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Rockland County times weekly. (Haverstraw, N.Y.) 1889-current, January 27, 1894, Image 8

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HAVERSTRAW JU;iRevikwiNI-. Ouit \t; PAS'T Wkhk. Mi' ni .t er with t ,e liyhicom t C.n they l:<op Urn lumps lit? t w i n cut ii ni l for i veral nights c no I; \ii It i'P' i d Union 1 I'diiaioni i nfeiiiie. W Hlliv IJbttblo i:iiiorW« of Gr»M Tub. f IhIh will ijeistri y 11><* dcMre for ti lncon, morphino or 1 r 1 >' f' 1 from C 10 ?> 1 1 J? All tirtil olut-s : r gists keep Hu m. A birthday parly v u« niv n I er mm y friends hv .M i MihvcIIb Cox on Wed- ni*sday evi-iiii < l I i«i- ?« !< The oc o laion li«it'i; me 19;h atiiiiv.'rwiiy of the jolmg Imtv, birilnln; j I>i\ tVmiinR / WnStpent .ii nmrfi m il olljcr iiuiiim > IDUIlt. Oo to H'ini -»t'i en New AI,.11, 1.1 for y< ur nu»i». Ev> iy ilihii i u.ioKed to order in lirat-uiu'» hi;, lo, ; i piicea lire modern <?. Jlr. i'reil Fislur 1'it.i roi v>.) hi» oon- Hi'i'tii'ti with ilie t UMimil i tut Ii hiueut of Joliu Miller. Call at Elnrry llnvelifilii'o, Hromlwuy foi flui fltierry m .; p.iri winoai CO centa yxi Liotile. SlessrH. WilliHU II. mi l Edwuid lien nett h«vo pnrolinsiil Ilie inlerrsl. of ChurloB W. Weiuni, in tlu- HsveriitrHW Towing Oompiinv. Go to H efcs' fot Irt'.fli country pork mid home made eniiHagea. cor. Aiaiu and Ilocklaud at. Mr. nnd Mr\ Edivard H.irnc hpve the sympathy of thn oommtuiity in tlie death of their iufuut aon,\rhioh occurred od Wednesduy. For Hillard & Kus'e'a \White Stvun,\ ??Preferred Hiock\ or \Hnud-uiado Cignrn,\ no to ihe aiiloona of IHins. Doran, Nichohia Cox. i'atrick Uren- Dan, or Lawrencu Cullen. y; Mr. Henry Mny is erpctii ga building i to be nat'd mt a bluoU .mith ahop cn ' Broadway near Bahn'o Ooi ner. __ loa.caw got n goo t mcul in n Lurry j at Bonnel'c, on N.:w Muin at. Extensive inipiovunjents nro being made to the idauion property on the corner of JiH.-ihou street and liroud- way. 'ilie tiiiildingH art. lo be movrd on a lino witti the other bmldiugs on Broadway. Elesa, the butcher, lceepn tbe fieehest nod choicest cuts of beef, motion and lumb in town at ttio lowest prices, Mr. John Tirruey h;>a accepted a puaition in Kcw Yon; city. Bonnet, on New Maiu 8'., Ims cliew- der cniiatHiitly on hand at 10 cU per plate and 16 cts per quart. Mr. B. T. C 'npinHii. II o optician Mill boa' Ve.iid.uburgh'B jawelery a'ore , all next week. Mr. Bobeit Weier, of the Troy The- ologicul Seminary, i.-i spsi dinw his va cation with Lis parents in Li.jViilnge. Mrs. McEneiy, an egtd iiidy ruaiding on Broadway, near Clinton sircet, on Monday morning wl.ilo deoandiug the at*ir« leading f,om tlio stoop ol her residence to the alreet, tlie stniis being slippery she Ml to the fcireti, aeveiely ii juring her hip, fn.cnniug her wrist and «ev; rely culling Uer sculp Dr. Laird wan tuniinnned who dressed the wounds and made the patient as easy us possible. Mr. John ,T. King, of and Mr. Charl Oid field, of retkakill, were in town 'i'tiursday. Mr. James A IXGro.i', of Jones Poiut, L ia purchnsi d the interest ol Messrs. Bennett, Ilywuu & Hoot' in the Baud bank fonuerly owned by them at that place. MifiaGennii Umiili, of Hie dvallom Nyack, is the guest, of i\lr.a. Chrisiinna G.irdner, at In i Bioad residence. Mr. Henry Adlor is teiioualy ill with \u25a0n affection of the heart. An attempt wns maiiu by buiglura on Ibnreduy» v* i.ii g tn enior the lesidence of Jacob Ke. sler. Tue luieves were soured uway beitre srfc.iring n entrance Mr. JoLn J. Byau l as ucodpled the poaitiou of engineer with t e lixoclaiot Brick Co., foimerly held Ijy Edward Bennett. It iaiumored that Gvorge E iret hua purchased the ateuDihoat Chr>sti'uali and propellor BjI ir)i fiom the North Biver Steamboat (Jr., nud will use the v boats for diatribiriug tLu products of the Hell Gate Bre.very the cumin/.' J8hsou to the towns on Lji g Islund Bound. Mr. G. O oi Pougbkeei ale. WUH ID town yfihloi'diiv visi n g |)jy euts, Dr. «ud Mih. H(iu«o. Philip Gold rick ha-- lenac-d the Archer btiokysip ailjjiuiug tbe one now opper- ?ted by biui. STONY POINT. Mr. Wni. JoIjuMoii, of l'l ilndelphia, »ud Mias Minnie Johnston, of Gurnet- > tillo, weic tl>etji ohlH ol Alis K O. iinjt the pttst wi't k. A tiro Uiut Blurte d in INFr«. Wesley J. I Wiiant'a coolt