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Jamestown journal. (Jamestown, Chautauqua Co., N.Y.) 1826-1938, July 05, 1826, Image 1

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't’h' temala iwliicli was >iqufcles, alni whîcî j)j)C<ired that tho Sjianibh historian^ ^t:ll ut issue rt3 to ihe spo^ whore Iti di Tho spicoqd ras founded bV tlie fVdelaota^)* ANando, in 1524, bo- preceding arti4 3s of those spai records, or th city which liaS first was thait tiie residence of lias so entirety nK>r írom i-ATB n«iTtsn jornNAi.s. ¡ “ Received at the-office of the Not. Ga& Giurerai a l a . ít is assorted by tlio Si Minardi, wjtf. . . . i . , • f t 'n ♦!.!< '>nd l)l(V«sant sitff>, tlio wrote the histfM’v uf tho ( «liquors, tl$ i, . . - ' c !■> . i t ¿ l.A i 'vhiili is rather cold, « inline limmluni of (»nu cm.il i al.MiP, lio- I , , Id selcct a but finding no siuh, the inhabitants rcsolved '.iatinnarv, approaching or t<j> the o.ist, attlie hot no ¿Jailed Vokande a, a most fortU tc.mperanirc . to remai somewhat reii|- :nni of the vole fore tiirr? Ifw the rirriv.d of Don Podro \]vjr:'.i y diiTo. en: n itiotis ofínd'an-« cKÎv?y htU've this acrouii', and cuntfaM ar(iiif)S[)hore, and a ^ s o 1 svith cool aiwl saluhriuus situation the couquMrr , t • -,i -vwx! t ilio c itv D iiU ie - H Jd ^ o v e m b e r , 15^/.; th a t ¡m m e tisc ixnm latioii w iin tho i . > ’ , V ■* t it r „ t’ ’ I H/ifl verv Mion alU'm'afi iSX5<' ,|],(,or anft (ittrr-idc 1 ln t!aus,^vtio aro I >■ •- ^ W'\ Meflced Friars, the Honhits of </Ur L.ui^ tiic bogging hermits, tiv^e of »he Tnjo til a wholesom well supplietl waters. In ih,1t Alvarado fourni- > s it was peopleid [•). t -• ,|i „ ,,„u : \ v iho Dominician, Fniàciscau, and La- îj jw : liviiie ‘U solitary in>lKM*s.on 1 1 r * <\mt ^fic: vast of thfit rtpnlil r, a f; 4 itii)iont of hoii-or nnnot heft pcrva4e fM”|v licisom, resulting frumtlte court oí 3 Lijri<i. í^on Frç.nri;co ón _ Fi^’ntt\? took nfn îi'^ jbíxlc e\.p,o>i.'-ly in ■■ i hi*, anxiotfs tv> : Vf.sttijatc its allcccd aququity by ^n*' Uccwrate lUrvoy of it-! ruins which. b>s ^•sidfuity inight ilisru\ or. Acjcordmp; to H:-. riarrativo, that cap:tal was budt jiOar- l\ue|i the sifo of :he j.r<v»rnt city of Sal ta CVn/. del Q’ltclic, xvhirii loaves roii^i TO Ptinjecturo^th it tin* laftor. mMrt hjiv boorfji subu’b to tho fiwiní'r. i,i jv, ■surr^i’iidcd-by a prdti^i'co, which serve Tf a.^ja fo.->si', and h'k .across to tht^ ¿it hut ijy two \orv narr/nv ■ onfbinro.;,^'- foui.'til hy the ca>tle of Re^ndrdu fh s »s;tu itiou it-u~'.s cmi^idtMX'd iinpij n,vl;lq. In tlic contro of th.> capital fe^i 'th-* v*;] n-bfe |i inclosod, hy the h/itises •o' die :iob;l:ty, it L»o!nçthe listiate <?f tqo p^Mtt «** .d » oxtr^’mhies i f Its s'.rf ft-i avo re pxtrerao’ty I- I the pl-tce w,is so |>opti!oijs M ‘ r:< rrr i a.rrrjiw. iti; it Rni '.mil •c*od from it alono t-evf- f:i ‘--hs ) .h. c‘)l !;ers to dtepuíe o|iU.'\(’i‘- oí '1 ■ - aa aros. m la mo-it co- oí 'I ■ - aa aros. It u\ls V d.li;r r.'p'.t il, ■ ad adorned vv>|i tho moit i' ¡>ll!l¡ > LKilH at tl .U«‘P<t îi-tebr- le Î <t w h ’ch w is the sentili tr iio r e five or s'/x :h<v> nd yrn iiii; in« avo clotlio-l «;> i ai .tructec Apetjse o f tho in y il tre su>-y ; w lio f é siv*v d ;roc:orá nin}- proj n o f o 's w i l é <'mj:h>v o:l in tho v.iri'-u- l.i!,'« t i r 'et r>(Iiicííjtiím. Iìoi'itle« the o \ io tis'\f’ r!