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ROCKLAND COUNTY ' THE TIMES VOL. V. NO. 27. BAVEH3TB,AW, tT. T? AFRI& 7, 1394. PRICE R7I OBITTS. GARNERVILLE DOINGS Spicy Local Readings for a Hivk of Workers in Ocn Sisteh Village. Vegetable and flower seeds at E. Hetninovor's. Mr. John Donelly and Inmily moved to Huliiir's Comer on Moudity last. The family nf Levi Coukliu will oc- cupy their new home in the uear future. Samuel Kinney litis been tumble to attend worn the past week through siok- UI'SS, Rov. J. F. Mashmnu has been attend- ing the Nowurk conference the past week. James Morrisey, late of Scotland, has accepted a position as a printor in the works. Saturday half-holiday in the Print Works begins to day, and all hands are happy, Mr. Georgo Burres, wife and sinter, spent Sunday with friends at S.ouy Point. Mr. Richard Fishwiok, of Ohnrch street, is reported quite sick with bron- chitis. We are pleased to chronicle that Thomas Cahill, who has been seriously ill, is on the mend. We learn that Thos. Burke will open a first class grocery store at Mead's Comer in the near future. Mr. William Westervelt and family moved to Pomona the past ween, and ate domiciled on the Brockway farm. Toe fumily of John Moflltt moved on Tuesday in their house formerly occu- pied by Mr. Win Westervelt on Beuson street. Mrs, John Smith, of Newark, is visit itlg her parents, Mr. and Mis. James Hnrureaves, at their cozy home on Rail- road uveuue. A goodly number of brick yard horses passed through this village the forepart of the week on their way to the scene of their earthly toil. Miss Maud Brockway. who has been the guest at the home of Mr. Alexander Young, returned to her home in New York city on Sunday last. Mrs. Miohael Leonard aud son, Ar- thur, who has been visiting her daugh- ter, Mrs. W. E. Brooks, returned to their homo in Yonkers on Tuesday. Mr. Carl Turbell, of Spring Vallev, and Miss Kittie Couklin, of New City, spent Sunday at the home of the tatter's uster, Mrs. John ltiker. on liailroad avenue. ?'SUie \Daughters of the King\ gave an auction party u.t the residence of Geo. Taylor on liailroad avenue on Thursday eveuiug last, aud iroru all accounts spent u very enjoyable evening. The many friends of the Misses Sadie Cahill, Hattie Foster and Mary Mo Cauley have received invitations to at- u tend a party to be held to day at 2p. m. f at the residence of John Cahill on Church street. Mr. Frederick Goll, the well-known a furniture dealer of Canal street, New York city, has leased the Pleasant View farm (the Fruzer estate), aud with his fumily willshortly move here from their city home. Mr. Goll and family occu- pied the Goldsmith farm last year. The firm of J. H. MoVean have just received au extensive stock of wall- paper of all the latest designs and shades, and a full line of gents', ladies', misses', boys and children's shoes; also u large stock of Sweet, Orr & Co.'s overhalls aud jackets at New York prices. A very pleataut surprise party was held at the residence of James Larkiu in tho White How Tuesday evening. The affair was gotten ni> by the Misses .Maria Lambert and Mamie Craveu. Pro- lessor Pliester's orchestra furnished Ihe music, uUil dancing was indulged in till the small wee hours of the morning. A grand supper wus served, uud a jolly good time enjoyed by all. Mr. Daniel Farley, ol West Haver- straw, has accepted the ugeuoy of tho National Life lusurano Co., of Munt- pelier, Vt. The National is one of the soundest iiuuuoial institution of the county, having ustetts of ahotit 810,000,000. The company issues poli- cies that are better than saving banks, us you can have your money refunded with interest alter three years. Cull or write Daniel Pauley if you would protect those dependent on you. Mr. Christopher Geoghegan, an old aud much-respected citizen ol this vil- lage, died at his home on Church street Wednesday ufter an illness of two months from acute asthma, aged 40 years aud (J months. The funeral will take place to- day from his lato residence to St. Peter's Church at 10 o'clock this morning, where a mass of requiem will l«e otlered up for the repose of his soul. Mr. Geoghegan wus highly respected by all who kuew him. lie leaveß a widow, throe sons uud three daunhters to mourn his demise, aud who have the sympathy of the entire community in their be- jaavement. Ou Friduy eveuiug of last week, Mr. Bolton Hall, sou of liuv. Dr. John IJ all of New York, gave un interesting lect- ure in the M E. church. His subject was \Taxation uud tho Kiugdom of ltigbteousuess,'! lie eudeavored to show the injustice and inequality of the prevailing