luiiiw Just Fiblny uight i mm.e very near k>oi> jf iliu.iHtiour- to tin* LTouu of Htony I'oiut Inn! it got Lo.nl- t Iway while Hit* people were el church. t IHoiioiuWIo wniiion ia ejtcuiie' to Mr. HM|Kiiii|i!i n il Air. John Oscy for 0 in suvr g lb, building 0 property u\ur by. They auo- I popdpd in exiiiigiiinhing the I'iie wltlV i> f few p i.lf oi vvutrt. wmi A j W'.»» intendnl to have been played ti on Judge 'LVmenaen oi lkß l>>st Ftl ley evonit't! n number nt the young men of this Hliage, but vttio the f,rl juke iit on is now f quention, iw bitb ' 1 milpr b\( in to lnve tin honors about f,u evenly divided On the iiliove fvenii.g 3 ?T'lho Tn iolw y, nocftnpanted by A note N '' Oit ttrni ', w' l \* can l'l ay ?oin u ll jbb,> \ ii * wo'iiln; ni'oari'l, n I ec 0 1,1, ; l IV O .O'twill (y'.IIIV Wtjo l»ll , nls'i ui (pie it'li: <f lis a very piiu °* voting lofv, rutin a*, tho residence o' ineJe gc. Mr Treadway called on hi; litltor and inlornwl liiul thu' his in- ' (ended Wuh oil sido aco 'mpn.itd l>y n /f lady fliend, n d tliat.it wua their d. sin fi to gel niatri' i', informing the Judgt thot his young ludy was in fiivor ot n fiivil eeieniony. and hlho nquis el hi honor lo keep ilie\u25a0 ff 'rseciei, to which he ins iiii d Our nrllnlie Judge Hiei\: n inviief the party in to his pailor, alio I as it Vus in eefsiii> to have two wi r I nefsp'i to the eer.'iiioliy, ealltd iu Mtn. I Tenietiseti to i\ ,v \f 'tie. After the Judg\ hn l p\'ilr .i- Hii.l. he re «>\»? '' f ' ? t to have *|] u , si !. Lioed in with ill Mie Ijihj.l, \u25ba(,!\u25a0 i.lieeedetit.il ol the eontrnoiiug paitiet) and cet tilled to In lie in, as well ni the witnesses, nt d which b.vla.v inns', be filed with th'' L'oah Ci rk ai d having no blanks in ti in it nleiioe In' illforme I 'be would be hridrj.'.ioom ilmt in order to comply 11ii lie law it, would be neoecsaiv lo have one of the loun-, and nqitMe. tl'.e piocpeciive groom to go to the Town v.lerk's ofliae and procure one. This the gentleman Blurted lo do. but j whetlu rbe |In nghi Hie joke had gone i far ei t hi.li, or wl\ tliei tie, with tiii in- tended liri.lp, camn to the conolusion that tiie Justice was ou to tlitj little racket, they failed to return. Th. question now i»t which was tho joke on? Stoi.y Point has been nothing if not up to itie ilmefl wito its share of esca- v psdes within the last lew weeks, One day recently Mr. Warren Keesler, wu- hus bt-eo a lilodong resnleut of tele piace, Btarted with hib te in of horses a eiiriy in the morniiig and went to Suf fen , where he sold his liorßes, for one of which he received the fabulous sum of $20 and its he hud a team wegou and harness with him he disposed of the oth.r one, taking in exchange for it a qunntity of cheap jjwelory. After dis- posing ol hi* horses, Mr. Keislerie- turneil to Ihb home and iuloruied Ins wife he contemplated c.iminitting sui- cide. tlis wilo b. coming alarmed wen 1 j \u25a0 ' to the iesidene.es ot Mr. Moore and 1 Mra. I'aine, wtio returned lo the Kecsler rteid ice with the ixcit-.d woman y expecting to tied the man dead, as a r shot w ,»a hea'd as ihoy weie wearing tin residence. U|iou entering the hoUM ? Mi. K'esler wes lound lyuiy ou the a lloor v>ith out.- of his shoes off After - placing him upon the bed all txaiui- 1 nation ttr.s unnle of the wounded iuuh, 9 when, to their surprise, they found tbut the shot hud goue out the window ot tne house and entered the well cerb j leaving the would be suicide uninjured. U,'On teaming this oue of tlie ladies present was heard to cxolaim, ''too it bad.\ SUPERVISORS' PROCEEDINGS. Snpeiviuois' Rj im, Jau. 8. 1801. i, Ho .r-lmei pureu int to adjourument B All iho uiemtieis piesenl except Mr. Kail<>u Mr. Feiter iu tlio onttir. Min- uies (f pieviouß meeting udepted us read. liE9oLl,\ri''.NS AD PIED. '\u25a0 By Mr DisN yislle-i: R llesoloed, 'I hit Dr. N B Van Ilouten \ beapp uited Jail Puysician for the en- e suiuK year. r By Mr. Waud: 8 , licso'vecl, That Sin riff Dickey be and r ho i» iieioby iiuthniiz d to employ j.ihitoi lor t lie County Buildings at New 1 City, to ket-)i them warm and iu a h eleaiilv cooditiou until the first day of Jrtiiuur.v, 1805, uud that, he be uliowed therefore iliu sum oi two hundred dol '? 