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Jamestown journal. (Jamestown, Chautauqua Co., N.Y.) 1826-1938, June 28, 1826, Image 2

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\ I : I ■ M i i ¿ V h *. I : t i qsÄ': % \ 1 *■ Proli J t)r. King's Memoirs of his j (non tin t e s . ' A presence of mind is a very rarei but 4 very happy and useful talent, and lis a c o r ia in ? t u r d a irais nt m 'îfry m iseh iefsland l o c o n v e n i c n c e s , t o w h i c h l . f e is ally e.xppsed* It is sonjc*Íñn£ very jdif* ic r e n t Ira n i im p u d e n c e , o r v.ijn assur­ an c e . A presene!? o f m ind. is a lw a y s w e l l bred, and is p^ s a - a lly acco m p a n ied w ith w it and co u r a e e . m v!nu- m e rous acq u a in tan c e s , I <^inot rec< Ijêct |o f i T i''re thsm th r e e persons wh-ti w e r e fih - in o m ly po«scscd o f this q a u l i'y . D r . ;Vf- tfr b n r y . B ;sh o p o f R o c h e s t e r . *he H a t l •>( .^t;jirs^Vhi*w:>s A m b a s s a d o r in F r .in r e .jth e b^- iho 1 i.\t r e i?n and D r .J.iijn P á M ' n r ' i . w í h i w . i s ni i n v v e j r s P h v s ’ i j i - m , *rBethleln'm Huspi’al. In 1713.-1 ôihe.f - * w r h ^|ic D u k e ^ . f O r m o n d t ^ Tii “''i? w o t l ’<:ir/ecn tu m b le , and*jdu-- .n_r thp din nor there, f f i 1* a jo c u lar d s-< ji’Hc* r u n c c r n i n j 'h n‘t p r a y e r s . S i r W 1 - In i n W y n d h - tm told us that tin* sh a r e '.* f^ - 'ver be h;t,i e v e r he-'rd, was {he pV-iver o f i cmnm-in siM.lier, ju t Uetbre lh ,v h a f l e o f IM e n h e ’m O (ind,\ i f ik i n ' b ■ it Out}, save mu snvi i f a K iw i,'\ rf)h v/i-s in flo w e d by a p^n- er-d — I im m e d iatelv rt flero*d ijwit such treatm e n t o f t h ? subject Was ton ¡lu­ d icro u s , at to tst v e r y im p r o p e r , w h e n a 1 !• -rued f ml reli^'i-us f>r« lat*» w .iv uric 1 n f tiie co m p a n y . B u t I had soon an op­ p o r t u n ity o f nv>kin<r a r e r y ditTeiont te- ¿llfic+ioiii A t t e r b u r v setim ed lo jo ip . 'n Theconversation, and applvinp IruiM-lf, leave the school without anyjufrt cause. | tip-toe, to learn from whence could have They per mid the superintendent oftbese comc tins subaltern oj the deep« The missionary stations, with the cansen ot the parents to bind out children to such trades as* majjy be suitable for mem, anti ai ibe expiration ot their apprealice.hip, the nation bound to procjre I lien) tuoL>. [Each district i$ entitled to be repre­ sented ia thd National Counci: by four members. They pay to each m c i i b c r for 1m services, one dullar per lay, ami The principili thteb, the Path alh-wi d glob per annum, an 11. Ilicks, ìiilcùtisideiation ut H-. \ ici'a us interpreter and wi lier'ÿ¿00. lin- fUHnittae men tue art», a a a au'k iiîty < enfe per adit it‘ir presidenti l\v tu tin* speakOT on« dollar auti fifty conts. \ wanderer was going, aid learning by the rn.s c i . i \ , i l u i ihs: th e sii t i n veil ilo dxtra IvVo larb and ol ’.lie N.tiKnid Counc il for «.•iijbil/zi.nj, m.erceptjnç opvmn.; sf.ìtlo iet.cn>,„the puiu^hmejit is inn i .l i,ne Biüiiorcd uull.irs, kod hui-die i Mi ni j <»u tlie hare bar The al the (.’ouucia dui in\ i.) S riViilUun WvrKlliRtn, nsk pr-.yer. Sir jWdjlatn, is indevd Y . m r v‘vy another as >lv’t t, e\vi~e l>v slmrt ; but I remember hut much better, oilereil up lik a poor soldier under 1 ke rirrtìnisfinrej*' ; llO in the dan »f battle I fùr­ ge ( iheir, if Thi1-, a K-- usti ' pea'le 'iid.¡ thou not fn r g r t me. — At'erliurv nronnunred it, wittli ■'pirr and d:<TT)iW'>s a very r e j i r . ' 1\' f, and w is ir)i- mcdi t jl/ felt by ,!ie ulirde ci>nip>ny.| s iei.Mo:^U.