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Long Island farmer. (Jamaica, Queens County, N.Y.) 1862-1870, September 15, 1868, Image 2

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Editorial Correspondence. A « o - 19ft. F rom M a u c h C h u n c k wo took the e r e * o f t h t r S u m m it H ill a u d Sw itch B a c k R a ilroad, to r l d e f t r jJi m llea w ithout b o n e o r e n g ine, and t h a t a t a spdsd shrift euough for the m o a t am b itious. T h is ia a G r a n t g r o a d , a n d the ascent to 8um m it H ill is reached by tw o inclined planes, up which tho train s a r e draw n b y stationary engines. T h e first of these, o n M o u n t P isg a h , is 200 feet h igh, and its summit read ied there is o n e o f t h a f o p s t b e a u tiful landscape scenes th a t o u r continent1 p resent*; F o r rugged sublim ity a n d varied beauity we kn o w bf nothing lilte it. E a s t Maueh C h u n k , the w inding railw a y s, tho caual and river, the spires o f Maufch QlMtnk itseJf, tlie gorge and. the gap,of the m o u n tain b e y o n d ,: m a k e up rt perfect picture. * From M o u n t F iag a k w e descend for six miles to t h e foet o f f t o second plane, and this ascended a mile beyond, w e are a t Sunun& H ill, the top of the Sharp M o u n tain s .1 H efo q visit t o f t o B u r n in g Mine, a n d a sum p tuous dihner a t ’the woll ■ k O p t h o tel p repared us f o r a desceut to th'o m ines. H ere. Oft th e sharpest inefinstioD; wo r a n a t t h e r a te o f one mile a m inute, a n d soon reached tho m ining, region, 14 miles from Mauch C h u n k . H e r e a r e probably th e thickest veins , ■ o f coal anyw h ere in pa*,country. O n e b o d m o re th a n 50 feet thick has b e e n w o rked over m a n y a c res and still is un­ failing. H e ro w o saw .thq several processes of m iping, breaking, s c reening, leading and tran s p o r tin g .th e copl to the foot o f S h a rp M o u n tain. A t tho ond of the railw ay are im m ense c h u tes in to w h ich the c a rs are em ptied, a n d .down which tho c o a l r u n s som e hundreds of foot to fail into tlie canal b o ats, und i s thus passed from the mines to its desti­ nation* a t Philadelphia, How York, and elsewhere, without an y handling. . , j T h e p r e s e n t s tate bf tho coal trade, whilo f a r less active and rem u n e rative than tw o y e a rs ago, is yet m a k ing prin­ ces o f S onic b f ’tlie morb extensive a n d successful operators. T h e descent to M auch C h u n k is accom plished a s thp a s­ cent b y two- inclined pianos, and a gravity fercb that, w h irls u s ovor J4 milds o f road in 30 to 35 nYmutes. A trip ev e r the “ Sw itch-Back” is v e ry popular a s the n u m erous parties w e saw , n n d th a t daily Can bo seen, 'fully proves.— F o r p o v elty, instrufctiVeness a n d invigoratfoti) w e k n o w of notbiug bettor, cheaper o r p leasanter. F rom 'M a u c h C h u n k o u r way' lay np tho Lehigh Valley, on a railw ay w ith moro turns and angles, and bluffs, a n d em b ankm ents, and trpsscls th a u w a s 'p a rticirarly soothing to tho timid o r nervous. Hut so wild a n d grand the scene­ ry th a t o u o alm o st forgets any apparent d anger; And from forest a n d clearing, from mill a u d iloating titnOof. fl'oWi f a c to r y and shop ho gather? enough to Ititorealjfind satisfy. T h e whole w a y to W ilhesbarr? is an alm o st unbroken forest. Tho ouly place Of auy im p o rtance for all th a t 55 m iles is W liitcsliaven, the d e p o t of th e vast lum b er trad e of this wooded region.' -Hero millions a n d mitHOns o f fogs,aro y e a r ly m a n u factured into lum b e r,'nnd hen'c'e' there is much o f W ealth a d d e n terprise.! A little.-beyoud'- y'bu .roach (tlio sum m it o f iho m o u n tain, a n d l o ! the W yom iug Valley lies all before you. O a« wa d escribe tlie scene ? I t lacks the rugged wildness wo liavo j u s t left, b u t the cultivated fields, tlie m a n y beautiful v illages, tho u n b roken extent o f landscape is unsurpassed. H o w woudorful is na­ tu r e in h e r varieties, and equally beautiful in them all.