system of tuxatiou, uud urged iu the interest of morality and fairness, that all taxes should be levied ou laud values irrespective of improve- ments This was u uew aud strange idea to nearly ull present, aud at the close of the leoture elioted some ques- tions which were ingeniously answered by tho speaker. Mr. Hall is a pleasing speaker aud altogether at home ou tho subject of taxation. It is in oouteui plated to have Mr. Hall uddress tho citizens of Haverstraw ou the same subject soon. Should ho do bo at the close of his lecture ho will give an opportunity to auy one to usk questions and it is to be hoped the truth or falsity Lof tho rightfulness of the concentration of aid taxes upon laud values will be \u25a0roved to the bottom, TOMKINS COVE. The Chrytlenah is giving tho Cove the go-bye this season. Bock beer nnd limburger cheeso, Ob, what a combination! Mr. Charles Anderson, Jr.. has ep- tablished a grocesy store in Brooklyn. Tho cold wave of tho past week has caused thefuceof theiceman to lengthen The doors of the Teachers' Rest will be thrown open to its patrons on May 10th. The Eyrie Inn will I)!' in the hands of two young lady maunders the coming season. County Delegate Phillip Cox, of the A O. H., was the guest of mine host of the Stouy Point House last Sunday. A bicyole club from Garuerville, con- sisting of ladies and gentlemen, passed through this place on last Sunday. The dull seai-on, with tho prospect of the income tax becoming a law, is the cause of much uneasiness in the Cove. Mr. Bert ltnso is going into the livery business. A flue turnout can bo had at ull hours. luquiro of K. B. Staltor for full particulars. Mr. Henry Hilton, our popular shoe, maker, delivered u pair of shoes to Joliu Connors on Saturday, making 70 pair in 38 years. Ni xtl The beuutiful rectory attached to tho Catholic Church is up for sale. This is one of the finest properties iu the county, without a doubt. A company of regular toughs, who loosed as if they had not washed since List locust year, passed through this place ou thoir way to j >iu Coxie's urniy on Tuesday. The new steamboat ot the yard of the Messrs. Rodermoud is rapidly neariug completion. Tue keel ol another und larger one will be laid on or übcllt the first of May. The smiling face of Sir. Phillip Fox, of Baverstruw, was seeu ou Prospeot uveuue Inst Sunday. His hearty hand- shake given the reporter was something we will long remember. Tho foundation of the now stoop for the Catholic Church will be started next week, Brick aud stone will ho used in its construction. The interior of the church will bo improved by a thi.iough painting. Mr. T. Teliau has pussed a successful examination as teh graph operator. The first vueuuey on tho West Shore Kali- road Mr. fc'iau will fill. Mr. Millburn Lent will take Mr. Tehuu's pluce ns watchman at the crossing. Sometime in Muroh Rev. Mr. Apple- get, of the i'omkius Cove M. P. Church, received an invitation to deliver, on his own terms, it memorial oration Decora- tion Day for the people of the Schoharie Valley at Middleburg, N. Y. Mr. George Zeigler, Jr., did not pass the segurs on Monday, but on Wed- nesday he did, and smiled. A little boy whom he iuteuds to look after made its appearance ou NVeduesday. Mrs. Zei- gler's friends are culling with con- gratulations. Me, too. A coucert consisting of vocul and in- strumental music will be given iu the M. E. % Church ou Friday evening, April 13th. Admission 25c. Children 15c. Many well known singers from Nvuck au<l Huverstruw will take part; ulso Mr. uud Mrs. Henry Rodermoud, Miss Cora Lent, Miss E. Connor, Miss Kittie Cleury aud other sweet Biugers, whose floe voices liuve pleased I ho music-loving public ou mauy occasions. THIELLS. Mr. D. F. Kuupp litis thoroughly renovated his store iu the interior, so that it looks like another pluue. ' The muil is now being curried by Mr. Levi Kuapp until Miss Maggie Knupp returns from her visit, she having the contract to carry it to the station. Tho Rev. W. F. Randolph preached j his farewell serniou last Sabbath, audi left ou Tuesday to atteud the unnuttl I conference now iu session at Newark, I N. J. Ou Sunday last, Fred. Leach, of Stony Point, and Miss Kittie Coleman, daugh- ter of Robert Coleman, were joined in matrimony by the Rev Mr. Masker. We wish them ull the eujoymeut und happiness that is possible. Ou Saturday night last some person, or persons, broke iuto the basement of Dunne F. Kuupp's storo by cuttiug u hole iuto the shutter, aud stole about twenty-five pounds of pork and a quun- tity of uiuckerel. They no doubt thought ihey could gain access to tho store