1a.,: > The following bills were receive!, audited uud pa'd by drafts on the in County Treasurer, chaigeuDlo to the il Contingent Fund: e Bill No. t 511 O car Wood, not eoron<r...s 2 00 012 do cotoueiH jutor. 200 , 51:5 do do .. 200 a 611 do tot. coroner... 2 t'O 015 Ze'iuloii Rose, cor juror.... 200 010 do do ..2 Ol) h 517 Dr,at aF, Kuupp, cor juror. 2 O'l 518 do do ..2 00 ? 549 Hugh Rnilly, cor juror 200 e 551) do do 2 0!) p 552 James Hickey, ilo .. 2OD u 550 Fiimk C\uUtn cor juror ttssd to C V. A. B auvelr 2 00 e SCI Eii a aid Huivoy, cor juror ' ttisil to Q. F Ruudli 2 00 553 John VVeyunt, eo 1 juror 2 00 571 do do 2 00 ti 575 I. J. liorbert, do .. 200 Ii 570 do do .. 200 Ii 577 A. O Bngorl, post mortem 0 i xnijiiijittii'n 5 00 f 578 (hi do 5 00 \i 570 A. O. Bogeit, no' corouer.. 200 1 580 do do .. 200 '281 do cor juror 1 0\ 582 do do ..1 00 583 O. Vioi Tussell, not coroner. 200 581 ,T, A. Pnl lie mus, cor juror... 2 tiO 585 11 iln-i'i Gedney, do .. 200 r 080 roliiar Justtich, do .. 2O t ,387 Riehuid Lee, em juror iissd to Henry Heh'j,.... 2 00 t. 588 George Hliss. cor juror ansd i fo A G. Lvetti 2 00 \u25ba 580 C. N. Broaitnux cor juior ( assil to A G. Lyetb 2 0t i , 500 Wil'ie Blaiion, uor juror uusd I to C V. A. B'uuvelt 2 (10 < 501 Wm. R. Thomphoii, printing. 1 00 1 593 Pa tick Hayes, Hoard of Pris mi« rs iu Kiiiks Count,, 'I Pi'liiieutiary 100 30 t 591 Henrv Bnnis, our juror u^sil t JoHiah IMtir 2 00 ( 595 Thomas Butler, oor juror... 2 00 i: 500 Leonard Shermiui, notify ing a coroner 2 00 c 597 do or juror... 2 t'O |. (.08 Jam-H Haiti, coioner 12 30 ( 509 do do .... 100 I 000 do d.i .... 31 20 001 do do .... 19 o'i I 002 Simour Oui-.klio, coroner.. 11 20 e 1.03 do do .. 15 25 J COl L. I'. Brooks, o(\ jutor 1 00 1 (106 do do .... 100 <\u25a0 tnii Jan.es A. Delia un, not juroi. 1 liO i OU7 do do 1 00 (il)8 A.L. B'aiic'e, cn oners juror, iOO ( 0\9 J.imoti C'lutleibueh, do .. 200 (. (Ht) A 1 b.-* t Kuierlom, do .. 200 a 011 Wm. Miller, ri j sirs to rouds. 35 00 a 012 H, ft H\Ui-e pi si, nurtem s i xuminut ii ii 5 00 013 J. K Vnnduibill, jiil nip. . 19 51 o 011 Wm MoCuuley, Jr., aoiing J HUrrogitle, .500 00 o 010 Geo. B r«llniaii, e, i juror. I 00 C! 7 J 'bliiH Totiou, do 200 (118 Fred. H, Myuiu, do 2 00 Oil moiinii nt M». Hill N . Gil WHS ehaiged tn tile 'Oi y I' i 11, ti, Tiie following ( Mi. l\tlny uaH .idopied: Jicurilerrl, That i 61.\) le drawn on the C r pay- \u25a0itiln Iroin the 0 mtingplt Fund, in favor of L. '»Vi!KOii, ? *i| vet or, fnt s vetity live dollars ss 11 (;ompen- M %111\u25a0 II lor bin si ; viopti 11 ?' \u25a0ii veyor cf 'Inje ntv On noiiiinii t \tn\u25a0 Mff i ... ( t We,III. silt;, .li II in IwO'l, a (111 o'e ; i ck in th'\u25a0#ittettu<(7u. Cjh\sJ([ CnittsTtu, Clt ri-. \u25a0m ies. EAllfi, Cditoii N I'., JAX 27, 18H4. INTERESTING 'J O LIQUOll DEAL- eus. The bills nlruuly introduced in the legi. latino concerning txciau mutters are as foil own: Bertncing tli\ number nf uiiIooiih to ODf for everv 000 population liuniug the licence f»-es ur Ihshi tilli -half lil;>1 than at present Fotbiding i lie gn.it- IDK to Any person ever ounwcied of u felony or a violation nf ti». xeiie law ? license. Allowing pr<i e«.y own* re thirty days ui tiio oi u |ir« |ji. .ed licence and compelling public ainmnum no«nt of nn appiiouii u* A'lowing oii b»*|)h iq ?ervo wiits of ceriio'au upon hoi Of < XOWe Ulid Compelling the bourit to ?uswer. Allouii'i: ouu 0Jll (JU iu t )t grunting of licenses. I MM??H SWRTLINGJNCREASE! [| Insanity Last Yoar. The increaso of irtfflijity last year over the preceding year was startling I Think of it, persons suffering from nervous troubles, such as sick and nervous ngadaclie, norvousnrw, convulsions, neuralgia, tipoplexy, dyspqMi.i, / paralysis, nervous prostration, epilepav, etc. The outlook would certainly be discouraging for you were there no mt»jin<j j of esc&pQ. Any of the above diilicultics, and many more, aro alvince symptom* of . : insinityorsomebtherequallydejiibrablocon- ; dition ending in suicide or premature death. ' Dr. Franklin Miles, the noted specialist, ' has devoted over -0 years to ihe investiga- i tion of nervous affections, and in the result ' of his labors lies the only hone of those afflict* ? :ed with the troubles name I. His Rostora- ' tive Nervine is a positive means of relief. 