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The Oswego palladium. (Oswego, N.Y.) 1832-1852, July 31, 1851, Image 4

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I I ipplylif|ll watharlth-knd treautlCiil lby Silksamk amt* MlllliiewyODodni Em-1 j t o y t s ever uflercd inlhl* market. an' STint to «-a1l, eianunt, and ft t* partbasim£ clrcarliere. They ire n on. thesabaetlber looks snoo TWht.a»»hei*r«eeilo» ofnll Cimk . \ ru t: rtV kw x A fio .s .MK s T ____ T U inorc n ita ttn i lw p n lU B iiicr, and - inpcosemrau, ----- bn have ruedil, ___ ____ - _ ................. .... uvn.Pcfuis , 1(>1 p^niiorlk adapted fur -baking. Tie Brcbax I* _ lar^.aM a goMiUN^rarr*.*e*e»l|*( fog.de |*»B, . ”T WUFCJRNJA AIR-TlUUT. '\ ' \ “ ’' t US «IKW!tglDE8\ AIK-TICBT. In odrrfng tbla choir to lire puniu. ine uodenlpted ( A rook tho u constructed In part from I Do **Val- fclopw i^o lU in to m «jUt>ci,io< ipmratuTberna ^ c M b ^ M u V f e ^ § ■ « ? * S 3 S S r v ! t o £ ike tadporuw Itorc. i' cars baaae*l at -» e and rbc, 0„,h4nj oredhe said I*lip hriM . S T a i T i i J 1A.VLCT'a uT GREJLN U O V t fH tS ROTARY, w w l m o- -i<i»r rook tkoves. The top oiate eset I a nc-w and valuable pir-llgkt Cook I a * dure. eoarbl- • uc of ..... .. .. of Ore brie*, rlnia ohslatuig u.u*iDe targr Uxn pilaeiple,wad at!) ikeAMs im- l»~ r.-rjroenwudidkeuMica. »1U Buraiig oa the tup. j pruvnuent*. with a RolstyTap, t* adskixaae p l f n an*. neking ofibe ptatci, which n o t oaiylajutti the 1 ted by an othersiore iq me, Alta X. 0. tlermaKO's, .<♦1. ui iq >.r uUtc -lporatof loiRiachiaewtregienee J lioahie Oreo cOokiBtaeore.kiKinq an the “ Ueapokh.\ ta bt -p-mwsofrhe suor awl dirt caslleclnl within., the ••dchetMcuilr Ait-tlgnr.\ the “ Now World.\ . Too d, •» o r ibmtovc ire double lb- anal atxc.lbua. - I'rreiigjno'* of all and diKllpaloa. AJs4laM.I N>\iit t a remtlD aIoniumsrrlllaoin Ibcovctmuy, not least, the \Crickre sufoik-nl1 . .-ti.ftii- Tse oven occupies ik« whole space an-, for the work ora fa>(« busily, which can be sold at . r—-.mIhe e»coamnci.antieiltoabap.hack nfrh* , the verj loo price* ofAland 9a tc to r tlii laalse-1-i t - to lire tap dm Tbe top plate Haao coureirnclcd, Moo a eery las* m 4 reytendid awnrtaaenl a f Farias Unx hrtidea tneomsodattot the muah furoKarc otap-1 f lj rtalr pad Bat droves, of Has acarot s-Urias, and I pr-»3tiiie d<»cnuanK.tkreorcn eao hesktfWd t**a, iale«totjie. fee wood ------- 1 —1 . D r. M a i c h l s f s tfteTlbe CathoIjeoo IT S a rreeut tirtpatatlon,of eatneit-itaeoarkneeto I 2 the rektie. end destined to bctdine tdeutIM with ‘ aiLTrt and uaenitcaa of P E H A I r E S , ^ Thli Catboljcoo wlltcute M per.cyt of anChrente | aU «lwr \iralllre \co7apIalntV (cancer eiceiitcd.X no I oavteo bow w w itiotnf how htnpatandu.g. Irina already received the pntninnae ot many proinlnent Pbyotclano la tbla and adjolnlapatate*. pad lain erety 1 way worthy «f iheemifldcaeeoflho'AllIictedtu a aec- caoirnt, sora'and caetr Remedy. ■ -f thll, atur’- poeurwill be foundJn tbe pqmt>hlein.