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Long Island farmer. (Jamaica, Queens County, N.Y.) 1862-1870, February 24, 1870, Image 3

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r . O T H S h i .ot ft -w M Af‘ ■ irtm afcibili #** it J > k f -. ^ j* L C & k\ li ' ti i> fa. itx. ' '-’ * »* *5 * & fj .5 vV ♦ *>„•''* -' . ISLAND FARMER: THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 34, 1870. 3 Uim 2 E9U»iYY i ... w .’! I—i—i — ^i,i~ nt. fi; ., ,:> \IJJ.ilhVir «’* itif.'ri -n.'tt l- I J S a y i f i ^ g B a t t i t , ; ., CORNER, , , I li 1 fcirty’F o u r th Street a n d k'h ird .lA v m u e ^ , *» NEW Y o ke CiTVi k. , .. -. . - ■ ' • . •• ■•!.?• flthto tifqptagte* iv?l.V ° l ffiRSHPM? IHfw <110 «vqiuil|iw V* «||G jUUIig luailU .' : ! •-: fi-lftggd. . , u U.td L r INTEREST, COMMENCES ON,,TICE FIRST OF EVERY HOSTH.“Clf,, , i<(, .’i s s S c , t p w s . c a e u & -i ... paid on nlLsuras , E bqm f l td ,4 & 0 0 0 .''' CpEN .EvBRY DAT 'a N d EVENING. \ 1 . • ” • I). D.T.M ARSBALt, 1 -t ■ PreHdeUti joWfiA. FiTHii*. Sfp'y. , . . . RiorU KkttT, Treasurer r flE LONG ISLAND , ■ ■ I-> ... •. .1 ...... '■ : .............. I Safe Deposit Company. •OF IllfcUTV'Of dROOkl.VS, Caraer mt F u ll on m id Front Streets. ‘ i • . *:»it jhsrtsredfcy Special Act of the Legislature of.thc State of Now York. Open dally from 9 t. u. to 4 r. n. For Uinxttlo keeping of. Valuables under Guar- . i antec, and the Renting of Private Safes In- ojdelts Burglar Proof VUultS. • • This Company hiiVftig just completed tlfclr hew Iron infilling, constructed expressly .for tUc-utea, of th* Safa TccosltOo., Are-proof lu every particular,andotncrwlse rcefrto danker by any surrounding element,- how of- erfor rent their Small safes Inside tholr burglar-proof Knits. for 015, tad, 025 find HO, according to slsojind to'- atlo*. Will also rcptfive specialdeporitsof Government' State. and ltallroad securities; also wills, deeds, bonds, EZcLii.. — 1.1 »M slider Oolu oi bullion, slider plato, swell snd other valuables. Cash boxes of merchants, iwyerxahd othCnt received. Rates according to value aid hulk. The bulldlqg is in chargq af competent and ellabie watchmen, day and ntglit ;• ia lighted Und from he prominence of the location is under the observation if to* Police and passers-by to and from the, Ferries. D1SSCTOH3.—lion. Johb A. Lott,-Thto.tM»»*ehger, ihsries E. BUI, A. J . Beckman, l’etcr 0. Cornell, Sidney jornWl, R. 'B.Diftckitlek, JnWa D. Fish; Hehiy P. fcresn. Beymonr L. Hustcd, John Lefferts-Ahm. Lott, I.En^ctrejiont.DahfelA.ltobMns.JohDBnedoai-Wll- Ismfiinclalr, Jnaics L Moore, Isaac Van Auden, Sane id T. Tabtir, George A. Thorne, Brewster Valentino, JdwM D. White, W. C. Itushmore, Nicholas Wyakofl, Messenger, James Howe. ^ TsOB. M s s s b x c b r , Vlcc-l'resldent. President.. JOSS D itxa S, Ja., Secretary. ' 29' J AMAICA Savings Bank Incorporated by Act of Legislature, April 20,1886 Aaron A. Degrauw, President. James Rider, 1st Vioe-PrsMdent. 1 John N> Brlnckerhoff, 2d Vice-President. Morris Fosdick, Trdashnrl Tscsrsas—Dsnlel Smlthi JqhnN. Brinckerhpff, Moi;- ris Fosdick, Aaron'A. Degrauw, William Phrtmcr, John ^ w f i u l M f e ^ ^ O'Donnell, Sr., Mat tin I. Dqryea, John W. DsMott, As- can Backus, John H. Beaman, John N. Brinckcrhotf, John Grady. • The Trustees, have rented the west room in the base­ ment of the Colinty Clerk’s Office. The Bank will be open to receig* depOfdts.on Wednesday and Saturday of each week, from 4 fa e o'clock, p. it. 32 - MORRIS FOSDICK, Secretary. g A S T BltOOKLYlT •’ S a y i n g s , 6 9 3 f f l y r t l e A r e n n e a r F r a n k l i n A r e . Open every day from lo s. m. to 2 p. n., and Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, from 7 tu 9 p. n. Interest 6 per oent, per anhura, on all. sums front one dollar upwards. Free from all tares. AU atonies deposited ou or .bgtaot the Ifitb January, April, July and October, will draw interest from tbe 1st cf these months. - ' STEPHEN CROWELL, • President. eons ax. rp*Lr», • f , • • - TRCsrirs—Stephen Crowell, John M. Phelps, Kobert Porterfield, P. F. O’BHca, John N. Longhl, Wm. Uhu- ten, Alfred Smith, Christy Davis, ThouaasP. Hudson, Junes Lock, Hshry Tclnkin, Joseph Oliver, 8 amnet Graham, D. R. James, Daniel. A. Eldndge, S. C, Barnest Benjamin F. BUbk. IJ2 JIJETUOPdLITAN Savings Bank, Now occupylhg'theirSew'Matblc Fire-Proof Hanking ................House, - 11*1. 