1 If you have any nervous affection attend to I ,it at once. Do not, wait till your intellect is i shattered or the frenzy of suicide ovorcomcs i you. Delay is dangerous. Ilev. .1. It Miller, Pus.or of the M. E. Church, ;If T Biff R<w, Pa, writes: \Overwork nau\cl uie to break down nom'»iotely The efforts of several ! good doctors, and oiffht week** of travel, did me j little u r o »1, I e.i)Uld not read ->r study, and mjr condition wns soriou* I »e rm mini? Dr. Milts' o Rostnrntivo Nerviii>», foni hoitles of which coin- pleteiv cured me. Ae :opt inv^Mtttude.\ \ I w ts taken sink last April.-md lu I 'hoattend- r ! ance of three of oar i>est phvsMtvis. The result t ' was that at the end of four m>V 'h Iwh a heln- lohh invalid, could no* oat. and did n>i iret thirty ? minutes' niccp in ji hours t.o t W pounds in i weight. Fm- weeks n* I heirin usln l ? i)r Miles* r, H»»fiior»tl vo N'ervtno, Hestorntivo Tonic and NTerve ? w and Uvor i'llls. gAtii<vl 35 pounds in we'fifht, oin eat and *lco, and feel as well as I ever III.\?T n Stephens, Tarltslo. P.-i. j , ?' I was afll-ete i wiih uo;-voih prostrutton over *' two vears. and d trlnif that ti-ne was umrl>lo lo j ? perform mv work Through the n«e of Or. Miles' 1 Restorative Nervine I a»n etp'rolv restored to I health, an \ ahleto nonduct myhu«!ness the same ? as before mv \*'oknoss. Iroeomniend? It icNe-vino to a voting mm also suflfiHnc from nervous pros- I ' tration, and hp *-o. received wondorfui benefit : from it. I)r Mile*' rem«dl considered a pnn. I ace i at. our hon*e.\?W. R fMMiaw. Gallon. Mieh, I I)r Miles' Restorative Nervine is sold I>v all dnur»i«fson a positive tranrantee or bv Dr. Miles : Medics' Co.. R'khart,. Ind .on receipt of priee, fl -i per h >ttle. or bottles f>r W».e*pres* nrepaid. Tt is free from all on< oesnnd dangerous ? dru<rs Dr. M ies' \ T r-v* nn 1 T«'ver Pills 25 cents i j p#»rboT five botes, $1 no Mailed auywhere. Free t book at druggists, or by mall. Solil by :iil druggists. , DAIL-ST AMERICA ? AMD MERCURY Xeit York'* Onljt St.ralffht.Ont l)rin octal ic \cirn/ni/>vi' , The licst Features of Sports IN ADDITION TO [ : All the News of the Day. - Dailif, 1 Centn. Binitial/, o Cents. S Terms to Subicriters. (Payable in Advanok ) Otiilt, 1 vitr, 86 00; -vjtli Snndrty, 88 0 Daily, 0 month- $8 OOjwit'i Hnuiluy 4 0(1 Dnlv, 3 month* $l.!i0;>»i'l) Hu' v '2 (10 E lition only, 1 yum S'2 00 Agents Waal'td- Sum file Copies Free, I DAILY AMERICA, it. No. 3J Nhw Chiuiitfrs Stro t. N. Y. Oily. 7 yj EST SHORE RAILROAD. Titnc tul)lv in iffot D o. 17, 1893. Trains m< viu j Snui!;. l.r'AVrs. J ; jup» Point?\u25a0*7 09, *10.18, ». in.; *2.53, *1 53 |> in. \c T-.jmUn m O >*\\u25a0?*7 13. 04, *10 23 ii u in ; *2 57 *4 57 \. ,n. Stony P? int?s 54 '7 10 8.07, *10 27 1? m.; *3 Oit, *o 00 ,> in *» Wfßt Hav.,r«l:iw?s 05 558 (5 22 G 50. ;; 7 '.'.(). 8 12 8 45 >'.) 10. *10 3 h u* ; I 1 38 *3 05, *5.05, 0 10 *0.30 7 15, s- 8 4 ) i> in tl iVorsit'HW VOli^n ?5 08 GOO, 0*25 w G53 7 22.8 14 8.47. 59.12, 10 33 ie iv in ; 1 4 1 ' 07 5 08. uj , G 14, >r 632 m.; 718843 .. m \ OniißHi ?5 10 032 0 52, 701 732 822 855 ;-9 19 10 41 ? in ; 3 15 ?y 5.10 0 '23, 040 720 552 - in. i iui ih in v,0;.: Noilh. LEAVES Friii)klin S'l'i-ni?o 45, *7 15. *9 0(1, *10 00 11 '2 i o ; *1 \u25a0 in . 2 8(1, 315 4 15 5 00. 5.2 , *0 15 *8 «?(> 83 i h9 45, *11 S)ii t». in. Wehl 42il 15 uji'Oil, i lufor AIIUIVEa Corp is?*l 09, 820 *8.30 *10 15, *11 34 mi ;*239-Jo9i 69 5 49 02. 053 7 28, *7 5o flO oi hll 19 ft. ni HiiVHrxtrxw ViO'ifff?*l 18 8 28, *8.43 *10 22 *11 43 t ni ; 12.40 *2 48, 4 18. 5 07. 557 0.3 701 735 *.S ill, *11.11 in. 12. rll 57 |j. in. W.Bl. II v«r»tr.»w?*l '20 830 *8 40 *10 24 *11 45 ?. in ; 12 42 *2 50 420 509 II ml G35 7 i' 3 7 37, *8 03, 9 40 10 15, Ml 30 |> m Stonv P nn'?*B 50 *11 49 i in ; *2.51, 513 0.40 \8 08, r:9 49 iu. ,1 TouiHuh Oovti?*x 54, *11.53 u. in ; j *2 58, J5 10 041 *8 12 p. m. Jout'H Poi '? i; ' 8.53, *11 58 ,i in ; v 3 03, e G 18 *8 10 p iu. '' SStopuS i d«iy only. JSlon for or to l(?itv«- N\n' York im.KMigKis. *duuJtiyn II only. f.S'oim on »inniil .' ' For liirtlier infm umiiod <i ij i'rH of \ ii 'ureKt. UH' tti or 111 C. Litubuii, 5 Vuu- ' dot lull i,v.* ,N. y. r <) ,i PgSgCTtfKgra A PRAC.TICAT, KVEnYDAY ' eesi i®en containing over 2,800 & n f. - '. : 'i! red pes. 320 I BeSßVi®®? pagt'B, bound in clot la. Jjou t fall to e BwlSlfa SSWATCH-CLOCK ItieureutPHtiinvnliv ortlioatre. I'or full pnrtloulai* J (Hldruu.