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Long Island farmer. (Jamaica, Queens County, N.Y.) 1862-1870, June 16, 1868, Image 3

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____ e o M m m o x ! W w r t ^ ' ^ A k y k i i a , ft**? jbY-VjHHj ff^ , . r ' ’ agtamVcbised at lOper ecri less iftsa-lMt 1 par oeat, | m than New Y o r k W ^ ,orA tf£ « . J T aad *J|H W A W r,»r th* latotf .atylna ' n m x j x n u c L a s * tO c r i notice. r m u m owe*. particularly allcnaed to a t No. J t* VytUi 8**9 v ^ m s t g h b © E o w c e , v» . /,,j«»CT»wwti»,y».i^ ■■■ v . r . .. ^ ^ F ^ n ^ ^ ^ B R O c S I ^ N , 1 * 3 m '* ; a a M t t * . - . ■ .■■ ■.■ • w » « t t l i f B . IMtdMte, £6Mii, ttiek, Yeeh Brrtlt rins, Flngor R taft.& r W * n ,S»«re * * * « * » • * . Bertie Wort, *m,taa<!elo ordw of pwtoM’ owe to»jr, a t ahert wotto*. , 3m8 i BEAD!! KB A D!!! i | n p & - x p p i i i i . . s W B s t o r e * rJi ^ f 8 ^ t f ^ ^ V a n u * , N * W Y o rK . ' ~ | » 4 ^ S tariaa and * . H . Ballread Bopct. Ui^\« ill hi Jl- -' . i- — * YttfcNOOfcwfiO* nOHWiOurJMO u ; puh Q m fHpinnia *—-■— p —— —« -TTfiii to call I M eawtitnwfor tiiMaMlvca tietbra purchasing e'.ss ibere. Dca’t forget tbe ExcelatirShoe Sloro. Also, a largo variety oribaUatol Shoe* ft* 8pri*g aad Summer m a r. 1*1 ■-, 3l>nN F. WITHERS. ' v » > m # f Y e a t l t . —A gentleman who suficrert for years .*? _ ^ ffiALlltiu n^.Mnuiiiu^ tlauaflp a n t all tVn aflr,utla hf VAttlfi- Sr by whtibhawa* cured. Setftrers wishing to profit bjrtUvadver- jiMr’aaxpariantoi 'VS. so by addressing, la psrrect oonfljtnoe, ^ I r l l ' JOHN B. WHEN, 42 Cedar Street, New York. T J TOONSUMPTIVES. C n o ler.tbVrARliA, WIISON will'aend (fwe ot charge) to all who iaslre lt, tbo protoripUon wltU the directions tor malting aud using the , ,i—« 1 * rentodj/ h y 'whioh he has cared of a long affection and thnt dread tftiiud Consumption. ‘ His only ecJCCtti to benefit the afflicted sad he hoped every ■tifiVref’ wm try this preicriptlon, a s it will cott them BOthlac, aad IStJr p rdre a Wefelfig. Ftarie address. RW. EDWARD A. \m S )N . M ', ■ Wo. Hit Sdnthild s t , Wllllawiburgli, N. Y. fn f a r m s t l n n . Infbnaattio guaranleed to preduoa a loan riant growth of hair npon a bald hsad a r beard**. tace; «l»d a.tcdpa for the removal of Pimples, Hatch**, Xr*pUom.,vlo.l on th? skin, leaving the same soft, clear, and baastifal, can be obtained without charge .by addressing Jyll Tg03. T. CHAPMAN, Chemist, 883 Broadway, N. Y. STT7\ M A R K 1 E D . l/HCVICr^ If o NuUWhute HIo AlUbllO)attie, UaUEUWvlangliter V*ft Ulvh IttlOStb Altirof- t Y ah N o strand. tt Brohktyn, enthe 11th !nst., Albert Bennett, yobnfeest of JtoriSelii R. Bennett; of this village, to Elite Win- A t Qaefins, o n the 10th Init.-, by the B e v . J.- B . Alliger, Pavid L . Brinckcrhoff, o f tbis village. t o Sarah E lizabeth, ddigbter o f M r . J o h n Rhode*, o f t h e form er place. A t Ridgew o od, On t h e 4th in s t . b y R e v . T. J . Sfiwyer, D. p F c t e r W . S t H d o e l N th an A t ioh of ten, of the foraier.pl»ee.. , A t F s n c ingdsle, bo t h e 5th inst., b y R e v . M r. Grnham, Charles Bedell t o R a c h e l, d a u g h ter of M r, J a r v is M ott. ^ fH M iilw pta*> b y R e v , M r . G raham , H e n r y Powell t o £ s t h * r i l n u k A t S w eet Hollow, on t h e 7 t h inst., T o w n send Bedell to Hannah T o n y . D I E D . In this village, on the 10th Inst, Dolly G. Horton, aged , $2$ Reward. jDTOLBN. OO Wednesday. June 10th,. 