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Gouverneur times. (Gouverneur, N.Y.) 1864-1880, August 12, 1864, Image 4

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MISCELLAlgOUS. •1T:~ : , .. foft» an not MtU* ktttoir T%% Mfawiy fcwwrtifcHii^ w to ••Bv^su, 6fMftf)f9BjS)tMUtpQ, and diwctiy to te» UNat,w« t*k» pltasor* ia pkeiag Item before obr reader*: . ... _ ~ _ .. Is tileoed I mat take BIT Mat, . - ' Attdfive God thfokt bt/aw 1 eat; Moat tor my food ia patttoee wait ... ' ^ Till 1 am attari tp liand my plate; 1 most net aecrfdL ftor whine, nor pout, Nor moT* my chair or plvto aboot; -* not • \ —nor mcut ; a oaelerfs worti— mutt b* ***—not hoard; MU»t talk abort m; food, fc fret iff 4** *t think H flood; - My moatb witfr food 1 maa£ not crowd, Nor while Vm aatiitiy^ap^.ddBd ; Mutt turn my head to te^gH or aneeze, And when I a*a% say, -If ybairtwwe ;\ The Ubt^doth i must not «&** Nor with my food my ftagera t^il; ^ Wast keep my seat wfceu i have-on*, >ar round the Uble^port or ran V When told to^iite, then I mast pat ^ My chair awtfy with noUelesi foot, \ And lif^iy heart to God ahor*, > \ lx» gptfae for all hii wondroo^Iore r v ;, QUEER ESTIMATES. BT B. f. TATLTOU • v' *ITow roocb did it welgb T\ ' *!• it ponibi* ?\ /• \I nerer !\- \Ton don't e»y it T Tbefeaod of times h*J this qaMtion b*** _ and thoa&tgifi. of .time* haa it tpin wondered at and *I never*d. M / And what commodity iHt that fa *grmt\ mt ten poooda, and amarrelat ftffirteen?—>- Don't mind the Price Carcn^for it isn't there. It was a something )xfndled i* a 8an- r>el blanks—tbe blanket aicnjely pinned and knotted at the cornert^4he aometfeiogi in an actire itate of \nnrttV^M the traaace*den- talt hare it Th*ite$ljards liad been called iat^reqattition^and iu beaded bon was in* deed ^hooke to haag a hope on. 1 * The little bundle w*s/uniar op ; the waigjrt clicked *lhcu\ the notch! 3i! 19 ID 19 10 55 10 50 9 SIS.. 11 05 10 iS. Eight and half of wtat? Wbv, of ty. By the* memory of Malthas, a baby In the blanket! So tl>ere ia— *•» chlldr n So math in^ that may cut a iatke world, bn*k beads' or heart*-- i fUtat name, and be a mfcn or a woman. Eight pofc& and a half oT /hero or a hero- Jne, a monster or a miniaWf- Piety and pat- jriotism by the pound, Beauty and baaenees by like btanketfuL Qa*W oeMortmeut, isn*t it ? bat there are queerer *t*ll. Time wejra on JjK»ff r with QJ __ txraetluofctn the/WanleiTtoo He is a bay of 6T9. He s^bda erect » God made him, .'\that he majrte&k,\ a* a writer finely says, \*opon theajilaw^ They are talking again, • bat tbe at^w-yardi h*Og 'undisturbed in the JS& oae for them now. Bat they py are Writfftg, and we not stening X T«U of tis agre, isn't bjeT '^e looks 6rer the UbieKko a gUbr the \high chair 1 Talt U be ? Three feet and an inch *nd thie U thejaltitadeof humanity, w oat ofjthe. question; height. Ambition is but another n*me for mltiude, and smocess a sjraooym i<>t u g*tt'ing higher.\ The boy is a man; a man climbs U to got higheri-ihrones.to get higher; •hotiU goop-riaroriUi go op to eoort j COD* *£&up to glory. Height,height^v^ry- hetght. Six tett of glory; sfx feet two of booor and dignity. C^ueer again—don't yon think so? . : , ... ¥ - By and by—melancholy trio—the form is bent a little, and there goes an inch or two from stature. He or she is looking at some- thing in the dost. What can it be ? Sorely it is Dot a grare they look at Eyes grow dim, and they bend lower to lee. To What is there tote seen, we wonder? ^&r end by they weary, and Ihrqw soJvValon^ the bosom of t6e dusky ft of as elk. They sleep—>•leep, bat they do not dream! Where are yoor alUtitae now, rout moantaina, ah^rameQU, and thrones ? Men up tbe sleeper, carefully, slowly, as it JkM *o U ^is—•, troesore ol see A treaaam. tis a weight\— uch f r -• has come again; tllioglsvjre-— — Aod tha woold be qaeer, too, if only it irere 0i»t swJ. '\ . .