-, ij'hu <iIIKUkT AMUUICAAI 1 ICO, i j F. U. tun HOT. ,'tcl Viiiii. City, U. ; Your LINEN WMWearL Twio n 1m i sou i s p»jH it to ; GANSON'S ! l H it, K O LA UK DRY. I ! NO MAOIIINK.ItV ! i r MO At\ D ! ! NoO.IKMP'AUS USKI». ! ? Work Exoeuloil at Shm'tost Kotico. ; fl [ Smi mmt ni :i ill w<' \ill i'h 11 or li'iivn il \ji m J, U lliis. llmi ih o JI , ,)li Klynii's ; H| Sittutiiiiir) Stnrm.ii iiuv liiui'. W.B. C,xVN;:JOasr. I'ropiiotoi'. f C Opera House, - IJAVEIISTRAW, N. Y, ; \\ ; TWaj Eve,, FckisLlj MADAME SISSIERETTA JONES, KNOW.V AS TUB j i \BLACK PATTI,\ ii h The, Greatest Singer of Her Hare u Supported by the ('\u25a0 I'brnted I VI LON A SISTERS, :! ' I MIX A. l>nri't|<i; 15X1.M V nil f.If.LV, t j VniliiiiftH. from the Culls rvaior, at e i 11 i tin. and M SS I)F.LI,A TUOMISOX, [| ? Binnlne. Uo id r, reel or an \u25a0 |> tici itl ion ! frefh I'liiin tn r Loudon T ininplM. v ADM ISSIOX, - - .'fi ri'.NTS ' ItBSEKVBIJ HKATS. 5(1 and 73 I'KN'TS\. II For Sale ut t:io Sror.i of W. 11. &tl j Wnldron. t\ : John W. King, 2 PAINTER a and ; Paper Hanger. 1 Oilice and residence I) Third Street, Havsrstraw. '' t Work Solicited and Guaranteed. Horse - - j. : \u25a0 Clipping. J. W. IHEADWaY and .TOHN 1 DECKER has pureliased the latest im- ' proved Horse Clipping Maeliiite, and is us i prepared to elipp horses ui the s'loi tpst no'icp. For terms, e'e , call nt tin blacksmith shop of DECK Kit & HON Division Street, fluveis r w FOR SiiLS. A desirable Briekyftrd mid Snore P. o- P' l'ty on lei nid Sound, n ar N'n th- id pirt, T.iwii ot Il.iiiiiii'iinn. s tlnilc Oiiuutf, N. Y. The pivmi'-et ootislse ol w sixly-two Acres of La d I>y ? s Inn lon, tviiii nearly one-hull mil\ ol Short- Ft-,ml \ on Long Mmd S uiud ; al-o viilui'le \f Flxlur.-s\. Equipments unri B.rl lin«s >d heretofore us -d us all ickvae t. ()\u25a0, in. ,1 pivinisea are goo !It iildiiiKs, D ok, U lok M'.ictiiiierv. and an uiiliiuile t suupiv \u25a0 1 , flrsi-ola's ('lav and Sunt ; nil V\iy ucees- sihle. In f ict the i*ieinlses off i i-vi rj lie feature desirable for U'st cms-B I kvarn Ijh Properly, an I are oonv- ieut in New and Cuineo'lout Mukets. Tuose ivisiiiiif; to ex inline inn iireinlsiv, or learn fui'ther pur I ?iil-irs. sli -uid i-mre 00 spotid. or see ltlNALnt) SA ,\IM S, [JO N lipoei, L 1. f) ,. P. S.?One-bjlf of the punieise money ean remain mortKat!e. HO 1)() 1,0 CAN I ORTAIN A PATENT? For a ?rompt answer uurl un honest opinion, wi'lto to [)0 MUN N CO., who huvo hn<l nearly fifty ynnra* v ©xviorienco in tho patent busiuiviß. Ooiunirnlea- j() * It<iih strictly eonfldcniial. A Iiun«lliook of In* conc.'rniufc Patents hnd how to ob« 10 t iin them sent free. Also a catalogue of mochau« h , leal and scientific books sent free. 'i' Patents taken through Muim & Co. recolve ;() fipeciul notieoint.he H«*i«*iiti!ic Aiueririiu, and tliua are brought widely before ili« public with* i out coat to the Inventor. This nulendld papor, -wi Issued weekly, elegantly illuat rated, bus by rar the M# largest eiroulation of r.ny scientilie work In the Mi world. a year. Bpeoiraun copies sent free. llulldlm? Kditlon, monthly, Sl'.W a yt-nr. Single JU copies, cents. Every mimner contains beau* 4l tirul plutus, in colors, and Photographs of new u houne.s, with plans, enabling builders to show thtf Ml latest designs and secure eontrants. Address iIUNN & CO., Haw YOHK, liiil BxioAliWAT. JO i 0 '-pi IIMS ot tie Coun'y Court and JU O.jnrt nf SissioiK <i' iln County if 11 elilauil lor the ytar 18114 Tel ins of i lie County Conit of Hie 10 Ooiiuty of Illicit and for iliti trial of isMies, anl terms of the Court of Hes 10 \u25baioin iu unci'for e«id County ui winch a Grand uud i'etit. Jury will tie i'quired 10 oi attend, are luneliy iii.ipoin'ed io lie held at the Cnuit House in t ie t..