1868, from ths O premises of the sabsctiber,' at Qufiens, A s e t sf light double stair bei and rosd(tse'*f'i*d ami hide ribbon. The rings .wss bine and fastened on the inside with a strap. The harness wi stitched' with yellow silk. Any person retorting. Said hnt- nesstoAheundersigned,orgiviug .information.where ths same eiAy.bo fCMlnd.'wiil recbltre the above'reward. : . .' MARSHALL 8. FROST. Qaeepg,.Jito915 . . ... . . . - $ t 0 H c w a r d a Strayed frOra a drove, in the woods near HaystoWn, on Tbnnoay lazt, a Red Steer, tar mark on each side of the (ail. Tbs abo v e tOword will be paid for tho steer, or such InfootTationajr tf 111 lelid'to its recovery. /IttiS - •' ACKLEY ^ . BEDELL, Hempstead * Ghaaoa -V 3 F * C > '\ t 3 L 3 ? tiEiltlFULLY COLORED PEARLTYPES m a t - * ■ S B O e i a l t f e i , TA^EN I ^ PlV E MINUTES, ro r t k h l a r attention paad to C o p y ing. C h ildren’s Like- . . nejwet .taken ip a superior m anner. M r B. B. Wood’s Jewelry Storer , ^ . JT J L T O M S T .. JAMAICA, 15 F i g a , j . W . B A T T E E ’® llhounces to h e r friends Ih Jam aica, our. „ . . , , w MpffOicy, J u n e 3 2 d , open a School forYonpJfeVH dh U ijtti t h e ScfiooXjRoSra form erly occupied h £ w s * i -i-M i H h h tling,-in Puntln6 etreet, w h ere fibe Will bh pleated to receitiu eueb children, as parents are tril­ ling toedtrtiA ^ hfir.aajw. Price.of tuition moderate. 15 f . M r * M A R T a . D U R Y E A , ■nr—um. *~ ~ J ^ r ■ \* -* ' \ ___ ‘ - ' - '- !- ’ > i|l irnttse And interest all^ old and yotihg,_ For sale a t . • WELLING’S; . . ■ A 9MAj)ti JSTOBE, bf a Second BtdhR. with good -a1b~«ntnmee, o a itab ie f t r bnSfnes* p u rposes, ftr o n e or *ore y e a n . Also, w o u ld re n t for fc few weelts a F if . «uded P « r i S f ,W b u i i n t s s street; to Whkb to feiW b it onr j S e e i n g M a c M n e ; . AdardM ^foHf, CRAIGE Sc. CO„ . - ^ . - 4 3 8 , 334,- 3 3 6 a n d 338 i h lto R s t.. Brooklyn; AgenH for Wfcefefcr Sc Wilson MhctliriiiS; >■ J t M h i 'i - 'i • or care Of L. /. Hoftner. hefcNagdato *ri5»4ir*c3' UraBaW 6t AJCA.QctoM ILT, 1W8. M| Efiiabeth Vttmt la peroaa<»ota>ri|jmii* t e a 13, 1SC3, wm IMtShtU do* or tb* v • - • x m a a m m aad belog ta (bo vllUga o f Jimak?,Si, ljtbjfab.il fipat^a <a U m «*utb aide c t KoNtol etreet, la c i ^ cPbMn.ADd'ketaa'aad dlsllngcWbed on a •» MapefprcpcAy la tho t}Q^e bfJaSsgito, N l Ulaad, bpely be- teogiiig to Charles Smith, dated' Stoy, ifiSfi, surveyed mad drawa by UarihrG. *batoo,aa4JU*d Rrth* tJBc* of lh? Oerk oT.Qoeca* eoua.; ty, by tha fiuraber fej^etiaildicM-asd tbtrty cge (W l). sad U» aortb port «t lot riimiber three bnndrcd aud tlilrty-two (S32) on n ld a»p, bouodad w tberly b y tteNW atnre^ twwty fltoiact f to a targ b y l«t October. S?p, jaiilpto csr^ptotairty IcACSS, Bittty Cct, southerly by the remaining p art ot lot S32, twenty-firs (*S) (bet; and westerly by lot 33% and tl^iaor|lM«!%rl* t >art of tot 3 U , alas-' ty (90) TeM; a s Ihe ramb Is laid .dojm on said map^mld parcel *f land bull raod nlie- street, tying lu front of said lot 331, to the centre of said street, lab- JecttoWeVertaUieoseofthoaamefci-apubllcirtrek: ' > t 1 Togstber with all and singular Uio .tqaemcnts, heredltacscta sad appurtenances thereunto kofonclng, or in anywise appertaining. Dated June IS, 186$, . , GEORGE, DURLAND, Ntoif-j Ancsiwwi. & Ffsmi-g, jH/ 14 / , ]PVjf. H o c h m o y o ’s P a m i l y G l u e F o t , Tho m o st <?4niplbio a h d h a n d y th in g ev e r m ade. I t should be i n every fam ily. ' F o r salo a t . W E L L IN G ’S , JYot.” % 2022 Fulton Ave., • Betw. Albany and Troy Avet-, BROOKLYN. 1 Always ou band LADIES’ FANCY GOODS, H o o p S k i r t s , f f o p i e r ^ , Corsets, Gloves, Light Dry Goods, &c |Also, F i n e F r e n c h . J e w e l r y , P E R F U M E B Y , H A I R T O N IC S , &c., &c. Gents* Ftirnixhing Goods or all kinds at PRICES to s.iit tlio times. STAMPING, BRAIDIMG. EMBROIDERING AND WORSTED WORK to order, M rs. S, R , W E L L ING . -W EVERY DAY firom OUR OWN GARDEN. 