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ROCKLAND COUNTY THE TIMES. VOL. VI, 2TO. 6. EAVER3TRAW, JT. 7., NOV. 3, 1894. PRIOB FIVES CENTS; GARNERVILLE DOINGS Spicy Local Headings fob a Busi HlVbl OF WonKlittH IN Oo» SISTEIt VILLAGE. M h . Oscar Oakley is reportoil seri- ciisly ill M rn. Nicholas C.ix has b >on ou tho i.iok list, Mr. James I'iutt bus resigned his position. Mrs. .Tolm Allison is visiting friends in New York City . .Mis. Samuel Brooks is visiting friends nl Wupplnger's Falls. Frunk Suramin Is visiting friends lit Nortlipurt, Long Island Tli\ S. W. Eugino Company's bouse ? a now heated by steam. The school in District No. 2 is closed, owing to rxtensivo repairs, Frank Herbert, of White Plaius, is Vishing Postmaster I. .1. Herbert, A party was held at the resiileuce of M i'. Wetteuberger, on Wednesday i veiling. A surprise party was tendered Mr. \u25a0i\d Mrs. Wm Walsh, oil Wednesday evening. .Miss Vera Brooks is to give n piano nolo at the Leo Club redeptiou in Y inkers. There are no new eases of diphtheria.' Tnose who have been nfilioted are cm viilescent. The not proceeds from the fair held in the M. E Church la t week will amount to S2OO. Mr, and Mrs. Jlatrv A?oflitt and wife leiive to day for the South, where they will spend the Winter. The ladies of Trinity Church are ar- ranging for a fair to be held in the edition ou December 4th. The society of the \'King's Datlgli- ii is'' m\t a' the house of Mr. Robert Taylor on Tuesday eveuiug. Mrs. Kilph lingers was the fortu- litiio winntr of tlie handsome quilt clinnced for at the Methodist Cjureh Fair. Paul Bronson, Andrew Hall, Robert Bronsou and Miss Phoebe were iu Wappiuger's Falls, attending the fu- neral of Ebner Yaudewater, ou Satur- day. An interesting trial took place before Justice Herbert and a jury ou Thurs- day, the plaiutiffi being Messrs. Hub- bard and Richmeyer, the defendant being David Carver. The plaint ff* claimed they hud b#en assaulted by Mr Carver That gentleman in his de- fense stated that his farm was coutin- u illy being robbed, aud catching the pluiutiff-i in his field oue night, he com pulled tlieni to leave bis premises. The jury evidently believed Mr. Oliver, an ilie Justice promptly acquitted him Mr. Carver i-ays the utxt time he catches peoplo ou bis farm after hours bo will make it warm for them, GRASSY POINT. Work on the sclir. U. F. Washburn is now piogressing very rapidly. The Alpha Literary Association giv. s their auuuttl 011 Thanksgiving eve. Eugene Lewis is working with might ami main 10 elect his friend, Levi P. Mrs. M. Dwyer presented her bus- bund with a young daughter on Monday last. The Ladies' Fair now beiug held in St,. Joseph's Church will positively olose 1 liis evening, Jli-i-his, Slick and Feenev have eon- (meted to furnish sand for the firms of Barnes & Farley and Thomas Alalley. We do not hear much about harmony of laie, hut, it is understood that some nf the I ojs are to get it from the Lexow Committee. Mr. A. T. Zipp has given up his oontruor and is about to engage in the polilioul fi>ilit along with his townsman, Chaunoey M. Depew, torn Peekskill. On Wednesday night, all Halloween, a number of boys created a setisutiou by marohing up the main street towing a I urge row boat belonging to Mi. De- Groat. James Ryan and Thomas L'lnuhan, who have been in the employ of W. H. Aldridge, at Fishkill, have finished a very creditable season, aud are at home for the winter mouths. The members of the Shin Fain Club have posted notices 01 their annual election of officers in the post office aud rooms of the A. L A. As there are three members looking for the olfice of treasurer a very lively eleotiou is ex- pected. Mess Is. R Crawley, M J. Ossuiun and A. T. Zipp are the tneu named. Fuch one is getting as many signers as possible. Mr. Zipp is the favorite. MURRAY?ROCHE. Mins Aline A.. daughter of Mr. aud M*m. Richard Murray, formerly of this viU»Ki', but now of Kensington, Conn., ami Mr E. C. ll'iche, wire united in marriage lit Si. Paul's church, Kensiug lou, Di) Wednesday, the 2AUi inst. The inuiy trie)).ln of Miss Murray in lliiN vicinit> i xtaud tboir heartiest