\\n of 111 (Uiirkstown, in Kuid Couniy m tl o year )U 1804, as follows: Fourth Tuesday \f January, Fuiirtli I'lie-i'liy of June, F.Jiirih Tuesday of 19 October. Ti rms ol ilie C unly C .uit. of the 0 Coil Illy of Uocl'.land fur the triul of 10 issues requirinK no jury, u. o toe t\e argument of nppi-uls, 11,0 In ari gol 10 moMous aud oilier (?? oct noii rh. an »n i 0 puitited to be Ii hi in the venr 1801 10 (? xuept during the month ol ) ,is it) lollows; !0 On M'.iidayni ei.oh vtee. Nt the Con r t If) tlou e iu Claiksio li; on 'l'l nr-dm ol !0 e ,oh Week at the nlli e o ti o C uiul.v l.j J mine in N'liek, i.i stld Couniy ; on the It) 1 I unit !) I Fri hiv of each ui nth at the 10 t-Uloe of Alulsso Wne lei in ll»v rut raw, it) in »i,id Cnuu'y. It) Teiuis ol tho Court of K'-k i iu« of the 10 County of llocliluiid \i wliieii neither a 10 Grand nor a 1' tr Jury ismij ned lo 10 attend me lieiehy lU'pointeil ... In- In Id io at llioCi'Uit 11.'tis' in t'lark-iown t.foie H iin in the ye;ii 1801 hH f. 110- \u25a0 ; D First Woudai id Mine! ; li' -i .Moniiat ?1 ot May; fourth RlondnyofJ.il); . cood M outlay of Sspltuiliei; foil 11 ii Jlonday 0 of November. 0 Dated, Jiiiuiari 2 1801 0 Alt I'liUll S. IO U I KINS, 0 Comity Judgo ol ltueklaua County ? |W. T. 111, Agfil ,| \u25a0CJITDHSXITAKBSBi 1 AND l r(fcfir<tl Ivnibuhncr.: liverv'l>'ni?cuniiPi'ii'd otli n flist- clas« 18tabii»bm«Jit ooufctaully ou hand. Embalming a Specialty and all j uir li guaranteed. \ j'rain or lioit calls proinplty (' Httfill It'll 10. i lii I Estimates given on tnmU stone ; j momnneiilM and Iciifing f.»r chid j ;eit.'ry pints. Personal attention given day 1 or nioht. i J Place of lmsiiifss MAIN ST., ! Haverstiaw. llttoideucc 13road .st. To or For Salo. j Til\ r..ft|t|p r\u25a0n tl phl- \' ni tii,» Im'o i .| J 'lm r, Sf mis \i- t ! »»? fiii' j |»»rt iciilhth, rtpp y o Con had n wku j I O v- . -mmemwmmmmtm* FOH. 3 O ?»* Im»l» hleigii* with ii i\' aikl I) X 111 li N' ? cl,u:« (Mili'P. AU(I oil© two fauiih I tj inn \ hLIN'EY, J 1 i pur Foil inn 11 i 'ge, TO R£WT. 11 A twi I ri'in in o'iiii\ vifl in firß\' (j ?jUss cnn'linon wi h Bx' ncoraplei.; .tipioiiy lo mi'limi* 1 qui * O D and G. AItOHER. WILHELM H. KELLER, H. D? \ STONY POINT, N. Y. OFFICE nOUK-i: Bto 10, A M 1 ti 2 und G t 9P. M rOMKINS COVE From 3 it. 4:30 p. m WAITTBt). ? A pirj to tin a. ?t*r 1 brtr-o woff , Wh«! i > uiitl ironing 'n \ '?milt fiuii'y. Aitply, iliin ill v \t P.O. li j 2 (0N T <.EIIS N Y Gooil wiiges to coni|intii-iii |tt*ihon' ;; LIiDWIG BAUM !l:l & COIP'Y. Amorlcn's irri'iitn-'t o tsh nntl 'it hoilfl* l . c. ui loto lioui-olurnisliors ail.l vntvorsil pro- vitktrs, i '\u25a0 0, 5' 2, 501, 60«. 508, 510, 512 & 514 8! li Ave., and 2('.H West .'Kitli St., N Y. Krqulra Home Arm clu-M Couairy Aildre&sm ulicatlon tomuiiordurdoi.artment ( ». ? \ Clearing Sale & Ladies', Misses' c: Children's Cloaks. >3 At our Grand Street Store. !7 Ibis Week sonic less than 5 w i/: 4, /2 regular prices. 5 $5.00 Cloaks for $1.98. $7.00 \ $3 98. j $10.00 \ \ $5.00. ii 0 $1200 \ \ $6.50. <i $ 15.00 \ \ $S.co. !,! $19.00 \ \ $10.00. Also one lot r >, '! Children's Gretchens. 'I'iiat were $6, s-y. $8 now $3.50 'I'llat were -7 to $9 now 55.00 ' That were , c 9 to $ 12. now t>S. Lord & Taylor \ Grand Street Store, N. Y. 11 1, 1 '-- - i ANNU >L MEK l'lNG?Tlin Anmnil J. Mfftiigol . Il\ 8l oltliolllt |hot tlo j Mini-ottongo 'I'owii 1; ('onipnuy Co l 1 lit* h E.notion of Tt nsii OH for ILo i-nKiiinp >«nr ivntl for tin' ootmi. oriitton of unoli OLIII r l»usiu<'-M its iiuiv c\m lit'f rn D,i> _ I\le\'iti(r will tin li I I ni I'c Olli ?(> of t'u> C uipany 'it 1' idc, Nm . York, on lltn 13 h tlav i f F tiviiiicy, a! r 2 r. M VM OSSVIAN, SiH!. [ ! p ; ./ \u25a0 \u25a0 j Caveats, Trade-ui irks, Design > ] Patents, Copyrights, ; Anil all P.t, lit butinn-i. ho uiuo'iml for MOnE R A T E FEI2 H. I inforuiiiilon unii tttlvli'n iilvi 11 t\ tnveiit- -11 m wllhoiit nliiiiir\ mlitiVhH, j Pross Claims Co, J'lhn \VnUlf.rbnm Muntignu iVtinruey, I P. O Box 403. WAfIItNUTON, II.G. '< 1 liih o\UH)uii>' is mmiuniiil I? y ooaitiltiHtioii of iliti liit(imi and uh' lin fltii-iitiiil iiewHpiitit rs in tlio Uiiictl HtaioK, for iLu txprnsh purpusn 1 I pro ) jpiving I heir Hiibhciiln'rv >? ul\u25a0i 1 j h 1 uu I Bent uloiih und iiiot.wptnoul Paten* Ar thin, and iiioli papttr pnntiiiK Hiu miviTtiheuintit vniH'ln- for tint it i'iion. : «il'ilii t v and liigli Btaudiug ol Iho PuJtto i Olkirnu OompHUV. '? ,n , . , i, Al> IN I.S I KATOK a NOTICE. '? ITN IT KSi: A NCI' f ii\ 1- r of 111.. i IION . AUTIIt.'ll «. TO.ViIC.NS. 8.1 r- '\u25a0 i ui Unnkl >i I Cmiii-v, notion id I. lihivl>v giveil l 11 i> - -oiw li-.vlii.r cliilma lii/iin-i t tit* i * .'f .Mil tin l> nn, i(m l. .? ,i.« \u25a0). luie \u25a0I' .. t\u25a0 \u25a0 wii nf S. ..y P lint, \u25a0<i IJ. Id ui.l (\'t utv, 111111 tiny nri' '? I[ll ''.1' \u25a0 I |:l lllli .