\' * •/ Bat titey are talEing again. / M Sbe ha4 three nam^s, hadn't she?\ ^fudee«i» bat 4 e**i ranBmber bat t#*jt M • /; -•'.'• Remember bat two, CM they ? /Xamf« of what? Why. of ail that we»(jht'and height of fame and love, and hope f&d fear, aud Jihoagitt aod passion v / X - And two Words>-%wo broathi of *ir— two ITS, are all that is Wl of-what oooe was Agi U isikiag again, cannot remember the it % a wb«t Mt areani «$mk>g lo,^ sod Cbe old sun srirhj sadly. in iiie Is erased frow* pemory ^ ejxi Ixsianinf sir--» lost; not amonoorol it tiagert jo r U# fcarfaJ baU6w°of a emr!, M ?ab! how the daat flies!* 9 yosjsay! listen, aod we mill whisper josta word : that dost was warn ones, ^ismhos«C^sar v a«adaaatar«*dU>cIsy, _ Uigkt mop saoleto keep ts* wia4 away; O* that the eaHk w%k4 ke^»t tW world iiiswe, a wall to txptl Ot winters 1A 1864. SUMMER «gitws)firgli 1864. kg ( GOING SOUTH. Mqadiy, / QOISQ NORTH Accom, 4 15 S Mail. 8TAT10NS, Accom. /* — ^ •-•--\ A. M. OGDBN8BrjROH...10 45. 45 4 51 5 10 5 3> * Itr e is 15. 47! .ReDasaeber Falls, DeKalbJ auction. .Rich>UU.. % v .Goavemeur...^.. ••»' 13 13 &5 42 .Evan's .'Hills .Haii4^r<r* £ rners. ... 7 17 J auction. 7 .Adams Centre... Adams P. Manor. 8 07 7. 57 ^n-tr 11 10 10 tt 10 30 20 07 9 47 _ft OX U 16 40 >« 25 5 * 80 >'* \ CAPE r. K. A. M. / _ A. M. S 15 5 30...,.Cape Vineeiit...... 9 00 « 41 $ 00.,,_ThreeMUfiB*y 6 33 &&5 0 10. ....Chaumctat 6 20 7U 6 30 LLnerick.w.....,,. 8 00 7 46 T. M. 9 45 *9 03^ 8 45 8 30 4- ^ f D Ac«om, Ifall. 3 h 8 )o 3 48 8 33*... - POTSDAM A. M. •r. M. 12 25 U 16 U 03 v ..... 10 37 111 25 _ car attacbed to 7 10 A. M. train from Home to Cape Viacent, connection at Watertown Jtinetion with train/or O^densb^fpn,Canton and PoUdaqi. F^^eft^eK^car aHacbed to 12 noon train (rom€ape Vincent to Rome, in conaection w;tk w *u traifl j rom Ogdenaburgli. * ADD1SOX DAY, Superintendent! SON, ^ Broadway,' Kew YorkA 35 Years. N VANUFAOTURERS OF Hall & Son's Celebrated XTEW Scale PIANO FORTES^KHOWD 4^^SIi4^i^^€i^^ icuness. of tone, durability and elegance. W«r- ranted Manufacturer* a*id U.iporteN of Flutes, Ttartars, Banjoi*, and all kiad« of Brax» and other Musical luMtntinenU. Special ttto;:iiou paid to furnUliio^ Brang Band^. fobUshen or Sheet Mu- sic. If ode tent- bewail ptwt paid, on receipt of marked .prices. • Toe most liberal dUcotmt ' Seminaries Catalogo / ^ liM, take ParticiUajr ifotice. THE REAL VKU'AJ>-?E5lALE .. . , [Warrj«x<%d French.] / THE8B PlLCs.*o celebrated maay ye*!* ago in*Paris, {ortEe relief of female h*reKalarit)ti* and frjFatds to noioriou* for their crimi ton to Jaent In the practice ol abortion, area*w offered for sale for tbe first time la America. ?hey nave been Kept in comparative abacarity ftom the fact tbattb* originator. Dr. Velpan, if jk tihysiclaa in Paris of great wealth and conscientious prinoiulet _ , and has withJieldtbesa from genetalnse, lest they to geth*£QW, MoudmenU TO npr \Stroold be employed for aclawful porpores. In overcoming (emate ob«tmcti»i)s thev seem to be truly omnipotent, buritiojr 0pen the flood gates from whatever