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Long Island farmer. (Jamaica, Queens County, N.Y.) 1862-1870, November 18, 1869, Image 5

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& FROM 5 CENTS TQ ES.OO, liar tvtidi V t j S j f k « 9 ? ^ H ® S S L - - *~i— • -— r - - — •■ * -------- * - - s e r t a q r ’ * C o u j h ^ > ^ U * c k n o w l o d g i m % (j,w tf*w y y m Rom«djr forOosgbsHlf *”\ \ < £ - - 2 ------- ----------- cold*. Wesratd o p tul»?ri!>en stoto a c!r- A cUi»r description dfv^ifr v a lB a l^l' w ,ith direction* \ ^a Other wUqSi«M Dyderiewlf Pr. WiMli „ . « lu t the o t j p t that i iugto attain fof lialf a e! jd. A lozeug# comhjnin; 30 aperient, alterative antT’Ftomra „gch W « whatever, < W I » 2 > e j attide is a triumph. Old raw, j nounce it a pleasant confection1. 'Yt contains vegetable! ingredients which act upon the jlvei as directly as calomel, but contains no particle of any mineral substance. The com­ bination is a new discovery in phurftweys Cvolntfouize tWpracticeof mein-' destined to rcvolntfouize cine, and bamsU.uauseoup jjlrpgs from every household. ' ’. * '* ■ ■V COUGH, C o ld p r £ o r e |T to r o a t . Require! immediate attention, as ne. g«ct often re«u)t! in an, Incurable Lung ^ B O W K ’ S BRONCHIAL TROCHES wiU moit Invariably give Instant relief. SINGERS ... dear and strengthen the voice. Owing to the good reputation and popularity of tho, Tiochcs, many 10 orthlest and Ch.a;j imiluitons are offered, »Mc/i are good f o r nothing. sure to obtain the I’** v i . / >;■ .(<: •. - h i B R O W N ’S B^i>AcVriat ’ . •■•••• ..Sold Everyv.lt e.fe^.......................... 'Smab! R a m i l R z a d !! !—W tinBR’s KxopL 3 ioB Shoe 414 FonrttoAbbnub, % h » 4 forli,’Wl*Block above H. Railroad Depot. Ladka’ Jfteaes’ _ .. . . .*: • v.\ ’_%* Stonr, Harlem and H . -------------------- . .. . Children’s Boots and Shoes of all kinds and qualities, constantly on Remember tho not fall to call t . ,, . . . closing. fU fjj/pire, Don't' ijforijst tfi| ('jSxfcdlitoi’' phb'e Store,\ A W a large, variety pf Boots and Shoos for 8prlngundSumto*rwoiir,4»‘harid.4 '•' >-• ••.• ; • st\ ’ VV J^ .lc.ypd'tiits. Tn* Maumoth Cats .—[Sietradfrom a Private L ister.y We groped about for many hours In this wonderful place. I i i v i P s^w.anything r like it. The Iroaks of nature displayed, here are very strange,, and strike of the tiaVc?1 I found 'myself ,saddled vdth a.torriblo fever, tirely prostrated me. The physician bad never seen a esse like it bofore, and'no remedyha prescrlbffd'aeem'ed. to do the loast good. My life was despaired of. Mrs., Wilson, with whom I was residing, had in the house a ^ i S s s s B S w r t s s a s a s s ! ores of feycr^deblllty, ague, dyspepsia, S x . .1 U%d, but little faith, but finally consented to try it aa a last resort. In Ie*».than three hours after tho first doso my fever left m e h t'jf^ '^ ,1. nlgbtl'Wafjss.well aa e»rsr.. I tell too all thlsthatyou mayknOWho^r’tb'actriri' aSp elise'Of ffeWr, of'iny rirfailaf d s e a fef'J ftr^ b d i# ^ ^ my life. * * * * # * In my next I will tell you about the Cnve in detail. _ A. J. P. <r care for Gansnmntion, Asthma, Bronchitu object o fAwl&ft^sij'l^n&nfetlsi Pr^iti _ benefit tho aiBleted, and spread informatlomvvhlch ho conceives to