« ». ( ri’ Atal.wri an. n o'.ai.irrio. ai r.» w h.i Crohs, and hy all the rest of their innu** mcrHble family. 'The cjtv, however, at hrst! increiiscd but slowiy, having beojn iuuridated and desolated| on the nicfht <td floo reas 1541, by a tre- er which issued oyiiicf with its the it 1 th of September, njeijdotts torrent of wai lronii the volcano, ides; }, trees, houses and ¡inhabitants; by on of this disaster unit city (called Ciudad Viaja) wafe rebuilt oh the sup* pos4d site of the old G|iutemala3^/lniii<- ifuaj (ruatemala.) tliis third city of ¡Guatemala wa$ fourjded in a pleasant v;uloy encoiiipass* od l^y woods and etver-aerdant hils, eiai jcvyifie a moderate tempejjrature, and bloRv sed, In t +mr t^rdi as it vie r e , w ith a p e r p e tu a l sprin rvj\'e ^oth C.ipal-h' ( f c iatainin.r a %;.^t iáinbrr<jfd'’fon-,1ei‘-',tÍ!eerran<l ale !Zir,^r 3 }l.it<i' of tho k.ner of Qui< ho, w >s inf- iiVnscj find beaut’ful in the ox;i Ti^i pccoFdiyf to Torquemad i, its opti­ onee roni'jH^tod with tho p d too of ezmnh in Mo\ic->, and tint of the I neb n Cuico. fts front from east to wesjt, neasuped 376 ireometrictU paJcos, *nd,ifs ides 72*. It was built of divers-cokiuf- Ul stop» s, was eloíTiní and maçnificest 1 . ¡n its {proportions,„was d iv id e d into sevctn oparemerlts. îCPhe first served as q n aj'- ers ft|r a n u jn e ro u s band o f spearm e ji, IrohotSs am) tithor e.Vjw>t sd!iliers; w h o ie fm y i i was to gu trtl tho ro y a l poison. ’lin $t.*rond w i s ’dosiinod for the habit- Itif'n’tlf the pr’ncos relatives of thé an?,'who (I’lt nr rohhacy were treated rit'u rpyal niaun.fi'-rwo. Theihird was lie abode of tho K n^ h'raseif^wbo-e’n »«•re a’p'irtnients set apart for fiiornttig, Ifter hnner, and evi*n>rt»r. Iri c.nc tïf se 'chambers, under foilr ranhpies of ithep, stood tlio sjilendid Ve^al throne |l,o aicent of which was IW a arrfsnd li^ht I)f steps. ïn this part e|\rhe pal.o-e re.-! |ie royü troasiry, the t^hunal of \he judges of the people, the àrimury, ■fhe gaf-dens, the ea^es of th» biA’s and e wild heksrts, and a ereat variety of .ffices. The fourth and fifrh dôpatr!- [ieots] were amazingly extons've, oCCti- ierl Iff qucetts and conctiWnes of |l|e în-j». r ÏI contained an asspfnhlasre £f iîesjof apaîtîïients requisite for tho ai^- oih n ibd a tim i <vf t h irty fem n les w h b we; e' eate|l as queens ; and was provide <1 jfh qrehards, b u h s , and p r ice s fo r b ird s ' h'chjfurni.dr'd tnb fcathorsin üse amoncl te nijuves of «lie country. -Contiguous o the last was the sixth departtner t, h-clf was the collo^e of the yopne ladies her«! the .princesses of the blood royil ere jcducaied. Toi thosè; w*lio are of opinion thf^ tl* atW^s of Atnerica -derjve their -orig n e. Asiatics, the description )f that immense capital might fom'ts’b evi- ile*ic4 conclusive in the support of their d ' ;?rjne ; inasmuch as wMhou- ta'fein^’iè- te rll'unt tire :dola«rous worship, the f f fairm and colou*-, and the pu- ,kll nili.