16 <■: ■•WOftP-AGAIiinW. w m f u m e r y . . « R w ftd s m t , u FLOR B E M’AYU.^eiJ fct*. “ LO y jB- A M O N G T H E BO S E S , W c h h . ^«rfius$iyt fi» sale at ' WELLWG’S ts IP A ^ - A T j AHC t io n ;. tPiibttoAaeti<m,(m - eaBedttv % o v i ^ r . Groceries, Flour and Feed, W h o sesble a n d r p to il.h y J . W . B A T T E E i P U R E C I O E R V I N E G A R , W arranted,- a t J . W . B A T T L E ’S. H a s stood tfid tesi o f sevettvea r a before tho p u b lic $ m u t ltd prepUra* tion fo r the hair, h a s v e t been dis­ covered th a t ie ill p roduce the sam e beneficial rSsults* I t is a n e n tirety new scientific disboverv, c o m b ining , m a n jf b f the m o st pow e rfm a n d re? storative a g e n ts in the VECETA8LE KINCDOM,: J i restores CRAY HAIR TO . ITS ORIGINAL YOUTHFUL COLOR?, I t m a kes tlse sealp w h ite ohd clean ; .cures d a n d r u ff a n d hum o rs j and falling o u t o f th e H a ir; and w ill m a k e tt groiv upon b a ld heads/ eoicept in v ir y aged persons, as i t fu r n is h e s the n u tri­ tive prin c ip le b y w h ich the h a ir is nourished a n d supported. I t m a kes the h a ir hioist, soft, a n d {flossy, and. is u n s u r p a s s e d as a I I A I l t D l l J S S S I N G i I t is the cheapest preparation e v er o ffered to the pub* lie, as ova bottle w ill ‘accom p lish m o re and la s t longer than three bottles b f a n y other preparation.. ..It is recom m ended a n d used by ineJFitBt M eijical A u thority. The w o n d e rful results produced by o u r S icilia n M a in B enew er h a v e induced m a n y to m a n u facture p r e - t parattons fo r the H a ir, u n d e r va­ rious ndincs; a n d , in order to in ­ duce the trade a n d the public to purchase th e ir .'com pounds, they havo Resorted .to , falsehood* by. claim ing th e y reeve 'fo r m e r p a r t­ ners, or h a d Some connection w ith our M r. M all? a n d ih e tr prepara­ tio n Was s im ila r to ours. Do not be deceived by them . P u rchase the o r ig in a l .« ip. h a s never ye t Jbeeti equalled. O u r T reatise o n the H a ir, with, certificates, s e n t fre e by m a il. See that each b o ttle has o u r p r iva te lievenue.StaM p over the top o f th e . bottle, A i l others are Im itations., fi. P.HaH & Co..Pr6p*s. Nashua, N. H. . ^ ’ 1 i ScjdPf all Druggists and Dealers is: Medicine. T r e l l i s e s f o r G - a r d e n s * A large q a a n tity o f 'P o t F laiit.AbdG different p a tternterns. s .juust.re s t. receivedc » tt .. ., a a n tity o f 'P c t 'F laiit.S A rden Trellises, o f t j e ived » W E L D IN G 'S Stationery a n d H a n e y Ofiodg S tore, Jam a ica. Book A g ents W a n ted ' To aolIMt order* for ' D a . \iV iL iuM SffiTR’s D I C T IO N A R Y O F T H E , . B I R D E , . to ^ e n a e i # i k p*rm-« _.»* iiasd . In one largo Octavo vqlumc. tjliptraicd wltfi ov«r 125 * that you ^at the ^ i n i W b i ft-br- Smiik . . r .. . the Sprixgfkld KepMiam says, this edition pabllshtd by Messrs. Barr.