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Long Island farmer. (Jamaica, Queens County, N.Y.) 1862-1870, July 07, 1868, Image 3

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m a m * * * * * * fit r n m M i ' ■ w n r c o m m o t i m *. . m . x y x * » V ■*•!'■;•■•■ F U R N I T U R E W A R K B O O R & -■V’ ■ ■ : . ^ _ 1 m i * U T ^ A m m t i ^ 0 * $ BwokJjqi, ■ ----- ortpttoWtesn'bs p«dta»tontAO per- otto. let* than. list *, M # |W « !iit.-U u ln Nsri-Yotk pik*s,.ef KICI2 _ Wt WAMiVTHtd MABWANVM ifo, latest stylet and b a i s MdsPittW iMjaatssf»«eMt»otiy Jgg --J -n~» - j^L 0 i^O ^ p « to iU w l* « ttcB a e d *>«. N»M»Xj£fe ■Wtk*— It* gOEtlsipaij who eaifcrM ♦ » * } * * • . toportrrii 1” ^Ttr BVfrrfTr ^ iiS £ a S 5 S S S S 8 S b -™ » » --. S a a O T ^ s s a w s s w f f a c ool*n|e«*litob«»efli tbo affilcted C S S f tT S t T b PW^W) a , wusqn ., , Xo.'lC9EoathSJ ot-.Wlilfoipsbargti, If, Y. •I O h r B e a u t y ! Otbf Beings, Bud and Aim! ■ orwrnntmiXra, _: or WWW vbjubis, i* <?r Waw.YWLETs, OTfrlin* VIOLETS, x n * iy . i.. \ ............. ... I ffc&tc$:*!&'3’aa,. -»w Freddss aadJtat, -w» Freekfos-sndTSn, - ve Frodxfo* and Dm, • r i e u t a f * ’■ ■ ,*■*; ' TM iht sift* soft um whito, Te* Ibe skin soft snd White, ecu the thnl toft: attd white, Te* tbeskia Soft and Vh Ite. CttMparatan, ■ ,1 at WKUJNO’d, j at WELUNO’S Id atWHMNO’S, •■ 14 at WELHNtFS. | .\ Offio?40, Wtfr <t> pgttdwwy, Mjw York. Ill eflfrds aro wonderfully plouinf, Ha offsets,pro wonderfully plowing, lit cffeol* are wonderfully pleasing, lUclTccts.ate wonderfully pleating. V x W d n l r r i M l r Removes iPiraplea immedUtcly, Removes Plinplea IramedUtoly, Bonovca Pimple* immediately, Roinuvcs Pimple* Iramodtliloly. TwHet A complexion o f marble smoothnoss, A corajilexlon of nnirblo smoothness, A complexion of tnarblo suiootiitiesa, A cqmpl®*™> of marblo smoutliuoEa. ' Perpercd b y “ Tho King,” Prepared by \The King,\ Prepared by \ Tiie Klngi” Pacparcd by ‘ The King.” t M W i t - ...... U ssy 4a eel im p o rt‘th*:? own F 3*»», (**csp« foSi* K rtr Y d h to M eekly*,) On tbe wtatrnry, they b o y M arly iW U»W gooda ta Ata- Uoa toemn, w h ite, to th e WA wad Cf*IKS R a j,there are scarcely say b a t tiussged gooda p n M P fof sal#,, tot porters never retail goato. Iraportera^oertr try to \ DxftaUif” trade by p a rtdlaf botsea ond-tort* through tha.str»eM Iqadvdwlihbogoti- PStfatgts, to attract aBdtofolvw ilteim iraiy. ’ . . . • - Never buy gooda to n store over which ih t Proprietor la afraid to Teas, Gofieet, Spioes, Sugars, e to, cm m e t. w ho never buy damaged goode : men who havp tatahlithed ;the!r character atr.oeg yon (hr honeat dealing; men who do hot p re. tend what thoy eaonot perform, and nsen wbo a r e out afraid tu plaoe their p u c e s in fbll over their etoro doors. Go to. 95 P u lto n A t e , whore every article on tale It genuine i nhere no deception or rate- representation is either practiced o r allowed, under any circumstances, whare you can buy your good* as cheap (perhaps clicaprr—call and sco)—than from any other legitimate dealer. (I don’t Include bogus •• CO’S ” or buncombe coQoerus). W . 8 . O A K L I S Z S , dalles competition, especially in the following loading orllclcs which f ? h°yS».fer.cash only, from,tho importers, produeors. or manufactu­ rers, v is.: ■ Teas, Coffees, Spiees, Sugars, Flour, Soap, ~ 1 S T A R C H , e t c . , e t c . , e t c . Consumers will Ond it to tbelr internal |o call and examine cqr PH. cea and Stuck, (which Is the largtst to tha lino In bruoklyu) lirforo purchasing elsewhere. Observe—The Fulton Ave. Tea market, 95 F u l t o n A.ven u e , BROOKLYN. \V . S„ C A R L I S L E , Troprie/or. BniM r r e u a o c e i a r e la t io u tb Slanare and other ' . 