congrat- ulu'ious. ROSEVILLE. Mi*n H I''. Mugnire, of Tomkins G( vo, spent Suuday luxt iih the guest of Mr. Una Mrs. Frank Maituiie, Lost ?Between UoM'ville mid Grasi-y Point u silver wa'oh and chain. Finder will obttiiu a liberal reward for return- ing the bams to Irenb Oauuoll, Hose- ville. It is Dftpt. Frank Clark tint Cook who is captain of nohr. K Washburn, as Mated in Iho Times of week before last issue. Tim mistake was one on ye printer's devil. The Torncod Club, ofMhis piano, numbering about twenty, intend to give their friends a jolly time in the near future iu thwfchupo of a ball. . Qafae one, come alKjf . J' 'Ilk 1- THE EDITOR'S OBSERVATIONS. Hill drawn tlri people and Morton draws the bung. Chemung Connty will this fall givo the largest Democratic majority that it has ever given. Hill began hi* pnblio life in Elmira, from which the pei plo sent him to the Legislatuie 17 years ago, safely guard- ing the triißt repose d iu hini. Has anybody beard of the erection of snob buildings anywhere to hold the people who want to see and hear Mor- ton, or his sponsor and creator. Piatt? David B. Hill is t\ speak in Elrnira 'to-night, und us the largest building m the city was unable to accommodate the expected throng, an immense au- ditorium capable of seating 15,000 peo- ple has been ereoted by the Democrats for the occasion. The Democratic candidates are well qualified in every particular. A vote tor Daird ami Leitner means a vote for 'he competent administratiouship of 'the Coroner's office. Judge Reimer, ?with his long und valuable experience, :ts just the man for Justice of Sessions. \Ueusons why\ every Demoorat and \oitizrfus of all classes should support »hw Demonratic ticket. For Member of Assembly, J. Arthur Polhemus, a young man, respected by all iu his native town. Honest, generous, with ability to lepresent this county iu Al- bany next Wiuter, It is a safe statement that the public man who is strongest where he is most intimately known, who always carries his home city and his home county, ?even when pnblio sentiment runs against bis party, und when his op- ponents are the strongest and cleanest exponents of the opposition, is a good and true mun to tie to. John F. Shankey for Sheriff is just the man the people wutitiu the Sheriff's office. Conservative, puinstuking, oblig- ing and courteous to all. A solid, re- liable business man, with u reputation such as any man might be proud of, Mis administration of the Sheriffs office during his previous inoumbenoy \u25a0was suoh as to eutitle him to the vote of every citizen There is absolutely no reason why a Democrat should give a vote to a single Republican candidate iu Rockland Couuty this year. The names on the Demoaratio ticket are those of men w>o are not only fully oompotent to dis- charge the duties of the offices for which they have been nominated, but wlio have for years given loyal support to the Democratio ticket. They deserve and should receive the vote of every Demoorat. There is just one way for all Demo- crats to vote this Fall. All who oan reud should, under no oiroumitances, take a paster from anyone, but when they enter the polling place and get their ballots from the billot, olerss, select the ballot with David li. Hill's nume ou top, und George W. Ruirner last; all the Constitutional amendment ballots \against.\ No Democrat will have performed his full duty unless he slndl do this. When the Chairman of the Republi- can Executive Committee hud himself nominated for Congress at Middletowu, he announced he would make no per- sonal oauvuss. thinking lie had a walk over. Hut since the Democrats uomi uated Eugene S. Ives, \Bos* Boodle I3enuie\hns evidently beoomo fright- ened and has abandoned his desk at State headquarters, and is now hustling around Orange and Sullivan Counties. No use Mr. Odell, Eugene S Ives has captured your strongholds. The people lealize that iu Mr Ives they have a man fully oampetent to assume the importunt duties of Congressman, and they propose electing him. At the Republican meeting iu Car- negie Hall on Saturday eveniug, Dr. Purkhurst, the political nondescript, said: \Victory is upproaching. My um- bition is that we should win so superbly and Dually that it shall destroy the hopes of these rascals, uther for resur- ruction iu this life or iu the life that is to oome.