^y c )'j1sn.vHi to bod*.heso peopl?, 1 « aaiÿat ratioKaJlv be inferred from the u^e io cathedral of thisrliuatemala ut* ed thè mortai romainl of ilio Adeja ALvarado. This cily was i.lso po u U k M e i t e d iViftr^T a s w o il ;fe bj J n I t ciontainod ten monastea ies-of ro^ulaijsi, and [fi v e c(»Tivents o f nitns. T h o r e v^isl lik o w .se a f o n v c h t o f thie o r d e r o f Laj C ( 'i|q 'p t io 6 , o f such v-ist o t t e n t , tli(at| minjs, novioes and sarvants, to thè amoulnti o f rpore thnn a th o itsan d a r e said to haVei nhAlùted it ; ilio c ity waj u n fo r tu n it e ily sh ■ te li b y fi oquoni earthe uake«, w .tii thè \ ¡>: ;;itìon tifvriitch it wos dotm ied several tini \ ì to he do s tro y e d . 4 t h s t , thè p i tee h.;v*nir nenin beoti p a r tiiiflv luid vvasto by th e jo .irth q u a k e o f 11 773^ { h e . inhabit.ints tirijd o f r u in , and o f sp of.en rebuddi^fr thoir dom c d #\ reso lvod lo ron)o> f tq a >p<Kt ftu t ìie r d iste n i fr<’m ih e v i lc.m y and tliej niisdoruines it; occasio n e d , m 'k i j i u ch ijice fo r that purpQfSe o f tho v^dley o f M iKco„where in 1776 thè now (.»naie- ina a wasfcrectedl. jVev* <Jr7tàti>matai lite Rapitili of t|io republic, is bu Jt iup spac?ous {dain, five le liruos ift diameter, wat tili;:ed by various rilvulots abijo lak^-fl, untlwa smil'n jovttn^ a |t(*u:^iiaint ritmate thajtthajt throufjlmuthroufjlmut thebe yeaea|-, ■red and for and consider- ¡¡^kv, and on- so ip iich so t t y woollen or siilj stuffs may he worn in Jiscriniinately. straipht/tuJtìr- paveti The ear of eartjh- comioodiofis, The streets of the city are abljy lonw,;md in general houses, tbotiqh low, for quakes, pro nevertheless pretty iu; appearance, ant hive gardens them. The uaro, of which ■<1>, well paved In front o f itl p I udian arttstj qixjt orchfiirds at¡tar¡bod tc prifitipal,plaza i$ a la ree st s; 4 iuuoa^rw I 5 t)ya tVijh p o r l k 1'«^ «11 round. catlietlral^ built;by .i co.fíect arad magnificept stylo‘o hiteetjiire. On one .sirfe of the ca'he 's tl|e archopiscopal, bal-ice, and (Oi; dn thf othel one of thrseminaries. In fr<j>nt of the cathedral js erected tho-palacc|o tin; governmerrt^hoar \irh|ch stands the ace ,ot jusitice, and irt the square pl^ys junfain slitfhtly carved^ The churrlh- es lof Guatemala are all h mdsomelv qnc elegrantly construe tied i; m d attent ion particularly arrested by beauuftd aim- piljheatrel of stone, destined for the barbaroys amusement o ‘ bull-biitinp anjd in | this building by vay of refine­ ment in cruelty, combats between jagxi- and bulls, have so met pies been hx- lited Timbre is^a well hailt universi- tyi where 1 iwi theology, medicine, fnatb- era'll!icks and natural histcjry, are taucbt toiwhi^ha small library, dud an anatqm i: cunops atop p 4 f icil mu^eiun, with seve, arjitiot)|s in wax. The |city posses|sei sides^ e elegantly constructdH ininL very deficien huweveij, in |.hc machinery, employed iij European establishmensi of the saltpiij kipd* To remedy this deficienc}-, thoj •Adelantado, in old Spanish, signifie!; tille m ilitary àlidi political government <j»f ; t, prjovincC, on 'the confme| of a kingd<jn^ — \Pra,ft