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Long Island farmer, and Queens County advertiser. (Jamaica [N.Y.]) 1826-1862, February 23, 1826, Image 2

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v . 'Zftfest /ro»»\ - F i ^ / « n ^ m j ^ l t r t Ship Manhattan, Capfc Marshall; M *, V i 'L iWvtn> ..T,tviirilimil^ ; nroyed on SaiardRy, fromJUvorppipl, „ brought the editors of the Comtn#rd*l * Advertiser regular files of London Pa pers' to the evening'of the Gth, fcna Li vcrpool tp the 7th ult. inclusive, On the Sd cif janiiaty mn© men perish eel in a coal pit a t Whi(etaiVcn,from suf focatiofiin consc quenee Wr a body o f coal ataaothercombu 8 tiblrflahingfire. ; T h e lEast lndia Company’s Transport ship .the la'Otus^Capt, Charles Brown, ... WafiJfiftbfi ,!m 23d of July, upon {he Sagm Sand,,at the mouth of the Hoogly.; T h e sefiwas Very-high, and o f 10S(BQp|s, only 4* wty^iavfcd; . . esk . * ofid T urks .—T h e only arti- ' cle upOti tfiw subject which We find, is the following extract from a private let-, ter received and published at Vienna, D e c. -20, fprfin Constantinople — T h e most interesting news they contain is, that pretty warm disputes have lately ta­ ken place between tne Reis Effendi and the British Charge d* Affairs relative to the aflairs of the Peloponncssus. On the other hand, the Porte has received information that the Captain Pacha, as soon as'he learnt that the Greek fleet, under Miaulis, hq,d appeared near Misso- longhi,-hastened to leave the coast to a- ' void (fie battle which seemed to.be inli­ ne n t; This news has greatly displeased, the Sultan, and it was. generally believed that the Captain Pacha would be disgra­ ced. R ussian — T he leading, indeed, the tte&r deceased fid*rosutewsSbw W ^ e o ^ l e n c e , bis siwl© P \ # * ? S O T ■ My only consolation nnder this irmp«m;|mount file loss is. that Jf shall not sufviyehimr 1] $5Q, and pxeted principal contents of the papers. stiH re late to the death o f the Ec m peror Alex­ ander, and the incident*, growing there­ from. Paris papers have been receivec in London of January 5, by- express ■The Courier of the evening of the 6 th says, “ The intelligence from St. Peters- burgh, at length clears up all doubts as to the succession of Constantine to the. Im* perial Thrpne. It appeairs there did ex- ist\*a formal document, 'signed -by Con­ stantine, bywhich he renounced, in fa­ vour, o f th e Archduke Nicholas, his right (o the Crown. When the news reached S t, Petersburg!), o f the death of the Em- f ieror Alexander, .this document, .which iad been signed ahd'attested in triplicate; was opened and read: but Nicholas refu , pod to. act-upon its conditions; and in* # e a d of placing .tile Crown-on rfiia own head, he, and after him the whole Impe­ rial Family, the Senate, &c. took the oaths of fidelity jto Constantine, The latter, meanwhile, conscious of the so­ lemn engagements into which he had en­ tered, and contemplating no violation of land mentor. . The £31. v t k k i M Cunotu IVagqr.r-nA. gentleman, J*taly made a bet that W Would cause all the bells of a well frequented tavpTrn *JQ < w s gow to nfig at (lie same* period, without touching one o f them oreven leavifigth# room, ^ h jsh e a ^ o m p h s h e d b y taro«R£ the step cock of the mam g»s pipe,'and involving the* whole lhmntes. in .wAtant darkne«s. In a short period the cfangor oft belts rung from every ropm apd box m tfie house, which, gained, him bi» bet, am idstthegederal laughter andopplapsd, evpn Of the Users — Londhnpaper. T H * M G l f c l a A T U I t i S . Privity, February 10. H o u se.