*Co.; lath*gednfnotblnfi. ' . ; Tbo OmnaaSmcUM sayS, wboev.r wltinw .to gst, is tbe cbeapMt form, the best Dictionary of the Bible, should buy tM. We also went Agent* fi* KlXIOT^B Sok Wort, Jt _ ______ CBAH4CISBS and MEUORAOLtf’PLACES OP TOE BOLT LAND. By Hsmnr UlSoiOaauM, T. 9. Wodfedr, L.L. D.,pres, of YaloCol., J03KTO Counwqe, Jh R. U , D.,Dres, ol.WcsleyaidUnlr., Rt, Rov.Thos.H. Cue*, Bi.hepolK I.yttc,,lie.' - * They are now «nd original Work* b y the** authors, and tbelr sab. Jccts ere approved by olcrgyfiieu-of. a lt dchomtnstlou. Agents ore meeting with unparallelled SncOrts. We- empley no General Jgato (or either book, and offur «trt'lnirdo%mtoUtoWivaas*rs. Agents will see Uio advantage of dcallug directly wHb iho PcblUfcers. For g g ' a ; * Mrrianafaisr.sir. Take Notice, ■ ' , ; T h atEoTTcH tm d T h o m p son’s O x - G a i l ^ m d l s a a m t preparation In tho m a r k e t for w a shing d o th e s . ekam 'iw palntj m a rble, * C 4 rem o v ing grease from ck>tb«« « « d [goorfc and ink s tain s and pencil m a rks firom wood or p e r 6 0 e ta;pcf-bottle. F o r c a t o b y - . 1 L u 2 r- ^ J 5 . ' J . W - ,B A T T E tf. _ f b a t * . Arrive. tv * I? m & a f m • IS 5 36 • 17 s so 5 37 8 & 49 8 0 35 5 64 9 0 S3 8 01 111.2 0 43 o c a 13 843 6 11 14 4 8 « 17 629 8 ■ 10 OS S so 31 10 14 0 40 37 10 37 6 52 32* , 34 | 10 45 7 00 JauaMefW 8tntwglw>.v»,rV IWtrsall’a m S t.i, R n s k r llk i C c i j r o , , . Aniityrllle . . . . . Bit>y.loa......... Praat*il»*„4t blitiae»« e<\li«ie« . . r ; s i M - m m b u m h e r A R B A H G E M E N T . C o m m o n c in s ' T h n r a d spy Jus* ll, TRAINS FEOMNSSW YORK, toavti James Slip. Mow York, (hr titteeport, *t *Ma.*.,S r.w. i.Bivorlreail,at3i.'a^,3,eof.ir. ^yoseet, Hnntliigloii. aud Northport SO tv ttv, I p ,aA 8 i.» .;8 ,ao M 6 r.S . »h«d,l»t S nnd LSSD. M.,S, atd-ffV. ir.' t j „ a! (Be* Head * GkajOore, at e,0,U :a. II., 3,4,30 mid 0 r . a. « •« jSuMte*, at 3, an! s,saa 4,4!,SI) and «, r . «, TRAINS TO N«*r YOBK. leafaGreenport'fiir James’ Slip, ¥• gnd 2,10 r. v. H u v e n i e , ! ^ I iuhui I LislNfUce, Cmaiy t f H u n t CoLLfceirim’s O y F i c g , ) i 11 is hereby given that tho Annual Tax Listfof AqRDfcaa becst recwred from tbo A ssessor for collection, and that all persona thereon assessed are required to pay, thpTIr assessment to 41.-0 Deputy Collectors of tho Bivfcianq to%hich they reside, on or befoto tbe SJOth day of ounc. 1868. ’ , .Deputy Collector R. C. Hubba, o f tbo toim ct Oyelerd bay, will sit to receive such taxes a t^is office, in the vil-i {age of Jericho, on top IfftB and SOth of June, between tho hours of 9 a . M. and 4 P. St. * a a g ^ a g s « «♦ , u ' k 'i i RlVcrbfiuI North Isllp; k Syossct , « Northport “ Ilniitington, •> Glcu Covo “ Realyn, » Hempstead « Jomalt*, n ti A.M., 3 01F. W. i,U a . at. and 4, I t r. u. at ItoA - M.S. and »,50 r. a . a t t *. a., 3,30 and 5 r. a . a c t , t o A. a , , 8 .45 a n d 5,25 r. a . *■ *•» ».ud 3i 5> a» M ^ ^ . AOjOOja, a ., 3,12, 5,13, st»^4 r t > 0 , 14,08 A. a ., 3 JO, 5*0, 45,5S 9. il* ' O k i& i S,*S, 10.35 i . a ., AjtojO.M; s,(5.r. a . SUNDAY EXOUWHON TRAIN. An Excursion Train for Nurlliport, ttot>l>lng all EUtioos, leaves Hun.r’s Paint at O. a . m , Reluming Icayea Northport a t A j t A a ,arriving at Huater’aHont -it 0 , 1 0 r. a . ’ ’ .'■■ 5 ,' •' Tlcketa (hr title train, to and FrWa’itfl KtatUms, Sold nt Excursion mtes, good jbr fflo day ouldanly, )-ii , A milk traig will leuto N -tlUport1it(fi A- V- Relurt®ig te»V4 Hun­ ter’s PWut a t : f. ii. '• , : ■ BROOKLYN A N M S l t C A RAILWAY. heave Jamaica a t fi, 7,30, S J 8 , # t o ; « ,3 5 a.a.,'1, 8,40,3,58, and ♦,o*i;. a . « East New York nt 0,45. 7 , 5 5 . 8,4$, 10. n ,M A a ., 1,45,3,30, -1,0,45 r . a ; SBNDATnUlNS: Leave Jamaica at 8,10 and 10, a . a . , and 12 a ; and 1 JO, 8,45 and 5,40 r. a . Loave East Now York a t 9,11, A. a , 18 JO, 2, 3,15, 8,10 r. a . ■ I. D. BARTON, Stiy* Bates of CoUuMutution Oa tb* LONG ISLAND ‘KAIL ROAD. For Books Oontaiuing 100 and 600 Tickets, commencing Msy I, 1868. B o o k s sold on th e first n f each month. -x ....... •• • ••••• • Jam slca.,... Queens.......... Hyde P a r k .;;, Mineola . . . m : , . Hempstead ........ .. IVeatbury. . . . . . . . . . . . . Htnktivlllo. . . . . . . . . . . . . Syossct a.a. 1 ... . . . . . . . terusatein.. . . . . . . . . . . . Fanntngdale.. . . . . . . . . . Deer 1’a r k .. . . . . . . . . . . • rbOmpsdn V .... . . . . . . . . North Isllp.................... Lakeland H o lbrook.,.... . . . . . . . . Waverloy ........ . Xsdfofd •••• •••• **«••• Bclport. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Yupliauk.... . . . . . . . . . , Manor Rivcrhead .................... .. raines|Kirtj .......... . MflUKltCki **••••••• its* Cutchngue.■ • • • . . . . . . . . Jlermllage.. . . . ............ Southold . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Greenport. { Roelyrt .... Glen Head ........... Glen Cove................. Huntlngt.n .............. N o r th p o r t......... Jamaica to East Y ork ....... Sm9 New 104 100 10* » t o o t o e too ,10* 10Q, lo o 100 too to o a too too 104 W ' ') i.t .■ lo o to o to o t o o too too 3XT O W IC E C F A M I L I E S A N I) P . * . S - ! I i ■M IS ■I* to 4 t t m 23 *S 35. 40 il 5S SS % It 40 42 '200' ‘200 200 200 200 4 200 200 200 200 - 00 200 200 200 200 200 |26 3G 45 48 56 55 GO 06 60 70 £>7 265 65 I. D. BARTON. Sup’t. e n , '-O V* H A L 0 0 N . SUPPLIED. Aehjy 1*. flcwielt. Deputy Collector of the.tovrci HGtup3tecui, INuitL Hempstead aud Jamaica, at hia rest- Rostyii, Jnns Sth, 15th and 20th j a t tho store of A I- Rtsshmore, Hempstead, Jnne 2d and 9th; Wright'a Hotels NesrRofikAway, 16th: SurrogateVOfficc, Jamaica,* Juno Sd, 10th and 17th, same hours. C. H. Hnnt, Deputy Collector of town of Flashing, a t his office, in the village of Flushing on the 19th' fiiid 20th Of June, same hottre. Roe H. Smith, Deputy Collector fur tho town of New­ town, at the store of Edwin Mills, Astoria, on the 19th, and at the Court House, in the village of Newtown, on tho 20th of Jane, same lionra. Deputy Collectors are authorised to make each other arrangements to meet tbe tax payer* as their convenience may require Previous to the skid 20tK of JuttS, but n c tax wril bd received after tbat dbtb without tbe penalty. ' ' * GEO. F- CARMAN. Collector 1st District. N. Y. U - N I O N P A C I F I O R A I L R O A D Butter and Lard, By the PPiunl, Tub or Hrkln, a t J, W . BATTEE’3. J . w . B A T T E E , A g e n t fo r Warren’s Celebrated Kerosene Oil, T h e Real in Market, Try i t ! 12 Corner Fnlton st, and Union ave. A N ew Lin e . JAMAICA, BROOKLYN A NEW YORK E x p r e s s . am (21 Falton St., New York, umces, j Danfci Gracy’s Store, Jamaica. O R D E R S L A T E S : At:31 Cbsmhers at., (rear of New City Hall,) New York: Valentine & Bergen’s, 15 Falton atreet Brooklyn, and at L. M. Jaggar’s, II. U. Rider's and' I . Rapelye’a, J a ­ maica. D. HIGBIE HENDRICKSON, May 25,1868. JOHN HUTCHINSON. ASHDOWN & ENGLAND, d a r r l a g r e f M a l s . e r 0 , D I V IS I O N S T R E E T , n e a r F n l t o n , I N T H E S H O P F O R M E R L Y O C C U P I E D E F , H E N R Y C O N K L I N . S h o e i n g 1 And Jobbing promptly attended to. Jamaica, J une 8 , 1868.| 14 Henry Home# Jones’ Family Soap, TH E BEST DOLLAR TEA IN THtS MARKET. CAN FRUIT, C a A LOBSTER, ' ,1 1 |)| 7 T O B A C C O , S E G A E S j % ' giSSSS^SSt All for salo by J. W, fjATTEE, 12 _____ Corner Fulton at. ahd Unlolv ave., Jamaica, Salad Oil, Choicest brands, at tbe - HALL OF PHARMACY. LATK J O H N S O N f c C O . , 228 & 230 Fnlton streets Srf^klyn, Wo have now on baud a St A GNIFICENT STOCK of ' F R I N G E S . S I L K S . « GIMPS, SATINS, V E L V E T S , B U T T O N S , R I B B O N S , L A C E S , and si! th* desirable materials In M OW S? TRIMMINGS most In demand. N E W C O T T O N T R I M M I N G S , R I C H S A S H R I B B O N S . Full lines ot Standard Small W a rm always kopt In frill assortment, aud sold a t tb* S m S _________________________ . . , Are apn Bnliked and Jin operation. .Sixty mltee ot track hay* be** laid C-'S-epJtpk awl (lH3 cork ntCBg.lhq Who!