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Long Island farmer. (Jamaica, Queens County, N.Y.) 1862-1870, July 20, 1869, Image 1

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CHARLES WRU4N6, - < * kL - f a . “ FE ar no man ; ANlt o ifltrsT icE to all m e n .\ P U B L I S H E R A N D P R O P R I E T O R OLD SERIES, VOL X O TI. JAMAICA* Q tJE tN S C 0 l ® E f * N . .\ Y , JTJIV 2 0 ,1 8 6 9 . NEVT SERIES, V O L . X X X V I I .— NO. 20. tO om elins Hendrickson, Athnyisyand Counsellor-at-Law, 991 Yukon Street, Brooklyn, (Over Long island Sewings Bonk, Booths.) Maaidanct, Union Ball Sind, Jamaica. 11 f O L U A M 1 . S A Y R E S , A t t o r n * m d Coumellor-at Law, And Notary Public, No. 397 'Aton Street,BROOKLYN,L. L J M t m w . amaiea, 1*1 T H E O D O R E F . J A C K S O N , ~ 1 Attorney and Counsellor-at-Law, nfca taer Forman'and Oititena1 Bank,comer e f ^ First nnd Boutk-ltk Sts.. WILLIAMSBURGH. GILBERT SA YRES, Atttorney and Counsellor-at-Law, Notary'Puttie far Queens County, Canal Street, A M AICA, L. /. MkMwMffmwti of Med* take* fbr the following Statw, v ia: i Ike IT—— aiatee, VUgioi*, Iediaaa, IlUuele, Ohio, Brltluh TerHtoriu jMhljgu, Iowa, Wtaco**ln,'C»Ufonil»—and nearly all the ottierSUto A R M S T R O N G & F O S D I C K , Attorneys and Counsellors-at-Law, Office, Fulton St„- Jamaica, Over Hall of Fharmcuy. JOHN J, ARMSTRONG, LEW 13 r. FOSMCK, Speclel etlentkn given to H**l M a te bnetneea, thefexatadaaUenn 4f Utlee and toaning numey on Bond and Mortgage, / o h N F l e m i n g ; A t t o r n e y and Counsellor-at-Law, Fulton Street, JA M A IC A Over Hall ef Pkarmeey. 4 T H E O D O R E J . C O G S W E L L , Attorney and Counsellor at Law, And Notary Public, Surrogate's Office, , JA M A IC A . L . I . W I L L I A M S , C O G S W E L L . . Attorney and Counsellor-at-Law, Boom No. 7 Mechanics's Bank Building, ■Cor. Cuort and Montague Sts n B R O O K L Y N ' Specitl .attention glvou te Oonvoyanolng .nnd Inveetlng M oxkv os Bexo and M orkmo * oij.Fffisr C u ss C m P ropkrty . A L E X A N D E R H A G N E R , Attorney and Counsellor-at-Law, Office center Herriman Ave. end Fulton St., AMAICA , L. I. F u r n i t u r e J f . B e d d i n g ' l l D b o o v e u \ i n B e d ioatim u l GEO. B. EDDY & CO., N o . £ 8 F u l t o n . S t . , BROOKLYN, L* I Muidkctnrer* and Doricra tn ril kinds o f Oonnpr|tlng * Parlor, Drawing-Roo*, Charter aid Dioiog-ReoDt Suite Of every deecrlptkm and variety, Marble and Wood-Top Centre and Cdtd Tables, Tete-a-Tetes, Sofas, Soja-Beds and Lounges, Bureaus * Looking- Glasses, Bedsteads, Chairs, tea, toe., A c , - We would call the attention of every roeldent of Long Island to onr oompleta slock aud t-fcqucst tbit they givo us a call whfo pdrcbuing, eellng congdcut that wa can suit them in every res poet. GEO- B. EAJDY Sc OO.; lyZl - 88 Colton Street, Brbhkljm. DO TOO SOW . BYCKW1IEAT, TU R N IPS, W HEAT « R RYE t THEM 'ilf C l t E A S E T H E S E C H O P S ! ' Add to and Incranso the fertility‘of yonr soH , h y * $,et emetic, Judicious end Economical Mode of Manuring! £Gef the value of your outlay tha flr.n esaaou I -Keep-Jodr aetPfiroe from foul weeds 1, Obtain a-britaf quality or grain and fruit I tu thie'ba* and u n he dono most effectually by the tue of • T * A TT**^-T m iJC^ { H A W B O N E S U P E R - P H O S P H A T E , wMoh le Its present lmpr.ved condition iuwltluiut nn equal ui any prloe.aud In which ore combined all ithe relinlilu and tutting fertili­ sing qualities of PUItE DISSOLVED HAW