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Page F o u r -N W S , Margaretvittg. Y- Tfam , 2% 1973 Hotline Gaining Favor By Yoimg A random survey has recent­ ly been conducted among high school and college students to determine their a t t i t u d e s toward the Delaware county drug hotline and information center located in Delhi. One hundred and nine stu­ dents, whose aged ranged from 13 to 25, were asked whether they had heard of the center, how they heard of it, if they would call the center for hdp and their overall impression of the hotline and information center. Of those surveyed, 98 per cent said they had heard of the center, 62 per cent indicated they had heard of the center by word-of-mouth while 24 per cent had learned of its opera­ tion by a school or community presentation. A majority of those persons surveyed said they would call the hotline if they had a drug proglem; 18 per cent had done so, and 95 per cent of those people were satisfied with the help they re- ceiv'ed. Eighty-four per cent of the students surveyed had a favorable impression of the center. Only two per cent rated the center as unfavorable. NOTICE The Town of Middletown Board of Assessors will meet from 9:30 a.m. to 12 noon Sat­ urday, April 21, at the town building in Margaretville to provide applications and assist­ ance in completing applications for partial tax exemption for real property for persons’^ and over. Bring birth certificate, deed to property and copy of latest income tax return. PAUL TABER m29c Chairman NEW YORK STATE DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL CONSERVATION NOTICE OF APPLICATION Notice is hereby given that, pursuant to Article 15, Title 5 (Protection of Water) of the Environmental C o n s e r vation Law, John F. Veninga, #2 11th Street, Carle Place, N. Y., has filed an application with the New York State Department of Environmei](tal Conservation at its Regional Office at Stam­ ford, N. Y., where the applica­ tion and published rules and regulations for administration of the law are available for pubhc inspection. api^icant requests that he be issued a permit to install a 6 foot diameter steel culvert w th rocK wdng walls in Bryants Brook, approximately 3.5 miles ^ s t of Andes ^ong Route 28, Tovm of Andes, Delaware County. Any i^rson interested in this application who wishes to te- c»me a “Party in Interest” in this proceeding in accordance with the published rules and regulation of the Department must notify the undersigned in writing on or before the 6th day of April, 1973, stating speci­ fic areas of interest. Any Party in Interest will be eligible to be heard if a public hearing is ultimately held in connection with the application. GEORGE B. ELLIOTT Local Permit Agent NYS Dept, of Env. Conservation Route 10 Stamford, New York 12167 Date: March 23, 1973 m29p PUBLIC NOTICE NOTICE OF COMPLETION OF ANNUAL ASSESSMENT ROLL NOTICE IS HEREBY GIV­ EN that the Assessment Roll for the Village of Fleischmanns, N. Y. for the year 1973 has been finally completed and veri­ fied, eind that it was filed vdth the Village Clerk on March 26, 1973, where the same will re­ main open for inspection for 15 days from the date of this notice. DATED; March 26, 1973. ROSE GREENE VILLAGE CLERK FLEISCHMANNS, N. Y. m29c NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the estimated and tentative ■budget of the Village of Mar­ garetville, N. Y., for the fiscal year 1973-74 has been complet­ ed by the board of trustees and that a copy thereof was filed in the village office on March 26, 1973, where the same will remain open to public inspec­ tion until April 9, 1973. On April 9, 1973, from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. a public hearing .wiU be held at the village office to consider such budget before final adoption. The maximum compensation proposed to be paid to