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The freeman's journal. (Cooperstown, N.Y.) 1924-1996, May 24, 1995, Image 10

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10 □ May 24. 1'995 □ FREEMAN'S JOURNAL FREEMAN’S Classified /OURNAL RATES Prlmi& Party: $9.8S up to 15 words for two days, 350 each additional word. Commercial: $11.00 up to 15 words for two days, 5 0 0 each additional word. SPECIAL FEATURES Bold Heading, $2.25 aum p 6 r 9 dlper 2 -e^Ynm Double Sized, bold heading (timlt 10 ietters per line) Bold Copy, $ 1 .2 5 8i/m tsar ad par 2 -day run REPLY BOX NUMBER $5.00 additional charge BUSINESS & SERVICE DIRECTORY One Year: $25/week Half Yearf$22/week Quarter Year: S)/week HOURS Mon.*RI., 8:30 AM.-5 P.M. ADdUSTHENTS Eveiv ettort is made to insure the accuracy of your ad. Please check your ad at the fir^ inser* tion. For multtpia insertions of the same act, credit will be made only for the first insertion. Credit given for errom in connection with production on ads is limited to the printed space Involved. The Freeman’s Journal reserves the right to refect, cancel or cor* rectty classify any ad. CATEGORY I N D E X ! ’ Help Wanted ^ ; Pets Babj^ttiifig ; ; Services Profe^ionat Services 4 Farm Supplies Foment ; f WantedldHeni For Safe , ^ ^ Ust&FCund ^ Miscellaneous “ Business Opportunity ^ Sttuatlon Warned wanted ' \ Real Estate Wanted ^ Real Estate l ^ r Sale Mobile Homes Garage ^ tes Automobiles Computers landscaping 607 - 547-2545 Now You Can Fax Your Ad To Us: 547-5587 CHENANGO U l Upton • Rockdila* RTvintdo* ... Your ad will mach homes and businesses In this distribution area. L egal N otices I lEGftL Nortcs I I L egal N otices I I L egal N otices 1 I L ebpi N oto ^ I I L egal N otices I 1 L egal N otices >Al NOTICE ICE o r 3ALE lESflL NOTKgS legal notice VO'Ct ’C P.fASf 'AX'. \ 0 ’- \ '( r bids wi oe 'ecevod •LffCasir'y Age''? 1 ' '-'n' r-c e r V t ' --ee* \e<* • ’B ’ o' e w /SiVA .tOvjO jtsT'w jsr.e' ‘ Meaoovtfs T ^cc'''rJ^r'ce w '' \''o ons D'0t>'!'©■! bv •'« Agf,.' ■/sogc iT. '.v.drv A r> is US' D® o'^c osea ' :: sec'.jre'v seni«»c .be xx\- •’■e ' .-•'j’ .o'' •s’., '.y§HWAS^-f tr sof'ec •• e 'e'i'’ r : o© 'ban Weanesaov Vav 3 ' 'W 6 a* 'fVX a - :..L>e'.<K! o'’‘d co''si. Je'e;! Bidae's m e ocjvsea ^o' •0 'OtV or ’ler\ dOv 'r.ji. servces BiCJs \'us* be \ ’*^e -•ftco \■e °(jrcbQsi'-'g ly fall to do so wiibin The v'o'K ff'© moiling address is C o jr N Office Building 19 7 viain Street Coooersfovim. New Vorv 13326 All Didaers must cwnpiy Joe'S\ jw ' *.e« - Age' ocr.Gp*. ive sp©u.\e'! rjrye . wT* m® piovisoas of m e Senetoi Municipal Low a n d Qi o'nei opphcaWe lows 'he County reserves the ',gh* to reject ony and OU Detoiis ana goeciflcotions □ined of me they i 9 Purchaang time specifled Agent during regular Otsego County reserves working fvxirs or wCI be the right to waive ony mailed to bidders upon intormcSitv In order to reject request any ot all bids and to Noncy J Morton occept the bids which they Purchaslhg_Agent deem most fovotabi© Otsego CoLXit May New York County Attention V Is. tW5 bidders is particularly c iy24ciegai to the requiiemenfs os to ittdM No 53831 BJI MS-OIAA STATE o r NEW VOW SUPREME COUI 7 T COUNTY O f OTSEGO aiCHARO H CUlfiERT. Ratntitt against AEROCOACH LIMOUSIN^. XRVICE UC served upon turn cf her is 1. PHONE IT IN! Yourour changeshanges wrillrill bee Y c w b charged to your credit card Our classified advertiser is on duty Monday thru Friday 9 to 5 p TD R O P It BY! ONE OTSEGO COURT. COOPERSTOW N, NY Our office is open Monday - Friday 9:00 a m. to 5 p.m , if you wish to place your ad Ip person 3. MAIL IT! Use this order blank. Please enelose your payment or credit card Information and mail to; Freeman's Journal P.O. Box 591, Cooperstown, NY 13326 a.m to 5 p m Call 547-254; m m m NON-COMMERCIAL CLASSIFIED AD BLANK No _____________________________ _ Exp./Date (MoVYr.)