfltd-afltsiexcDlltiaeeL. • CUUMB* BEARS. Proppetors. 1*2»f DsEtrrtta. M ADUOVCO.. iCY J /. — -M. ' fsmrwrTfntt nr tax— A _ CAZiENOVlA iA&EB&, Itv'ooldinapeotfally'tLonWoco toKho clthtens of ^taae- npTla J ,andjlp\ultJ.tlia^.the ( y are pr,opare.d to,/utnJsh Qpp d Horse s A9 4 Cartiages, . M , .rft °«..\rp ./ an - d i*» l >' h0 »«}i .0% S/fpnt jyfaffc*, nfii -<t^ RtpjionqhU Prices I •li.'tullifjlT 'in. ly nn hand at his 'blUdhaogo Falls, TBiiiAS^E ^ 'laci£!rj.' , .Aiafrau no-i ul i 'uo Th» subscriber ferilt keep eonsUntl Mltl. one and t hair tsltH b «(6v Ch' Marl Lime. .1 \„ . .•....<:>•* . . .1 -•WktoViiaiae. 1 -T - T -w-And Plaster, . OF TOE Hg8T QUAT.ITY. ffledwhete. at -SSll oklttA,fi£E8 F.KlEBLBlt PnUdJutuZI 1SC8. M OBTOAOK SALE —Whereas, Jftoma* d'Brifn anf Margaret CTBripp, his witiTby thetrcortalo indenture of mortgage, boarimi dttta 'Oia sixteenth day of November, tn the year 18o3, ana.ro* coMW lb the rierk's orfl»> of Madison ' the S3d duy n,' N..temh\r. ie<a. m Liber I gages, at pug. K2 u> noun tlii- paymentt of fwofinndrod dollar, and int-MM, did aiortftH«nunto Leonard William, .serntor ..f llio last will a»d tea- Uinent of Mary b willi»m«. dro »a»,--l. -Aiithnt tKncfc or narcel of land situate in tho towo V 1 ('•axonorln. County of M-uifilon, and State of ,Vw V «rk. «o- Monbcd as follows; row Comm.n.-iog in the ro^i et Irs center, at the nortiiwost com.r ><f ittti.l t 10 ^^ 1 ot 1110 y «»»Hn UdKa, ... L-ouier. at ins northwest com.r ..f lti U ,| bbvi furmerlr owned by Joel Bordweil. thence rtfna joulli va< degrees east, aioug u.rcti lino ot Bordwefllot rlflean ohalos and s«.ei,iy«,,„n uo staluto in such caao itli beJ'foro- hJ<(ae1 and provided, tho ssld moricage Et oufor of \ Williams, decease. Dated Septembor 4. Wes.' ** 11)0 Inst wig and ie-.tam,joi of atari T>. #J50O Inward: J (M / WnP.nEAfl. the Hob-I known as tho 'ifad.aon youae,ln tlw rlllagVof M.rrllrllle,waaaostiS?rtff, r r ?a .teX &^ n myp^ ' . purpose or nrn-Tiir far «1» offered, to be paia 00 tho arreatWd opnrlotion or.uoh orltuj^r^m'ma', \ '\^'^ ANDItE\T J ritE^OHi''' ShorifTof Itadlaoh Coirnlr* ru«t 17, ISM. \\\P IMS Dnted Morrf.rf'te, Angu g G. WELD & flOira • 'V nea PrlOf OCRAPHIC rlOOfrl^- In Clarke £ HoW-le-» block, opposite the Llncjclaen Jiouso. Oueuortavt ><t AN DVUBUAILT C0MPLI*«' AssOBtifinrt' otivl) UisivartetLBS appertalnlna* to Ptta'TC/&liA&rfV tontlantly un hand, including a Tory full stlppJi'pfT.f RuttU, Oral, Qilt, and Black W'alixOiirama Passe Partouts, Picture Oord>and Tassel*? 1 ^ Picture NAIIS, OTASS. AlbijTrfs.-T'Arfeyi 'PbVill- $raph«, largo Mjd small, Blo.,^XC. -iu > This doparlment of oir businessrooeires OAFlKFtt-L ATTENTION We also itecp in stock » ranetr to Which we crofrottt time to time making aidaltfoCa of Iwlhl^rgeandqmaJt .Ytewsof , , ,. ot J j LOCAL 8CE.NERYI.„ An exparienae .reepMtlrely.ofxaisc 'dlljyo^ts -eli ipluLtLt^ou -to tho I.. i»!.,.'•>- \— ... \ -'• - till' oso 'Cnienotia, April a, 1867 'Tiln tld PAIN 1 !! SHOP I' 1 a t <wn l °in '-i*tit (oat ' , t^«|tpitr «oelTBd » \ ' . ^bl^'they bfftr at, OaxenoTJs, October ^ 1KB. feilO to! »nt ciaqo 1 will quickly restore dr^Hlitf ' • r to'm'xuram tbloiUand-beaut»V -•$ad fro4»^liaiAfl^t?^owtni 'Tt4» TV|.f».fl« lnm,1«. -«V& ;ai<;>>Xlu «^t '•>• \illB -I'llfJ > ,i '(in ,11m u '1 - .l»->i:id \... ' iii.tiCflr' no r~> UI„BL&ML OJ5^ 0. M M1^1.SC|J,]S ^.BlfQ^SI^xs, l'p avoirs—cntrs-nce, one door east ,<!f,Pr.9- Cnrdj,A . .Cp/s^klng^BsO; ' . , + >• J^W^'*»*»»» , !T'* , ^Jf iiiU nt M.QJJ.E-RAJ*E-jMM ^.tr &i - a *fcail ^t!ridnlinAtadVU>Jim will Iba^pMAptly [t «tteDpatiii6. ' * 'pfi^Y'TiBfcstfssuff t^itenoyia, April W««3. • .,(-,., ,«Uf*Q? -ur4 perfectly, harmless, -.M '^prelerre^ *v« every oth^FvErSMradtoti Iv. For SaOxs Dy-J*H JJrxtggUta, B DOTS i& SHOES! »TI .I..I ,.r»ij|;T| 11'. . Ill '\ii ^ ^o-« Jl VKVuI 'l OEABLES-F. 0£SyEEL, tMh * Boorr & ^'H-Q 'S'sr' 1 \ • Ul.t Of a.uy quallix^itnd^njfhiri {J— LATEST;BT^LE ^wW ,1 <-l . - •Ctoimtt'tuofice , >'' , ' 1< i» \* ; * n ' < tifvo m o '^if . a CBA-RLfeS P CASWElliL Cnnuorin, April 51 1W X • • ljllfl

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