ctu s^riEesses. T tbliclvd'd not exceed five hun h e e p o r ^ u f this dèçroe wî|s < tr li all ¿r e a test jiiP llie^oV^r^^cnt aava seal'll oj' fosti t„i. iltty and jubilee ; ann me iPeislrltiU;, pèw, rr, rejoicing in tho benefit di ne'to hu­ manity, declaiod in its nios«.a je ; hat fhi decrees of the assembly dose %e|l to 1» re?ister('d on tables of lrass, in of fhe as-iombly, as one of- ijs ornamonis. In process of (¡ne the const tut!V,n was promulgated l.y tl»> natien.d aspemblv. and confirmed tho u^olition if slavei v bytlio 13th.article, worded as fellows; “ Every man in tire repuLliciisfn•• * and no one who tikes refure under its laws can bo a slave; nor shall ¡anv one he am,unted a citizen who parries on the .sla\e-tmdc.’’ i Pidtlic Instruction .—On jthis point every c redit is dm to the wisdom of th< government, whic^ from th«*fiint moment invariably acted <tfV the pHuoiple, tliat the instruction of the people Ninsti^àtes the tiuiîfoundatioi of virtue a ad liberty. The local >,authotities Were ilirected to present the liât of ho schools >x:pting in each proving aM to propose the moans best fitted to ayen^nt similar «eminanos Iu tho city of GuaeinaHare tr>n schools for readtsff and wjit'u*j;, in vyh ch neatly 700 men ir<J edurned. (TbetfnyGrnmjcnt anxious tft'Osfabli4i the systeii; ofmutual instrurtioi.,'irf octe4jtsininisier nintheT’. States to procure a» p>-o<ess( ¡r rapai’le of tramjdaatjin'T aral d:ffusifle |that pjlan in the ropjhlic, .svh'lo it difSflmioiiod tho provinces a pamplet printer! in Mf*x- 5ro, in whiè tho it*w mptliotl^as Ex­ plained: aid a commiCjeo wtis 5ielf»c^cd to transi tti tho projects of Ftmrcrpv, €ondorcet£0d Talleyrand, oi, tl|e sub- je c t o f pubh^instnictiofi. A clnir oi ni'athemntick», and-of aerücilturíí and anothc tecture, wej'qpndoyveá in the üïvi|vers(tv, and in order propogate the 1 jk wled?e of agriniltitr^nd botany, so e ¡se itja^ in a country hifiv favoured by raft re, Ijmd so shamefully tieplected hy m to, voting persons were Uoucht from all th * prpv incesto-be in.tucted in those[,s<ienées. A<! a proof of tip laudable impartiality it is worthy of remark, that .six b! )cl| voting men of Omoa nd Truxillo ar^‘ ^¿p<at- ed at its expepiç. , / The ciiltivaPn of eocliin ij] in |tho different provices is grçatlj?1 < nrtviir- gi ivernmenti has lately ssijon^d an individual- at present in pit tq pur- nient; and fii>m it was issued, in tl o recent gold and sil.er roiu, stajtnped with the newly devised turUoriid b tarings adopted by the roiubli^ ex­ hibiting on one side a trc-o, with tbe n »tto “ I^ibre cttesca y fecum n?' and ou the other a rising sun enligl teiiingiive b tountains, ¡emblematical of tl ie five fed- eral states. According1 to the census, iiisdtuted by tie order ojfSenor Del Valle, while be vas presiddnt of tbe repofalie, the po” v lation of the republic excei :d$ 1 0,' SDUIS. The dffj is‘nine Spanish h agues from t lie sea on tjhe north, twenty-' ix from the ] ‘ acific oc«in, and four hundred ftomthe <ty i of Mexico.