'offensive Substances. - . . • Passed July 1st, 1868. Thebwriiof ^Vawrws of ihe mllageof Jamaica do ordain tid enact atfiilotd*: . .8a£..!. I t shall not be lawfalfor atly person,pergonBor rpontl.......................... „ . . ■ -y ether offotwlva substance, from .tho first day of June the first day ofOetober in each and every year, under MUatty Cf fifty dollars for ench nud every Offeuee. ,r shall csrs or fists, loaded wilh theso orsimiisirly offen> .............. wed to remain or stand, in or. along ....................... alike p ^ i b K d . 's ^ e t e r h iv lH f i iy I n th i s v illa g o , n n d o r * ty o f f i f t y d o lliu s f io r e a c h a n d e v e r y offence, tc, 2 . C o m p iaintti g b a f ib o ju a d e to th e P o lice J n g t i t p i Vilisae. fo r all v io latio n s o f this ordinnuce. T h o SEC. 3. I t shhll fae tho duty of the Police Constable to —rt altviolatlons Of tins'ordinance, and make complaint all inch violations to the.poHce Justice of said village, shek Police Constsbla shell receive from every pounlty llected for such Violations tho smn of ten dollars ; but othing coatnined In thin ordinanca shalL be so construed *%B!nSSti£te3£r' .... o f village o f Jamaica. P lj U l H a iT l?oT T E a , Clerk. , : - , __________ Saaled Proposals ill beTehelved by the Bosrd of Trustees, at their regular thg. July i6tb, 1808, f6T the following work on the ~‘in f this vmsgei • 1st. f o r o p e n iu g the w a te r co u r s e s rHnd[ form ing W a s h - a at. so a s to c a r t v th e w a ter from th e R a i lr o a d nijgeridge tpo S p e thh s t., „ a h dd U n ionon R a i l s tt, , g t o n 'a t . s o a s t o c a r t v t h e --------------- i S o e t s t a n U n i R a i l s s o a s t o c a r r y t h e at^r frettihe IM l r o s d B r id g e to F u l t o n st. 2d. fe* keeping ill the streets of the villege in good re- ’- fd t the.tetm of one year, including the keeping' open tbe water courses and filling holes in the roadway as .y-ftentlfos ^ tim e b e necessary; also, honing all said ti whenever they may require it. . Woik auyect to. approval of the RujwmrtMulpnt of -■eta. . ' i*. ' — • ' . The Bowd of Ttusteea reserve the'rlght to reject all pro* Mda not deemed beneficial to the iutereaU of the village. To Contractors. The Bdard o f Trustees of th e village o f Jam aica invite ojMab for tbSibUbvrisg Work, on streets ; to be submit- * twdsnHghed, o n or before the 15tb d a y o f J u ly, P r o fttid Ao. 1. 'Watarsk—To dean out the water\cour*e in Water st., a l s w s 4 ofthoSerithfilJo Railroad to tho bridge flMibakt cotabliehlug f unlfcrm grade of the banks, so to leave both baaka four w et wide, and two feet above under fine, Alao,iu lay tt, substantial drain pipe of 20 ^ diahieler, for si distance Of w x kuudred feet in said eonree, eommendng at. a point 50 ft. north of said th st. bridge-rsaid drainpipe to have a snbstimtial wire litg <d A«>oh- **re And i*inck rnesb fitted .over the 'MHycMkind Wbo|trq<ocfed fromdriftfugsandby a hle tiap at least fonr feet deep, and two feet in diame- dfMUy under aaid northsriy end. Also, to cover said 'ijwpe with earth, two feet iu depth, its entire length. P r Oww e f 1V». 2 .' * ' ■> 'C O i t i z o i i e i o f ; ')r -1-; LOI m ISLAHBBB*W*ABEu “‘ Wolvds in Sheeps Iftaahood: How Loitr Bow Hester ad. Jnrt pnhHrllo;!,«' Ti' W' nililib’n nf Dr. CulvvrwwU’S OcUhrated aamy «n ,, TT A|Ltlto>««Mi eilrV (whhiMit nSmlioWe) of fomhiji YV’euknesi, S n B B m Inv*!«etAry somlnal hoKses Impottncy, Hantafana phyehnl Inu^iaCity, Impc- dlnicntn ia Harrlngo, do.; also, ('on- xumptMm, Jfyihpw; nnd Fits, Induced by aeif-luJi|lg>'»co or suxual extravn- (sase.