1 *t*ul 3 T h lf d A v e H M ,N » w York. Opposite Cooper Inatltute. , • Slxuer c*ntlBt«rest,fuasfrom t»T,aIlowcd'On«ll.si>nm trom fsamt upwards. Deposits of one dollar received. Interest commences tn J«* 4 UA* 3 t,*April,July and October, and is paid or compounded *en>l^u>nnaUy, in January and July, \ Avooxr or P spobits , 34,750,000 to. . I ISAAC T. SMITEL President! T. W. L illis , Secretary. Iy5 gEVHN PER CENT INTEREST. EAST R IV E R '”»e #6 v«w,< 0 , •V>«h*(>l*M«Mi»4P»n'A*uto On and after MONDAY, the 17tb day of JANUAs BY inst., tbis JnsUiotion vlU pay Intereat at tbe rate^f \ per cent, perjfimimi * ' ’ . . . . Joined on dopoeffSr {oelatday of January,— w. w createa M an originaJ deposit; . . Bank open dnily fromlO to 3, «sd on Thurtday from »0 to 7* „ .. WILLIAM H. SI.OCUM, President- , Obsrlxs A. Wnintkv, Secretary. 218 fpH E LONG ISLAND, . i.'Battk of Brooklyn^ CORNBROF FO^TDN AND ADA m N s TS^, \ i - . ' ' * * ■' ‘ \ OppOtUlNtm C o iK tfftW e & t y t t T o ’ p . M . 1 0 3 Jjroe* ™ President. ^ u e i R g t e w ^ t . j -Vlcc-Presldont#. . ..i.V X X ? .:. I itl'HeA.drer. “award It, Fowler .......................................... Sccretnry. John C.p*rt 4 V .a...v...‘.«'.i'..AttbfrrtyhAdCounsel. JANUARY\ « rtn, T«ItJ-»PK«IAL DltPOSITS-A NE W'FEATURE. *^™unt may be cheeked out at the pleasure of the de- fJJj^sadtotem d rtjrtlo* p*c *e»t m« arihuda, tree Gnrarnmeat 3M4J wlAtbs’jpaidk.ilw thriiykah ST* slsndlngJi* tire aredlt of thsdeaositm-. vToHahlM > *hti T'J I yi+l£t*A - * 4 S g g s r -llilltt l ii ahnifij.Vi t v m ini Uwm u l at j,ur.ltii ,J ,f. , it irr.rAft, V,.: . ' Savings Institution; ... enteivo. iall S&.. &KM9tey4 hw t% 1 S|ON g a u f e i s , <&tt. Dime Savings Bank, , i „ t i f l.i- ./ u-i • .i i.- • • 7 7 • i i Nos,fo« andH0 ^an^nffiBor Lalght 8 tp*t,NewY<>rk, SIX )PBR CENT. INTEREST ON $5 TO t5j00d) FREE OF TAX, oafth mido oh'oi4 bhforeVIViG, tbcUU 20 lhHt day»J ofA Janniry, \ • • \ tpber,wlU d respectively. IK: Aprit , m i * U * MV U W VU4IUi|l|| July and Of tpbcr.wljl dfgw Interest from, th,, those months re ----- .B i,iI ,0*n271. TfiT ^ h L I G E R BROTHERS, G^er'aJ,'' tosW’W ce Agency, N o . 10 F in e Street, N e w 'Vtirk, , Kopresenting , ' jg . e e S t * ai : l s tesui4'ARc6_co., 1 w oi-KN' W.; Y. 0 |pi(al|ss.s* >••««•■■ ••••••*••««• ssi* ••ss^l BirpiUR, .......................................... 320,000 Assbts, «... ....^580,000 I ^ D f i T l i N D l L N ' F W s i I R A N C E < ^ 0 , 1 or bostok. ’ Capital ........................................ $300,000 220,000 . ,i Awets,.—.•••-•b.dd.*^*h4h»•**..i..^fi 20 ,i )00 S H O E A K D L E A T H E R D l i A L E R S E . & ' M . I N S U R A N C E C O M P A N Y , • - ’ < \ ' b r BiiiiOM.' ■ ' —......0300,000 200,000 , Capital,. .i.i ....... Assets, .......................... . ...... . —0450/100 m e ^ c h a n t s OE n s u r a n c e CO., ' Or'P'ROVlDRSCE. Surplus, ............................ 175,000 Assets,..- - . . « • . . . . 0375,000 Farm Ahd Village property insured for one, two, three or, five years, on moat fitvoralfic terms. Premiums cash only. No notes required! Rates aa low as Mutual Companies, and security perfect. All losses adjusted and’pnid at the NeW York Office. Damage to property from lightning, whether fire en­ sues or not, csvsrtd by policies of the Glens Fall Insu­ rance Company. , 30 - p i I E N I X , i Fiiee insn^aiice Company, OF HKOOKl.YN. f OfBces, No. 12 Court Sit., Brooklyn, .178 Broadway, New York, and 84 Broad- way, WilliamBburgh. Cash Capital, ....................... 01 , 000,000 00 Surplus...... 618,840 79 Assets,.. ................................... 01,618,840 70 Insures Buildings, Merchandise, and other property, against lota or damage by fire, and Inland Marine Risks, at rates as low as other firat class Stock Companies. 1 ParUctttar attsntlon given to the Insuwace ot farm property, Isolated dwellings aud tliclr funiHurc, for one, three or five years. Losses equitably adjusted' and pula iu cash at thia agency. :D»RseT 0 R 8 —Btt-phen Crowell, Andrew V. Stout, Henry, CoIUns, John M. Hicks, Isaac H. Frothingham, Gkbtge W. Bergen, Alexis Btagg, Charles O. Betts, James S. Rockwell, Alvin O. Bradley, Gustav Schwab, Low, Samuel W. Burtis, Daniel F. hemakl, Edwin T. Rice, Edgar W. Crowell, Daniel Ayres, Harold Dollncr, Isaac Brinkerhott; Wiliiut) P. Beale- Thomaa H, Rod- man; Wm. B. Kendall, James H. Elmore, Bcnjamiu F. Wardwell, Mdses F. Odell, A. B. England, Edwin Buers, NatlmnicI Rutnain, John C. Cole, Daniel If. Gregory, J. D. Ingersoll. • - ' STEPHEN CROWELL. President. , • EDGAR W. CROWELL, VlceiPresident. I’ntLiRDRR Siiivr, Secretary. All information relating to insurance In said Compa­ ny can be obtained of Gt lskst S atrrs , Esq., one of its Ditbctbre, Jamaica'. 