* The federal congress and tlio benaM? ! r© the most valuable est& l sl»m< ¡nt 3 of i his capital, and cannot feil t j render it lourishing, and celebrated in time to ' otae. These two bodies coi ijo’.n iy ox- ;rclsing the leg\*Lrtrvc power > assemble n two distinct halls, founded on the site )f the old university. In th s first na ional assembly more than eigl ty deputies ook their £eats. ' At tlie present tim< he federal congress recJcons but 4 Grepre> ¡entatives/and tho senate is composed jf ten members. Tho seoat) house has jeen lately adorned in a simp e; and dig­ nified stylfk Tho hall of congress is nq ^ay remafiiable, an^l its walli (ire cover ?d w itir .velvet and damask . It lias $ .allor/ for the public ; and lOhijid the ^resident's chair is a kind of bidcony, ^vliere ladies may be preson it tbe de­ bates. It is an incontrovertible fact jthat eloquence is i are in all assembl.es jwhere-memb6rs are few in n umber. One of the first acts of th s* constitu* ent assembly of (iuniemala i^as aboli tion of slavery, which disgract ie»f the civ­ ilized ages was annihilated l y a decree of the 17 ih t>f A a|iril, 1824 . Ne.k Orthf- less the kw wisHy settled a rate of in demn:tv for the owners of slaves. Sen-’ or del VaHe, ever foremost i i the paths ¡of patriotism and humanity vVjis very urgent in rt-commendiii\ such a compen­ sation, and his example was followed bv the create^ part ofthc proprie orsj Tbf .number of slaves at that time in ^iio re- ire<^— wserved M I S C E J j L j rnOM TBE TIUSfiTON ÜMP or Í IVM. “ Stand batk U little Sîàitjl an old gentlem a n to-a v e r^ little boy who wais pressing very close to the edge of a mill race some people «rere digging— “ stan d back a jittle, the grSund will cave in with H e bad hardly got the words through uis teeth before ine ©vent an­ ticipated occurred—Æe bôy fell and broke his arm. The example seemed, to me to be>¿p pi ¡cable to a great mauiy cases of common Occurrence in life. A disposition ta-pusb forward too fast and too far, Jias been the ruin of many a fine fellow ; while íib unfortunate diffi­ dence has consigned a great many also to unmerited obllyion. Ther«» is a me­ dium between the&O two extremos, a de­ viation from which oti eifber side rmiist always be followed by bad consequences. Stand back a little, I wbultl say itf a mail who is eagerly ‘ bent on1 aequlrlitip pupùlarity among men by-spreading ia- broad his own âm e and saying thote thibgs for himsdf„ that others should he left to say for him. Stand back, and if you are indeed a# deserving as you think yourself, others Will only esteem ymi moi*- highly for being left to makj tlie discovery themsdlves. By mixing with an honest emulation a duj proportion of modesty, you will at least reach as hiph a place as yuur mserit entitles you to, and you will irot run the danger of being borne down hy a torrent of dispjst. Stand back a little, I would whisper to such young men as are trying to elbow and push t-hcrase}\es in offices, for which their elders in years’ aie candidates.