— T he house went into com miltee of the whole, Mr. Colfe in the chair, on the bill brought in by,M r. Foote, authorizing the commissioners ol the land office to sell the lands donated to this state, by the Holland land company* and to appoint an agent to prosecute for trespasses on said land. Mr. Tleacocli said that as the United States had..ap­ pointed engineers to survey the Allegany rivqr, preparatory to taking measures to improve the navigation thereof, it woqlt be advisable tO pdatpone the salcoftheSe lands; Forin case of such improvements, they would be much more valuable than they are now, Mr. Speaker wasrin fa­ vour of the bill, but he thought the pur­ chasers ought to be required.to pay down 0 «e half of the purchase money. Mr. Foote accorded with the Speaker, hot he considered that :fuch provision ought to be contined'to firnher lands, as a conside­ rable portion o f foe trac t is land o f poor quality and upt valuable, and i t would be an object for the state to get such Jaftd settled. Mr. Speiifcer offered an amend-! ment to the bill requiring all purchasers of land to pay* down fifty per cent, of the purchase money. This amendment pre vailed and the bill then passed. the b o m m debfitfs -eoifie •fiesic'bd’' ^ j e , «h$ tf BWp©(fc es ttuiw h e n the officer debtors, &c. of th e insotveift act,- o r the netAbedialHnc^OfpoMtimimVfoirdebt,« unable t o proceed m foe case, any other office^ austhoniHed to p d f o n * the o f ju d g e o f (hefiupre(Hp c o u rt, ©my pft>* Ihedeim .T int 4TO*GMar,»*y ***•: yfeadjlt to*eoableheri?i; Sdfiday,* s,Wof^« hasbeen ted *ftcr an examination. The womsO S . \ ; * CAar/ilian.-—Three addifiooal ‘f t ; of hailefton, in three different parts ofTto $5 lbs. o f the salt, -JSpsom salt i fotmdl the bavin, T h e Conner states thahin all] u> tfie mammoth e a v * m )fj f o f these situation, one M each extremity; weed prdvjfies, that fliioyder under thp seconjl eChijon o f the at^cqpding debtor act,- for the debtor to apdehr* shell pot.be less ^hun n x , nor mope man ten Wetjkfr, and in case ©f absent debtor*, t h a t trustees shall not h e appffiqtbd in lest than four uibnths, a n a in c a |e bf- d ebtort rebidii^ and thtotfiarjor 4 h e ce«tr» of th e themfiat upqaytv oeal^videnCcs o f a-oe-'l tefcunatipp to destroy the town, p i* AX -'1 hitherto adopted td mity, do not bpnear tohaveproduced the ^jesifred effect. >'• beyond sea, m -lest thih twelve months, k t o o ; « f c § T i c . Intrepidity.^—V\f.e learn - frOm Nrfehls Advocate, thafcohthe eveuingofthe J 4 t h ;|j afire brokepht in au unfinished three-kto- ry( dwelling fiouse in Renwick-street, in the third stoty o f which a poor woman and her'famiiy h a d been permitted to re­ side.* A t the tithe when the interior was on fire, .anfi n|» descent,CQUJfi be made fiy the stairWUys^the distressed woman ap­ peared a t the them ,' remained 3t Wlilctt'Vj heard of th e \ demise of his brother. This explains a circumstance which had naturally excited observation and gave rise to various rumours. At length, however, Couriers despatched from St, Petersburgh to Warsaw, apprised him of the cpurse which events had taken, and, yielding to the will of Ins august Brother, of, the Imperial Family, the Senate, and the-constituted Authorities, he consented to ascend the vacant throne. His pre- sencO in S t. Petersburgh was momentari­ ly expected, and the day of. his arrival Was to be the only suspension of that public-mourning which had been ordered for the deceased Monarch. Extract .from a private letter:—I think I shall gratify you by sending copies of two'letters, Which the Princess wrote to the Empress-mother. They have been copied and