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* I fL>-^ 10 □ May 7,1995 d SUNDAY EDITION Sports Welch sets mark in 3,000 Redskin girls hosts Little Falls May 8 BILL FRANCIS Sports Editor COOPERSTOWN - Coop- erstown High School ajphomore Renee Welch set a school record in the 3,000 with a time of 10:57.4 as the Redskins giris’ track and field team defeated, visiting Mt Markham (87-39) and Richfield Springs (108-14) in a three-way Center State Conference meet Thursday ahemocm. Welch held the old 3.000 record of ll.-01.9setonJuiB 3.1994. With Thursday’s two wins, the Redskins raised their dual-meet record this sea^n to 11-0. Qxqieistown ffinior Megan San- came in having won 37 straight dual meets We have a few more quality athletes than Herkimer does this year.” Herzig said. “The girls were very e x c i ^ with the win. Everybody was really sycbed. We were pointing ford coitinued her stnmg se Thursdayrsday with wins in the w (13.4) ami 200(27.2). Feltow «nior Melissa Raddatz came home with viaraies in the 800 (2:32.0) and 1,500(5:12.7). \All my 1,500 runners were unbelievable Thursday,\ said Cooj^rstown Coach Connie H«zig. “A lot of different people contributed to the wins.\ Otha individual evem winners for the Redskins were Lauren 100 RENEE WELCH Groff in Ore 400 (I;05JJ), Marley Wright in die lOO hurdles (17.3), Nancy Sansevere in die 400 hur­ dles (1:19^), Alanna Murphy in the triple jump (29-2) and Kristen Trolio in the h i ^ jump (4-8). The 1,600 relay team of Katherine D&^, Naifliie Laidlaw, Meiis^ R a d c ^ and Croff won with a time of 4:36.1, and the 3,200 relay t®m of Karen Craig. Gretchen Raddatz, Welch and GrolT won with a dme of 10:44.3. The Rolskins begin the wak Tuesday with CSC wins over vis- lung Heikimmr (74-58) and New York Mills (122-10). “Tuesday was a real big meet Herkimer is our biggest rival in the Center State Conference and tard this. Defeating Herkuner was our first big milestone this fflason.” Sanftun! again proved her domi­ nance in the sprints with victories in the 100 (13.8), 200 (27.4) and 400 (1:04.4). Welch took first in the 1.500 (5:03.1) and 3,000 (11:12.8), while Wright won in die 100 huF^^ (17.5) and 400 hur­ dles (1:15.2). Gretchen Raddatz won the 800 (2:35.7) and Trolio tt»k the high jump (4-7). “Megan Sanford plays a big role OH this tffian,” Herzig said. “Our middle distance and distance peo­ ple really cleaned up. Kristim Trolio won the high jump, which was key. Lauren Groff and Ci^chim Raddau: £dro ran well. Renee Welch beat Melissa Raddatz in the 1,500 for the first time this season and beat her best 3,000 by 20 seconds.\ Tire 1.600 relay of D ^ , Sarah Pbrscms, Groff and Sanford won in 4:35 J . Gretchen Raddatz, Kim Murphy, ttea and Groff won the 3200 relay (10:516). L ippitt- Continued Rom Page 9 around and ran hito the imselmll com:h (Tom Kenn^), and tme dang led ro another, and he e n ^ up^v- ing me a tour of die campus,” Liiqtinsaid. \He (Saban) was out of town and wasn’t existed batdt till later in the aftentron, but I su^tped by his offtoe anyw^ and he had goomt ba:k Meethtg Saban fw tie aSi time was a t ^dting fflqtatee for “Lou Saban is really som^hing. I knew him finthn the Bills and knew be was coming to Alfied. W etali^ about his ima ccsaching ffom “ s’sr’srrally ihepK-w«stolhepoi He ani^guy^.soinspiraiionaL Itwas g bdng in the rame rm>m as m nellyelly l<oo^g him. I'm n l ftawaid to playing fiar him,” Liiptt said. “I mid him I wasanmning bt GIFFORD PAVING CO. O UR 36TH YEA R IN B U S I N E S S Family Owned 8i Operated ”SuccBSSfu/fy Serving the Cooperstovm Area S ln^ 1959 \ Reasonable Prices Mm Fully Insured l-» Free Estimates !•» Drives to Rt Every Budget !■» Blacktoi^ng Driveways and \BlMcktopptng U • Uajor Invattment, Wa Do II (ktrraetty tha FInt Tima\ 31S-822-52S4 o r 822-5186 Freeman’s Journal FOEoxS91, CooperstowiijNY 13326 back and linetack^. He said he doesn’t tike tei&y running tracks and 1 0 ^ my ^le^inthedO. Isetithiin video- rai»d highlights of this i m football aasffl) and he lite them, too.” “Buddy is voy much in twr plans. Ife has a lot of ^ qualities «« are larking ftr tm this football team.” Satan raid. “I liked what I saw on the videouqra ta s e t, and he s e ^ like a v»y sdid young man.