40 LATHAM M. JAGGAR, Agent for Jamaica. ^M IC A R L E MUTUAL - - Life insurance Company O F N E W YORK, Office, 516 Broadway, (opposite St. Nicholas Hotel o r r t o x-aa: Joseph Hoxlc...,........... 1 . . . . ; President. E. Dwight Kendall Vic* President. J* F. It. Hadden ............ . , ...Secretary. Medical E x a m i n e r . . H . O. ITtfaftl, M. D. Consul......................W m . M.Tweed, J f DiaRGToss.—Jamee StewarL Francis Sklddy. Nathaniel iUddcu. O. Hi Palmer, bill. Kendall, A. J. Smith,' LeGrapd Lockwood, Joseph.Hoxic, Z.Dcdrlck. D.Hcn- gi Halglit, K Dwight Kehdall, A. At Valentine, James Bar AU approved fo'rmsof Policies, Endowments and AtunlUesi, ■. Agents wanted throughout the United States. CicigymuA and Toachera arts particularly invited to communicate with the home office. . TJJTHER p . CARTER, Qen’l Ag’t at Large. S au ’ l S. A y X ar , Agent for this place. 42 J^ I N G S CbUNTY fire. Insurance Company* OF THE crrv OF BROOKLYN, Cash Capital,......................................0150,000.001 I Sqrpl^s, October, Totel Assets,. . , , * 2 0 3 , 4 2 ) 1 . 6 2 OfflCCS-rCoRRKRBROADWAY and F ibs ^S j .^ BROOgLTX, E. i)., and No. 8 Puts St., Nmvr Yonx. DlRfib'rtma— E d w ’d T 1. Backhbuife, MaftinKalhflelncll, Alfred Clock, Henry JohnsongtBsnjanln F , Delano, Adran M. Suydam, Chaunccy L. Cook, Samuel Long­ man,-J! A.G. Comatoqk, Gcoma C. Bennett, Charles Gooawln, Samuel RayUor.AlfredHbbley George,, oqle, -p. b ACHHOTJSE, Application fhr Insumfice dn property In QubenbBouit. ty may be made to Mr. LATHAM. M. JAGGAR, 41 tETTHKBKSYl 10,0(0 Word* iindiUeMlags not in.. other. Dlctloratrle*. 3/100 Engravings; 1,M Page* Quarto. Price 012. nii r m ‘ 1 \ >. • -I *n t-i-i.'- i 1,1 ^ J ^ a d to ^ d mjy teafjm^ny In It* favor.— ^rea'I Walker ^jpgjaqpoiarjkuow e , » o ,v ( tiu e .- ir .^.^ s r e c if . . .LoWtegt fir- ‘ 1 Thb'tolgUhSiot atuBentebf o4dr Lawguage.— JbAu 6. WHo^wS'<faH*hrtt l?lrf faaiae IS NtdOHfpteRy.-LffikiMj ceUnr Kent. • i Gtyshdngtdal part 'autpaasc* anythbighyekriicrlabor- en.—Qeorge Bancroft. 'iBdlHhgMlMloH tAUmgemtcFrtMlpUideefi'toVhUo** ^Extdiifill O^^T?n jehhlng ibtbhtllleletAib.—Preiii ^^So^T^aa^ inow, hest’Scfeing Wfttiinaty.—Arorribe MkMan* h il.ijl q ir/t tin,-!.-,// [ <m ..jTjy -I -u . m rther. tho am work.—Nstarfc eke tutn . 1 1 , tn , ' it gAM UEL J,!BENDEICM« 0 V 4 t * -1 ’ - REAlL E 8 T A t E '! i t € E N T , ' • 1 .. ■ >t * • 1 - '■! I- , .,,QFFICK.IIN lvt , , . W e i l l a g ’ i s t a t i o n e r y * a h 3 F a u c r « e s 4 s , S4gr«» ;•• ... • - j a k a i c A.- n e w Y o r k : Particular attiintion pnia lt> t1i6'Wlrch««e and Sale o f • ii . Real.EsUIc.IhunUturoMIouaesand/ rcbioyl Collccilon o f U p q ts, , R li -* 1 ‘ ___ I.TAJt!. __ ? „■ | JJtRA L ESTATE AGEpOY. ( , . ISAAC I . .......................... AUCTIONEER; !■ * E s t a t e ' . A ' g e n t , JAMAICA. I.LONG ISLAND. . OA, 454 THIRD AVE.. . .'.NEW YORK. . j Particular attention paid to the purchase nnd sale of j Persons having f.trniq to w|J, W Iqavlnealcacription, price and termB lit the. store of John H. Brlnnkcrhbff, oppoelte tho County Clerkla Offlcc, Jata«lca, nddrcsfod to pic, will be promptly uttended to. 118 ' - • u 1SAAC B. REM 8 KN. j y SHELTON, Will give prompt attention to the Purchase & Sale of Fartalng Lands, , In Nehraska, ENTRY OF GOVERNMENT AND RAILROAD LANDS, P a y m e n t b f Taxes, Ani] Negotiation o f Loans Qn ‘ Bodd and M ortgage. Thb legal rates of Interest Ih Nebraska !* Twelve per cent. dcc30 JJMMENSE SALE —or— Over Fifteen Hiadrei Boildtng Lets, (Including three pieces of imprpred property,) At nnd adjoining the Long Itland Railroad, AT TIE V i l l a g e of (fcuuena, THE MOST HEALTHFUL AND PROMISING NEIGHBORHOOD IN THE SUBURBS OF N e w YORK CITY. Commutation, by rail, 056 a year. Six trains each way dally. The maps of these lots arc now bn'exhibition and may l;e consulted at the subscriber’* office, wbore applicants appearing in person may, at all hours o t the day, find a guntl,manly utddc to conduct them over tbe entlrc prop- crty, and to furnish them with the prices of lota, which range upward from fabulously low ugurts. TERMS TO SUI t V u RCHASERS. Address or call upon , _ , SCOTT K*« SHKHWOOD, - Queens Law and HraLEatste Office, m Q u e e n s , L . I . i a r Lot* remaining, unsold on the 31st day ot March, will he sold a t Public Auction o n the 7th day of April, at 12 o’clock M. febfiwd gUPREM E COURT. WUHara Peetand William H.Talteagc, as Trustpes for tho holders of certain bondsJssucd hy the Metropolitan Kail Road Company, plafnttfih, aj/ainet The Metropolitan Kail Road Company, WffiiumPect. as aqlc Trustee lor tho holders of certain other bohda lasuttd by the Metropolitan IUH Road Com- bany, hearing dntetmi 1 st NdveUthcr, lSfid, andhtliera, defendant*.