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Long Island farmer, and Queens County advertiser. (Jamaica [N.Y.]) 1826-1862, July 20, 1826, Image 3

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J A M A f c A ^ - T H U H S D A ; ± 4 offee. indulged: in feeJugijest ^ r r J ’Aft feat can p lesfffee pa- fee luxuries o f all countri<I?eol!ect- !<& the table pf the epicure\; *11 the harms of music ; ail f e e ele- . ,1 COnveniencesof aiMfelepa- t; all that cafi and 4ofoNfo»* vexa- ,/Itoi'MSjSJtfefrhpfe ofjfejft for which ooljsh barter! as Esau wise, w. ,,. tfe-iKh.li for fi tness of pot­ tage? ise,w b o sold his feg^feeM and bis own sonl too, for thirty . a w ^ idfjatitnri ; just, ap yjise is fee Aforidly msn, who parfe wsfeheaven for fee SCpim ;and -short-iiyed piesspres of ppffe. [ 1 remenfeer r^feQBOMi woman, .iqfittfehofee was ©ft fire,; she was very- “ fe e in totnd»ing .her 'gopdi, hat forg&t ■ cfeid*>^bd was aiee’pgidg in the era- Idle! A i length she:, remembered tfe> ,habe, and ran withearnestderire to save ..'it, Bat it is now too late, ^ h e flames forbade her entrance. Judge o f h er ago- ■py of nflbd, when; she exclaimed,' “ O ... . . .. * l '«savedm y Just so it toy child, my.child! f f l f e Gazette.J ADDRESS f O JtGSCHETO* • Ye impudent, ye blasted wight, _ . That breaks im^fennber e s ’ry night,, . Driving yout pH For Very spite, . ' \t Intomybreafe\ Aadstill, when it isdawn o£ljgl)t, I canoot rffp. Dfe u ’ftr Mo ye any ill# * ■ w* i be night, 1 pay, *’ * But«U*fycHi,by Now take thy 1ft What, art than hi And aatboa fiy’st > ’Twill Their all my debts to thegf lo very spite!; '' , > i X '\4'' ■ ’ Thus do I pray, ye tortunigthing, ThM 1 may catch thee. ©nlbe wing, Theti quick i ’d teach feee-bow to sing A . Another tone, AiW make the verv wetktoeing ;• > with fey dread doom A. Z, [From the Village Regwten) ' I LIKE HOT ALL THE-WORLD SHOULD KNOW? FT. There is a little sprigbtls .drtmc, I’d praise hen—hut fee does not, need if; Here would yon hare me write hermwpe ? I like n ot all th^ worM Shoeid read i t ’ ’ ShddweRs—O h ’tis tffoyelypjace,' “ TafroiUarewoodir-wavesronbehimih; ^ tore/do you qsk ?<-rj'cra»t yotpr grace* ' Y like not that theworld should find in - There is a pathway to her heart; ’Tis plain, yet only Icao show it— Now would you learn mj simple art? ' I like net all the world should know it*.< embranceS endear it inys^bnt soft ^ t f e r a i| ifo r i nj____n__) ____ ^ (jt p a f e Iriehfeji b u t .God'is $ ■Jjjt IIMI ..... ... ftoyenem y. I llVetf u t F f e f e f e , hut novr pain ,i|feyevefeiytm g ^ febrt. Jcldttfe; J e d roy body gaily, bat,my sofll is ' hefts® Gad.” Our Lord Axpped feia in f e e uaferae of fea worldly rich ’ man, Lufcefcii. 