above, but were foiled. Suspicion points to persons that have already doue time iu the County Jail. Lust Tuesday afternoon Alex. Buseley and William Buheock cituie into tho storo of Zebulou Rose. They hud quite a loud to oarrv of I hitt utull' which makes some people pugilistic uud boisterous. William evidently thought himself strong uud üblo enough to oleun out tho place, so he commenced u tirade on Richard Waldrou and gave him a push. Waldrou caught hold of Willium and run him to the other end ol the store and on to the flour barrels, uud would have given William a sovoro pounding but for timely interference of lookers- on. SUPREME COURT CASES. At the session of Supreme Court, bold Saturday morning at Newbnrgh by Judge F. Brown, the record of Itooli- luud Oouuty oases was as follows; Catherine Frederick vs. James W. Gillies and others. Entered iu Rook- laud Oouuty. Motion for appointment of guardian ad litem. Grauted. George W. Weiaut, guardian ud litem. Cecilia E. Oarrillo vk. Charles F, Her- naudez. Entered in li icklaud Caunty. Motiou lor judgment and order oou- '\u25a0 tinning sale. Order grauted. Abram A. Demurest vs. laauo llonce aid others, Entered iu Ivoukluud Oouuty. Motion for au ordir to show cause. Order granted. The Uniou Building Loan uud fiav ings AHsouiutiou vs Eiuel Oiueyc ret al. EutaruJ iu itocklaud Couuty. Motion for un order uouUrtniug referee's report. EXPLOSION AT HILLBURN. j A sudden ixplosion in the blacksmith t shop of tho Rntnupo Works at Hillburu startled that secluded village last Mod- ( day afternoon, shortly after 4 o'clock, and tho stirronndiug yard was almost instantly filled with an inquiring and auxious crowd. Some derangement of tho machinery had necessitated a \shut down\ for a short time to correct tho disorder, and the men at the vnriovs forges had luft the'r posts for a few moments' rest. Through somo unknown cause, gas had penetrated tho air or pipe, and when the machinery started again, for- tunately before (he men had had time to leguu their positions, a most terrific explosion occurred. A portion of the c blast pipe, which was 12 inches in din- meter, was shattered, and tho wooden plug at the southern extremity had been I hurled through the end of tho building i and landed in tho draughting room about 300 ft-ot im'iiy, Mos»rs. W. S. t Chapman aud l>. S. I'rutt, the only I draughtsmen present, wore somewhat i disconcerted, very naturally, at the crash of tho window glass, through i which it came, uud the heavy thud of t tho projectile, as it caromed against the I opposite wall und foil to the 11 tor. The t most fortunate part of the nfl'tir is that * no one was injured. The sheel-irou u covering of Ihe smaller nir pipe hail a beou hurled ten feet away, the south- v west corner of tho buildiug had been I almost completely blown out, bun- '' dreds of panes of window glass had been J broken, but uot one single employe hud even been scratched. It appeared I like a niiraclo. As soon as Ihe extent of I the damage was ascertained ull set to n woik to clear awuy the debris and work t of repairing was commeuced immedi- J utely. v 8 NOW FOR BASEBALL. With the advent of apiiug comes tho boy wi'h his ball and bat aud the rooter t for his favorite nine Tho opening 1 game of the season will be played ou v tho field iu the rear of Broadway this 11 afternoon between the Huverstruw '' Juuiors aud Broadway Rosebuds. Players uud positions will be as follows w JUNIORS. Thomas Seeloy, c.; Tliomns Tierney, h p.; Jeremiah Cullen, Ist b ; Chas.Jones r 2ud b.; Leonard Belli, 3rd b.; A. Albert u ss.; Thomas Lyons, r. f ; Joseph Cox, v I. f.; Hiram Reynolds, c. f. John Don- ], nelly, Manager. rosebuds. 1 John Gorman, c.; Johu Burkett, p ; d Edward Lyous, Ist b.; Churles Cluris, i 2 id b.; Willi im Reilly, 3rd b.; Jauies i'ieruey, ss.; Thos. Freeman, r.f ; Hugh Sheridan, o. Patrick Cullen, c. f. ( t Johu Tanney. Manager. |u - 11 BOARD OF TRUSTEES. t Tho Board ol Trustees met iu tho i Corporation Rooms on Tuesday even- r iug. The following bills were presented: \ H. B. MoKenzie, 57.05; Chris Meyer, * 85 50; George Fowler, 8i3.00; James Call, 1583.33; A Rose, SI 50; S. V. Cull, 82.00; Wm. Curien, 85.25; T. E Slevio , SO 25; N. B. Brooks, SG 25; Haverstraw j Water Co., 81,250; J W. Fur man, §-1 50 Thomas Clark, 812 00; Thos. McGauley $5.25; W. H. Jenkins $1 00; Luke Seg- , riff, 84.00. ? All the bills were allowed at the j amount claims except those of Mest-l's L Jenkins uud Segriff, which were allowed ? at 82 each. y Bonds of Captain Cull with Geo. W. j Weiuiit and S. C. Blauvel as securities j for 8500, and Judge Taylor with Henry ? Huhu und Frauk P. Folter us securities (1 for 82000 were approved. j Corporation Couusel Wheeler guve his opinion regarding the term of otlioe j of the Police Justice, to the effect that the term commences at the sumo time r jus other officers eleoted at tho corpora- t 3 election R The clerk wus authorized to notify ex Judge Batcheld.tr to muko u report J and turn over what money, stationary, aud other village property in his humls to thti village. The Police Justice is to have the use of the Corporation Room ior a court room. The heirs of P. Marksville and Hariis l Simon, were ordered to replace cellar doors ou thoir properties. W. H. &G. ( Waldrou were ordered to place a new oellur door ou their property. Mrs. Tneodoro Cjo wus ordered to B liuve u guto oil her property ou Wayne u street changed so us uot to obstruct Ihe sidewalk; also H. M. Toppiu upon his property on Divis>ou uud Broud strests. Communication from Triumph Hose Company, staling that Johu L DeNoy- ellos wus to represent the compuny ou the Board of Eagiueers, und from tho secretary of the board stuting that G.-o. Mardorf had In en elected ohief, wore ordered approved. Also Iroru Col. Dickey, counsel for Mrs. Geiso, oleauing damages for iu- juiies received, wus ordered riceivod. The uiuyor appointed the lollowing : committees: Street, Gonrlev and Mo- Koi zje; Fire,Bruhm aud McCabe; Light MeCubn uud Fox; Ordinance, Fi x and Tiorney; Finance, McKenzio end Fox; Assessors, MoKenzie, MoCJabw, Gouiloy itiid Biahm. Upon motion tho president wus added to the street fluuuoe uud assessor coin- mittee. The s'reet committee were uiithoi zed to liuve u survey of ltocklaud S . niauo. Hereufter, ull persons who work upon the streets, will have to designate in : their bill the particular street uud date j that they worked. MONSEY. John MoAuliff ', of New York, was J here Sunday lust. Dr. Heudricksou is tit ranging lo come buck hero for the seusou. J j A L Brewer and wife, of Now Y >ik, ; spent Sunday at Rev. G. Hicke, Mr. Blaka, who bus rentedtheO'B ion ' property is now occupying tho same A portion of the oslutt of the lato l Fred Vuullouteii, ou Main street, has . beeu laid out iu building lots. STONY POINT. Mr. Samuel Allison has returned to his studies at Eistmau College, Potlgh- keepsie. Mr. John McDowell, of Princotou, spent u few days in town as the guest of Mr. P. T. Fowler. Johu Audersou resumes his black- smithing work at tho old stand (uear the barbershop) ou next Monday. Michuel Hielseu is receiving th\ cou- grntulutions of his friends. I's a bright li'tle 12 pound boy. All are doing well. Rev. S. D. Hurris is attending confer ence this week, nnd Mr. J. A. Helviu, of this place, will preach in his absence moruing and evening. John Treadway wus iu churgo of the depot on Tuesduy while our friend Gent wns soliciting post official favors for A. W. Treadway iu the lower part of tho county. The regular monthly meeting of the Epworth L 'tigue, chapter No. 338, will be held on Friday evening, April 13th, in the lecture room of the church, G. B. Hastings, Secretary. A number of the young people enjoy- ed tho pleasant weather of Sunday last driving through the county. Yes, the day wus pleasant und the sun s one seduction, but the top coutless dudes shivered all the same. Tho topic for tho Epworth Leugne meeting at the Stouy Point M, E. church ou last. Sunday evening was, \What Shall I do iu Temptation.\ Leader, John Fowler. Topic for to- moriow evening, \iu whoso service am I engaged.\ Leader, Miss Ella Barton t fc SPRING VALLEY. Miss Auna Tallmau is around agniu ufter a severe illness. Herman Beier is building a house for himself west of the village. Mrs. DeGrnw has moved into oae of th» Boeoher eottnges ou Myrtle itve. Mr. Peter S. VanOrden has sold his house on Ltwreuco street to Jacob E. Taylor. Calvin Q luekanbush will have tho haudsomtot, house in town when com- pleted. Mr. S. D. flaring will build a house ou his lot i n Lawrence street iu the near luture. B. Smith & C i. has opened a clothing store in tho U\s:trveU building on Mnin street. Nelson A'uon, engineer of tho Broad- way railroad, New York, has resigned his pobitiou. Robert Vlriok uus completed the bailer house of tho Spring Valley Water aud Supply Co. Prof. J. M. Gibbs- aud Miss C. L. Nnisou have beou re engaged as teucher iu the public bcliool for the ensuing year. Don't forget the entertainment of St, Joseph's Cit'.holio Literury Union at Old Fi-llows' Hall next Wednesd-y night. It will pay you to go. Tickets can be purchased of J. G. Mahouey and G. E Siiarosy. Columbian Engine Co. No. 1 elected tho following oUlcers Monday