- In puisunncuot a Judgment of foreclosure und attic tnpde iu tllltt r.ctloa otithe fvruaty-t-ceond day of Noycm- her, 1860,1 hereby give notice that on SAT&KDA 1’, tho FIFTH day-of M.WC'tf, 1870, at the hbfir ofl2 o’clock, noon, at the COM M EH CIA L M.YCUAXOE, Number 3119 Fillton Street, in the City of BROOKLYN, anil said county of Kings, I wil) sort nt Public Auction, to the highest bidder, the lutid* and preinlacs, ffaqchlscs, privi­ lege* and property, In aald judgment mentioned and therein described as follown, viz; ThemllroHil conatrueted by the Metropolitan Ritllroad C'qmptmy,and owned under theirefmrter and grant from the tfnek of the Brooklyn City Railroad Company now laid on Firat street, lu the d ty of Brooklyn, where the line ot North Firat atreet intersects the aame to » point at the easterly termination of North Second street, in the city of Brooklyn, through the several streets as laid down on tho map bf survey of said railroad, Including the right of wny thereof, pud nil the lands, real estate, railways, right of wny, and hind then, or thurcrcnfter, nceupicd therewith, the superstructure and track* of nil surtthenon, its Station houses, shops, and stables, and I lie lands and: grounds connected therewith, and all rails or other material* used thereon or procured, or to he procured therefor, ttild nil the tools tlmllmpleihentH tist-d, or to he provided to be used, thereon, and Ita construct­ ing mul repairing cars aud machinery for said road, or tho trucls or superstructure aforesaid, all the turnouts, roads, bridges, viaducts, culverts, fences, depot, grounds, stations, statlon-housec, turn-tablrs, stable, and depots, and all other building, aud other fixtures aud structures of whatever name and nature then built, or thereafter to be built or owned, by sold company, and tlio lands nnd grounds connected therewith, used, or provided to be used, Iu operating skid road, and wherever situate. And unny, together with the rents, income, Issues, profits nnd incomes of said mortgaged properly, and all lands, tene­ ment* and hereditaments belonging t o the said company, P O R SALE, L E E K F .V B M , EAST TOLL-GATE, JAMAICA, For Sale entire, seventy-six acre*, bouse, bam, carriage and corn house, etc.; 016,000. Building and twenty-one acres front, 09,000. K7* Enquire on the premises. febI 0 w?» | jAWKENCE, OAKLEY 4fc FtEUBY, G e n e ral A u c tioneers - ■ . ■ xxb - ; - '■ Agents fop tfie Sale uif Real Estate, ■ H Pin$ Strctti fifoftVdOTfi*^ - K-A. LAWKBUCK, Me.OfitKU T*t. JAfo A* jri.KUpVs gUFREM E COURT.' - • . Charles M. Knudall, Trtt«t*e,4:d., ^li!nt!ffl!, I The Metropolitan ^afiroad Comjbany and f otbenb-Oofendinta. * ,. -7 ' ■ I In pnrauance of a Judgment o f foreclosure and sale, made in this action, on.tUc twenty.iecond day of No- vetphcr, 1869,1 hereby give nollee Wat On ISA TURD A Y, the FIFTH asp o f JM£CM 7 1«7K Xt thu Itour bf i l and said county of Klng£TrwllI sell a t 1’uWic Auction, (•the hlghoot bidder,tha usndsastd ptom(Kt,frenchtse«, privileges and ------------ ’ rf th* cowWreJDnwixtrdWrtdidh* oountyM Queens, in tbe State qf NewYorlt, uoscribed a* follows; BSginX>h 0 a t tb* terialiin of this aoso^etod road, or Uarwburgb, *114 running ,thence tloog Uetrouolltati avenue easterly to tBq eOMeriy Bn* at the eltv of Brook- ftaj thoncs aloof the line^efijlm, 10 rt«klynsud Jsmalca turnpike on tolWdMlhVUlai 1 : incio- ------- .... . v Choftlevy- slveof turnouts and side-track* about three miles, to­ gether with all the rlghtof way, railroad bed, track, rails, ties, stringer*,, sputeaf chaln*, bridges, culverts, dltoiuM, br other strttediro/ -*«p*n*W«bture, or Mfirthic- anaes thereto Mroidto^(«jMwt»hr,JiKiitsptor horw ihSaStSaBka*’\ i ! ' 11 ............ and all supplies of timber, lumber, iron, and every thing provided, or to ho provided, hy the snid company to he u«ud in operating said road, and'all other real and per­ sonal property owned, claimed or held, or hereafter to be owned1, claimed or held, by- said company, together with all privileges, franchises, easements, rights and interests whatsoever of, In and to, or concerning said property, and nil corporate franchises of tbo said Metropolitan Railroad Company, Including the right nnd franchise of wild company to be nnd net as n Corporation. Excepting from Biila ducrvu nil property embraced in n certain re­ lease, dated 25tb of June, i860, between William II. Tal- mage nnd Wllllum Feet, Trustees, partji * ot the firat part, nnd tho Metropolitan Railroad Company of the second part, apd recorded in the office of the Clerk of Queens county, on the Ilth day of December, 1866, In Liber 248 nf Deeds, page 49. Dated January 12,1870. GERARD M. STEVENS, Referee. Etna Q. B hown , E sq ., Fliilntlft's’ Attorney. NOUNTk COURT—QUEENS COUNTY. Elijah Ward agtt. } Exkodtiox. William R. Triune. J State of New York, Cqunty of Queens, ss. By virtue of an execution Issued out of the County Court of Queens county, of the State of New York, against the goods and chattels, lands and tenements of William R .l’rlnce. I have aelzed all the right, title and interest which the aald William If. Prince hnd on thu second day of May, 1861, or a t any time afterwards, of. in and to the following described promises, -which I shall expose for sale, as the law directs, st O’BRIEN’S HOTEL, In tlie Village nnd Town of JAMAICA, S ueens county, on FRIDAY, the ELEVENTH day of ARCH, 1870, at 11 o’clock in the forenoon of that day, to wit; , All those two certain plots, pieces or parcels of lnnd, situated in the villngu of Astoria, In the town of New­ town, and county of Queens, known and distinguished on acertaln map entitled “ Map of the McDonough farm, situate atllallct’s Cove, the property of William Rob­ ert prince,” filed lu the ofllce of the Clerk of the county of Queens, on the 0th dny of J uni’, 1830, as follows: l ’lot number 1 as lots 403, -404,406 406,407,406,409,410,411, 412,413,414,415,416,463, 464, 405, 466,467,468,469,470, 471,472,473,474,476, and 476 on said than, said lots com­ prising the entire block bounded northerly by Tuytor street; easterly bj- Franklin street; southerly by Car­ roll street, and westerly, by Montgomery street,as repre­ sented 011 snld map, together with the land In froht of said lots and extending to the centre line of aald streets, said plot being a parallellogram 400 feet in length und 26b feet in width. Plot No. 2 , as lots 580, 581, 582,583, 664,685,586, 587, 588, 689, 680 , 591, and 692, on said map, together with land ln front of said lots and extending to.tjte centre line of Seaman street, aald Flat taken together being hounded .and described us follows, to-wit: Commencing lit a point on the centre line of Henman street, distant IOO feet westerly from the westerly lino of Hamilton Btreet; thence northcriy, parallel witli Hamilton street, about 360 feet to the northerly boundary of said properiy of William Robert Prince; thence westerly along said northerly boundary line about 118 feet to the north­ westerly corner of mid property; thence southerly along the westerly boundary ot said property about 365 feet to the centra linn of Seaman street; thence easterly along said centre line of Seaman street about 65 feet to the point of beginning. Together with qll and singular tbe tenements, here­ ditaments and appurtenances thereunto belouglng or (n anywise appertaining. Dated January 27,1870. GEORGE DURLAND, Sheriff. 67 Wall Street, New York. s Ul’KEMK COURT-COUNTY OF QUEENS.- ■ I ’ m (hlh« It ) -id f» ,- j .1*.- ) w -ug ) / Wi f llL l «;»i*toa»M,M0Wii.r>i) tu, 111 < $ Q m v m m w A . e , -, 1 ..*, -I.;*, - A P P ’l i E S i ot u, 1 . 1 . i ’ll F o r sals b y * ' I I . H E N D E R S O N , 44 - Oor. Fulton and Union Hall its. J ^ o T i c E T(j ci rj Pursuant to an order ol Surrogate of thsi ' * to all person* haVftig' .... Lottjfa/o of the town,ot QMsnLdfedtefcr ' I PI- - i t K. - - : v r ■ /- FUllttn H. Onderdouk, —**—»is berebygiven estate of JaramCa lq the lablcouqty of 1,'tenhthe Vbich. .v aw f thm s iM 1 ... •- ■> AV.-UriW* telA'iSMk'Sk'^^Saa' o f l nowii __ _ L bUAniitq MeenUur. Joseph Dodge, Harah Dodge, 7 and others, plaintiffs, I agaitul J John S. Burtis, and others, j Defendants. j In pursuance and hy virtue of a judgment order made in the abovo entitled action, and bearing date the first day ot December, 1860, wlU ho sold at l ’uhllc Auction, by and under the direction of the subscriber, the Referee in said order named, on, FRIDAY, APRIL FIRST, 1870, nt half-past one o’elockTn the afternoon of that day, at tlie hotel now kept.by Gideon8enman,at Port Wash­ ington, ln tho Town of North Hempstead, Queens eounty, the lands and premises in said order mentioned,: and therein bounded and described as follows, ta-wit: First—All that tertnln piece