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The freeman's journal. (Cooperstown, N.Y.) 1924-1996, June 14, 1995, Image 11

Image and text provided by New York State Historical Association

Persistent link: http://nyshistoricnewspapers.org/lccn/sn83031249/1995-06-14/ed-1/seq-11/

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Coopsrstown, New York 13326 tvlng room with rvoploco. modem Idtchon, (fining crao. ottotivK l g o K ^ . (Sotdss wtflt grea) viova. Icto i t ^ . do(&R»0>av^(tok) $tl0,(X)0. C O O i^O W N VOUGE • NEWLShNS-three bedroom twnte wflh three toa baths fneuair^ master b ^fioom feesh. Feinsf Ovk^ te&n, r ^ n , den w8h Re­ place. rrodotn Md-m kitedten. two cor gar(^e. erv c ^ a d reta porch ThishomefksbeencompleteVup- dotolAkQWKBKcvffid. Groat w ......... to down town Exebolve 1345,00 OTSEGO UdS • NEW USRNG-throe tedr<»m.(me (Kith ojftoga with 25' of privote (tonto^. Ihrir^ mgnftiSrtPQ tiMm combtr^ion. k lt i^ n . ioge poflo- boiA h a m . $175.00“ R AFFOlNtMEHT ONLY CAU SM£5 A6SITS «Mhdwt - S47-5I9B 8 Moroaet Sovole - 5476334 R ub Btoid-547-9985 h M m m E M , T Y 20 CHESTNUT STEEBT T a l/S k s ^ - M 7 - 8 1 4 S uaLanib !%>ug Ifoetil beauttful setting on Oaks Creek with over 1-1/2 nianlcuied lawns and gardenss tng this ounpletely remodei knchen/famtly rtmm with \ garden surround- tied home. Large vaultol ceiling, tile fhwr. room and dining room, two large bedrooms and 1/2 baDis. A l ^ e carriage bam with loft com­ pletes this veiy special offering. BKCLmiVB NEW IAST3NO: C(x>{mrstown \Allage home under- Ming extensive r e t ^ e l ln ^ U ^ t oak woodmode kitchen, living room, dining room, large luxurious bafir with Jacuiad and separate shower, two more 1/2 baths, two-three b^trootss. fam% reem OT5SGO LASS CAHP: Magnificent lake views from the poroh of this four ksdroom. friUy fur­ nish^ (aanp. Large idbdten. full bath, dining IBB’. r i l B W l c E m o B \ H Z E E A i i - r r H L ly boaal Guitrmi boBh te 19@, ths q » d i» l t o s e i ^ cadpiddtkto ................................................... __ s ■ SATUlOAYy JULY 1 , 10 A.M. l@ u t e 2 0 y W 8 s l W i f i g d d H U M T IM G fA E A H lS l ! 310 at®®?, 2 toss and poad to be o f eied l» end as a whole Op 0 £ f&iiiii) Sal!£idaB 6^17 and NEURO-LINGUISTIC PROGRANNING l£AiTM «$D^S » WELLSEIfiB NLP issuer PiatKHloner Marty Warrick at Moan Dreams Cooperstown, NV , ■ 607-547-8432 ■ for tpitotniani POWER ECUIP&IB4T O a n « tlw U ( ^ ) « B Amaral fh. 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