* |ta« b«)Vrea C» 41- la&SO and Poi-lfio S a iB ts Bneg pushed forward mon rapidly tUam* over before, tloro than twenty ttwereud t»ua ar* ea\-io>re, aad-nl ti net Isvpassibto. H at, tho eailre track, from Omaha to dsromtota. *111 M-finlahed In 1*69 instead ot 1S70. The.reretsr p m h ltd areamr- pie, and ell that energy, emu and csoaoy can-do to eeeera th* cuooia. tbu tt Ibis G REAT NATIO NAL W ORE, at the earliest posjlbto day, will bo done, TPB DNIOJf FAanO RatLROAD COMPANY raoafre s I.— A G O V E R N M E N T G R A N T dt i t o A f i t b f t h ^ , n i Its ”mlKr *ud ot>u:r auaurl*la frwad ORV haa o f IL — A G O V E R N M E N T G R A N T or i* J o * a e res Wiswd to , tSo tuHo. takra’ lu altercate eccUons oa o i i , two' «# & rpp® -, • Till* ta ad absotulo Donation, aud will ba a iwurc* of farge r m h t in tlm friture., . ■ , ' _ I I I . — A G O V E R N M E N T G R A N tf ot Vnlted StatoslWr.. ty.year Bouds, amouoliagto from *16,0001* *48,000 pu, « % ,. acoqr-dlpg tA lhadipcnltieatoba Surmouiitedoa the various ref.- Uoiis to b t built. The Government take* a ascoud’morigage as se­ curity, an* K it expected UuU qot only tbe Interest, but Ihe pria> cl|»l amuuut may be paid lu service, rendered by the Gmii-any In, tcauiportlng troapa, malls, lev. The Interval Is M w /m ttlt snare than paid wthla way, baaida* securing a g n a t aavluglit time aud mouoy to the bbH’crumout. IV .— A G O V E R N M E N T G f lA N T ef Ibo rtfihftolaaaalis owu 17KS1 MOEVGAGS EpNliS, to aid la building Iba road to tlm aaroo amouuf as thoU S. Bonds, Issued (br tlw aaum p«yt poae,andiae>mon5 Txk GoyaR.vav.-iT P m u n the Trustees tor tka' Firal Mortgage Bondholdep* to dellvar tha Bonds to Ihe Coat posy ouly as the road la completed, aud aft.y It baa Vaen upimUmd by United Slates Couginlskioners and proqouaccd to b* tn all raapecta a first-olass Bailraafd, laid, wilh a heavy T rail, aad curuplvtaly. auppllad with depots, ktottins, turuoula,, car-ahopa, kceuouvar, can, 4e. V . - 4 C A P I T A L S T O C K S U B S C R I P T I O N t o m ih*a atookheWora, of which <mr AijU J/iiUoH ZMiara Imv* beau paiif in upon tbo work already dona, and wbieh will ha increased M tho wauls o f tlio Cbmpauy require. T I . — N E T C A S H E A R N I N G S on its Way Bullae*, that\ already amount to wore Mo* t t . iidvroi oo (b* Flret Uopttik; Bonda. These earnings age' UO ludlcatkio ot tl|* vast torevlK trafilo that anbst fo’low tho opening ot the lino te lb* Pacifio, h«fi they certainly prevo that F irs t M o rtgage Bonds upon such s property, coating nearly three llmea their apaonnt^ AM tacure Beytfnd fcoy CmiUageacf* ThaCbmpany have ahundan) means hi thetr frM auf' ** a — v . *« appeal to fbepuhllo’ta parchoao tbelr Bonds, as toe Hons arc entirely wUlafqclory; but they sabmit that, ( „ ________ ly and liberal returns, (bore is certainly no bettor iuveatmen) ta th^ market. The Union PaciOy Bonds ar* fob ,$1,000 each, and bar* coupons at-’, tached. They bavo thirty years to run, and hear sub'oal knapest, pay-' abU on th* firet days ot January and July, at th* tompaay’s Gtt**) ta the City o f Now York, fit thoralo of six por cbnt. to gold. Tho Priari- pal ti payable In gold ut maturity,' Al the preseut rata of gold, tboaw boatopay an annual lnoome on tholr coat ot N E A R L Y N I N E P E R C E N T , A n d i f i s I t l i e v c d d e * m s y t o o n h s t o P t m i V t i L Tlio Company rercrro lb* right to advafice lit* pVlto of thrlr bond'd' to a rate above pSr a t anv time. aud will hot fill any orders o r rac.it* any anbicrlptloni on whieh the money haa not b*ea actually paid a a the Company'* office twtbre the time o f aaah advaeea. ! i fiabKripUona will ba raeeivad in JAMAICA by J A M E S J . B R E N T O N , E s q . , find ta Naw York at tho , . C i r i n p c l n y ' s Ojfict, No. 20 Nassau MttetU ■ And by J o i i x J . C i s c o & S o u , B o p k t r t , N o . 