|l beMi^pMiuLM'onjthe ïuib- K-s li.ul» ; aixl íneiL-imnlN pe.iV.ns ine< li.:inrKS al . V w i'o w n , :>h|dl llieir iiuiii'b (hliiiiii th..I <i.i\i. ¡ i 'i'lie y h a l e a law oi-cFariW bh ill ne a la m u l n i n ^ f ilie y li^ve a vi itu.e *>t' tiifiitiiiiii'n-. , t>m ooej. not fr.i.e oil nute T h e treasure; prevailing opinion seamed to be, that it W®ls a remittance in k\nd, from our good friends in AlbaDy, in 'exchange for the fine beef we seod'tifertl, and that he hdd been smuugled along thus far on his way to Rochester, to avo:d;the tolls which «ye now sohighasalnost to prohibit the transportation of all c >Untry produce.— At length it pccurred to one wiser than his fellows» to examim 'which wa^ the killer, b | movements that'he wh > pending his way Ch^iles Eastward, and probab y|from Lake Erie be was iusWfeUy and not being able to pr&duroa ticei)rj’ fn>m Mr. Cnl- k-ctv>r L)»ix, h i s !i . t a V p e < .f t i . i i ' p w ^ s i n s t a m - lly p r f ‘ ‘ •tii d iire a ic e i n / i \ w h e n * h e w i l l b e f c f p t s u b j e c t to c q j i t o i u 1 ;*>:*'e I Cp'tt- liatio n s , a n d w e t r u s t wHU, in <‘ o : ; m r b e { p r o p e r l y l i b e l l e d W i t h ' His ** h ;r \ t . , a p - p a r c . l « in d f u r m i l f r t ' 1 i I b r p i ' e s ' i n u n c to n a v i g a i h * t h e c a i i a i w t r h o u t titc c o n ­ s e n t o f L ’ n c l e S u m . — •] \io c h ) s t c r T c l l e - q r a p h , and ose \f l i â t tlso •1’- Uon alKI l.i[Ui(l.iIC(l áccouiu 0 $ the Chciokiè -Na is authorized |o lo«*n-upmi good (>eiui biuh su.pluviilini í as limy u*ni jm aUter ibsi.il..r^iUL,- thi* annuii ai>propnK:ioii'. A m«.i!>h«*l,(a sht r.U, ueput^ &hei ilf, and tuo coi each digitici. pe/sL-iied tile \\ lia li, bOlu.e Melancholy Disast afternoon, a \omi 2 ma|i yeirs, s<m of Gen. .Amherst, was drowned Umbour. He tva<. ot w.is louini; a boat up sin ; but the current with »itrh fm ce as to ■ ll>> i iw.rse . fl ih» «UP pat i uhi s.i^c Ins bfe. II; i iblea are apposteti in Ti»t*sc i flirersv l|ave <« nipaii't'a of l.fjlit hoC>e, the p .s «\t1 uf tks rOL-u- II t i.mi JUmporium. A new Canal Lock invented and exh.bheil ' IT n n f 'f lt . — T h e . f :re <*ei*t-rn v ’nl::- tif o f Ik . h o '! y , whi< h ’ he f w- delitie •and t njt's’n a-i open f: ■ni1--, el' [ir n itu|re o f U li i-ì) no nrK* r ' li he jtio r a ii*. IH it th e . e arp o'he.- (!ep?t tr^e* from lltie S t li r t rule o f r', 't’’ . ♦'(.■m t i f : - n I'n^e ill- -, Co^n 7 , jhle hv the 1 i\vs, w h c h n a IK* U- ITlo'.nt tri the > .Ft)'’ til II r - S d ■ - ii' '¡'eyr}-, thi 'Hfh tii>.y M im r t.n i'“ ) m c ‘ 'n n!H*r , O f tl: » ii’C i r e is e \ e i v ^ crii'.'-- t of '» i eir, d>s'm lation, or evas'-i n in min’ deal.nes with one inother. Fo; ’'ot ( it- | Iv is it dishonest, exprès,lv er by implf- cation, to «sri lie to our /r'f.ds an\ od Í- itv wh rh we know 'hev have not—l-ijif aiío dev iwiei'lv to r<.|ireiil anv futili wh5'h we know they have, ai' l w'-li Tt'h eli the huver eannot n filnu..^ hi- .<»ui)p<iived to be nf-í|ua:nteiL I* is d honosiv to represent our wa-es to he, in any respeet what they are .not, or not t|o be wh.** thev are. h I» d shonesty, also, of » verv ao-nrrt- V ¿í(..' kind to t 'ke 'u^anta^e of nr*o»ff- er’- < Mr:fideii',p »irr oti’- >nt('' 7 TÍtv—to hoi- rr w, (or áii-t^nre, on f.d-e serur;ties. c r f.iNii represent itiotis of our fircumstari- ce*',.U' '.hoilt any intention or j-e oon'. hlle ition f f remv’ii1'— tnd'it^is djvi*. honestv'to raise bv des n-n anv ex; t‘rlf^ tions wlrch we da not intend or de-Jr».* to fulfil. We must place oxrpWye rîtrou^ an«! hardness 'n olir ríe; l!nr'c’. ,'miiir the vii-* ol'dions ofs’l^rr in'e^ fv. Îî<- w ]>■> ’ kdh advant.Tie of a huver’s ''.oiora rife or ritri­ timi o nei es.sities, to ms'st - i-n a hVljer >r- t.i.ii e.iiei.u;ëd the litri ces bl ijn i it. ti aim urifuijht t-Iiemtei s toiju.