mem­ bers of the Board of Trustees from all sources is Mayor, $1,- 000; Superintendent of Streets, $1,100; Trustees, $600 each. Dated March 26, 1973. WILLIS R. MARKS Village Clerk m29c Margaretville, N. Y. NOrrCE TO BIDDER TTie Town Board of the Town of Roxbury will receive sealed bids for the purchase of one %-yd. used track mounted shovel. All bids are to be in sealed envelopes and plainly marked (bids) on the envelope. The Tovm Board reserves the right to reject any or all bids. Bids wiU be received by the Town Clerk in the Village of Roxbury until 7:30 P.M. April 10, 1973, at which time bids will be publicly opened and read. By Order of the Town Board FLOYD A. SLAUSON SR. Supt. of Highways m29c_________ ____________ ___ NOTICE The annual meeting of the Midrox Co-operative Fire In­ surance Company will be held Tuesday, AprU 10, 1973 at 10:00 a.m. in the Fire House, Rox­ bury, Delaware County, New York. The purpose of the meeting is for the election of Directors and any other busi­ ness that may properly come before it. HARRISON C. MORSE Secretary 2a5c ___ NOTICE New York State Electric & Gas Corporation has filed to become effective April 16, 1973, subject to acceptance by the Public Service Commission, re­ visions to its General Informa­ tion Schedules, P.S.C. No. 30- Gas and P.S.C. No. 90—Elec­ tricity. P.S.C. No. 30 and P.S.C. No. 90 have been revised to extend the discount period for the pay­ ment of net bills from ten to fifteen days. In P.S.C. No. 90, motor starting current limita­ tions have been revised. For full details of the revi­ sions, reference may be made to the complete story of the schedules on file at any of the Corporation’s offices. NEW YORK STATE ELECTRIC & GAS CORPORATION 4al2c_______________________^ NEW YORK SUPREME COURT SIXTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT tdonal supply Of p«re some water for the use of the crity of New York. CONSOLIDATED DELAWARE SECTIONS NOS. 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 20A and MIPACTON HIGHWAY SECTIONS NOS. 1, 2, 3 and 4 — DELAWARE COUNTY and CONSOLIDAT­ ED CANNONSVILLE HIGH­ WAY AND UTILITy SEC­ TIONS and DELAWARE SEC­ TIONS NOS. 30, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36 and 37 — D E L A W A R E ^ COUNTY. IN THE MATTER of The Application and Petition of ARTHUR C. FORD, EDWARD C. MAGUIRE and HERBERT M. ROSENBERG, constituting the Board of Water Supply of the City of New York, to ac­ quire real estate for and on behalf of the City of New York, under Title K of Chapter 51 of the Administrative Code of the City of New York, in the County of Delaware, for the purpose of providing an addi- NOTICE IS HEREBY GIV­ EN, pursuant to Sectipn K51- 15.0 of the Administrative Code of the City of New York that the decisions of Commissioners of Appraisal, NATHAN TURK, RICHARD H. FARLEY and VINCENT J. VELELLA, and the decisions of RICHARD H. FARLEY and VINCENT J. VELELLA, contained in the Second and Final Report dated March 11, 1972, and received by the Law Department of the City of New York, on May 16, 1972, was duly filed in the office of the Clerk of the Coun­ ty of Delaware on May 16, 1972. NOTICE IS ALSO QIVEN, that the aforesaid report and decisions will be presented to the Supreme Court at a Special Term thereof to be held in and for the Sixth Judjoial District at the Delaware County Court­ house in the Village of Delhi, New York, on the 2nd day of AprU, 1973, at 10 o’clock in the forenoon of that day or as soon thereafter as counsel can be heard, and at that time and place the Corporation Counsel of the City of New York will move for the confirmation of said report in all respects ex­ cept as to the awards covering the business damage claims of Stillson A. Tweedie Md Porothy Tweedie, Clarence H. Snover, Walter R. Tucker, d/b/a Tuck­ er Auto Supplies, Katherine M. Shaw, d/b/a Shavs^s Esso.