<to behadaaai at toy o«ore,J tp-»lnc|l..and Iki* Iqvyltiakte Mrdicli . •be^aueatioffor ladlei and prtctninaetali re^dtt-utly The impedlenta of Ibis eotaotmad, aa certlflad tdi , hich medieat aatborlty, <nee pamphlet.) ar« all Vcpe-I table, and at the moot hceUhfot Influence upon, the J.AlUKFOAOidiW 1 flttedlt, _______ _ aaaottraenmr Fauty Silki MllllnewyGDoil hroldatitn. bacwi Gh>«e>, AttoBclal ftowen, ___ . „ wplclrfre would Inyite-ilw pttwnilonaf nlt'punjhaiiait, I wirtjre wm JTake tl kh^iilijeel -ror ilftna to glvadk a- tall, as weihall keep a latter nook, and •eH ‘“ — willyuarautee indoaH-kindaeF-woik lit the Millinery I keeps larger nook, atidielFKawerd 'tphVehy- 1 i— Qur line to the utiantctfodofiill- Wfob sihy.iipvdr i BonaelahVd'tiits BIcaiheA andProawd ed plan,_.rtf andtUcretfinllil! niqttlhaliloh- Ii'einn, constructed a’IUEAlS*v^ftWlr.they . ..... thcitiselvcn will notiup^tby acuitipatrtsiiwitn pleated tivjutniiji.qtvcna mul tnharcMtt** or.Autay \'Wry!^Yo!V.bcnre^edicdilakeclshr|<bf>iii!I|lkeV .lid supply mule or leninlc hclpibr layln* 0UUkt.„, Tlwr ailediso tbi-ta»el»efcto,W In-rendlnkaaiofsaruo fl^it of rbM ^»nnntv? oy h n n f a ^ 'j d t w l f - \ , , _ v , dO'P*?RA.rt; , , . f t . . which they wllUtU fuf ftom. M c e n u to folkp. Atnw I t- 'H A IM 'C k .• 1 Additional rjnftjowga for the eqityeyaaiewl.ftlcndae Ac-.rUn he lurnlssred In any number or sly)*, Bunec- alrnliendeilJu.t»e.t!oii«try.onllbCrar tentur. - miatakc the^MUte^Nmthduofj-f ' Qatveip.. r tehrpnyy lacrlher* hariag superior Caeimres hu-IPt-' ^>ed< id pdecnariar flood* tiota maauCnmrer», J»W ----------- .Ip* ftMlrhfotSu aad Raich aalot fortbe Ha-. lercil ofeha sciltt, U w tll u purckanar.mllaeUna low aacaapokoucblla Mew Votk malfcufhcre. Any article not on htMtd.Hill he ordered If (teslred. Walds moocesrau laspbrtadlooeder.andcaacd. In e m y dan. sited pyle. Te&cepes. rtfioecpldcaf Afiraiaa/rjkrf Clocka, LsneMnaio floaea.dte. Imported to order. ■ ■ J Watch rertlrhte petaonally Mtetxled to by Mr. rerrenmsd. Ho bur tattreem— tcetrcda praitldareduciiloBaa to forualbdciartc enou(b to adant araty tnrRepoa 1 kirn krtxle The tep are earl upon, aad Iota, a i part of the WKlr platen, abreb all o f n u s u r b n r y J pa.c« 'U,kn<lw UnMrla bmt. For economy la; tool. Ilapfleiiy tad eoti.cn.cncr a t Its opemlou.l 1.1 •It I w with wtuek kakiof and cookingesa be <>riC&-ThOi amsnirnipota, ttfoy an m _. ’treedtstly Wrw prices. X7 Old stuwra. old true. keaM. copper andnxs.re- eelrcd tauehROfrforeiotreamtolker hoods. ' ' KKXXOTf. «ATH»tW Ik i Oswego. April 1.1531. ___________________ r« toad, fin bsw ln - ------------------------- . . .‘atchMaker In klshthet*inutnulbelotjht llrtn<l«, UtriltcrlanJ. . Cn|ia«tnR. In «U IM bcsach rracuiadln the beet hnutunrr hy Mi.Coyper. FnrtleaUratleatloa paid to t . . .. . --------- m a d rd n u a a. ...... ........_..rer dpsoaa, uc..haadsaaselyai|rtTad without *xtta.ehnrfe. Thaknthcstpoaupalil for Gold and s n r tr . Canada money uken at par. ai , Tetrfraph IkiWlaCi nm-atreet. Jass.k. ‘ W a lBsiit|>. be obuiasd att anyedher e rid. kl. W e*.. 