\xi<e. rI jie m..) »hals;.'i e eh-cied Ly tlief Nation­ al (.ouiuiutce, khe >h« rill* and ci>nstajdes ly diu people >ii each uibtnct.—fl’he.jou* ut ihusu olüyers are p.v>cv-iie«^ au»i v-taiiity tiikenHoi tluar fuih.ul perfojm- •yi< e. in pursuit bf ci m ...iN tpiey .dloued .o .-ui^inon as m«ui\ me|i n« nc'i essarv asbist rlieni- w tomai anion.; '|ie Valu.ibk; papc(r> > de< eased, altljoajli noi w.tn îM si.ed, tf proyed Mj,i,eu 1 \ . thi’ fejstato).— ■Lilial at. c ni nu | to tjien s. ”IIC(I liV tile tOitai Í ai- nd ¡l-| V djditv Pa by Isaac A. Chapiiian, upon an en- ir e s i n a v in r l \ eew prmnpie^ ^ d, > ivs the Democrat . e a ....... . y pass ap one ! el to .mother with- u: any expen» <1 ittu e oi .. a i e i . A m o v t e a l . l e b o x E> m a o t to riM* and fa l l m t h e L o c k b v itfOuns o t .— O n W e d n e s - asred about l(i HOPKINS, of ill JJlack Kock a hor.se, which through the ba- struck the b>>ai rap him and his i, and iuj cffots body wa$ not Friday mdruing. --- li-ujfaLo has latcfy been at Wdksburru, It is so constxuct- th.it by means of i>nd down from i ne colonie.ed es written and A « .11 to be r 1 w , ilio'tUi. he ;wo. $ ed u} p i » ) \ e u lu tir** -fell s l . u t i o i i :he nis’ruM. ujs.edj, sj lCl, j l^) be ¡ tlje water, idnpitted ìn'o it i i Etd this water is retm I Syphon mio thè upper i 'i;■1. As thè bi.x or m< 1 n thè •,»< ;_m^nt locK cu r Y b e ‘ Si, >h«n f,ock,\ i t-ibc '. <’ht in thè ni li n e sei n i:s o p e r a t i « i \ ia t :■ >. ì ìt abo.u li j Tl«e propLM ‘tfvt ut-, i - uiv {oi i! • ii .l.M u *nu i n.h: s pan.. t r h e j i o u i f t ■•! i (*■ e ..ri' >-. 1 sojuc rpt!U iurup.it \ o ot .'tu pers >:i I eyi 11 \ intoin. Wt!e, fn.* u ,to :ak I I ne¡e . e no 'c|i:h. ti.<- u ile i-- en tIrli i l o i U r o i l i jp.ii :,J - .. i n e l e s s i n e t o h ' s t . e ! t r i si jk : n , *ifti tlyin|; n- i he jj a ie;i, IKJ r !>.\e r v> I ba ^nta to ■et ween the estate U tri-od trout íttcutpbm^cfs. ihe property of tlie w:ie, who iji is ^lii lu- , is ( i i v . n e d • ¡o i t h e , $ u n e er c h i h l r e n an t } h c j i l i u b - t outline of soto» óí the he Cherokee ^atiofr nre e resolution li^ procure s to establish at'Newitowa y i d . This is a f.« laws b\ m hit h poverlieii. T ¡wu se s of t \ p ■i prinnirj i-llif j', has already Ibeeni no­ timi in a foimçr paper ; on<-,s({t of (vpes in be composed or Ln^lisb leftters^ and 'he i i her if ('heiokee chararttirs, tliein- ii'f’ i o of (¿i) .. <»ti’st, a Chbrokee.— T ’ i iv -ntioniis mvirh afinnrefl by those i.- , ..i.ed wi;$ it for its ingenuity,, sjnt- plu itv and usefulness ; although theie pPovideil Witu sucli lochs, would requir* l-U' bt'le more wat«;- tljnn would be suf­ ficit n! to supply le-ikii evipomtion. Sh. uld t oifficulty in the operation ■ t'uh'rhw c believe 'byi»c Jirou^h a. Syphon ned qcrsin by the level of the Ca- a eablc- lock rise- llio boat fall*; inveator calls it hd there appears jids of thof.e who fi, thsit a eanal soakat'e and je r e be found no o f this lo c k , be d o iitn, it is ib o u jh t fhr sudi .i nt. Would be y> s nifiV he e \ r it 'ted and • ■a ‘Im iist an y ground - l o t i t i . tjU nti’v of water il ill, th it 9 can.it air,-i'svf|il¡y used 'Uitable tor a rad enn no f.angooges spoeta au the Continent. —»The Fnjhsh laiyTidlo is said in be spu ken in AmerVa by lleven and a hall millions of peoplg ; the Spi.msh b¡y ten m ll'ons ; the Indian bv seven and ^ hilf; the Portugese I by three1! the Vi I French bv one millio|ii two hundred thousand ; the Dit ch, find Dan’sh, and Swedish, by two huridnjd thousands-be- inlr .twrni\- sitcd m’iliops, in the wholr, (-f people speaking Eonopean Ianguoges in America, During ihe recent seision of tbeleeis- ••+«* .perh ips, more than spvenf ■h.iractp's, the di$ are. learned by the! t,\* s in a sliortj time wiih great Hi then <vwn la^guafre they no pond with ea^ii other in thes tors. / di$tinci n >- ease^ and rt cr(rre>- 3 ch^rac- pr'ce than »h.