\ Think oi (bat lor tbe public utterance of a Christian minister I Is it any wonder that people sometimes thiuk that Boh Ingeri-01l is right. Yet the same crazy Purkhurst preached to a large c ngregation on Sunday night, that there is forgiveness for all. What a Republican bigot Parbhurst is uuy- way ? The relutions between Grover Cleve- land and David B Hill, us is well known, are not friendly. Notwith- standing this, Mr. Cleveland, when a candidate, received a loyal support Horn Mr. Hill. Now that Mr, Hill has been made his party's candidate it would seem as if he was entitled to receive from Mr. Cleveland a support equally loyal, but present appearances : indicate that such support will not be piven. The reason for these things is not hnrd to determine. Mr. Hill is a Democrat, Mr. Cleveland's affiliations are somewhat doubtful. There are a large number of Democrats who per- sonally disliked Grover, but who voted for him two years ago on principle. We imagine it would require an extra dose of harmony oordial to induce them to repeat thf performance. After leu years of continuous sucaesß \Peak's Bad Boy\ is still one of our leading faice comedies. The piece since it was here last has been entirely rewritten and is replete with appro- priate music and strong specialties. The Drst act still retains the famous grocery store, kept by Sohultz, the German grooer. The second act shows Major Peck's home, and tlie last, the pionic soene at Clearwater woods in Milwau- koe, Wis. Nothing has been neglected iu scenery and costumiug, The cast is the strongest ever put out with the play. Manager Wilson has acquired a well de'erved popularity in the United States and Canada lor his painstaking efforts in putting ou all his attractions with the most scrupulous oure. \Peck's Bad Boy\ Company will appear at the Opera House ou Monduy evening, Nov. sth. Oue hears a great deal nowadays about \The dishouesly of Domocrats.\ Aliou' the most dishonest thing po- litically that bus come under our obser- vation recently, is that of the Republi- can State mauagers iu sending out State campaign matter under Congress- ional \Franks\ in order to beat the Government out of postage. During the last week the Post Offioe received large bugs filled entirely with matter of this kind, most of the envelopes con- taining Republican literature regarding the late Constitutional Convention. In order to not leave iheoiselves liable to the law, a small Congressional pamphlet was also euclosed iu each envelope. Nearly all of the packages whioh oame here bore the \fraun\ of Oongressman Joseph W, Baboock, of Wisconsin, What saints the Republican hypocrites are 1 Not being satisfied with dis franchising several hundred thou- sand Democrats, they beat the Demo- cratic Adiuiuisi ration out of postage, and tbeu have the \gall\ to ask Demo- crats to vole for their candidates. JONES POINT. Oapt. Geo. W. Leut is now untioi- pating a trip to Florida for hia health. The understanding is at present that Capt. G. W. Lent hopes to be our next Postmaster, providing that the qualifi- cations ure acceptable, BARDONIA. Jaoob HaKgor and family have moved iu the residence of Mrs. John Borden. The German Presbyterian Church will hold a magio lantern i-xhibition iu the uear future, A new Catholic oharch is to be ereuted iu this vicinity iu the near fu- ture, in all probabiliiy before April Ist, \JO. The building lot has beeu (to- nated by Mrs. Itichurd Smith. Chicken thieves huvc been unwel- come visitors in this neighborhood. Ou Sunday and Monday nights the coops of Henry Sauer, George Germnnd and Mrs. E. T. Wyldes were ransacked and several hundred valuable fowls stolen. To add insult to injury the thieves ohopped the heads of the fowls iu the door yards of their owners. COMBINATION FORMED Two Factions Now in the Board of Trustees. Alderman McKenzie Baffled? TnE Combination Say The Main Street Spring Must Be Pro- tected. The Board of Trustees were to have held a gpeoinl meeting on Tuesday