-' ’ •• ' ' ' KZU Price, to a sealed envelope, .onlv O centa. The colobrated anlbnr, to lh .n admirable e«say,clearly demonstrate* from a thirty yeurn' qucoesBfti) practice,Riat ttu>.nIarmlnp.conecqucn. cea orselfjibuse may l» rniyptlly cnreit.Wlthnut Uie dangpnms nse o( Internal wscdlcino on tlio application tf toe xnllh ; painting out a mode nf euro nt once simple*, ccrtntn, anil effectual, by moans cf whiah every sufferer, no matter what bln condition may bo, may ouro himself cheaply^ prlvafdy, *n'l rndfcalfy. , c '*} SST Tills hectare Bkuitld be in tho hajias.of every youth aud every huui In tho land. : Sent, under seal, in a plain envelope,Vo* any Address, po^paW, on rfcolpt af six* cents, *r two post ataiSfX. Also, Dr. Culvetwell’n i< Marrbse Guide,” price 211 cents. Address the publishers, CHA9 J . p. KUN'H A CO., JylT 127 Bowery, Net* Vsrt, Tost Odlno De* 4.686 fhU R STOCK OF SUMER CLOTHING IS THE \J VHEAP&nr nuu the VEST. DEVLIN & CO., Broadway, corner o f G rand tt., Broadway, com e r o f IVarrerl St., NEW YORK. O UR BOYS’ AND YOUTHS’ SUITS FOR DRESS or SCHOOL pnrixtsus aro Miu most usfoful la the market. DEVLIN & CO., Broadway, corner o f G rand et., Broadway, corner o f W a rren tt., ’'NEW YORK. f|U R CUSTOM DEPARTMENT IS FILLED WITH U the Iliiest and best EUROPEAN and AUKKICAN FABUIC3. DEVLIN A CO., Broadway, corner o f G rand at., Broadway, corner o f Warren tt., NEW YOBK. O UR CUSTOM CUTTEBS ARE MEN OF TASTE and AblUTT, and uuturpaswd lu their profession DEVLIN & CO. Broadway, com e r o f G rand tl., Broadway, c o m e r o f W a rren t t . , NEW . YOBK. O UB AMERICAN YOKE SHIRT EXCELS ALL others iu EASE, ELEGANCE and BUBABlUTY, DEVLIN A CO., | Broadwayc corner o f G rand tt„ Broadway, c o m e t o f W a rren at., NEW YOBK. _ PRICES ABE TWENTY PER CENT. RE* LOW OTHER HOUSES producing the (nine Use of goods, DEVLIN & CO., Broadway com er o f G rand tt., Broadway, cornet o f W a tren at., ’ - ' V W YOBK. fh e l l ' W W b W .» 2022 F n l t A l A v e ., . L A D I E S ' F T l ^ f ^ b O D S , Cosrsetg, G l o v c ^ ' l i g l i i \ &©• (Abo, \'*• F i n e F r e n c h . J e w e l r y , PERFUMERY, BAIR TQRlcM ■ ’> i-t > ■ * i .. &<5»a A C , ; ..* j © e n * * ’ F t i r n i n h i H p G o o d s . JOf all kinds at PRK3B ^w Sdkthe RUMS, il STAMPING, BRAIDING, EMBROIDERING AND WORSTED WORK to o y ier. . • M m . S . B , IV F L tlfJG . Still Anothep phance. S E ' - o i a L i r . BEUTIFULLY COLORED PEIRLTYPES F o r 0 e z L t 8 « TAKEN IN FIVE MINUTES. Particular attention paid to Copying. Cliildrcn’s Like- uosses takeu iu a sitpenpx manner. , ' Offer B. B, IVood’s lewclry Store, FULTON ST., JAMAICA 15 DAVID S. A fp O fT ; Polished G-ranite and Marble W o r k s , , 1 . 24th and 26th Sts., , , a BROOKLYN, SNcar Entrance to Gresnwoqd Oerootery. Vaults Built. Monuments o,f Scotch and American Granite always w hand/ Red* Blue and Gray Granites for every^ description of Afchltoctorffl GonsiructioR, Decoration, Memorial* ai& |cner»1 pnrposos. lyl® Fresh Vegetables, In their aeason, nt J. H,'BRINCKERHOFF. GEORGE PUSTKUCHEN, Ito p o r ter nnd S e a ler In FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC FRUITS, No. 252 WashihgtOR st, NEW YOBK. Swiss, lim b u r g a n d H a n d ,Chtese, B u tch , Her­ rings, S a rdines and Sartdellt, S o lid Oil, by the gallop, o f case. - . Sent ’ ' QU IN C Y G-RANITE W O R K S JOHN J. GREEN, , . 24th & 25th: Sts., near 5th-ave., BfoiJklyn, ~ST a u l t B u i l d e r . ) Granite and Marble Monument*, Tembil aud Cemetery Leta onclpacd In a ll the Cemeteries in the United Slates, Shiiitlt BIdfi RaQroftd of LoBff Maid I d S m ' ' SPRING ARRANGEMENT/ r4’o tftkft effect on Saturday, June 13* 1868, - i v V a . , . J H i t | S JSatfcni. 1 -6 I I i i Mtove. A. n. r.k ' A. M. r. a. Arrivo tt 10 5 30 Jam aica. . ................ 