> current v dur-or fiir ri ke1 iir'ci' if . J i*» ! commodity—or t n t}n Other hand, who use* he sa*ne ■ dv n taxi's fr» he o /Iown his me -rh ;n- dJ'O rrr-e-ulv bf'l w íh’s s’jindard, % iU olees th*' laws of hone *\.. Cn/lbr■ f|iik he id must also he nli.ced the ex u tjnn oif usury— nor hc-ratise it is not riffh1 ììr;’t l i , ¿m^n- should re c e ive com p e n s a tion ^ | |>t(.r < e E s q . o f fPorTM iiom b , w d m e U u r - Íe n d ’ iiír V s m o i if y , as a n v o-her p n .prir.1 ^ an y r ^ {ljlff n f ^ oXfj.nnr. tv into vvlpen th-ir money niav he ninl|(ll|1,irv bÌ7l^ t»,-|rkor b.s .1 famofh Ot-i {—A few days spnce,r^on a >rm i« (»rpenljiiirl heloni’iiu 1Â Mj. (v. F.vij. of |Po Vertçd—but in some decree, becnusp t rapid acmmul oi'in of wealth without ijif. dustrv is bad f >r the st ^e -tnd for the in* drvidual, and ch’efly 1’emrse we mys} know *h it in some instances he who v,-:llirii t«i borrow at exorbitant irrrercist must be on the brink of iiNofvctrey—am<) th it In' letwltn'r to him wo only precfp’f îate his downfall, and incrfM.so his irtM-t biiitv. to disfh iriTe ihe just dem'TiJs 'Inif these cred’tors who entrusted him w;tH the h'dabenrniriTs of their own exertiop; Inah'.s w\iv \Ve makeourseh'es part.'tkeai of another man’s sin. -, fore lejfs, was r}im» t’eel* one quart el*. IJis lws nose to his feet, rrcitins two making hi,s lert His l>/eatith a< h p joint to tire inches He Wi enL'th, .from t shoulder Id-adr inchesTand frt ch 'jiiila e efid ol was! fonv t hje n C e t0i his tump ciçht feet and tjijo infiie-, i per od the P 1'ittnrc ofC«»nnt*cticui,a iüdl investigation was nude in iétalon totfie management and fiilure of the Eagle iBank of JSYw- Hßven. The foflowinj extracts from ’lid- report (if the conwj1ttee, wliat manner the concctis of that insti- cundacttd. shews in The cotnrait- tution wpte tee say :— That they hnveattenrled to the dtitiep assigned :he*n, and havui{f examined the botiksofihe tacJ<* bank, and the officers aid person coenecied w-th said hank, lintJ, ihnr Georpe Hoadl^„Esq. lent of the institution, v cashier of s.iid bank, frorh its mmnirnci mrtnt nnnjl the v<nr 1 h IlV, when at the res.i’natioii of;h< Hon. ¡fimeon Baldwin, he was defied Pres dent. From that the Presi­ ti r employed aa deal « h e x a c t l y t w e l v e oss the hick' it her. is (mir; lulled in J n„- thousi<id and thirt\-e lti I. Fbs r • • u » pV.d)ab|y, twt» hnndied-. pumds tit jfc ist ; inonv’-et. ¡ j Ite fctft no ieunrkaMe keepinq f<r the two livst y»¡ars nf h s He, fowner fuidiniT If.w rapidly be< cnmnwin fase, hès kept h m about sixty vptiH a?o. A -feiv rft^e we Invtfstjnn near Wolf ..... . ...... . .................... They have laws establishing hi \ew-tfampsliire, where’ Wi-ntwlorth stockholders, and entire ilatinsj turnpikes, prfih bititl^ had a latre fhrniM' The lilessincs ih'tii vod j with and remote from tl from a good anricirituiM list are o f t e i re ­ m e m b e red w h e n th e p o liticia n 's cVeds are forgotten.— (raz. j | from tht . kvoxvhlt . : rtKorsrTm. 'C'herniee Indians .