16, Aw, .it S i wealth in-, .creased abundantly. He was about to feflargehiabafDS. Andthen h e Dptfmis> edhithraif a longlife offidleneto^osary, ; and tnirth. “ But Godt^aid to him, mured of thee: feeo whose snail those things be which th f e hstst provided?” H ere, for fee rake d f fee body, fee soul '«y?a» fotKhfef B fefe pe was feraahiipg o f I ycars to come, deafe was at fee doop; X i nndlittle did ke> think, “ that'fee hpxt his friends would be scratnhling for ;, hjs cstafe, the WOfeis for his j f e l u a l ^ j, f e c festtl for hts feat.” —tV^feageBeyg I roons.] : Tlje lafe rfcportof the 'u i y ^ m e f e presents -spvefei^lpfo. several WpfeA. since,? prejudiced niibd. I heal that a mission? W to L a n d f e h]lnf;jfett' t«w##fe(fe.«lKady!*: Af bte p feh^e, however, he attend tnft' •mfeeting. The ' feaoi feiftpatisage ; ( they ha l, out a cause.’ And before; i ihe services, fee man, to •phmse, had lost all bis. ha has since given good evidence < ' chtoge, nnd united himself w ifel ' gregattonal chprch in Madison- sensation of pi < a NliiUf'und pain ashp read thislettcr. \ es dearest B if genie,” cried he, “ yp»i aad '^Uu ,Alone, understandnfe^aud--kj. vogt Approhalii^ of my conduet, ! fejji l fed a baimfer fee unjust scoro with which S ana treated . but aids! how longsfeii I be able tajfre- serVe that ^ p ro h a tife rU (fecibos to my beart,feow long ehblhl nhidto defeudmy sdlrfeaiost thi eofen .a 6 af)a crime a t which i: shudder ^ '.t When thfee day? we c feApifetl, he en- fefed feecoffee -honsp I tuj thn-feBcere wdru. asae Wed f ,. w nfent,” said he; addro n j hi3 anmgfeist, ope; that 1 now you >n ajdispo- sitioiSuto appreciate*#ti<irc justly tlfe mo­ tives of my conduct, ! n mealisfied that ^ fe your heart you acq<>«t -me o f coward* frankly avo y, that * fltim in. spires fete with horrc- and never, will 1 ■willingly raisenj^ ai ra -hat c^nnstfeoen' emtea of my cqpirtiy I daTtot sfeyou Tor, any, apology. ■ 1 opr witling tS bury pafLm objttion accept my hanfl aQd bar i r M d i ^ . A SoLlilER’sUtEVEfeE. [Concluded.] : \-n Wifeoutooticing hisepeefih; Cfoix ........................... indftfj shid fo St. Maur, “ 1 should ind myself insenrible to hpuolff ^ prove f ‘ - '■ h/lO* commit a base. O T ^ h ^ ^ n p p B o fy fee world to prove oie gfilty o f one*1’ ^ “ What, do you not thmk.it bcse to suf­ fer yourtelf to be c h llei^ Cafejfel.r’ “ N o v (or,if ahfeedir*“ * whose narafe«witi?ld)Jtot , ,a Utost, illustriotoi'patrif fo^thfe^ri roes might tfeji ‘ “ folly of ' “ A; re*.. sjpnsuL in^ tfie^fep'of^ljl ^Iff'ft'V p rfe o u rcrefe» , thfeepinsultjelifei fefeafl.iri|voice|fiic whicB^n dnly b^efecfePhy Hfe pf mdjflHibeeo T h e GonpENi This is none other tt rale. A man of „ prond man ishaughty, tth e . is courtfl supethcp you^|p be a WouM, d^Iliogly. think you mam feke thenTrejjpfsl to otifeis Snhji H y a n d \ $ m _ ,fe$y .would ,M t feitfeftfe«didly a n d itf . pn& a eanflld cohstrttchoh upori hi [hotfeur!. cfe neeii feese/words cnes to shed bldod \ a word dropped inrou: i afdy.” AtlMpphrtals! Yc 3 ,stilltoirtufpr my bfe of nidi \ wrt resound- W m fere, unjupt mahv^lisfy you^sel enl ait-) LaC toix left toucan.” ’! , 'X4 ed from all prei feu room, while they