or lot of land lyl* upon Cow Neck, in tho Town of North Ilempsteai., and bounded as follows r Beginning a t the southeast copter thereof, adjoining the mill-pond of Jeremiah Reynolds atid tbo lotid belonging to the estate of Cnto Sands, deceased, by a stake droveln the ground at the edge of aald mill-pond, and running, frgut said stake northwestwardly od the linc of eald Hands’ estate until it comes on a line of the picket fence on the northerly side of tho uuid hereby intended to bo conveyed; then running wcstwanlly along said fence to the northwest­ wardly corner thereof; thence southwardly on the course of the picket fence, as It now stands, to a stono by the ml)l-pohd; (kencc northeastwardly along sold pond to the stake above mentioned, coptalning by estimation half an acre of land, more or less, as the mid premise* arc described ln and conveyed by a certain deed dated March 27 th, M il, and recorded In Queens Cbunty Clerk’s Office, in Liber 83 fclghty-three) bf Deeds, page 19, (nineteen,) mado by Jeraihfah Reynold* and Wife to-the •old Phcbe Burtis Rapclyea, Who was then unmarried, by her maiden nalrie of Phebb Burtis. Second—All that certain niece or parcel of land situate, lying and being In the Town of North Hempstead, adjoining the highway, loading from the Middle Neck road to Cow Bay, and bounded aa follows: On the north hy tho said highway, and bn the that) South ahd Weit by land of William h. Baxter, containing within sal Abound* one aero, he Iho samo mow or leas, a t tho Mid premises aro deacrlhodiq aud ootiveysd by acertaln dood dated March- 13th, 1862) and recorded In Queen’s County Clerk’s Of­ fice,In Uber 95 (nlacly-fivb) of Deeds, nt page 9, (nine,) mnde hy Robert S. Seabury, Sheriff of Queens county, fd the said Phebb BUttls Kapeiyea, by the name and description of phebe Rapclyea, ^ Together with all find singular the tenements, hcredl- tsaq^nts nnd appurtenances thereunto, belouglng or in anyWlsc appertaining. Dated. Jamaica, February Ath, 1879. JOHN J . ARMSTRONG Referee. Hknthr-W. E isfnair. Attornoy tor Plaintiffs. ______ j^O T IC B . • Nbtllb Is hereby glvcrt that the Trustees o f the Vil­ lage bf Astoria Intend to apply. to the Board of Super’ visors of tho County ot Queens, at a meeting of Bald Board of Supervisors to beheld at .the Quecn’a Connty Surrogate’s Office, tojhq village of Jamaica, in aald county, on the THtKTY-lTRST day of MARCH, 1870, at eleven, a ’slstkia tho forenoon of tbat,day1, for .thb consent of said Board bf Supervisors to take by dried Xhd tonso tot- cbtlteteiy purposes, all that certain JSfteVWo^rS? from said r . __ _ _________ ___ ____ extending norlberly from said Hanson’s land so far as may be necessary to embrace two aero* of land.- Dated February 1*t, l 8 7 « '^ >. JttbTlCETotfKEDltORO. < 1 ■ ‘ PtlrtUanl to ih order bf ifon. Jams' W. dovert, Shr- roigtte *<• th» tMtrty cfQavaSx-notloo ia herohy.given to all persons having claims against the estate offiamh Hlghft/Mte Mfts,todFi» of YtttUM-i In GteMtd ebffitty utof of said deceased, at hit ritldence, in the vlUageand town of Jainslca, on or before the first day of August. JAMES RIDER. ^)a<ed January 81,1810. Executor. $ f p l 'Q o t t i w . UPUEME COURT-QUEENS COUNTY. J S eTuHufc Tower aatt, Monls J . jUruokvr and otluirs., In ^virftUHlic© tl » judgmvtit ot foreclosure Hnd «&)o mado in tliii notion on thu Arst dny of Feliruar^-, 1869^ ...*., . . miulcoiitho that on the i » X’l’WWftlfl 01/11 Ol UKVlMUVltVs 1870a a t tfieTidur of 12 o’clock, rioon.nt tho S'l'EVENS’ HOXJBB. si tun teat IIUNTEU’S 1?01NT, in thu county of Queens. I whl sell at PUBLIC AUCTION, to tlie iiighc»L bid* tier, the luude and prcmiHci iu t*aul judgment mcntlonod aiiu uiurciu deecribud an foiloWH, viz: (1.) Ail thut certain piece of land tdtuuted In the town' of Newtown, in Queens county, uml Slate ot New York} bounded and containing a* follows : Rcghmiiij; on tho westerly cidi? of u rttifyt nlxly fcut wide (the cciitrul pari whereof U now uncd lind Occupied by the Flubbing lwll- roKd Cvmpaby) n t » ppint (lUtunt two hundred and thir- ty feet southerly from tho southerly wide of the Grucn- pointand Plusliinjf pluuk road, unu which point is also In the centre lino of of nil Intended Btreet sixty feot wide to be laid out across tlie aald ItaiUoud atreet to Newtown creek; rujnjjng tin-net* southoriy along tho westerly sldo of mild Uuiiroiid Ktreut two hundred and sixty fact to the centre line of another intended street to be luU out across fluid Ituilroad street to Newtown creek; thence westerly