—Some ctuiosijiy hiviiisr been expressed as to the laws p{ the . Cher-.Lei; Nation, tire fo!lowit!i‘4 ? sketfli ,of th' >n may not be unacceptaUd >to our readers. __ \ They prohibit the introdurtii^m hy tHH .krhiteinen of spirituous liquors into thd nation. — - and reculatinsi turnpikes, proh:bitin^ stealing and rape, requiring white men^ if fhev’take a Cljorokee wit’e, to b< le-f gnHv mnrried to tier; and then -the ptop-1 e 'y of the wife is not thrown 'into trie] huids of the husband, but remains fit! nor owrt disnosal ; nor do tlfey permit; one man to have more than one wife. The nation is laid off into eiirht judi­ cial districts, and a jud^o and marshal apjiointedoin each distnc' in order to rqe due administration of- Jtist’cei *■ T)le[v’ have thoir rangers in each district -grho^e! dutv it is to post and advertise strays,-*-! Their taxes are '•^?ul:irlv'paidaiililCofiect- 5 e<l «hv the marshals. Nor do. they ovdr] lo«k the honest1? ofiilition in their rcffj- *$■ sionary seminaries; they compel parents i to p<ty the expense of such, -children as I he tho w>le nimacer of t le institulion. fr.irr( oni'j Iis funds wore placed entirlv undelr the ret nine i co^tr'dt .-n<t disposal. No rules were tM, ^h^ee : prescribe.’ by the board cf directori retj- ml is|riow i dl;:k n;' liw mode of-trantftctSng )he b«si- the full forrt mal is well shi^ thoii'jfh they c.'l he- de>cended n0 cattle imported feed since, d and^pp.jhtlyvmid al- him « f conrm doubt from iv (ïüvcrnor ft is. permittod to n^'is * o '.he inst.tution, or foquirirer its offrets to hi me their d)in{rs undef- the revew of ihe beard durini: the pfotlesaid tint' the ' time. Tin President fead not on|y i,n pri-w on I b;s hands 'he eoure controltof fne icon- rlv linde.-1 concerns of the bank„bn had tho ¿cou- rhe ani-j mulanou of proxies, the dowerh ol” ap- pointmc; the directors. In the successive rhnn-'ps (if the board, no e7^min{ition wnt made into the state find condition of •pti h ref^d stock of entworth ofj the hornlueh, the institution I » Beawhamyrrtix'icted .—We F^arn ifrom e tr tho, Kentucky Reporter that tl of Beaiichamp, «F Frankfort, Kiv. nnirder of GoL, Sharp, was brokiyht i*rt>se on the 19tl| ult. The h,rly f^uml al of fo^ the to a him en lit v. He on the '7th of J is sentenced t©‘be ! iiv next. Th1 wi nnne e of the prisoner. wh¿ was supposed to be a©* accessary to the quitted‘by tfie ex murdoï, has been imimng Court. We nftderstaiid, that on Shnda STFIíGF.ON ¡was discovered, in çanal near Pitt»ford. the C uriosi i|y wais oa of the names of the agents were entered'} and the figufes Containing the amounj by them received. The sUnterjientsran-i nually rendered to the legislature, iiavej been Calculated to mislead, rather than, to afford any information on which the pilblic Could safely rely in relation to the true state and condition of thebsnk. In; jnne instancè, two hundred and twenty: ¡thousand dollnrs issued upom the checks >fthc president, Wormand Dexter, Hen* y Rossi§t^r, the ¿Messrs. Jlinsdales and ther ijnemoranduma of indebtedness, ot entered on the books of the’bank ere n<^t iticlu<led in ihe reported amount pf circ|dation, making an ’ error in the ¡Statement of the aforesaid sum, of two hundred and twenty thousand dollars.— Jn the (fouri,«? of the last spring other ond ¡further rxpedienfs were adopted Iiv the IP resident to assist his operations.. --- Without the order or consultation With the board of directors, a new post note { »late w»s procured, and notes in that brtn payable on different dimes, were blared in the; hands of an individual’ to jin alarmmg amount and without the precautions of security, to obitain by né­ gociations, the funds ncçessarv to relieve ihe increasing pressures on the bank.— tl u se notef. were not entered repuhulv into the books of the hank, and nrit known otherwise than casually to the Board. The consequençe of such expe­ dients were in a few months developed. ijThe in.ihdity of the institution! to redeem ijts noteal brought to an end its opera­ tions as p bdr^k m Scp'ember Jast, ;md çhe distress in wh.ch the creditors were snvolvrti and the^preat body of stock­ holders, who cannot be supposed to have -tny apency in the .manapement, is too ! eop and loo extensive to require to be tated by ihe committee. As the con- uct the principal officer and others «tonnectod with its affairs, is-'to become ;1 matter of legnl investigation,, the com- ihittee doçm it theit duly to forbear the 4nimadversions that the disclosures w onldi ')therwtse have demanded. Thevthere- fiire recommend the passace of t be ac- '•mp.inyitiG' 1'ill for a public art. P O L IT IC 1 A L . 