night: Chief, Tho-. Walker; fire commis- sioners, D. C. Inglis, E F. Tuunure uud Ambrose Tullmun; foreman, S. E. Liwlor; usst. foremttu, Thos. Wulluce; chaplain; property clerk, C, H. Arm- strong; secretary, C. J. Axt; treasurer, D. Inglis. CONGERS. Mr. and Airs. Daniel Suedekor, of this place, aie soon to start ou a trip to the Everglades of Florida, litre they will spend a few weeks enjoying tho beauties of thut section of our couutry. The Messrs. Swartwout have com- menced suit uguinst Ueury Huber, of Nyuok, for the routul of tiio resturunt priveledgos ut SyivauGrovo lust seusou. Messrs. Swartwout's claim is for 8500 with interest from September Ist. A new council of tho Auierioun Legion of Honor is being formed in this village. The Ann rioun Legion of Honor is ouo of the best fraternal or- ganization in existauee. Messrs. Joshua Rapp uud W W. Lowerro are the or- ganizes. Messts. Johu MoQiimes and Ueury Hubuer, o( this pluoe, Joseph Brown,of lluveratruw, J. D. Deßondo, of Nyuok, Leslie Briukerhoff uud Oscar Couklin, of Rockland Lake, were tho pule faces tukou iu uud udopted by the red men at their lust meeting. ROSEVILLE. Our roadmaster for the coming seusou will bo Mr. William Sliuoy. Miss S.F. Muguire, ol Tomkins Cove, spent, Sunday us it guest of her brother, Mr. Flunk Muguire. The briok mnking firm of Sliuey & Heitlillger huve purchased u full outfit from tho Diumoud Brick Company. Mi s M. 11, Sliuey and Alias A. Kelly spent Thursday of lust week us guests of their friend, Miss S.F. Muguire, ut Toiukins Cove, The first piouio of tho seusou was held ou Monday of hist week by the Bout Loaders' Association of this place. Wheel burrows took the pluoe of um- bulunoes, while the better hulves did the nursing ufter festivi ies. Tho schooner G, ll'. Wright has now to bo uumboied among the mail curriots between Grassy l J oint uud Now York, Shu has begun the season very tneeess- fully under Cuptniu John Gibney, who Buys he never bundled better brick than those which ho uow curries, uud which wore burned by Fruuk Muguire us fore- man, uud William Long us second hand. AMONG THE FIREMEN TRIUMPH S ELECTION, Triumph Hose Company, whioh keg been in a badly disorganized condition for some time past, hold the first meet- ing the company has held for some time in their rooms on Monday nigbt. Chris- topher Dorl was eleoted foreman; Thoa, F. Foley, assistant foremuo; John Sauere, secretary; Fred. Hall, treasurer; Seward Jersey, steward; aud John 8. DeNoyelles represmtative on the board of engineers. Seven members were pre- sent, who announced their intention of keeping the oompany together. It ii intended to have a number of new mem* bers eleoted and reorganize the com- pany in general. LADY WARREN HOSE COMPANY'S NEW OFFICERS. The annual election of the officers of Lady Warren Hose Company was held in their rooms on Tuesday evening. Nicholas Cox was elected foreman J John McCormaok, assistant foreman; William Doran, secretary; Cliarlos D. Reilly, assistant-secretary; James Renn, treasurer; John Nolan, steward. Mr. James Renn was eleoted to represent the company in the board of engineers. Chief Murdof was an interested listener at the meetiug. The company appoiuted a committee to make arrangements to hold their annual pionio at Sylvan Grove on Decoratiou Day. RESCUE HOOK-ANDLADDER CO. At the meeting of Rescue Hookand- Ladder Company on Tuesday evening the following were elected offioers for the ensuing year: William Bonnet, foreman; William H. Jenkins, assistant- foreman; I. L. Niokerson, secretary; James Uoldsmitb, treasurer; Daniel O. Springsteen representative on the board of engineers; William Bonnet, William H. Jenkins, John W. Furman, John A. Campbell and Daniel 0. Springsteen, trustees. ROADMASTERS APPOINTED. The Highway Commissioners of th« town at their several meetings held recently appointed the following as Overseers of Highways for the ensuing year: District No. I?Oscar Wood. \ 2? James G. Reick. \ 3?John Blake. '' 4?Purman liaisley, \ s?John Babcook. \ 6?Francis Oonklin. \ 7?William Sliney \ B?Samuel Call. \ l J?John Ferguson. \ 10?Henry Paul. \ 11?Joseph CoDklin. \ 12?William Conkliu. \ 13?Wesley Waldron, SUFFERN. W. P. Halstead baa moved to War- wick, N Y. Rich. Walsh spent Sunday with bis pureuts at Greyoourt. A 1 Winters baa taken HoraceGreuley's advice und gone west. Tbo express business will be run by Will D. Young tbis season. Tbo suit of MeCullough va. Nelson wtis tried before Justice Wanamaker Friday last. Decision reserved. Ricbard Harvey Esq., counsel (or Stephen Van Dunk, wbo was oouvicted aud sentented to jail a short time sinoe for