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The freeman's journal. (Cooperstown, N.Y.) 1924-1996, June 14, 1995, Image 10

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, . '-i 10 □ June 14.1995 □ FREEMAN’S JOURNAL FREEMAN’S Classified J o u r n a l ■ m n m Y our ad runs W ednesday & S unday RATES Private Party: $9.85 up to 15 worcis for two days, 35e each additional word. Commercial: $11.00 up to 15 words for two days, 500 each additional word. SPECtAL FEATURES Bold Heading, $2.25 adart par ad par 2-day ran Double sized, bold heading (iltnit 10 lettera per tine) Bold Copy, $ 1 .2 5 addrt per md per 2-day run REPLY BOX NUMBER $5.00 additional charge BUSINESS a SERVICE DIRECTORY One Year: $25/week Half Year: $22/week Quarter Year: 20/weeH HOURS Mon.-FrL, 8:30 A.M.-5 P.M. ADJUSTMENTS Every eftoit Is made to insure the accuracy of your ad. Please check your ad at the first inser­ tion. For multiple Insertions of the same credit will be made only for the first Insertion. Credit given for erroie In connectionr with production on ad^ Is limited to the printed ^ a e e involved. The Freeman’s Journal resenres the right to reject, cancel or rar- rectiy classify any ad. Bah^iHins Seiyttas-,:.. PfOfessidhal Services Fana.$wppl|es m M m . WamediroPent ForOaie'*' ■ Lost a round Wllsselfeh^us Buslness^pportunity Sliuatlor^Wamed ' Wanted'■’/..'i RealEstat© Wanted Real ist^For Sale Lahd^pfng 607 - 547-2545 Novr You Can Fax Your Ad To Us: 547-SS87 ................ ...... , ‘ ' . ..... • W. UHirsi CHENANGO K •G»i«rt*vio* Ml.Upton* \ OnMMoo ^ Roolultli • J W. OMonu f^Soti Rhw^CSt* B'l Your ad Will reach homes and businesses In this distribution area. L egal N otices Otsego .■>CA. .A\N BAMMNG 0^ nPEARMS am : WTAPOMS i M : 0 ,_,MTy I’s Dfoperty artd incliviOuais SECTION 1 present tnereupon to place restrictions on tne Deoring ond Dossesson ot ^rearms ooa otnei SECTION 2 This local law any individual from Ns/het either oporty or concealed, any llfeatm. toving 5SI01. eitt t^ohibifs m beating descfipTion, in<aud)ng to all fire handguns, plsfols. noT limited to all firearms with codes Tax fwlops relative to the ’■ ■ .gr 'S rJiXJfO o' •'op'es©''''T*ives one m its dangerous weapons ana gun. explosive device or instruments by indMduais sutwtonce lethal while entering m'o and debiiitoting chemtet ent m buildnQS nos. ot any dangerc being present m buiicfngs gas. ot < 1. PHONE IT IN! You'- C h a n g e s wiH be nges charged to your credit i^Ourur classiflassified card O c ad.frh is on dut> M o n d ^ thru Friday am to 5 p m Ca:' 547 2545 2. DROP IT BY! ONE OTSEGO COURT. COOPERSTOW N, NY >enen Mondionday Our office is op M - Friday 9.00 a m. to 5 p.m., if you wish to place your ad 3. MAIL IT! Use this order blank. Please enclose your payment or credit card information and mail to; Freeman’s Journal P.O. Box 591, Cooperstown, NY 13326 I I No J n a m e ------ J a d d r e s s NON-COMMERCIAL CLASSIFIED AD BLANK ______________________ Exp./Date (MoiYr.) — .... rifles, shotguns, etc), all illegal weaporis 0 e dangerous knife, dogger, dirk, razor, sfllelto. e t c ). any knife or any imlfotlcxt pistol while entering Into or whBe being present m any building owned, loosed, or opffloted by the County of ovoilobie for inspection at the Heal Profwi Office. County Offii $S AVON SALES S8 24 HOUR g ^ e r o l information nol-6ne Hee training Con 1 (800) M7-8503 ktd rep June14NVSCAN4 ffice Bdg. ' Coopwstown. NV Th^dota P Woore ex PANDING i Company Otsego C o i^ y T reosuet ,jrtveri needed (No Junel4ctegal siuctents pieara) We oftet SECTiON 3. This local law shdl rtot ops^y to low ® T forc«h»it officials only LEQAl NOTICE TOWNOFtOSaOO OTSE80COUtflV.NI VOBX ajHPLUS RELEASE FOR SALE BV ONE m i < SENT. ^ BID. dsstgned conventtonois •WeekJy pay *LoocSng/ UTioacfing pay ‘ Mufltipia Pick-up/Dfop pay *Ma]OT M »£cat/Oantat fife SECTION 4. Failure to comply with this W 826. 