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d . . No. 10Volufrt9 S © 1 9 9 S W T F P.O. Box 591, Cooperstown, N Y. 13326 Serving Otsego. Delaware, and Herkimer Counties March 12, 1995 Three Sections 16 Pages .50 Cents Newsstand !Oloicllw 6 xnan |i 4 ligHS! position lon^toym board - ' Q m e ^ I if?®nffl»8^te<3jana3ffllaiasub- ^tIufIed. her n^giKi^oa efifeciiv@ ^ iapediaiely a t tfie 8 u iea- - aieOK^otown Boiuti a i Q e t k l ^ e l a t a e s a i d Itirat ClJfflRteriaiii resifned her I pqsi|i®Bl)eeaiise m meved, aad I is IK> tonger a iesM ^ tof tswii. ^ Tov^n Stqiemsor I3avid 'Bsssiwcftultl not b e ii^cbed to t ccHtunsnt o n dis t t ^ p a t i o n nor , to discass a fJosdbte appoint- > msnttoi31,fii@ |x»stton. Llutematdexno M t officials ^^l^datSUCX) ‘d M O J iT A - Tlte Staae Univmity College ai Ooeonto wSl in^t an Internet ' OempstiMQB 1^ Onecsito tuui toit/n g&vminent oMdals OBdfafinearatffirsof the Ctainber of Oaimnraee and Ute j^wniowm Ooeonta Task Foice ai 7 fun T u ^ y . March 14 in AUto R(K) iii oa the tiiind ilotar o f i ! e 3 Mine Ubran'. For thopt^t two y ^ r s . the col­ lege and a m m r u w a of other ii^ttiiions iiave Ixscn sesdung gttut otonay to create a regional neiwQife t o will give t te public in O issf), Oiojango, Schoharie and Dslnwa&e counties f r ^ Qixess bi^elfUenKi. n « event on March 14 i.s designed to demonsnate the value Dut^ to «lio ^ of the room and d ts naioia of dis deaioiisoa- lion, (mblic I m cot boen inwtod to this CV0II. Agenda set for CM A meeting COOPERSTOWN - m e Cooj®!St®tvn Merchama’ A sociatlan Iras slated its next t o t t o g for 7 pjit. Monday, N to d l 13 a t lire Tramicliff Inn. David will presisit the 1995 evems end pramotiofus for the NaiioKi! Baseball Hall of Fame and Mnsoiin. lln t o agenda will be S ^ t 0 ^ 3 > a y , trolley adver- f for Iha CMA. the *%e|. ‘ -■•■-'piT c o n c ^ a vend. - I nside - Businsss ClassiBetls 14-16 Dining & Entertainment^...,,,.? 0 p iaio a - « „ ~ » .™ , RiKifonBl News. . 2.3 iSpnrts ......... .... .... RlmPtTfilk. „ Richfield Springs to freeze spending community,” said Szaiko. “Almost anything goes as long as it’s approved by the (Community Involvement) Committee. It’s an School superintendent tells department heads not to increase budgets By DAN SHERIDAN Editor RICHFIELD SPRINGS - Richfield Springs Central School Superintendent Steven Szatko has directed the school’s department heads to put a freeze on spending increases for the 1995-96 budget Szaiko noted that, with the proposed spend­ ing package proffered by Gov. George ^ t a k i for New York state, there is a very good pos- sibility'that schools will receive less state aid for the coming fiscal year. Microfilm program continues Two vendois ,/u)sen by county board reps By DAN SHERIDAN Editor COOPERSTOWN - With $49^00 from the state, Otsego County has hired vendors to take care of an ongoing nitcrofilming project. The county Bomd of Representatives recauly voted to A public h ^ i n g on the budget has been set for May 15 with the vote on May 17, Szatko said. \I have given a directive to all of my people that no ojne will hand in a (departmental) bud­ get widi more spending than this year. We’re shooting for the same spending, if not less, than the current budget” The Richfield Springs School Board met Monday in a budget workshop prior to the reg­ ular monthly bi-monthly meeting, and depart­ mental figures were pre^nted by Vickie Johnson in the Library/Media Deimnment and Barbara Horwald of the Inlerscholastic Athletic Department The science defmrtment also gave a presen­ tation on die use o f technology in the science curriculum. The elementary and secondary school, as well as BOCES, will ^ v e their budget figures at die March 20 meeting, Szatko said. The current spending document shows a total appropriation of about $6.1 million. Said Szaiko, \W e’re trying to keep no increase in spending to match no increase in revenues. You might see a budget with less spending, but because of the reduction in state aid, I can't say that there will be a tax decrease.\ In other news: • The board heard a presentation by Sue Lawrence on the Conummiiy Involvement Program. Richfield Springs students are re<]uired to put in 15 hours of community service before the end o f their senior years in order to graduate. ‘They have to give something back to the (Community Involvement) Committee. I opportunity to gain a sense of community responsibility, and that’s what it’s all a b o u t” Szatko said the school program is linked with the town of Richfield Planning Board, and some of the students are involved in leaching and tutoring younger children. He said that there are only two students of approximately 50 candidates for graduation who have not yet stoned their community ser­ vice projects. The board gave us approval for two safety patrol advisors, Tracy Nicotera and Connie Gravelding, to attend a Student Safety Crossing seminar in Washington, DC May 13-16. hire .Microimage Poucrsvillc for 16 Biel's Microfilm < tur L''iroi lilrmng and cvjuipment pure haves Miaolliming, said Terry Blm , Otsego County planner, is c ^ o t i a l because of the space limitations in county buildings. Rep. Kairl 3. noted that the paperwork had piled so high in one building that the third story floor was sagging threatened to collapse. nage Systems of Poucrsvillc for 16mm filming and Biel's Microfilm Corp of Buffalo ». Ka Schoonover, R-District P R f 5 ) G I 3 Y third story floor was s and tened to \It wa.v putting stress on the fliKir,” he noted. \They had to tw removing matcruls.