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Long Island farmer. (Jamaica, Queens County, N.Y.) 1862-1870, March 24, 1868, Image 3

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> ‘fro j, n T S u W «(t|ip<^M t wplnfcMkWi wfo> w«fit there j. prtjfsi'ireatJy hr tha e*riy lessons ho re- * ^ w i * ^ t w o l » d l e w 5, Peepl* whom*!* Rerww ew llod throogfc Biblie«l knowledge. f- t. neofttef thestytto of such know an d do w h a t God re- attire* a n d nU d ealre.4 jo. A wrard-denottng who need regeneration. It. 0#* wlktafod du- vaih to keep a Kim? frc.n' cntfintt the ii I t e a S s f C i S E l ’S S S *-*-\** -hAAfia.' - . . 15 . A M e ^ n h r n all the peopte «fe healthy Mia happy, IB. T h e name of what many desire but none keep long. ]7?*X kind 6f|chnrch music to he used sparingly in very *eold or Very hot weather. IB, A c U m of persons often very useful in religious wor 19. AaYn^»p4nribl* means of salvation. ___________ Primary Meeting. Tbs Union Republican electors of the town of Jamaica [nested to meet a t tbe House of Howard Pearsall, on me requested to m e e t Batnn*y w etting, 28th inst, at a o’clock, for the purpose of nominating suitable persons for Town Officers, and for the transaction Of such business as may be brought before thfc n» orotriif the Town Committee, V V . - , GILBERT SAYRES, Chairman. .Tia^fcu.'Mti’ch 2 4 ,J863~ R a d ical B e s toration.—Its good effects are per- mqgfntyif-lfnot only restores the color of the hair, bttf Chn qUkntity aiid natural glossiness. Tbit, is said byTverjr’orrtj’ using Mrs. 9. A. A llkn’s Improved (ntwrlik) H a i r R es t o r e r or D r e s s in g (in one boU tie}?. ■Bverjrbruggist sells it. P r i c e One Dollar. 51 . . 3 S T o t i c e . aiii&ica. Lodge. SIo. 546, F. &, A.M. fjUpteet eyery Tuesday evening, at 74 o’clock, P. Jt. «By dder of the Lodge, - » « * y M all RICE FAUCON, Master. fiAK-’L.S, Avmar, Secretary. Jamaica, Jan. 8 , 18G8._ Famaioa Division No. 166, S. of T. Meeta.qvery Thursday evening, at 7,30 P. si., iu Mason- s HalLi By order of Di v., ; GEO. W. BLACK, IF. P. W«»wam S. S a y r e s , It. 8 Tft FARMERS GF.NEW YORK. The iiibsorjbcr* cull your attention to a new Fertilizer prepared by tto j I/idt Jfoiiufauturhig made from Night Soil, Blood, Bones dud ,Offal or Naw.Yurk City, called , . i Double Refined Poudrette, 'which ia an entirely different article tVom tlio common roudretto mate lit former year?. It is doutU the strength ot llio old kind, fine as : floor, from coarse impurities, and is ns strosg and effective os any .■uptr-pbospbote In market, nltbotigU sold for only $20,00 per ton, l»i|btXroln Sett York added. ThU arlioli) bos only been used one season, but Us cffecls havo as- •toakbed overy ouo who liave ‘tried il, and tbo Company conlldently •assort tbjrt used In quantifies half ai targe an wus.forineriy used a t tlie common, Pmulreile. that it will not only dmilie th* crop, but ripen It '•Tram terl day. hoiuaMeeks earlier. 74W1 wukos.it by far tbe cheapest and most preferable manure In market. fqr jmnrplet and farther Information apply to S. EDWARDS & CO., .jimica, I ..I, or to theCuiifiiiuiy, eo Corthtndt St, New York. 2m62 — Flor de Mayo, P HALQN’S celebrated NEW PERFUME for the Handkerchief, at O O 0* 4 1 3 . per bottle. Also, atjutotuuantity of other Perfumery, for sale at fi, a t- WELLING’S Stationery nnd Fancy Goods Store. Jamaica. 195 FPLTOY STREET, BROOKLYN. ‘ are selling A^uglisb V e k a C irp ii a t , , . . • . ■ « .....*••«.«*,■ , $2 75 ■ ErigMsb Brussels Carpels at ........................ 2 25 English Tapestry Brussels Carpets a t .................... 