alonv Baid centre line* which is also the north* erly boundary line of land conveyed by Kezluh DUes and gntmicl Snedcn to George H. Moiler, two huiulrcd and fifty fuet, more or loss, to Newtown crook; tlieuce northerly along tmld creek to the centre line of thu tint mentioned intended street; and thenco easterly along the centre lino thereof two hundred and twenty feet to tho i|lace of beginning. Also, all tho in* turost und estate of thu said Morris J. Drucker, aud tho other defendants, in the land under water In Newtown creek, in front of the premises above described, nnd also in the land comprising eald UnUroad street, as now occupied, to the centre thereof, adjacent and fronting the said premises, subject to the use of said Kailronu street and the said two Intended streets l>y the public generally as public street* forever, until dosed or altered by proper authority nnd subject also to the rights ofthe ifuuroad Company ovcf the aatd llailroad struct where thclr track now ruus—together with alfand flingnhir tbo tenement*, bcruditarouui*, nnd uppuvUinuncvft belonging and appuxtuinlng. (2.) Also, all that certain other plcee of land dtutoa in tho town of Newtown, in Queen* county, and State of New York, bound yd and containing uh follow*: 13ugin- ning on the ea*tevly side Of a street sixty feet wide, th e central part whereof is nbw used and occupied by tho FjUBhing Kallrpad Oompauy a t a pointdlfltntit two hun­ dred and thirty feet flouihcriy from the nouthcrlv side of tho Greenpolnt and Flushing plank road, anu whictr point ie also in the centre line of an intended street sixty fcut wide to he laid out adrofls suld ltallroad street to Newtown creek; running thence southerly along tho easterly side of Snid Railroad street two hundred and sixty feet to the cputro lino of another intended street tp be laid acrom* the eaid Uuilroud street, to Newtown creek; thenco easterly along the centre line of said in*: tended street three hundred and sixty-onefecttcn inches to tho centreline bf Acontcmplatcd atreet, or proposed new. lino of tho Flushing ltallroad; thence northerly along thO centre lino of said proposed ltallrosd street- two hundred a»d sixty-five feet fourand one-half Inches more or less, to the centre line of the first above men­ tioned Intended fctreet; and thenco westerly rdoag tho aame three hundred and eighty feet, eight and one-half inches more or leas to the place of beginning, and all the. krtercHtand estate of the said Morris J . Drucker, and tho othei defendants fn the lands composing eald ltallroad street as now occupied Co tho ceptfe thereof adjacenl and fronting said premlseB, subject to the use ofthe said ltallroad street, the said two intended streets nnd tho proposed Railroad street by tho public generally :ih pub* lie streets forever, or until closed or altered by proper- authority, and subject also to the rights of the Railroad Company over the said Rullroud street, where th^Ir track now runsand to tbeir right to change thelocatlon- of the same to tlie proposed Railroad street aforesaid- together witli all and singular the tenements, heredita­ ments and appuitetiunces belonging und appertaining. Dated November 80 , 1860 . GERARD M. STEVENS. Referee. W. HowABb W ait, INalntltf’s Attorney. The pale of the premises above described ia adjourned until THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 24 th , 1870, a t the same hour and place. (iKRARl) M. HTKVKNB, Dated January 24,1870. Referee. gUVRKME COURT- BTATK OF NEW YORK. Thomafl Crane againtl Benaluh 1*. Sturgus pud others. In pursuance of an order of the Supreme Court. State of New York; in above action mftae at spcuial tcrtft thereof, at the Court Houru, In the city unu county of New York, bearing date the *28d day of July, 1809, thb undersigned, Ueferco uppointcd iomdd order, will eeltat PUBLIC AUCTION, to the hlgheet bidder, at the Ho­ tel of JAM EH S. KEM6EN, 1;> Uw Village of JAMAI­ CA, Queens county, and Btatc of New York, on SATURDAY, tlie NINETEENTH day of MARCH* eighteen hundred and seventy, a t 12 o’clock noon, o f that, nil that certain piece or parcul of land situate, lying and being in the town o f Jamaica, known and represented a8 and by Lot No. 10 (sixteen) on a certain map intended to be filed in the office of the Cierk of the county of Queens and entitled “ Map of propurty at Jamaica, L. I., form­ erly of Robert L. fttcvena, Eso, now belonging to Peter Duryec,” which said map is dated Jamaica, November, 1850, and signed hy Martin G. Johnson, said pi oco or