\ He said that the county decided to apply for a Slate Archives and Records Adminisuation grant in order to begin putting most of the county’s paperwork on microfilm. Money lor the SARA grants, said Bliss, cause no financial burden to the taxpayer, becau.se the money is collected through county filing fees. “That's why Ste future o f the ipani program d o ^ ’t hinge on tax levds,\ Bliss ^ “T h a e shouMn’t l» quite so miKh change as in p n ^ r a ^ ” Otsego County receivat SARA funding in the early 1990s to inven­ tory its records, stud Bliss. “We looked a t what the oaunty had and the ^tace it timk up.\ Ite slid. \We lecomroraidBdaplao the care and handling o f tlte lecmds. Cotoin itotKds h e d i s p o ^ o f in favor of mioofilin. It revolve tuound how hmg we n e ^ cratoin im n d s .\ Titeie are some r ^ s d s to c o o n - ty most keep pennanently or for a long uine. Bliss said, and tim e are oiiien which are one-of-a-kind docttnienis such os old maps and draw ing o f sirocttnes. \Last year we applied (for a SARA gnuit) to do s p ^ ialty. tc work,” he said, *‘We received $49,350. and that’s all @ant money wid) no county match required.\ That money was used to ttontiact with Microimage Systems and Biel’s NScrofilm Coip. to take the ooanty lecords and microfilm them. The original film will riten he stored, and the (saun^ wEl receive user etqties of t o film. The eounty. it was cstiinatt4 has 650,000 images to be ffimed. Pari of t o moitey, s^d 8!i^, will go toward a tiiird p ^ y q o ^ y am* trol check to sore t o B ib meets state standards, the co«ni(jf ipQsi also buy speslsi firepoof ean- nisters for t o fite being stored an enginci^ing readcf for t o rouhqt Highway Dcparimeni which win aiiow h) to i deporiment to reatflifgedocumems. He dtat there has been some See V^IDORS o» Page It Rtota by nai Wdcotl Students at Riverside Eemertary School recently visited the Oneonta Airport as part of their transportation studies. Riverside kindergartners visit Oneonta Airport for tour By BILL W OLCOTT Staff W riter ONEONTA - The two kindergarten classes from Riverside Elementary School visited the Oneonta Municipal Airport on Tuesday. The precocious 5-year-olds were stampeding aro s s the tarmac as part o f their unit on transirorta- . Brock Maher, a student teacher at Riverside lortation that started iraid during the tour. \W e’re doing a unit on iransportt with land and water, and this is the conclusion of the unit on air,” Maher explained. As part o f the pre^ntation, die more than 40 stu­ dents from Sandra Occhtno’s and Johanna Wclge’s c l a s ^ were given a tour o f the facility. Amid cries of “whoa” and \cool” the students walked alcmg the expansive runway, listened in on the chatim between pilot and a im aft controllers on a radio and even got to sit in t o ctKkpit of an airplane, bombing and shooting down tmoginary enemies. The hands-ffl) tour was d e s ir e d to entaiain and spark t o imagtnaUon of t o studenm while t o y teamed about t o tnm^xntation. roid Maher, a State University CoQ^o a t O itonta student in his eighth and final week otRivemids. \It’s one thing to talk tooul airplanes and sec them in pictures, but they leaUy g e t so excited seeing the runways and oiiplanes we’ve talked abouL” Maher said. ‘‘It tdro helps plant roeds in their imagination.\ h ^ y tim ^ t o young e h itoen suruggle to find things to write about in t o i r journals, he explained. “But now their heads are going to be so full of ideas on what to do,\ Maher said. And judging by the student’s questions Tuesday, their imaginations were cimainly piqued. “Ito s this plane have any missiles on it.” a freck­ led-toe, red-headed student asked airport mo;hantc John Whelan. For the kindergartners t o three-week transpona- uon unit is designed to help them recognize com­ mon fomis o f umsportaiion. “Basically we want them to know what a heli- COpto is or VvbaL a hol-aic halltvin is,” M a h er <iaid- Mahcr. who taught the entire unit, made t o arrangements for the field trip to the air|»rt along with otiier sites visited by t o students. “Everyone I have spokmi to really enjoys havmg t o children come over and check out their places of work,\ he raid. But this was not the only field trip t o students went on while studying t o tra n ^ itatio n unit. Earlt^, t o stoenis were given a taste o f the old times of land ounsportation when t o y went to an area farm for horse and buggy rides. “They (the students) couldn’t believe that there were UM always buse^” Mahm sridL But t o studrots were not just lam ing outside of Riv^-side. there were in-ctess ttemonsnarions ^ welL Earlier in the unit, t o students teamed about rail­ road safety from a Delaware tutd Hudson Railroad police officer, and about water tiunspoitation from parent wriih a six-foot model o f a railbom. Funeral directors undertake set burial rates ByDANSfieRIDAN COOPPSTOWN • County funei^ dltecrois fought tos new rates to b ii^ iitdlgsnt pmoos» and the C o u i^ B iaia of Eepresentadves adoptoi an updated popqgssd for t o e Kites. lames Down of Coopqrsteiwa appeared beftHo t o icpespitaiives to outline t o propositi fee s ^ turo to Imtials of pco^e who caanot afford to p y to t o sorviro* osd who ©ante tMra t o ipptecs iof t o B e p titneai tem ites. Bow tteted iMt ibero has otR been m lnsstea» L b eight y ^ t o ssrriros rendered, flie new ^ e d on \a la carte menu’’ tqi Dow, ^ves fiuntites opdons for varioos hfimre f^evitmsly. tonili^ wets charged a set fee, vrithoot a cfmro. to pick and choose whai t o y wanted. Also involved to t o attoted tegis- ladtm is a clauso a ^ g te l t e s m pay t o Goslof the buiMor croniaiion. ^Unit pricing i$ unfair^’ said Dow. \li kas been ro p l a ^ with itemtod |iri<^ t o t is Mv^Kigeous. Ii’s like an a t a c ^ menu. Families will only.bec h a r ^ t o items which to s e t o t .* * Irao new figpires, said to w , \mote ggifly sis t o t o s^vic^ wo’re pTOviffing.” He noted tot more and more pie m choosing eiemaUon msr burial, and raid that asMng t o a eonti^tiiiffli by t o family is thing ii&w. tow said t o to a is to make those who can afisid some of the cost num lesponsibto instead of allow­ ing t o DSS to fern t o enure btfl. “We find ouisclves bolding to bag if we don’t reduce t o cost.” he said of t o new sBuemre. “If t o Etmily is in a posldon te pEovIde t o some of rite trosi. it would be as item tot t o coisny have te pick up.” ‘This is something that we have traditional­ ly done at Richfield Springs.” Szaiko said. Bus line subsidy criticized OPT under fire by Oneonta alderman By BILL W OLCOTT Staff W riter ONEONTA - Cuing the recent controversy at the county level wser Otsego Express, mcknamed Gus the Bus, being in the red. an Oneonta aldoman turned his sights towards the Oneonta Public Transit system After a Common Council discus­ sion Turaday night on the new side­ walk program. Sixth W jr.l Aideiman W illuni Shue . the city's subsidizing oi the put' .. transit system. “I am asking the q u^tions die com­ munity is going to have to ask l»cause the money is going to te tight,” Shuc raid. \We’ve got to a a n hacking away until we get some money.” Shue’s comments came directly after Shuc complained about the quality o f sidewalks and street with­ in the Sixth Ward. During the side­ walk discussion Shue told the coun­ cil alrout the sidewalks in his ward that are covered most of the year with deep ptxils of water because ot the ptror drainage on the street. In a recent cay Engineering Department report classified by wards, the Sixth Ward was identified as the want with the largest amount of sidewalks in need of repair. However, Shue and the Sixth Ward are caught in a Cak.h-22. While there are more sidewalks m need of refrair, most of the worst streets within the ward arc in need of tnajt» repairs, too costly of a project under the sidewalk program 's $85,000 yearly budget A c c o rtog to the engineer’s r^xm , most of the worst streets are b ^ r su it o as a capital project, siiniter U) last year's Chesmui and Main s tr u ts rKonstruction p i o j ^ t But b»;ause the list o f capital pro­ jects was put to g e to r in t o fall, several months before Shut t o ComnuHt Council in January. :he aldm n a a and his ward ha%^ . left (Hit in the cold, so to speak, at least t o year. F r i i s t s ^ over diis. Shire took a page from the books o f county law­ makers and criticized t o city’s tran­ sit system for running a deficiL Despite taking in more than $S0D,(X}0 in revenues last year, the money still fell A p p roxim a tely $139,000 short o f its oirerating bud­ get, Mayor David Brenner said. In light o f this, Shue argued that maybe t o city should take a second took at providing a city-wide public tranritaystem. Bat Stme’s argument tro quarter from his fellow council membas. Brenner said Shue was mixing apples wid) oranges in cmnparing OPT to G u s t o Bus. “It’s two entirely separate tilings,” Brenner said. \Tkeir’s (Gas) was predicted on b ^ n g a b b to get Medicare and Nfcdicaid {tetienis and Bap san e o f t o itioney that was going to o t o f county agencira.\ Brenner said t o d t y has b ^ n Sec O P T on Page i i - r

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