evening lor tbe purpone of taking some action regarding tbe Main street spring, but as tbe time for calling tbe meeting to order went by, those present dis- plaje l an uneasy feeling, as it was evi- dent that a majority of tbe Board bad oonae to some understanding as to their part in the matter, and had made up their minds to stay away from tbo meeting. About a score of prominent residents were present, all of whom were interested in the expected Motion of the Board. YVbou tbe Board li-ld tlnir nueliug last week it was decided to adjourn until tbe 14th inst. and Alderman McOabe was appointed a committee to obtain an estimate of tbe cut and plans and specifications for ttie protection of tbe spring. Why and by whom the meetiug was called we have been unalile to learn, 'l'bo custom in the Board has been that when a special meeting waa to be held, the call Mould usually be signed by a majority of the Board. This could not have bt en done in this case, as it was evident that, the Messrs. iirabm,MoCabe, Gour- ley and l'ierney baa enteied iuto a combination to thwart any scheme of Alderman McKenzie, wbo, it seems has an idea tbat be is tbe only member of tbe Board wbo kuows what tbe village wants. At tbe last meetiug Mr. Mc- Kenzie unfolded bis plau, wbiob was to lay a.fla<, walk direotlv over the water- ing trough aud extend a pipe from the spring under tbe walk to the oust side, where a drinking fountain would be erected. The Board at tbe time did not take kindly to the plan, and as stated, Mr. MaOabe whs appointed a oommittee to procure estimates, eta., to be reported to tbe full Board at a meet- ing designated to to held on Nov. 14tb, it was supposed tbat nothing would be done in tbe meantime. But it seems tbat Mr. McKenzie, wbo as Chairman of tbe Street Oommittee, suddenly dis- played a great deal of anxiety aud in terest iu the laviqg of tbe flag walk in the Conger property direotly in front of whioh the spring is located. This action appears strange for several rea- sons, the most important being that Mr. Conger is in Europe, aud tbe fact that the village employees performed tbe work of laying the walk, while the Street Fund was in such a poor con- dition. Iu laying tbe walk flags were laid direotly over the watering trough, leaving just room enough for one to place a pail under the pipe. From this it would appear that Alderman Mo- Kenzie had made up bis mind to carry out his scheme, but for ouoe be failed. Mr. McKenzie has generally done about as he pleased in the Board. His recent alliauce with Mr. Fox iu that gentleman's attack upon tbe Fire Com- mittee, in virtually charging them with ucoeptiug a bribe from the Boston Woven Hobo Company, has caused tbe other members o( tbe Board to make a combination. The attack at the Trustees' meeting ia said by those in- terested to have been followed by an attempt by Mr. McKenzie to have them indicted, aud tbey now propose to re- taliate. While Messrs. McKenzie aud Fox were waitii g for their colleagues, thev were holdtug an impromptu meet iug at tbe spring, where a decision was readied that tbey would not attend the meetiug, aud as there would be no quorum there would be no meeting. Our reporter met the stayaways later in the evening und from them learned tbe foregoing us to their position. The members of the Fire Committee are talking strongly of bringing libel suits ugaiust tbe members of the unholy ulliauce. They also say that Mr. Mo Keuzie's water pipe, which extends from the spriug, near Hudson aveuue to tbe Aldeiinau's residence iu Front street will remain unused, as they say that while the Aldermau claims to have paid for the laying of the pipe from Maiu aud West streets, tbe village paid for the layiug of tbe pipe Irorn the spring to West street, and should tbe Aldermau attempt to use it, they will appear before the Grand Jury iu per- son aud not write auv letters like the Aldermen did, The outoome will be uwaited with interest. NOVEL EXPERIENCE. Ou Weduesday lust Edward Carroll, Dauiel Spellman, John Cassiduy,Thom'is Nolan aud Mtohael Cassiday Blurted in a tkitl' to row from the brickyard ol (Juliill, Carroll & Co. to Fort Mont- gomery