be invaluable; and he hopes evefy stKfe’fci! will try bis remedy, pa it will cost,them.nothlig,niia may prove a blessing. Parties wishing the prescription, will please »ddifcs§ R*yli$>frA«)tiAfiWV.10K,t UI f i f WilUamsbnrgh, Rings County, How York. Saw OAxriT Stobs, 61 Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn, bus opened vdth a SOW ind welt aelcctdd rto^k of RbyalVel ■ vets, Body 'Brussels, English'a'nd Domestfe Tapbiiiy, Three Ply . and Soper Ingorin«, 011 Qlylhe, hUttfnge, Rugs, pruggsts. ’Wndow Sh*d»i, dto.| which will be * * ered at the lowest market prices.'' ■, ' ” 1 PiA>oa,.iHBtonaaxB abd OieAiw.—Prioc! greatly rev, dnced ibreiah. C1 He# T.ticiitve Plano* of flnitclas»inik-! m for (276 and upward. New ,Cahlti»t-brgan*fbr-giS snd upward. Second hand instruments from #40 tofHS. Uonthly inhtaHlhents lecrived and instritrhents fbr rent. Wnrerooms, No. 481 Broadway, New Yprifc s3 . i -r V * ’f o ifAck Watiss. A B iautudl S it or itfi, wfiK bontinuous gams ind roots extracted trons Oxid^hkTiaughing' no change worlhppjt. Brooklyn, opposite the fact, they can com- durability, and price. hx\) I Supreme Ooiirt-ftB0nS‘Cdtfety.\ ' CarolIuo Bberic^ , - ^ j yj..._._ T . AtTCTION SALE William Jacobs A other*.) v , Plaintiffs Attorney 'oiy-<;!oi|ire m day of Novsmber, oh tho t h i r t i e t h IBtseoIa . Je' ui nia action el 1***, I hereby give Ohsrle* Stevens, at __ _ _ _ JPoml), QOeso* Oomity, t will ------ ------------------ fho kbghaSt.biddcr, the Lsndea *fedd Premisesremises in saidaid Jlu- ' - ..................... tut * _ Stevens, at XOA'O IS& A ffD C IT Y , iHnntePe Seipat Public Auetlou to d |A P in s A ..T b a r P lc~ ,^ ’ Ncvteign, I'ounty or Queens, lot number fa) Two 4) 1851,'tb be filed In theotHciToftbeClerfc of the County ‘udgtncnt mentioned snd Ml that Piece, Parcel ob 1 ____ . being in the Township ot New tMM, and State ot New York, known aa k oil a Map of fifteen Lota, mad*'by R, Hurvoyof, oymod ty Vf, Hi BjitMfJEsq., 7 .ic„ a,„.iid .jieotllce her Pour Wiaud ifi vo («*nn, DoBcvplso, Esq.,madesq also by ueenshfbressjd, htljm a suh^JVf«Ion of: lot* nuin- j .,1 now on fils in tni lethdihbtrTwo Is muhedMap lie follows, „ ..... _ the SoUihorly side o f the AVilllaimsbuq.a a TiTfT I.andi Of Isaao b thevgald R. Craves, and t tK*'>ffli>rk- nfiiMintri • Bai^ (irst. j s a a a w u elrg, G i * t * m u f f r : , V ' ! ' adapted to tho Holiday • a o o s S ^ * ” all of which will be re- One Obi, _________ _ ___ way, New York. At the Gr«:it VVhoIesale Store, . n o . s ^ v s o t a o a t , t m t a n . (St. Nlcbohs Ilote.l Bloijk), ^ For FI VE CENSsi One card Glass Drerfa Butt'oni (three ’’dozen) per dozen...,. v '............. — One good IVrcsBib; One good Ivoi . t,..woirthia .cents. mb.'.: 28 cents. worth 20 cents. worth 15 cents. .rjj,.. worth 15 cents. ___________ icf. ............... .worth 10 cents. One Box Tollejt) Powder. ...................... worth 15 cents. Antclel3 'fltat you can boy for Fifteen Cents. One packngo Hair Pins ( 200 ) .......... worth 40c. Ono good Morocco Wallet ............. worth ilOc. One Pockctknlfc............................worth 25c. One yard best American Delaines.. .worth 20c. One yard Striped Alpaca ............... worth 30c. OnirmudhttrNCT^q.^.^rr-'TfTiv.