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Catskill Mountain news. (Margaretville, N.Y.) 1902-current, August 30, 1973, Image 5

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NEWS, Margaretvilile, N. Y. Thurs., Aug. 30, 1973—Page Five ByM n.AIbertii 8 M .r 8 h.U N s'. TremperskiU, Aug. 30 O a k V * i \ Mrs. Lillian Haddon of East E 7 ^ * S343. Herbert, Roy Jr. & Lu- Branch and her mother, Mrs. ^ n ^ t S M ell F r^Ju ' ^4, B’d N. Greiner. S. Will Davis of Halcottville. were W^Odeli:’5 ' a ^ ’ $ m S ) Wilbur E Rd.. W. Ai^tm dinner guests of their aunt and E790. Odell, Ivan, s\ B'd N. s548^NeweU^ Robert ^ SI J d sister. Carrie BeUe Elwood, on St., S. Odell, E. Odell. ^548. NeweU^ s Irel'lnd. E. Wednesday. \\^'^15526 Mrs. Jack Allen, daughter, g ’d N. Knapp, S. Wheeler St., t o WN OF'STAMFORD Pam, and her son spent Friday E. Gordon, W. Scott, ^ acre Farms Inc., 2, B’d with Milford Butler. N. Brockway, S. Sturges, E. E819. Schaefer, Richard & Mar- R^rkwav W H Way, 8 Russell Treat of Cheshire, |>ne 3. B'd N Wheeler St.. fc° s Conn., spent the week with his V aSeU “ 4 a c f r ^191, Many Farms, Inc, 2, B_d uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. ^ r o u w o f wAMfT^^ Sturgess, S. H. Way, E. ^ I d Tuttle, and daughter, B'd Carol. N. DeLancey Water, S. Sun- , t ^ o Erin Tours Inc. 1 B’dN. Mr. and Mrs. John Davis and '^ac?ls' a ®' J ^ b e l , son. Bryan, of Rutland, Vt., spent ’ ®' ’$?24Yn last weekend with her parents, L514, Sparling, Arthur & Shir- ri=r 7 fi'\ppnnv' AK-a’&~Francis 1 Mr. and Mrs. Ray Winner, and ley. WCS, B’d N. Benson, S. N Z ’ckev S R R A^e son. Dick. Dick Winner went Merrill, W Hul- E. Kell^ W\^ South S t r t i ’ with his sister for a two-weeks t a c r e _______ _ ___ ^ ----- :.$329.17 vacation. U639. StewartT Adeline Est.. 1, w ■ B’d N. Tyler, S. Beers, E. Lib- Old Home Day will be held at Highway, W. Imp, erty St., W. Kipp, acre the Shavertown Community hall \\TO w rTrvi-'H iM r'K o ^ — - ------------------------ $511.57 on Sunday. Sept. 2. A dish to H262, Cassaro, William & Ano., s I'^ ' e K c ^ pass and one s own table service DCS, B’d N. Ives. S. Ives. E. lucres’ ^ 0 2 88 wiU be needed. Ives, W. Rd., one sixteenth uTel^’lS n y f a r m f l n l T ^ DescendentsofVelie and Anna niimnnH hplH thPiV familv rp H337. Darling, Edwui, HC 6 , W. King, V4 acre ---- 5>489.58 Uumond held their family re- Leased land of F. Goebels TOWN OF TOMPKINS union Sunday at the home of _ _ _ ______ $123.21 T17 Barnhart, Scott L., W 8 , B’d Henry Weaver and his parents, h 1316 , Reeser, Joseph, HC 6 , B’d N. Furman, S. Gutmann, E. Mr. and Mrs. Warren Weaver Sr. . N. Pinto, S. River, E. Schnei- Thorton - Wood, W. LaTour- Those attending were Mr. and der, W. Peppard, 1% acres ette, 127 acres ---- $293.01 Mrs Gilbert Lord and Mr and $57.59 T159, Dufton, Floyd & Doris, 6 - fIIi H1348, Roglar, MUdred, HC 6 , 26, B’d N. Andaloro, S. Duf- ^ S B-d N. Wormuth, S. Wor- ton, E. Apex Rd.. W. O&W, Cobleskill. Mr. and Mrs. William muth, E. Bauman, W. Rd., one third acre $195.07 Bolde and family of Saugerties, one third acre $247.63 t 221, Goshen - Mountain Dew Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Norris and H1374, Salvola, Vincento, DV24, ,, Rod & Gun Club, W12, B’d N. family of Kingston, Mr. and Mrs. B’d N. Schrier, S. Road, E. Wilson, S. DeNapoli, E. Road, Ronald Tait and family of South Bennis, W. Schrier, 25 acrcs w RW.S., 10 a c r e s - _ ^ .1 8 n/r, $342.69 