8 23 3 63 6 17 5 37 3 EpriHgCcId............... 8 16 3 40 6 3u 6 40 8 Pearsall’s Corner.. 8 OH 3 28 9 35 5 64 0 Rnckvllk) Centro.. 7 67 3 22 9 iffi 6 01 111-2 BaluwiuvUto ........... 7 6b 3 14 9 45 6 CO 18 F r e e p o r t.... ........... 7 46 3 09 fr 48 6 11 14 Morrlok ................... 7 40 3 04 0 55 6 17 17 Ridgewood ............... 7 34 2 66 10 06 6 22 10 South Ojutorlm y ... 7 22 2 50 to Ot 6 30 21 Amltyvlllo ............. 7 20 2 40 10 14 <1 46 27 Uabylou ................... 7 05 a 25 110 81 6 62 821 Ponataquit..,. . . . . G 45 2 12 Arrlvo.ilO 45 7 00 34 Itlip .. .. 0 40 2 05 Leave. - R. WHITE, Sup't, LORO r$UN0 RAILROAD. m su m m e r A r r a n g e m e n t . | S A Oommenoing Thuraday,-Junu 11, 1868. irbend •< North b lip, \ *• Syossct « *« Nerlhiiort 1 <• >< Huntington, i< «_ Glen Cove •' « Koalyn, « <> Hctnpitcad « Jamaica, •< TRA IN S FROM N E W YORK. Loavo JnracBSlip, Now York, fur «ireeii|Hj{t, a t 8,00 a .V .,frt t.M, “ “ Riverhead,at 8 a. n.,3,^SO P. at. \ \ Syoaact, Huntington mid Northport at 9 SO a. u ., 4 SO r. u. H \NnrtU Ullp, a t 8 a .m ., 3 , apd ( F . a . •• HetmiBtend, at 8 and 0,30 a . *,,3 , 4,30 and 0 e. x. “ <* Roslyn, Glon Head ft Glen Cove, at 8,9,30 a. n., 3 ,4,30 and 6 1 , H. '< \ Jamaica, a t 8, and 9JSO a . N„ and 3, 4,80 and 0, P . p. TRAINS T O M E W YORK, for Janie*’ Slip, m 7 4 . x, and 2,00 r. ¥ . at 7 65 A. tr., 3 01 p. x. 1 a t 6,0,73 a . m. and 4,17 p. X. ' a t 7.SQ a- X. 3, and 5,60 p. X. a t 7 a . x., 2,30 and 6 r. x. a t 7,16 a . X., 2.46 nnd 6,26 P. M, a t 6,20, 7,36, 0,50 A. x . , and 8,5 , 6.40 Pi X.- Bt 0,40,7,47,10,00 A. It., 3,12, 6,13, P.p. i a t 6,54,7,50,10,02 A. x .,3 ,2 0 ,520, 0,53 p. x. a t 7 ,80,8,38,10,35 a . X., 3,60, 6,(0, 6,45 p. x. SUNDAY EXCURSION TRAIN. An ExeaPalon Train (or Xorlhport, stopping at all Stations, leaves Hun ,r’a Point a t 0. a . m . Returning leaves Northport at 4,00 P. x., arriving at Ilnnlcr’s Plont 6,10 p. X. Tickets fur this train, to and rrom all Stations, aold a t Excursion •ates, guod for tlio day sold (inly. A milk train will leave Northport at 0 a . x . Returning loavo Ban­ ter’s Point a t ’ r . x . BROOKLYN AND JAMAICA RAILWAY. Leave Jamaica at 6 , 7,30, 8,28, 0,05,10,36 A.x., 1 , 2,30,3,50, and 6,02 p. M. « East New York at 0,46, 7,55, 8,45, 10,11,30 a,x ., 1,46, 3,30, 5,0,45 p. x. SVNDA r THA IN S. Leave Jamaica at 8,10 and 10, a . s ., and 12 x , and 1,30,2,45 and 6.40 P. X. Leave East New York a t 9,11, a s , 12,30,2,3,15, 6,10 p. m. _______________________________________1. P. BARTON, Supl Bates of Commut.'.tion. On tho LONG ISLAND BAIL BOAD. For Books containing 100 and 200 Tickets, commencing May 3, 1808. Books sold on the first of each month. t t «5 «j *C ft* & • • • • • • • •••• •*»•»•••• Monatoents Lettered, and Jontdng i n a t l l t s branches. Granite Werk furnished for Stores. ‘ 1 • X' Best quality City Sugar 'eared Hants, Always on hand, warranted, nt BMNCKEEBOFF’S. trail . For Sale or Rent, A VERY deslraWa 2* atory and basement BRICK HOUSE, in Union Hall Street, near Fulton. Lot 80 m 125 f t . Plenty of fruit. A good well and cistern near the doer. M r thatwaterwillrah fromSoilrotid t» Fnl- K«.3. men H ^ Tekwfmill tSeatreetolf the rillagoingt»a renWrfrom -•w t IsknWB,te A n g ^ I ^ laS.incTndtng thp epen- efMMPMWMst, U U ^ t'4f Mea in the roadway and big AeJtieaia as often aa may boneceuary. TMlddaWMrt be separate f t* tho three different propo- (n all ntuM n sa. . Fdriles pnr6hhtlnc o r tod ?»ivs- Cl-thS B8c*fcwy fcstracUoii t e a csr — pmem/i t w a m n teC 'fto • Oh* year* . Jfaoblnee sOJ he toaasrat . N. B-Jtortk.br atttolkto ntld .extm p fw erdsrs. Ifit NldtbYhltt!