wc wearing be febuld fight or'quit (he n jimsnt. . j T h e slights with which>a< y liad hefore' treated him d ^ re nothm; to the insolent! ontempt t j ^ phowed*: ins during fee bree (ollpwmg days, or • fee patience With which he jijpportoi koppiaredinj their eyes a meanness fe ’ fouling could Thogeneral knit |^cn immedt* d N S f t ' toafl* ion, fee remonsnate^ aqfefiito tm ret tetms Ttjfon h Osfetoftph1 , . h | forbiddpig hu:1 h o hanre b 1 had wijped out fee 6taie j ppa his honour. Eugopie was forbidden <3? o r to write to bipi; but for tfep tiinirftnd only timethegeUile guhdisnhefed fntq' %H|-of W^UUVk* CHIU V| MOI i y* would give nun stccngtt o f mmd fesss* severe in i t H b heart s&elfcft wsth* “ Thfcul must fig* s JP u Tp he sure ypu t n j” „ cn e f lj^ to * ’ officers d | once 'r “ Vefy Well then, dat'difihrhpcft^e decided* to-morrow tr.jmnig a l fid’cio^k, ia presence o f threo^ iceto o f uhrctffps and three o f fee IfiE. r - As the party hallcngM, I Uaghf^ h_ye choiccyf feo, /Capons vbtft I waiv “ If f am to n inu henJ^ay'sw o rds.^ Valrihuftsmiledtf u.fexoliaf^ U M»np/“ have ^retC€fecntlf{mai!f:tp tp/ let bloodi” ' “ ‘ I othc. afc ttfe' p'afi-it'\: i&t provokeofei feechandcof’e k,” iBjdlhothc; is d C u b t f a l a i i e r a l U J i '''‘8\N p ,” ^ n e $ - V a l w t o “:||||i^ v e i ^ ') n g e ‘:fttfeons fob lieVUtosi» no cow* J Tbefeneuftlu#, j f e tM ipft insult leKli^ a<Ata -firmnp! - f his looks, atsur^ n daly b^cffacyyhy fefihfcqfliWlfe/iw hi& courqgp aofl 1 shdnM hv ai , -• trwet s o m to have ^itM m us jl hyvu done, not f p f will have'pp, '^enflr for hi* P K T ^ r r - cHedfon l pf f f y g ■ \ ?«* d cued,'76et p.?i. v l IwU. V: g5 ° i r t it r t ed tpa“e orO.itrfeelitijitonant feUly ffepft! Iftnp re lib; 4^j'* igiVt^ frisn-'jffiifo# that jfe. butiiphahau ft tik U'sMesPcrateM^scs, . ^ — elf ^,q>vnfoh»*fl*ct!»» 0 ^ fejkl& C feix tuff v -tphafedly1 h.i’Je'ta* k fek tan fo ; but! ^evrdehthe^ctqd tgftrely ofi fee deft riva,Un(lavoided even WUMMfJfen. n , • * } -*h( ij .. hnV(J i'r-c , with this jfa f i r S # 1 fee itj V a lm o n M tl^L y 0 »‘kli 6 vf bb3i ware 'nhblit when you agreed to ft -1 l^ i f e tfo i t ls t but if WMalrei tef.de >i' o every scptiment of r)w3 me & fair phpoce kM fet ub take ., you 1 ? -Btola weroprodttCcd ffhey tossed im for the firat fire • thu chiftce m \ to Yafi m o p tf hq'fiiifed and rlusicd La G&j tumpq roup|; and tok^tt direct iim d t i tree t l t o p h c c s distaife foflgedi fee toflp in it bkasl bigh. ^ r-,Ky*i A c ry W ipingl ed pstpiuahmont miratmn iferat forin from all tfeco — ’‘ Sdeafe,^ c<fod 3 fiP^Ufe'^fi to bq borito ar “ B e s a tbfe^M , ^ Im d h f i ‘$ ;mefet< ea ven khoWs agaitiSt my wiN v but, tered it ivitp firm d|termination npt'^O1 raise my i p n d a g a i ^ y o u ^ hfo; Insuh me as you fire$e> y°n snqlbiuit provoke mq to b r m toy resptution.” Oi’etoMto by fetopiwoyifo, ValmoUt qifeepraout, “ I am to b!atoc,f “ BuL mtoPtoro,” cried La Crofxiinterrunt. ■ noL