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Long Island farmer, and Queens County advertiser. (Jamaica [N.Y.]) 1826-1862, July 20, 1826, Image 1

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TJH-E follUSTI AN. 1 '■ vM fo — “■’\t tyfyx is E fo*«. ^profited; i f he th ill 5*in t to fsfratJ, fla4l^to<^<sofo?“ ' it & qot ^ v o . « » e p # C that ft ^8in J wer o f ipy man to,conquer pr pos* e whole world*. , p , man ever yet itibp:. world, and jtfr . would be too ojf*atP«<F <e. ‘ <njra,deh| tfeatk man Cfi% m |W!?1 •sirtdulgedin r .. . I that can pleaK/the pa- -/the.texuriea o fall countriii|collect- /oa the table pf the epicure/, all the delightful charms o f music; all the ele- tre Spa convenience* o f a nohle pa. - f ^ * t e n s h l l and be ; all that j^asuresor magma- „ M eiir'yhik^iy, and S W 8 j bbV“\ ddsYSplotSqftnbteihfed it aft.1 And what change 1 W as Esau wise, (ip a fprSmess o f pot- to e ? ' m i l Jo d a a ^ ise, > > o sold his ana his own soul, tqe, for thirty ,,»feftfiS'(of S ilier ? Ju s t a s t y i s e is the riorldiy man, who parts wrth-heaven for •fm wjiose house was on.firej, : »ne was very achye in removing .her g o o d ^'put fprgdt her child, fohd was sleeping in the era- die. A t length she. vfo^pihered tSp (1babe, and ran with earnest desire to #aye ■it, B n tit is now too late. T a e flames ' forbade her entrance. Judge o f her ago­ ny of mind, wbepsfie exclaimed, “ O *—» -fciid, m v c h ild! I have saved my hat Jflftt my Child# Just so it 5 f t 2 » * t i L w THE ,Vpt®ATHL ! Gazette.! IOSCHETQ, F ADDRESS TO Ye tmpudent,ye blasted wight,, ^, , That breaks mVshnhber ev’ry oiglrt, . Driving yoar bffl for very spite; ‘ • - :f ■1 IntO mybrefoS7 Aad stiH, when it is dawu q fly h t,. >' , I cannot re»L- ,< ■ ’■ \' & >t' v ■' , Didq’er 1 do ye any flfe/\ f v - $ Bot « » p f youvhy # . . - Should Aotei b e Now t o e thy little Self awqy— n< ”5 What, art thou here in n»dtt.of djgrtti And astboo fly’st tftopfoseHS to > ’T w i l i a p b e T h e i all my debts to thjraPB pay la very spite. **’ ' ' *= ^ Thus do I pray, ye tortdqiftg thing,' Thbt i may catch theeonthe wing; ’ Then quick I’d teach thep'how to sing /* . Anothertane» i the very w ell^ring withthynreaddooui. : a . z [From the Village Regjster.} 1 LIKE NOT ALL THE' WORLD SHOULD KNOW;IT. -- . -4 There; tea little sprightly.dame, I’d praise herj—but she does noLneed it; Hbre would you have me .write trarmante ? liik* not all the worId ehoaW ^ead ii. ^,, SbC dwells—O h ’tisilovetyplacc/ r In front are wood^-r-wav es roll Behind'^ : Where do you ask ?—J cratre your grace , I like not that the world should fiaditv - There is 4. pathway to her heart; , ’Tis plain, yet only I can show it— Now woald you leara my simple art ? . I tike nOt all the world should know it.