catae ma/ 4ave stopped them bat they are offered to the public only for feiritf maWnsefl,and aJta*eDts are fr/rt>fddento tell them when It is understood t)ut the object Is unlawful] •9^. Ladies ran prooisre a box, sealed from the eyes of the enrioes, by enclosing one dollar and six p©ftU/e stamps to O. G. STAPLES, Oeiieral Afreotfor us v Watertown, N. Y., or to the n VtaiBIBLE I^8CLOSUnKS-S E CB ET S FOR JL / THE MfLLION I A most valuable and wbnderfnl cablicaUos. A work of 4<ja pwes,and 30 colored engravings— DR. Hnr«i*B V'ADS MS iil d gg MSX^H, an original and popu- lar treatise on Man aa4 Woman, their Plusiolqify, Function*, aad Bexoal disordsrs of every kind, with vevet^fatluig Remedies for their «peedy core. The fractk^f of DR. HCKTKB has long been, and still u^^anb^onded, but at the earnest solicitation of nomerons persons, he has freen induced to rx- bis ra^dieal a^falneaft tifongh t&Tmediam fy in tne tani, as a of the secret virew, or an a gak)eCfor alleviation of one of the iri^st awfn ami de»- tractrre scoarces ever visited mankind. One copy, securely enveloped#wiU >>• forwarded free of post- age to any part of the Vn t*<] States for *>o m P O RtMipi, or 5 copies for $1. JVo X Dmsioo street, JVew Yt Portable Printing Offlce3. F OR the u^c of # aqd tM profeisioaat men whe. wish to dovtheir own pfittting, neatly «i»ly- Adapted to the prifttiog-of Haod- Vit m\rt i* U.T*. labels. Cards antt enabling a boy teq yearp old W CircttUrs neat free. LiocoU 1 1 -, Gtdli- ;_..*» — t N— Brery man, E3 to 1 small tLrrmdi d ! Ivw Lost, Btw ResUrt4. J UST Pufcliah*^, % oew edition of Dr. CnlTerwelTs celebrated finsay OB the radical cure (witboot a#d>cuir.) of Spennatorb<ra. or f Weakaess,J«vohiatary demiasi Losae*, . MemtaJ aa4 Pkystcal psoapacity. 1m to Marriage, etc.; also, ConsamiOioa. a*4 ftta, iadaeed by •eiT-«htui r »c< of The celebrated aotfcar ia thin adsairabie m eWar1y4eBiM«trstesfr«8i ^thirty yes/scse« lal mraettc&rtktft <he alaroiiat; ^oastHp^sec j»kr**B»« «»*y be radically mred without eatlos of the kijsls pois-twig iwt V* 0 ^ °^ c of whsea erery mftrar. a» sssTinr what his • DOCTOR ty ^ German ^ JSittcrs, jACKSOH R.C. Is not a BAR tnte <br BUM, or an^TUXfCAT|NU AGE, bat 1 highly c*1*cvaU»ted , . r BY y *hilftd'a, Pa. or a substi- v Vegetable Extract, A Pare Torfic, free from Alcoholic Stimulant or and will effectually cure Dyspopsift and JAtTODICS. . Hoofland's German Bitters * Will enre t^rery ca*« of Chronic or Servous P«- bility, Wi»ca»e of tbe Kidney*, and Dtaeaaes ari«u*fc from a PUurdtrrd Stoumrh. , - Observe the following ^yniptom5 f r«rbulUngfrom Disorder* of the Digestive Organ*; ^ Constipation, Inward Pilex, Fulnen* or Blood to the l&sd, Acidity of Aha Storaafii. Nau*t*a f fieartboni, Di^/u^t for Food, Fulae>* oc ] . Weight in thf StotTtach/'Kour Krncta- tion^ r i»inkiug ur FUtU^iiij; at ike 1 yj»it of the SUrtnacff, Swim- ..;J^JL. r ming of t>*v Head, Hor* ricsl and I»ifflfult Breathing, FlntWrin* at the tie^rt, Hiking ot ^>uffocatiiigj>«f»Hiitic>tt« l whenin ajylog posture, i)imnet*« of Vision, rK^t-* or Webi* b**forv . the Sight, Fever and l>ull Pain in the ; , Head, l^rtciencvtifPerspiration, X YeUownesA of the Skia and v <; Eycii, Pain iu the Side, \. . Back, Chest, Limb*. .