T232, Greenidge, James W. & Kortright and Mr. and Mrs. h2280, Wahl, Douglas, 6 , B'd N. Desiree, D ll, B’d N. Clark, S. Warren Weaver Jr. and family of V7. Main, 3. Conway, E. Ros- Clark. E. Clark, W. Clark, 3.1 Beech Hill. enfield, W. Collarini, % acre acres $63.45 • -$390.88 T298, Hyde Fuel Corp.. r i4 , W. Miss Alma Fau-bau-n of the TOWN OF HARPERSFIELD B’d N. Lot 174, S. Lot 180, E. Barkaboom left Friday for J118, Dean, Robert F., 1, B’d N. Walton T. Une, W. Lot 172 Cobleskill where she will be a Basile, S. Fisher Road, E. & 176, 387.23 acres— $535.30 student at Cobleskill State St., W. Basile, 1 ^ac^ T299 H y ^ Fuel CorP^;,WU University Agricultural and j2oir Grcenr Robert W., 1 , B’d E. Watson, W. Lot 176, 181W Technical college for the coming n . Peck, S. Beach, E. Simon, acres $331.26 year. W. Red Rock Rd„ 6 acres t300, Hyde Fuel Corp., 1’14, W, ... , , , $909.67 B’d N. Lot 177, S. Walton T. Miss Margo Fairbau-n of TOWN OF KORTRIGHT line. E. Walton T. Line. W. Albany. Philip Fairbairn and K328, Many Farms, Inc., J., B’d Lot 179. 188.8 acres__$254.75 George Balcom of Margaretville N. H. Way, S. Ballard, E. T. T302, Hyde Fuel Corp., W12. spent the weekend with Mr. and Line, W. Magno, 5 acres B'd N. Lot 176, S. Creech Lot, Mrs Lester Fairbairn ^_$706.78 E. Brks Lot, W. Lot 171, 100 Mrs. lis te r fairbairn. Trimbell, Inga Est., SK, acres $152.73 _ 1 Tfc • < 1 1 1 B'd N. Hway, S. Hway, E. T303, Hyde Fuel Corp., 1-21, W. R n n d s B e n i o r a o k l Dlbble, W. Hway, Vs acre B’d N. Lot 178 aiid 179, S. U U U U 9 iJUmM. $656.91 B.W.S., E. Walton T. Line, ^ , rpu r. A TOWN OF MASONVILLE W. B.W.S., 615.6 acres $790.36 ^ w York—The Power Au- p i 2 , Baker, Ray & Wife, TC, W, T304, Hyde Fuel Corp., 1-21, W, thority of the State of New York B'd N. H. Way, S. Ramig, E. B'd N. Lot 197-198, S. Lot announced Monday that it is Ramig, W. B'inch, 1 acre 197 , E. Lot 198, W. Hunting- planning the sale of approximate- ----------------- - ----- 77 — ton, 30 acres -------------- $63.47 Iv SI 00 000 000 in revenue bonds Cole, Gale, SC, B d N. T305, Hyde Fuel Corp., 1-21, W, ly 5 1 W ,^ . ( ^ in revenue Donas ^ ^ ^ ^ g ^ on Sept. 26, to c o ^ lete the 3 $212.85 Line, E. Lot 180, W. Lot 178, financing of the 800,000-kilowatt cole. Gale & Anita, SC, B’d 190.32 a c r e s $254.75 FitzPatrick Nuclear power plant N. Braisland, S. Smart, E. St. t 401, Mintz, Roosevelt & Wife, near Oswego and the million- Land, W. Cole, 94 acres D ll, B’d N. Cammer, S. kilowatt Blenheim-Gilboa pump- ----- ------------ o?? Derby. E. Derby. W. H. p H storao^p nower nroiect near P169, Foster, Clifton A., SC, Green, 97 acres ----- $139.94 ^ B’d N. Foster, S. H. Way. E. T528. Simmons, Earl, W5. B’d brand Uorge. Warner, V/. Foster, 8 acres n . W’ilcox, S. B.W.S., E. H. - ------------------------------------------ -------------- - -------------$1062.47 Way, W. Wilcox, 1 acre DELAWARE COUNTy . , , REDEMPTION NOTICE Belknap, S. Cunningham, TOWN OF WALTON STATE OF NEIW YORK E. Howland. W. Cunningham, W242, Dunn, Charles E. & Er- Delaware County 20 a c r e s $135.59 wina L., WC, B’d N. Rickard. ■ n ^ a ^ r ’s Office TOWT^ OF MIDDLETOWN s. Rd., E. Lakin, W. Rickard, Delhi New York M5, Ackerley, Chester & Flora, 1 a c r e $198.17 WHEREAS, arrears of taxes 1. B’d N. Miller, S. Ackerley, W373, Hide Fuel Corp., WC, for the year 1972 charged and K. Dobsa, W. B alko, 1 acre B’d N. City of N.Y., S. Nowo- imposed pursuant to law, were —r— gorski,. E - , W. Watson, 88.38 u n ^ d on the several lots, M 6 , Ackerley Chester & Wife, acres $335.22 tracts or parcels hereinafter 1. B d N. Miller S. Rd., E. W390, Houck, Floyd. WC. B’d described, and said parcels were Ackerley, W. Miller, one-si^ n . Whiteside, S. Bartlett. E. sold on the 31st day of October $1M .