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Long Island farmer. (Jamaica, Queens County, N.Y.) 1862-1870, January 26, 1869, Image 4

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it ’ .*>'r *' • £*V .‘V ■ I',*' * # V : N T ' F V \ k r * I; V *y '« . .> - ?•* fe-; v . .V / tf i pf’ w £ i .’., F tt--, * f ^ v F e t . . cF:r 2 < :■ '* 0 . ’ V- |>&v2 r‘> ' • . ' '''' l> * ' • V * - . • V ■* .-.-■J a n * T T B E N T S D I C t ’3 T P ® B . , - W £ t t : o a i . © a i - - A m e r ican 'W a lthanv w a to h e a 334 * t B E g E M C T B R O T H E R S , 4k F u lto n st., B rooklyn. I M W*teh*e,jCba|iti, Ttfatnoaijb, Rich Jewelry, Ptar’lng Silver 1 9H* * . Fork*, T«* Sell, atad Arttaltl tu CAecs sultablo for \Yeddlug W*> ' ’ - PrcstS BasScI, a!yl» larg^tsssniccni at Ofllco Cluck* and Rejuls. fa*eheecarahW 'WJ^fcrcil by the most experienced workmen. Ill* Agnte Irf 8tev*als*wkibrated Tower nud Cburub Clock, igamu for 3e&> JFtfoyb cma l'cu. j-WanUDIOT *ROTHERS, 234 rulton ntraot, Brooklyn. Jy« BEW YORK H0USKT7I UKOaDWAY. '.II BQBQING1 JEDDING 1 i GREAT INDUCEMENTS AT chjgnek’s Bedding Warehouse Tk* sabscsibcr nftew for nab, ut wio I I cbuo I uud retail, In quantities ^iaJa th» larpetlAnti bosi assorted Block of Fcwier beds, Bolsters & Pillows S*|NS DOWN, AMERICAN LIVE GEESE, BUS . SIAN a GERMAN FEATHERS, >hdlliAtinlt andtira* Hair, Husk, Moss, Sea Grass, und Straw Mat. ■»*-•.. trausM, mill Miloses, Blankets, OomfiitWs, Counterpanes and Quilts, * ^S4a>* aad Cotton Sheets, Pillow Slips, ‘ I'lidn, Ruined aud Eiiibroidored lu order. Mttooftiiy^ttiiick‘Walnut, Iron ami other Bedsteads, Canvas-bottom «ad atat Cota, taring Mattrasses, cio.. Bod Luco, Towols, Nupklne, tS f t a * . TMcloa, and Burlaape. lu evory style n|id quality, n u M B O jtid h o t e l s <e p r i v a t e d w e l l i n g s f u r n i s h e d I A T SHORT NOTICE. ail i t reuonaule prices, of Iho best materials and workmanship. Ihtttrastej jSedttatie Cleaned Equal to Net o. flMnpt attention and satial'acliun gusrnntved., Call and cxamiuo JAMBS V. SCHENOK, »ly4 . M o, 8 0 3 C a r id l stree t, cor. Mulberry, N. YORK DA.VID S. ARNOTT, Polished G-ranitfe and M arble ■ W o r ^ s , 24th and 2ath Sts., _ . BROOKLYN, flfear $ ritrsncs to Greenwood C.motery.J YtalU Built. JMonuinents of Scotch and Aoiencaa . Granite always on hand. Blue atst) Grey GraaiU'S for ovory description of Archltectunl ^ 0 »B»truction, becofA'ion T Memoriftl-i and goworal porposMi. lylfi O U R R L -A . 3ST , ; H A T T E R , Xl, S& Grand St., HTLLIAMSBTIRGIF, j Between 7th and 8th Strertt. faniifacturOs bis own HATS or tho beat material, and m a call can rely upou having a good article at tho low* - 'WRltiX ShUiadMeg ssVIUaa, M. B~Kr> flMtSO Cut levlatton from the fire! price, £hl» ont for reference. Iyl2 , WM. RICHARDSON, V t t b T O h e x : ^ C artes de vlsitcs, im perial Cards, Fbotographs, . 4 cyuken In tbe Best Style of Iho Art, at the' C o r. o f \ 4 t h a n d S o u th 6 t h Sts.' „Ortr Baynor’a Bakery, |yT iViUl.tmatiurgh, X,. M. JL 0 N 6 (S tA im RAitfiOftO WatiEJS ABBlNjSEMgp. O h o m e a d o ir Mo a d a y , O ct. S 6 , »Q§dT TB A th* PBOM NEW YOB*. «< II Uats iamcB Slip, $e» York, for Gmnport,oi 8.80 g . a , , “ •• « *• Ulvcrlivud.'itl 8.80 A.