* Yet 1 have trod it oft nncf oft, ■fofoiieinbranceseDdear i t : i^%htsoft-' ‘t :I Y . • nay enemy; 1 ! gain is.my ev J erlds*, hut God is pleaiore, buthow ' — jrtjoti. * \1~ife B parawe ot the worldly pKWh i«like k»* *«, 4».s.A wealth in- creased abundantly. Hq was about tp iftlargC Ws bartis. And then he gpdmii** qd'hiitirtslfa longlife of;idIenewir\uxuiy aqd nfiirtli, “ But Gddrjaid to him,; «°9l h em - united of thee: men whose shall those: /;•; miogn be wbieh/thoq hast provided?” /~Hewy. far IhAlaite ftfthe body, thAAoul ' '|ife was ureamthg. of yfatkslo come, death was at the tfoor s A Sotm sk’a’lREVEkefi. [edncliided.] * 1 Without noticing his t said to St. Maur, “ I should in to/hon . world to prove tneg%iuijr gdilty o f one.” V*; >riu. io prove ui& o r oqc«- * « “ What, do you nqt think it base to #ujL ter yourself to 0 1 . *r NqV for.if a t o e diipte1|tif- -whose n a m iS ^ Id r.h fe^ a m h tpdst illustnoul- p atript^ dHhSf1 blae ;Ahe*mfainous to!: for his/soul.” —[VjSlag^'Sei^ oor cr I ’ Tije late report o f -the Maine ] „ | aiy-%ietyi-'prt!*eBte- ' \ mostiinleresHhg character. it isstnenticiliiedbyotie,** r i c s , ^ t ‘‘A'manjaboutj -eamotd hear mftpfnac* ! sisvqrtd tveflte/ since,1 prejudiced idind, I heal rccedtfy, that a misqfoni LY fr»le|he W « t, aBd m m i # * * 2 $ ' * _ ‘ *“ ' : ie m B i l 0 ^ .^ k c s A y { ' Ai ' bIe tttnM e , however, be d attend foe meetiqg, The fmrn ^ i s pa&sage; * they hall ; o a t .a cause.’ And before t l i the services, the man, to ugf gbraae/ had lost ail bis bard has since given good evidence < ' gregatioual churchip Madison.i T h e G o e d e e T h is is none other tK*& the v yule* A,mail of policy is Court! 5 )roud man is habghty, S superBci? a C e r e t o l |^ » / h u t ^ |m e Chrisl ’ S S I ® ! crmduCT,’ ( a ^ j i h i s - ancienf as^^mimg'ose’: ‘‘W - h m lp ip tq t^ . Thecnstom ft^FrifyCe jift tonte thafFrenchraen.ougBtTo I at ‘ .............. . ■(a* fit “ i at m A dur db m i them ' essity to shed been dropped mcci r’Mely.” ..At ese,<words ones o f ind1 iSionresoOnd**1 qd from all present, j,i. ■ l-a Crom .left -thq room, white they ftfc.v\ srveunng be should fight orcjoit thd r. jin>er*t The slights with which: 0*7 bad before freated hifo ytqn. oothm to th< msoleflt 1 three ioiioWHUjdoys,; withwhich n during ^he J thc patience Contempt they phowqd lollp hempport^ appeared m their eyes a meafiiiesst\ ' coaid Tho general I h^eii inimqdi- .of: whm dt n^agd^iand: on* lie remensfrnti::: .:SLfe|»fs:'ittfon , l ) '7 / .. Oftded by (d^iddpshifel’hpf h a d w i p 0 d u t ^ e ; s t q ^ p p a _ EuKeRieriasforbiddenifu Wrife only her g arent, by copyeyju ; & Croix expressive Of t e r a|1 h?8 conduct, a n d d f h e rt« wmtEi?tpe<.hiarOfym^h.odMli< severe in i t H f e . ’fe.eort sw .,k..r tnbigled sensatioa o f ‘as he ( e s d ' t h a ^ r . I Ye%<fe.iresi,t E # genie,” cried he; “ y6n qid fypu alone, uoderStend ?oO ApprohaliOft of my conduct*! eqfil : tf^d