BONES, with the active, ttlmuUing propertlM'of the best Stable Manure or Peruvian GUemo, ind JOpSr'ceut.’tliciqier tliiin cither. packages -esck 160 lbs. each; hnrrols averaging 250 IDs. No chtrge for package. t f j - tio.he hud or all reliable dcatore throughout tho ennntry a t fac. tory prices, freight added, or of the uodertfgned, in case.tbo dealor frils tompply It. Price Diets and ’ Printed Metier containing directions for use on ap. fete' JORN RALSTON & CO., 131 P e a r l S t , N e w Y o r k , ' Or GEORGE W. KIRKE Hr CO., lio Water Street Boston, General WkoUude Agents. Bold hy J. W. BATTER, Jamaica; SNEDEKER, WWEIA k CO. Hcmpetead, and V . KII-LEN, Jerusalem Station. 3*18' . C H I C K E R I N C i t S O N ’S Splendid New Scale Piano-Fortes, At Greatly Reduced Bates. Why goto Now York whoa you osn do belief nlMror homo! The following ffgures shew ihe amount ot reduotlon whloh bis hoan tnodo in tho prices of these bblobratell pianos: Old prlcolUt. New price list. * $o00 00 MTS 00 $650 00 * MOO OO $675 00 * S68S 00 $720'OO $500 OO $800 00 $600 OO And all other stylos in Iho same proportion. ■ Tho OisonnsT Is made iu sdvasok , and this Nfck Ida* may bs felled upon as real and nxrai. Our stock of planes for renting is tbo b est to bo found od Long bland CHANDLER Bit OTHERS, ISO Montague St., Brooklyn. Next to Academy of Huslc. 8ml* ■ J, H. SCHOONMAKER, SHIP, BREAD AND CRACKER BAKERY, 436 Greenwich Street, Ccr. V e itry, ' NEW YORK, With all the late modern Improvements In mtchlnory, aad a practl- wdsttpcrleace of twenty years, I can offer goods In my liuo which In quality and variety, are not excelled by. any hatabllihment in the cdantry. Below yon will And list of crackers made. Ordsra rcsp&t- fufly solicited and promptly tilled. sBOds, Hand Sugar, Cream, Csmnton Sega, Machine Sugar, gjff, tatr* Soda, Hand Butter, No.parell; Pilot,, Machine Buttor, Rlstorl; Vfemiaon’Pltot, Oyster, Walnutls, Ixtrs Pl(ot, Fancy, Washington, Belter Pilot, . Farina, Coffbo, •Csllhrnla, Graham, (Dr.Thrall’*,) .Jumblw, Lottionj htKoa, Graham, Wafer, Jdmhles, Splocd, ' HffUM, Arrow Boot, Ginger Snaps, Mined, ■ Cup, Balmoral Bisouli; Wine, Alee, tbeooJsbriited g r a h a m c r a c k e r s f o r d i s p e p t i c s . Ml orders for shipping promptly oxecutcd. Craekars packed in tin er weed to suit different climates. Thanking my former patrons for thair m e tal pstronkgs, I hopo by strict attenllta to kitsinlsss, to still merit tladr tkvor. . Grdwrs Mk a t CBco of WHEKLKB, MERUIT k CO., S i t , S it Sud 21»troiA8treot, New Y.rk, will reocive prompt atieotkKi and delike »y.,( (10) J. H. SCHOOKMaKEB. J. H. HELMKAMP, ' Dealer i n » Furniture and Upholstery, &c. Corner Fnlton and Union Uall St*, JA M A IC A . The undersigned having opened a. Furniture and Upholstering estab­ lishment Id the Second story el C. F. a A . B. DUNHAM’S FEED STORE, would respoctfully Inform the InhnbllaDts of Jamaica and vicinity that he will keep constantly on hand a large and varied stock of Furniture and Dpholsteriug goods, wliloli will be sold a t tho lowest possible firi. CCS. AH kinds of Jabbing and Bepairlng neatly and oxpedlllously donb. Also, CARPETS and OIL CLOTHS CUT AJfli LAID, Window Shades put up. Hnir and other Muttrusses. Window Cornices mado to order. .The subscriber hopes by fair dealing, and by strict attention to tbe wants of his Customers, to merit and receive the pnlrdnsgo ;of the resident* or Jamaica and vicinity. J. B . HELMKAMP. Jamaica. July 27, 1008. 