* ,|,00r.». “ •* “ \ SyosM‘ 1 , Hunliuiduti and Narlbporl at 10 *, a , 4 ?. u. \ “ North Idlip, at B,80A.a.^,atliOr.‘W. “ ** Hcmpolvml,ut 8,80and 10, a.*.,*, 4 mul 5,30 r. a. *» *• Roslyn, tilon B<ad & Gton Cove, at 10 a.a., ii.nl 1.00 r.n. u “ Jamaica, at 8.3Q ani 10 nad 3, 4 nud 0,30, r, Mi TBAIH3 1 0 NEW YOBS. Leave flreenport for Jumea’ blip, at 10 a m, <• Riverhead « at 7 am; 11 a, «. North Isllp; *• <• nt 6,8 20 a. n. nnd 12.81 T. *.5 « Northport « ' « at 7 a. m ., mul 2,60 WJ>. Himllngton, •« at 7.10 and 3,00 r .«. .<• Syoewt « « nt7,82a. n.sair.M . « den Coyo •« « at 7,16, a. n,, si.nl 8,20 r. M. <• Roslyn, « •• at 7,86, a. a.,nnd 3,30 r. M. « Ilemintead « <•, ot 6,50, 7 35.0,13 a. M., 1,37,3.43, .r. s. « Janpilea, « « pt 7,31,8,31,10,00 a. 1,20 '4.20. r. a. S0NDAT EXOXmSlOH TRAIN. An Escun.lcn Train fur Northport, atupplug at all Stations, leaves Hun .r’s I’nlut nt 0. a. ■ Returning leaves Nortbport at 3,00 r. St., arriving at Huutsr’a Pjant vt 6,10 r v. NukvlB for this tralo, to and from all Stations, sold at Excsri'se •Rtes, good for the dny sold only. A milk train will leave Nortbport at 7 a. s. Returning Isave Buni tor’s Point at r. *. BROOKLYN AND JAMAICA BA1L.WAY. leave Juniuica ot 7,32, 8.62, 10.05 a a , 2,20, 4,VO, 5,80 r. si. •> East New York at 8 03, 9.06,10 35 a »., 3.30,4,42,6,06 r .». SVXDA T TRAINS. Leave Jamaica at 8,30, 9 36 10 30 a. a., and 2,46, and 4,36 r. n. Leave East Now York at 9,10,11, a. » , 3,15, aud 5 r.a. 1. I). BARTON, Eiift. • M ; , > v T U M i i n m&i t ' ,!fniV -•,'uft •j, ft, a* ^ j f S t A N D , rW W slef v {!&pchv^-cpp^ ■ AKDBKJ, *- CwcfttlailCiwtt. - I * »«i i l j X*\l *i^'|rWi*4M' “ “ 4% *Oe M* j •• a j South Side Railroad of Lng Island. m Winter Arrangement. £ 1 On Tuesday, Dec. let, 1868, trains will ran as ibllows until further notiue: |a.n. a.x. p.h.i I.kavk N. York, a.v. r.a. r.u 715 12.30 Rnaeveltst.ferry, 8.30 8,15 4,16 7,22 12,45 Grand at. ferry, 0,35 3,20 4,20 7,28 12.52 BrooKlyn, 8,40 3,25 4,26 7,40 1,00 liuiihwick Ave., 0,00 3,40 4,40 CUrvaeuvllle, 9.20 •* 4,55 Jamaica, 9.30 4,00 6,00 7,58 8,00 8,06 8.20 ljuvn Patchogue, Nayport, Sayville, .Oakdale, letip 0.30 Isllp Centro, 0,36 Bay Shore, 6,42 Babylon 6,50 TYellwood, 0.08 .Amltyvllle, 7,20 Suuth Oyaterbay, 7,28 Ridgewood, 7,36 JCurrick, 7,45 Frco|)or«, 7,50 Baldwiesvllle, 7,56 Rockville Centre, 8,03 Pearsall’sCoroor.S 09 Spr'lpgdold, 8,25 Jamaica, .. 8,3 S Clarenceville, 8.42 ** Busliwick Ave., 9,00 9,50 South 7 St. Terry, 9,16 10,05 Grand St., ferry, 2,20 10,10 Bomvett st. ferry, 0,26 10,16 8,35 8,42 ** 8,53 9.10 ** 9,30 1,15 1 2D 3.25 1 40 1.49 2,00 2,06 2.13 2.20 2.25 2,32 2,40 2.45 3.00 3.00 3.14 3 30Oakdale, 3.45 8.50 5,55 Springfield, 9,40 ** 6 09 Pea real IV Cor , 9,54 4,22 6,28 Rockville Cent., 10,00 6,28 Baldwitisvllle, 10,05 ■** 6,36 Frcepnrt 10,10 *• 6,40 Herrick, 10,15 Ridgewoed, 10 23 So. Oystorbay, 10,30 Amltyville, Wellwood, Babylon, Buyshore, f2llliCeutre, Isllp, Sayvillo, Buy Port, pntchogne, 10.36 ' 10.45 10,64 6,10 11.08 6,24 11,12 6,SO 11,16 6,33 11,30 5,49 11,38 6,00 11,46 6,04 12,00 6,20 4,42 6,46 •• 6,66 4,50 6,02 4,66 6.12 6,20 Rev. „ , Hen.Janw* Rev.'J. N. p L ““J Alien i leaao ; ___ ... then*** tt*«;iW^Nfe'mWy.,'.;,^...;,«..;New York Qty. Bev W, NT,*Ibttt^li) i i * , . , , , ..