chicken stealing, secured a writ of babeus corpus on the ground of false arrest, aud beiug a resident of another state was outside the jurisdiction of the court. The matter was argned before Judge Tomkius at New City on Monday District Attorney Comesky argued against the mo.ion. The judge reserved bis decision. NOTARIES PUBLIC. Governor Flower haß appointed the Notaries Publio in and for Rookland Couuty, all of whom have been oon- lirined by tbo Senate. The term of oilice are for two years eaob, aa tbe county ia entitled to 128 notaries, 64 are appointed each year. The following is tbis year's list: Nyaok?lrving Hopper, Benjamin Levison, Frederick Perry, W. V. Mo- Kimm, W. T, B. Storms, J. DuPrutt White, llenry 11. Hope, J Eokersou Demarest, Edward DeWitt, W. H. Ban- nister. Jr., It, 11. M. Dickenson, Edward Oarroll, Jr., Robert Gedney, John M. Geantr, William E, Gowdey, Charles H. Green, August J. Gross, Mark Hoffman Frank P. Demareat, Alfred Tbemans. Haverstraw?Josiah Felter, John D. Christie, Harvey Deßaum,H. D. Batch- elder, George W. Weiaut, Andrew Mur- ray, T. Fergus Redmond, Henry Roder- mond. Spring Valley?Edgar M. Farrington, Elias V. Hill, Edward Earl, Warren Blanebard, Isaao DeWitt Sherwood, John R. L. Suitlun, Philip VanAlstiue, Jacob It. Westervelt. Stonv Point?Jacob B. Hastings, William B. Cava), Josiah B. Secor, Edward A. Thompson, Daniel Keesler, Thomas H. Lse. Pearl River?Samuel Cooper, John A. Bogart. Nauuet?Joseph G. Demareat, Wil- lium R. Thompson, Lewis H. Button. Piermont ?Andrew Fallon, Thomas W. Case, Charles C. Maiu. Mousey?George A. Blauvelt. New City?,lsaao W. C. Blauvelt, Edward C. Buebenau, Charles E. Root Sparkill?William B.Slooum, Wesley A. Kipp, Charles Lawrence ltooklaud Lake?Henry H. House, Casper L. Snedeker. Grassy Point ?Francis E. Wiles. Garnerville?Johu D. Norris. Blauvelt?S. B. Huested. HENRY OWEN'S STORY. ?\u25a0? A FULL ACCOUNT OP THE SUF FERINGS AND RESTORATION OF MR. AND MRS. HENRY C OWEN RELATED TO A BLADE REPRE- SENTATIVE. Most Exciiuciatino Pain Endured? Physicians Helpless?A Remarkahle and Interesting Narrative, (From the Toledo, 0., Blade) During tho pnst few months there liuve appeared in tho newspapers of tho country, accounts of marvelous oures from the use of u medicine discovered by Dr. David Kennwdv, of Rondout, N. Y., nnd known hs Dr. David Ken- nedy's Favorite Remedy. Thete cases, many ..f them held by tho medical profession as inouruble, have been so frequently discussed in the uewspapers, that it has led to many people uslug this preparulion, and they invariably have hud a similar statement to make. Many of these people have beeu told by their attending physician, that \there wus no hope,\ \recovery was impossible,\ nnd a little later, was announced thoir restoration to lienlth uuti htreugtli through tho use of Fa- vorite Remedy. Receutly the following letter from a well known sitizen olEust Toledo, attracted the attention of the Blade: \u2666 \ No. -128 Euclid Avo., East Toledo, Dr. David Kennedy, D.nr Sir:?l fool it a duty to writo you of the benefit your medicine, Favorite Remedy, hits been to my wile ami myself. I saffered for years with kidney trouble, complicated with gravel iu the bladder, nnd gall stones; at times I endured the most excruciating puin, so bad that I would have to bo carrioti home from my busi- ness, My physician did not help me in tho least, I kept growing worse. Finally Dr. David Kennedy's Favorite Remedy was brought to my uotio , and I used it regularly, following the suggoftious found iu lite bo.de wrapped about tho bottle, and in a short time ufier that I was a well man; liuve never lelt a return of the old troubles since. My wife who had beeu it sufferer from t-ickuess peculiar to her sex, found no relief from any medicine she had < ver used, until she began the use of Fa- vorite Remedy, anil thut cured her. I haveu't language to rxpress the high estepm in which we hold Favorite Remedy; 1 have recommended it to dozens of people about here, and iu no instance has it failed to benefit aud cure. Yours truly, Henry O. Owen. The above letter wis so remarkable as to be worthv of the fullest investigation, und the Blade determined to place the facts before the public for tho bene- fit of other sufferers, and if unfounded, to let thoir readers know it. With these instructions a reporter wus sent to llio residence of Mr. Oweu. Iu response to a riug of the door-bell, a ludy appeared who proved to be Mrs. Owen. When your reporter mudo his missiou known, Mrs. Oiveu said she would gladly tell him about tho good Favorite Remedy has beeu to their family. \For years Mr. Owen had