150 TbrM,Pi]r«t,..A...i......................................... 3m3 d h i C o i u n m p i l v c s . The Itsv. EDWARD A. WILSON will scud (frcooi charge) to alt who d.lr» it, tho prescription with the directions tor makings ttnd using tlm simple remedy by which be was cured of a lung aOictoa and that dr« d disease Consumption. Ills only object is to beneS the afflicted a i t be hopes every sufferer will try this prescription, ns it will cost NMmstStklBg, snd tuuy prove a blessing. Please address , R rv . EDWARD A. WII.SON, J r i i No, 185 South Second s i , WllUumsbnrgl), New York. S C H O O L B O O K S , A l large variety, a t WELLING’S ' ' • Stationery and Fancy Goods Store. E r r m r * * t Y o u t l a . —A gentleman wlm suffered for years frotn NerrousDebiltty, Premature Decay, and all the effects of youth- r«l Iptfiueriuatit for the sake of suffering liuniauily, scud rrco ta alNrbdiAwtdf; tho rcelpo aud directions for making the *implo feme * t bjr wbieh be was cured. Sufferers wislfii g lo profit by the adver­ tiser’* ezpeVietc., cart do so by addressing, iu perfect confidence, l y l l jOHtt B. OGDF.N, 42 Cedar Street, New York ; F a n c y S o a p s . ■ C O L G A T E ’ S and other Soaps—a large variety jnst cttvbdafc WELLING’S Stationery and Fancy Goods Store. • / . ' I n f o r m a t i o n . ' tblbrnMUon gnsrunteod to produce a luxuriant growth of balr upon a bftlji hen) o r beardless facp. also a reclpo inr tbe removal ef Pimples, jfltMfcta^Eruptloii, atc., on Iba skiQ, Icaviog tho samo eoit, clear, U4 MutiAil, can bo obtained without charge by addressing • ly l l THOf.F CHAPMAN, Chemist, 823 Broadway. N.Y. EDWARD CROUCH, HANcrAcrrnKR or H A X X l t r B W H X i X L T , iX39 FaltOQ Street, BROOKLYN, It. Ann’s SBUding. Up stutrs ■ Rraoelets, Guard, Neek, Vest, and Fob Chains, Breast-Hos, Finger Rings, Ear-Rings, Slcovo-Bdttons. Studs, Dovlco Work, So., mado to ordersf 5 wso 5 »»own hair, at short notice. _______________ Om80 ■3 ; I tiy Yonr Stationery 4 i f WELLING’S FANCY GOOD STORE. tj. A vary large assortment .always on band ____ m A t t H I E D * 4l i d ihls' villsgc. on tho 22d inst., by tbe Rer..Thomas C^HpbiM * Armstrong to Delia Martin, all of tbis place. „ _ _ : D I E D . yi$WP>« on tbe 2lst inst;, John Henry, son of yJutksriuM.aafAhlJana Holiand.ngcd 2 yoara, 7 months «riai6A»ys. - , TbsM m i i of rite fittnily sre invited twatfond the fnne- .9 ! ;thki fTnhsday) morning, at 10J o’clock, from tbe Me* '*b81)M Epfowipal Chureh, fit tbis village. • on the lGtb inst., Hdlrry Lobby, infant Maggie L. Bmitb, aged 4 months and 'W E trV *1 9n* liora$ Maaar* fa G 0 K l t | S K I ? ! . « MUSKAL ENTERTKMIIENT Undw tb* mupicea of . J a m a i c a D i v i s i o n , N o . 1 6 6 , Will be given-at VmOJS HALL ACADEMY, J A M A I C A , O r Wednesday ev^ng.j March 25,1858. The Entertainment Will be nnder the direction of Pr-of. GEORGE STOWE, Assisted by several celebrated VOCAL and INSTEU MENTAL PERFORMERS from New York, B r o o k l y n , and clsotvhere. REV. J. T . DURYEA, D. D ., Will also be present and deliver an Address. T he G rand P iano used on tliis occasion Will be from the colebrated Manufactory of G foroe - S t E ck & Co., 141 E ’gbth street, near Broadway, New York. TICKETS, - - - * CO Cents each. Concert to commence a t 7-J o’clock. Tickets can be had at Peck's Drug Store, WeHmg’s Stationery Store, and at tbe Door on tho evening. * 0 S o a p ! S o a p ’ I NE BOX OF HONEY SOAP—SIX CAKES— ONLY g f k cts., at WELLING'S Stationery and Fancy Goods Store, Jamaica. U n i o n H a l l A c a d e m y . THE SEVENTY-SEVENTH ANNUAL EXHIBITION Will take place at tbe Academy, on