— Stand back — your time Will come by and by*—a deference to age is » most hoi- coming feature in the character of the young— stand back, it is better to waii unt:l you are solicited to accept, than biv £in when you will he obliged to sol cit for posts, eiihor ofhonor or pnofit. lie- side very few peí fectly honest office holders who depend upon their offices tor a livelihood, are found to bo among ithe “ f a t Aine.” Stand b a ck a little , I % o tfld say to such as I liHve often soon engaging in w ild p ro je c ts and e xtensive speculations, beforç they have groat experience and soutH judgm e n t, m a tu re d by tím e amd opportunity. „ T h is m a tter n f petting rich in a d a y is not the easy thing some saiuiiuinc people imagine— and it is far Jiottur ui no .lLu«* u iili the w u rld in.tlte old and beaten track, g a th e ring s ix p e n o es, tln n to ln?.ard a flight on wings w b irh we little know how to manage rijrh tly — and which when nm i ije d as officii retard as speed the journey o f p réd irio n s 1 fo. Ptand b a rk a little I would say also, to $u-h tm d e siuen and iuoflianics, ;;s ,are tryitig to pu-dt their no,ghbonrs o ff ¡ho cniirse, hy ttnditrhiddiug, and low sluuf- fl a<r ; the p e o p l-' w .il find j'ou ou», by and b y, i f y o u piish forward in this way, and ten to one that in the end you w ill ronio off.w ith y 0 u r breeches in the c u t­ ter, stand b a rk — -rest upon y o u r m e rit— if hat w o n ’t s u p p o rt you nothing else W.’ll. -, In fine— it would be well form alll to — Stand back a little— there : would be less crowding and jo.;tlmg of one anoth­ er—-wind we «hfftdd all go on more safe­ ly, easilv, and hnppilv. O L I V L R O A K V V O O D . bublisHejd to wbichjare annexed six or^ jnal letters o f Burket ¿nd reminiScencesi The reminiscen* b e r r y lias? a d d e d a r c rery |t|terostlm 4» nmy;bo seen from jhe folkiwing speemeast > .; S - » 1 “ To i lie anecdptes wfiicb M i.' Prior Records of the fu&tive evening's' at tho • (Lrrecian Coffee House of Mr. ' Biirke, ]})r. Johnson, Dr. Goldsmith and other of|nmd, I tafio tbe libe-ty' of ad- ng one winch JV|r. Burke himself was v^ont to tell. Its ^irtUmsirtoco?» I|ure tr.v- ial indefed*yet thejy confjiin iho charge of excusable vanity Wade by his con* temporaries ou Df- (JfldsUirtii. As t^e Cirician Coffee l^ouso was h place; tif frequent resort »with the abov named ehiinent persons, at tho time uheiyioiK* ihom possewsod very ample e y e n te r e d 'into an a g re e d ien t iritat ih ff juceuif*, d a ily g iv e n to ih e w a ite r foij s atte n d a n c e b y jeach o f th e m , should' n h t e x c e e d six p e n c e . D r . G . w a s th e c iily m e m b e r o f ; th e pa«-ity to b i pak ttjro u g lj ib is eq u itp b le p lan u f r e U u h e n it ti^xj- i t p leased h is v’a u ity to p re s e n t tliie co l& e - h o u s e fu n c tio n a ry w ith a sa i­ lin g . H is fn e n d s lm n o n & tratcd m itli in! upon t&e unieasooabionbbs o l jjy t con-i fo rm in g to th e ru le o f tise p a r ty , as it on­ ly en c o u rag e d the w a ite r to in d u lg e n e x |ra v a e iin t e x p e c tatio n s iio.m b t h o i. — T o tiits e re iiio u s tran o o t ih o D .x w q u ld ^ o p lv^ V t is fcory easy j^ r 3011,1 <•:’-! tlein e ft, to ti.lk tlikis. S ix p t n re m ;y i.o a ve r y 'su itab le stijn fo r yo u tlm uL’h 1 is 1 not b r in e . W h i n yo u com e he .