\\ Ac,Huddeo Flushes of Heat t * - 3ui*hinpr in the Fl^jj^i C^r*^ i M Ttt Jms* pinings of EViL,and great Denres-sion of Spfrits, Hoofland's German Bitters WILL Gi\'i$,Y0t7 A GOOD APPETITF:^ ^ STRONG XKItVKS, -; , HEALTHV NEUVES, . \ BTEAPV NK-nVKS. BRISK FKKLLSCS. KKEBUKT1C FEETJXGS, HEALTIIV A GOOD coNSTrrrnox, A HEALTHY CON>tlYr^;< - , ., . A *OVSl) COXSTITUTIOX \ j in atM of ihe citi«* pf the ^ fu ttrlcgmphJearTAngvittcnU vxU*nd to where* ever tie el<* trie w irr^ are rftrtrtcXt-d. _When the cable U latd. wkuch tt^at wiii »ooa br ac- !»hed, tele^ranis wili be received fr-m Ku- rop« and A*ai, »* well as truui the Cnifed Matt**. Then uar reader*, will have the ev«ot* i*f the ia all part* of the civilized world regularly clearly laid before them. Thc projn-ittor devote* a portion of the paper to Liuroture. FanUioa. Agricuiture. tb<- MechJtn- ic Art>, Sj'f»rtin': Matter*. Bu*ine»«, ThritricAl an-1 FiTUjH2lLU^»*< f rt.s Cattle Market*. <ii*?>eral News, aotTfi!'report* of all e%c«iii cal« ulatt-J to form a exoelleat iutrUt>j'u!it*n newspaper—a weekly photttgrephie vi«»w uf the events uf the worW—a»4 *U ** • **^y low prkt*.' Tte .WciCKLr HKKVLP is Usued every Satnrr3ay mornio?. a»*ul furajiNbVd at the f<jUowiug rates : — Oue copy $1 Tbree C4>^»kj* ••, 5 Fire copies !* Tea copiei* 15 Any larger nmnber, a«ldreft«ed to names of snb- scriber«, f! .*>0 each. An extra ropy will be sent to erery clah of ten. Twenty copies, to one address, one year, $-3, and any larger nftm^er at same prices ^ * AB extra cop)miil be rfent to cluW* of tweity. Advertise me Din So a huntt-d ntuuber will be in*em*« in \\w WKSKLY HEKALD. The DAILT HKKALI>, three cent\ per ropy. Ten do'.lar* per ^ear f^r three'\bundrod and Fixty- three i-»!*ae\* t\Hv€ dollar!* for >ix tucat^s. Two dollars aad fifty cent< for THIN WrLL HA: WILL MJLKZ Tilt / THK / 1TILK |IAK£ - / A - i MAKE DEPBESSEy ^~ : - .WIU. MAKKN TUX HEARTY, jSTOtT, THB WHL MAKR THE CLEAR AXD BRIGHT, ptore a blessing in EVERY FAMILY. Can be used with perfect safety by JK\LB . y OLD OR y — OR EUE -. YOUNG. i \ ••% v |>•:; IPARTIGliLAE NOTICE. Tliere are many preparations st>M vnder the « of Hitters, put ap in qnart Bottler, com pounded of the cheapest whiskey orcominun rma, costiDyr from 20 to +0 cents per salton.the.tust dt^jeuUed by Ani*e or Curiander^orl. &c. ' This claa* of BitUrn ha> cabled-and will con 4nJea a long as they'can be sold. b«ti h f h d to die the death of the drunkard. By their a** tbe «£*U»m is kept contmbaUy ander themflu- ence ot Alroh<»ik sti^nula/it* r»| the wor-t k»nd, 4he desire Tor Lianoris created and kept the result 1*, all the horr^rH attendant upon a drunkard's life and death. Beware ef OH For tho.Hejrha-desire and wilt hare a Liquor Bitters, we pnhlmh the- following receipt: (Jet One Bottle Ho<>rL.vM/s fiKKMAK U;TTKBS and mix with Three Vuart* uf Good lirantlv or Whisker, and thc result wjll W a preparation that will fir excel in medicinal virtues and true e^elleii'-f any of the namerooA IJquor IiitU-rs in tire market,and will cotrt mncti lesgL You will have all th* virtues 6T rioohand.'s*Bittors in connection withal gcKid article of Liquor. sJLa much le.*s price than inferior preparations will ct*«t %ou. DELICATE CHILDRKX. thosv geffr-rin?: waMinp away, with s»arrc]y auj thea* bone.*, are cured in a very short hrtttlft, \p fuitAi eajtf^< t vriH hTiv» j T m^t y^^.n- Hitters will renew your *trcji£tli iu a very short tixne, , * % FKVKR AXP Ar;tJK.- The fhill* will not return if thene tetters are n.