*. - Ap* lenty < Will be sold on ' ;ith o u t t h e ft STA1 _____________ easy tew good tenant, with or without the furniture. '’TATES J terms, or let to a Jamaica, June 3Q« 18CS. EDWARDS. 17 New*Prescription.Pharmacy. 1 TThe atUatloa e f tba tiled leal Faculty and clllaacs generally efW II- amahurgh (Brooklyn, E. D.,) ahd Jamaica Is culled to tbs establish- lent now ojwned by ! Messra BELEY & E0EBUN, to a First cisas Retail VttVB and PRESCRIPTION PUARNACT, ^ »Locafcd bn NEW BROADWAT^car 4tb street, ' (adjoining the Kntos C h R t B4VIM9 B « ia,) WILLIAMSBURGH. The manufacture, and. drawing o f { M IN E R A L W A T E R S ! . (plain and medicated) will-ho among the leading, features In tha b ail- nSia o r f s b cstoijiblmicst. 'the^J'fiJK M a realtonf owm preparation ' R l a d e F r a n s t o l s s t e d F n d t tofits prime, end prejcrved by a peoutlar p ro a s e , so th a t Ibe r . 2V*<e Flators dre Retained. FhystslMaa’ Preecrlptfem* to d Fhmay RodptoB epecUlijr.' ProprtS.'' neoesSarysrttoTesdnrisg lh i night, wHl receive prsmpt sttsntlon on ringing tb e Wght belt a t M t o f entrance. 3ts.iT indl6w lS a T « .,c0f. AdeipbisL, E » t a h l & June, 1864. B E N E D I C T S T I M E . w a t o B e e , - American Waltham Watches b e h e m c t ' k r o t h e e s , S 3 4 : F u l t o n stk*, B r o o k l y n . j Sliver Weddingi \ 1 A^' * Fine Watches,• Chains, Diamonds, Itieh' J o v tolry.w trh n g Spoons, Forks, Tea Set*, aud Articles in -CSsss initibld for W G ifts.. - FroacU MuutSl, apd a large aasortmew efOfitce Clocks and Regnla. tore. : Watches carefully repaired by the m h ft ts^crfogcQd workmen. Solo Agents for Stovcnis’ celebrntedTewer aod Church Clock. - Agents for John Foley’s Gold F en, BENEDICT BROTHERS, 234 XU tim street, B tooU n x l s « , NEW- YORK HOUSE,. I U EP.OADWAY. « i Jamnlca., Qnoena.. Hyde Park. M incola.... Hempstead. W estbury ............. Hlcksvlllo ............. OyoRFCt . . . . . Jerusalem. Farmingdale ................. .. Deer Park ................. .. Thompson. ................... North Inlip.. . . . . . . . . . L a k e la n d ..... ............... Holbrook „ . Wavetley . . . . . . . . . ...i Hedford . . . . Belport. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Y a p b a n k .... H anor . . . . K lvcrhcad.., ................... Jdm osportj .... M a ttitn c k ...., ................. C u tohogue'....... . . . . . . H e rm itag e ..... . . . . . . . . Senthold Grqen^ort x fH o s ly n ...,., . . . . . 1 | JGIenHead ................. 8 J Glen Cove ................. 3 1 H u n tlugt-m ,.... . . . « (Nortbport ................. » •••• eeee ee s sees sees eeee Jamaica to Fast York. 3m0 Now ess# , eeee «eee 100 100 100 100 106 ICO 100 100 100 10ft 100 100 100 100 100 100. 10 s 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 , 100 ' 100 100 loe 100 100 s 3 3 . 3 3 8 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 e 6 6 • 6 10 1* 10 10 10 IS IS 12 12 3 3 8 3 3 $13 01 23 25 28 28 31 37 35 30 40 46 48 66 60 60 66 70 76 85 90 95 109 105 105 110 116 80 35 86 40 42 200 200 200 '200 200 200 200 200 200 00 200 200 200 200 200 I 0 4 0 ' J t t i l e s , , S - O? THE U N I O N P A C I F I C r a i l r o a d Are now finished and tn oprrutlon. flxty niil« „f trneh 6a v e freeo laid this spring and the «ror(r uloog Ibo h liele hue belwcea l i e At­ lanta, nnd PhrMc. States It being pushed, forward mere mplrtiy iiu,n over bclbru. More than tweuty tlwiusand (nun uru emplnjcd, and il isntst Impassible tlmt IbeynUie I nch, from ( tnaha to Oucrameiito, wili be tfidaheilim l u to ln a ta d of 1870. . The iseans jiro\ Med are «m- Ple, and oil that energy, mpn pud incncy ton d o to eccnre the ceravle- ilou of this GREAT NATIONAL WORK, at tho earliest possible day, Kill bo dbne. ’ * TFE UNION PACII1C RA11J10AI) COMPANY receive ! I,— A OOVERNM E N T