— T h e r e is nothing before ils that is like w e saw a t M o u n t , F isgah, in tlie L o h igli G a p , of a long tbo vyny of tho L ehigh river, a n d y e t w e aro none flip loss e n raptured. I t is nobe' th e l e s s beautiful. W inding . f a r around th e m o u n tain we i .eebrn c 'o s e upon tlie valloy, but only reach i t a fter a n hour, o f w inding descent. Its principal borough is W ilkes tjnr- re, th e com ity fcfcat b liE O z d rtki coufity. I t is on the past’ b a n k of tH o .N p H !»b^iftj> f-theuS u s q u c b iinft^riverw.itnd prosperous to w n ; th e ccntro of vast coal and iron woi T h e inhabitants are cuTtTyafed., wealthy, a n d intelligem I t hastifo teeeiioitt'l^A ^ fftbdhtlA d tgitm v ^ geological i , historical society, a n d luany m arks o f .stibew u tisi Vvi null fefinbm ent. W o foUnu excellent quarters a t the om ing Valley H o u s e , as t i n e a hotel ns tlie state c a n I outside o f its largo cities. M aking th e acquaintance R e p u b lican friend, Calvin W adham s. Esq., we wore taken to the beautiful park iu tho centre o f th e tow n . W e could b u t r e g ret that this gem of h 'p lace should b o desecrated b y th o C o u r t H o u s e , b u ilt j u s t in its centra. A lthough tins building is e v e ry w a y excellent, and an ornam ent to the tow n aud coqnty, y e t there was no need o f spoiling their only beautiful p a r k w ith i t . I W p.ascended the tow er, a n d from its top h a a a tine view of tbe tow n an d its surround­ ings. Its eleven churches, -its e x c e llent higli'schools, its academ y , its e le g a n t mmisiohs, its nicely g raded streets, its tide-of bustling;' b u s y men and wom en Were all seen and noted. W e gaxed a t tba toiuetery o f f in ti e distance— odd j u s t b eyond, a n d to thelfeft a w liitom o n n n ieiit is Seen. ' I t recalls som e sad history. There, w h ere stands th a t cold JA M A ICA, S E P T . 15, 18156, ’f t o t o ' M i m (ra t f o m k l f th l i r a form e r Forever float that standard sheet, ’ Where breathe* the foe but follsWefore i With Freedom’* toil benestH our foet, And Freedom’* Banner streaming p’er uij t t e f m H j m . * ) JDm p m t be* f t * j d h u m h s t irfooa.-ftfthft Agmso af tb* ,t * f i f t t o s t s t o s . m i tlm t Utter b a % *M»*J534,4W,«7 , >8,«SW«,0W.34 , itamrei’ftwiiijiijy »~ii*itiiiii***»i*»i*i of glflff,579,323.33 Leaving at W ttiobto t f imreyjtoay* f» au iaereato o f th* mOmr a l .dabt, Mta” « - « # Pfcrttf had if tbe above be true It is'a formid-ble coo«t ■agah«k»he'^irtBi!iSR*f‘ * ’But the^wrttt^of tljjiftartfete p o rt know that tb* figurea,'®2,368)'fl55,0t7, did noVrepraaeat the total In* dehtedoes* of t o United State*,' os March 31, 1885, by kundree but that thiy do t o w 1 - * - ‘■jkm - \ * The waa lo It* dVhtli’ati era! Gov an arm r f by jh'e.T»Wftp( hole* and boad*. tfcfe Dbthbefttjo party of the Soul * /ie/illtiieen e r s ie* of the'Fed ^directed tp It* final.overthjrow 5 iiilfoAjrpt ndprjv a thiliioti o r men, content •V-A* ' J* t . NATIONAL'UNION REPUBLICAN NUfiKNATIO. F O H ,P R E S I D E N T , ,m - ; Of Illinois. \ 1 ■ - * * ’ t ^ f , FOR VlCE-PReSIQENV, ’ . • r , O f Indiana. >' «; For Etectora of PresM cut nne.Vico-I’rosidpniti '■■At • Large, '< '.I . ’> M a u s i i a i - l O. K o m a t r s , . H e n h v R . S e l d e n . District Electors, i ' W illihm C. Brown, Geoi-gt1 S . Batchclier, pay wa* while a* In arre««*#ere(*otl veiyjengeged iu the arr*Dgemew» ifiiy the-pro*ecution of th< •George W . C u rtis, Jaco b W o rth. E d w in A. Stud w e ll, * Sanm el S. W ydcoff, Moses I I . G iinneil; C h a rles 8. Spoucer, A lexander T . Stew a rt, F rederick Schuetis, Jam e s H . G raham , M o rris W inslow ,' Patrick, C. Coatollo, R o b e rt Steyvart. EdWarcl B .j i i d s o n , H o c tor'H /T rithil), H o o p e r C- V a n ’V o r s t, ’ 'SatnrieUIaynq',' A m b rose Ryder, E lisha P . W h e e ler, G eorge Innis, Jaoob H e rm a n c e , C h a rles H . A d am s, G eorge UT. B e rners, M obs K .J?latt, Chhrlos M l T itu s ; 1 1 'Howwfe B e m is/ E d w in R . Reynolds, Stonglifon Pettibono, ‘ M ichael W efdrick, t. jjioriiian M. Alien. m a rble, 99 y e a rs ago lay d y ing, m angled m en, women and children w e ltering in their blood. T h e re w a s tho scene of th e m a ssacre of W y o m ing, on Ju l y 3d, 1778, w hen 400 T o r y fratricides led o n 700 s a v a g e Indians to assail 300 jll- arm e d .m e n , an d n l ie u j h e b r a v e defenders were over- S ow e red b y the superior num b e r of the foe, then savage