-'iB’ufnfgtr.'r' One go od Linen Hem-«titehcdll»ridj.fe>- | One good Linen Towel worth;? {Articles that you cau buy for Twenty; Cents* ’ One package good Pina (0 papers),worth 10c. per paper. One\ package Crochet Brut \ — ees)(.;;.......i'.v.....i, Onellno Tooth-Brash.... One card dot Buttons (0 dozon(... .Worth.Worth One dozen good lead Pencils......worth jP he pair good Scissors .worth 40c. One pair Ladles’ Cotton Hose.... .worth 35c. ■ One yard Plaid Poplin ............. . ..worth 35C. One yard Pine TovvcUng..y..... ..worth 30c-, ' • ■ . b , Articles that you can bhy fo# 251 Ccitts. One set Dominofs.......'■.../ .... wortii’60e. ' ' One package Merrick's Cotton 18* '' spools] ; .......... . ....worth,5c. perwnool. One card Bilk Dress Buttons (3.. , , \ ,i dozen] ................................... worth 25c. per dozen. Ono package Hemmed Handker- ,: chiefs [3].................................worth I6e. each. .One Bath Towel .................. .worth #0c. , One yard Colored Alpaca.;........wtfrQi wlc. ; ’ One yard Nottingham Lycc ; .'wortii 40e.' One yard Crowen Poplin...........wortASOc. , - One yard Plaid Poplui ............. .'. viorth 40c- 'A Articles that yon can buy (or 85,C'eBts. ■ One package best Linen Thread [U. “ . ’ bunches] ............................... worth 10c. per hpnch Oho package/best;P!ns, [0 pkpcra]..worth ISc pcf piper. One lino Uein-stlclied Handkorchf.worth 80e. One good Lace Vail .............. :... .wortii 8'Ve. i^ajicra), worth 10c, pcf paper. , .worth -SCi per piece, •worth 400, 10c. per Obzen. .wortii 50c. ' One yard gopd Bldrtlnu.Linen. ... .worth 50e, Ono yard good Plaid Poplin Jnew ,. dosjgns] worth. 60c, To CoNSBBrtJVBl.-iTlw idvjrtfcr, having bdp ro- f torcd to health in a few weeks, by a vety simple remedy, elter'totvliii sjolfewf 'W i sffeciioo,*ndtiM»tdB»ad.dls»a*e,Cons*niplios]lssntio«» to make known to his fellow sufferers the means ofcttfe.' To alLwJvo.llfahe |k.tW;vdlj ser^qpnfof.Hto tion uscAtfwe of charge), wiih the direetipns for pre- Articles .that y o u can, buy for 3ixty,Cents. ‘ p»ring>»ad.aslng.4h».sm»,.wdil«h4hs|kwrilliflad *. w *~.|\Ohe j'ard Nrcnch Mbrmo. I.*.'. ........... Mworthfi. good Ono dw tm ....... . ........ ................... Oao yard euper-stout Hulf Hose \i Articles that you can buy for 'Fifty* Cents. One package Zephyr \VdWte8, beet . . u A m onnceii]. ; . . . ..wnrth 22e, 0 r pair. One bSx best Honey Bqiip lO ci>kes].worth 15c. per cuke. One bottle fine Extract for tlia Hand-' ‘ 4 kerohlef......i.i';.V.'...<t.i.i..v<wortJt85c. 111 Onepairsuspendcrs/.iql............worthfil. ■ *• - Ouo pa'okage'beat. NOcales-llO jvu- '■ . .pers] ............................... worth 10d- per half. OneeuidPeir 81iirtbUtttnid ji2doz.) worth'lOC.per doz. ,One yard Crows l’oplin ................. worth 80c.'1 's\' f i , .s __ »■» vs _ ___ ni.it. aw toning the SoUlboriy side o f the AVJlUa and Jamaica Turnpike, slxty-tlve foot Westerly from thttinteryeatips of the Boatheriy side of said Tursplk,, with the VVcffi orloy sido of tno Freah Pond. Read, thence Easterly SIOS.S 4nn Knisibnslsi a l.l .. A# ...lil.’nSlRnnllvn atvftw.lls.,; s r d f i ^ f e along’ the VYc-tcrly side of said Fresh Pond Hood, one hunurtxl ajsd twelvefoct seven Inches to the Noiihbrly lino of .Lot humlier Oneon said Map. thence Westerly along tho Northerly line ot 1 q number One on said Map, One hundred and twenty feet to the Easterly line of Lot number Three, thence Northerly along the Easterly llne.of said lot, number three; duo 'hundred and forty-seven feet and eight in- chcs to tho place of Beginning—be the mid dimensions moreorless.. • ■' ■ ■ Bated November 18,1860. 