6 cycCnder. local low shas t o 672 cubic ho-t cSes^. at lunishoble by confinement horse power, with tire County Chains, with V - tfow. and viffih single way plow orvd also with punishable by c in the Otsego Correctional Facility for TQttu'je ‘COL with HAflwIAT •1 year OTR fcjd Me Truck. Unes. 1 (800) Junel4NYX:AN se^dng c^Bcottons teor^er d d e potitfora n both Ihe Elwnatfary Sctvtol and (n the M idde Ss^oa &JCCOOAJ c o rvSdat^ moy be appemtiM to work m Clo^oorru and be assigned a speafle resjxjnslbatv to assist cfisabiod students, may bo ossgrted opetyison re«x>njiKSties across grade lo v ^ . and/or otha routirto toaster aide tasks Interested caneSdatas should ccmtoct mo schors o t («)7) M7-9976 « 547 5364 (srpl^atans AppTcafion doodine is JU10 23. 19% JcnolSc I term not to M c e ^ three (3) months and/or a fine not to exceed five hundred do3ars(SSOO(X)) ind wheel Miieago 99.764 - General Contfillon - jood and reody to work laview and i n ^ w t io n at FREE M£K: h /LNOISE' Electronics, joweky. toys and more We need leXjcf fest®s. postal jobs STorr S12 08/hr F<^ exom and appiicarton info Ca3 (2'9) 769-8301 0X1 WtOb 9 am 9 p m Surv-Ffi Ji^o21pl I CITY. . STATE « □ $9.85 Up to 15 words for two days...35e each additional word. YOUR AD RUNS WEDNESDAY AND 8UNDAYI MAKE YOUR AD STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD! Pick one, or two specjal features to help you sell, rent, or buy. Spice up ,our entire ad ____ Auto., air, AM/FM cas­ sette, excellent running, eondition, blue with vinjn top I NAME . I COMMERCIAL CLASSIFIED AD BLANK ------------------------------------ Exp./D8te (MoJYr.)— -------------------------- ------- PHONE_^ ____________ __ c ^ e t e ® detaas highway goroge by caling ajprwne at l (KX)) : This local law shall Leland G Mabie. highway gjyj become immeeSatety odc^tion low snail *..0. effective ajpermtendant of (607) Junel4NV^AN ated Jixte 6. l< iiya A. Chid. O Board of Reixesentotives Otsego Comfy. Maw Vortt 264-3293 dolly between 6 AM and 2 30 WM weekdays Bids may be mafled or n q EXPERIENCE NEC I fttoh s/VRVi To Rksebormn Town Oerk mg mortgoge teAmds Own RR 2 Box 120 Coll (310) 335-5364 Cherry VoBey. NV 13320- S28 (24 hours) 9722 JuhoMNireCAN wMk!y/pot«^tia! process LEOA^NOliCE NOTICE OF 8M£BV DRIVERS loo k ing F0 9 A CHANGE 9 IT o now car ©o' 18 What youro looking tor you con s tt^ yc»/ search J 0 i-ftjnr ts lookmg tor cStvers with (Xtha vonflobio over me rood axponenco or somoorto who jifll wonts to leom to drtvo o truck it you are m e iqp ^ e n c ^ . J B Hcmf Wc3 ha*p you got the rrainmg you no(Kl to be on you way JB Himt divers cch eaip on overage of SEALED B!S$ Pieosa take notice that the beldw listed parcel of land Mimosa toxss hove ts&n deSnqu»D and paid reserve the right to reject ^ any and oil blcEs. S30XXX) in throe months LeiandG Mabie salmon Also Hi^tway &perinlaidartt constFuciion. canru over S2(XX} p ® month fhok flrsi vTOi. along