urbanty h e jd a heUish reV el.as tom a h a w k and a rrow , and Scalping knife spared n e ith e r prisoners, o r women, o r chil­ d r e n . Q u e e n E s th e r , a half-breed In d ian wom an, to qvenge the. d e a th of h e r sou, tom ahawked 14 with her own bands. O v er 300 Were- th u s m asacred, an d ‘tho tragedy furnished Cam p b ell tb e f a c ts for his popular poem, ** G er­ tru d e o f W y om ing,\ in,w h ich, however, m u ch o f tlie ro­ m a n tic imagory, a n d characters, mid m a n y o f tlie incidents w e re invented by the p o e t himself. I n 1848, a m o n u m ent was erected on the s ite o f the b a t­ tle, and is a il that now rem inds tlie spectator qf the tragic Incidents Of which tlie valloy was once tho scene. O n ev* ’ery hand is fertility, and, t h a t fully im p roved by careful cultivation. Few\ v a lleys a ro more productive th a n this. T h e freshets of th e river,'alm o s t yearly flooding tho land, leaves thoro in th e early spring a rich deposit of m u d , which sustains tho w o n d eiful fertility. * B tit w e w ere looking from the tow e r o f the C o u rt H o n sc. an d here have been describing the whole v alley. I t m a t­ ters not for from W ilkesbnrro ottr w a y lay u p th a t valley to Scranton. T h o m iniug,tow n s along tlie way were all • f the sam e model, d ingy sm a ll shanties, oruanwtated w ith row s qf**olivq p lants,” that w ere chiefly rem arkable for th e ir n u m b e rs,'squalor and d ir t. Tho m ining here is like all the rest, except the caving in, a t m a n y trainl* .of the narfaoe, leaving fearful aifcf d a n g e rous cairitfc.1, a n d ’none b f 'th o d w e llers could know how sooti {heir frail structures w ill foil for Jack o f foundation. Thp railw a y b p s thus b een underm ined, and tbe c o m p a n y , n t g r e a t expense, has built sure props a t every dangerous point- Scranton is the great c ity o f this coal region ,a » d o f E a stern Pennsylvania. H e re, w ithin the m e m o ry o f those still living, has s p rung up a city o f 8,500 inhabitants, w ith v a s t enterprise and w e a lth. O u r tim e did not-nllow us to stop wliicn wo had the less desire to do, h a r i n g visited it thorongbly tw o years a g o ,n n d then gave o u r “ E d itorial J o ttin g s \ thereon. Our w ay now lay dow n the D e law a re, L a c k a w a n n a and •W estern Railroad, a n d after ru n n in g 20 miles u p a heavy grnde% e a ro on th e sum m it o f tlio PoeonoraiigB Of m oun­ tains, a n d once a g a in a grand and extended landscape is befor* u s . T h e whole country from th e POcono to tjio Blue M o n n tains is in view. I t looks like one. unbroken, valley fully wooded, b u t no know th a t in those y a k s are m any villas a n d cultivated acres. O ff in the distance is the fumed D e la w a re W a ter G n p , T h is d eep cut-m ade by, the Delaware river passing through the Bine M o u n tain is ever rem arkable w h e ther seep.from near or far.. T h e rivfer there o n ly a few rods wide! the'm o n n tains rise nearly per­ pendicular 00 cither Bide to Hie height o f 170ti feet. This is a lready a fashionable a n d crowded- teeort. The •* K itta- tin u y House,” k e p t by th a t gentlem a n ly nnd accommoda- tin g landlord. L. W . Brodhcftd, has accommodations f o r - 260 guests, a n d is crow d ed to overflowing. M any sm aller b u t no less comfortable boarding house* are. also well . pstrouized R u ral beauty, rom a n tic rides, m agnificent •oenery, the most healthful and invigorating air a re the attractions and advantages of fhis resort. T o tbe breath- ........................................................ A art 0 jrrp-. portion,' 'T W iralitee left we scon found ■ourselves i f 'N ew H a m p d e n ,-on'fho 'Now J e rsey Central R a ilroad,‘and,ov which w e btw toned h o m ew ard, having m ads th e 'c i r c u i t . m o u n tain an d Vfotf field, Of c ity and town, o f milt and f a t tory, o f w ild foterrt s n d cultivated plain, and Grand our­ selves b a c k n t our ofooe f * fonr.days fiotn the time we li ‘ it, w iser, s tronger, e v e r y J t e J p M f e r for our “ run o ff;’ , E x c u rsion tickets c a n b s n r p i h r e d a t thp office o f the ■*—’ «*“ ™ * ««««, *-■- at the good Wonderful, State Union Republican Nominaticnq, ■ f P e r Governor, , l For