circulated a t Court, and I pledge myself.for their'authenticity-. They present the simple expression o f profound grief and Christian resignation, Taganrok N ov. 18, (n. S.) 1325., Dear Mother— I was-not in a state to Write to you by the Courier o f yesterday. To-day, a thousand and a thousand thanks to the Supreme Being, there is de­ cidedly a very great improvement-in the health of the Emperor—of that angel of benevolence in the midst of hissufferings. ' F o r whom should God manifest his infi- rtite mercy, if not for him ? Oh! ifiy >€Sbd, what moments of affliction have passed; and you; Dear Mother, I can picture to myself your uneasiness. IjTou receive the Bulletins. You have Ihete- fore seen to what a state we w 6 re yester- daV reduced—-and still more last night; •butW ylhe (an English Physician) to-day, sstyi himself, that the state 6 f our deaf E attenhs satislhctory. He is exceedmg- r Weak. Dear Mother— 1 confess to you th a t I ktt» not myself, and that 1 can say no m o rt. »Pray with us—with fifty mill, ions ©f men* that God may deign to com­ plete tlM» cure o f our well beloved pa­ tient, E lizab e th . November 19.— Our angel lias gone to Heaven, and 1*’*“! linger still on earth. Who would have thought that I, in my .'weak state of healthy could evdr have -Survived him ? D o not you abandon me, (fhother, for I am absolutely aleae ill this tvorlds'of care, . s t *' Saturday , ‘February 1 1 . SeU ate.— T he Senate then went into committee of the whole, Mr. Crary in the chair, oft the bill to prevent injury by dogs., After a bripf discussion, the com­ mittee rose and reported : the.Tepori -irmT laid on the table; in order t©‘print the bill; and the Sedate adjourned; . ? Monday , 13. ’ S enate — Bills read a third-time and passed:— T o cede to fhe U. States,^he jurisdiction o f this state to. certain land a t West Point* To vest in the . U. States, the jurisdiction over certain lands on Sto-_ ney Point, and for other purposes. Some time was spent in committee o f the whole on the bill to increase the com-' mon school and literature fund to prOj mote the education o f teachers find regu-, late their appointment, when the com-' mittee rose and. reported, and the Senatej adjourned. Tuesday, February , 14., ‘ i S enate .— Mr. Spencer, from die lite­ rature comftiittce, reported a bill to al­ low the New-York manUmission society: tovreceive one dollar per quarter, for! each, pupil taught in their school, s • At tWelve o'clock the Senateproceedcd to the norninatipn o f state o fficer, Wednesday,' February 1'5. HousE.-ir-Petition— O f Stephen Van Rensselaer and George W. Featherston- hangh, in behalf of themselves and asso­ ciates, for the incorporation of a compa­ ny with a capital of $300,000, with leave ‘to increase to $500,000, for the purpose of making a rail road from Schenectady to Albany, * Thursday, Feb. 16. Senatk*t-M c. Viele, froriri the bank and insurance committee, reported fit length on the banking system, and Con­ cluded the same with the following reso­ lution, and brought in a bill to incorpo­ rate the Partner’s Bank in' New-York. Resolved, T h at a. law ought to be pas­ sed at the present session, repealing the restraints upon privatehanking,,and reg- ulating the conditions upon wliicli the fin- siness shall be conducted. v/ , Mr. Vicle, from the same Committee, in kWAlia third story window implo ring assistmjee. After considerable de fay,* she withvfi son and daughter, reached the ground fin a crazy- ladder, which threatened every;,moment to tumble be- neath theirdeetfpnd dtash them to pieces. The Womfin‘'thqn discovered, ifith feel­ ings thafCan'bsHbfettGrimaginedthan des­ cribed, th a t' h e r‘youhgest Child had been left in the houSe,’ %heh a . young man boldly ascended the ladder, ’and after groping the rooms filled with srooke an< dames', returned and saidifae could find no child. A fireman seized a torch and a s ­ cended the-ladder, dashed ’■Through the flames a n d returned,dragging what seem ed to, be a bundje.