to purchase wood. The party look the skiff off a briok barge and rowed out in the river aud caught a north bouud tow. The party boarded tile oaual boats in the tow and were unable to get in the skiff when the tow was passing their destination, owing to the spted at which they were proceed- ing, aud were campelled to remain on the canal boats until they reached Kingston, Thutsday moruiug. The expedition being hurriedly arranged aud not auticipatiug such au extended trip, Hie liuauces ol the party were iu a weak condition, On Friday morniug they started down the river ou a south bouud tow, whioh was delayed aud was compelled to anchor Fri my night, near \u25a0Tones I'uiut. The continuous absence of the party caused considerable alarm among the respective futilities of the party, so much so, that parties started out on Saturday morning in Bearoh for their bodies, us the general impression being that they been overlakeu by the stnrm and their frail craft upset or swamped. There was muoh joy in their homes ou Saturday morning, when (bey nrrived borne safe from their (rip. CUTLER ANSWERED His Floundering to Catch the Firemen's Vote a Dismal Failure?Mr. Nooney's Keply to Ocb Inquiry. The Times last week gave,as we wore liably informed, Mr. Cutler's position upon tbo Firemens' bill last Winter, in tbo Assembly. Mr. Cutler at ouco jumped into print with a deuiul of the statement about bis position in tbe matter. The Times believes thut the interests of the people would be best served by tbe defeat of Air. Cutler, and fearing tbat possibly an injustice bad been done the llepublioan candidate, aud it being our policy to treat our politi- cal opponents fairly,ivobert B. Noone.y, of 174 Oitiul str et. New York City, President of the Firemens' Benevolent Association was appealed to lor a cor- rect stateuieiit of Mr. Cutler's position. A perusal of Mr. Nooney's letter shown that the firemen of New York State have little use for the llimapo states- man. Thi* letter is us follows: New Yokk, Oot. 29th, 1894. Michael MoCaiie Deah Sib: In response to your in- quiry cone-n iug the treatment of the bill (No. 475) received at the bauds of Mr. Oiis H. Cutler, of Sufferu, iu your count'., I would reply. Mr. Cutler was seleoted to preseut our bill for the reason tbat be represented a constituency within whose boundaries there were only Voluuteer Firemen. That there was no part of liocklaud County whero any paid department of firemen were iu existeuce, aud thut we felt his natural sympathies must be with the widows aud thu orphans of volunteer firemen, at a time when an appeal would be made for an extension of the time for the collection of tho two per cent, tax on the premiums of for- eign fire insurance companies doing business in the city of New York, whioh we had ei joyed «ince 1849, wbeu the act was paused by tbe Legislature for our benefit alouo. Our cause was so jusl, our widows, orphans and iudigent firemen so worthy, and in most cases so needy, aud the number of snob had bueu in- creasing 6o oontiuuously, that we did uot expect any opposition. But to our great surprise, among the first was Mr. Cutler, who told us \that we ought to divide tbe tHX with the paid firemen of our city,\ who never had rendered any services to the community without beiug very well paid for those services. \Aud tbat we should not ask lor tbe tax for teu years more, because the widows and aged firemen would probably die off before the teu years expired.\ From our experii nee with Mr. Cut- ler at Albany the past Winter, the vol- unteer fireman, his wishes and bis in- terests, tbat he takes very little stock iu, or that he will go very far to serve. I enclose you a circular that was pre pared by our Secretary, that showed the steady iuorense iu our beneficiaries for tbe precediug fourteen years, as well as the iucrease iu our receipts from tbe two per cent, tax for tbe same period. Yours truly aud thanklully, Koiißitr B. Nooney, President Association Exempt Firemen of City of Now York, A BAD SMASH UP. Mr. Asbury Shav, of SulTtsru, ouirie to Haverstraw ou Saturday hint to visit frieuds aud transact some business, ao compauied by