<• \ - r<i ‘ ard Udau-tl as stntn^ 'yis, hm I am h 1 k'-d, up4>n a.s a palr(»n of die htaiso ; a m, I ! never rome in orjgn mu Jiut I iai;i 0-1 tedi w ill some killtl and -cordial » \pus-i siojjis, $U( ll .IS ( i , 4 bl«--,s V<IU, III . smih. This pldascs nn^ ,u,<l m.j .- ios . upqn i$e the oLhgatu n of cw.ui^- ».‘licr^* eut|y.'; 1 I A cuiious find strik‘!i,g it ^anrc t.f the variety of acqtmonion's j.,,s(<es - 1 .! t-vj .hisiejjtraordinary , occuired on rOj party si-jourim!? >0 at* Be u ojii't hi., v ful.or »ho li fl rtuue to hi- oik- 11 .r ningtluj\ waii- od occfciti n o f a friepc at 1 h o s p itable | h It vynf^told to m e lir Tit tl^al! tim e th f gt>o< the KiSiters. O n e out jiifier breakf.i^t, villn b e thi*y happen v e r s p lo n w ith a far •flatlff rjiicr p a r lan c e C ve t e r ip n r y surEfwn.» ed c i^ n e M ly into th< fessolr/s duties and V hour's» conversation* ho k h t w in f in ite ly ^ li s callin g th in tji< lie talli n m 'o .Vfteri|Mr. I!u:ke'f-' tlomm contmui'd , the faurior, who ot nioi-tificd pi ide. 1 know|i)'.r 0110 fronj t very' |ivor»;fied nut S this wljiinlerful in:tin a on th^ p'-ev .cos 111K of hisjruuativ, -n[i 111 \ 'lllijl|e'i II .1 !uTlS,i i| a d a p t jit^oli in the; s :o n 4 'hh a n h i i n j l l P vinco Ijim flia t ho ii. orotioitnd piactuvj' o t h e f i o c c . i - i o n iiiqu tuodufod as m tLy 1 Hged by the m% powers; nn(l 1 v tl|eir , drotjr^ed body was lying, that it produ- direction, pampiets have bceiji < irctlla-\ cad the effect ab'pve meotibned, but two pnrfv- cs|nnot account fifir it. ; 1 N0TE.-Probably somevesselof the body ted, disclosing s<ne of the modt 8 .ed methods of (litigating that production, as v^Il as printed cocoa and indigo The article former years haefellen in vnji 1824 to a ptrfce nexampl years. Tho plantions of cently cultivated 1 the re; progress, and în a sirt time t ion will be one of ^ princr of nation d wealth. , | ( conolvded ^ ora ifecr '■ ; / 51 The quantity of cotton raised in South Alabama last yoar-w.is seventy five thi»i)s;uid b dos, hi’.iiL’ an increase uf one third 011 tho gn\\vth of the preceding year. Mobile Icontains fion^ 7i©0 to ^000 inhahtents and Montewnicry about a . The, Alabama river is !iiavi|gabli >ats of .SOè tons to Coosa^varla, iuid i? considered one of t,ho best riversi to nav|gate in ihe United Statesj. There fere (ivc steam boats on this rivjer. Tho Tortibet^kpoo nrjd Black Warrior are nàvtgablé s H m o n ths o f th e y e a r ; nbt butter, fivt) h u n d red m iles to i l ’o m b e r k - hèe* T h e r e are fo u r steam h o a ts ruia- ning^thcre.— Traveller. 1 SM&ar .—On Thursday Hast, says a1 llfljMd pa^feCj. as tlie Stj?ara-boat Hercules was c&ming into thifi harbour, having the Brig Amethyst, ^nd three Schèoners laden with teas, in ¡tow, the fired a gnrt opposite tbe Masonic Hotél, upon which, the body ol’Mr. L^nioine’s s^n who was drownejd on Fri­ day |ast, Suddenly rdse to thip surface ar d floiited like a piece of wootf until! it wjis takeffup, add carried to tlib distres­ sed parents. We have frequently he- fo^p.heard, that when a gun is disehairg- I innned iately over the plac4 where a UfOi Lo n d p i) m a r k e t ij*pl;< .1 w:!th me.. , M r . B u r k e toe k tgi^h--- V jb Je c t j e n ’ v*,«*«! into {^ d e ta il o f iho m n n n e r <n « h i o i ho supply ^vas m a d e — -in w h irh the oxon 1 in tho 4’dj>>,u:i^g to enter in;u rufi- r, or, in 'thè ni'irè h<- })rc=f)ni «lay, a klr. Bui ke eo fa ♦ ib jcct of1 tho pH ation, ;-nd afiei . n ^nv: need Ihirn tliat of ihe ìiàtur^ c.T < nnecr with « !k na' alental disiourse, •alture, M)ui:e poi,. .couvorsiition w .th or\(-d, in a ne udi-e that; ihls !