parcel of laud being bounded by a line commencing at the southeasterly corner thereof a t the intersection o i tho northerly line or a certain public road or highway, laid down on said map and known as the Jamaica tioutn road with* the westerly line of cettain public avenue; also laid down on said map and running thence nortbly along tho westerly line or side of said avenue twelves chains, sixty eight links and one quarter of a link; thenco north sixty one degrees and ten minute*, west two chains and eigh­ teen links; thenco south twenty-nine degrees and thirty minutes westlSuhainsslxty-fivu links and three quartern of a link to the ndrthty siuc of the said Jamaica South road, and thomo in a southeasterly direction along tho northerly side of tho mild Jamaica South road three chains and fifty-eight links, more or leas, to the point ol commencement aforesaid, containing three acres, two roods and twenly-two perches, he the samo more o r less And also all tho right, title*ud interest ofthe said Bcna- iah 1*. titurges of, in and to the one-half of said road lying in front Of and adjacent to said piece o r parcel of land; it being understood thqt.no part of or interest h> the avenue aforesaid is Intended to be hereby conveyed* Also, all tlmt certain Jpt* piece or parcel of land, with the buildings thereon erected, situate, lying and being In the laid township af Jamaica, in tho county of Quecniu and Htnte of Now York, being the northerly halt o f Lot 18 (eighteen) us laid down omald map. The premltt* hereby intended to baconveyod are bounded aa follow*: Northerly by Lot No. 19 (nineteen) westerly (ty (and of Derrick Van Wickleq; easterly in part hy tho avenue nnd In part bv Lot No. 16 (sixteen) nq said lots and ave­ nue are laid down on said map, and southerly by a lino commencing at a atone monument fixed In the division lino between Lots NO. lGfsixtucb), and No. 18 (eighteen), and running tjiunce westerly to a stone monument fixed in the division lino between Lot No. 18 (eighteen) and said land of Derrick Van “WlcklcD, containing four acres' and seven perches ox land. STEWART L. WOODFORD, Referee. M illkr , 1’ ket A OpDYKK, Fifth. Attys.,19i Broadway, NcVr York. . i N OTICE To CHEDITOIW. pursuant to an order of Hon. William IL Ondcrdonk, ^liftogate of the county of Qaccnfl, notice is hereby hiven to ufi persons having clqitna aiminst the estate « Luke lfcigcn, late or tbe town of Jamaica^ fn the said county of Queens, deceased, to wxhlbit the same, with the vouchers thereof, to, the subscribers, the adminis­ trator*, et6*, of tho deecuied, at thfe rveldOnco of William R. 8'mey, No. 37 Houth Fourth Street (WilliamBburgh)) Brooklyn,rooklyn, E..I)., P., Newew York, on or before the 15th day of Aptil next. B E N ASM H e r GKN, W M . R . B I N K Y , Dated October Ilth, 1869. Administrators. N' OTICE TO CREDITORS. l’ursunut to sn order of Hon. Willism U. Ondcrdonk, Surrogate ot the county, ot Queens, notice is hereby giten to sll person* hating clums sqsinstthe sitato M Gilbert S. Bergen, tote .of tbe town of Jamaica, in tho said eounty of Qiieions, dcctosed, to exhibit tbs samo with tbo vouchers thereof, to thesubicrlbcrs, tbosdniln- istmtors, etc., of the fleccssed, s t tbe residence of Wil­ liam It. Slney, Ho 37Eoath Fourth street, (Wllllsun*. tmrgh) Brooklyn, E. D., New York, on or before kth« 16th day of April ribxt, ANN BERGEN, I WM. K. SINEY, Dated OctohcrUtb,1809. 176] Administrator* J^OTIOE\^CRED1TORS.\ ~ J ' . Pursuant to »n order of Bon. James W. Covert, Snr- roaate of tho Connty of Queens, notlcajs hereby given to sll persons havisd elstini sgatirt the e.tate or De- Mqtt Davtsqn.Iito ofthe town _otJIcrnn»tcad, In th, told county of QucOni, dcecsted, to exhibit tho XaunQ With tho voucher* thoroqf, lo (he utoetolgned. *ukic>ib- crs, the administrators, with the. will annexed, o f the *6066, eKattels'aad eljdRs oh said dcctotfed/at ths tort. ^ o r S e p t O T h o t n e x , , ^ ^ ^ ri, ^ t- I JOHN W j D x MQTT, Dated February if b, 1870. Adrnfnlttrstors, etc. 'OTICK T 9 CREDITOR 8 . ; \T Pffraiteny to sp ordsr <rfr Hqn. WIIIl«ni Ondcrdonk, ■surrogate of the county of Qneens, noilco to hBreby f lyen *0 all petotmahavln* claims snfiMttho-eiUto of richolasgmuhlato of tho tqwn o f Jamaica, io the said etonty M'QiteSs, detotiteri, to exhibit the same with tho vouchers thereof, to the subscriber*, st thclr rest- dance, Iff the town b f Jstn*lea, on orberore tho 10th day of March next. Dated August 26th, 1189. N °

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