-------------------- P H O N E _______________ LEGAL NOTICE Town ot Sprtngfleio Ptanning Board wai conditions Of employment to be o b ^ v e d ana minimum wage rates to be M ^ N EPPEBIV ORENCE EPPERLY. Deferxlonts a shoit be accwnpamed ih pursauance of a Judgment of Eoredosute O tego. New York ^ 2 6 The purpose for which AFPOCOACH UVOUSNE SERVICE. LLC IS form eais to e n g a g e i*' any lawful a c t o ' actvny tor which imi*©a iiobiOfy com p a m a s m ay De orgarw e d under New York lim ited i abiSty Com pany Community on Jino 1. 1996. concemk^o (^^30sed subdivision by L Brookmon located on Allen's Lake Rd N N ^ n Seaefary Sjikingfleld Planning May24clegai with o signed, ncxvcoiiuesve ^^^00. auiy mode bi^gce^tlcote ,2 ,995 entered Otsego County win not ,no otsogo County accept bids from not agrks Office on May I6 award contracts to 1995 me undersigned the anyone who cannot ckove peferee m said .judgment to the satisfocticn of vvai sell at puwrc auction ot Otsego County that they ,ne front steps ot ’ns have sufficient expenwice otsego Cour'ty Court in mo type of work bio ond House in the vitioge of are finondally obie ana coopwstown otss( Doted MOV 1 . AEROCOACH uMOUSiNi SERVICE u ( O tego New York 1 6Junl4ciego' ) 80 x 391 'Ofk 1389> « PtflSTUC NANIE - LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE TO BIDDEIS NOTCE S hereby g iven . Uio luiuiajuiiy ulko U\U COOPWStOWh OtSSpO u'.-'ou L>udjtfY orgaryzed to successfully county New Yom at 9 M Company (uC) n Nv ---------- . --------- - -------------- - Articles of Orgarv/ot o ' filed w 'h Seuo'ory of Slate lorry out the work cov^o d a M n the *orenn >y me « » c m c a tw s m the ,5,^ oay of Juno. 1995 A D D R E S S C I T Y _______ required times Bidders must saiisty ^ the premiias cfioctod by .S T A T E . □ $9.85 Up to 15 v.7ords for two days...35C each additional word. YOUR AD RUNS WEDNESDAY AND SUNDAY! MAKE YOUR AD STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD! Pick one, or hao special features to help you sell, rent, or buy. ■BOLOCOPY. .$ 1 . 25 '''’ '”' ' * \ “\ ------ Sptcewifourentlfead ____ _ Auto., air, AM/FM cas­ sette, excetlent running condition, blue with vinyl top SPECIAL FEATURES are NOT discounted for additional TO T A L _ ______ _ to?a?Sly lox'SmS^s. COMMERCIAL CLASSREO AO BLANK ........ EapJPate (MeJVr.)„„.. ... . ... ....... ........ PHONE Munictpal LOW. mot SALEC BIDS ore sought by Otsego County tor the reconsfrviction of Bridge Bkt No 3353880. County Rood HB. Towns of Lour««. Otsego County, all In cordonce with ^ .wdgment to be sold Ihwnseives by personal and desaibed os toiK ekomyiatton of the locoticn Volley doamevts prepared by The Standard Englneertno Corporation BidcEng documents may be examined at The Sondord Engineering 12 fi/tetro Pork Rood Albany. NV (518)458-1313 Otsego Co Otsego Co Hij^wov Linden Ave. Cooperstown. NV 13326 (607)547-4263 ofthoiocoTicn -Tax Mop of me proposed w®k, ana town of Ch©ry Shall not. at any time, al'® Qlsego County New Yoflc. aibmisdon of bids or oNeiii Rood 5 56 profKTsals. dispute or Qces vacant land\ comploin not assert that 5^0 premisra will be sold fh®o vms any jybject to zoning ^ d o f s t a n c ll r ^ in regard , 9 s,„cf.ons covenants to the nature of amount of easements. con<Sfions work to be done reservations ana All bica must be on the agreements, if any, subject term suppSeO by the ,9 tacts as to posse^on Cointy m the project and occupancy and marazca and ajbmmed tn o subject to vjrtot&vei me secuety sealed wivelopo ph^cal condtfon of me w»h ft» hofortlon ^ID • pr©nlso 3 may be, subject ““ fYSE RECONSTRUCTION- to any vtoiation of me fed thffleon and must zoning and other municipal of NY on 3/2/95 NY oWce iocat>®i OTSGO C o u n t, Sec v of State's deOgrxj’O't as agent upon whon process agoTist m© iiC servea ujoon h m /h® to 3776 lotest Cissotve JANUARY 3 1 20 » ®igoge PutpoSQ T Effective ante DATE hereof 6May31c«0gai octMfy