>Sta- tion, Edward J. J. Bigert, TOfal' Hibbard, d/b/a Hibbard Lum­ ber Yard, Homer Beagle, a/k/a Homer Begeal, and Mildred Beagle, a/k/a Mildred Begeal and the farm machinery busi­ ness claim of Dewey A. Decker; and the said Corporation Coun­ sel will move for the rejection, in all respects, of the awards coverihg the business damage claims of Edward J. J. Bigert, Paul Hibbard, d/b/a Hibbard Lumber Yard, Homer Beagle, a/k/a Homer Begeal and Mil­ dred Beagle, a/k/a Mildred Begeal and the farm machinery business claim of Dewey A. Decker, or in the alternative, for the modification of such awards by reducing the Veter­ inarian business award of Ed­ ward J. J. Bdgert to ^00 and by reducing the T.V. appliance business award of Edward J. J / Bigert to $250, W reducins: «ie award ol Paul Hibbard, d/b/a Hibl)ara Lumber Y ^ d to $100, by rieducing the awai^ of Homer Beagle, Homer Begeal and Mildred Beagle, a/k/a Mil­ dred Begeal to $1,000, and by reducing the farm machinery business award of Dewey A. P ^ e r , to $100, on the ground that said awards are illegal, Invalid and void and because they are violative of K51-12.0 of the Administrative Code of the Q ty of New York, and said awards were so excessive as to slwok the conscience of the court, contrary to the law and facts or both, against the weight of the evidence, without sufficient proof, based on erron­ eous legal theories and the pro­ ceedings were irregular and on the further ground that the record does not support said awards; and the said Coipora- tion Counsel will move for the modification of the awards of Stillson A. Tweedie and Dorothy Tweedie, Clarence H. Snover, Walter R. Tucker, d/b/a Tuck­ er Auto Supplies and Katherine M. Shaw, d/b/a Shaw’s Esso Station, by reducing the award of Stillson A. Tweedie and Dorothy Tweedie to $50, by re­ ducing the award of Qarence H. Snover to $400, by reducing the award of Walter R. Tucker, d/b/a Tucker Auto Supplies to $ ^ , and by reducing the award of Katherine M. Shaw, d/b/a Shaw’s Esso Station to $150, on -the groiuids that said awards were so excessive as to shock the conscience of the Court, contrary to law or facts or both, against the weight of the evidencb, without sufficient proof, based on erroneous legal theories, axid the proceedings were Irregular and on the fur­ ther :^ound that the record does; pot support the awards; and fot such other, further or jdifferent xelief as to the Court may seem just and proper, and - the ob^tions, if any, to the CI«lfifefn6tion, modification or rejection of such report and decisions, or any part thereof, shall be heard at said Special Term. Although this motion is a motiOTi to confirm parts of the aforesaid report and decisions to some extent, it is in nowise an admission that such awards are not excessive or improper, but the City considers that it is not feasible or expedient in the circumstances to oppose confirmation thereof. Dated; March 8, 1973. Yours, etc., NORMAN REDLICH Corporation Coiuisel of the City of New York Office & P.O. Address ' 41 John Street Kingston, New York. 12401 ? (914) 338-3604 4m2dc The C larence D a n iels cam e hom e to a T 3 Ford th e b e a u tifu l lo o k in g outside, is a b e a u tifu l d riv in g inside. G an a city fam ily of four find h a p ­ piness o n the highw ay in-a tw o ^ c rar car? T h e C larence D a n iels of N ew ark did. T h e ir 1973 LTD B rougham is a ufhole lot of car, inside an d out, front an d back, on crow d e d city s treets and on the open road. A n d it looks it. “My b iggest p roblem ’’ says Mr. D a n iels, “ is g e tting m y friends to be- lieye it’s a Ford. ‘W h y ’d you go a n d get a big L incoln or T h u n d e rbird?’ they a s k me. U n til they get u p c lose’.’ It’s the kind of a problem a c a r ow n e r d o esn’t m ind having. E specially w h en the c a r handles like a quiet d ream in city traffic a s well a s on the highw ay. A n d o ffers real stretch-out legroom for (driver a n d passengers. A s the D a n iels’daughter, C a rol, a teacher an.d s.ix erf strong-m irK ied w(?m an, p y ts it: “A lot of b ig c a r s a r e aw k w a rd , blit th e BFOugham handles ven^ w ell. A n d I ju s t kind pf ^ ig the luxiHy.” M c^or T rend M agazine selected th e 1973 Ford LTD B r o u ^ a ^ n as th e ir Full-Size S e d a n (?f th e Year. S o did the C larence D a n iels. C h e c k it o u t a ty d u r local d ealer. C o m e o n hc«ne. -. BUSINESS DIRECTORY MONTHLY RATES 2 Inches - $9.00 1 Inch - $4.50 THE YARN SHOP Palmer Hill Rd., Andes YARNS - BOOKS - SUPPLIES Handmade and Crocheted Gift Item s PHONE 914-676-3296 Tues.-Thurs.-Sat. - - 1 to 4 P.M. Farms - Ranches - Retirements Recreational and Business SAFEBUY BEAL ESTATE AGEJfCY Richard Lybolt, Representative Main St. Tel. (914)586-4098 Margaretville, New York 12455 Roxbury Mt. Uptpn 326-7018 764-2108 FRANCIS N. DANIELS MASON CONTRACTOR Commercial & Residential Work Fireplaces - Stone - Concrete Screens, Tools, Andirons BERTHA DREIFUS PIN E HILL, N. Y. Telephone 254-5340 Custom Made Slip Covers Three Pieces—$45 CRAFT MOTOR CO. Main St., M argaretville Auto Body Repairs - Aato QIasa Good Unflrt Cara - WeWinf 24-Honr W recker Servlo® Da.y 686-4365 - N ight 586-4886 Trailers^ the camper’s camper Sales - Service T - Rentals W ittenberg Sales '& Service Route 38, Phoenicia, N. Y. CARPENTRY PAINTING Interior—Exterior ALTERATIONS REPAIRS Plumbing Repairs Electrical Contracting Joseph ]>Iack & Son ARKVILLE 586-3235 Bulldozing Backhoe Work Pond Landscaping Foundations Roads Septic Systems Sand - Gravel - Top Soil BILL COWAN TEL. 586-4381 MARGARETVILLE, N. Y. DAVIS L.P. GAS SERVICE 100 IlJ, - Cylinders - 20 lb Delivered or Pick Up Your Own and $ave Where good service and fair price go hand in hand. Gas Appliances Available Carl J. Davis ArkvUle 586-3255 PM DELAWARE, INC. APPLIANCES SALES: Frigidalre, Whirlpool, Gibson, Kitchen Aid, S c o tsm ^ Hardwick, Kins, Litton SERVICE: All Makes & Models MAIN STREET MARGARETVILLE 914-586-4277 Douglas Todd C a r p e n t e r ALL KINDS OF ONE-MAN CARPENTER JOBS Dry Brook Road Arkville, N. Y. 586-3284 S e e l o c a l i97 3 U D firou&bam shown vvith optiwial bejted wkitewaU tiKS. vinyl looi, iioal coraering Umpc lyyrnppj-. group. ... whose eternal iBARRE ieauty is docked by the fGUlLD j ttrwigest guarantee in ^ monument industry. Monuments John R. FitzSimmons Cluirch and W alnut Sts. M argaretville Phone 586-4811 Tom Scalza MASON CONTRACTOR # Brick • Stone • Ccxncrete • Fireplaces PHONE 586-4441 or 586-4694 HUBBELL BROS., INC. Kelly Corners, N. Y. 586-3278 Lumber and Building SnppllM F ry Roofing Owens Coming Insvflatloii Jester’s Funeral Home Andes, N. T. Phone 676-S148 JOSEPH’S B£AT7TY> SALON gletechmaann, N. T. 254-66(Mt Wigs - H air Pieces Q eaning - Cutting - Styling Touch-Up - Frosting Special Low Price «n Perm aaeat Wavea FREY’S TV SALES and SERVICE Phone 676-4424 ALL MAKES of TELEVISION REPAIRED Colored and Black and White Storey Plumbing & Heating F a ir Street, M argaretville 586-4022 Shop 586-4287 Home All types of Plumbing and Heating Installations and Repairs SEPTIC TANKS CLEANED ACE SEPTIC SERVICE ROUTE 28 SHANDAKEN, N. Y. SAME-DAY SERVICE 688-9962 688-5191 Fully Insure^ and State Lie. #10 O’Brien Electric • Troubleshoot and Repair • Service Entrances • General House Wiring FOR THE HOME • Intercom, Burglar Alarm, and Fire Alarm Systems • Trailer Hook-ups • Baseboard Electric Hot Water Heat—No Pliunbing Required PHONE 586-4038 MARGARETVILLE AA Meetings A t Ck)uld Memorial Church Main Street, Roxbury, N. 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KITCHENS custom kitchen cabinets bathroom vanities quality and builders line electrical fixtures PHOEmCIA ^ 688-7833

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