4 MEItlVIN RUfiHMORE, Rofcree.' Avenue. AA eamimlttei an Interest in tho matter. ADIES F.UR COMMITTER, A -,‘,w their ,71-2 Unlotr fullfand punctual attendawCo of\tho mejnbersof Uie . Is-derireblC/as well as of all ladies who take Mna. LEWIS L. FOSDICK, Secretary. J ^ E W MARKET l~ ' 83cf a n d 34/ft S t r e e t , \ j N t n ' Y o r k , Edween 2d and 3d Avenues, ■'-t. ' ' JOIIN QL^BS, PitorniGion. A splendid chance for Farmers to store away their pro. ducq before the roads get bad* Commodious cellars to let. Quick sales. A reppnrible msrketman, alwaysonthc-premlses. ■ HESfDNj|aoN, Informs his ‘ friends and tho public that he has re. M -, .turned to his Old Stand, Cor. Fulton and Union Gall Streets, patronage: H /ln ^ n llo t o '^ o e p ’ofrSsnd FLOUR,: EEED , JSIEAL. AN d GRAIN, At tho lowest Cash prices. Jamaica, Nov. 18,181)9. i ■' , j , 4 , j y E W HULLED BUCKWHEAT, 1 And FLOUR. for isle by 1L-HKNDERSON. ^ g E S T BUTTpB , .. . 50,C unts pe r P o und , ( I At ’ H. HENDERSON’S. rjVO LET,'OR FOR SALE, **\ * A W ,q $TORY HOUSE,.i { In Washington street. Jamaica. liouso contains 7 booms, cqnvenlcptly located, It bedaig near Depot and Fntton Btrfeet,; known as the “ Grltman property.\ Apply to , GEO,‘SKIDMORE, Clinton Avu,| Jamaica, or78 Cedar at.. N. Y. b k ' IIllPSKltOI.O EiTOti^N FtlitNITl.RK, ( Farm Stock, Farjuiug Uicnslls, W « y . G m i n . i f o g s . F i g * . S l n e t u r c , H u r a r . s * . l l f / r - ’ *cr, Off a, t’eiez, I t ' t i g o n n , C a r r i a g e * , , S / i i g b a , C o t i l l Y o o t i , S t c . , ) J r „ 4awrenae,1 L Oakley A Floury, will sell at Apctlon, 0(i’ Vi/etji'i<;sd»y,'itiio 24th day of Nov., 1888, A t 10 o’rtock, a. a. on the farm of tho. late ELIAS DOKIiAN, at WA8BIFGTON SQUARE, ribar the VlUjg^^Jflem^s.tcad, Queeus eozuty, U l .fhe follow- yqku.llno oxen, layc\ IM UlN poultry, 1 quod sled, 1 horse mke, *5 bush, swelled corn, 8 loads suit lmy, lot lumber, 2 cnwuOviO.l calf), 1 roeknway airrlage, 1 plea- aunt slelgli, 1 largo hmd take, let ot rye, 2 stacks oats, 2 pair shriving, 2-good farm horses, 1 buslnest wagon, I 'wheelbarrow, 1 iron-tooth harrow, tot of buckwheat, 1 stack rye, I set double bHnies6, 3 fat sbbats, 2 farm wa­ gons, 1 mowing! machine, Vwood tooth hstrow, lot of wheat, 1 (itnek nhent, 1 sot sluglo harness, 1 fine spw with dattri M a u t t j u r n i d i i i M i - n T T l ” *f) y * ,.R i j | , ' T , BROOKS A CO., f/t(T F t t r n i t t i r Q , ,;(» i Upholstery 127 AND 129.PULTON ST., turner <lf Sand Street, ‘ •132 si. H AurrM A'sr BROOKLYN 9 pigs, 2 ox csrt*» 1 horsd rake, W bilsh. potatoes, 8 tons Engjlsh lmy, lot barrejs, t set plow hamess, wquamhy -Dod.cow yaird tiiailtire, lot of.barrtds, 5 good plows, sln- |o and doubter■wUlfltotrees, an assortment of ro\— oe». forks; shovels, soythcayaud carpenters' tools, qpmitlty of gqoJ household arid ffRohcp furniture. P E R I 6 D I C 4 L S . THE PEBtOblCALS tfHICU t l l E ii.i PUBLISH U R E A M O S T IDEAL!. I\ i n '4/..'