•«-.»•» . . . . . P ’ 11 John « »f wcr* Jmmet jr. jiMiMMENH^Pet*** •4>a a«**^HiOCTO«i W. dj 3. B*W.OOlll^^hp”¥%*>>V’f ’ *.Vqa J * e(a•'* •«*• eaAlbMDy. D. If, Ck)Chrt4)lhr^Vltt#.aN6ftnalSchool,;,. .<• j G. * TT.aiytefr Otameti ewl at laer,........ ....Brooklyn Jriaalpa, Aniagt a , '3E3L |iL* F E M l M U i l | ¥ f > A l l T t M E N T , I . MteeMSLXM lf> • .•N flB tS i*, « f lE 41at Yeu .ef tlhle pepalar Tawltutlua, in long andnd (hvtnabiehvrnab kdown u Jbge ipsaigYjBlplkary fer << Yogniotrtg . Principal, a f Y Ladies,” opens on the 17th September; ; ■ , a, . . . Thuronglt \nd-4rrahlMtohed.TeceBerlt art employed. Injaeli.iiepart mom and the tnbl • .<Tn»(roetl»a *<loptijd by u Mtas Sxsra**” Is the result.cf touch so |fwhf«f*efc{» tonnallOB iie t<Herma, fc«.,muybe bad upon r byMHir at.tlie Seminary, or or the lollowln \ ptii#***:. egtv^lli'frttident qf.Oietaard of T ritttR. .62 Wall Street, N. Yj . . . . f c : ,,.a . •.,247fllli«mStreet, “ Nstl,j.V*;,*.<*v.wl48 Broadway, N. Y Bon Ha rls PMHek ... ^oti Wtn. iMMloiii JG**♦♦•»• •••« -««« M Itev J 11 A i l * * %a^4 M** oowr4'«#a# Waa* •••• a 44 RlCbjlfG p'*«*aj*4*of **«4 e.i*a 6ie««» ** Wlillam Phcah»f.4..w « .. .'a... Laibsta “ John J AroMKeag , , „ “ James A, g T e e r y . u . . . , . ; a a . . . . . . . . . . . “ John n BHoekerbeR « ., . , i . . . . . . . “ JomM Crime ..y;,., Jamaica. AugesM19..T86T& ' - ' ' —>W>|I»V i “e-o t — --------- n.-v;i. • r > . 1 ---- 1 1 .......................................... , T b . «#d»r*lg»eu dsslree to retarn ihanlta te the p toplc.cl JMnaiha fed vldolty (hr the llberet, ouUw extended, to hlaa te t h e ^ 1! o*4 tltc t* easnro l^em that he bee.leld le aa « • EXCELLENT STOCa. OF ?M N O and SVMUEH WEAR, which caunot be r t iJ t t U i I, sad titeae wishing t« get a geod article, A t a B e a sonable FigtLre, thOoM ckn oe lheenbjcrlbcr before looking elsewhere. No dtbrt wii l»eap«redt*aaakeib«*Vir*»to*k.of t ' Cloih8,vC«esiaerf8 and Ready* Jdadt CIetbiflg srtrsctlveand d-^lroblo hi every poipt of. view, and undoubtedly , ctie oftlse largest aad best ever offered tn this place. . The r\ek of Ready Made Clothing Includes MBN&, tO E E R E tad BOTH , la every variety. In the Furnlthlnl Department will be kept a good assortment of. Skirii, Drut»tr*, Sockti Neck Tiet, Collar*, fe. Also, B e i 1 » a n d L C a p s , ofevery grade and style. All or which will be sold at the LQWEST POSSIBLE CASH PRICES. N.B.—CliitnlngOf every Uiecrtiuuui nmdoto ordeMn Iho latest, ntos uftlonable. neatest and snbeuntlal manner, and at prices to eult all. CUTTING done at short ootloe. Can and see, andjndge fer yourself N A T H A N C O H E N , ! Comer of Fulton St. and Union Ate., JAMAICA, L. I. Jode llth, 1857.? . ________________________lptf. Circular*, witb appllcstloa perso Boa. ^iinam . Wat. Belli. I J. D. P.0(j4- , Homer H tfl> 6,30 6,46 6,50 6 66 js County Mills, Carotr BROADWAY and DUNHAM PLACE, W ‘ ' WiZtXIABASBURSH, L. I., ‘ Ibanlhdurers cf all grades id - FASTAY, FAMILY ard BAKERS’ FLOUR, Varraattd andgroucd from Selected Wheat, tanob OtBos st the store ot J. W. BATIEE, cor- Union avenue aad JFiTmb strut, Jasutlca. —18,B —Alooda daliVertd al South Side Railroad Depot free. “ a * * TON'jfS k CO., rronrleters. T H E O D O R E R B E A C H & C o ., Jfvenue, (Cor. Hoyt St.,) Are selllog - AT EEFIN.ERS PRICES, And? GROCERIES AT VERY LOW RATES, m .'B .