\u25a0,11) H* 111 ft\ Von il 111 I .. . ' ? II\ II 1.1. I'tl .lied, ' .1 .lin ('..uiifrll. .1 Ml- I'l ii' I I'll-:11. pa in i.li.. Town oi s mi \ 1' iu, N. V.. on or ii ( el In- l.'l I v J 1} .18 -l. D.ll.'ii, J in. 8 lH'nt. J Of] N r liV N EI-.fi. , Ai.eii . 1 I) nil). Flint) W. I'knnv. A ntillls ialo'a' v ui - . lor All i i iif ns' ' II vmihv .N V ) On), Diiiml .T.i ,8 ii, 1891. A PPOIN TAtGN T Oi-' J£X.\MINA- *\u25a0 ) lilt O' . ll' 111 iSMIm. V'lV (Jl l- iliiuiew nn >h«> v«ar 1894 I, Oi. oi'kc A 1. nijV' Ii Soli, ol Ooin- niiNpionur of lvu'liltii.d Ooiiniv, lierebj upprirt tiir lollouii.p .X'.uit.iutioiis tin i iornuiinwoii'i'V -ti'ifiaih'H tor tlm yeal 1894 via : lix-iinti: ii\u25a0 .-i tor cnUitloutn- f tliw I'rsl. ifr'.t li'K will l>i' li. til o - Mi-.ic': 1 inn l 2 ..ii ! An:. 1 n« 10 and 17; I'X'imin ioiih i.ir oi'i'lilli iiti'h ol Hie KHUotnl srr il' v i lip |i» lit on Juiimu v 11 ittnl 12, Mttrob 1 in.! 2. AtitfUHt 16 and 17 mo O '-. f» i.n (i; f-x imiim- ' 1,1 l::-l loi- I'HI .ill ' :-e \u25a0 I t.litui M»lio will li. In-11l on J .ii n.i i v 12 i uii 2 Anfiim 17 ? i: O ?(. li i 5. A- . \ iiimilinn\ will 1m In-! I in tl'i- I'nli'ii: oio'.onl liniidiu}! in tin, Vtlli.gr i'. Mpriiifr Vii'lov. Ouie l J.iniii..i 2 1811-1. '(io.ldli \ QIiAUVKLT, K\ll a 11, ... r . ti . 'I.) FOR TKE «BTlttOOs. It you want work 'fit is pleasant and profitable* f fiend its your addn itunudintcly. We teach men ami women how to i in ii t i*t>i ti $5.00 per day to &;t,OOO |>er wi.lioul having had previous experience, ami lu. ni>h the employment ai which they can muke thai uniuunt. Noihiny dilliculi to jmru or thai reunites mueh time, l it- work id easy, healthy, uml honorable, ami can bcdonoilur. iii? ? daytime or evening*, right in your own local- ity, wherever you live. Tl'io result oi' a few hours' work of. 1 n equal* a weeh'H wngt rf. t We have tauftht thou; Minis of both sexes anJ all ages, and mair have laid f uudatlouu that will tiurelv bring them rlc;*i«v;, s«mi- of the smartest men til tlii- country ov. !? their success in life to 11 tilts stitrt i'tl tlie'm while in our employ years auo. V«»u, reader, ma» do \ i ll; try ii. Vou j eiiunot Tail. No caj iin'l n ??\u25a0< .ssar r . We tit you out with something thai u\ ni w, no!i<l, and A hook brimful of ;id\ Ice ; free to nil. llrlpyour fell by writing for it to-day ? not to morrow. i)olavn uro costiv. . E. G. ALLCM & CO., L: jx <ao, C^iNE. ?- \u25a0 ??\u25a0 ?S * r ? Aft' ALL WOOL DRIVE i- 1 the right kind of a trip for win- i r . t«T weather. You .iced tolo kat <r^... -'f ,j / our stock thong'i in ord r to take ? y p.sy it» because we have (he vool. Tlii ic'h m-me tilings ion don't .....' wai.t (o take-?a c< Id, for instance, .'. ib.' 1 \ but \ou should always take a bar- ]/ X, ttin ,lt fiwt sight. Our stock of winter clothing is us striking as a' \I i i. - hammer, and we've knocked the bottom fiti- of competition with our nd'er of OTPl.im (.:VF,RCOATS for SI 00. MEN'S OVER* ' CO/- 'IH f-r ?\ 0. i\lEN'9 UI,BTISIV? f..r fli 00- It's next door to I lid ir'g i'ml l !In wcin- wiiriii clothing. GiVo colds a fret ze ou* by w uiie.'' i ?of\u25a0 nr I ? * Mv.h'h U liters, $6.00, Worth 15 00. \ KAUDER'S, 62 Main St, ' Utfiu >?». m \u25a0mumil -? \u25a0 £&*&: G&E AT : tiUIP SACRIFICE : s Jf|fS#ffiIIAINEBY ,1 ! \ fejjT W Frankel's. I / Wi'li nil \u2666 lie lending styles of . :: J M the Season. We ask your inspec- - I «V'- , 7 T,.''' i C> H hti<l ex 'Uiiist> pnr large antor'went *' : <>f k'a lihli tcDiitiid titttß, Also ii flue f/i*. j 't r . ' ' «.../ jL' * tfl .'-Try * \u25a0 \ KtsintmrDt «»f the latest n-iwllU in vV . v : . *\u25a0 \u25a0%' Inn-tilings, French wing birds; iho babies' cools ard Pups FRANKFT. i IF YOU WANT INFORMATION ABOUT PENSIONS ;,m>!:ess a lei ran or postal card to \ TI-9 Press Claims Company, JCIIN WL'DDERBURN, Managing Attorney. F>. O- 13ox 4-63 \Wasiiingvon D. C Honorably ih. c! - ?;<?, .1 soldiers ami sailors who served 90 days, or over, (o the Ihlk war. are euht'en, it now partially or »I.oily disabled (or ordinary manual labor, wbctl'i i di. 1 1 ilily vr.ie caused by seivico or not, and regardless of theit pecuniary circiimslaucs. i Widow's of s iolilitrs and sailors urn entitled (if not remarrisd) vbetbar sol- dier's death was .',ne to urmv service or nut, if now dependent upon their own >-' iahor [ni anpport. Widow* not dependent upon tliuir own labor are entitled if the soldi r's ihii'li whs due to service. 