.' EDITED,— The Hatton, # , P; “ A complete Pictorial History of the Time-, lUut'xtt’a WsasgiY is In illustrated recoid . , . cummintsiry tipoh the eve'nth of thd times. 1< n treat of every topic, Pojjtlcal, Historical, Literary, ai.it .Scientific, which is of current interest. In November will be comitienc*d tho. new story “ MAN AND 1FE,” ' — ~ - • ------- Waaxnv feom the ibriiinfiriieinent of the story to the clojw of 1870 for *4 00. . | . 4 * Published WeeHg, wtih prefue*.Illustrations. 5 The young lady who bnya a single number o f Han- * pxa's Bazia ismade a subscrilmr tor m - y . r .E iietiit^ Poet. (K^ROUND 8'LfE WORLD.” ^ ^ Subscribe for the ’ f W W Y O R K O B B E R V E R , 83,80 per Annum, . 1 A double Weekly, Keltglous -and Becular \ FAMILY NEWSPAPE1C. 4 * The Greatest and. the, Best. . Sample copies F koi ? A r . The Number fob November completes the Thirt'j. n in th VotwHeot Hiavxm!s Mssaxiug. WhUeno change (is contemplated in the general character of the Mnga- zine,1b« Ceadnctors will not feilto avail themselves of any suggestions which ms; • tcrest or psmumest valde. 8peclal , opiu Ono yard (ail wool] Empress Cloth..worth fil. (Qae yard 84 Table. RpHgl. . „ . ^ .) .wqrtb;70c. i posltlvsly Wikbout Fain, vrith.Nl ghing'Gabfttofc iindt® i4ly,w llh riyn, opposite tho City Hsll mnd Court House. <3 j i O H A N G E W A N T E D , , v ); ■mri^’a.TsssS'jiissr^^^iT5d«si5»«;whfeh «Uyn property wlU be «ivea* Addreuw wjtji do#* Hion and ptioe, „ H. W. B/ b m h m ^ Y e P .,0 , , 129 jyjONEY WANTED, Apply to GEORGE SKIDMORE, 78 OMMMrask New York, 141 or CastottAne., Jamsles. One package fine Stay rolI. Oiw dozes fihc English Star Braid. • • ........ . . .worth$i « qc set Gilt Jewelry.♦. ;*.<.. worth |2 ne Embroidered Handkerchief...............worth |1 Articles tfiat y’dn* <5ati M y fef 75 Ue'dts.'\ One dozen good Linen ■ollies. D . . . ,i.. 11 *. <ziv*o>th fil 00 One yard 84 Bleached Table Linen. ..worth 1 OO yardVcl ..................... — Onri^ard All-Wool 8 brge...'..W.'.....; . . v % 01 th 1'25 Articles than you can tray for 85 Cents. One quart1 Cologne ........ wortfi fit 50 Che Fancy Work Box; ............................. wort&i’ i ’jo Onb yard All-Wool Velour ............. worth' 1 26 One yard 84 Bleached Table Linen ............ worth 1 OO Ons Gingham Umbrella ..................... .....worth 125 y o u n i A buy for <5ae Dalfekv i : One yard good Black Silk .......................... worth fil 26 ____________ _ ......westh 119 e jrerd B lso k i w yard-B lack E m p c e i i C lo t h .. . . . . . . . . . . .w o r th H 5 0 uocen Liaen.Nspktos ............/.. .1 .Worth 1 1 .25 dotes Does DoiHse.,1. - . .'.... .worth -126 One y a rd RoH FOpUa; sU s l t k s s d w o o l. .iv.W o rth4' ! to AtficlestMS^bticSti'buyfcr ♦IjSS. Silk Bluihes In all color**.*.* ».»»»»».»...* ..worth OO The an d ^;ftM o i[ tO ) e D t t o from. inttU* ' coontrya. * Out y*rd Black BUk».i.i**vis..*..i*..worth . | 1 60 Ozi* nird Linen Bheettag ..worth 175 •UiWfi'J.'d i d 4 ktd. Iks. .x.W 4 lth 1 4 8 I n s y a r d SRk aito Woo*'Velour.,.i. ............. iworth 1 75 y ' AftlClestt^tj^c^^m'bUy 4 for fi,liO. On.'salr Oae __________ , — r,. O n yard Embroidered Silk ^ Articles thatvyoii pan bjyf,(or. l^wQpoUare, B lvk Silk*.... s. ...s... 4. *.