W e d n e s d a y e v e n in g , A p r i l 1 s t , a t 7 o'clock. Tickets 30 Cents; to be bad shortly of the Pupils. To prevent confusion, no tickets will be sold at the door. The exerciseB will consist of Dialogues, Recitations, Tableaux, &e. . . > A F u l l B a ND< o f M u s ic is to he engaged, with Police­ men to preserve order. D. O. QUINBY, Principal. Jamaica, March 23d, 1888. __________________ 2w3 E. A. LAWRENCE AUCTIONEER-1 8- HENDRICKSON- CLERK- Furniture_at Auction. Tlm autirorlber will sell nt l'libllo Auction, nt his resilience, in UNION AVENUE, In the Vili go of J T A R A IC A , on . W e d n e s d a y ; M a r c h . 2 5 t h , a t 1 o’c lo c k , P . M . . Tbo following article* or Household Furniture, viz, The NEW Y tJEX S tnSf, An InAtpcuficat Rally. Nevnpayw, ■# *»» tfViAg »B! tboN.wiiu afiw h , reikbtu.aHMMM DMA • k u l i e n rata can Cud Uiao to read AM%M». CHARLffi A. tf^NA, EJItorand llaa»gcr. P rict.W a y v W j thrns moutts. The Weefcly Sun, Prepares with great earn fo. imqNMr^ihatrlhcra. Political dcwk thoroughly\ Conilqojeik farnicra' fdHy«iyMifo4. HirkMSMCur.tcly given, HorUcult-iral an* AgrieollurttntidAlteut tditeff by AN^REtt S. FULLER, Gr<w» varjielf of iuttJwAffljf’inlaimllaueMf nWfitug, making It a (tret r a t. f< ' . General F a m ily Knarpaptr. Thoa# vrira wish for a thoroughly rcllaiifc paper for tb. pending M o s t I m p o r t a n t F r o « I t l e n t ! * l O a m p a i n n . will find THE WEEKLY SUN exactly What they need. Eric., $1 a y*ar; 20 copies ta one ud>(ve.«s, tlt-j\ 50 copies to one addrew, 237 5 0 ; 100-coplos to one aifdrees, $15. _ THE SEMI^wijEKLT SUH, Some also anil character as the Uut Uirnlstanf tw!e« as much mditi); mattcT, aud glvltiK Xtifc uevrs witli jrettar TV4shues*.— Great palus w lU also bo taken Mi .uaklugUp tbo l>oHtlcal news o f tlie day for tliia paper, u% tbat tba reader, wbuto ter bo bis polilicU, wll) Had tho ^EMI-WEEKLY SUM to be itn ^ecUrntn and comprehensive compendium of political lolbrmatinn1, wemean tlutt this a^tll be tho most valuable Campaign Paper tba s e n t r y , Pr/co, $2 h year ; 20 copies tn «*> W*; 30 to ono address, $35; GO copies U'oae addrecs^$80 j always la tdvance-- Addres#, 3w3 .*0E SVNV New York City. 6 sofn-bottom GUhogany chairs, 1 Bureau. 1 euc/o.-ed «-a.-h istanf), 4 tables,' 0 cauoboUom cbairs, 2 bedsteads, 2 Blatids, Lot or chairs, 1 straw bed, 1 large rockiug cliair, 1 corn busk bed, clothes horse I stove with fixtures, 25 yards 2 ply carpet. Lot «T ing carpet, lot of raatting, flair oil cloth, bowl and pitcher, Lot ot dishes, knives and forks <) (timbers, 2 d o t plates, 2 doz «:ups and saucers, IM of bowls, vegetable dixies, ^taking dishes, stone pota, Milk pans^ 2 milk kettles, *2 Iron pots, 1 brass kettle, 2 fl it irons, wash tub, Shower pots, Lot of tin vrnre, Lot of baskets. Kubbiug board, Pair cf \v»flle iron.«, Aud many at teles nut herein enumerutca. Fale Positive. Terms Cash. CHAS. H. THATFORD. 1031 SILL. 'ARLY* GOODRICH POTATOES FOE SEED. E A K L i U U U U K lU u f U X A i u n s i u k o c u inquire of G e o r o e L o l l s ! a n , oh the premises of subscriber, at East Jamaica, Price, $0.00 per barrel. 