11,1 »r« I. rue put Ik aw th.tr i.hwal pmtrAMjte for the ps«^t “ * \* n n t , <!r* ‘ f oa> Mw, aad aroeU ° TnaOrtaeiaptoyBooe hat rrpeflcaced >nfr- t-'rewr. m o MAS h PKOlfD or Q»wn». More5O, 1=31. __________________d j i BOU T S A .YD S H O E S . h i e s nbsenaen ire now rrcrlsifoE at Ihrir ilaf» I'M l t, rbwouBhaek Went Oiwtmu, a tsrsr In f h.iOTtlr aasuvtinrat of Ladwa1 tarn ttmOntwai' h m a. r .y. nwd rinidrein Biwta nhiem aodC».t»<s. ,xe«*t<hi<be r n l improTewieatr in chair stoaw dar- )i rib. tan wustnr.hy whtth their eamaticnirisscFa- cn m ir. m-re.it roiargrd. they ore ourw nrrprerrd to ®ic.. i-* tpru a limpaign by cdferlng to Ibe public a U ‘ »e.l Spends lu o r u m t «f BrotK ind t<b.<l of >' .. rwraubtnire. of the hrst Of French and , >a !*rrht» kuirl. Their puretvtKl hnret t« » w^in- lull r —‘ c a n it Use asod extennWand F«dkr..n- . It tb>ublimwsemi IB New Vnrk and Boston t all of t left pii'Vw.Un wtvdrsala andrexail. at prkc* Minch clsoot taillopi-e mil-Gsctlm). LEVESaCB A COT LX. Ap. it u. is* i . ________________________ d*a C O - P A RT .Y E R 8 H IP N O T J C K . T HE 8USCKIBBRS bait fnrmtil a <-«-p»rtners)ilp 11 tht Hnrdwut, Iron, md - i . itc tiuiintln. to be enndivrt.il m ssm all atand .if Geo. \V. Rnlbrnia, IN Telermpl Buret, .tarty ..p^rwie Urtfiei Wrlihl’e Bnk. W.jl rs»wrj. Thr Osa k Ul. t-n-o largely mined. -ltd ttw-» ii.imt11.) m(iply Ue n - ^rer pt«m“ .r ...I-O - e T O T H E F A R M E R S . . H A T , BTlAW add QPRJf BTAtK -C tm E X sl cnantamtly mtucUVuii ike celebrated WsiftMen - ---------* *— ----- sdcatdats.the sar ' -^ I r t T a n J I -- -------- 1, for Itself m y liberal palrua ■»rr tfaiMr Mm task fiew year*, !ad laker th.s method at informing Ihrnd that h e hna dsapwed of half Ms hr- lerenoir* Wjfo R O c taar, *»1 requrnusnll those IwT- ln| detnandatstraiaK Ikrxi. ta prtrent Ihrm tbaaay.i meat | and a it t hole Indk-htcd ushlar.mr call a ad wlrw ad Wittsoot <cbty. The basin --------- --- ----- style of GWninocr JtC*-ai.wlcTj we afo-taM he happy to see a'.) those who wt*» Iflhtrtf Donu anda.Vwsebeap aad It** up u> rear am id, •• Tan»« Careb. and ready1 ous.i- R. —1£ fM *i K f , 6 ^ r y .Jsa - T t h . »xt—a>. WM. H q c i i f T - j --------- which hare aaerr i of the Y. Y. State Aytt Atacrlcao Inst Jute at New totx.w . ________ nrrr all others that rcnderlhrm li« men ifclirn tie ar­ ticle or I hr hied c u t inlmduccd rate Ola market. Thu IriproicoeaU coaslai t •|C*T - T te luioptiivistraiiktkaiTta.aad a* pipcih. m oa Ucptbo* (AiMully) that t hey drorkia the-, ac ausaner n sthetflfal kultca. kkdhalac attaiyht 1 can he poqnd by the petsau anlagth<a^with the — 1 ability as other Cttna Imptetocatai tfirwinsT—They cao he replaced by any Macknalth krts wofa^Mil.or aesr blade* can he obtained of the mskdn ordrakraatirtdlaMiceM. _ Tatkkui — All the kntreaare ermflaed to the « W i wkk afrapty I wo cnpaaad tjroplna, Inraead bftlgiiiy s m I f c T f F i r i A l i T E S T * gnu eirw a r c n o w , a n d win be coatanoj kept n* hand tor tbe adrataUMkad bra- Q m B B a ikefli of U k dubaerfberapetldmu. ^ J U T E r (I- trewrecnadaMfy fo* Mle . IWhtte'a (30 . blwwdwaf. S . OoW rtaU.ai*8*i|Wwoa Prohnwor llama' DtciSaasry o f OdMaf«cleace. - - funelplda