*•*«........ .«»«worth^2 ( 0 . Artidiea that youio«n My for- $%3j5.'*' Jew e l 4 . .......A .< .*.*lw o fth*$T6 0 W i t i s h w o r th s -'rtf. i • e EarUOst IHd’GloV*.. i . . j.-.'.'.Vl'Jiwbrat fil 86' edoMnLltleaNaBktss ;,Wq/th J26 4 yard Embroidered Silk Lace .............. .Worth ■ 2 26 R a n t e d , t. Mana andnd 'a mem b* A Ha a hl wife, togrthsr vrito ifeyiriairirigl. p y . ' ;e*a be aemuaomdaFeil with Board and rooms, by ’ - 14 ■rtRg. f F.- 6 .' OftOaWlAN ;1 J v O Q » ^ | t P f ^ 4 1 v . , . . Citieral Fereiriitig Undertaker* fa n m ia C o m e r e f I N l t m a n d C a n i r i ^ B fik n r i i j, ' , y r) M ifA lQ jL j i t. J £ ' ?«* f JfOR BALE CHEAF, OAR&LAGE0, . I 1 1 r.'aati T a n *- K T r i- b *4* ■ E. B. A T THE GREAT WHOLESALE STORE, now be ^ lln g a t r e t a il , ,, : ’ Nw. 'SO i'ttlgfaC w nty. N o w M e r le, ^ ' a b b V . r i ^ l ^ ^ r l n d ’ oaaaot be raided ^TJos. to n ^ p f ^Jlv.atooeWVmi«hi*vnu»llif Id A T THE GREAT WHOLESALEBTQBE, N o w s r illn g a t Briail, ' No. 501 Sroadyr*/, N e w York. I A r a b i f r o m fi4,76 to (10; w o rtfi fromfi(«4 0 io « I 3 ^ 0 . [i Rctidenti ofHtew Fork and vicinity, v . -■ \.mY a q A i i iM 'a a b - i s i t h . '\ - O M M A T S A Z X PJLMB . (, wltkoat .mbtariiMt Uw ernwtmltr to boy ronr g o o d . . .. >.-.•>• mi,' »- ■ B C L L O C E , xrw^ma*wwaw| and M Mercer * , N . Y .501 M ••• & t o lf ! ( y ® 0 0 « is. E A D -Q U A R T B R S t ' i i D R Y ■ • v' • ,lr ... V - JOHN H, HOBMES’, Long Island i)rtf Hoods Establishment, lot F u l t o n A v e n u k , , » • , ,, - Directly opposite Hoyt st., BROOKI.YN. ' Ur. Hjhllm^otrid’^ t o t o u f e i U l atUiilriri ti'hii large stock of Dry Goods, which he will offer to the cltl. of Jamaica arid rijflnlty i ? t f s i e ' i i ® 4 5 a » B ;at tho .. ask’PiU*, For Men\ arid Boys were. AlsST WATER PROOF CLOTHS and CLOAKINGS, DRKSB GOODS in every variety, consisting of French Merinos, Empress Cloths, ” *- -------- \ ncbGejges, B'lk \**•- - 4 ■■ (#>«>• 600 RED COMFORTABLES front fil,50 to; B I ^ s ^ .jtow a y a L V E T p S M keq ial to VOur FLAN N E^D iplH T k iEN T .Is felf'of' Red, White snd Blue Flannels from 26 etc bo 75 cts.: lots of Opera Flannels in icarlet and blue; Canton Flannels from 16eta..*ot9-etsr>---- \Genuine Wamautta Btachei}UU6LINS only^O cts.; All the Fulton Avenue cars psad toe door. Those [Wringthe Atlsntlo Avenue route^esM'-get oatlktHoyt ;V .l. A call Is respectively i q i A t * s - a nde, Brooklyn. ! p 3 W h > ;,f * ' Driller in '*• - Cloeks,’Watches; anlJeweJ^,, ‘M f , J A M A I C A , L . I , rv Particularattentlonpsld torcpslringaU kinds of Ctoeks, >’ A— , TO 'JVRWT01*“ S ' W a t c l i e s , C l o c k s , J e w e l r y f , ' . ...Ar ‘ ft \ l ' e- * U *’ t’l.U’ £ A l l a r t i c l e s m t h o U s e r e p a i r e d . A 1 * 0 | E N G R A V I N G . . , . . } 4 4 • . * ,M Neatly don*. Watchmand Olocka wmrratitaliokesp , ,. .!