9 3 N o l l t h i i t , And by the Company’s advertised agent* tbrougbout tb* Unitad Slates,. - • Bamlltancos should b* made In draft* or other fitndt pat !■ N*w- 7°rk, and th* Bonds will be atiit fra* of ciiargea by return axprtaa. >• Parties aubaoribicg throvgh loeAl aganta, will look lo them Ibr thtle safe dattaevy. . - . X PAMPHLXT and HAD for H i t has jrnt b a n pabtabud by Ura Company, giving Tulter InformaUon than tipossibt* ta aa adtertla*. manl, mapaetaw lb* Prearew oT ab* Work, the Jtaeeureta o f that Country traversed b y tha Road, the Means for Couttruetloo, and the Value of the Dunda, whlris will b* sent frao t s appUoaUpa at th* C( 5 *- pany’x office, o r toanyct Uwadrarllnd agMtv. . - , JOHN. J CISCO, Treasure*, fteti) fork. May 10,18*8. , . Smll B . T . i f f F A R ’ S P h o t o g r a ^ i Q G - a l l e r y , 4 3 F o u r t h 8teT W i l l f a m ! i b a r g h , torgo size Photographs, $1,00.' (tlfrttit dd Vtiltos six for fil.OO, 12 for S1.60. Imperial S3)00 pee ferrotype^ finltbod in five tnlnntes, throe for 80 cts., alx lW .fifiht*- Bou Ton>35 cts. P a te n t T u b e W e ll. T HE nndersigncd ore now . r e i f j r 10 p u t d o w n th e f t P a ­ ten t T o b e W e ll in Jam aicfi, a f iu Otber p a rts o f L o n g IS-' and , o r w ill Bell tho r ight to persons o&sirUufi o f p arcKtuing h e sam e . A good opportunity is h ero p resented to aojr o h e w h o w ishes to m a k e m o n ey; They cost iesB than lmlf, will last os long, and in every respect superior to the ordinary well, and ere now- in use where the old fashioned wells have been abandoned on no- coppt of their filling Up tStitb iriilckfiafid. One Ofthe sitnlo cap be seen ih operation °P (ho farm of latthb Strang, at Jamitica Sonth, and also several a t New Lots. All ivc'\ warranted. Address TUNIS ROWLAND & SDN. i 4w1J East New York, If. 7< Valuable Farm In Jamaiet, Qmms Coutj, f$r Sal*/ T H* tutacrlber offiirs a t Frlvata Sale the lands and pram Ism owiradr by J O H N H* I I I I I T H , at tho tlm* of d«v*U* ; aaq couaisting vt Ibo Farm uixm which ho resided « JAMAICA SOUtn, Nvar to* m R K B -m U S SUU. Tha Farm toaUIut About 75 ACRES #f ..... fn a good stalo.af ovlllvatlfln.: 004b* pfsffibesls s larg* conmodbf tu« DwolHng-Honu, Barn, HOveJ, tfagoa-flims*, and agtodW ell of. Wataf. Au *xoaltint,timJiQg is wltbiuans hundred to-lsofaatd firm~< whar* Manure aud every thing that may ha wanitfi for aa* on laid arratan.be lauded Mid easily carted to said premtia*. i- -• For a Farmer or Gardener this farm offer* * 1 many Inducements a s , any fririh In quoens county, being coullguoua ia gopd.Fcbpfltk Md Cbnrobas, ta addition to ono oi tho hot; landing* oa Long bland, Hie other ta tho Farm' O f atfout 18 Acres.' . W n M r t f y e V l i L A G E O F J A M ^ C A , . L w ^ io | < ■rftfc M E R R f C K & J A M A I C A P L A N K R O A D , . and within oiio half mile of allSohuols andChnrclieaofatld village.