3m 2 . SeT h C h a p m a n , the E J T C E , A u c t i o n e e r . l a r g e T a l e o f Horses, Cows, Sleighs, Harness/Grain^ Straw, Rails, Household Furniture, Also, tlio Contents o f a Country Store. LAWHEXCE & STRATTON will sell by Auction, on tho premise* of the lato SAM UEL POOLE, at L akeville, tu. L, Near LUtlo Keck; on S a t u r d a y , M a r c h 2 8 ,1 8 6 8 , a t 10 o’ c lo c k , a . m ., Tiio following : A N e w I d e a 1 P a p e r Jtla c h e P a i l s , W ASH BA S IN S , Toilet Sets, MiUrFans, Spittoons, &c. NO MORE SHRINKAGE WATER SOAKING, RUSTING' O U t AND FALLING TQ P l U f # ! They never effect or injure' ffie tasfe of tfio xyster firs* time used, as we ktiow'’any othfer kind of pails do, particu­ larly tbe Cedar pail, for which tbiy -pail is designed to su­ persede. They aro stronger njjjl wiil stand ntora wear than wood. This paper will neVgr water soak, and for family use they aro lighter tlian aby other, being a non­ conductor of lieat, they Ueep tvpter cool all day, as when first drawn—thus saving quite an'item of.expense ns well as ice. . ' * We also bave a stouter Paper Pail for Steamers, Ships, Railroads and Stores, which will aqtlust niauy sets o f uny other material. The Covered Pail makes a Superior Chamber Pail. No smell is ever emitted front them ) are easily kept clean and sweet by simply riusing out. ■ The Wash Basin will never rusf, Ror Will it break when let fail on the -floor or stoue. walk, 'i he Spittoon is superior to any other' kind ever Intro­ duced, aud is easily kept clean'. The Milk Pan is an institution of itself- No more spoil­ ing of tho miik and crennv on a tuddcu change iu the tem­ perature, as is the case witli tin aud- ether wares. The black enamel with which these articles are coated is manufactured from a vegetable composition, and is beneficial to the health. Call and examine them at WELLING’S ‘ ____ Stationery and Fancy Goods Store, Jamaica._ P h i l a d e l p h i a - R a s p b e r r y . The most productive Raspberry known, requiring uo protection, either.in sammeror winter. Price for Large plants, ' $18 per 1 0 0 $ 1 7 0 per 1,000. “ Small “ *• 9- “ •* 85 •• “ “ Not assorted, 14 ** \ 1,25 “ ' “ Plants will be delivered as early as possible. Reference, Hon John J . Armstrong. 4wl GEO. R. UNDERHILL, Locust Valley, L. I, FARM FOR SALE at Manhasset, L. I, Coiitaluiag About 180 Acres oi Intr-t, in a high. 8law or cnltivnMon, (probably none more sq In queens county). Gonil Iftmso, throe- largo Bitm»,aiid mnacroui otlii r Outbuilrlii.R ou llio premises. Tlio Ilouso is pleasantly shunted on tlio. DIDDLE NECK ROAD, with a lane running through tho middle ofthe Kami to a giiod aud navy Landing on Roslyn Ihirbur, - A dosirahlo plaoo for a Country Itesidonco or iiptaiug purposes. Terms of payment easy. Apply lo 2in60 B. T. UJIDERH1I.L, 78 Dey Strwt, New York City. 1 team matched farm torses, 3 fino con’s, 1 lino nolfer, 1 geood farm wagou (shelving?). 1 tvto-spat box -o (polo A shaft), Xopon buggy,' I two-Hfut open buggy, nearly now 1 shifting top Rockaway, (2 scat. pole and shafts), 1 two-seht carriago, 1 ilouble’rulihtr form sleigh, 1 fomiiy sleigh, i horso cart, 1 Allen’s pony mower, 1 hay cutter, 1 fanning mill, 3 horse rakes, 1 corn rholler, 1 iron-tonlh harrow, 1 grain cradle, 1 screw wrench, 2 scythes and snaths, zU bushels rye. A quantity of rye, oat and wheut Etraw, A quantity of corn stalks, 1 set double harness (light), 1 “ furm harness, 1 sot single harneesj I saddle aud bridlOj 1 pair fly ticls, 4 corn knives; 2 pair horse blankets, I now doable (harpoon) hay fork, with rope and bltiuk, 1 poie aid w'hifftetrceg; Lot of Manure and buy forks, Hakes, hoes, shovels and spades, 5 plows, 305 chestnut rails, 100 chestnut posts, 40 flue fowls (grout iaycrE), 2 sets plow whtfflctrccs, 55 bushels white wheat, Also, tho entire contents ef tho Store on tho premises, consisting in part of Dry Gouds, Groceries, Ready-made Clothing, Hats, Clips, Boots, Shoos, Hardware, Earthenware, Woodonwnrc, Crockery, ka. Also, Household Fnrnltuto. consisting In part of Dressing