G R A N T of tfm r ig f tW tm y , and all utH-essury U ui I kt irnu uiUvi luaiviloia fDtiNil alGDj law* Jiuu o f iu ojKjraiioD8. * ILr—A GO VERNM E N T GRANT «r 12 soo arwui 10 the mlio. inkt*ii., lit ulturiuttGNuutliMiii (mi crcUhHo'gJT (hi roafti— This ii#*! absotuto uuuj.tTuu, auU will bo a buaruu cf Jartif rbVciiuo in (bb rutare. I I I . - A g o v H r n m e j / t g r a n t ef United Stntoe Thlr- ty.yenr. Jtmd*,., amoii|iung to fr om $16,U00 te 848,000 per mile, acunr-dlng tq the dllUouHles to be surmouiited »n the Vm iousicq'. WnnA to be built. Tbo Government takes a saceml’inorlgago as se­ curity, nnd it Is. oxpeeicd that net only the interest, bnt the prin. clpal smunnt may be ,uni) iii service* rondorod by tho Company Ip transporting troops, malls, &c. Tflie* Intgrcst is new pinch, tpefo than paid In this way, besides securing a great saving tn Almoand money to the Government. i v . — a G o v e r n m e n t g r a n t «f the nght'tohsuetts' own FJliiiJ to.nj*! .in buiidiiiff tho road to the same amouut as the U* 8 , Roads, tqr thq ^ m e imr*„ pose, and ru> more. Txv Uuvkknmk^it Fkrmito iho Tr.asiecs for the- First MorlgagQjIOHdkulUcits to UeUvcr tho ISouils to tlio Company* Qply us the road is <iompli’|ci|^atul n flcrjt lias Jjcen ox^tpinwd b y . United Slates Co|mwis8|oneri* uutl‘ pronmmwd to bo Jn,ay respect^, a Qrat’ClutfS Railroad, iaiil with a heavy T rail, and .completely supplied with di'poLs,siaUons, turuouts, cur*9hops. locomotives.’ cars, &c» V .— A CAPITAL STOCK SUBSCRIPTION from’tho.' stockholders, of which o rer, Riyht JUiUUm IfoUars Msyo b<>ep fiitid, InujHintfao work already doito, ppd which'will be iocreaHcd tk tho wants of tho Company require. VI. — NET CASH EARNINGS en i,« Way Burlncsa, that, already amount to more than th e infnmrf on tticv First Mortgage, Bonds. These earning* aro no Indication of tho vast through tvalttd tlmt mlist tollovj Urn opening et tlio tiiic tu the I'acillc, b n t they certainly prove that • First Mortgage Bonds upon such a property, costing nearly three times their amoaut,' Are Secure Beyond any Contingency,’ Tho Union PadiOo fronds run for thirty years, are lor 91,060 escbl'.- aud have cnupunsattached, They bear nmiuajinterest, payable en tb,* liret days of January aud July, nl tho Comiwuy’s Oglen, In the Oily 0f Now York, a t thereto of six per ccut. tn geld. Tho Principal la paya- ’ bio in gold n t maturity. Tho price is 1'62, and nt the present rate o f gold, thoy pay a liberal tncome on their cost. Ih e Company behove tbat these HoutM, a t tho present ralo, aro the. cheapest security in tho market, and reserve the right to advance tha price nt any time. Subscriptions will be received in New York. N E A R L Y NIN E P E R CENT., A n d if i» believed they m a y toon be at a Prem ium. The Company reserve the right te advance tbo price of tlieir bonds to a rate above p a r a t a n v time, and will nut llll any orders o r receive any subscription* on whloh tho money bas not freon actually paid ut Ihe Company’* ofllco hcloro the tfino n f such advance. Subscriptions will borecolvod in JAMAICA bv JA M E S J . BRENTON, Esq., aud In New York a t the Company's OJice, No. 20 Nassau street , And by John J. Cisco & Son. B a n kers, No. 59 W all street, And by tho Company’* advertised ngeuts throughout the United Stale*. Remittances shniild be made In draft* or ether fond* par tn New York, and tho Bunds will he soul free of charges by return express —■ Parties subscribing through local agents, will look te them for tholr safe delivery. A PAMPHLET and MAP for 1868 h sa Ju.it been published by the Company, glvtng foller information than Is pnnalbl* fo an advertise­ ment, respecting th* Progress, o r tha Work, the Rcsourcct nf the Country traversed by the Rond, the Uqaus for Construction, nad the Value of the Bonds, whlrli will bo Rent free en application at the frste. puny’* offices or to any of the advertised agents. JOHN J. CISCO, Treasurer, New York, Key 1 0 . 