amd Ftsctita of Pcalal \ Rntsirr DchlalxerUcine. [Sort Fiu-B'a jcynfrm o f Oeatal fletftrjr. Drnui Rncard. aad htakf other saJunhli the rauK nut)cet. 0ae.V. I««. M R S 1 0 A i r , j y j * . JOHN »- MlldJEN would rwpe^fitnyltrforw1 be win*omsM>fseehit FallTerm mm Prld»y,««pl*m!icf arh.ro Bairs' BtaeluEaat tfrwrfo, la ike Mane Boom ocroprrd hf “ etUme's Band.” Mr. Miuaa aroold ranker traie thar tip created [Wins will he labefi lohaWtUkiafhriUrre-ji-rtikad,*: P I A Y O F O R T E S . MCI.LEX A JAMES. China Hall, continue to k rrp an kiaM a large t f worlmssk of tie «<wt earfebrate* af . . the New Yoke and teano» Piadta abi-ti they offer fbrmle a t mna£Mtatersyrl- igtltrmwill f i T ^ Fo, thrnarpose of eopp'ltng a pr »• . -la * ftnrr lately rwurH M r? ■!*c.,“.,l?' '■sscrtiv^nwt pianb, by wburt kid tBty * .? ’. * kf* tahfnl 10 iornuh at tfcs sbnrtru ookicf.an k nits r f at t ipper Pipe, and . user Oupfwr V rerfc about ms- * £ Z ‘\ afonery, ke. Hunt ibtir enstomera ms* ife-tts. L. fo. Kilt YoM, CEO. tt. R .VnlMTf. Jiere-Brsrew. . . . A _ CLLVS DuisLITTLE- { j | el(1draRfa««»»ipMfo» * « 4 dreans. twd Plailawla’a! . I offered a t -------* ----- — ' ___ _ ____ kefrsujtdiheeeielMiraeilCbuiAa'aj reATTichirt-T. Thiwe tfealrout o f pfckaaltf rill do willteerUIMd examine. The BeMnfiuarafo Orwregn, Aptil t . i r s t . _____ _ ________ ‘ \Af A T T R A S S E U .—Hasr- Hwa. CoUow. ___ _ — ------ — ------------- i i j . 17,194b. IJITCBCOC* A Mc31ASTE3ti' Rail Jload. flaf. JJL Ware House, Wheat, ikote and Cnusler Scatra* • or *n atfek amt) kind*. F.rery Fetlc tw wilrabtedt* Wtijikesiitttly aw) r is e utlsfoetiou. Also Kefrite* ratnrx* Wtre ( £ m h Jrudti, and l*iirr CopylngFreu- n i X * TBfyintpoitauttoeonreninris ofOll.tlratthty X, (AtXffftLgoodLttUcle at a reaaonabfe price. Can- AaMdk.841 bre wOWlefffnr Lamp Oil o f -uperior gtiaif td/or eVtrhilUjMtiBd a dollar, and SpctmOiifortch . ‘ ' wlf«»hilJiD<i^aranrpma!Ciiigjukydntlw*Mr-4 j i by expruw. of Bo Lair- •« fara.ef entirely new iwaeros * “ - llocfc- . iH S E A R y T 1 0 ,0 0 0 rcrdVMMli* Oa U iaea bon n l n i U c t i . 8 .0 0 0 •* o f Xffrxl dark Calico, all prices. 8 0 0 ** Eiiw Dark ningtranis. 3 .0 0 0 '* Black and Colored Alayaeeas. Weasichladd srarrons reasons achy EAfleh 8ta*c*ati theehcapestProreinOraregns hut the hesrproornf tbla ran I* the nullities and priceaof the MaOa, ---- . * — npineartdaaifsfy yws Ocvher 21 f* n O .M Y E l'S .—EAGI.E fk STONE hare just I JD ceived ike la'crl I u M om of Eptlpg Etraw Bo nets, congisllA* if *1 JSS Sod * .bion Donsi^li-_ 'amryTiflip aiuTSatla'do, Ttina Pcs-*. Albert Braidsr tc , S o . 3, Bag!* Block. April 29. I**! m v 8 A X G 8 T E I T 8 P A T E N T SIGSTAI.] Idmerti, for Rrr-nm-r,. Propellers and ffpll V einls. Shnwlnelhc ififTi-rcnt -olnreri llghta, rnreahle to the Act of (’ .tigrr,., M rch.l. I»t». Hanafa ismltold hyllie sabwriber la O*w**o aiyil 8l. .«,n rcticccn = ntlps. A. It. MERRlAM. The Art of Congress necompuoyier, f a fun ‘ ..... 