^ Bartlett, W. Gifford, 4 acres 1972 by the County Treasurer M299, Decker Lavvrence E., 1, $243.98 of Delaware County, for such B d N. Siska, b. Siska, E. W728, Rugby Construction Co., unpaid taxes, which parcels of Siska, W. Siska, 1 acre wC, B’d N. Treyz, S. Nowo- land €U-e described in tue follow- j gorski, E. Schlafer, W. Nowo- ing lists: M357, Duffy, Edward J. & Anna gorski, 88 acres$335.22 _ TOWN OF ANDES M., 1, B d N. Gray. S. Rd.. E. W998, Austin Sales & Exchange A381, Francis, William & Mar- Pagano, W. Hoy-Rueda, 16 inc., WC. B'd N. Austin. S. garet, AC 2, B’d N. Fletcher, ;; - — $262.42 Village of Walton, E. Rossa- S. Wagner. E. Rd.. W. Conni- M^9, Gonzalez^^ Gilbert & mondo, W. V. 4 acre $1488.94 nal. .8 acre __________$88.02 Theressa. 1 B d N. Rd., S. W1038, Bean Bros., Inc., WC, A887. Sprague, Bruce. AC 2, B’d Reitaond, E. Redmond, W. B'd N. Doane, S, Town. St., E. N. Weaver, S. Carle, E. Weav- , Major, 1.3 acres. — $37.77 Franklin Rd., W. West Brk., er, W. Weaver, 1.67 acres M5^, Gonzalez, Gilbert, 1, B d 2 a c r e s $1671.83 ___ : _______________ $150.85 N Rd., S. Redmond, E. W1195, CatskUl Forest Products A1089, Degnan, Thomas Est., Major, W. Gonzalez, 1.05 inc.. B’d N. Del Krome. S. AC 2. B’d N. Main, S. Brook, ----- - ----------$158.61 Possemato, E. Possemato, W. E. Shaver, W. Gladstone, 72x M ^ 8 , Hackett Ralph J & Robinson, 4 acres— $1671.83 100 __ _ - $581.50 Gwendolyn, 1, B d N. Hub- T O ^ OF ^V IN A bell, S. Stream, E. Rd.. W. - , W1558, Jackson. William D. & B269, Neal. May, SKCS, B’d N. - t -- t ---- Lina Belle. WC, B’d N. Rob- Rd.. S. Lane, E. Daly, W. ^ ^ 8 . Hemmdmger Jacob & erts. S. Bailey. E. Vancott. W. Ball. 3% acres _______ $86.72 Emily J-. 1. Bd N Small, S. Gris. St., % acre$354.52 - TOWN OF COLCHESTER Small, E. Small, W. Rd. ^ W1591, Kingsbury, Thomas Est., C744, Lestmil Realty Co., Inc., Tweedie, S. Hime, D.. B’d N. Road, S. Jaworski, MM9. Hernck. Alma K . 1. Bd e . Fancher Ave.. W. Ruther- E, N.Y.C., W. Cable, 77 acres Vil. Une, E. ford, % acre $191.31 __ _______________$212.82 '^*1- Line, W. Kaufman, 37 W:»l3, Sprague, Ivan & Myra. 0813, Meredith. William D.. Bd —V-WC. B’d N. Harby St.. S. N. Reside, S. Stuart, E. River, Brandt, E. Ostrander. W. W C&S 36.16 acres__$303.65 ^ > E. Pelan, W. Balcom, Ostreinder, V4 acre$35.99 _ TOWN OF DAVENPORT r- — $293.50 W2022, Steinbacher, Daniel, G118. Burdick. Wilbur Est, 1, Salvatore Et wC, B’d N. Signor, S. Signor. B’d N. H. Way 23, S. Fish, E. 1- B d N Schneider. S. E. Griswold St.. W. Budine, Fish, W. DeSilva. hk acre Rd., E. Schneider. W. Rd.. ^4 ^ a c r e -------------- $244.76 ___________________ $173.79 r.-rr -r—r— W2023, Steinbacher, Daniel &. G227. Eichler. Bruce. 16, B’d N. Marjorie E.. 1. Eleanor, WC. B'd N. Stein- Doyle, S. Halfpenny, E. Half- S-,Rd- E. bacher. S. Houck, E. Pome- penny W. Crepeau, 53 acres Whitney, W. Constable, one- roy, W. Conklin, acre _ _ _ __ $144.59 sixteenth a c r e --- $94.20 $153.26 H a r^ton. .