21 Just received, s large stock of ' Millinery and Fancy Goods, Consisting of Saline, Silks, VeltilS, FlowtHs, Lam,. Striiw Bonnets and Hats if every description. Also, a great ’variety of ladles’ Dress Trimmings, Cloak and Dross Buttons, Corsets, HoBH Skirts, Needle -work, Edgings, sud a foil line or LADIES* to CHILDRENS’ HOSIERY. Also, Stamping of all descriptions, done st-shott notice.) Wo a ro preparedto set) gobds as cheap is any house In the city. Jamaica, April T,‘ lS69. (18) JOSEPH BERNHA&D. O V I N G - T O N B R O T H E R S , , i C H I N A IM P O R T E K 8 , Decorated Dum et Services PARIS CLOCKS AND BRONZES, S ta tu a r y s a d B io h M a n tlo Sets, - Superior Silver Plated Goods, FIm T«He Catlery aad Crystal Glassware » S 6 , 9 3 8 , 9 4 0 JF u tion S t r e e t , B hm ia F«rte, 54 Cm, H m de finute - • POJSSONNIERE. ly* & i-lG-EN’ - Wsoumua a s p s t t a t t o -urn t> Xem e u e uud otiier OiLs, Aloritoi, TirptaUot and Bessios. WhksLaad, Paints, Varslsbes, Brushes, foe Urib*>lMt«rwakdlMNPtlxiam. ‘ k ^ * W ’J*Mdli*m>sl stiBaB«fo(W*r»prioe*i . »*M a tlewsst m ark* prieMt,wsd warranted t*M it«fw MitooKinr, i t . JAMOI U . BKBdnt o o j p , ff'MMIM F llIM spM t, B. B. W ntAik k i w . , , Clockf,WfttdM3 d* Jhvslrv i^i i _ ... ^ • j, ^^ ^ “ ' M a r ita f*M to fopaMsg Ml kinds *T itatok, IWgimi P*-' hnwrirv W l The jffeat difficulty which phyi ri*a t* overoome, has at'lenglli U6' and alteraUvs more efficient i bavl beta Ulpiring for eentn- ehvMAd. A Vegetable Calhtr | a n y srinent prepantkm of. the asfoeolass, and as agreeable to iho’tgstaiMi ordiosry candy, Is ulw - flhred tb tho sick fas the form o f.slaagsgi-'. Dr. l!n w » WiisI«V*8 4<if«r m 4 Stomcti I t j f g t [‘ a the mdlt importanl roedloinsl navatty that modem fammlstry has produced; It oohtalns two botankdl egtrMta, perfoetly harmleas |n thomaetVea, but embodying all M M t N k l properties# mercury, and dcayned In this pleasant form ia aaastfade aad boitah M m gen. aral use, the nanseons pills imd petions of whleh that dssgerois ox- dtsnl 1s the mala Ingredient. Mw« than OMM SBOVSANB MAPS- RIMEStS were made by tbe UrtpatW ef this psavlw remedy before It was brought to tta preseiit atataoP perfection. TheLoxenge la harm­ less In tts operation, and atthougb tbe tkedlcraol taste of Its ouratlvo oompouonts has boon cxtfngalsfoM by tfosmloal art, tholr virtue* re. main as aetlvo and potent u ever, ‘ * In DJtoqiefa, Billidiunm, CbiMHpariril, SideerNmoue lleaHfm, POet, Drepty, and tho trregulsrllle* ta which tbs feebler sex un sab. joct, Ufa Lesenges will bs foaad Inllnltely.mnre eflbctlve than any of the horrible and disgusting oompoundt aaually administered In such cases, As.sn anUblllous apeclfloandgenefalaperient, they have na equal either am dug advertised pmwrstlOM of the prcsgripUons o f the regular pharmacopoeia. j ' Sjf~A it guaranteed that no on* who w t once tried Dn. Bsasune Winsiow’s Liner and SUmack Image, wM oyer again takoapurg*. tlv powder, or draught; or pill. •; ______ EEMOYAL. DENTISTRY! DENTISTRY 11 CHAS. H. ST E VENS, Resident Dentist 1 Hkt REMOVED to tho buildhm ONE BOOR IAST of hla former plaoe of bnslnem, on STJLTOH «T,f JAKAIOA, A d j o i n i n g t h e h a i o e . o f p h a r m a c y , Wttors can be seen a t hit Rooms avery day M the week, E x c e p t T h n r s d a y t , Thoeo favoring him with a call will gad dial they dan get their work dene id well and aa reasonable as they aim a t any of the LABOR XSTABLLSBMMMia IM IBM CITE. One great difficulty with those