1 S 6 H. gmj . I. D. BARTON, Sap’). lit iafge #r small quantifies. Opttqra received at WooJ <k Caljow’fr, Keeler’s, and at RemsenVMarkef. 7 A. L SNEDEKER. In BankYnplejr la the B is lr ict Conrt o f the V m ied States l o t the Eastern • District o f N e w York. In the matter ot William Prince, frtnlinip},- Notlco fo hereby glvou tbat a petltkftiluti bSti) filed In-Mrt Conrt by William Prince,- la said Dtotrlclff dnly desiarto A Bankrtipt under the Act qf Congress of March 2,1867, far K dfotoarge and ccrtiQcato there, cfiirosi a ll b|* blehfo, nud othor cl*h»* provaWo bndBr sald Act. and (flM itiia 10th day a July, 1868, a t 10'o?cloc!t, *■ a ., befol’o Wfllism H. .nPteoeoit, EeglHer inBankrnplcy., a t Dofiand’sTIdtelj ffi tho village ol JamudcS) queens county, Is assigned for th e bcaring of the same, when to d where n il creditors who havo pm v e d thdr debts, tfod other per­ sons In interest may attend, ahd shew nature d f any tbcyhave, why m prayejc o f the said petition shoatd nW b e gtontedi Dated a t BrooKlyn, on the 2Qtb dsje o f Jnce 1808. Trellises for hardens. A large quantity of Fot Plant find Garden Trellises, of different patterns, jttst received a t SELLING'S Stationery and Fancy Goods Store, Jqmnicfl. Palm Leaf and other Pass, iFoYsslafif'' ' •' tYEIAJNG'ft . . . .. - Fancy Goods S tow, Instantaneous Extractor, .This valuable cotopoupd effettually, Tcmovca Grease, tl, P a in t, Varnish, etc., fro m Cleih, Silk, M u slin and Goods o f a ll Jrinds, w ith IsJtlo troublo e n d vyitSQBt . ... . . \ ‘adapteafbYur :tor being eel in jrirw to t b u goods ; b e i n f f tn o r e to s ta W J ; fin e K s d delicnto fabrics. Ita&Cf 1 Hr ita use, pzicaand Statafioisoiy, a»d J ’tmiy I s Store, Jftrimieto • Wd BATTEE, '' CislebratsaKeyossae hit, j ' ■».*'{ .ii , •'« C o rcrf y q j j a & and .Ucloa gvp. . . . . fevnta? w rwj M m m •• . gAMPKf, f . JOSR3. Clerk, , ’■ j S i x p e r Cem.> ■ Free fro m Govern m e n t Fox. T h i r d A v e h u e S a v i n g s D a w k , C o r n e r 3 d 5A v i A i » d 26 t i 1 s t ., N ew Y ork , JtmqSo, 1868- DmdDEND.—A Sond-oimttSj.JDlvHeRd, at tho rate of Six per C e n t , per annum, flteoiiroSt Government tqx») on all,Bjiiro from 8U ©S.OLJtY, Avill to - paid on abd a f te r tb s third MONDAY in July. DfrPOHi’ra mffdo on or befOm July 20 will drawintcrest from thcilst. tBftflb qpeftdaily ffdto'JIO'A, si to)SP. M, arid es»' M o S b AV. Wi®»E3pAY n?pl G a ^ urd A y 'E ve N' pJoideM . ar||cV » « w . After,«ao teat, yon w i l l ------------------ - tt? UlYtoitft,Wat,’ E. A; AiD.{DWNHASI, Aftents, :• FeT eatfr W<a d .fr-CaRtor * ; - \ y ... ' r w b i b E R - i r j S l i A S r -'*< a.I.wlUATW ^ ’U-''; N o w O p e n , I C E F A M IL IE S AND P A B T I E S S U P P L IE D . Butter: and Lard, fry tho Pound, Tub Or Firkin, a t J, W . BA.TTED’S. B. T. 43 Foarlh 4 , Williamsburgh. large 8l*o Photographs, $1,0(1. 91,50. Imperial 8 ' “ Cartes do Visiles Blx for *1 00,12 for _ 93,06 per dqxen. Ferrotypes flnlslied In flve mlnVtcS, three for SO ct*., Bit for 80 Ct3. fron Ton 3 5 c l*. I y l 4 BEDDING! _BEDD1NQ \ I GREAT INDUCEMENTS AT Schenck’s Bedding Warehome ho subscriber offers for sole, a t wholessfo nnd retail, in qua intt tbe largest attd btst Sstortpd swek of Feadier Beds, Bolsters Pillofrs F I N E D O W N , AM E R ICAN L I V E G E E S E , B U R SIAN & G E R M A N F E A T H E R S , While, ffilisk mid d ray Hcllr, Husk, 11*3, ScaGraon, and S tow Hot. Hastes, aDd P^llasSs, Elusicfo, Comforters, Coantbrpanes and Qailfo, t d a t n a n d O o t t o n S h e e ts, P i l l o w S lip s , • ’ . ' Pfolti; Itpffltd anti EmbfoW6rcd tdoeilcr. Hahcgdny, Bbck Wslnht, Iran ahd otfior Bedsteads, Csnv*s,bottom and s lat Gets, Spring HattrsjRna, cte., Eb3. (Ato, tnwc’A Kajklns, PdylIM .Tickta,and Burlaupvfo ovcryetylo and qcallly. SZEARRGAiS, HOTELS <$ P ltlV A fB btfELLlN& S POBNISBED , ' . f AT3II0RTNOTtOK. tdd ptrcoto’dshlo prices, o f tho besi matcrlafo scd worieapsbip.. M a ttraysct Jfotnude Cleaned Eqtial to New. Jbcirl'atictitloaanil'Kitllllllflobgnaran13®1!’ Cfisll spd ctoplce * ''. V , JAM E S V . SG3EHOK, H .ji' Mr s 8 0 f t g a n a l k t t c c t j car. taiim try. tf. YonK FOR SALE; flfiHu P r o p e r t y known as tb® J a m a ica p v a il - j L ION HOTEL, in this village* EoquJro th e ureai- isA*, H. PEAESALL JJdfeiir/a. IJcS, 23, »&?. . T - - - - - : K f i f e R © \ M ............ 5 Bosi quality, a f BBfllcKHfiriOI’F'S. Valuable Farm In Jamaica, Queens County, for Sale. T HE snbscribor offers a t Private Sale the lands and premise* owsod by J ® H N B . S M I T H , at the tliuo of pis dcccunu: On4 consisting ol tho Farm upon which he resided a* JAMAICA SOOTH, N c tr tho THREE-MILE MILL . The Farm contains About 7S ACRES of Land, .In a good state o f cnlUvatlqn. On the r-.a-n.ca is a larg* cosnxicidlj ous Dwollinx U«tu., K .m , novel, Wugon-HoiiBO, and a good Well • ( Watof. An etoellent landing is within sno hundred rods of said frtfp- whore Manure aad every tblug that may he wanted for ass ou saM* tsrm can be-tnndod nnd easily carted to said premises. For a Former o r Gardener this farm otfurs as many lndaoomrat* a s any farm in Quoons ceaiuty, being contiguous to good Kclionls and' Churches, In addition to one el tho best lanainge on Long b la n d . The n(hcr fo tho Furtri O f about 18 Acres, W ithin t h e VILLAGE OF JAMAICA, Lyino ou t the merrick k Jamaica p lank road, ahd within one balfmlleof all gchoolt and Cbutcliesorsald yillsgs.— On said premises fo a gqad Euhslun|i»t Dwelling house, Barn ai.d Ont-honsen Suitable for every purpoee, and n yarfoty.of Frmt snd' DrnamenUt Trees. TUoro is also a Weil e l excellent Water, iihd ths land Is In a high etata o f onltlrsflon. J o r a gentleman who wishes lo retire from business or for a praor' Ileal fsrtner e r gardsuor, this place oflnrs iuduccmnnfo second to t u ' farm of Its sue. B t o A portion ol the purchase money can remain open tho prsmltos H P oared fry Bond und Mirlgago. . . . For fnrtlior particulars, Inljiilre of JOHN' JLPREO SMITH, at 119 Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn, o r o f Ihe undufjgqed, *1 Quetna\ Gwmty. . THOMAS SMITH, Jd., SperiU GhdrtMM. March 16, 1868. Mrs. E* I. BAKER, Manufacturer 6f tod Dealer In ” i - i o o p ts 6 FRENCH AND DOMESTIC CORSETS* N o . 138 F ifth S treaty L a te 63 Foortn etrect’, ^ear Grand St., WILLIAMSBURGH.' 8 m ia and Bry Good# e s t a b l i s h m e n t . Clilldren’s.^lpaks 83,50 and npwafd/ MIsscb’ ‘ $3 to 85, and S6. CIilMrc'n’v and tllssea’ folk Cloak* from-84,80 to 93. L i 't e ’ Pllk.CInak* $7', ( 10. $15 and $29. Beautiful styica—£5 par cent loss than any House Iu tbo trade. The Best Clbak & House' ON LONG ISLAND; Suits ready made add made to order. A LA ROE STOCK ot GENERAL ff& T GOODS al tlio LOVtEhi PRICES. 32S& 330 Grand fit, DILLMIIUBIIQGIK, 2n»I8 B'twcen tnloll nVcune nnd 11th street. . .. Teas! Teas! Teas! Teas! A t * l 0 0 p a f ’tb . tttl nud try tliotn.. Qrcen, Clark and Ji C. F: & A . pan. Givo ns a I. DUNHAM. Best Cedar Palis, D toSa V o a n d . for Sale by J ■ W . BATT E F . , PERFUMERY, ■ :Aff«6d Bsldrflofr. nt tbo HAM; OF PfflB H A C * 7”T V eiioiceili , A'ffb'3 i 4 *1ALL OF P i m m e p

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