-^d. X<» t>er««<»n in % Fever and Ague District nhoold be withoat them. ~ _ From Kev. J. XewtoaJiruwa, , Encyclopedia of lleli^ioa AUhontrh not di«po*j-d to favor or PaWnt Meriicmofi in c« neral, tbr.n^b dL-tnt^t c*t their inrpe'lieut'* nml <-lft-rt»: J yet kn^iw of no » hy a mm may ijf»t t«**tifV lu hfVei^hJmM'ir t<» have rrreived lr#»m any fttrnplr prrparAti?n, in the h^ic torn! Uc may thus contribute to the beDriU of 1 do thi* wore reatllly in regard- to B, prtpai^srhy i>r. C. tins city, hecajMk* 4 *M prtjndk^d iifo O v them for |y ^ mixture, to my frtend~fU>h»Tt Shf>e.matfr |l of thii pre^adire by prvrver tor .ei>co«rag:»mcht W try tnem. wLen rruAi great and U>BLX t iHitiiwed delaH^^ of three bouW|( of thvae Kittem. »i the 6f tk» prewrrf year, W ^ to a fan h>- for aud y*»4 t before, aod hMA*Uu*+*% despaired therefore, thaSVGod aftd ar/r»cod/or me to t£e o»e of theo). J. SkVftj* PiuUd'a.. Juiie r», 1M^. y / ATTENTION, SOLDIERS ! ~ AND THE FWEXrig OF &JLDIER3. We raf. tbe sttetitiom fit aH harm? relation* or frieai* is the array to Xo« fact Chat \ H^ lxa«j* Gersoaa Rtttn r * witf cure tuse-tentbii of tbe d*+- esjv« todsced by rrp<fc^rre* and prrrst»oiui i^o- deat to ea»p titie* la the ltri<. nx)blM^<] aireo«t >aihr is t^e ar^j^pwr: B3 tti? irrt»T of the tie* ft wiUjbe sWk*d that a rery-tsr^e pt^porUoit are smftVniijr frjs^ebtlity. Krenr case n{ that ki»d CAB be rc*4i!y\irt4 by Hoos^odn Gerssa« EiV * k^biW z our ty, Ma SMiy he. s**y eve hissseif rhei»ty # prhrate- aod r*dV*By. r •%iirfl w% §my to tbe boMt tf <mr sW every s& esi. Is a ia the lead. sexy *4< or two trWOOfmtTm^ CHA5. i.C CUXt eV CO t#W BTCBA3TS WWi bailor Ue wonrt s»ar*»r. «/ X ner The srefirVtar* are ttmt% htm fufifi ia ho hare beeA restored to 1M fcrtfcrss by rtixttnz YORK WEEKLY BKtiM>. THE CHEAPEST PAPER IX the The e 1 termite and eoroprshenxive )U iKMwessiou enable* the \'*onutrox of to KUarantee tbr latent and reliable information |>otoib!y to Uc obunxl, aot only frt*m ail partu uf tlus Uoitcd Suua» but from all part* ui the w\»rld. y its ho fit** c(?rT% fc *p t /f>t/ ^i*ntft. ep^agei^ at heavy cost, aod connect**) with each new naral and Baif- •ttarrj y p y^ p U dftermiaW to liave no *p<Jt nocarertHi Uv rtt p and no event caj» beettr that idxalf nvt find immediate report xtL iWculuuuu. U co»t»U* proprietor over oae hundred tb«UMUMl duil*r» jK?r year to maintain k* qor\>* »( corrt>pon«k&U U the fl<fld. y „ Iniu c^!!*t|onof F»>reijr ha* for vtrAr» Keid a high po^iiiou. aad it will ilte rulitr« to toAialAin thc »t*&d it It ban nj>eci*] currc TES v MIKUTJBBl \/> y v \^ ^-. ^ fc v.. *.\ Bryan's PulmoincVafers! thena«« of the kind of •U*ruio*ic all «o«aterfeits. The rett iiryani * A»thma Bryan's ttor* Throat. Hoarseness, W Wafers nl Tl i>rjraii'i hulnoaic Fl'afeni Believe IrnutsMi of the Tvolva *od T l>rr*n's Relieve the atn»ye Comphuahi in tea l>r>dD8 I'ulmouic Wafers Are a Bleamcg to al! fW*e« an«) C Uryaa's Fulmooic Wafwi *- Are adapUtl for VocaluM* and . liryan'i 1'uloioDie Are la a SIBD;. le form and pleasant to lkran'a Pulmooic; Wafer* Kot only relil-ve.but eQVct rapid aoti iirran'a rukm>o»c Wafers Alt warranted to give s*ti*facUoa le every one. No family t boo Ul be with wit a tax of i^rran u l'alaH>Dic Wafers 40 the boose. J Ko traveler ahoiUa be withoot a supply of Bryan's I'nlmomc Wafers * in bis pocket. JJo person wfll e\ er object to irive for M Bryan's Tulmoaic Wafers Twenty-Hve Cents. JOB MOSES, Sole Proprietor, 2T.Cort!aad st. K Y So<»? bv H. Ka Sparer, %nd Praj»er Brothers Gouvereenr, St. Lawrence Co., N. Y. nlMy ' . • • ^ Kiiior and I Xorthwest comer of Fuiton and [1*^] >>w York City, X. Y There are no trav^tTTnt; agent* iur tbe LAMP HEATING