baring Artificial Teeth la the iottl|nf o the gudis canting thc plote to cat ths moatb, so that they ar* frequent y bliged lo go to tbo Ikmtldts to bsva It muedtea. If tha work is dona here all Mat odn be! reaitidied without losing the tlmo aad expense solng out of tha village. Particular aUeutmm glvhn to Culldren’* Toelh. fo ay allendlug to mm at the proper tlmt tho permanent one* Will b e more regular. All work done lu a heal and rnUUmldal manner snd warranted mented. Mr s. will visit Private Besldsnoas to extract teeth If required. Jamaica, May 1,188$. C U S R A R Batter, N o , 2 3 5 G r a n d S t . , W illia a i N b B r g h , Bettieeti 1th and 8th strtets. CURRAN' manufactures his own HATS of the belt material, and thoso givlag him a call can rely upon having* good artlclt) a t tho lowest rah#. , N. B. No deviation from thb Brit price. Pftas* cut this out lor referehbo. ly l* C L I 2 S T T O N , T B E l H A T T D I l , Sella a really beautiful S I L K H A T F O R $ 4 ,OCX . Alters your old one Into ths M ttut styles fbr Tbrue DoHars, blocks it for FKty Ceate, Snd) it you forget your p a n e , irons It for nothin*. 9 7 F u l t o n s t r e e t , B r o o M j n . OBBMttrf S M f f si* Btnli (Factory 230 Fallon St.) N ( • I s M l n d t n s f C e - P a r t a e r s M p i OTICE is hereby given ihahtlMttrm snder Jh* name o f Maloy k EUggiU, Masow iBd Builders, h M this day beeu SUaaolyed by mutual oonsent. Persons hkleMod to thu late Brm are requested to settkatouc*. <’ PATRICK MAI/JY, Jsmslo*, Jane 17,1869.- • THOMAS HH1GINU. - - NOTIDE. The inbacrlbsr rssptetfoilly tnfonw his frtcndi that he will ceatiais tbe business ia his aim Bass, and requests a share of their psiroBigu Jun* M, lb«9. • PATRICK MALOY. \ A B o m a m s B . M ' O M L T ( B S O B f e D r i i U * . lmneath an ancfent, wiRampread t'roo, ., \Which cast a' tfeaaant slifrde, R w e ahiidren toll a f m irth ahd glee One attnny mMming played. Load were the aonndg of merriment - Which e’er that daisied Reid they sent; Fpt thair** w en heart's nntohch caro, Anff eyes that aeklon owned a tear. “ What a n those sounds,” aaked one, “ I hoai'T” 11 Only tha thUiM* playing there.” (Miy the chHdnn! Yean have flowa Since that .bright summer day, And those have men and women grown Who then Were -at thoir play: Tho eldest of tbat littia band, . Who threw tile ball with skillful hand, .And rolled the hoop -by tor the best, H is vxmntry noW attem p ts to gtiide, And fashions laws, which, when applied. Shall aid and anecor the distrest. The next—a gay *»d laughing girl, - With bine rind sparkling eye, Whose hair was always out of curl,) W h o s e frock w a s o ft a w ry, Is how a lady toll of graoo, In wham you scarcely now can trace The want of care that marked her youth} And to whoso rifted pen we owe Some sweet ana simple tales which show ' How lovely ia the way of truth! Tbe youngest, gentlo as n dove, As swett aa she wns fair. Who gave her doll inch words of love. And nursed it with such care— Fur from the scenes of early life, Is now a missionary’s wife, Apd oft her wearied husband cheors: Together patiently they toil. Ana hope to roauyra Indian soil The seed whwfi they have sown hi tears. Only the children! Yes, they seom Bnt ciphers unto some; Bat I,-who often tit and drenm Of things tbat are to come, In children, toll af healthful glee, Our future generation see, Mighty for good—or else for itt! God bl«sa ana guide them, so that they May scatter blessings o’er life’s way, And all Hla wise behests fulfill! with tlm t a re h a y . T h e L o rd Wouldn’t l e t me do! it. I lmd a load on m y back, a n d w as a curryin’ it aw ay, w hen all tti onco it burst into a blazo about my ears.” “ S tr u c k by lightning?” , ,, 7 ' “ N o , doctor, it was a clear n i g h t . I ’ve j e s t made tfp m y mind that fire dropped'^Qpwfffroin H e a v e n and kindled that ere h a y . ’T w a C a j u d g ­ m e n t a n ’ a .warnin’, an’ I ’m afoarod a sortriM opB. runner of the dairies o f h ell.’ I haint had n o peace CLERICAL ANECDOTES. D r. E llio t, * n o ted clergym an of a n old Connec­ ticut town, being \ well-to-do,” a n d keeping n e ith­ er locks nor bolts' on h is possessions, w a s frequent­ ly visited b y burglars in a sm all w ay. Goming n o m e late one night, from a visit to poor psriihioner, he heard, on passing throng his k itchen, a Strange, sw ashing noise in his cellar, goon followed b y the sonnd of s tcnlthy steps com­ ing np the stairs. H id in g behind the door, lie taw emerge a tall m an, bending under a h u ge gas­ k e t, filled w ith s a lt pork, j u s t taken dripping from th e brine. T h s doctor recognised a poor neighbor, and, stepping forward, said k i n d l y : “ You have a heavy load there. Allow m e te assist you.” \With a c r y of d ism ay, th e culprit dropped the _ and actually fell o n 'h is kuaes, entreating For tno certain and eflctuiRi cure or n , . . . .a e*. . * Chill. » d v w . I.terreltle.J c ™ ,,,™ .. Bill,.™ Never K n o w i ? td Fail. t m D E E H D L L ’S Fever and *A(jw C u re1 Fevers, Dumb Ague, and all Diseaiea Caused from Malaria or Miaamatio District, Billious Headache, Torpid State ' of the Liver, &0., too. Till* modtclno has been long u«od aa a Ctmily remedy by thoso liv­ ing in aguo districts, and by same of our returned soldlore who con­ tracted tbo fllBcnso iu the Southern awampe. It hi puroly Vegotablg, aud contain* na Quinine, Arscnlo, or Strych­ nine, and will surely euro. . 12 Prepared by . S. G i B f f B E B H J L L , N e w Y o r k . Ordcrg M i At J. Keelor’e, .Wood jk Qallow’s, (and at ihe Poodles’ Market. All orders for eltber iu a ll or'targ. qutnlltla* promptly at- tWI<to4iS* Aj L. siiEHfekEtt, fence, and th a t his fam ily w ere suffering from w a n t o f food. * B u t, m y friend,” said the good doctor, “ .you K E E P d o o r . ! Tbo cltlzfoia of Jamaica and vkdaKy sr* hereby (ctormod that #bod purb Ico will bo furnlsbed thorn from tb* Kanau Water Work* Porid, by ltavlng tbeir address at G. L. Pnox’a Drug atom, tho PDttOffldk, and at Wii-iJ.ib’s 8t*tlocory a tor* < Dallk deliveries to any part ot the villain pr Ha aijlrarb*. Furnished ai clear ** crystal by * JOKHPH MAB8DEW. certainly knew y o u h a d only to como to me and a s k for help to g e t it, w ithout dam'aging your soul w ith sin au d your c o at with brine in this w a y . I forgive you, o f c o a rse; b u t I do think you have taken more th a n your share of perk. I will di­ vide th is w ith y o u ; and, w h e n you w a n t more hr an y thing else, j a s t come a n d tell me frankly.” A n d , againBt the rem o nstrances of the poor w retch, he compelled hiril to tak e j u s t h a lf of tbe stolen meat,- Biying t •• d a r r y it to your wife, w ith toy compliments. I hope i t will go down j u s t as slick a s thottgh you h a a taken i t w ithout le a v e /’ D r. E llio t never revealed the nam e of this m an, th o u g h he ehjbyed telling the s tory, as h e did one som e w h at sim ilar, Which is well worth preserving. O