his father-in-law, air. A. Bailey. Shortly after sis o'olock they started for hoiuo and were driving up Broadway i»u<l liad reached MoGowan's corner, wheu their horse became fright- ened at a heap of gravel whioh was iu the road and upon whioh a red lamp was placed. The gravel iu the road was placed there by the Gas Company, who are m iking excavations in the streets for the laying of their gas pipes. At the place where the accident oc- curred the street is quite narrow. The excavation being made on the west side of the street, the earth beiug thrown on the east side of the trench, leaving only room enough lor a wagou to drive through. As there is a steep incline from the east side of the street, there was a rail along the edge of the em- bankment, whioh was supposed to be htrong enough to prevent any accidents of this kind, but this was only a sup- position, for wheu the horse shied at the obstruction he struck the rail, whioh broke like a match, precipitating men, horse and wagou down the bank. The men were severely injured, Mr. Shay being badly bruised about the head aud h'g«, the wagou beiug smashed into kiudliug wood, while strange to say the horse did uot receive a scratch. It is said by Mr. Shav's friend that he will iustitutu a suit for damages. If he does it will be determimd who is liable, the village or the Gas Gompeuv. The lattei gave the trustees what was sup- posed to be a bond to idemuify the vil- lage for any just suoh accidents. SPRING VALLEY. Miss Lily Cohen, of New York City, is the guest of relatives iu town. The total registry at the Spring Val- ley Poll DiHtriot No. 0, is 389 The heaviest ever iu the district;. MissAuuie Miller, formerly of this village, but now of Nyack, spent Suu- day last in town among frieuds. Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Forshay have returned to their home ut Viola after au extended visit with friends in Wash- iugtou, D. C. Our next Member of Assembly, J, A. Polliemus aud Sheriff John F. Sliankey were in towu Wednesday and were greeted by many Kepublioan as well us Democratic friends. Mr. F. Deliouda Furman and Miss Minnie A. Thompson, daughter of the late Col. H. Thompson will be married on Saturday eveuiug, Nov. 3rd, at the home ol the bride's mother. DEMOCRATIC RALLY , An Enthusiastic Mass Meet ino to BE HELD IN THE OPERA HOUSE this Evening?Eloquent Speakers, The Democrats of this vioinity in- toud this evening to display I heir loyalty to the candidates nominated by holding au immense ratification meet- ing in the Opera House at eight o'olook. Among the promiuent demo- crats who will address the meeting are: Frederic R. Coudert, tho great lawyer und gifted orator; Hon Eugene S. Ives, democratic candidate for Con- gress. Tho young and villiunt luwyer, who is making an exceptionally grand fight for democratic principles, and for the redemption of tho district from republican boodle and bossisra. Go hear this fluent and able lawyer who has pitted brains against boodle. Ex- County Judge Gooigo W. Weiaut, ex District Attorney William McCauley ami many otheri- prominent members of the party who will not let local squabbles influence them iu this great contest wheu the party of tho people is threatened. Rally! lullyl every democratas well as all citizens who are not blinded by par- tisiau prejudicus. Go hear the plain truth told. A parade will form at the United St'tew Hotel at 7:30 o'clock Bud beaded by Glaesing's band will parade throught the principal streets to the Opera House. After the meeting a reception will be tendered the speaki rs in Washington Hall to which all are in- vited. Attend the reception anil get acquainted wiih Mr. Ives who desires to meet as many voters as possible Next Assembly muii Polhumus aud Sher- iff Shunkey will alto bo present. STONY POINT. Mr. Theodore Mott oud family have removed to Garnerville. Miss Kate M. Rose, of New York, spent Sunday with her purcuts. Mr. J. B. Allifou loat oue of his big horsoa. It died suddenly of oolio last Tuesday. A little daughter of Erustus Weiant is very ill, but hopes are entertained of her rtcoverv. Misa Gertie Ilose Rave a party to her friends last Monday