— k edit Is solicited. ly* SQUIRE « UNDER, „Vo. 9 7 P u l t o n s t r e e t , N e w Y o r k , Clfur for nfo sHurobISs IS fare! Gold Watches, Chains, All kinds of Jewelry, Hmgllsh S te r lin g s i l v e r IFV irc, At M Aasil per etttlage abaii actual Manufecturirtg ci>ti. l'5i • K E H A N S W I N E V A U U T S , No* 112 Front St-, - ■tQa» deor Sontli cf Walt street, N E W Y O R K . Noporlutu <br Cabin and Family Shires', choice Whies, l.tqnors, Ales, •*{*!«, Teu, Pickles, t’roserves, Canned Fruits, Goldcu Ale, Scotch •■4 (OKllah Ales and Potior, by the duzeu nr cote, R e t a il Depot t l n t e b a private sideboard com lining the choicest vintages ef tonadlM and Wmoa. Gentlemen heln lli'-in-idvee. ly*4 Teas! Tecs I Teas! Teas! At * 1 00 per lb. Green, Blnck and Japan. Givens* il sod try them. C. F: & A. It. DUNHAM. T h e B o u l e v a r d B r e w e f y . the rouUrard Drowcry, Frederick Fries, Proprietor, rllaatrd on tbs fcloci bodndcd by Ibe Boulevard, Sfererole and Scholou utrccia, and •Id Buehwlck arenne, V/ILLIANSBVIIGII. Uj Bar fnri' i-i. d wllh tbe nest of ],tqimrs and Cigars, and her* ' tAalyroty trfcV'icr can And tlieconl and nnhrlelilng LueiT drawn , FROM CELLARS TEN FEET DEEP. ' Xr,Frigs iavvites bis numerous frleuds to call snd eee him. Bt will be happy to simply them wholesale, or retail, Witb hla chides La. ffcftsr. (Iy28) FREDEKICK F«IEB, Proprietor.' Denote tliat traina do not Ntop, JAMAICA ACCOMMODATION THAW . Lctv® Jamaica at ^.80, Van Wyck arenuo 7,83, Clarencevilto, 7,36, Fresh Pond 7,40, Busliwick ave. 7,01, arrivingin Now York at 8}06. Ldavo Now York at 8)30 and arriviug in Jamaica at A,15 v. si. __________ R. WHITK, S u p t 4 ► A Lecture to Young Hen. Jkst PyRiikrd t n a Seated Emxkpe. Prke S it Cent, A Lectnro on the Nutare, Trent 1 ment and Radical euro of SpemaSor- rhaa, er gm ln n l Weakoeas, liiroluo- lary Emhsluns, Sexual Debility, and Impediment to llaiTlage generally ; Nsra-niMnets, t'omumptton, Itpileptf, and Hie; Mental and Physical Inca. ’OROk), resulting bom Felf.AbtiJC, ,kc — by DOEEKT J, CULVER- - W m L t t . D., Author ofthe <• Green Book,” he. Tbit arorM-renowndd author, ln th e admirable lx:cluro clearly proves -fNMrbi* own vsperlence that the awhil donscqucncm of Self-Abusc gMavbacffcctnany removed without medicine, and Wilbnnt dangoroas bonglea, iuitrumcute. ringu, or coodlals, polnbng M * 4 ’dMli44C< o»tc at once ocrtaln Cud etTecluai, by which every tar- fMrtf, cat*' ,wbat bis condition may be, may euro himself eSetfly, pv(m4eiyr * Q£l radicaUf. “ ‘ — ' ------ ^ to soy address, In a plain eealed envelope, on or two poalogoalatupa. Also, Dr. Culverwell’s prtol wcepts. Address the publish ora, CHAS. J. C. KUNE It CO., 1*7 ilrtnery, New York, Poet Offh-c Box 4.386 ,♦«* V — ■ -tot, ewler 'YjU 3Efce>1SS®»'' B e a l e * , WboieAlA»»d *olali Dealer In Urtbi. Flour, F«Mr B*le Bay, Stiaw, »*“•. A