beeu the victim of gall stones, complicated with kiduey trouble and gravel in the bladder,\ said Mrs. Oweu. \In spite of tile efforts of pby- sieiuus he did not improve in the leust, I, too, had suffered for yeurs with sick- ness peculiar to woman, nnd one dny I clipped from a newspaper un article referiiug to Dr. David Keuuody's Favorite Remedy. I told my husband thut I thought it would help my trouble, nnd we immediately bought a bottle. I did not take many doses before I noticed improvement, and then 1 suggested to my husbund to try the remedy for his sickness. He did so, and he felt tho i fleets al- most like magic. Mr. Owen continued to uso Favorite Rsiuoily until he has become permanently cured.\ Before going into further detail, it might be well to givo iu Mr. Owen's own word's, a statement us to what it did for him. .Mr Owen, who is a man of übout -12 years ot nge, with hair tinged with gruy was found at work us foremttu for tho Chesbrough Bros.' Lumber Company, it', d iu response to au inquiry as to Ihe merits ot Favorite Remedy uud the gen- uineness of tho lotter published, Mr. Owen said; ' 1 have not language to ex- press the high esteem in which I hold Dr. Kennedy's Favorite Remedy. I suilered for years with kiduey trouble aud uall stones; at times 1 endured pains which seemed almost uuboarable. I used various prescriptions, nnd like every i wi o is siok, took ivory thing that m '?un tls suggested. At last my wile told me of the good Dr. Kennedy's Favorite Remedy hud doue her, and I concluded to try it. I used it and it cured me, uud there is no mistake übout thm, I can refer you to many of our neighbors who have used it with tho same results. One young man, u friend of mine, hud beou sick for mouths, aud wus dootoriug with one of these 85 it Week physioiuiis. Thoy did him no tiood, uud I told him about Favorito Remedy, 110 had paid for a week's treatment, but bd't thorn, aud followed my directions. I saw him somo days altenvords, and lie was feeling better uud thanked me for my advice.\ \Mrs Owen has a similur story to re- lute, No human tongue can tell how sho sullerod, until she comiueuotd to use Fuvoriie R;iuudy. She hud doctored Willi sevoiul physicians, uud wus übout lo givo up iu desfiuir when this came to j her relief. 1 urn confident thut if sho hud uot taken Dr. Kennedy's Favorite Rjinody, she would have beou iu her grave to-day.\ A; r. Owen has lived iu Toledo, and s lias beou the head inuu at Chesbrough Bros, lor veurs, aud is promineutly cou- j nocted with the EvislSide M E Church, la communicating to the reporter iu reference to his trouble, Mr. Owen suiu iiirUier thut tho puiu ho hud wus of it boring, burning, lucerutiug character, 1 uud rudiated through the abdomen aud cheat. He oomplaiued, when ill, of iu- o louse nausea itccompanying the pain at s first, the food being thrown up but pre- sently, after repeated rotohiug, only some mucus acid and watrry mutter were txpcllod from his stomaoh. The action of the heart was feeble, and tho circulation wits correspondingly de- pressed. The duration of the seizure varied from a lew bourn to several days. \I am now,\ said Mr. Owen,\a peifeot- Iv well man; if it had not been fr r Dr. David Kennedy's Favorito R«raody I don'hknow what the present condition of Mrs. Owen aud myself would hnvo been.\ Mr. and Mrs. Owon's friends and neighbors confirm the accounts of their sickuets and thoir remarkable reoovery, nnd it was ulso found that thero were mnny other people in their vicinity who hud been cured of various ailments by using Favorite Remedy. Dr. Kennedy's Favorite Remedy is an uufailiug speci- fic for Bright's disease, kidney, liver aud uuinary oompluints, rheumatism; grave), stone in the bladder and sick- headache. It will cure tho most obsti- uato case of constipation. In cases of ueiinilgia, or painful diseases, inflam- mation of tho liver, dyspepsia, skin diseasep, jaundice, gastritis, lons ol ttppelite, sleeplessness, norvousuess or blood disease, and female irregulurities it has cured where all elso failed. Tho chief characteristics of Favorite Remedy is its ugreeable quality tyid mild operation ou tho liver uud bowols, absolute freedom Irom irritating cathar- tic action. Dr. Kennedy's Fuvorite Remedy can bo purchased ot auy dealer iu medicine at one dollar, or six bottles for five dollars. A benefit is always expeiii-nced from tho first bottle, nnd it never fails to cure when the directions are faithfully carried out. \u25a0 IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT. Tho Newburgh Daily News will offer to the people of this plnce and vicinity, for a few days