1 . FROM TUE NATIONAL GAZFTTE. I IVI. ny of our rcaders, no d. ubt rec(.I- l|*ct thè three very rcspectablc and infel- l$?rnt mcniberp ( f thè Brhish parhannent who visitai thb country last yt*ar. O-iie ojf them, Mr. J . Denikou, pn nuunced a vpeech on thè E7th Aprii, in thè house of .'Ommon.s, aga'tnst Lord John Russell's niotion relntrvc to a reform of Pmha- niem, and ohlaine^ thè wnimest np- |mmise i fr oro both siiles of thè liouse lor 'le aluhty wh.Vb he exliibiteil. In ibe anneted cxtriiCi fiora thè it-piurt of bis spu ri h, there is a rcfetence to our insti- njitions tini maj,'he jicrtised wnh intercisi h^f his Arpcrican acqua:mance„ . “ He bihevod thiH noiefoira woidd s^itisf\- thnse vu)o called for il bui a refomi •|s principle, Uva reform on principio, ‘ ' '■ fd not th?* one putti other is annihilée It is true thiS ipi worked well j ft# ble to this coíúaí from that circum.^ proVlnce, tvbi'^h * erica, ; lias iht nifera- 4edaceá », Central e \fexternal a ffàirs; and m uch o if th e in te ria l affaira o f th é c o u n try ,|.th i}re e * i» ts d a ch e c k w h irh from othejT cau s e s w a s p r o v id e d in this corny. Ii) Washington the re p re s e n tative s xtfeite ra th e r lè c a l apfents than a. c o u n c il to re g u la te d ie g ê n e ra i p o liry o f th e jsta t* j hnd th e d istin c tio tis b e tw e e n sla v e h o ld e r s ' a n d facftïU làvfieeld - em w e t ? so v a r io u s tb a t n o 4 a n g e \ iC R a take place that w;|S not found^d bn com- p ro m ise, and conopfotnise g ë n e r a lly bo- irets m o d e ratio n . W « h a v e J o d is tta c * ’ iiuD& h e ro,an d are c o n s e q u e n tly o b lip e d to lo o k to o th e r causes fo r th e s e W h o leso m e ch e c k s , and\ th e a p p lica b le arg u m e n t , m ust ra th e r be ta k e n ifrom a sin g le stare > th a n tht? w h o le R e p u b lic .’’ Mr. Hobhouse enpaped in the debate* in defence of the motion, and noticed Mr. Dennison’s remarks thus r “ Adverting to the speech of the I|oo.J“ Member from New Castle imt-ler-Lyne Mr, Denison) he did not sep b< w he Mr. Hobhouse) and thaï Hou. Meiaher n«uld come into c<»nclw.s'on up m tire question, unless upon the broad princi­ ple of its ik’< ossify, or non-n(fces>.t.v.— When he considered the talents wh ■ h that l^>n. Member had displayed, he \*.iS ioity their view» upon so important ;* subject, were so widely d fferent. Ho ^ is sure, b°wever, that mature.r reflec­ tion wovud tench that Hod. momLer ibe expediency of rhauginp his opini m. lie wonld, he h;<d do dtnhf, see, ere hn •, how vain it was to sttupyle ap-.inst iho increasinp kno»1(*de-e of the age, and to q\chum with 0\id— ■“ N ito r in adverslim - ^ -nec m e , qui c a -te- ra, \in c it Im p e tu s , et rup id o co n trario u s im c h u r orbi.” H e felt confident that the IIo ^ . M jr.i- ber W iadd in the p r o tu tss o f tim e , b*? co n v in c e d o f the in u f il.iy o f c o n t c u l c.» w ith a c u iic t it w h ith had c a i r j f d w ..Li i i the pre.trevt m e n and w u l.l'c i ticlu-’e h y c i r r y i n \ f f tn al>i. ,n i ' s u n ' ’stable c o i n ■>* r H e repeated liis itL rie i ih a t lllic H o n . IVlembei had a i n iw i c s w i y for su. h a l o n v e isii n, for, In in the f .lent he had that cve t e n c d s p l i \ c d , he (ÎM r . I I . <b- \house) w .»uLi, w ih s m r e i;;\ h . n e w il- c^mect him to Ins side..