\ Lqqria was a CSC all-star this past season as a running back, line­ backer and punter. TheRoiskins finished 1994 with a 3-S reccud, with Lippitt rushing for almost 700 yards nine touchdowns. He also made clora to lOO tackles. “Lou Saban warns me to get on a weight inogram this summ^. 1 weigh 175-180 now and I want to come in at 185-190. I’m woiking at a lumber yard this summer so that should help,” Lippitt said. “Freddy (Kttffe) and ButMy (Lippitt) both came out for the foot- tall t^m as fieshmoi and bodi have made tremendous crauributions rince. Hiey’ve beo) the comerstcme. of the progimn Mnce their sopho­ more yrars,\ raid Cooperstown foot- bal) Coach Bnree Andrews. “Fred playai three years at offensive line and made a major sacrifice when he swirehed to fullback this past sea- roa Buddy, who missed all but one game of his sophomoe season bomuse of a h ^ injuiy, is just a r great athlete.\ Aarerding to Andrews, the only athlete he h ^ had in bis three yeans as varsity coach to continue a foodiali (rareer in college is Jim Kouredy, a junim at Catholic Univosity. “You have a legend (Lou Satan) and a whole new; (Alfred State), but I think they’U be finO* ThC*’**^ tv\lh rrAivrf otasrlonto Tire Pioneers are in Re^on 01 with Onondaga Community CoUe^e and Monroe Community College. “Buddy L ^ t t is irartof otnr fomt real lamtiting class, and resulting is gtaig well' Afler a good fiil scaran, we finishai witi) a 4-10 regul^ ran maik this ^ [^g, including a trip to Maryland,\ said Kenney. \Baddy raems like a real quality We're looking at him primarily as an out- fieldrar. I've liked what I've tuwd and I’m going to tty and see him play thisqnring. He’s athletic, fast, has a good arm and can drive ranrebody in fion first bare... we’re lotMtg fctt tlurae kind of guys. Hremwillbea kn of players krreddng h e ^ u> make the team in die M and I’m kxddng forward to dto:yng BmUy out when he ^ h o B , ” According to Kenney, Kofier is aira interested in ^ving the base­ ball team a shot “Coach Kenney has called me rhey’re both good students, lir time demands will be fi»A ifl An/lnsti/o but their 1 intensified in college,\ Andrews said. “I ho]re to make a trip to see drem play nmit searan.\ While the Alfred State baseball team d o ^ not have a ccrach with the name recognition of Lou Saban. it is an up and caning program still in its infancy. Baseball has been reinstated at Alfred State after a more than 20 yarhiams. The P ia i e ^ last played ba^tall in the e^ly 1970s, and until the 1994-95 ralKwl year the Pionems were not rqneranted cm the diamoid. Alfied State has rejoined the National Junior C olley Athletics Association at the Division I level. ney hat five times since I visited ... more than Lou Saban,\ Lipjntt raid. Lippitt is a two-time all-star base- baU play^. As of Friday. i» hrd conpOed a 2-0 rarer! as a starting pitcher for tire 5-2 Redsldns. playing center field when not on lire mound. “He Ojppiu) was the Msssi V^uable Haya on the vanity tara- ball cemm as a sophomore” s ^ Cooperstown barabaD Coirii IRank “His overall batting average in three varsity seasois is o v a .400 and his on bare pocenioge is close to Ife mams the odfi^m trep- tiotaUy well, hm a grad rem. is a real team playaond a solidgay.” Alfred State showed ire signs of rust in the fall of 1994 as the toun gm off to a 9-5 start. B ills Continual from Page 9 an inducted memba of the Greater Buffalo Spots Hall of Fame. According to Saban, his am h e h ^ him g a tire job at Alfied S t ^ “My son was one of the final- Myi ists for the job. and during the interview they asked him if he was my son. Then t h ^ asked him if I might be inrerested and the next thing you know I have the job,\ Saban said. “I started OcL 10 and have already talked to well over 1,000 kids from New York, New Jersey. Connecucut, Florida and Pennsylvania.\ The Pioneers will have a 10- game schedule in their first sea­ son. Though the entire schedule is incomplete, the fii^ two gomes in < Ifr l msfop :• omoiicm etrxi 1 607 433 0100 ROUTE 23. SOUTHSIDE • ONEONTA 4 3 3 ^ 3 OR 433-0100 » 1-800-499-5263 May 12®, 13® & 14® fram 9 am * Busk ✓ OtlTQUH MAWOflWOOB MODULABS t OWseuarta 2 *Homca W®th Uakktutma* / &^CBC:gl«l70 \ ' Featuring A m e n t ’s m Home BulMer- Fteetvmod Homes IN STOCK raxTOtSC) - SBcinn. 2 Ba 9 i Conipteto Sot-Up l9 From The Lot & Foundation To Tbs Won, EioctFk^ven The &tv«way M t s m s s s r m m m i m FREE DRAWING $ 0 •traOULABS \V • SECTIONALS 1 •TO W NH OUSES I •DUPLEX^ •SINGLE*LANS I ^ «FlNANeiNQ J C msB \ I H o t m g $ & ^ O a I \ h eun~toBpjm*J easvFiNwaaNsX t.