Bureaus, Chulrs, Mirrors, Carpet, Matting, Oil Cloth, Feather Buds, Bedsteads, Window Shades, Curtaius, Stoves, &o., and other articles too nurno. rnus to mention. ____________ ____ ED W ’D. A. LAW R E N C E , Auctioneer. extensive I cction sale OF Farm Implement, Wagons, Harness, Sleighs, &c. LAWRENCE It STRATTON will soli a t Public Auctiofi, on FRIDAY, March 27(b, at II .o’clock, A. M., Ou tfio Farm of E . F , W f J C X E T T S , E s q . , a t H y d e P a r k , I » I . , The following Stock, Farming Utensils, Harnoss, Wagons, A c.; I natch team of faorsos (flue tra­ vellers), 1 match foam of farm boxes, 1 single hone (ior family nee), 1 do cart horse, flue young cows (springers), 2 well-bred heifers, 2 good cows, 2 bay wagons, nearly new, 1 form do. 1 superior plalfoim spring market •wagon, pearly now, made bj McOilllstcr, 1 buggy wagon, in .good order, 2 ilouble-rannor wood sleighs, I » Buckeye” Mower and Reaper, in perfect ar(,er, > And other artlbloa too numerous to mention. 1 stalk cutter, I hay cutter, g sets farm harness, complete, 2 sots siuglo do. 3 sets pionr do. I farm roller, 1 potato dlggor, 6 plows, 2 cultivators, 1 corn planter, 1 potato hocr, 2 gruln cradles, 3 harrows, :3 scythes nud snaths, 1 root cutter, 1 fanning mill, 3 pair doublo whiffletrccs, Several single do. 1 grindstone, 1 wheelbarrow, Bakes, shovels, forks, spades, Farming tools, New Sewing Machine Establishment, For tho Sale, Renting. Repairing hnd Exchanging'ol Wheeler Ic Wil­ son’s, Singer’s, Howe's, Wilcox A Gibbs, Grover A Bakers, and all other First Class Machines. Largo aasertmetof Shuttles, Bobbins, Needies, Oil, Cr.lion, Silk, ho. au kinds cf Muchlne Stitching done to ordcFalilhe @ttes Deem, 217 G jusd STOtCT, WiiuAXSBSWffl, (Jfosonfe Temple). Shtlsfoctery lustsnclloim given. (3m3) KBOLDKR fc GO, N e w C r o p . H o n e y , In Bottles, and at retail by the pound, at ' J. H BRINCKERHOFF’S. SEED POTATOES. 100 bbls. Early Godricli, 100 bbls Garnet ChiUi'i *• “ Dikeman's, « »* Northern Morcers, “ “ Back Eyes, *•.' “ Jackson Whites, For sale in quantities to eult, by ' S. EDWARDS &. CO. Vaitm b k f a n I r Jaauict, (tmng Co^Rtjy fer SiK m n B autocrlher qffera a t Private Sale tha lafida and pnmisea ownad A by J O H N B . M U R , at the time of bis daceuo; ono ■Wiiatiiig « n tho Farm upon which ha resided a t JAMAICA SOUTH, Near tho TUREHUILE MILL. Tlio Farm contains Abost 75 ACRES i f Laid, lu * low) 9tato tifovltivaUon.e On tho pretnlsra U a tk r$« ©owtnodl, DwclllH^Hnusff, Barn, Horel, Waeon«Housot aud « good We)) of Water. Au fxcidleut lAodiug is within «i)e buiHlred ro<t$ of Mb) farm* where Mtuim’e aud every thing that Kuy be Raided (br um oil Ulil term can be Inurfcd nnU easily carted lo $aid premises. For a farmer o r (lardetter this farm oflRirt om waoy JniiuceraMits as way farm I d Qucfns county, being contiguous to good J^clwioig and Clmrcbei, iu additum to u»$ vl ihe hcsl IsutaUiga ou Long Ulutid. The other is tbo Furin Of about 18 Acres, W ithin thb VILLAGE OF JAMAICA, L ying on thb m e r r ic k & Jam a ica f l a n k boad,- and wllhiu pue half mile of all Schools and Churches or said vllluge.