APPARATUS __TH EGRKAT SECRET . MADE'PUBLIC. T\ r E are informed that Dr. Velpeau, f T the di««ti ng niched obstretrician of-fhe -a^e and aether of Mvexalofthe mo&t valuable puMfca- tlupfin^op Female DbM^ses.ha* at ia»t consented to the public sale oi hu* celebrated female Pills, by his actborixed apmts. lie has un'il now re- i»ed to allow these piUs to be poblictv sold, for V •V---- ^ BITTERS: J> - 7- wo nwr of Stomach, Liver & Bowels. Umx* l>y*p«p«ia, |Jv(»r Complaint, ilooeral DebUtt^r; KrrvouMiei* *H>iriU«, CobstiiMltiuu,. C*ilic, ewrn, Cramp* ^ Cumplainu of either /rom bodily w^akn v- .er inherent iu the ^ or produced by 9p^cial all arising hh • # / and that ia not wholesome, p< storadv iajti* naiore n:UT4.mio xhr MUMACH mrrfcKS: Thtjr pre^ajation OH»IAIU^ m> mio«*r«l of ajp/ , ao deadh^botantctl etertiitit; r«o fleVy ex- but it k iK<;onit;urftrc^ ci the e^trsc-U ol rare and balsamic ftvrb^ am) plants wLk-h are the s>OT?*it and soiideijt oi&lj difTti^ive Ktinmlaiit*. It in well 10 be furoaruH^I an^ain^t ilit^at^^ anj »o far MA the human sy>w-ni<can be proUctt-4 by honiAn means a^aiiwt inaladi^H rtipendrred by aa an wholesome atmo»)»hi*re. mi^ure water and othtT t*xtt real cau.^h, HOSTKTTEU'S HITTElte* may IHP relied on SLA K saf^nhrd,. x ^ , hi dUtrk-ts infented with Fever and AfrQe,it bst been f^imd infallible a* a preventive aiid^Hv*i*t* ible a* a wmfdy and thousand* who report^oj^ uutkr apprehension of an attack, cftcape uh^ scourpe; and thousands who neglect to avail thein&«lvcK.of its protective qaalititn in Ativance 9 are cored bv a very brief course ot thin marveluoa meiHeine. Fev«r and A?ue patienU, after being plide with quinine for month* in vain, untij fairir aatnrated with that dftip^rntw alkaloid, are uet\ ucfrvc}ucntly rrstored to health within a few days} by the use of HOSTKTTKR'S B1TTKK*. The weak stomach » invigorated and the ap- petiie restored by thi* apreeaMeTonic and hence it wurtta woutitrn in C^RS of JUtSl'KPSiA and itt lew ooDtiriued iorni* of 1NUKJESTIUX. Acting a.\ a gfiitie aod p»i»lw* apprrinu. aawrN t» up- on thp liver, it al*o iovariablty reiieven the CON- STfPATIOX #u»pt;rtndMe^d l»y irregular, actioja* of tbe dijrejitive and ^rcrt^irr organs. >*erj»oa-< «'»f feeble Vabit.lulile aud tit* of larijL r trortiud 0EALERT BOILING—FRYTXG—STEWING STIEnKG— With the name that HgkU the Room. . > • • • • By the flame of a common lamp, at the cost of a eeuVa worth uf oil, a very comfort- able breafc«a*t can be cooked. • • • _,Y. • • • • Simple in construction, ea«*fly kept m order, ready for u*e in^a moment • • • • convenient to have oo halhk.. • • gvfi Virtuimr. , - ;.. ^ • • • Fish 1 * T^trnp in one of tba moist popiiarnvTeltiesof theday, • * • the utility of it is uDqnestJonable, a frreat paring in made in heating and cooking small article*, and can be mtule to cook mealn for a preat many persoun, which is actually done on tbe ambulance cars wbich carry the,sick soldiers • * American. ' . • • • • • For j p rack, picnicn, fi^hiilg Tiursery, or t»ick room, it an article of comfort beyond all proportion t*.ita cost • • * Hairs Journal qf Health. • • • • I liave tried the apparatus and my wtfc and I proclaim the wime a most Tahtabie\ and mdh>jH-ri^»*Me article, and we now wouder how we could havp so lc.np dote without it • • • Ed. CoalOdCxrcxdar. • * * * An ecomoniifsT contrivamre! for up heat at hhort notice for nur^y arvd r bou.