befe^vedetmeoffleeof otc^ances the P u rd fic n ^ Agent no reguSottons. if any. and if .................... *------ - •• United Slot lot® than 1000 o.m lo c j America should Compa 1 1 :™ ^'ctes LEGAL NOTICE Ntt UPTCN MtS0t£ UC hos bean fam e d os o domesttc umtted uobSity larty (U.C) in NV Orgarazotion W7) 547-4263 1998 oT vimtch f&ne bids wS! I'en or omer lien a ^ i ^ t m Orgar^ottoi Plans and specifications ^e pubacty opened and tiled with Secretary of Stoti ^ be Obtained fiom the ot nv on 3/2/95 NV afflci Otsego Coznty f^smoSng Mom Americo to re)y on neirt day maa »TV1ca».B(dsmLAtbelhtho any ooaitie C o m ^ ^ ^ c e BilUinQ. PUfsXtasIng and/or penal (607) S47-«39 at Q COU Of 1 , « - *” '100 (horwefiataaKD). any teal property tcaes plus any odcfitlonai interest United States Also subject to . m » PLffChd£ng Depoffment I plans w cpedfiMHoro 9,13 gffg, vs0b0ma20dvsfaft^^o- woiKng doty. Foxes win not payment of the foe oq ae^pted ss »£a'sr..\.Sp'i:r. hdnsCngOiotwofUmSaMo). PAVUENT ISOS? SE tXMS oddfe^as aro ^ te^ird be due and outsti the date of s Robert W. Brch. OTSEGO County State Is deagnofed agent upon whom prooaa agamsf the LLC served SecY of tat© sho3 mtfl o ct^y ot eetved upon him/hcs to Dated MOV 16 . T995 (V. R n-'\'— lopsrsfown. New T6 MARIO! ParVnall & West, Attorneys for R 111 Main «f!e:otV0 JANUAf?V3t.2025 n S - s r ! ADBBESS STATE , .................................................... _ 2 I P ................. ! 1 O $ i i . o o I W p t 0 l S w | r 0 s f o r , I r i t e l f YOB i r d ©ffaknp a I I m u M s , o t sellmg lim i e i i n K n s e a n s s r a ^ 11 g ir teraflitg an fncain© ar 1 l | g | ^ eonfinufng 3S0£S !e£gnFiB>eHEexiiA&s pAYAtis TO ms &5mm Of ortESo. e o m jm CHECKS WIE MOT SB Aceem>. Bash bt^der miof d ^ s if wfSih t m fe!d o cai!S 0 d chsticofnfXimffKX) T0% of me boM bid Of d bid bdhd o bondB^ ls«ned to do EH&'f^mn^Sateofrtsw voik m me foim emd pTovtdod urchosng Coirnty of having contract Dopatunml Otaogo. as (^(^ed me doeixnenTs. NOTE; The loeotlon of the Oc^OfTmemt 19 Main Stresf. Co<X»ef8town, New. Vodt me mallnQ Odclfea ii sehi Coixiiy Office emcmg, T97 00,9 Mom Sreef. Codpeutom Worcester. NV 1: (607)397-806? 4Juhe7clagat EWoctSvo dCJto. THE FILING DATE HEREOF. 6Moy3lctogai GtLBE^^COMMONS LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE OF FORMATION OF UMITEOUABIUIY CORPORATION lomo of Company Company gtC) iROCOACH UMOUSNE Articles of OraortEdllon SERVICE. UC - ------- - - - * - has becm f^med os a domestic Umifed UabOity Flflng with filed wtm seefstaiy of state of NV on 3/2/95, NY office ------------- tXddws must canpiy C{a*,iy OUOf ante* tnar me oiciosf me vafO fthtftr Inta e eenttarst I Rxntm me nac^ssry and irmcnses for I to it!5. If C f k ^ . end tnixt be fctfcifcd to Otego QsisTfy 03 caLidoTod dentases if Company’s copy of any process |o agalnsl tho U.C served State i^on hsn/hw to C/O THE I York UC. 15 m m u AVENUE, been dodgnotod os eiLBMSWUJ. NV 131776 , Mjsntof A^OCOACH ------- I um OUSINI EEm/lCE. UC pfOC(B3 r FWtasn^gonT ujy j£sn« 3 a, end r ®*^8oCoim!y office addroa w wiftwvt mis stcrre ft Ited-Moy 1S.IQ9S fho Socrotoiy of Stoto dTQ) CMaySKaago Lafeif date to ______ 31. m Pwisoio: ~ 3 In ony towful ) To wftfcn Stoto dTQ) onypfoceH date: THE HEREOF. FOJNG ©AffS Otsego Coopsrstowr (607) 547-4: COUNTY RE5 Lost dof© fiOf M a ^ c l yOLff dlBdCt 400«/weei(. I ms. contr< lovely oc /locations. 1 a «> le pie . i 3807. May24NN^ CRUIS St- S300/S9(M round podtli Msn/Womei and board. 24 May24NVS IS what yw, you con tt< eri with over the ro or someone to team to you ore irm Merit w H h€ •rasrsng you you way . can earn 1 over S20CX) first yeor. com^ohen Why wolf? ( m 'JNT £ xj « apDiicafiort Dy coOng EOE Sut^i May24NVT •EMPlOVfli rne prea t •n<Wt wflh i posxrr (od DhOtO^QJ^ dosgr^. 1 empioymsK NVPA Ne '2203-4M7 MOV24NV 43P tend CGQ^ wBhfim waoxii 2.Sdcr6 ^ g i

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