4 Children uie entiled (it umler sixteen years) in almost all oases where there win- no widow, or sb< hi s since died or remarried. >. Patents are eutitled if soldier left neither widow nor child, provided soldier t dii-d ill service, or lioui ?ff ots ol service, and they are now dependent apoo their own labor support. I makes no different whether soldier served or died in late wat or tu rtaular armj or nuvy. 8 loio s oi <tii- lull/ wur, yeusionod under one law, may apply for higher rate! under o'ber laws, without Suing any rii»lit. Tliciiis itn's of soldiers drawing from 82 to 810 por month nnder the old law arc entitled to Ir.'r'i r rn'«» under new law, not only on account oi disabilities (or c. which now per sinned, loit al«o for o'.hers, nhetlier due to servioe or not. Jf 8 >ldiers ami - ii .ru disabled in line of duty iu regular army or navy ainoe tho w»r mo ulmii < iMi <1, whether .lischargod fordisab lity or not. Snrvivoi\ \I'd their widows, of the Blaclt Hawk, Creek, nnd Cherokee, and HemundA or ' o i.i lixllm Wars <;f 1832 to 1812, are entitled under a recent aot. M.-stoan V.' .- 'Mi-ri unit tlitir widows also entitled, t( sixty-two years ol «g» oi disabled \T di- 1-i I-ui-et. Old elninis nnu!|>le ed and settlement obtained, whether pension has been grunted nil b.r Init i I iws nr not. I; j \\u25a0 olaiii-.s inn nl anj settl»ment B\oured rejuotioo improper or illegal C 'i' 'i it» soi m v ; ii' and discharge obtained tor soldiers and sailors of tho lats w.ii who have Inst, tin ir original papers. Smd for I-i>?-\ ni.id information No charge (or advice. No fee nsloss snoMssfnl. A 'Irtss, The Press Claims Co, t John WEUDLitbUfiN, Managing Attorney, P r y 4,;:, _ V'ASHTNGTON. D O. SIIHII4 111, UNDERTAKERS AND FUNERAL DIRECTORS. SPECIALTY. Office, Main Street, Haversltaw, Opp. L. D. West's Oyster Saloou» Culls loft at the residence of .Jnliu F Shnukey, Jprtashy Puiat, will receive prompt attention. riniK PEOPLE OP THE STATE OP 1. NEW YOIMC, By lite Gnion ol Clod Pr> h unit Ittrti |> ndeof.. To Hi-n' y M. T-piiln. Mli-liiml Ilom l- uau mul M iry Hnui i itritt Mhv- ..ruttinv, N Y . BilituH Topiil ', Nlcliotns Toppin, Will'i ni llonris n uml Sariiti Hoin litiitt, rnl llt.i? tit A >> M'oiint.Ci'iinty (iuiwiy. li ' l nnt! UiPKio Klhvl. liuu. rn- hiilliik in Xiuu* ick. Coiiniv Llutfilok. li-i'l'ior; >i ,r> Dntri'ii. r.BlOi >u it' 857 Eiisi 2itili ntri'iM, N..W YOIU (\itj N. Y. I) llu Kodftcia. lei l iti'U lit DSII Kasl 13t.il ! hii'hci, Yuri. Oil.v.N. Y.; John Ilr ur- luan, ii-Piiimn in 3D!I Ehpi .H-i nirnet, Nf w Voi' 1 oily, N.Y.; AlililHHt'livtut. liifiitiii)j; at !W7 P. in\ HOi'i ft tee t, N w York (Jltv, N \ ; unit B L>> 1« ?I.r- «l lißillhrt Pitt\ Ay. 1 iu Holt I.NVorN Ci v.N.Y. HEN IJ (JUhETiNG: You iitd encti ol >011 tin In ruliv Lttid i.,,.1 ri (jtilii.il in Motially l>e unit hi tiear t In for. our Sun nK'i'e »>f ft- t'onitty nf I Ito 'liliiii't in Hn iillli v ol Alot ZoWhr-i ltn- E in Jlivoifti\ w 111 n.ld (?outiti i f Itii.kia ii. oi, too 111 U day of Primary, I 18111. in Itlo'iil' o'v 111 lite lot em.on ol rliut I !, v lin 11 uml lli tv 10 attend 10 tin ,|nd- i ieli'n ae.iUuii.nl nf theHUlOlltll ol 11 \r.V j M. T upti) up E.veotltni ol tie luat VVHI I mi 1 Teniiiiiii.nl. ol .Mleliuel Tnppin. ne- I OellPßll, 111 il lllill I' lltl v Of lit p-IMUIP In- tini-l' it In u u|. t- ill atiu of nventt-one ! yeaia. tin v mi- r.qulied 10 .ippittrliy I 1 lieli tilisiruiiut if l|ie\ Imve m.e, or if Hi. y Inn ti noni, nut they npi l ' r |U \' \l >_ ply tor one lo tin Hpimi ted, 1 1 evi lit ot I tin If ne't|..C't o. Uiilme t.. no >11. II puflr-,\ diiin will ho nppoin' e.l \iy tlm Hiiri'i Rale, tu 1 eprea nt and aot for tin in i 1 I lie pro- oeeilliii>. In Tkbtimo>y Wiintnoj.', wo Imva tUtUS (1 IIIH M H'Hlf OIUIJH of tilir Hlil'l Biirrot;H' - '? (/'itii't 10 tu In rennto nHix it. VVrpM.Ht-, \V.m Mi,\ ari.f v Jit., lii-i. 'V' 1 y. and notiiir iSt'iro- Ll. a.l mite i t < »<\u25a0 \\id eottiiiy in no Sin' t-uti/a oHi tu' inOinltat wii. tin ll'li i'ky nf 1.) emit ...'I in tun \H'.' on (liniiaiiiid lijt' 1 ItUU'lreil 1 nit nl' ? 'iv-'li 1 e \V.Li4\M MoUAL'LK\ . Jit.. UUtilot Atl\y. uud uotintt SurrogutQ V

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