fo|folitsufferedj Volmi oj vdtir 1 6 hafi.iiU |||w c to Ytore fntodlhjp till 1 chtoparxan to grat»t it to # ie.” I. “ ItiijfeUifsifcady j*’ sfid tbeau^|ii^j La-preiXiBtol ftotoik iptfern^ li^fea q n ly fbiiti '■“a r ^ ‘to|gy^^';& A h W l jffilwfe. metcouratoto ^jfearilf ofBtySto^qckto-yite''^Mpflac wfotih ‘1 fin bechnnwhrfeyof UtenfeiS|^n'tfed,«ifol panpp.” , • .? . ! , * It was’granfed wife a hearty shake c fee hafife pfeer. oMuetovllockej around jp - ’Ctoix, eager to tolibie’-lifs frienflfefp, and to prevqU ototum to be resent at teoRerttoto^iwwwdl^lhey! m ined to ^ve ih h ^ Jiqnour. fie lidbave declined feiamp lic acknoW- itof tte*iip«nonfy “of hiscott- were too preseii^ to be fe- reed to accept it, and they 1 .•ig o p r a t e ^ y i a f e d e to-. IfekLa efows»fotgivep^s he Bad received, publisitodevery where ihcparticulsrt vhy^hisai a fo justly .. general w»s 4elip;bted ____ cfored that the t^ptniSs o f his daughter qnd La Croix abculd fee celebrated the fenment the cone^ut of hia fofeer wasob- toicrd “ Ah” T .c*ied Eugenie, extend- j Uglier hand C roix, ffcaven be praised tbatfeowart safe ? I will not re­ proach tbee,£ th>l jet “ Bdt yet I should haye'done hcttortiot tolipve mCifeim, is h o t feit wlnrt my Eugenie meant to ssiy*^tjic,> ’r “ Foto'sbMrl!” sudfee gejwm^ttowning. “ No,?? hried Lfl GreixjBish# i# tight 1 feaV'e butjialf apqmtted (UyXelfl fo m> coqitieilce; it is U^W hydontydu, 9 z r * k s - \ m ... > see it, Ai Ig o again, J T »uftof fodrlibe m en^?. r * .■/ q l h r e M t t # M | r e ^ l o A d v ^ ftill after b ^ ikfast 'fefe get fee rtews,*nd vWhQ ^vpu|a give a sUmarbee' to rehd « n ^ s h l f h r l y t e r broitkfasto Dd yduyhear; J o l^g o q g a in John, a n f ^ n it Ull#n* or the ofeer o f fee* papers ji oqfe q | fee hands o f f e ^ gormandiziug mo)- nOpofizers,ai)d bqMfe to catch it, JoR and feen teH M r / ^ t t e r a l that I will ‘ turqit inBfentIy-!Apiyna .“ Yes.daddy.” ^ tow .) , ,, “ Go^dmprnfegnei) p t f W i y h’>3 pnpet, Only for a too anfl lie’has the impertinence to 99 |Befuse you?” ‘“ “ot exactly refuse, me, but ivind, Neither: mils such fellows as ride! Scribelerus, and, Newsmonger, to pops pver thcmYor houto| not only (thro?; a mbtaken cmfotesyy.depriving !nitns^}ft butbis n 0 tghbdur§,lrom gettingflatfy in! Oh 1 THAT 1 i t Wri.p’® WOULD—TAKE. A - f K \ \“ jfohn^Ob. - J e i ^ '^ l o you bear? if1feVHlt o lf e S & by few loftii of thi*; fori r iifern e 9 ts,^Jti lotdc^t fee sbip news and feetotoetfM#- J? s > i halt** jtfsl wlnt f sald. yestetoay “ , daddy, riten f ’frdht to bortow r, and youlifowtypukeptit two ) #nj olltgedt. toiend for. it.?’ ;«D, (ten say^aitelfen^else to him, John, do you hear,*' JcHttf'jaUd 'cotophments, John, 4n ytM 'iilar T ^Yes daddy.” toferns.) Wtof, Jobn, h&va^ht'got thhriaper! Nofiaddy, ne^ibter,l4beralw wafe- mgabout the room writtog for MrtNeVrs- itxmgAb'to finish rehfiiftg5 tbe L% Adyertisef, or Mr. lio'imwindto d] Gazette; which he baa got ritoc^t But is not fee Ai^ns and Mpfeahtile Advertiser come Y” _ / ’ ! 