Lieutenant-Governor, AZ« O H Z\0 B , ; C O B N B 'E L . j For ffantil Cutrmissioittr. ' ; , ., r : F « r Inspector /jf.S ta tc Prisons, ‘ »; \r. - a jb;n a m a ® Er© ' •• -f F o r 'C M k of M's C tm r l ofAfipittliAi'l of{ O' A W i 5 TlREEfeSfiERS' Y e r t p o p t h a s sp o k e n iu 4 h u n d e r t o n p f a n d o n evp r y ..rail w*ve of air a rebuke i* borne-lo Rebel sympalhjsers. The'greeu mountain* display their highest colors to' tignalixe her .triumph. - This etalwart! host e f loyal and brave hneb has fed off in- New England nod calls on Maine and. her sister states to * go Snd do likewise,\ Nt to evqry man in the Republican rank is jubilant ovir this suchess, and. every Hebei Who, put* bis faith ih Seymour and Blair .trembles at that tempest blast as if It were, hjs otto death knell. But bcyware of the re-action.’ Remember that resolute apd persistent effort slope is crowned with success. The people of the'South.have ever made the negro race (as (hey call that part of it* population in whose veins flows some of the beat blood fof the chivalry), their polical Cafe paw. Chattels at home—they se­ cured to them.in the councils ofthe Nation the three- fifths basis, aud How the rebel leaders-are moving heaven aud earlh to obtain a Democratic majority. False representations—pretended' affiliation—hum­ bug in every form—the refusal' oflabor by which they subsist unless they vote the Democratic ticket, ahd indeed every other mode of coercion which enn be resorted to are the weapons of the hour. .There are some, however, of that' despised race who have learned the logic of the war a*tid unless their formiet masters drive them from the ballot box At the point ofthe bayonet, they will vindicate their position and sustain those who have conscientiously battled for-the right—maintaining the doctrine that ‘'all men a^e jjorn free and.equal.” The Bpinocrptic manager* know they 'must Win this election “ a{any cost,” or their foil cause” ;is hopelessly buried,; nnknriled,, nncofibieff? .without the least shadow of chance of a future resurrection. Bloodshed is so familiar to'thern that thb taking of human life j* ft mere target game, The question, then, lit, how to protect Union men in 'the Southern States,Irrespective of color; while in the discharge,of the iiacred duty of the ballot which devolves oa every American citizen. Even now we are sickened as .we readDf the enormities of the midnight assassin,. Hu­ manity, a* well as the unquestioned right, of protec­ tion of life, demands' that these should cease. The incendiary speeches of Wade Hampton and his col­ leagues, with Blair’s revolutionary letter for the tttjt, afe fanning a Same which must be quenched at all fiax- srd*. Party spirit sharpened by thirst for' revenue rnust no^be tdiowed to trample in tjfte dust o^r'iCoh stitutjepal right* punishment .of, crimes triu*t npt.be intrusted , tojp^rju^ed officers, who when aU is.Ojr/ will fiod too late that t hey are mere tools in; the hands of unscrupulous men whose watchword is power. It is not enough thst the military authority should 'be Used to suppress outbreaks, mob* Snd riots^ it tni^t be powerful to prevent such outrages’. ' 0‘ur Cout)|fy is on tbe eve of a revolulioU' whicK^s to be s^ittUd in the short space of eight weeks',.'.and ^itfiougft jjur faith is unshaken fri the sound reasonfog of Ijhp jg m l peopl'e by wljpm this great pvoblem j s tp, Ve » 9 lj;ea| we exhort them to activity. We feel sure ftgy.jtIII thrust alide old prejudices, abancfpn thp id** of feji. cied wrong*, and rally'for the suppoirt of our staOdatd bearers, G r a n t ahd Colf4x, formidable ia War. p o ir A fee* more gforiou* vietorles,''in|e with th* gve*t?!'t energy for thq ensuing season were mad*. The exftminSttion and' passing, of accounts thrpu^Bc t h e idNMqrj^sigt b f^cpe co“**ucted with as much eeterity as was postibie, yet govern hient creditOHwere iom^timesdbliged to wait month* befp|e tbdjr. aoponatj coiild bp adjusted knd entCred upon the boqksortiie Department for paymeot. U n d When the revenA&fahedto keep-pace with thejdis- btirfomeiot’s, the pHthArtl^ No Funds” told iHe 'credi tor that * longer was, inevitable. On Mqrch c e a s o f o x a n u u a t i o q ^ v T h c s e claim * w e r e tru t y a portion o f th e n a t i o n a l indebtedness a s th o u g h [ th e do ( | s f o t r t h e i r s ^ p e n i e n t h a d b e e n Iqstied jand ch a r g e d o( t h e T w i s u r y D e p a r t m e n t , y e t t h e / d o n o t jiiklhe s t a t e m e n t o f the |jub- l* -* *•—* 1’— i ' — o th a i th e r e fwqyar I ^ publisher qf the P§mpcrcU jrnd a cjaimufor.rprititijtig which remained unsettled and hebde didpbt4M)p,fpr.l|n' ihe public debt statements for several inonlh* aftjer the bill Was rendered, bui he evMeuVly e'otisidcredit a s« part of the national Jia bilitlei, , So .ail theye >unpaid; requtfitions nnd uniet- tied accounts, together’kith tlie back pay of the army and navy aand qiaints for transportation, subskteijce. pension*, &(k^amouoting io it ’least $500,000,000, were>a part ofihie'natlonal dndebteduess on March 3 1 , 1 §65. ^Adding this to the.statemeDt of the Sedre- fa'ry 'as:at/#vii' gftyhsi as the-total indebtedness March 3 1 ,18 8 5 ,v i V* - V / ' S 2 ,866.955,b77 Deduct 888 ’ * ■ 2,523.5,34$00 * i A i L r a » 4 3 , 4 2 o , i 7 7 B u t t h e ty e w o c fm t, i f j t c o a t i n u e s its exploratieL “ o fficial’! tig u r q l w ll) find t n p r e j h a n l h i * . I t w ill $n(f that. tbo. h i g h e s t p o lp t o f th e n a tio n a l d e b t was ojn th r e e thousand itdllfoes, ahd Was r e a c h e d jn the stir m e r .-o f 1865; in fact, .ft o n l y - n e e d s to re f r e s h ;iu niem o ry h y fookirig tfV e r Its o l d fifes} fo r i n com m o n ■with th e D e m o c r a t i c p r e s s e v e r y w h e r e i t w a s f r e q to .sta te ^ t h o . t o t a f a q f o u ^ / a r 'f i k w f y t o a p p r o x i m a t e ' four thousabd m i I I f o n # U j ,S ll |^ ^ c i * l figures w ill show that besides t i i e ; p d y m e & df i n t e r e s t t h e pub lic d e b t pi been reduced f r o u r I t s ^ h e r i r 'p i d n t o v e r e i g h t h u n ­ d r e d t n i l i i o H s p f . /T h ftofficial f igures will ^ tr ' Ih e r show thst|<|B ii^»oi?A fl!* 5 * i» t ; r e d # e e d $ i 6 7 ,0 ( l 0 „ 000 p e r annum '} ah p th e r i ” i t e m \ W hich t h e D e m o c r a t Will d o w e lt t o h ty^llefore^ts r e a d e r * . s W h ile o n (fit* (m h ject w e w o u id b a v e th * D e m o c r a t C a ll it* r e a d e rii’ i t i f t f t t i o n to t h e r e d u c t i o n o f e x p e n ­ ses, p a r t i c u l a r l y t l / t 'f f i h d e by G e n . Grant ir f t h e pr- m y } a most ioter*itH n g #tndy for tax - p a y e r s , By follow ing u ^ 't h e s e efficial in v e s ti g a t i o n s an d p lacin g its fig u r e * J tf t h a t th e y “ d o n 't lie ,” I h e i l e - m o i r a t w ilt d o t h e cftlise of t r u t h a g r e a t s e r v i c e so d con v in c e i t* read e r * t h a t th e f iaan c iu i h i s t o r y of t h i s c o u n t r y , u n d e r R e p u b li c a n r a l e , i t th e h i s t o r y .o f a m a r v e llou* success; , i j ; \ ’ ' t for 15 days, A n y desiring to _ the g r a n d sn d beautiful o f both invest, a n d follow our t.aek, takittgi . a t tho several points. W e m ode m ftnyJnqtliries concern- G r a n t and Colfax, and found everyw h e re nopofol indica­ tions, and *re home ngam to jo in our n evf m a d e *cqitain- tanoes io the h a r d e s t kind of w o r a .t o s<W ur»ft*lr ilvctioa. Since y « ru}ont b jw spoken lo t na m n k * N q w T o o k anjd Pennsylvania s p e a i.th e sam e twpejrt^ . . , . ■ .,u > u . , 4 ,S|'-; erful in peace, that of the Green Mountain boys, wftt ehe*r-tbd — - , heartoof o u r^W y b teW tto^ihd «hgy wllf.g#' M from their labor* fn the poiltid*l area* until thp wef- \ kin ring* with' the *hont o f triumph -fftt, ftfjd CoLFAX,forpeaceitpdprntper^tr,for*^.Mi£rapqbijtod nation. - '] ., I . t i t Taxpayer* shodid H M o l^t th*t ^bfoWpi* j The Rebel NocLlriJS.—lt1s a fact thiit tbo Dem­ ocratic Nat ionalConventiqn iont ber* no let* than rtjpfiih‘w e t getter als—all active, leading spirit*. Tbprft were also nine rebel colonels, one major,-sind two br three captain*, besldeftolher minor officers.: Tft^ flit cohipriSed such then a/Fdri rest, .destioed to istling infamy for hit butchery of Macks who’had tbrpw* down, tbeir, prmsl. Hampt^D, whgjn|^uif ed-M* 4*. the>’f*rers«eDt that be reDjsl^. to be ’twu^ by - the- surrender qf, Lee apd Johnson; Ould, astitoisted with the horrors of Belle Isle,, iiibby,- Ssfiebtfer and Anderionvilfe; Kershaw, also kdown for hll hrtlelty to 'Ueion'-pritoners; and Preston, who left opeb warfare to fit out piratical craft in Europe.