gCSSfalASSOMmqal ef cfcv. . JOHNSON $t,cor.Jforrei, . W illia m s b u r g h . e2S9*8cN«t»3«ll!:a Nealb Kdcfalirotd tsepzj free of ccsl. Iy36 3. W. RATTSB. m C e f Vegetable Sicilian Haii Hnwer Wa* stoorZ the test ef seven nears before the public ; mul no pvepura* tion for tiie hair has yet been flis- eovered that will produce the same beneficial results. It is an entirely new scientific discovery, combining many of the most powerful find re­ storative agents in the V E C E T A B L E K I N G D O M . It restores G R A Y HAIR T O I T S O R I C I N A L Y O U T H F U L C O L O R . It makes the scalp white atul clean; cures dandruff and humors, and falling out of the h a ir ; and will make it grow upon bald heads, except in very aycil persons, as it furnishes the nutri­ tive principle by which the hair it nourished and supported. I t make* the hair moist, soft, and glossy, and is unsurpassed as a JJ A III DRESSINCf. It. is the cheapest preparation ever offt red to the pub- lie,- as one botlle will accomplish more dud last longer than three bottles of any other preparation. . I t is recommended and used by the F ir s t m e d ical A u thority. The wonderful results produced by our Slciliun Hair lienetoer have induced many to manufacture pre­ parations for the Hair, under va­ rious names ; anti, in order to in­ duce the trade and the public te purchase their compounds, they • have resorted to falsehood, by claiming they , were former part­ ners, oi' had some connection with bur Air. Hall, imd their prepara­ tion wm similar to ours. JDo not be deceived by them, Purchase the oriylnalt it has never yet been equalled. Our Treatise on the Hair, with certificates, sent free by mail, See that each bottle has onr private Revenue Stamp over the top of the bottle. All others are imitations. R. P. Hall & Co.. Prop’s. Nashua,,N. H. Sold by all Druggist* ond Dealers in Medians. Capt G. B. BENNETT, ^ . T T O ' r l O ' I S T E S E l q . FIRE, IIFE; INSURANCE, * #“ ■ BEAL ESTATE; AGENT r o b t o r o io u b d . Persons having *1)1113 4V&AND for Sale, will please said dassrlp- tion, loci tion awM*n partMarras ta pries, As. Allhnalnassa*tM*l*4 tJaae will be.attend** to with puictuallly ud dispatch, aad (ShUis-antetJesbonsbit iaraa*. ■ All sr4ers by HSU punctually Attended tw.\ C^BBL q ^ s ' COR FULTON AND UNION HALL STREETS, (Iu Dt}$]£iH8 FEED STORE.) Address, CiPT 0 % BENNETT, Jamslsa, N. Y. \> .. 4 • • ' ■■••s-'rl j qBL - :]&}■.&>. 1 ? CS. dr- FAILING tooMain d'tlsppPal of heaao on Itealonable Terms, we are vDISPOSE OF THE WHOLE COMPEELEP T of onr LARGE MOURNING Begaadleu of H*«4sldir Tlte Slock I* Ihe I, dn opportunity to gi JAC Setw Spring **4 *Hw4Si<t lylo M I F A L L 4 We cat) the AtFe: cinity to out 1*1 •Silks, Ribbon*. F S ' Hats of *11 deScfipl 0 v a l u a b l e s t o c k o f *t an JM M E N s E SACR IFICE, !t**6es.. ■ ■ ■ - - ,4)4 «**S|t.Desirablo cvereflbrsd,;snd Msh irgahitMMom occaiw. 