« •. .time ,;-;•4 . JOHN A. EJNG A CO., | 78 Nd. 2. Herrimsn Avenue, Jamaica. J I M . J B O L L , F U L T O N S T R E E T , J A M A I C A , * . <fhnii«r%i B k u ’ i Mtffitof.) ^ A i a t * * M « r t m « t » f . : -' f • ' Plim tirTnM , flbrab8,BaA« Sooto) , \ ' 4 ' B h I e M a Bmifttoti, W rM tin arid’ Crtosw, • , '' Tit ipstdH r i t o t o 87 mi HaareB’s Baxsa is a Jourhlil tol4 the Hoihe. It is especially devoted to ail .subjecta pertaining to Do­ mestic and Social Life. It fhrnlehea the latest Fash- iona ln drew and ornamaat; • deecribts ln-do6r and out-door Amusements; contains Stories,- Essays, snd Poems—every thlrig, in brief, calculated to make an American Heme attntpUve. Piiblishtd Weekly, w ith profuse Illustrations. The moat popular,Monthly in the world.- 4 s e r v e r . , - n . y , ob- Cahinet Furnitur«, Upholstery, Bedding, Live Goese’Feath- ets, Etc#, ..B E O O K L Y H , US N o . 4 0 4 Fultok A v z s t r a . . . . i . . . . ; ; . . . J | E M O V A L . ° P P 0 8 , t e ^ B D d g e s t r e e t , J. H. HBLMKAMP, D e a l e r i n Furniture, Upholstery, <fcc., T h e u n d e r s i g n e d h a v i n g r e m o v e d h i s F u r n i t u r e a n d ' 'U p h o U t c r i n g e s t a b B s b m e n t i n t b e b u i l d i n g f o r m e r l y o o * e u p l c d b y ^ Howard Pearsall, on Fulton Street, Nearly .opposite the Episcopal Church, .would, respectfully isMrm the citizens ot Jamaica arid t-the lowest possible prices;- which will be-sold atthe lowest possible pricflB All kinds of jobbing and repairing neatly and expedi­ tiously done.- Also, Carpets snd Oil Cloths Cat arid laid.4 Window Sliadca put up- Hair, and other Mattraaies, Window Oorriiees, etc., made to-drder. . The subierlber hopes, fair dealing apd strict, atten­ tion to the wants of nia customers, to merit and receive tlio patropage of. the resident, of Jamaica and Vicinity. • TO J. H. HELUKAUP. ^ R E A T E S T Household Blessing. FIFTEEN SIZES OF t K A . 1 s r a . 1 2 s Celebrated for goad cooking, great economy iu fael completeness for roasting; with tin oven before the fire, boiling; broiling, frying and stowing With despatch, and furnishing plenty ot hot wa­ ter. They will do superb haking Wlth ' 1 less fqei (han would make a fire, in most ranges. Elevated H bates ' O vkss now furnished With these ranges: when dejired Builders, House Agents Dealers and Plumber, supplied on liberal terms. ' CHARLES J. SHEPARD, 118 ____________ 242 Water Street, Ney? York. ay add to its present to. I arid increased at- departmentS'epartments of Populon.opular of any suggestions which may tcrest or pirouniest valde. Spt tentioa will be given to the d of P Science and Industrial Arts. Papers on these subjects 44 - ------ - ~ ‘ priSsa that the •< ve s complete __________ W i U c O m n i h r i t npon topics rotating to social llfe aud,manner*. Tho Moo): Tfaels will crmeiee the important hook* of th aud anecdotes of tho time; ’ 1 ft HxxrxB's bUuQ/iiin a conthi»s from fifty to one hund­ red pei centitooie niatter than any similar periodical Issued inths Ibnglith langtiage. Thus the ample space, at the disposal of the Conductors wilt enable them to treat fally ofaU tbe topics embraced in their plan. 4 The Publishers feerthemselvea warranted lit asking, nnd anUclpatlng fcr th. fhtdrff it -fcontiuuahce of the ^avor which has be?p acpotriftd tp; their, epterprlses^, ® P u b l i s h ! * M m t h l j / , W h p r o f a i b m i i & a f i o t i s . 4 1 4 ^VUANDKLIEUS 4 AS'D T toosTiistt with as KLxoinf adsdaTnisriT dr . >. . 