>.a Si!< h t l e (, t»f thè mìnd Nif Nt, after hjiv:tiLr, <n thè .>-on>eh< u.-^e ^rophi 1 r fuj^y, un» oull unbfind and rn.ng to a . disrus* Veìianir, and r* n- ìS»hJ hira ili a the- iip.ttion. Ori ari­ li ìv'uiff hot 11 in- >*p in wl'ri h thè were ¡dfivon up tu town— 'lio Mi c#-->»iif i est alt -which iltcy st<>pjyd <l^“'ng ihe nicht-f- |the cau«es c»f \an-ition of | ¡- , t_.s ai diiforj-nt soa.sons of tho yoar-1—tho na­ ture je fi cied't sub^ting beivi et n th salesipititcr, thè fan1,,*r and ibejhu:cher . and Ui f:|l accotiin «. io V\!l tì-j p, (CO* ¡ of buS'iips at Sm:!|ili»*Id, whirh im i U\ eiicrrr^mps« the a f:euti<i|i'oY o'rtliii-iry t.n-n for tlsoiri 1, v es. ^ “ I|o tiel.glitoi] in Conversi tion w ill, youn^ persoas, whom it was h¡£ f'vr.i r ^ occupation to instruct and amuse, :-r,.! ¡>o succeJfisftil was he in riveting ih|e;r a tten­ tion and ìnffectioft«, that n i’ijuv Ijioys u h i w e ro 'ih tihe h a b itd f s p rn d ip s+ho-rv\: n -- tiojisavith him , noiw g r o w n /o *; ■:* o f m.|nhot>d, hive assured n»e tjiey h k back jt.> tfyc perio(J o f these o^e.-t«:tii .\Y viluahle e» ays on W licll in 0 , rose in 1 or many meal re- 1 produc- sources containing a fluid ofgreater specific grav­ ity thaii water is ruptured by the jai, and this fluid then escaping, the body be­ comes specifically lighter than the wa ter and ¡rise*.—Aew»- York Observe jr. Rfmnisctnsei of Buried.—A. letterfrom M r.i Canning on the present state of tbe Catholic Question, »rom M r. TheV-' ry, ¡of Gray’s |an, ha» recendy b^CQ. sojouirns <vith hinij a< tlie bapjj est arti most anteiiestiTiE: of their life-line, nd that tfhey derived more pie.'ipe fr< it tlie jijonusijng^ stoiiei which Mr. Ilm^e told ip his ru-’ak tvalks, ibuu pom any tmne:¡they have siifiee read. Tjlits ar:\- leiiso and delight ihose^v w h in he *'|i3Surround> was an amjiblo c-jit of ch|iractáryjn wl^ich no m<’i¡w bui ('to of itri|e ik.n|l mi(!r^dncsS t-pd llie pihtjt benejiolencfc ■coidiik'have a shnrcj. “ The mf m • >ai r »|r\i\l to rca t i o nj be'wren Mr. Fox ahd Mii'I^irke, aft(Jr a H -so and ítítlmatje attachment of twenty two year*! and t|pvvif¿^, term:naie| f rovT-r ineir ¡public; and private fr enr'ship.- My father residijd with Mi. Bu'ke in L til­ dón, ¡at tills pcfifcd* be accrlmpan .id him t^» ihe h^use of cojnmons, oh the ev'- enmgipf this (debate,tjbe 8thof May,!md it was agreed that he should wait for him in the part ot the b1,®^ allotted to VL«'*- ors, ijtntil thd clg^e pf the discussion.— The Question before the housej was -i.e' second readin g of ilio C arfada, bill. F or ¿eversi days ] irevióusly, Mr BhrLiï, liad bien actively engaked in tokingj extraes \ I I i-.i ■1 M-j - i i

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