1IO C S N IN G S T O R E , j R o . A f i l B r o a d w a y , , opp, lIKaby 6s Cn , , » R W T 0 B K . N T E f t G O O D S . fit thf Lsdi tsjof Jamaica and vi- !' tvell'steleeted stock of Velvets ^t’eatiipfA. Lttces, Velvet aud Felt . j«-,. Afso. a grcat variety of S 'f f o o y G o o d s , Lndies- Drttq TrimRiihgn. Clonk Buttons, Dress But. tou*. Corsets, Needle work, Edgings, &c. Also, * fitlUtneuif WcistedguoSa aitd * # cite < JiWMlic* 13 ;>.'A*.i/kA C A R R I A G E B O D Y M A K E R . Comer of Union Hall aud Centre Street*,, ’8 prepared to etecaie orders for making Carriage Bodies of every description; manufactured under his own superintendence, ami C Ihe very best materials. , EVRNUPEB mado to trdcr and neatly repaired, « i resoesabh tsrais. * ^ Jamaica, Jan* 35-1861 B. B. DEAL** Is d o c k s , W a t c h e s & J e w e l r y I » . Ibutlcalar attention paid to repairing all ktatda of Clocks, WAtek* ed Jewelry -t ‘ E n g lish jP iikU $ ’9 7 All kicda. Also, Plain Puttied, by iba 100 crYelail.'tt BSBroxSBaoiT’R & Pursuant!**4 the county of, claims sgdtnslthst m.thc aaM-txpuly. vouchers thereof,!* j deceased, at tha > of Jamaica, <A> dr . Dated isept. 2^11,' i # ererfifUB- 6 . iNaf HabtWilllAWrH. Onderdonk, Bnrrogate ol IdUitPgl t* hdrehyglvoit.' to all persons having t pf Jo lip B.Sluilb, |ato ofllie town of Jamaica Ncekii dejwased, to,exhlhll th'o same with tbe ysubScribw.thCAdminiBtrulor. 3c., ottlie saiq rCskftnoe HI. sahj; deceased, in tue said (own lh* SWh day </t March next. i Jobn a u h f d m th, Aiminittor, <&ralc J g d u hfkVrmtors. ■ of U*r. Viiihm-H. Onderdonk. Bnrrogate ot P URSUANT tela- ___ _ ____ tba county of <jw*6e. MiUOB'4# herefcy -giVon to all persons hav. Ing idulttn sgahmL tlia eataw af ^Itogstn Baylh. late of tho town of -Jamaica, In Uie^NttfaaWtily afiQueeils.'deveitsod, to exhibit tho same with tho votKhetv.VVM||K4&.tl»puhfmbcrJ,.th6 Solo quallQed Eicon- tur,&c.,ol tbeoaWd«Mrd,’)kbrfgfdracA at$prlegOahl, in iho town 6f Jamaica qfqrilaalrt DatedJ^uiydtb, SV bcHhrt th* tenth da> oTJuly next. lHONAh tt FPdjERIOK. AwcWtor, de. % u ________ .^At^tdrtJry^A Perok, I Y A , t . tutdRfiaii-dealcr In IjftieRilealSs Pe r*ilelArUc 4*v*» 4 kipii 4cc*-’ * * cpntponnding of Phyd DENTISTRY 1 DENTISTRY 11 CHAS. H. STEVENS, Rieside^t D e n tist! Cat bo bcbb »t bis Booms in H e riiBH D^s B r i c k BO W ) on FULTON STREET, JAMAICA, TWO D00B3 WEBT of Iho HALL OF PHARHACY, ovory day in Utoweek Except Thuradaye. Thoso layering him with a coll will and that they can got their work Mom as well And as reasonable aa they can at any of tbo LA R G E ESTABLISUMENTS I N THE C O T . Ono great dlDoulty nlth-thoue bav.ing Artiffcial Tooth Is the settling o the gnms causing ths plate to cut tbe month, so that they are frequent y ’bllgod togq tetbe Dentists to havo It remedied. If-the work ft done here-all Mat can be romedled without'losing tho time aud expense o going out of tho village. ' Particular attention given to Children’s Teeth, -for by attending te tern at the proper tline the permanent ones will be more regular. 4)1 work dene in a neat And Mechanical manner and warranted as i isilrtie'd. ' _ . Ur S. will visit Privste'Realdenees to extract teeth Ifrdqoired, Jamaica, May 22, 1866. • ■FIRE INSTOAIK a s k S ? ^ . A s*so4, ... , 'J 2 \?