a halm for ^ts^ols were prodii 4. , . .. i.ibcy tossed j fop the first tire, tftb dh|uce fcll to Vi m ofttf hfffiftd and -missed. La Ct* A cry o f piinjpedJfttettishmcnloMad* miration burst fohh frtoi all the^m i^M ; —“ S death/1 cried ,V « iont, ‘‘DusfehOt ven knoifrs agail(i|t my .wW'; but f hh- tered it fyit|g 'Bjrpi de<erJninction a / my y«Mr> Jn s d h topiefyo#sbsR/tvot provoke lone opfci o f : m m M m x s s L i|e he reads ( the injuatscora with v. n:[i I,am treated but alas! howlong ohn 1 be able tojjre- serve thatapprohation «> precious tp my heart, how Tong shall I n Mato defejO^my- s^lf ligainst the ecu n atii of A crime a t which I shuddqr-#1. * i * t }' When three days were e /pirtd, he en ftfered the coffee hooec t tt e ratmqj&aO the officera w^fe,aS3f t bied. HJtir^kl* font,” said he, addrc' - > ng bis ankgotnst, I hope that I now: find y ou in audispo- sitio&Jo appreciate-toore jqstly tlte mo­ tives o f myeonduct, I urn satisfied that ^ your heart you acquit mo of-coward* j i-hjlt I frankly ov tbit a ftu^l m-j spires upewitii h o er, and neyer will 1 wiftingly raise to f at m t u t agn;nst the en* W tqs o f my equally 1 d a u n t M gyou I op3i willing td hOrj' , , ^ . ceptfnyhitow i! Lwhall d S e > V pdlko 0 / f *- * Si H Y fW M f lxOUSt fii’ f t . * T p he sure ypir r uf,” cried Officers d t once } ** Vefy well theiKY U^at'difforepcVlte decided to morrow r tr mg h i 6 d’cfpdkV ifcpK sence of threa t. crra o f btji'cifths kad.threq of the ftu 'c As tlw pam : chaljenged,!-dug!** b vc^m w o f fth o w^ftpOns;:bnt I wbi \ r liJ5 ^ ! *.« T qpito n u n per i f say'sWovdfe.5’ WalBtodtaqjilcdv. t^pecoliswr-eigr#/ 4nhte.coui3t«tte elv- tr; tiyMaqh “ VP ffoye kf la. t provokeath retfy qentl^mai^ to nfn Ibe'chande in u ^ let blood*” “ 1 th»tik,’*fiatdj isdouhttttii its? soth '« r o j the eftjeers ‘it xi No,” OsiedVnl <tfs, m onL “ ’tebalsv e ^ n. c q o t i o n s f h e fel teErit ® i | w p l i p w : ,ow bps g o tl^jbte id i *4o ftrom b q bonoui^'Ii^ E^oV ^ JlievVjiejs iSo dq» J Thetpneottu , t h |0 i 6 i n Su | h inly beT. ... T ------------ „ _ ___ _____ tns voice/ J r ie fifm n ^ S' his looks, olsura <irdr h is c o n r a g t i sh o a ld h e n l :03t s o r r t t o htrt<. ri h ™ » s i h a v e done I did n o t e $ _ r fo^L'qlfteraH he will have an ^cyte 1 6 c q y f f l l tftvself for h ts fife*” t \ V ’ c n e d one o f srirttr,’ ^goodaiw m«rdr< enfedjThu! jde rny ja£.t^eheatenaot fYv n t t p e Qfonnd ex* Ih^officeg. m a » ” Valh»Bt dttm oiucers the apps d two;, jrhertj in np \ twwmy ^ ilrttw p fti joificd ifMro--, A b)s prtste: #pntp^Belti -a fe, combat /heganr-Valr- -ft Att excellent fswordstrtaofhiit l i >n foahd that hq ha|tt».