1 «fi(he tdinlern. Jfl C I l^ S T D E I s I R n AJVD a O t t l j E & A C tX i r M R L O R S T O R E S , --------- - ------ -- ---- lltcfed-fnlliL — ....... able style, at very shurt nt>||tt,mn<Uuipm*sc<) l>y i A full amortnient af HtraWBatratli of four'ilwK jfoeturc, which we will sell as low as — io Mew Votk, or Hottpws I* wlvwleialc t. Beneck »t,—betwyren Fl^rwl spd Bei r. *. Twouysair. __ 39-ylf .**a,*. S A y I N <19 BA Y K . T HE Dlcccton of ItUtttcr.VtfriKltirBiBbt^ItrlrorBe « olferlngihe sdvtntugtipfaklnvlnis kottltution.tn such as may w tip to makodeposltcson Icatereit, have tcsolved to otganlso In connection srlch fhelr neg&- larhualoras.adavliiasBankDepwrluieiit. - > Tbesccurity which a.hank wixh unlrupklieil 'Cap!- WATCUE8, JEWELRY, FJUJCJf 6 0 0 M , ETC. C O O F K K 4c PR R n E N O X J O i <1 m*| ^ roaTiaa, Whos-ckaLs u s Rjcrsit. UciC-a< f mth WATOMICS. Wk-tcii MiTaaiJktr, *<?., Sc., iurcca, l i s n i t , flikwcu Urcoas, S i a m PUTita, 1 coutlauaDcc ofthat patroharr which hat been in ien« erouafy bestowed hcrcioCore.~ Qwina to kite lluiiied . . . . aoiouot of hutlaeaa atpreaentto foe dose t » oatlltae, _. r e a i d a l i J S n J I X i S * on nuke ii ahsoluiclr necessmTyfnrnmtcitalieUiiaeoursw, lu*t<^>eiitdkm, , htrea tier Tkcrefure. oar aastllkWillbh OAaU.onkfou „ .II iaieof ware. PeopleTa Ute cenvars wliklngln ex-, Inlheakei change produce, wlll.10 a teuoamhlcaumwnl.lad a of p-tMic . ... — ------- -- Itnsrkr^aawCfhaUtryehrbetl to *HmieaMwliii«nrei and sailers thatkchaaopened a ' Oswresa Preh W IA30L- YBLAiEN fo J A N ^ . > • J.ADSDRT Bar*»l.t»in«K if * °*recyo. rck .1 7 ,^0 . . -------- — adjnlpbit JiU ahiy. wbete he will ihrap-'tht butiatsd^ • 1 ^ per lb. by •tort. HRAltUtjATED 8B|3it?%y«yi«iVt^! littWer VJT Ule i i the Te» Bute* M m r n f t Ci by whlct'O The rotter when a -W ktH- WHEELER. C l 'l'X INHVRAJYCB O r F l C B . ia f * I a U m d r n n e , L l f e a n d UTtelU ^ lc iiiira ii€ f » rriUKCatambws I—dtafoec Cwapavr, t i n __ _ A and Marine, CapKkl. ^ U i ;i0 e e In sari ace Co. Fire Ac Mariae, 3M,tW N. Vt Fwisnrtte* da do SM.M9 Empifa grata «e Fire. flH.OW Asatrleaa do Fite, IMAM TraatrsaMalaarLlg. fararasiee Co., 1S0.SM Ea*lc rjfefo Health *- -------- N-Y. Mutual Health kfrehnaita Mutual U rstlt da rraaklte Ifealth Aaanelallmi, 1 Aroerraa Lire Snick Ipsnraace C* h ‘ The fluhwnhn. Agent o f Use al will on applleat.ot*, issue pallet* everyejeofc*of insurahli propertyi — Danugehjr F.rc, »od the <iR)pe«s nf the Labs aaf MSiratih* at as ItMikCnt^akikhimkair .... , em IaititnUOB. Each of the above, eompanlea pna- e-wr tu rapiul untnipnlredt kail the indneemen’- 1 iSrred to those seeking IsMicmaity again** Loss .. h n t i , are ait i b u d u t capital a ad a i[mcdy’adjiut- nesl.Krid MMtMpI p*» »ekl » f Louie*. lit wit) atm miare the Like aad Health a f person*, andnd DtneeW travelingaveling fcyy HlftAudlTtAud or ataamboattaamboat r--i rSjSi a i e tr b u or a agu tec Meal* resulting iupc»»ts*l W d a* - , . ■ Every rpecieer r tlv « Woe* wlH aJ*o>uTa*at. .g o d Um combined d i T Y Amraap ArfMfof. Om***. ' - ; • j. fc ia ^ B g g a a a a ^ a Wk**B*fc*e,iw ___ nd pehClh------ - - naaa.daer orhi repayable on demand. 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