evening. A very interesting time is reported. Wo are glad to learn that Mrs. Louis Oaaman, who has been very ill for some time, is able to be about again, Mr John Rose loat a valuable horse laat Thursday. The animal fell frcm the top of the old lime kiln near his residence. Air. Chas. Ditmore, lately in the em- ploy of Hurd & Oasman's bakery, has quit and gone to New York eity to stay tuis winter. The Misses Gilmore entertained (about twenty visitors to dinner ou Tuesday hint. The viaitors were de- lighted with Stony Point scenery. The old ltutherford homeatead is undergoing some needed repaira. The house is now occupied by Mrs. Hannah Brooks, formerly of New York eity. The union services in the Presbyter- ian church last Sueduy evening were largely attended. The young people's meeting was very enjoyable. Many of the Epworth Leaguers participated in the devotional exercisos. The ohuroh service immediately after, was full. Rev. Mr. Harris preached a timely and very practical aermon to the young people. We are aorry to learn of the sad death of Mr. Foster Browuell, aon of Jacob Brpwnell. The deceased cani-j homo laat Saturday ou account of illneas, which developed iuto a oase of typhoid malaria, resulting iu his Midden and unexpected death early Wednesday morning. A wife and two children art- left to mouru the loss of a faithful, de voted husbaud aud a loving, tender father. The bereaved family have our deepest sympathy. The installation of the Rev. Louis O. Rotenbaoh, took place last Tuesday afternoon iu the Presbyterian church. The church was beautilied by a profus- ion of beautiful flowers uud a large congregation was iu attendance. The services were of a vuiy iutei eating char- acter. Rev. John Gilmour, of Congers, acted has moderator. He introduced Rev. Mr. Leiper, who made the open- ing prayer und reud the scripture lesson. The Rev. Dr. Chas. Beanie, of Middletowu, N. Y., was to preaoh the sermon, Uut being unable to be present, ho sent Rev. Dr. Bou?r, of Florida. N. Y., to preaoh the installation sermon. The Rovereud Mr. Bonner preaohed a very able and impressive di»oourae upou the minister's work aud the qual- ifloatious for his high calling. Rw, Dr. Freemau, of Uaverstraw, theu delivered the ordiuutiou pruyer, which was very touching iu its simplicity und luruestuess working diviue blessings upou ull churches, ministers and people. Rev. L, R, Foot, D. D., of Brooklyu, who was u former pastor of Mr. Roten- baoh, delivered the charge to the pastor. His sermon was eminently practical uud full of wholesome sugges- tions auil wise christian counsel. It was brief aud to the poiut?mullum in purvo. The charge to the people was delivered by Dr. Freeman iu his own characteristic ntyle, which was most excellent upou the linn of thought presented, aud exceedingly appropriate to the occasion. The choir rendered aomo fine singing iu uu.Bun with the impressive service, The Revereuds McMahon, Harris and Henry were pre- sent iu the congregation. The newly iustalled pastor received hearty con- gratulations. ATTEMPTED ESCAPE Pmsqneiis Break Jail at New City?One Shot. Frank Briutnoll, who was indicted by the Rockland County Grand Jury last week for burglary and coufiued in the jail at Nuw City, made a desperate »t- -tempt to eßoape on Sunday night, at midnight, and received a pistol shot in the back from an officer's revolver. During the enlarging of the jail Offioors Lubbe and Justriob, of Nyaok, aro employed to guard the premises in order that no prisoner may esoape. The present condition of the iail makes this necessary, as the temporary quar- ters oocupied iu the jail are not as secure as the cells will bo when the building is finished. Britnell occupies a cell in the lower part of the building, and thinHng that lie could escape from his quarters there and breathe the air of freedom again, lie formed a plan and made a desperate bat painfuly aiißuccefßfiil attempt to oarry it oat on Sunday night. In some way he procured a file aud filed ( S the head of one of the bolts that ran through a hinae of the door. This ac- complished, he, with the aid of oilier, prisoners, pried the door open with a plank, and