*chold purpose, • * • on* Im- portant point in tUe saving ia cost over coal fires, * • • A YEnmns Po*t. p * rBICK? FRrtW TWO TO PIX BAI.LAH9. CAPACiTV FI^M ONE TO ¥\> Three Articles cooked al oi time with one burner Arranged for KerosencM% Coal Oil, or (ia^. A Descriptive I'aiuphlfiljftLlbirty ptt^c© fur- nished gratia, , w , THE UXION ATTACHMENT. / ^ Price ;»0 CenU, To 1H» attarHed to a Coniinoh Kt'r***eoe Tjtmp or Oa*i-Burner, liy whi^li Water may be Iknlcd, and Food Coo^i* i >also airjiipe^'Vi »up- « EVEBY : FAM I!.Y XHfcT'S f>N\K. , . \VM.1>. UL^LIL.A THE CREit KNCL1SU • SI II ^A MBS CLARK PS r/SirJ. n>tr\e the c ' This invaluaMe/ne^jrine is nnficnrn? to the cere of a4t those: p4^Jltui and dacger^un -4i»e**G* to which the female constitution is i*abjt»ck It nsod eraies ail e^t^ee* and removes ajt ad a speedy care Miay* be rt.h*4~Mn. • y TO ARRIKU. LAIOJ.;?. t it is pe^eniiaHy aiuteoV \IX wiM. in % on tlte monthly pfenod with T€gul* bottie t j*ri*e One frAi*r. bear* tbe rrcment Stamp of Great Bot&«& f to preventcooii terfcrta. pr» f r u*e of them to preveat aoJ re a ove aascy. But the r»pit* increase ot among females, 1A consequence of the*appreasion or retention of the menses or monthly period, and the great public B*ce»*ity for sow remedy that will m all eases remove obstruction has Induced the doctor to make thfe invaluable discovery pub- lic, or rather to allow dis'creet and proper persons to sell to the public this cever-failtng lemedy.— Ths l^KU; r axjH^JLkaViA Ju« ^^iu pr^irft alooe. he has saved thooaandt pf lives by the use of these pHl*. since he obtained a knovrled^e of their virUe. and what ii singularly true jrreat medica. discoveries made tbe last Tears, is also the ea*e with ihi* discovery; lh«4 j discovert, thev Ec published it to the world AI*o,th© public are indebted to the Jesuits for the knowledge that Penman Bark or Quinine will cure fever and apnie. They femnd by dri»k- in^ she bitter water of a celebrated brook, tire banks of which wers lined with the Peroviafn *ree. that a core was effected, an ^ mad a the fact known to the meilieal profe»»t«p aad they to the, world. And in the c<a*e of these invaluable piUx.Ute pub- idbtd t bHi b p x p lic are indebted to an obacnreHemaie obstetri cian, r-es ding in a small cbnntrj ^lape in the south ^>f »snce. r^be. by coropotin<Jin^ a pill composed of a.great number oC^orrediehu. each posseoaing itron^ emRenapoffiie <jua ithe hhJ tbe remedy to fnchrp«?rfeeti<ra that the every instance remove obstmcttoss to the menH> es. whether in consequence of diseases or preg- nancy. Inveterate lore for money induced her to mtfke improper use >of them by firing them in case* of pregnsnpy. It soon )»ecime notorioiw tbat for quite ai*T|:e district of country aJmom every family was ummr them w remove pregnan- cy ; and shr vt^ finally rammoneiJ before the Imperial £unrt for trial, and Mi. Velpeau was wiromo^W as a witness, and from the testiaxmv the Dr. learned that the^e pilb poasem^d txamtir- acq<tue qoalit^«io a very gremt extent >eyond avy article known to the medicalifteuU^. H* be*' very mocb intere^tbu u> tiud o^tthecompo- o« tbem.anJ tiaally boupK auJ ohUtned a rview wtik her o»u family.arnj on U^ and perih.iueiit relief from the Bittern. The) on tiu* point U most coxtculsive, aa4 j both JJurniug /•AirtKeri**; •trr+t O Ton by * ^in^le Jose ol Uy resorting to it.tbe plaint iuayWj>rtrented* .„ ./_ A* a U-ur^lToiHe. HOSTETTKR'8 produce ^fiect* wlycb mu?t be exj* wilnessed before t*^> can be fully p In cjii^es of CoostiiirRonal Weakneiw Prei Peray anil l>ebiUty and l>ecrepitude p OLD AflK it ejeercice* the <»lertrir iii^ueuce. Ill f sn^Ji>ea<« t 4 i* U cj»erate« f jf 5 •St\*. ;?v .