— Oa said premises is u go.nl subsnuitlal Dwelling b<up>c, Riru aud 'Out-lionsi'S nullable for every purposn, and a variety nf Fiuil aud Oruannulal Tries. There is ulsa u Wall e( exeelleul Water, qnd the land is ta a high elnto of ciilili-atiau. For a gentliunau who wishes to retire from twslneas or for a prac­ tical Cunnor or gardener, thin place offers Inducement! nesoud tb no farm of its siae. A portion oi the purchase money can remain upon the premleet ae. cured by Bnini nud II rtguge. For further particulars, inquire of JOHN Af.FRKB S3IFTN, ol 219 Myrtle Aveutie,.Brooklyn, or of the utnlerslgneil, a t Jamaica, quecus County, THOMAS SMITH, Jk., SperiH Guardian March 1 5 , 1S68. Kerosene Oil, Best quality, at BRINCKERHOFF’S. F o r S a l e , T HATclioico plot of (-round nt| the junction of Rock- away and Centerville Avenues, in tbis village, with the buildings and improvements thereon. This plot has a front on liocknvray Avenue of 125'feet, and 420 feet on Centreville, or (Liberty,) Avenue, and contains nearly two acres, Also, a genteel residence on Chichester Avenue, consist­ ing of a woll bniit two-story Honso. 123 by 32, with wing 18 by 25, shed 12 by 16: and barn 22 by 24 ft., on lot 75 by 209 ft. Sixty per cent, of tbe purchase money cun re­ main secured on tho property for term of yearn. Jamaica, L. I , March 16th 1868. W. J . C ogswell . FOR SALE. r |THE subscribers offer for sale a part of tlie Farm of tho X late Nicholas Williamson, situated one mile south of the Village of Jamaica, adjoining the Farm of Abraham Van Siclen, containing about 30 Acres, under a good state of cultivation. On the premises is a bouse, barn, and oth­ er improvements. For particulars apply to 46 JOHN' WILLIAMSON, > *.w u W . jqjj r raXCCUtOTS* W. S. WILLIAMSON, FOR SALE, . T HE PROPERTY known as the JAMAICA PVA1L ION HOTEL, in tbis village. Enquire the prem­ ises. H. PEARSALL. Jamaica, Dec, 23, I8G7. _________ FOR SALE, A TWO-STORY FRAME HOUSE,- with Kitchen at tached, situated on Van Wyck Avenue, Jamaica, L. I, There is on tho premises, which contain an Acre of land, a bam, cistern, aud a well of good water. For further particulars enquire at tbo Steam Grist Mill. Jamaica, March 5, i860. Best quality City Sugar cured Hams, AlwayS on hand, warranted, a t BRINCKERHOFF’S. •PERFUMERY, good selection, nt the HALL, OF PHARMACY. 1 M 3 Y L I N <fe C M B y ! EXTEN S IVE :4V' C L O T H I N G H O V S E , Broadway, cor. of G rand i t , and Broadway, cor. WaJrreii i i , • NEW YORK. Comprising all branches of tip buslntt* . s rcpreunteflla tfat’ CUSTOM ANP READY-MADE DEPARTM E N T S OF M e n s ’ , B o y s * and Ciiildrfcns’ CL, O T H I N G . OF THE CELEBRATED A M E R I C A N Y O K E PATTERN Gentlemen’s Furnishing Goods, Of every dcsoiJi)llon. Our S P E C IA L ITIE S for Spring in. new Good• arc Cassimero Suita, entire, - * $18 00 Spring Overcoats, - - - - -$12 00 Pine Dress Coats, - - - - $18 00 DEVLIN, ft CO. Sm2 1 C A R P E T I N G Z l G d u o e d P r i o © » t CO., 162 Fulton Street, BROOKLYN, Offer an IMMENSE STOCK OF THE MOST DESIRABLE STYLES, At l/te Very Lowest Market Quotation #. 3m2 STEWART II CO. Proclamation. Tuts or New York, Comm ur. Qokrsk, iis : In pqrauaiico of a precept to me ilirectetl and dellvertil by Bojtatf* W. Downing, District Altorncy of Queens county, notice is hereby given that a Court of Oyer and Torralner is spinunled end will b . held t l the Court House, in Queens county, c» (he third Monday in April 18GS, ut ten o’clock in the forenoon ot that day,, aud that .11 nersonB hound to appour nt tho said Oyer nnd Tormtntr, by recegal. sianco or otherwise, are hereby required t« np|icar cn the day and al the place nboro mnitlnned, and all Justices of tb . Peace, Coroners, a i t other officers who Imre taken any recognizance* for th . appeartne. .f sii.v person al said Court, or who bave token any inquisition .rib* .X- ainhiatlou or any prisoner or witness,are required to rcturnfi.ch rang- nlzancu, Inquisition and examination to tho suid Court at I h . epe.ia tlierrnif, on tlio flrst day of its sitting. Given under my Imud at tho Sheriff's