— i tiuam n m i i r e s s iff was the fe e b ii» W 'tb w lii li Lw hïid Fisleiied to the I I . r:. .M* i n l ^ ’s .n • dress, a fe e ftlp not uniu.\.-d w ith s m i« surj)tif»e, tli.n o n e , w ho Ind in ' re t u ia c d from visitin g (,ne of tîu- few luv dependent n ’ lii'tis <d lia i ir.b ,. s’. nid Dot be (lrs iro l|N l o in iio i'iic e UilO'e .t ' ; .*- . u n io n s w h it ft his edn* a i. o r , and « u l y assocititKiii niU'st havt led l,im t<* into his n a iiv P r< junii\. H e (M r . 11. i - house) m j i j i l be pardoned t >r f- < ! eur natural prid e in co n t e m p lai.np tl c in-t.— tutlons o f A m e r i c a , s nee im ri.< I 'ç,i.-t hjs m e a n t E>uch {i (h a n p e as w o u ld go the sp' uld cu - r lo ic e t that it w .i? i r<-i i r s lijnpth to ap p ro x im a te (»ur rep iesfcntat've Country she imbd-ed ih;U lo%e o f i'i i i m systeq ^ to a pr ¿ c pie u n ifo rm iin . H e w h ich ltd to h e r present prni.|.ejuty — c<mld o n ly retrhrd such a chanpe on tw o ihat this co u n try w .s tije p.-w-e«: st.,1 Ptounds. T h e o n e ,a p r e .iterex fe n s io n from w l n i h Ite r free ¡ii'M . i t ; us U .1 thé p o p n l.ir p r in c ip le ; tlie other to been tran s p lan ted ,to fi.>i i ^Î i m m e l-iii - '*4 ace our repiosentation on the basis of ¡ K in a finc jn ruai file It property.- N o w as experientx* w a s no \ h id hrtejj said h(iwf-\(»i th e the A-ua-r - unfaithful o r U n c e rtain guide in thos«* c ms lisi# dfp-irtçd b e n i -I.e n h1 i.’ > iij. mjatters, he w(>uld bep to draw ihe a t t e ii- ¡ 1 f >heir fo r e h t h P t s ; ih i t m , \ ! * . ! •; ü. ti^n o f the house to these tw o s\ s-tenis.— , repi os{ ntati\e -lem, they ) i , ’ cii i . j lit F r a n c e , iho e le c t ive franchise w a s ■ d e m o c r a c y . T h s > Iiow-im-.. foiinded apon p r o p o r ty ; and for th* fur- 11 stake. f h c .m dcvirt- o f ii,<t A * •* i . — gerani tl^erance o f this-oh jec*. a certain a \ e r .'p ^ 'jji'h n s left ;h:s r..u n !i\ w h e n die r.ite was n e c e s s a r y , the consequi nee o f ern m e n t scatf-ii to he n-j.ievei . M y ,- ; \ w p ich w a s , that the opin-on i.f tbc low <n > nri ’n (he *_'i e it ront»*»t. w / ia h 1 Jn a .a - . oijdcrs, w h ich w a s so u s e fu lly fell in tint. ’ sci-ii'v.iniis Ivul in id er 1 iru,s in u , , ( * i c o u n f r y , w a s alto g e th e r unkm w n there ! ’ h e v o tilv s . n d a a t e d th . i'e p i . u i ' p h s S p a r ! ] T h e first Step tow a rds this <,b- j \ bn h th e ir foi< l.nln rs had iiiam t • n e j ^ 't in the ftmntrv, Would he to disfran* , ¡d tl»* revolution, ami in . irerior tunes ise a larpe po rtio n o f our present rep- 1 ,, (l. JR e a r , ln-ai f] pm e- \\b<~h m rm- a t iv o s ; hut th e v werfe few pentle* shiy.sh h stoi ans h * ii ihoiiL’h ’ lit i»> 'O n t a t i v o s men who heard Ji’m, that did hot knuw how feehlo ihe sfrenpih of Parlainufit ind the Government of Enpl.md must bo, ifthe representation were fminded surh a s y s u m [hear; heat!] --- * ie second principle then, was the m 1 iîU1, hut wh rh w o u l.l 1 r ballow < •* nt ihe hie. >st' id lin v h s ln n e n , w ln le the n- mes o f a jla m p d e t i, a .s id n e v . and a ’ Seld o n should sur\ri-e. [ I l e is, he ,rw h e a i- f j' the A m e r ic a n s h h1, how i^M ’i . W seU lak e n . ' le a f fu ni tl-.e Jih-tory o f I pular b<%sis, of Representative Dem* the p.Hrent ccnntry, and in tdinnnp a oc racy. This tvs'cm was found in a : permanent Consntricon f< r theinvehe> cyunt£V with which we had a close aflin^ j they h id 1 nd d down as ,-*n axn m, sane- it>— namely, thû Vriited States of North , tiotied by experience, tint no pond America. In any observations which 1 ernmenlt could subsist when* the pe >¡ i v hi* mipht make eespectinc that country,1 had not the full and ft ««.