—. On said promise is a goad substantial Dwelllng houit, Bhrn and. but-bousej sultablo for evory purpose, and a variety bf Frail and Ornamental Tree;, There it alio a Well of excolient Water, and Ibo land lain a htgbitateeT cultivation. ' ■ For a gentleman who wishes ito* retire from beslcrtabr farja prxe-» Ileal farmer ct, gardener, this place offers luducemsnts second to ■ farm of IU size. * , portion of tht nurchase money 'dby BondandUir'igag*. ' FOR s u e , Z E R O R E F R I G E R A T O R ! Irntn ttiCutfiMhr ■iit'OriOjf'Gcntlman, “ After a full trill, wo havo found Ihti Befrlgergtnr a valuable household ccqvenlcnce; ItU* bM^otal) pfoco of flirnlturo, and will graco Hie hdmtiomcat kitdieb panfry-- Me tco v elll keep In it from one to threa days; maintaining a tem|fo(*iuts loarcr than that af the void- est collars. It bas a tweet f t r !lr*Vtng,offtii|r water, so that tbs water is pot ftMWd. running over*)h*\ *Mf- '7k* ptlndpire for preserving meats oodvralti by th|s Re/r5t*r*i<fr arpeprirect. TUti fetfcallsilt RefrlgfcriiSr ti.toMaractared find for atlo by ‘ ” * . M . liESLEY, A v o tu a , HEW VORR. figfo.drewisto s«M b y v, • • • I 4 -’ DissolEtioH of Co-Partnership*. N OTICE is hereby given that the firm of S. Elwanls i . Co. has this day noen d&shlvcd by nmfattl consent. Parties indebted to the firm are noiifica to make immedi­ ate payment.. All acconnfa not paid thirty days after tf * notice tvill be fint into tho'hands of a ciJliector. Jamaica, May 4 ,16^, S ,E D W ^ D |k >ry QUIKOY o r AJfflfiB W O RK S, Sllb fi fisib sSv6ei>^ifti M*-’. Srtoklin, ' ;-'\V a i-p t » t iS l»fe ' ■ ' : C ftrltaesd Hsx'o! 5 |io*>ttc='.J, T«»h».«s4 ffesefery ,*Il*V<?«St!-l#rt^lS'lbbf'Mi!<q3rStit?J. MoensnobtlLofiered, and joDblrv l« r>IUti Ersiitiic*. , GnsdtaWorkfrwsktaalttf atotW. - ' ' IyU B ’ l E t : 3 S T © w l f p : \ H A D F I E L D ^ S / P R E J p i 1 - -. rimmktrs/ C Tnpsti UomtoKMos (brWHtasMlPrfi \ Orders promptly aUCudcd toj A * i r :- ■' ”11, m i : ' A p ) i JUMdCB.jBMloDSfc W. yWHh-* v ^ W IL L IA M S / ’ Wffii«toibafgb/L.T. T HE PROPERTY known as tho JAMAICA P ^ A lt- 10N HOTEL, in this villags. En^iUe^the^^prem- Jsmsics, Dec, 23,1867, _________ ' ______ css remain spon th* premlsai a*-’ For Ihrtber parlleulars, Taqnlre.of JOHN AIJTREB S ) tm tKat llj? Myrifa Avenue, Brooklyn, o r ot tho nndaralgnod, *)■ JamatiapCailaag' tiannty. v - THOMAS SMITH, J r ., sfw M Mardiaw. March 16,1808. Pasture, Pasture, Pasture ' Pasture for Horses snd Cows,ott Prospect HH1 Farm, ni tUs village. Appijr to ’ WM. M. SCOTT. > Jamaica Toll Gate. H r . JA M E S CA ULFIELD. Bi I, BAKF/B/ Ifanafactarar of and Daaler I s . j 9 K . ‘ i r t s V . FRENCH AND DOMESTIC C0RSgT$/ 3^o. 138. Fifth: m & ti! Lato 03 Fosrtk. ttroat,, Near GWt., S WILLIAMSBURGH.' 1®1? burgh. GEORGE PUSTKUOHEN, $, - I [Itsporter and Sealer ia FQHEIGN M DOMESTIC FRUITS; r No. 252 W ashington St.* N E W Y O R K . | •— . A . S i s i e s , L i m b u r g a n d H a n d € > } i c t s ' e , D i i i t f i , H e r ■ * r i n p t . S a r d i n e * a n d S a n d t U s , S a t i d 0 0 , b y t h o g a t f o n , a r e a s e . . ' •tiT-rn-',.., ' - 1 .. • ________________ __ D r i ^ d F f e a o h e s , - t H 8ml3 -V \ Cloaiv and Dr f &o$dg E a T A B L I S H M B S T a ChildrpntiiCioaks fi* JO nnd Upward, . Hiaaes’ y $3 to 4 5 ,and so.- Children’s rfnd Hisses’ Silk Cloaks fri I*4|m> jllk Cloaks $7, *to> 41* cent less than any Houis ta the trad*. I v 1J9 to$9. .> , BajaUfalstyles—75 por a j L arob gsosjc . otGfniaiAb dst goods at toio LOWBta - \ i h u M k m m SmlS IftidafttofUnleei -avekne and 11th street. ‘ \ _ H . N A C O B B E a f r o u - R e a l E s t a t e ' B rokers',' , 3*1 rtiLTOlt rtWB g t S L .^ ' j £ ? s a h * S b — _ _ t a e e a o a a l . , IV. B. UACOMBEB, . Not—V l *0* 1*0 o** (..n c a l c la iei A & p t f a gQfff Avn jfucSMIKRH. [OniSOJ V7ALTEB Op

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