^ n e B.. 1, B’d ^1668 Whitney. Marjorie E , 1, W2037, Stickles, Susan. WC, N. H. Way, S. H. Way 23. E. ’ Mead St.. S. Budine, Crk., W. Crk.. % acre $535.67 Whitney, 1 acre E. Howell St., W. Schrer, % G664, Shelton. Walter & Nancy, --------- - ----------- $372.82 1. B’d N. Lewis, E. Hway, S. M ^ 7 Herrick, Ronald & Ahna W2085, Townsend, John R., Est., Kenyon, W. Lewis, 3 A. $43.78 g d N. Herrick S. Her- WC, B’d N. Belmont, S. Tee- G750, VanPelt, Charles. 1. B’d E- Hubbell, W. Kauf- han, E. New St., W. Barnes, N. H. Way 23, S. Nissen, E. 16-8o0 acres. $213.71 % a c r e $171.56 a Way. W. Cody, 1 acre ^2071, Blain, Max 1, B’d N. NOW, THEREFORE. NO- ______________ $501.90 > -S- Rd.. E. Mikolai, W. -nCE is hereby given that in TOWN OF DELHI ----------- $496.50 pursuance of the authority vest- D724. Annstrong. Charles & M2130. Fleischmanns Develop- ed in me by law. I will, on or Alice. 1, B’d N. Penfield, S. ment Corp.. 1 , B’d N. Nonn- after the 31st day of October Crk., E. Kinch, W. Rosa, ?/ Stream, E. Graves, W. 1973, convey to the respective acre ______________ $317.26 . .St a c r e $4229.10 purchasers at such tax sale, the D1074, Mathieson, Collin & M2181 Kratochvil. Chloe, 1, B'd lots, tracts, pieces or parcels Barbara, 1, B’d N. Kinch, S. St., S. Kunstadt. E. Kun- of land sold to satisfy said Eighmey. E. County. W. Ave., stadt, W. Linden, acre taxes, and notice is hereby % a c r e ____________$197.01 - --------------------$364.52 given that the last day to re- D13T7, Commercial Electronics. M^46, Rosendorf, Beverly. 1. deem said parcels of land from 1, Public Service, - acres Bd N. St., S. Wortman, E. such tax sale expires on the __________________ $226.02 Martens, W. Pasternak, 1 30th day of October 1973, and TOWN OF DEPOSIT $291.55 all persons having an interest E1230, Greenman, Wm. & Mymei, M2^7, Rosendorf, Beverly, 1, therein are hereby notified to D3, B’d N. Gardner, S. River, B d N. St., S. Vil. of Fleisch., redeem the same on or before E. Greenman, W. Hibbard, E- Rosendorf, W. Pasternak, said date together with all in- 2% a c r e s ___________ $92.73 „,^^acre $158.38 terest, costs and other charges E385, Odell, Ivan & Wife, D3, M2339, Halcottsville Water Co., accruing thereon and taxes paid B’dN . Lake, S. Rd., E. Kings- , l- ^ ^ l i c Service ---------- $14L61 by the purchaser on or before bury, W. Stanton. % acre M2385. Halcottsville Water Co.. said date, and that in case of ____________________ $52.22 1. Special Franchise $189.56 failure to redeem said parcels E579, Wicks, Howard & Julia, TOWN OF ROXBURY of land. I shall execute and de- D3, B’d N. Rd., S. Warner, E. R-85, Bonadio. Paul & Doris, 2, liver to the purchaser thereof, Rd., W. Warner, 3 acres B’d N. Weiss, S. Milone, E. F. a deed of said premises, which ___________________ $649.47 Sherwood, W. G. Lawrence deed shall become absolute upon E 868 , Daniels, Lyle & Dorothy, Rd., 14 acres $2^.56 *be purchaser complying with 3, B’d N. Wheeler St., S. the statutes dn such, cases made Faulkner, E. Bilow, W. R-92, Bosch, Jose R. & Mary and provided. Strraig, % acre _____ ^60.14 Ellen, 1, B’d N. Johnson H. Cyrus Schoonmaker E684, Faulkner, Clifford & Rd-, S. E. C. Grant Rd., County ’Treasurer Wife, 3, B’d N. Kaplan, W. W. Van Valkenburgh, 25.7 Dated July 18, 1973 T r e m p e r s l d l l ^ o f sTdney®®'®^ YOUR A & P W E O STORE MARGARETVILLE OPEN WED, THUR, FRI 8 A.M. to 9 P.M. 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Mfg, t Co upon exp. 9—J — 73 I Coffee All Grinds A M 9 . 9 5 VALUE with this coupon MAXWELL HOUSE I (Mfg< ICoupC'H exp, 9—1 — 7 3

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