^ r a m t k r w n | a Lai^ilhmra Comlrai I aupre^Yeare . I ^ tew o s t Ratos ^ - i i © © E L B l © W « © P T | .. €0t& U C oleys T ruck P arts The area’s only authorized John Deere industrial distributor. ffUCKS rr= KSi Monday - Friday, f-5; Saturday 8-noon Rt. 23. West Davenport 278-^11 or 1 (a@0) @46-3832 Accadmg to Saban. tire teun. which will start practice Aug. 16. will play four of us teune games at Alfita Umvmiiy and ore at Harreti. Saban bnhgs to Alfred State more than 50 years of expencii^ in athletics ot all levels. Besides coaching the Bills, mode stops along t Univermty of Miaini, as athletics d i ^ to r and head football coach; Bills, Saban has also mode stops along the way with the 1995 are certain. Alfied State will open its inaugural soison Saturday. SepL 9 at Lackawanna Community College in Scranton, th^ Denver Broncos, as general manager and head coach; the Bosum f^ttiots, as administrative officer and head coach; the New York Yankees (1981). os prest- denu and Northwestern University, as head coach, to name a few. PA, and a week later. Saturday, Si^L 16. will host Valley Forge MiUiary Academy. “The success of the program will (h^nd on the athlete and the money,” Saban raid.' “We’re going to tty to feamre the pass, and I tbii^ we have the yreungstms. but we’ll have to wait and see whai T hree S mart M oves to H elp O vercome O bstacles TO R etirement .. S ecurity Ithen you begin investing for retirement can subsUmtially affcci your IRA balance. ^ Ash an A.G. Edwards investment broker for free I itinstt-ations on the \Cost of Waiting” and \Investing Eariy.\ How you invest your IRA is as impoilant as how much you ^ Call an A.G. Edwards tovesimeni broker now for ^ timely tovestmenl ideas that ^ v e ypur IRA the ^ earnio^ potenllal your retiroment securi^ dearves. RTiere you Invest yow IRA reflet^ Rte vabtls you place on your retirement security. ■ Choose an A.6. Edwatds PuIl-SeiMce HU for such ^ wdiutbie sendees as eomfilhneiitaiy heljp in rairaiisting your required distributions for foe IRS, one consoli' dated statement and m udi mote. What’s the right move now? Talli wifo an A.O. piwards investment broker about foe Ftill-Sendtra BRA. ^ GB^mds TriistedMvise • Rua^finfmi S a v ^ 7001 ^ 1 ) S i Offepma see what kind of aibistss come out We had almost 70 come out for spring prac­ tice, and foroogh aittition and oihea- things entkd up with about SO for the sitting pme. The spring p ine wenivety well.” n ie two-year school dues am have its own on-campus football siadiimi, but one is in the pinnning stops. Farfoe lime being, Alfied Stare will be using Alfied Univeisity‘8 Memll Field. Saban also was on All Pro All Amiaican Football Canfmtui^ line^ker for the Qeveland Browns during the l^ul Brown coxhingeia. TTic AAFC opaaied from 1946-49 with Cleveland win­ ning oli four champ{onshi{B. \1 took a sabbatical from coach­ ing for a couple of years to wofo for the Yonk^s. G ^ p Sieinbiminer and! p b o ^ to when for ite Cleveland Bi 1 play«l for tire Cleveland Browns. Geoige was a fan of the Browns and we t^sm e firioids,” aid. “When I treouno head emreb 01 Nonhweaiaii in the I95(te. 1 mode George my nssiggnt rcceivcis coach. He was a great coach and an excqjtionoJ reouicer, os you can probably imapne.” When not on the job, Sata\ and ^ wife Joyce r^ide in hfouni PLEASE SAY ¥ E S « In foe veiy near future you will receive a phone from a ^ representative of foe Cooperstown Police Benevolent Assodalaoii. We wjl be asking for your support for oar ® scholarship ftmd for deserving ^ttdente. we wfll also continae to spnsor and support foe loy Scouts of America - Explorer Post # 911 , youth teb a u and youth progmias, involving boys and young fotetWhout foe entire confome our to do as much as we can for eveiyone • from young to senior citizens. In fight of foe pub& controveiBy regatding when one of our foBm caHs... PLEASi BAY TO, PM Steekiag, Pregld©iit CeopsfstDwa PJi*4. OFEEC Society 1 of ihe 1 the (HQt Liszt OL theF%si ^(% esi Director S o c i^ and wil \Cluif oratorio between inmtssh hewasi M thi posing! found Ih treanar Usztl “Qirisiu litto]^' oral ini aich^tr demandi their I3UI 1873,^ resouro At It “Chiisti falliiag audiem sujttem OM •Thel widi Oorl^ Univei “Ha at SUi '“c > added

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