‘'•'ikete . men |>ad the aid of other* of the same stamp Mttridc, like Beauregard, and Cell. Gibson bf Morgau lcDiraudtrs—about one bnndred rebei ofRcer* irr *R. .This was the controling nuoleiis of theDefhoerailc 'Ceevention—the power that rul|d Chase out of the course, took up Frank Blair add fashioned! ith'b DlbisfeVstic platform 'to’-stiit itself.— T^s is fto powqy^'ttm,' thaj would ‘appropriate ihe fruit# ef victory wtidgoveift'tbe jcountry from th* old Soblhernitandpoiriftlfthqloyal 'ffjasses did no(ide the game and* put a stop' to it io Novembar Which j I ' t d T T h b a t t e m p t p f th e p p m o c r a t 4o prbve (h*t th e n a V i b n a l ^ b t i m s l t o k n increased, b y * c o m p a r is o n o f th p S e i j r e t 8 ^ ’* ; # J t o w e n t ’f o r ,Jfulyt ' i | $ 8 w i t h t h a t fo r M * r c h ,1 8 6 5 , r*«h»4s u* of t h p a t t e m p t <o pfovft f t ^ . t h f o $ i b i e * d i f h | » l | / ) J - tp^u lecppiuit suicid*! .. *•■ And Jndaa-y out top ««d banged hiasaalf ’ • .• NSW S i p R l d h p M i th-' 4** Id R f t mw i that K HlkibeGryM s^Gaiatxit C)*w|B i* MavWibsjr iMxt. |Uth4ftr °*« 4* tftprft Cit^bt harp bee* .tewst, ted pthejr*. are. I* cMtMnpleto. O P \ - ^ 1* ----- - lu t the citixeas o f Held a Urge and entbusiMt lo meetiag, oa Tuesd*y evsaiog last, for tbe purpose of formlog a Graateud Cttlfo* CbuipilgnClob.^BrsrBriBi; tbeed~WMzek«ito» tempprary ^ alrm au and Nicholas H. HaUock, Secre- Aftbr bftfo'g'aldresi^bf AfoxsindeTHagner,' Esq. t t n R m s i , ofthe committeeJohuJl. Crane, Esq., Presideff of tbe Jamaica Club,.*** iatrodueed, and in *n eloqaient and impressive qpiino*|>lald before tbe Club t o ita suesof the canv*to,and the candidate* presented by both parties for tftsi office’s ,of President and Flee President of tbptforffod State*. Mr. Cr*ne waiTita tenbd to with UtsrVed attention and frequentlyrand loudly applauded. * Tlie tommltfo* on organi*atiou reported thft fol­ lowing nmnes for permanent officers of the §31 which was uaqttimftpsly adopted: * President— Cql. A . M . W ood. D r ‘ WiUiam * * * - S v r e tary —Niclio’iui H . Hallocic. Treasurer— Bemam lu T . Rissam. Executive C o m m u te ^ H e n d r ick E . R e m sen, W il'irin E . V a ie n tiue, Ifoury W . RqwIarjd, D a n iel R . H e n d r icksln, with the officers o f t o C J u K : • AddressesSweremade try Cql. Afbil. Woodof Quient, and Messrs. H tobr H. Stfturtraod A J. Hannas, Esq. of this village, which were entbusiasticaily recefvbdl ll “ the intention pf tbe.Club to ereqtalarge Wig- warm in Doughty’s Grove, andkold weekly meeliuge therein. The orgatiizdtfon is a first rate oue and^wUl do muoh|o^djp4bp copnty tjpnvq**. T m r Q p t e r a w f t t o t T AosoexrtA^ Nfoqn wnr k a lds ft* 27Us ftastMtl BkhiltoM **xtw*ek, Japt* SM*t3^ «qi t l t h . Tkjft affiohd Rdractfitiw **l as*/ hp fiswad tRMMthwteltMMa. , ; Hewtot fte / m w M i w , w e e c h t m p s , H M tftto c f o s W r * - . ft« h d i w « a d jttatltmto* sfMsi i*» ffil*i*tf,yto with •aeb otbor to matt* thi*tbp bWt«tWUtto«»T*rl»*ld by the Sodaty. ■aedatioRforft foir; tltogtoBndaqdMQi&ipMM*^ olow and wtllr fowled, and fipw d * b«trt o will o« the part o f produwr* to Wftfcp a s i s p » » i a wSiit be Tab A short time siaoe the auspices of the Grant gnd ColfoX CJifb, o f that place, assembled a t Iudep.e'pdence, HalUft. thatyil. (age.. The:meeting wair called to order by the_Hoo. William T. McCoun, President of the cltih} ’(au pged and highly, respect ed citizen that place), who (ex­ pounded the purposes for which tbe meeijqg. had' as- sent bled,'and id! fodufced thF H»n!!jfameb \f. Bid.