n e d a r k n ig h t he w e n t for liis horse in the frcirh, w h ich Was at some distance from the par­ sonage. J u s t os he was Ubout to enter,' h e heard seine one hom ing out, a n d im m ediately concealed liftoielf behind a largo bosh in the lane, hiding his riutera nndkr h is cloak. P resently th e wide b arn- dhor i w n h g open, aud a m an appeared, bending beneath an immense load o f hay hopnd together by A rope. T h rough loops Of this rope he had throat lls a n u s , u u d h e carried th e huge m'asB like a p ed­ dler’s pSck. T h e doctor suffered - tliig thieving A Has to bass h i m ; then, tak in g th e candle fro m } m oms w h ich they are used to w a rm . H eadache* lis lantern, h e dtept softly forward and set fire to giddiness, a n d fever are common sym p tom s ,jm d AprU 26, lSed JaxiiCA 8oim[.g| NeW F irto a t n il Old Stand. nd i n ufiMird Beef. Ted, Bfittei, Lurit, Peiltty ' AND PORK, Tb* UEKteriifiHd wosM respectfully Inform tb« ohlxoci o f Jtearic* and vlclDlty that they b»Tt pnrcbaaei tbaim M **4 businaM bt ISAAC B . SKMSEN, And ar* prepared ta **rv* Uw pabtW vtUi th* ebrioxt e»* of And Fresh V egetables l a tbeir seen*. ■ XLUAH H. Nl Jam s*., April 2,1869, I HAUtT N. th e h a y . then again concealed himself, I n a mo tnent t h a t m o v ing hayCock was pne great, crack­ in g blase, and tha thief; with wild cries; was fran- ically fighting i t from his head an d back. H e succeeded in extricating him self w ithout help, a n d then r a n a s thotlgh pursued-by fiends acrosB the suow y fields. Some m o n ths a fter thia there cam e to the doe­ r’s s tu d y a pale, th in , m elancholy-looking m a n . Who, after m u ch painful hesitation, expressed a drisira to m a k e a confession of sin. W ith a aeri- oriS a n d sym p a thetic m anner, y e t w ith, I suspeot a shr tw inkle in his eye, th e 'm inister se t him self more h e a t is required than th e y can furnish wjtht f n mMeralgMd reapoctfully rttanu t u t r afoowa thankito tkelr frieuda aod the publio generally, f o r tb* vacy yamMan aa* liberal patronage beretnfor* baatovred upon lhem,*a* b*r*by aaaanro* tbeir ntentkm or conUnnln* the Auction boaluee* fn aU tu branebea, aped th* naoot jaet as* liberal term*. Fbrtkiutar «t**go* gieMi t o lb* a*k of real *ad pareeeal *st*ts, wlUit* the county of-Qnaeeit. AHor- *ar* mar b r lelt vltb *ttber off lb* auderaigned a t Utakr tegpvdtln re«kl«MM egtPlublagAveme,J*Mkta,L I.,«r,irMi Joha H .Sm>tla, Eeq., a t Queen* County Cterk’n Oik*. ■ Datod Jo** *, 1169. JOHN S. BHCDEKKB. ■ W1UJUM a HENDEICKSOM. a. A U C T I O N E E R S Th* anWeiibera ofor their »ervlcaa ** Aa otlcn ar* b rtbeaal* ef R E A L AMD PJCESOEAL W P & k . AH apgrioUww MmritfbUy raaelreW u d ymmtmatUy Mmht te *■ th*taorirameetaW*tenufi. .. • - , I . Hi HWNOf, . WUWiMWUiM; -WSdMiviD ftdMul - W ieW K * l i f w umm fW i« W istoM ii mtmsM iky •' 1 J. m w n w J . B O L L , F l o r i s t , E u lton . Street* Jam a ica, (FORM E R L Y D O A l l ID’S KUB8ERY.) A Large AMorMMatof Flants, T rees, Shrubs, BalhSe Hoot# etc. Basket* Bouqaris, W reatbS iM G rosiflg. f t t t ap a t tb* shortast aritioe. IyS0 f LAWrKNCE, 0A1LITA FLECBY,. Agette ftr Om Dili I f Rietl J U ta te , 11 pine stikfer, % Y. e . a L A w a m c t, ja s . sr.fouguBr, jab , a . Fijcnitr. ■ e c A n ,p u * , Mm* t Wmrmruot SfoMtawi, for,**# by A— THw— «» hand «** $. w« m A u m m e B a s k e t»,B «skets, • f r i l l I h t o ; tnataVr kM. UM M. pardon an ’ y o u r prayers.’ i.’o tho astonishm ent o f tho poor penitottf, “fife m inister laughed outright merrily.' T h e n ' he i d j d : ‘‘ Bo comforted, neighbor; y e a r little • thiSyhq» operation was h a rdly of such conscqulencb t b H e a v ­ en ao all.that. I t Was I who caught you a t it, ttnd s e t fire to tho h a y from my l a n t e r n a n d d m u st s a y you yelled lustily and ran briakly, focjx tnan o f y o u r years. W h y didn’t you tcll iqe if you' w a n ted hay.? Now go honre i n peace,, get well a n d steal no m o re.” ’ Yon, doctor f You ? B e you sartiit suro'yori sot fire to th a t are bundle of Italy • 1 “ Yes, quite s u r e ; th a t was n)y own littlif bofi- firO. I hope it didn’t scorch you mticli.' ■ I ’ n o ­ ticed w h en you cam e to meeting the n e x t’Siltidtiy, th a t your hair w as a little singed. As for> the flames of h ell, neighbor, th a t’s your own lookout, ' trust there is tim e to escape them yet.\ \ S o , s o l ’tw a s you did it all | T h e Lof$'-J>Q' praised!” exclaim ed th e farmer, fervoutly, I t raly is an araazin’ relief, an’ my old woman w a s right, for she sa y s : ‘G o to tho minister an* con­ fess,’says she, ‘ o n’ th a t’ll lift the biggest heft1 of tho sin off y o u r conscience, a n ’ b e better than deb­ to r stuff,’ says she. A n ’ so gml did i t ! Welly folks say you’re a m aster m an for a j o k e ; but- this ’ere one w as more solenm than a serm o n to me, a n ’ more cffectnooal, doctor, I do believe,’’* j So saying, the farm e r departed in peace,; aq d the person kept the secret o f his name, 6 v e a ,ia)ijs’ own fam ily, a lw a y s, I think. . A P le a fo r t h e Toads. T o a d s are am o n g tbo best friends tli6 gardener lias, for th e y destroy more verm in th a n l tj ie ’ birds, as th e y live exclusively on th e mqBt OLB- tntctive kinds. U n sightly though they tn d ^ D*ir they should on all accounts b e encouraged to dwHll in c u r flower gardens and Bliould not he m61ebW^ - b y th e children. On the contrary, they shbitid liavp places of s h e lter prepared for them to ]jto- tect them from the noonday sun, which th e y oan1* not enduro. A n inverted floWor p o t Festing.UptoH1 a saucer w ill make1 them a cgmfortajblo h o m e .r - W e have an im mense toad who lives und e r th*' fio n t door-steps and n ig h tly issues forth {q(« q a r our gatd c n o f worms a n d bugs. A po rtly scqyens ger h e is, and b y bis side a p p e a rs a sm aller speci­ m en, whom w e style M rs, T o a d . V e ry few ate' tlte destrnctiv# v e rm in in QUr gSrden beds, arid* we attribute their absence e n tirely tot th e nightly efforts of this m o st w o rthy coriple. A few days' ago, w h ile • working in our straw b e rry bed. Wo found a to id w ith only three legs. Vfe exam ined1 him carefully— w e are never afraid to handle' them —and fotmd no sign Of a w o u n d ; th e .s k in w as sm o o thly draWn over the spot w h e re th e leg' should have b een. No surgeon’s knife could more skillfully have removed th e leg, an d w e a r e / i u doubt w h e ther be ever had bu t thretl legs. Her hopped as briskly as his more favored b rethren, His locomotion ncttbeing im p eded by the missing trifeib- her. W e thought o f b ringing him to d w ell w ith His kind under the doorstep, b u t feared th a t he might- be sneered a t in toad fashion for his m isfortunes, so* left him to w a n d e r am ong the strawberries, never\ doubting th a t h e would.eat the b e st o f them, b u t will1 also keep the adjoining melon patch free from bugs-- W e advise all