oifice, hi tha village.f Jaw lgk this lfilli day of li.irob, 1808. CEOiSGE HVm.ASI), S h e r i f f Gum* Ofatg. K g ' Ccunty papers please copy. Flour I Flour I Flour'I Best brands always on band and for fiafo by tbe Barrel, Bag and a t retail, nnd warranted to give satisfaction, a t J. H. BBINCKERHOFF'S, . Raw Bone Phosphate, - Ground £onc, Peruvian Guano,. Chicago Bone, Lodi Poudrette, S in any quantify, at EDWARDS & CO.’S. , Wilson’s Early Blaeberry. Ripens before the Lawton. end perfects ita whole crop in three weeks. Price for two year old gUbt., $9 per dozen, “ ’* Root cuttings, • $50 per 1,000, • 4wl GEO. R. UNDERHILL, Locust Valley. L I . MUTT'S UNREUS RHUBARB, he'oariiest and most pnidnhtivo kind, very large, ’rice for Large Plants, v$40 per 1,000, “ “ Ordinary size, 30' » •» ! GEO. I{. UNDERHILL, ’ 4wl Locust Vallay. L. I . . Fine Butter, By tbe Tub «nd%t retail, always bn band, at ' \J. H, BRINCKERHOFF’S. K KACOp E & SON, H e a l E s t a t e B r o k e r s , 321 FULTOii AVENUE, - * Near Elliott Place* “ BROOKLTN. IV. H. airACOMBEB, Notary Public and General.Claim Agent, HOWLA.VD HACOMBEB. .(dmlfll WALTER IL IIACOIIBKR. M o p e j r Wa v e d , s Why go to Ne# York W purchase your. Wbcn you can savoTtm. add Money by going to the Now Rectifying Alyrtlo Xvonno. Where yon can save 50 p tr eMtl- WO have a large let o f Imported and Domestic Liquors, which *! Ire ectllng n t very low rotes. Bo. soogaholu, Bourbon,Rye, Scotch»Md trlsli Wlilskle*,HnllundGin, Ja. aalca And St Croix Rum,. SfwrFy, Ntodeirk and Fort Wine, Bitter., Cordials, Ac. , Remember 858 Myrtle AVS-, MnfrWolworth Street. . jr; DRISCOLL. Proprietor. K. B Great indoccmente cffircO- to the country troiin for c u b . Iy4« JOHN McB. DAVIDSON & CO., MCA 642'A flOMi Broadwiy, tt. Y. \ Itohnftotnrerii of F I R S & m EtfA H IiA lU rR O O F S A P N S , VAULT DOORS, IRON SnOTtERS, AND IRON WORKS OF ALL KINDS. RAlUIOAD'ittLECKS, PADLOCKS, Etc., I tmve tjow dctayiniiscd to roducc tho prices of toy ^ c a r p e t s , o i l c l o t h s , l a c e c u r t a i n s , t • SHADES, be. .. totafcn* than they cantobo&ght a t any cstahtlshmcnt In ttocity cfa ^ a *** ' q a . t A t p e m , |» 6 .»tlapfl 0 wwet, Erocklyn. - iP e a o l t e H , ENAMELED \AND P L A tty HOLLOW A SjOVE WARE. Sm46 •• filLBERT C. DAVIDSON. T HE GOODBICHiVj riqb and Han snpcriar to any of tb* fa d from the erig^za] and ’ RlfeTIES. Tfce Eariy Good tivfiraaiiy ncknowkdged t a -be j fioatir. Grown exprewly for f arid warranted fo bp tits trco At irlcsato' > 1 G, Jaw«ffpori, L . !■< I f f W A N T G h . 1 . S. tpW ABDS ife CO.’S, A G - r e a t N o v e l t y , * The American Patent Boy Rite Company, We respcclfu lyginvito dealers in toys and other nnycHIr* to call anil examine tfo ir most beautifoi KITE in the toru and llkcuea* of a boy. Tills Kite far exceed* all other* in flying. a. y o r s s ii s iirrtr, 3ml No. 58 Bowery. New York City, N. Y. A For Sale, N excellent PIANO.- Enquire of 52 C . A, BUTLEE. SQUIRE & LANDER, No. 97 Fulton street, N e w York, Offer for salo Diamonds, 18 Caret Gold Watches, Chaius, All kinds of Jewelry, English S terlin g S ilver W a r e , At a Small percentage Jtbote actual Manufacturing cost. 1.V62 BONE_DXJST. A “ P U R E \ ARTICLE~AT MILL PRICES, (Warranted),. A t A. P . M A T H E R ’S, 1 4 4 X d t o e r t l r s t r e e t , (North Ri vcr si Jo of City,) NEW YOHfC. Aft Manure* and firtittiert told mr mb WAnBAXtito a* represented. Try mvnnil you will not renret it. 4w 2 G - U A J S T O . NO. 1 PERUVIAN GUANO (at flrst prices) ; ’ AUo, P o u d r e t t e (<t tuperior quality), SUPEU PHOSPUATE OS LIME (alt brands), Sold at 