^f rags, black and burnt-—it was a-child about 6 years ofd; almost lifeless which he found in a back room, nearly smothered • We regret t h a t We have not the plea sure o f recording the namcs 'of the two individuals who so generously exposes their lives in the cause of humanity,— N f F. States. ‘ r also brought in a bill to incorpomtC the Merchant’s and Mechanics’ Bankj- in' Troy. • II 6 ose.-—The bill to give effect jt 6 let­ ters patent, granted afteV the death of the patentee, anfi the bill authorising su­ pervisors o f towns to take apd hold bii- rial grounds Were read a thifd'tjme find passed. 'X ' , • i Friday, Feb. 1.7*, ,i . >, , H ouse .—T he House went into commit­ tee of the wholmMr^Root hi the'fihair, on the billjntroduced' by Mr. LWilliams, to amend theact for-relicf agairtst absent Buenos A v res.—-T h e Jatost advices from Buenos Ayres are \of Dec. 14 Monte Video had not fallen into the hands o f the Patriots of tbe Banda Qri ential. Skirmishes, however, took place dai|y between the Patriots and Brazilians —Always re 8 ultii)g.in favour of the for­ mer. T h e news of tbe revolution ir Ghili, is conprmed. Bolivar, it is said; has 15,000 troops On foot, Well discipli fied. • A'COleny o f 50fi emigrants is dai ly expected at Buenos Ayres, from France ;,fi00 were expected from Great Britain ahd Scotland. All have been se lected by agents, with great care, in re spcct to tfibir mdmls and. habits o f ind.uf- try, > . . rsi ' • - I., ’f The patriotJ»privatcer Lavallcja jiiac captured offi Rio- Grahde a ship jirom O porto, a brig and -thtbe schoonors. ,T:he brigand a schoon’Ci* were retaken by the Maria da Gloriaj iui’d the rest with their prizes were bound fer (be coast o f' Pnla gonia. The Spaffisn islands of the Ar- ;a soabunflont in a cave n e « Coryd u^ * j i i i j a h l h « ’ it ia'caritcd m a y by 1 . agP* Idi& b Itr sortehmes appears m»e«ea weighing 10 pounds, antt a bush n f tTin Ita i l T t i i i ‘ttalrti frhiti * k .. V ' \ ' y ix' CoHsistehcp— A southern juflge, some time ago^inTiis thlrtiP denounced* fiuelhog in tgrins so Severe, that the) presented two » e n r one foTgi- ving, hfid tfie othe^fdrweccirtngihe chfi- enge. The magistrate caused both, of the parties to be arrested,'ai)fif enforced the law so ngidly, that both parties after State T h e fofiosring ^ were elscted, «n tfio ittbiost by the Tatp ftfOlitmtiooniKr jmsjtcoucarrciicc o f i Senateami JhcBSeof AAembly , Azanah<l.Flajsg* SecreterybfStfif! William L Sfafcy. ^omptlo’fer « ( Sjthbe! A ^palcott, fittOjr^ey t ' ; | , AbrajbatfcKeyfejr, Iremniter; 14' ^udge accepted the challenge, fougE wounded them both. i&cddettis —A- ’ son o f . Mr. Gale, at Cananiaigua, N* Y» aged 5 yearsj was killed by being dragged o n the g'rquhd.oy a horse which h e waS imprudently sullfer- ed to, lead - to water*' Hts hand Was eni tangliefi in. the np 6 |e o f thfi his firtn*was lOih from his hndh^-+,Mr. Sylvfinus Paine, of Woodstock, Vermdnt,' whilfi'tshopping in *ffie; woods, was killed by a falling bough.. • . Kidnapping .