\ iijjii j«>**■ m. «v d Maud Ma'rtee’ liWa, J 6m class Stock O oejiwdics , o . ■ • ... -> Portlcglar alltution given to Dwellings abd tbelr Furnliure, Laaca equitably adjusted and. paid SephenCrowMl, Andrew T Stout, J DlngersoJI, Henry Collins, John H Hicks, Isaac H Frothlnghnm, Gee W Bergen, tlexla Bragg, Charles C Bells, James-S Rockwell, Alviu C. Bradley, Gustav Schwab, Earn Baldwin, Nathan T Betrtj ffareld Datilsr, W“»«y e w a v i- nwfNjWMa* , S^tEOTpfiSq Gilbert Sayres, Joehua Afkinx, Jr, Augustus Stud well, William A. Rudd, WnlHYall C 8 Parpnni, Jvrenuab Y Spader Edwar A low, Samuel W Bnrtb, - Daniel FFernald, Eilwln T Rice, Edfar W Crowell, Daniel Ayres, '«K. STEPDEN CROWELL, P n e U & t, Ssa * , ^ ^ 8 W- CR0W£LL> All information rolatlng to Insurance and said Comnosw ea» tr­ ained of GILBERT SAYRES, Esq., oue ol its Dirchtera.^^lS ^ LATHAM M. JAGGAR, Agent for Javufietu- , ---------- \ . ■ '-r • ?ys» B S S ? » s s a a s - i : - NathableTJiniM*. JohnC CoN. 5 P*nWH 6 w*ryr, v j p 4 * 1 > A t “S s •k, Or 1 A T H E E B B O T E E R S , 186 G rand street, Cor. m a u WILLIAMSBURGH, * < KINGS COUNTY FIRE INSURANCB CI ’ OF THE CITY QP BROOkLYftf. 1868, ^ 1‘ T<)ial Assets, Cash Capital, Surplus June, OFFICES, SS-” ' Bri ’»dw»Y *“d Yirat St., UrmdA.fe\ jg wv ■ ’ < No. 8 Pins atn-et, Uew York. * Edward T Backhouse, Margin KalhBelsh, _ GrlfBth W GrifDtli,' Charles H Fellows, Juhn N Hayward, Edward North, Joeeph T Burr, . . Samuel S Free, AlOred C Clock, Henry JohHson, Benjamin F. Delano, mrxctors: Adrian M EuySam, Cliauucey L. Cook, William I Dooley, Oliver Hoyt, J A G Comstock, George CBonnctt, Charles Goodwin, Samuel Raynor, Allred Hobley, -, Lewis Huht James YVoWntlns, JamcfiA VaoBrut, & ”raaf<i William-J Pease, JV N e a e r ^ / RalphTeefs' ■ f Daniel BmRK,| -• doortsf^it,: r, EDWARD T. BACKHOUSE, PtWMad Hkj.'ry Fopk, Secretary. '* ' ! f ^ Wjf E H orwi A) . Jamaica Savings Bank. Incorporated by Act of legislature, A p ril^ S f c •WW •••• *««.*• ....Id Vic* ...VIA AARON A. DI5GRAUW,.,.. ............ JAMES RIDER .............. JAMES A. FLEDRY.................. MORRIS FOSDICK .................... . - TRUSTEES, James Rider, James H. Elmore, Daniel Garrison, ‘ Stephen L. Spader, William a . Llghthnll, Joen H. £Mmii, Willlatn Durland, Jobn N, BriMkwhsk _ _ ■ ... Jobu Grucy. . . The Trestees Jiaye rented the west room In the baunisst of *■' County Clerk’s Office. Tfib Rink will be open .lo recclre dsocohsi m Wednesday and Saturday of cacti week from 4 to 6. o.elemr.S 2 : m o r r i s fo s d icic, fcnur*.' Daniel Smith, Jome3 A- Fleury, . Morris Fosdick, AaronA. Pegrauw, William Phraner, John J. Armstrong, John O’fkiansli, Sr.f Martin -IvDnrysa,- John W.-jttelotf, Alcgn Bsekoh, . Third Avenue S a- Cor. Tbird Ave. and NEW YORK. .v i u g i :s SL, Present Deposit^ rj-- , .............................. ityu w BIK Pt!R CENT. INTEREST PAID, FRlBE FBOM GOVERNMENT TAX, v 1 On all sums from * 1 te d6,004, .. . All monies deposited on or befbre tho iOth of Jamiarv. Aerll. jsli and Oftober, wRI draw iMterest from the lst of- these Jronth* Bank open daily, from 10. a. n. in & r. If., sed-es Im M Wednesday aud Saturday evcnlugs, from 6 to « r. * . •’ -, f ’ v Wit. B. Binmxs, Sceretafy ^ Metropolitan Savings ^m k Sow occupyti)^ tWlr f •, New Marble Firc-Froof BaL’k in r BotutJ N o s. 1 & 3 3d A v e n u e , New-' York* -t, ■■ Opposite Cooper Institute: ■ ; ClX PER CENT. INTEREST, free from tax,'allowed tbt A ti i i i i t r d 35 to 85000. Deposits or ono dollar received.'