* man. formerly,a member of.theSeuate of our “ Em­ pire State,’’ now a reside«t;of(tb(at, (Village, .who in a lucid.and. stirring addreas-opened-tbe'Datnpaign in that part of tbe town of Oyster Bay, explaining at length tbe issue* involved in the present Cany art,? md p r e s e n t i n g th e se v e r a l can d idato*^eaci^,t> ftts tyu*4 lig h t. T l i e address w a s l i s t e A d W j k t f t e a r n e s t [ a t ­ tentio n , an d re c e i v e d w r it h e n ^ t i a s t f o . a p p lause. M r , B e e k m a n w a s f o l l ^ r i a i y Jaiiliea.M C ® u rtis Esq., hue o f t h e j f ic d f T p s i d e t f t s o f th f tclu b r ln ^ a s p ir ited s p e e c h ; trbi< ^ % a rrfod conviqiiqri t o t h e m inds, o f h it'n u n q e r r ,pus^i«teners ^ a n d ^ a b o u t one d o z e n *' r e p e n t e o t Siu- ’nera “ t h e r e b y b e c a m e co n v e r ted , aod capie, up<to the S e c r e t a r y ’* ta b l e an d e n r o ll e d th e i r nam e* as m e m b e r s o f t b a t e l u b , w h ich no w n u m b e r s upw a rds o f o n e h u n d r e d m e m b e r * , r e s id e n t c f t h a t village i ud vicinity. A f t e r c o m p l e t i n g t h e fo r m a l business o f th e cl tb, a n ad jo u r n m e n t waa ta k e n to S a t u r d a y ev e n in g , t b e 12th i n s tan t, a t th e sa m e p l e p e ,, t i i f jirhlch occasion Jo s e p h J . C d u c h .jjE tq., o f HroekiyuV a n d o t h e r g e n t l e ­ m e n , h a d m a d e a r r g n g e m e n f t ad d r e s s tfte m e e t , ing, _ -. ' \ f A n erttb u ihtetic m c e tfogr v a s hefd on W ednesi re fo room for«u |tU ^ wUbit. Oft band, awgjtiw'yeari cattbfo; u i t r a y tbiag that can be do**, for the *ccommodrtioii **d oppfort of iq e c tofdt expeoted willbedoit*. i *' •_> Tbia is the week for prepafottiptt. Ifot fo b/ftfowy week. . , n r The Male Department o f H«fos M # i $ i d e - »Jt .qpaqpd yesterday moraiog |«dcf *avora(ll«4rir. cumstaucei. Mr. M. Oakey bat. bequ eugagad am) wiH,carry on the MhopI untftitoT^tfoft^caa aa.- cure, a, teaeher who whom they 'cait to tbfo topw*U>te ptsriltoi. -We would advise our IMwd*1# to thia time boDorcd iDatUutioii. A*:Mft;G.-. i irell known in this Commuiilf j wAUka pfopfRre^t'«<)Oa*: mending Dim to the patroua^e-of thfttobH ^ tS T Tbe D'emocrats held ».i»iectiog s tQ tM n i td fo™ ejfob, qnTbursdayeveningliqrt,;' Thetottlog, was bufialimiy altendt^.and' RJrW'%rt|ee«*Wtry to cboo» ft parpet-bagg*r apd non-voter fbrFmei- denv and toubfooF for Secretary. .jSevqral wwkem w e r e MBounohd,' none ef whieb h p jpto^'M M K W tl 1 assured thc^ dfciU?doibetter.1 nqitfe ’f o m M t o « N U ■ r s f l w i w i l l f Do-you wish to visit one of the fineitiu picturesque parts of Long Island * jff so/go on the. pic-nic of the Ref, (Dutch) Sabbath Sqhool, of thir village, to-motrow (Wednesday). TrafoDiwvei Ja- njpiea, Over tho Long Island Railfoad, at 9,% it, re. turning leave Northport at 4,30 » ; ifc.‘ Ticket* 80- Cents; children 40 cents—only.about obe-tbird (be usual fare. A cheap qnd pleasant ride to tb* village of Northport, which alfihould avail thqtoiilLW of, T hkeaicenjng to S hoot .--On fost Tl^irtddy after noqn an affair took-pLoe iu tb is-v iilag ^ to r a t onrj time threatened tftbe-'*eriou»: ' Theftcfs4,*fb .about s | i p ' i l ? f e y S if^idCcAthe Post Ofilce to * 1 »r»y of r t m e wfoDg rand one Of the4 m en demibdw tK it^rr. W. shoqid. get out of the way. Mr.- W^.wWJpt.-tba right of the road and refused to leave-Usill bC'tos ready, when the man jumped from hfs carriale, ho was an officer end had a right to comiflagtl any per. son to getqitt o f the road,” and at-the'toM .tbtae- *(*- tempted to get on the frheel of Jffr, p t g ^ fttr- the purpose of compeiltog him to get out of hia Wsy, Mr. W. picking Uj) his whip told J to 'i f h* # | away and let him alone ho Would wM it., ’Tlfd i»M immediately drew »' pistol,’CqCl:^ i‘» jbtfM>p«* -tbe wagon wheel and tbreateaed td abook lfov-W, at the. satne presenting He also threatened to shoot Mr. W.’s ftMad with, whom he was. conversing. The Sfikir : evening, f he 2d jbstant\ at O ak Neck (Bayvitk. ion jjdeurable excitement and thole in thi ^ l the Sound side), la the same town. The assemblage ' there filled the meeting bouse and a large numberjof attendants could .not gain adduiissiou, and it was man- ifeslly. evident front, the very nature o f the cqse they were no} strictly outsiders. All persons iu tt- tedda'nfe/ontheir departure ekpres#*d themselves ms being perfectly satisfied with thel,i doefrihe” enuu- ciated aad preached oa that 'opoarito, | TAHMINODALK. > * TheRepublican* ofthe 4th Election District,town of. Oyster B a y , met a t the house of John H. No6n, Farmiugdaleron-Monday erening, 7th inst., and or­ ganized a Grant aod Colfax Cjub with the following officers: President —-Jarvis M o tt. . .. ‘ * Vice Presided*— G ilbert Austin, G eorge R.Van C o ttj Pecordittg Secretary— I t . Feckhm n . ‘ . ( Corrciponding Secretary—C a p b 'W jn. Brandia. ,+.»