—The Mayor of . ■Iphia has recently received a letter ffom li' issjssippi, stafifig the arrival of, a Kidnapper, by thesam e of Ebenezer F. Johnson, with thrcenegro boys, and one iiegro woman, fpr sale—'-the three'former having been kidnapped and''stolen from Philadelphia. The.woman was -a slave taken.from Virginia. T h e 'h o y s have; fallen into the hands of a hQtnane pro­ tector, and wih probably be recJaim#| Thie mode which they were entrapped was this. A mulatto' man engaged tfiem singly, to h d p bring melons on shore' from a sloop; and when they^ went on. board, they Were taken below-—seized confined, and carried o ff , :;f . . Simeon De fiTift. Surreyor-GeneraJ. i h Aleaander JlifMuir, GommiswiyGeftcra/ | Clerk o£ i^jehflock ©n Fri-- . .rr-The Hnijtingion gle of the 2 di‘iwfi contains on elaborate no* , dicalion o f C. H, Hwfcps, Esq^ -Clerk « f Siifiblk t?oUpty, in-rop!y to certain chafgest. Baade by M |. (iuntr-Editor <»f ihe flar 1 hour Cortfectgr, and to the uharges contain fididqhe JeMcneSf the Goreroor, which we , piibrisheit AoihB weeks: swee. As ms fiavo & Ijad ndthipi ffrdo with the controversy fief / twqen Mr* Havens an(l Mr. Hunt ire shall *i Onlycopy io mtich.of the reply ns relstwifw'| the cbaigCs #pecifi^ ia lbe letter o f the Governor ^ io Mr, Havenfi. aml chicJi we], I zhopld havfi donejwowpefc? spiro, h id t?jo^ f Eagiov arriV,ed when it ought to hat e dcn<v | We have' one-word t<f say a* ts .the i cha%cs enumerated in jifig governor a tetter ^1 and-we have done. fir. -Havens may in •omjs instanees hare mircounied the folios d f ] fiii iiwtramnnt riicfirfled, bnt ftny man tS h V 1 bfe to similnf mistakes ; am! the ficts h e f a»t,igote./feqttently undercharged tb in t overchrtiged. and lhat th# va nance fs in till instances but steall; m has te en admitted in Wanting by hMiccuser, abundantly proyohis , ;! ifmoceficfe. “ '■ :r “ He has tfeveV' traWKed^he. coiinty to -administer the oaths’ oPOfficej tb giratsfy' hjs ■/ cupidity, in one o r tsro-illladeiesj;.!)^*^ ^ proceeded to ihe'eastefrfp'ari'bFflie CbUnty 4 -lodeUrevdh^ eomhaissipi-’-^^fin’the'-ipemdiis ^ 1 the overflowing of the waterfthe; during the day. Four valuable h'orses, and the greater part o f the carriage, Was test. , .!. ■ - cbipehigo on the Coast of Chili, stilf ad- hcre tpt Spain. But if -the GoVernhrnf Ghilqe floes not sotfti receive reinfercfe. mentfjyt was in contemplation to cstabhsh another .republic. s]|.Scvieral very fifch ail* ver pnncs have beeh discovcred in AVaii- canUj. and the Chilian papers estimate thafl iiie. product R e s e n t year, will no(,bfiIcss than fivemiilions. ofdollairs. Parly Spirit — The National Intelligent -ccr Says: “ The extent o f pa Georgia may be Estimated by the fact, that i t deseends even to the rCihoval of C leric in Banks, on account of tljMifr, po­ litics. If there is any thing in thfi World Ihat^dn have no proper relation-to p ar­ ty'divisions, i t i s Banking. It is hardly to ie.''doubted t^at’ the Same/ prihcroje fihaiiges the'officers o f banks, rc-|: gufat^s. also° their discounts. .Thn^, fefi? yenjie instrui J9a?ks areengmes ^ nt3. ©f oppreB 3 ion,\rrT h is jp*» ofipolitical.animosity^igmoreflis- creditnbifi than any thing w e ' heard froinlhat quartert Daring 0 ulr 4 ge.Z~Qd the’fifitb jjpst. a ruffian entered the dwelling-of a Mf. Z e b i i y 3 h % « m ^ ^ ) a n d s ' ffir mofiey- ....... lfS-i asked u (Vhfi‘wiiS;aloHe ex+: andsiflxing a knife,.throat i t th^piigh her hack,HBotmt it penetrated nearlythrdugh \abdomen. He- lhefi»left the house, boUf tblthU house, apd therfe waS life c- T h e new Chancellor, we understand from thc gentlemen o f the Bar who prac­ tise ritf m s-tdurt, gives great satisfaction. Oti sMbnday last he made several deci­ sions ten'questions argiied the previous Wqek, and among others, in the base of ^e|afiel^ against Ferrers, on a motion