gardeners to c u ltivate toads-; i f yptr- have none in your garden procare them elsewhere,- and bring Up at least one fam ily of these' m o st | e - situble.and useful scavengers. T r y one on your' cucum b er hills i f the striped bugs m a k e tbeir ap­ pearance, a n d see how quickly th e y will be routwh and m ade to “ vamoose th e ranch.” E v e r y one is fam iliar w ith th e disagrteeabltf effect produced by cast-iron stoves u p o n the aiTof^ oftentim es more serious results follow. The' F ren c h A c a d e m y of Science has lately been .in­ vestigating tho subject, an d th e cencjuajon they have come to, after a series of elaborate. qn4. e x ­ plicated experim e n ts is, th a t the iron of the qtove* w h en heated, as it often is, to redness, both de­ velops outside of itself th e poisonous gaS colled carbonic oxide, and allows to escape th r o u g h if# pores m uch of the sam e gas created by the coto^ bastion o f coal employed a s fuel. T lie practical lessen taught- b y this discovery is, th a t atovs# should never be perm itted to becom e red-hot. iY t r i f l i t e n . “ I ’ve Had a dreadful load on m y conscience, doctor, for « crinsid’ble s p e l l; and i f does seem as e f ’(would kill me. I'm eeny m o s t d e a d now .” “ A h l is it possible? W h a t can you h a v e a m o d e rate fire, an additional or a larger atpvtf should b e procured. T lie sam e principle appliSri to hot-air furuaCes. W h e n properly rtg a la t e d they are not. p a rticularly harm ful, b u t b y careless^ ness they m ay be m ade e x c e e d ingly pornicions,-^ done f Y o u a re a respectable mail and a church j I t seem s cruel to suggest such a topic in th e pie-' m em ber,’' replied t i e docto r ,In seeming surprise.[sent condition of the w e a ther, b u t th e A c ts fa r \Y e s , I jin e d the church th ir ty years ago,” ’ ' 1 , *'1 ' replied the N d farm e r ; theu. s inking his voice to • a awesome, confidential tone, h e eoutined t “ Bnt I ’m a.d r e a d f u l sinner, for all that, doctor; and bein’ a church m em ber, m y sin, y o u see, w a s of too m tieh a c c o u n t to be w inked at, and judgm e n t followed close a rter It. O , dear, 0 ! , ’ “ P r a y , tell toe y o u r trouble, brother.” “ W e ll,.doctor, i t cossarns you.\ | “ In d e e d 1*’. “ Y is. O n e time, last w inter, I got a leetle abort iff fodder, and I tho u g h t tu m y s e lf as bow y o u had m o re’n enough for y o u r c r i t t e r s ; and so otic n igh t the D e v il tem p ted m e to go over to your b a n , r it’ t w ~ 0 , dear, O 1” “ H * l p y o u rself to a little o f m y surplus h a y ; .•M* ' . \Y is, doctor, j e s s o ! B u t I never got home ha Vo mentioned h ad b e tter be s tored aw a y forfistf n e x t w iuter. . — -mm - ■■—* - £3T T h e pastor o f a popular church, onri Hah, bath evening, a t the Sabbath-school coftcert, laid Boys, w hen I heard your beautiful songs to-4 night, 1 had to w o rk lmfd to keep my feet still i w hat do you* suppose is tb e trouble w ith jberif 7'* “ C h ilblains, sir,” said a little six-year old boy, which, notw ithstanding th e solem n ity of ih e oc­ casion, s e t the whole audience in a roar. T o D e s t r o y C o c k r o a c h e s . — Sprinkle pew- dercd borax into the cracks a n d on tire tables and dresser and 'floor o f the kitchen before going tot bed. Iu tw o or three evenings they all disappear* T h e kitchen floor ought to be swept previous tCf sprinkling it.

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