^w A Lt frc relaxed, it operate* to rv enforce and j«^»UM»h them. - X**t. bnt n»t lea^t, it is The Ojnly Ssffi Slim- d d X ^r uiitniiD»ttiire«r from and the pubUc afe indebted to the ftUwrate cr p< rsoaC ,••» martcml*. aud tnt)tU free from tbe HK,H1 ele- ootaide of tht profession and not to tbe -faetJty.ii?\ 0 ?^)' 1 ?;,** 111 IJIO . I Tz* 1 ',\** 1 * >n all the ordinry VT. Jenner. who immortalized himself by making: ~ ' public the fact, but not discovery, that raccina- tion with tbe matter obtained from the odder or teats of cow* would exempt versons from that most dreaded disease the Small Pox .was Indebted ortlairvmen of Eorhtnd for the ' Eavinc ascertaiaea the /act, he Unicj* nn J stomacyrrs of tbe day. v No family IIK^Utrftie has been HO universally,an<t, it may be aiitie^. deservedly |K>pular wjtn the In- telligent rofrion uf tbe comzusjuity, us Ho&nrjfT- * Bid ' bv IfOSTETTKn Pwtl by att everywhere. GENUINE PREPARATIONS. - <'o*T*ot:M> ever be Id it m necret from itm pubat, uor be induced until recent^ to aliow thc sale of tbene pilk except uy a fow peri»on&l and pn/ies- sixi the eniinetiAC<^a*i powem of his remetly, t)*&i be lmaoflereo' ten Okouiia&d doJlsrs reward fur any well auln^u^cated ciM^e of failure uf tbtue when prope4rr^b4miuiMsH|?d to remove lion* from vrt ^~ <rf tbeir every other UIL-IJI. J » dtbeir TUT/IU. ^ babrt* attenii- with the »nsitiri|i of M Weak Xmen ap<l Spectre Remedy Kidne vs. Gf d ^•'ificj evitr* patient e\4»:rr. by th<n aware that tln-y 1864 tha e^us TlIK Uy trtith *nV«t»Ml with of their t*unerit«u, QJP Til* if *n« a« tbe r are Pore to bns^ o>a t.ber time tbej are sale. ertm. Pai^iutTon of the Heart, Hymen en WLitea. the»e pi!^ will efTe-ct a core When er sseaiu h»^4 failed ; and remedy, do at/t cnotaiA iraa, ealomel. or asytklhf: btfrtfoi to the coasxit dxrerUon* i 0 toe c t Ahottk: be Soie A|r^nrfr»f the Cnited JOBMOSCS. (Late fc 2T ^-atl\mmZ street. Sew York. le coev 8 U M ••-. fski GOING \KATK.W/T Bi:< lir mvanably i tb t atbef ter take tien where tbensjrrves u a I e* U*«- uthrr mar y TRACT-Bc;cif fu w> f<>or every ot ckan^ in Diet. O. T.. or eitfcer of i-*cb fcoz has on the a French, to siiper the Affttoc»eik. f tfef ci*y of wt»r«l» \Trade thereby Bemm>ng g i y g tstitm and Coring Strictarti of tbe Lret**a,.al- reysrt is tlw g all ^ any A pent, in*urt a M) P»|H. by rctsra Aa b; H. K B %\>]j - Cr m\ I*c*Mcm~ iiulk wrapper is, « \«—=• ' r\* * i PRICES. ' r LaiT« tbe $1 JMpet book, or Hair dot. $5, oriialfeVo*. 4. oT Ue cmaatity tW FINKLE&. LYONS N6 MACHNES an. A S*w^ j wl»o have of^ Voark«. an^ w}*o ksv? 'patd hemmm fan to be tnrej ra a ftbort time, have t »«nd tbey were dl i tt I'i ]. ba«^ 4*y the «?• of •• powerfql a*trjir'»nU.* v l>e4!n dnfS upm \he brf ak ooi m xsr ayj^i argtrd f6rm f aao f M HKLVS»IU>V FJCTBACT Brest for aii a**\- of ibe Cria^rr Orjr*fl*. h mr in MtW or Fessale*-frc»» wkattv and IK) Kafeer of bVw ionr «f lh««e Oman r^'iairr* th* %« of a l> -nrrtir. Jtt'i.UWW K-VT lAlT BTCHU IS ^rtais W» as^t aC disease* tut w^ic* it M re* r^iabW aiwi fV«|K>s*iU© of »*w sfed are xV- wtaMefj^iiU; 4 af -^e LU K. SPEJfCER, r^iruW, w*a ft ft Pa JOS S3 * MCM.JM 5*. uwsj a ea^ws- wta* y a» v smva«iar > t^S**%* cms w r»ur>-4 4if' A**t» virei sr >fl sr-n er LION S, f^*i T. X. eem 1 W^» r -^ **m~ : \-% S •& y

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