then ran ont, Unfortunately for him, however, the two officers on gnard outside detected his plan and awaited developments. Offioer Lubbe eat in a window directly over the door through which Brintnefl Intended to escape. He heard the prisoner working hard to carry out his project, and watohed with considerable interest the result. As soon us Brint- nell succeeded in getting the door open he started for the outside. Before lie had made mnoh headway, however, Lubbe brought a club down on hia bend with terrific force. Recovering from the effeot of the blow almost instantly, Britnell started on a rapid run down the lawn, with the officers in pnrauit. He refused to obey the call to stop, and jjubbe and Jus- trich fired several pistol shots, one of whioh took effeot aud causnd him to fall to the ground. The officers soon took him iu charge, returned with him to the jail, and summoned Dr. Van Houten. Upon examination the doo- tor found the man had received a pain- ful shot in the back. The ballet was extraoted, and the dootor prcnounoed the wonnd not necessarily daugerous. Brintnell was afterward looked up in an iron cage, so that any further at- tempt at escaping would be impossible. It is believed that had the man not been discovered in his midnigLt fl ! ght, other prisoners would have followed him. causing a general j til delivery. TOMKINS COVE. Mr. Jacob Call has an upple nn neaoli tree in blossom, also a cluster of field daisies. A census of the number of children who do not attend school in this dis- trict is forty. Startling developments are beard in connection with the breach of promise suit paudiug. The troting gelding Robert Rittler, of Newburgh, is now the property of Mr. Ernest Johnson. Messrs. Imiao Babcook aud Taylor Rowcroft, of Willow Grove, were in town on Sunday la t. Mr. and Mrs, Abon Kearney, of New York city, were the guests of Mrs. - i Minnie Lynch on Sunday. 1 A large force of men were put to work at the shipyard on Monday to rebuild the steamer Favorite. Mr. Joseph Flynn will furnish the piano for the entertainment to be given in the school hall on Nov. 16th Mr. R. B. Stalter had the pleasure of f listening to Senator Hill in the Acad- I emy of Music, Newburgh on Wedues- I dav evening, V Rev. Mr. Appleget on Sunday most earnestly advised his congregation to adopt some features of the forward I movement for the church's better wel-J fare. Mr. Appleget invites everybody San- day morning to hear something on the \ anti-gambliug amendment, A sermon* ette will be delivered at night on oigar- ettes. Since Mies Cora E, Lente Las de- clined handsome oilers elsewhere to 1 favor her home ohurch, her soprana voice will hearafter assist the M. P. 1 choir of Tomkius Oove. Mrs. Oriutie Kurts and son, of Ohio, were the guests of Mr, and Mrs. John Connor on Monday. Mrs. Kurte re- moved from this plaoe 30 years ago, her maiden name being Miss Bell Blossom. The autumn flowers furnished so J liberally by Miss Spiingstead uud that A adorn the M. P. ohutoh weekly, wijifl deserve the admiratiou given marked beauty. The lady's loyalty H her ohurch explains her readiness always to do it servioe. The busiest man in this plaoe at the present time is our town representative who ia working very snco«sHfully in the interest of both parties, Domoorat anil A Rtipublioan, It is coo bait that John is I not a Prohibitionist in order tUa he I might pull the wire for all hands in the B coming election. J. ABpTHTTR POiHEMUS, Democratic Candidate for Member of Assembly. FLOWN AWAY. I Now tlio little summer birds, I with his feathers bright audi B u ?> I 11 us llnwa to climes of warmer J state, v Aud we liuil with joy the faot I that Bliirta of negligee J fluvo. followed m u vory livol^f We laundry tlieiu just the same, G ANSON'S HTKA&I E.VUKWHV. M IT CUWSM DIHEA.SE. l)r. Daviil Kennedy's Favorite Hem- j edy has l)oun wonderfully Huoeoanful in ' miring portions suffering from inilima- ' tion of the kidneys, outarrb of tlm blad- der, enlargement of tlio proslato gluud, uud iu fact, every ailment of a miliary nature, bus yielded to this grout medi- uiuo.

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