■ Treasurer —H e n ry T rou. i **\■' , ! This Club ineans^dkl^and will mdpt ^Ver.y,Mondiiy. eveplug atstH* »boVe place, duftug the campaign- ! \ QLKN.dbvc. 'jaffie'Club in this'pfoce is one of the largest and oirgaDixed of sny io the poUQty, and we arc assured tbdy are/vorking energetically for the cause whfoh they are enlisted. The following are the names bf it* officers: President—O. N. Payne. Vice Prcriddnts— G. W . Cock, J . W , W eeks. Secretary —Leonard F» Coles. .Treasurer—rW illinm M . Yaientiue. NEAR ROCKAWAY. , A V A Clab was formed i a -tbio section'of the town >£ Hempstead, two weeks since, and will do tnuch goi d In their locality, The following office;? were chosei President —George Tt-Hewlett. -* Vice Presidents --Jah tes Kimbsll.* Renjnmin Pearsa T h o m a s Peaw a ll, S y lvanuaJoIrason. Secrctary-rD t, R o ir ttf'B . R u lseley..: 4>.G»tb*b'«nd-diJ)lk # l» « 4 VBVta‘V-(> A careful.*; stud y . T c t i i t i e ' : F t o # sdriptBtojtffo ftonpt eoa-to epmmllt -*j?v ' ' a r . ' T ^ s p a y * t ^ i « ‘ ‘ ‘W t D e a t o r t t f o t donars,«»bd t o ’ itie*. - r , ,u ’ o f tb e w s S t o t o i N i ^ t o y l ' o f D o W a W H ” , i ' V ' W ‘ V y . U L S / / W A S * -i |f o 4 t o b d . m t l l t o t - - c f ' ' foisrest aod Habit-.' g t t r A '2 I I * s i . a * : - lriasurer—-dfithg$ Bdrtls, Our friertfota *11 sections o f tbe couuty will great y obRge.as by sending prbceedings of meetings, or at information p^iajding to the pretent canvass. * ' ASTORIA, A club was formed lu this place, on Tuesday evei ing last, and the following officer* Were chosen: President —John Me gloqby. ■ - Vfct Presidents—Geo., Sharmau, Lebu Eato i, s s a @ i s i p w f i ' gar Tatipwyrts 'ritonld t o ^ n r e l'^ r t Baobanapts on its. borrowed mbaey* fststf, o»Iyr get ,<* ttcttr ftf rfb»it i t w « l*tf Cirtof tft a lack of public ' '• to*to5> < t i T - ^ t m P ^ ‘• ’ “Mt rtocllbrt that k Bepntii, mM 0aig>*i*'irt* tfelftred tom taxation tea^tttooaadi * ‘H i ■ j , : : ' . x x t o m u x m m :ime demanded that the man should b* arrested and: locked up for safe keepiog; We e itm o t'utotofid) why this map was not arre*.ted, eiptolia#’fobee officer o f the; law was in the immedtatevidsR£gftb» time the occurrence took- place, t Tfo» ofiboder ft said to-be au officer from Rockaway, add'ft /tffon. land there is no reason why be should not bo keldoR thq-charge of which he is guilty. It ft bajriiy nece*- sary to say the man was in liquor at the Hipp, but such is the fact, • ... .*/,* . — --------------- t^ * .I t is the iotrinsio merit aloneof HallV-Tege-. table Sicilian Hair fieuqw'er,. that b is galuodjfotf it great popularity- t ' . . ■. / / ^ ‘ - Pxo-Nfo TO N orthport ,—Tbe Sabbath School of the.Bef. Prot. (Dutch) Ghurc^of Jsmslqa, vWt tbit above place. to-m.orfow, Don’t fait to go with theiri.1 '. ' *. * * ‘f ‘AS&’ HtaHwAY l^l^aN Uighb »b°rt o’clock, Mr. Cbdrl{ 0 'fo*qr]r, of! fofo viilage. wa* attacked by sevoral«igroi/|!|i8lb« hi* return home from Eockawsy. Wfteft .tito <M red* detiee of Mr.. Mgrsdpu, abhjjt tWft|pire*Muth p f this place, tbe borie. was suddetdy stoypqd, wheu H w li. getting out to ascertalo Ihe’.caus&. was* kndrtftd'^w0 after which th* hlgWaym** kicfied blm about tb* head andfoce, bfcdly injuring bjfo, whin they prooeed-. ed to rlflq blf pockets. They pnly spc°tof(*fo rt! caring a toa)-1 of money wbiyh he>id Ifl Ml vest Docket. Mr.Lewry had aeottoorkbte !*ara of money 'abqut -Ms perfon, Wbicb fort .tkeiruotice.asit fttrappoMd they beotoefrlghwMied cert*lur Were arrested ye*terdsy *bd! lodred ia tho cells. .1 1 K '. .J 'T - i* - - - -. ’ ~ , ..V-} I,-, j* t i T At the annual Eleciiow of the Jamalear «*d Brooklyn PJanfc Boad Ootnpaoy. heid Seofo.glK tb* folfowfog pCfUiM! were uMBlflao(|»j(y tora: AarewA, B e g r tto ' Geo. Ni'tftotfota AHdstrewg,- IT^lfol/DtHye*, \ Durland, John WiUiamibn, llotria Food f o r t * •* A meeting of tbe Director* orre-ofoinwl'dOlmHi ow thb same day, attd AaHm ^ dent, MKrtiu I, Dwryea, Secretary, fowl MewM F ofo dick,Treaaurer. '*•.......... J . Wfita . m go ret apbntic tolltwtikport. V rm ttd*. ' T h iS tH d Flfofoto toyfifotpshy L*pg | | l» d »» |Hrtt o Ml» cbiidr«,w tf,p t o « ' , .: „:7V’ m t priota 1 fi” :n i <• '.Ud. a I,»r , v.7 i.t -W

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