ONLY, the Great Ency- clopedia Britaimica, in twenty-five large quarto VOLUMES, with American Revisions and Additions, covering nil topics, both American and foroign, ur to date, with new maps,costing $30,000 to produce, at the extrnodinary low prico of 81.98 per volume; \former price 85 00 to 88.00 per volume,\ pay- able at the rate of only 10 cents a dny. This is, without question, the bent offer ever mnde on a good edition of Britan- uien, and one thut our citizens thould investiguto ut once, if they hnv.' any idea of purchasing nn encyclopedia. The Encyclopedia Britunniea bus long beeu considered the most complete re- ference library ever published, and a careful examination will convince any one of the superiority of this edition. Tho following communications speak for themselves: Haverstraw, April 3, 189-1. I cordially endorse the recommen- dation given by pastors, both of Pro- testant aud Catholic Churches iu New- burgh, of that most valuable work, the \Encyclopedia Britannica.\ It is a library iu itself, although hitherto a very costly work, it is now offered bo marvelotisly cheap that it brings it within tho reach of those of moderate circumstances. A, S. Freeman, D. D. Haverstraw, April 3, 1894. Tho Encyclopedia Britunniea is with- out question tho foremost work iu ex- istence in the field which it covers. For exhaustive treatment of the subjects contained in its piiges, uud us an au- thority in all matters that constitute excellence' in this department of liti ra- ture it is without a peer. Tho fact that the ori)jiual work has been supple- mented on American topics bringing its pages up to ditto constitute au addi- tional point of value. Any person de- sirous of securing a work of this kind should allow notliiug to displace this work. The terms upon whioli it is of- fered bring it iu price upon tho level of tho ohoaper anil inferior works, so that tho bost is the cheapest. Morris D. Church, Pastor, M.E Church, Haverstraw, N.Y, Haverstraw, N. Y. Tho Encyclopedia Britanuica is un doubtedly tho mott complete reference work ever published. The supplements and new maps iu the edition offered by the Newburgh Daily News, feems to bring all subjects up to date. The price ask<2tl for the work is exceedingly low. L. O. Markiiam, Principal, Huverstruw l'ublio School. Haverstraw, April 3. 189-1. Tho Eucyclodedia Britunniea is rec- ognized among persons of thought and learning us a stundard work, aud hus been, r.nd is still, regarded as one of the leading works of the kiud. It is iu itself a library, anil ut the present prion at which the same is being sold The Daily News, of Newburgh, N. Y , can place iu any library, ofiice, or home, a body of valuable, most reliable, and useful information which cannot be ao- quired for a like expenditure iu any other direotiou. Geo. W. Weiant, Ex Couuty Judge. National Bank of Haverstraw, April, 4, 1894 I have a copy of tho ' Encyclopedia Britannica.\ I cousider it of inestima- ble value. I regard it as au authority upon almost every subject aud do uot believe that thore is any other work ol superior excellence. I unhesitatingly recommend it. I. M. Hedges. Garnerville, N, Y., Aiuul 4. 1894. Representatives of Ihe Newburgh Daily News are iu our midst introduc- ing ihe Euoyclopidia Britunniea on most lavorable terms. The high ohar- actot o: the work speuks for itself, aud the easy terms place it within the reach of all desiring the volumes. I wish them success iu their enterprise, John W. H. Weiule, Rretor Trinity Church. Tho Rev. Father McGaro has shown his appreciation ol the offer the Daily News is untking by ordering the com- plete set for his librury. Office of N. B. Bayley, M. D., Haverstraw, N. Y., April 3, 1894. There is no question but that the Eu- cyclopedia Britunniea stands easily among tho flrst. I caii recommend it as tho most satisfactory work lo consult, as one ouu turn to it confldeut of light upon any subject presented to him in his daily readings, or iu his intercourse with the world. Many of the topics treated tiro complete volumes iu them- selves. I huve it iu uiy own library aud frequently consult it. Respectfully, N. B, Bayley, This magnificent library has beeu placed ou exhibition ut W. T. Pnrdy's furniture store, Main street, where jou uro respectfully invited to call aud ex- auiino the work, or send a postal ourd to the above address aud u volume will be sent for examination. At Bpriuger'u Murket oun be fonutl strawberries, Rreou pou», onoumbers, uapurugun, ru liaheti, rhubarb, Bostou Jwttuoo, gretm onious, towutous and u«w mt&toeß.

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