. TanttaeX eoa>5 cm in Janjinry, April. July and Ortober, and IB -paid dr^maoas* eeml-nnnually. In Janiinry nud.Iuly. . , A m ’ t o f B e i o t l f i , *3,637,600.0^' T, W. LIEJ.1E, Secretary. ^ T' ! f4 f ) % ihf % n^ 6 s * U f % lfl* , jN\ 0vtr O r o I d Eiiaas, asid aSTctetilby f QUINCY G-RANITE WORKS* JTOHN J . GREEN, ^ 24lb Ii 25th S£s., n e a r 5th ave., Brooklfa, V a u l t B t i i l d e r . Orantta M 3 H v b tQ Monumeoth, Tombs «o4 Cemetery LoU enclosed U all the CMbetetto to tb* United sutes. ItonameDtaJjettftrta, end Jobbing tn nt) tts brebch ma Cnmlte Work farnlshed for Storfs. lyig * BENJAMIN DURYEA, Canal Bt^ vrtrk C.'ffehdricksorfs Coat Office, JOBBING Punctually Attended lo. 34 WSOUBULS WAlt DUtm Df. • Irving Savings Institution,! “ No. 96 IVarreu St., NLW lTOfil, I NTEREST allowed ot Ihe rate of 6 per cent, on all ts'ma'*<!9t,irt| und uuiior, free if Government tax- „ , ' . - 4 1 Open dally from 10, i. x*.‘, to 3 r. jr. ' ' *, WALTER W. CONCSLDf,' Vaanxwnir L. Bcxrox, Secretary, • - . j j g A U C T IO lSrEE IL js l . us La i ^ ^ Y y x 7 - a E i . E n s r o a Auctioneer & Broker in Real Estate, 11) Broadwayj K e y ¥ork.rt;; g Auctioneering in all its branches, in City and Ceitsftt. ;1 J f r Special atientioo given jtu renting aud seiilug Ikrwm Restileucea, at,d hII country Property.' t ^ , * * THE LONG ISLAND SAVINGS BMlI O F BBO0KX.VK. : 7 Corner of Fulton and Adaqia .G treetfil OPPOSITE N E W COURTHOUSE •/-. A °V*n dally from 8 A. » te 2 1 . Mf.,_sne^ Monday a d I dsy'ftom 6 te S F. 6 F W O E S J i reanoxar, JA M E S )fv' SIA -B Y R Y i; '*>*' viatraiH D K r r e , . M ttU P 8 . CROOKE, SAHCEL B. TRIAPCRER ASD SXCRkMltZi ‘ 'T , JOHN 8 . MJCKAY. V ' “ a r t O K s r x r a m o e u x a k i : ' I* JOHN jp PERRY, ?- v V ' TRcsma,. • * ‘ pbllip 8 . Crook*, Jobn C< indttendorf, Alfred M. Wood, June* M. Scabury, ■ Edw«rd B. Fowler, Jobh 8. Mackay, ’ Charles Janes, S»mael DnOth, , John H. Seebeek, Benjamin F . Delano, George W. Jobnaos, Anthony F . Campbell, - llbxander A g ar, - jolm C. P e rry. . . . . > , -. - x S ix per cent; intercut, freo' frofii GoveremTtit-taJr kHOWdA « a aO Mil posits b o m 31 t o 39000. ; ly tt 1 Interest on depegjis froth l* t o f J s n t la r y ,‘April J s ly s a d d w liw s * f Flftcch gayfallowcd connncgctag eachqnqrtAr^' J Satan*}-K'SMwMtl : Jtdm’L. JbWalf, Elliur'G.watiatsri WllllaihJ. Cr*t#*7i. Horscep m v m i A FrsnkMBStl' ] iand other ^Us, • - ts«(ah,tM*etMim41*iiip Flxtwrf«. . '• Ak^lvtA'TAteal lAtape.alnjMEr^ctarore prfca mmtfitm*. Qjup „ • , j, *.-f.I**', ,,11ga^JiaA^sdW^ii i ■ A ; s s s l r ; ^ s ^ ^ s r 3 S | « d ^ f«“‘.or exchange. Pa«|dt»liw W b W J ' Modem Improvemcnta put (a air taucblnrr, PMMe* porehOaief ^ muting at this offlci ita ta t a aUshh sedfAafy UitiMtas v a t * cwga*. Msbhtaes pofeba**d -wdrfiald■ Hr b n y m V % sold by paying monthly, Machine ttrlit,1 Threads, Oil ijhttttlcs, Ae^-fcr eoU. -Atno; • fm s & s j m s a t , r . Esoozzn# f i, «uaw.ik.«Htt 0 nfj tj t f

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