* • controlli oser hej most not be supposed to spaak in a n y term s o f d isp a r rap e m e n t, for he felt tow a rds it the preatest possibh* respect ; if a system Was found to be pood in theibank. The funds o! were employed in speculation rnd adven­ tures unknown to the dirrctors and' y unconnected bo buisiness of bartkinc- Loans wnere niade in vnricms forms, and to a great extiint, whirh tvere not communicated the, directors, and inst<me instances by arrangement, not 1 be iommiunlrateci. In thi* course ol’m in- aeennent, individuals obtlined* without the; forms of security, a id for vart<>0H putfposea, ftrnds of tie kettle, excecdini? the exigencies jere employed, the bank were ed and distant can s to sustain These op- in the regular Rested in loose the presitiont, initial lefter« hu practice there,it did hy no means fòlh th; t it must be a3so £*od here. - There wa|s ihe prentest difficulty in drawinp a pa be hey t h e r e p i f e - s e n t a i i o n . I A it I st f r m t t C n ln m h ia . Bv tho ari i\\nl of ibe Jv.mes { ’rid c*-v at Ph'l.irleli h'a, in 10 days inni I. >n- ra. Caracca* papéis anfl Ie t 'e M 'JO'h May, have been rece ved, Tr allei between the two countries.— ! qu ll.ty h a d born c< mph'elv ri slo.i.Jii» 0 Wi1 have a limited Monarchy— there , ^ eney.ui In ; and the tnunicipidities o f have a Republican Government. ^ dencfsi and Caracras i • 1 invested atever of liberivi w*r possess here, i Cen. Pao/, w-'h the sjqi^enn* aatiior t\ hai been wrunp from ahsofu’e rulers—- j of ci\ il ind militar y clj;pf of V* tie7uel.i, wqatpver f>f security and freedom is enr, itn\l the arrival of President B o l v^r^ ho Wbs tho capital; and tosnpplj canted thereby, agents 4jii tnwhose , hands uir bills ol | placed,to pive them a for circulation, and by that it thjp operations of the ban etfattons w e re not recordec i books of the bank, but papers, in the custody of atid in a book, in which th« initial lette jo^ed there has been raistnl^up as con- I trolls npoB the tironee of Democracy ; fbiliir, hear, hear!] In America tfiev i naye fhrif A n n ijal Parli;iment<. — then universal sufírape-, and. in some instan-, res. the election hv bgilot : the conse- quj-ncii - l I'nt property thfire loses itj, n 1i t ir 'f it riff usefitl influence. T h . s m.eht I noj he so importajit there ; hut the |d>- i srfvance of property was artende*! to . with much less scrupulous regard than 'b(jre. T h e ir ejections are cnnduefed 'in arj uniform principle ; and in times of 3 eat political excitement the effect is at the elections all turn on one consider\* ion. No man is received without an all- cfevouring pledge by which whole prmci- : nlesare swept away. It is notthat one set 1 a f pnjnciples are preferred to the other, nut no oppositidp is tolerated—It is i I i r “ for the m-entenanco of pul l ek order and ti -nquiiritv * for rais.n-.T aim’es for the di-fence of the country from forcipi* invision, or other sck of hn«t:lity, a^f feir ftresçrvi nr i reuidarity in die admin’ — tr >t on.'* A convenron of the m*'iplo„ which w'ps not to hun been hell uptiF 1S 1J , is to be assembled »tan earlier pe­ riod. “ to dej’herrite on tfie form of'epv*^ eminent nfrtot fon^onnfli wiih the s:t»i i- tion, customs and predictions of feriez* nela>” . Translation of a Tri^r from Laguiru ^ dated iXaii 20. “ All that I can #»_v to you is, that iu the m’>dst of thrsopolitVal movements, wie enioV tramuiilMv src>iri»v ami 'liber­ ty*. F. verv body has determined not to. sactifice the entoymcn* of these prqeious gift«. G o o d ' poßfp wilî arrange th e ,¡>rc0>

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