6 Yes daddy, but Mr._NAithersidc is ^Miding oncatjdjRlr. Scribeforasis lau^- liig over tlfet fuimy piece he told you’Bp, was goinrito har^ published in the ‘ Mw*: ^ bcljdve hfe has toad ice of wprw.” s *‘My goodness! be they reading ’em now?” | Yes.” (Sighing.) ‘‘Welf; feat’s abominable I W h y d p u t' you takeaiioospaper' yourself?” “ Why don’t you take one? you arie al^aya inquiring after Noos, as yqq call “ Why 1 did take one, but fee printer don’t leave it a t my house any more, tonus*) backeliad about fee price, and wood’ntpay him!” * r“ Tfutl’s a good reason for the pjrinfer, iftit ;is none for you. Well, ^ohn, did ypq^get th e p a p e r f ’ ' - v , No, daddyfjuit-fe that Mi*. Neifeeiv side was done, in come Mr, Hpokit and Mlster N a b iL a h d l come bacfti” \ s V“ Confound fey'ill luck;—go back. do you hear ? a n d ask Mr. Liberal if he will he kind- enough—do you hear ? kind enough to lend me, any northern paper he may have, o r if he has not one, ask him, to lend K)e yesterday’s paper again, or the day before, or fee day before feat Or last Saturday’s or, d o y o u feear? any of* the last week's papers, do you h e a r P ’ * Yes, daddy.” ' ' “ 1 am determinedon going right atv|y to subscribe for a noospaper: { will not v ’ e ’fo pestered with fee trouble of Tbori- wing fidis j unaccommodating neiglf- inrs.” ' , “ You are right, Mr. Eagerhoosjfee printers only ask five dollars right down,' fold then you havpa whole year (o pay- t’other five doilaMvin, and then you can and they will send fee inonths after that afot-e stri folks what brings fee aperaiways throws it where it was ta- hnevef thinking feat the snbacrihqr is done OVcr.” “ Here Comes John—well John, havp; yon got fee paper?” • /i‘! “ No daddy, fee neighbours borrowed all fee old p ape|i, and Parrot Sent ' to get the-mornirng papers as soon as they Wens dope wife.” “ The dencq She did—then I may h a n g ; up tny fiddle ’till sundown, for whep she hsgins to read ’tis from Alpha to Omega. Give tne my hat leh f e ' Never mind breskfesr; Mr. SwaHow, will you accom­ pany me .to tbe p rin tii# office ? I will . suhacribe immediatelyt nve dollars did you say ? L lrill gito tWenty-five before t would suflf<5r such impertinence.' I f f lend HYMyxx'I wish I may be hanged.” - 4-[Lotnrito|e Advertiser.] •* ror, times otor!” , At rata •* ■••S ' 1 i haa to it fere This ji ptoveking; I wo: & ' ‘ jrife'sfey *ia|« fee papers theiteebtos, bliAg their nrighbwra.” dispute the meeti a friend in tb warasked botr beliked being oil shore-!!.' ffot a t all—-why so—oh, nothing b u t this I was p u t in limbo for helping myseif to a pair o f shofes.—You stole ’env—ho,, not I, for thp fellow bad wrote undcrnpatn feem, selling off Ires than cost—sd I cojq- | 1 u d c ^ e w s » ^ lf e lg his c r e d ito ^ a n d prixe money. > in for so -*U ^ V'V. A ! t.y c, «. V \ a if v/<& ' v. tv

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