% b 7 ihh't. masttfr. Afflrtdfon fon^t'teW hgreat 1 r e ^ h q U W o n n W * »t dewqratd pAsscs, l^ l e f t w m s e l r spetj tojbipadvONor// !raisjCM^&ix ip ^ t rpiattedly haV^ ta- _k^ishi*hfe, but i v as evidOnt ftp nc^ed IRpr'Cly oil the d k \m re,and avoided even h«n \ efops hui. d ne/withthis ’W d tb e c w.hnt Sr-U* W d ih'W d n f .v^tefl lagreod oids-t h«^ rf (drOt t w f d e j / ■ se n titn te ito f jr. racr:. ^ © « fair ch a n c e , .... ' h q ir o n : , , -to !* & & & & \ f i i i | 1i B o f | i » * e b a r ^ r o 3 7 Y -/jEtjf, n n d c r 4 h o ; inftu. i, Valmont s.” “ Bui; interrupt* suffered _ i n a c - Valmo; oi reur frteqtfghtp v J'e Opty thii cosjld ffegoncile me to jByfodf, fcSfciouj give me courage to SvOw ihi barbarity ofntydondoc&jte *dn *SMftducl which I now puhitefy i l e ^ r e ^ f a ^ bee^tJnwhrthy of a|entt«pfon ahd ^|cil-| dier, |nd?orfwhi«h X emcerttly as^fooifj pardp^.” . 4 / k,; • ' ; 7 ' ' the arouqa LlwXrotx, eeger to Molictt bfo friehMilp,-ei^ to prevail otkfiim to be preseia at an.esteitejninetiNdiichshey to give in h&j 'hqriom t. fl® ifdhave decunedfhis iBfigohientof tbosupesi ’• h u t fhey wdretoo CEckbOW* 'ofhbeon- fe- itit, 'and they rm 'wWaSnotaiiworthv a o n o t lerousTorgitrepesB tes’had received, ^ublisl^evi^w h e rethopartieulart of (fie ren^idt(fe,ahd gavfitohis antagonist oil th? ment wrwrb waa so juslly his duq. The old gonerat w»s d i l ^ h t e d : he de­ clared that the npptiuls o f fais daui ' I-a Croix omeot the CO' tained prai proach ^ ,, .. 7-..- yet I showd k p ^ a o p e bctterjnotjohave met • - ~ meaht, «iid<he La Ci aid Jbe celebrate »t of fiis father wns oh* cned Eugenie, extend* ? Croiat; “ fjicaven be art safe! I will not re* yet ■■ ■---*” ‘‘ Brit . |hen tell M r/^fie,ral that I will : t«r h e a r J o h n j c u r e ' 0® e te im ? y w '' «tr tu m i t instantly 3 W * J 4 , . » 4 dozfot. rabes to L iberal {there, to .t h o m h o f his p apefypnly for a tooftfc T and he bias tbe im p e rtinence to r a |^ s. (serf ?” > J s J ^Refuse you ” Not exactly refuse, me, but h'e pe^ ihite such fellows as p ' side, dcribelefus, and ivind, Neithcv- ewsmonger, t o \ pore o ver them t o r hours/ not otiiy (thm’ a mistaken codrtesyLdeprivirtg himsqlf, , blit bis neighbfture, frfon gettingqafly in* telligcnce of wfiqt is passing ht/j t h | w o rn.” _mist b u tb is nuOighBftu: Alii W - goodness! be they reading ’em , ^Tves.3’ (sighing.) / *\Welf; that’s abominable! Why d p n t' you take a nowpaper-yourself ?5i . \ “ Why don’t yon fake one ? you are ? always inquiring after Ivoos, as call “ Why I did take one, but the ^rinter don’t leave it a t my house any foom *u to ^accqpt it, anu tney don’t leave it a t my house any iaore; VtdtoUfid nfiont the a q i frtot .condifo^rtVipniMiiil -‘‘T h a t’s a good reason for the ptinfer, s' m i m if it iS none for vteu Well, Johh. did - / v RitjB ndoeiby yen* W e ll, Jqhh, d id ypqget the paber|” No, daddy/JHit-as that • Sfiv Neither- side waBdOne, in come Mf. jfpqkit and ^IffisterKabiL n R d lcom e b a fcftf^'- ^“ Gonfottnd my ill luck ;--gd’ oacft/do yoif hear ? and ask Mr. Liberal .if wili/be krad enough—do you hear ? kind' enough to lend me, any northern paitet te my conifieRce 5 It is h chaudft^iilt^qttier, that a ipan C4togfo'e hiqp affrub^gnsqgpv” '' -1 O n 1 THAT H¥ YsSESD WOCLB-—TAKE A ?RW* tboriflbgfi m w s b i f t f ^ p d ' ‘--th6;: : , 7 : ^ # w t e » t .f --yeste , , . teddy, vriien-i'srant to borfiow tl r*and yodJwfiwYou'kept it twt> Vhp wM qiligedtosend for it.” Iteh?»y--sa^tefijge!8e «^i him, or tne pay neiore, or me day beiore tfiafc or last ISatarday’s or, do yoq 'h ear? rfi o f the last weekes papers, doyou hear? daddy.” . v determineion going right avrSfy to snbscribe for a noospaper: I will not Y \ H o pestqred with the Double of hori wing frdm ' unaccommodating neigh­ bours.” \ I’ “ Ydu are right, Mr. Eagerhoos/ the printers only ask five dollars right down, John, do you •hcar/fpm b ?^^ ccsimlimente J o h n . & y ^ i f c a r ? - / ™ fY e s dadd y.” 4 ’.(elii-Eftd rettlrtis.) 7nhn. h lV H w ill ^0T m * - !* Nodaddy oe^ L n b e m iif walk- IbrMr/'Nefrs- ingabout the cportlr> qapnger 'to finish jc,7T Advertiser, or M r.fkw^ . . . . . . . . Gtecettc; which hobumgetalihoSit ash over” * . ^ ' ‘“ But is not f l ) 0 '^ t i # |n d MercaUtiJe LvpWiserconie^C'- v es daddy, b ii^M r. Nfotherside is drag one, and mjtMiitw&ents is lau^fi* over that fq&ny iptfice he told you b e Was goin£to har^%nbiished in th e 4 M»*: Fpr/» a h d f b e t f i f v ® has toad it ItedMf dmes oferi” \J>. /*. ; ; i > ‘Thisia pitovokujg; r vronder w h y and then you have a whole year to pay: t’other five dotlavs'in,,in,, andnd thenhen youu canan dispute the and they will send the a t yo c id they will send the inihs after that afore iledr*-thein folks what brings t p e . r always throws it Where it whs ta- niiever thinking that the subscriber is done Over.” ' “ Here Comes John—well John, you got the paper?” •' , “ No daddy, th#neighbours horreweft all the old papefy, and M rs/Parrot sent to g e t the mornhig papers as soon as they w eredone with.’’ The deuce she did —then I may bang np my fiddle ’till eundown.for wheq she begins to read ’tis from Alpha to Omega, G ive me my hat Johh1.: :Never mind breakfast; Mr. Swaflow/willyou accom­ pany me .to toe Office ? I will subscribe imnaematOly t 'five doUar 3 did you say ? Lyriji grtte tWenty-five before f would auffijr, such impertinence/' If I lend Ev V steuT wish I may be hanged.” - Afoiitdr meeting a friend in ihWreef; as ntoed how be liked being ort shore—- . — __ _____ ______ Being on hot W ftM—nirhyso—oh, nothing but this — I was p u t in iimbo for helping myseif to n pair o f shoes.—-You stole ’em~-ifo,. toetn, selling off less than cost—jfp I ton* [laded hO w_«» tobbin^ bis creditor thoughbnf cdteing -10 for s o i i ^ |i f pri*emoney. . - A ’ V-- / . \. ? I1\*-'*4

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