'I • - FRENCH At AMERICAN CUOCKS,BRONZES, 8o. AT the utew stoic, or ARMSTRONG & BLAOKUN, 2 1 3 Fci.tok STsCGT.'fnhnr Cciicdrd,) and 2 7 3 Cocrt Stssst, (comer of-Uniori, BROOKLYN. i -117 . i EATON'S1 ■' :,i4‘ \ ' r ■' Caiiiijet FaniitRre apd Upholstery, , WAREHOUSE, tlos. 93 l( 101 Grand Street, ietu/eets 3d and 4fA, ' WILLIAMSBURGH. • The IxlgMt astortment- df Good, Useful, and Orna­ mental JWor, Chamber apdDtotog Room Fnmltufs on Warrantod as4epresented r at this esUblbihmsnt. ma ToOanaa. FaetOry,Mtory, 80 ai TERMS farfARPEft>S f WlGAMNE,4WEEKlit, 3 pa ■ *44 ' 4 -’BAKUJ. ' Mao Aitoa, OtieOopyfhr O n e Y«*r. . . . $ 4 00 & , HaaVfea’s'HAOiAxtNnj HaiHta'* Waaittv, and Hamrca4' Bazax, for one year^filC*. tjtt ^nytwaforfi7 00. t r Sin* SnhKrtt.rrito'elther.bfHtopef'* Periodi mils furnished from the present time to the clou ci W for Four DoHira. Address HARPER t BROTHERS, Naw Yoax. .'■ tf TJ10R SALE. ACALA0H TOP BUGGY WAGON, •*Blu.elothiolg,adariy.Ajjrijrto ta'- F OR1 SAINS, r a R e g h a n o k . 4 A small Farm of right acrei landlaa htalxatat* Jsmslca. , ,Innqniroof T (63) 8. J,. HENDRICKSON. . F f ti. • • ■; •>.;* III A ope*i iso ; o n t ---------- ClswrioeviHe, Sept 78; l t d . A one-Msted Bex y f s a a n , j Alio; one 1st airigle b'arne**.Aj « U V „ t o g o o d rep a ir. S WELLING. S3 ^ O R N l x E , T A R i t j(;'; ; ! ’ A Farm of aeventeen acres, *ltnst»d on SouOi *tre*t, adjoining tM reriderie* of B s ittf R BfeirC in th. vlt- ... » t a » TOKNNE.f f i LU M ^L T ? E ° . W. UAILKf * SONP, r , ,. ^ Deal ers to Foseig n U«*to% C a r p e tin g s ,' O il J I ^ T T I N G 8 , R U O S , . . • ' - j t t e w d f y f ' . 1 I 4 t 6 O O C T H T S T B B T C , , - Comer o f 6t«te, 1 B B O O k L YN , : A n d 4 8 . J P t a r l S i t , N * a Y o r k . ', TAEG, 174 BAltEY, : - H O w i R r } T. B A I U t Y . E D W A R D H i . H A I L E Y , S . l i to ■ i A VXBOX. . :■ ' • *lQi AW (Mlmuw Mm sfeUk 1*l66*!'fc*l ^um viiaau www auv p . mmuuu«^wuaumu' Jpa^e^^W *r#,9 . '\'i' ’ fA c o j m t r m ; ■ fM “ ■ : Jamaio*,’N . 'f Goodfi S uits madx . Uannfr oand .62 south lstwt. •71 ^ j v t N g T o ’N U r o t h R r s I ‘ C h i n a Im p o r t e r * , | Deoorated Dinner Services, , _ . Puri? Clocks a n ^ Bronx ?a. S ta tu a r y and tttch M a n tis Sets, . . . I W : , , > .. Superior Silver Plated ^Goods, F in e 5?able P n t le r y & C r y s t a l G l a s s w a r e , ' 3 3 0 , 3 3 8 , 3 4 0 P a l t O n S t . r o a t , ’ , B B O O K L X t o , . B ,('••> '.t - ' t - Hou«* it* P r a i a , 54 Cour, ^ u e de P r a a o U , . t i'4. ; ■ PO lB B O X X R M f < • !& ; ■ . JAM ES T . LEWIS,] - ' ' 1 J A M A I C A , L . 't i , English and Anerleatt flardtare, liouse Fiirnishing Q-oods. Cdtiwy; WterlPtotod andBiitmnnii’Vire, Bright and Japuuwfi TtoWsto, Metai!an* Po»cel«to-lln*d Store Fntmtur*, 4ke.t *o. M o rning G lory Stove and Heater. Aiw have on hand, O f f i c e , B a l l , P a r l o r A C o o k i n g S t o v e s , B e a t f e s , P o r t a b l e A t S t a t i o n a r y , .148 B arges , A c . J ju N e ...... S i l r e r - P l a t e d W a r n jn * »toti MMtod-atoekltf tie cityfer t o . Fall sad HoMfiaytud*, • A t l o w P u c e s . i J . P . 0 D B ^ ( j * K A ,0 ; 0 • r i . US J*lm Storiitt, Now T«kk 4 tssporUro to Bgtn Stivw.piatsd WPP MI ni*tj MBnMMt 4 llfitoto wamrayl to wproaeatoiL m ' (EotoUistmd i n 1 8 5 7 ) .

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