10 percent, tower than to y other honso. ••TavM*.” A. F. MAYHEB, 144 L tb c r iy S treet, Near West street, 4w2 N kw Y okk . At the M a c a r o n i HALL OF PHARMACY. Hams Smoked to Order. T HE undersigned having procured a patent Smoke Honse, can smoke, hams at tbe shortest notice. Hams weighing from 15 to 20 pounds can be smoked through to tbe bone in five hours, t No danger of bams being burnt, for tho fire is outside of tke smoke-house. No danger of being stolen. You can bring tbem.in the morning and taka tbem nwoy At night. J. M. HIGBIE, 3m44 Fulton Market, botw. Smith and Canal ate. Tbo best Tea! Tea J T »! $1,00 Teiea on Long Isisno tor salo by S. EL 1RD8 & CO. Attention P AID to Buying and Selling Real Estate, Investing Money on Bond and Mortgage, Baying or Setllnfi other Secnrtth-*, by GEO. SKIDMORE, 78 Cedar Street, Now York. Residence, Jamaica, 8m60 * French and English Mustard gold a t tlm HALL OF PHARMACY. WANTED* 2 C A A BUSHELS WHITE FLINT CORN, for l U U U which the highest Cash price will be paid. C. F< & A. B. DUNHAM, St Cor. Fnlton and Union Hall sis. Prfne Cftccsc, . Of t ^ btsl.drirics, M J. H. MBtfCKCRHOYF 'a G R O C E R I E S * TU* sulia'crlber hu always on hand and- for tale, at tha Loif*St Cash Prloas, Sugar, Tea, Cuffeo, Batter, Luril, Mulasses, 8yrup, Putatoes, Tarnfpa, Unions, A|i|>lcs, Cider, Cuiifish, UcrringS, Flour, Meal, Pork, Haiat, Salt, Splcns, Smoked Beef, Dried Frulte, Shoulder!, ^ liire, Starch, ’ Kero*c*a Oil, Bcuahcs, Broom*, Soap, Slone Ware, Nails, Btuolng, Ac., Ac., Hood* delivered tn auy part of tho village. Jamaica, Feb. I Qtli, 1868.1 JOHN H. BBIMOKKMOrT. S. EDWARDS & CO. Are the Agent’s for Warren Brothers’ Celebrated Kftru sene Oil, Acknowledged to bo the Best and Cheapest ever Introduce for snle by the barrel, half barrrel. or retail. 34 S. EDWARDS A CO. i P l i © B s t e y O j p s & x s m , With’ tlm CELEBRATED VOX HUMANA TREMOLO. Patented a n d fuund endy iu o u r Organt. Thoso Instniraents ure endorsed by the ttiyhtit JHutical Avtkorititl, and have received diirinu tliu Inst twenty yours EiglM jr-Eight F ir s t Prem ium s* G. G. SAXB U KOBEHTSON, 3mOO 417 Bt'oorao etr<H’t(..K«w York. Soap! Soap! 0 whole Boxes,-1 OU Half Boxes, for sale by S. EDWARDS tr CO M A R V I N & C O . ’S AIpmat a n d d r y plnM *r FIRE I BURGLAR SAFES. Are now considered th* B e e t i n t h e ’W o r l d . Sand for Ulnatrated Catalogs,. Sails 1’rluclDal Warehoasfia 5 ^ hROADWAY. NlW York, anus principal wnrcnoug** ch &TNUT ST., Phil*. AT Bergen’s Grocery Em p o rium * IN SMITH STREET, JAMAICA, Will to fouud Groceries and Provisions, at the Lowest Cash Prices, 45 S a l a d O i l , Choicest brands, a t tbe HALL OF PHARMACY. . f . jR V Gilder, Looking Glass, Portrait A Pletare Frame Manufacturer, N o . 2 8 0 F u l t o n A . v o n u 0 i Belwei-nSl. Felix at. and Fort Green Place, B r M k l f * , Pi?r and Maatlc Gla*eca tnnds to order. A large aeaerlaant-t* lidimwal.lllit Dfffllc ItntUllAlill* AM baaJ mn<* QUUle (0 Otdbf* 6M ppr and »aiute uianecs tntuia to order. A Phutazrai’hic Ovals oosivUnlly.oa band, «Bd# FratrtHM Ue «iH equal lo Mow* Notice. N OTICE is hereby gtvep tbat a panel of Grand Jnrore far • w # Oyer end Tcrmhicr, end h panel tif fbAlt Jurors ft»r » Clrct^$vsiiit jitid Court of r - - ‘4nccaa. SJ^d COUUly* V l i 4HUHUi*jr. tuw 4.V1U v r .... * ~~.V J ' l m alrswo Tbureday* Ajarob 5)$)h* 1508, st 2 o’clock. m l » d W i the Clerk or said oounty, iu the village of Jamah*. . ' Dated March toll. 18C3. _________ BUBKKT BPRWWC^. CMf, Eatfm » ****** (Ktlden Sgrwt&9 • - Alqraj:* cn

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