to; fliisSolYcan injunction relative to claims Recovered under the Spanish Treaty. T h is opinion, although- thoroughly matu­ red, was in this ca.se delivered without writing. It is said by those who were present, to have been one of the most lu­ cid specimens o fjudicial reasoning xxbj heard frohi the Chancery Bench. > Not; a fact, in the Cause, which the most anx- iofis suitor could deem- o f any import­ ance, was left unnoticed or even Unex­ plored, hoiifi principle'of law o r equity brought to hefirujii^ it,;which did not command im^ediate assent, cither by its intripsic.trpth o r the arguments advanced in. ita suppprt. ' One o f our legalvfticnds among the juniors o f the Bar seems to h e a perfect enthusiast in his admiration. He says h e could not conceive i t possible for- the human mind, howeTCrwell-disci- plined, (o range its ideas with much full* ness, clearness and methodical accuracy; without first reducing them to Writing^- He applies to the symmetry, which dis­ tinguishes the new Chfifihnlldr^ihftllnoM ual productions, a fte* quently used by tfih IsijteTrovost p f 0 6 * ^-M p n d a y e v e n ing, a t b o’clock, as Mr. Auguste Jouan Was troyelhag or foot from N ^-BrunsvrlcktoBattew o a, N . J . Ink ter place, he' was stopped' w # rofired place, by two coloured threatening to take hts Iffetff Jkfihtale latenhthbFronklln Bank ofNe,w*YorK; three SO^tfoilar bills, and from I5 to ten dollarbillsi ofithc United States at BhiMinlpbiilh. Also apaper eontainl ing twelredouhlbons. Oncofithe Rom bero itrtfew da%ejblacfcroan>t^ f small muuitto* Mr* J*dfes offered a rc Wfird ^ f SOfi’ tpt the^appreherisoiiF ramms charged ,_v Wfespeak4^Vi-^ sedly WhenWO ;Dr HaVen* tb a f i e ^ a f :y oe produced, where tte^hus • Ingle instance 'to € _ ___ charged ahyfbing for nrfmmisfering thd datfi. of office to a'tnilitary officer wirase commia* Sion bertifidale since the act o f 1823. ^ these circumstances appeared in the WflSda- \ ; •*( vits sent :to the governor, as would hava been the case bad an opportunity been for*F f nished to cross examine the witnesses; the : result would have been with the governor^ - as it now is with every honourable m.iid ae- quainted with the facts, the entire excul- ' pntion of fir. Havens from .all manner o f . blame.” . '1 Influenza.—Thin epidemic continues to rage, with unabated violence, throughout ttys' whoie extenf of our country. We h n o o lt opened a paper for .the last three week-, - , that has not complained of the effects bf | this troublesome disease ; but of all thb newspaper paragraphs, which we liave seen, ■ .Ihe following, froth the Connecticut Mirror, *. affords the most consolalion to the affiictcd. V . ( J 1 “ - - ' *„ ' I ‘ The Influenza.— By yds we mean an at; tack upoa tbe pose, the shouldera, tfie legs; the throat, the eyes, the lungs, the.disgq*;* tion, the pnrpo^ob. and the feeUiigs'ggndt ^ rally, coTporcaland mental, Thq snide ccim; ^ membrane, lh«t dcUokh~aml_tlia cecti, m , glutaai musclrorrlh© tbnsil^ uvuti,. .teUips'^ pendtdumpafadft tfie cornea, inshorCCvcigi* S ,one, of these hard terms is called out to swertoitscaine. ..... ’ *3 . These learned.words ^eednoejrplanatioy, I Every body that has had J t - ^ d fvfid | not ?T*mey. ,ti>tn -pver glossarv o f bis owu experience, and tftuU late for hiapell »V sYrt K , may apt h p 1S » qrst ftin«,tliat.coq|d happeq. Jfcrh^ the decision in the fiouses of . reprc^entaJtiyi on the jodjcia,ry, b»ll, was cnused by \ft Same epidemic,. for ivliat ^ lse icqnW fin stopped th eir thousand amendments btu^ which each mim ’floes dith fiihwolf, iufia sits

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