wsm comjxehenjivo bwieffis Why wait? C<XI I ( ^ ) 2JB- by the C<»mty of Otsegt for aa perioderiod kt < thrw ye m wUI bi 3JLme)4degai more' p Hill be offered for sale by ‘Seated Beafl to reUmdotsla fee JimeMNVSCAN Dkeefory apptlcdtl ore expedted - --------- lions <L_ _____ by cofiAg I (800) 3 5 8 ^ 8 lOE Subject ti be ^ ® t e d June 19% at 3 pin. ot the County TreosiffWt Office. County _ ^e^adg-. Cof^tfown. a ERO^ACI lEOAlFWTiCE NOTICE OF FORMATION OF UMiTEO UA^JtV CORFORATiON ALASKA EMPLOYMENT - N wne of Ckvnpdny; Rshlng mOL^ry Earn up to lACH UMOUSNE ^ ^WtCE.aC TM#25.05-3-21 , Cc^meretQl. .13A. Ai ‘Seeled Dd^ a o to be sent to Okego County Treosyer. Box 2(&. Cooperstown, NV T3326. so thot they ore received by 3 Ring with State: January Dote ^retory 1995 Cewnty ot Componys Office Location- Ofsalgo S6j(X)Ch per month. No ^perlence neeessory Mde/foruxe. Age T8-70 Coil: ( ^ ) 6454155 ext. FEAT^IE WRffER/ RE­ PORTER Ful or Port-lime Good k^lno and atm- (Aitef dtils Khowtadge of OuSk ond Taker a i ^ . CkiD Jimal4NVSCAN2 Pagamaker a j ^ . 0 ^ 0 ^ 7)647-2845. pm OTM June 29. T9W Envelope mould fnoifeed'B©*. Die Se«vetc»v of me State of n » state of New v<xk hoi been d^gnated as the / ■ ------------------- O^EGO COUNTY. OIR OF PUBLC HEALTH Master's In public . I ADDRESS [ c it y ______ II -STATE. I n de_^ ----- „ Agent cjf AEROCOACH P^tXlc health or UMOlSiNE SERVICE. UC retafed f ! ^ ♦ 3 yts. fUi time upon whom proceM moy PL*3lc hecflh admin, exp bo wrved. ond the post S40i»0-SSSj(XSQ DIR office addren wffNh or HEALTH. PhD ♦ 5 wfflhout tws ifat© to vmioh V«- exp., or MSW ♦ 7 ym. the Sectet(vy of State m o l ^ Sofloiv: S400BD- j a S i i i i r f e i ; s S ipp or mo ^ craw iiMnirawi: ctr»/mE $,/* mesa Co. Personnel Dept.. OffiVER DESERVE TOP I TOP OTR/Peefer. overage pay S600»/week. 25C» m!,'wk. regi/or home lime, new e^lpment a top notch C@MDn!0H8|FtA{£ . benefJti. fejiji^on Motor Conlets 1 (KMO JOIN-BMC EOE. JuteMN^AN □ $ 1 1 . 0 0 I Up to IS WordStar ~ two fiays...S8p eacli ai^illoftai word. Usa tile Cominarcral A^ Blapk II you are o m m § ^ service, reams, or selling {r»reliandlse end are flgRgrating an ineen^ or p ^ il on a emtimfng rnm'mmmmmt ffnedday). 2 If txd b a j^ a a ftJ bokince ckie muit be ^ i d wHi*ilOda^ 3. Uixm fecaipt of i 8B3VICB.UC P.O.BOX^ OtesKt. NewVcvk 138^ The pixpdsd fot MffBdi f 3- f«caipt of final J S S t o S fS s w « S s s 4. Ihe County Ti«aKff« --------- -- ----------- to say. FlUN©:6/a/9! Juie)4c) m2& (am f OATC R3R ■ EOE lVf®r/6RAPHlC /^ B T Fifl 01 poit-tkne. Goodeffli. tthowJedge of wssoiofi Wend and Quaik nseeaory Can Ooito at (^7> S47- May7TFC UObWy Company ooted: M W t. f AEROCOACH ^©yaii I 6. ay NOVM^ . _____ t 15. 1995 I fftew G C M ^ iX d d e fofm e ------- — ................... ......... — a i i ^ l preflffitM agrees to •A ii'«tt«p'aieeaiiiiiM i|.iiiiiiW nv struelwe SSMCE.UC P.0.80X320 otego.NewVonnm (UunlAdpscj Bwpkiyniom Opp^uniilss II tin ^EEfijAII’S JOURRAL LWeBlf PESPlBWIBMa HOWES a s s a s s f f l ' * ” [ D 1 L esal N otices I i L egal N otices I j L egal N otice 1 1 L egal N otices I j L eg ^ Nonces 1 Hap W anhu 1 H elp Vlim m 1 D'opr'e’ory cap a a ’v • '■ 'll.*.\'' 01 O ’ SIGO fteaa'es iho* rt is owned. loosed and operateo t>y the County of deadly weopcvt or instrument of any currently sfancCng upon tn© premises oi statxitze for the cooperstow n central KlHOOl » i

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