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Page Six—NEWS, Margaretville, N. Y. Thurs., Feb. 15. C h a irm a fl N a m e d T h e F leisch m a n n s N e w s By Frances M. Davis Stephen Karnas, editorial writer for the Miami News, is spending a two-week vacation v/ith his mother, Mrs. Guile Karnas, and celebrated their birthdays, which fell on Feb. 5 and 6 . Stephen also visited friends in Boston for a few days last week. A bake sale, sponsored by the WSCS Circle 2, will be held Saturday, Feb. 17, a t 10 ajn. at the Flisser-deGroff insurance office. Mrs. James Cantwell of Treasure Island, Fla., is a guest at the home of her brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Murray Mayes. Mrs. Cantwell is here becaxise of the recent illness of her mother, Mre. Nelle Mayes. > The Halcott Center Health club met at the home of Mrs. Mary Slavin on Thursday. Packages were made for shut- ins and for the Margaretville Memorial hospital. Nine mem­ bers attended. Dr. and Mrs. Donald Anker of New York city spent the weekend with her brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Ar­ thur Teig. Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Beck­ er and children of New York city spent the holiday weekend at their home in Armstrong Park. Philip Melnick of Rosedale, accompanide by hsi brother and sister-in-law, spent the week­ end at his home on the Brush Ridge road and enjoyed skiing at Hunter Mt. Miss Melanie Fairbairn ac­ companied by her father, was interviewed at Columbia Me­ morial hospital school of nurs­ ing a t Hudson on Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Harper Fair- baim and family and Mrs. Wil­ liam George of Denver were Thursday, Feb. 15 Sunday dinner guests of Mrs. Edward Ballard and family at Jeffersonville. A surprise l&th anniversary party was given for Mr. and Mrs. Fairbairn on Wednesday at their home, with 20 guests attending. There will be an all-day meet­ ing of the Home Demonstration unit at the home of Mrs. Betty Clarke in Halcott Center on Feb. 15. Greeting cards for the project will be needed. Mr. and Mrs. Sol Marx of the Bronx were weekend visit­ ors of their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Wadler, and f^nUy. Mrs. Harold L. Galloway, who has been a patient a t Coop- erstown hospital for two weeks, returned home Friday. The Galloways entertained their cousins^ Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hewitt, of Latham on Saturday. iMr. and Mrs. Robert Smith and son, Randy, of Woodstock were Sunday dinner guests of her mother, Mrs. Cassie Greene, and visited his brother, Donald Greene, who recently under­ went siirgery and is convalesc­ ing a t his home. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Greene of EUenvdlle also visited has \brother last week. Mr. and Mrs. James Dolan of Elka Park were in town Mon­ day. Town Justice and Mrs. SoUie Darling visited their daughter, Miss Beverly Darling, in White Plains on Saturday and cele­ brated the birthday of Mr. Dar- Mng with a dinner in his honor. On Sunday ^ e D^lings were guests of Mr.' and Mrs. Michael Porretto in Albertson. L. I., and celebrated the first birth­ day of their granddaughter, Shari, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Darling. About 30 at- tn^ed the party. iMr. and Mrs. Richard Finch have returned home after Arthur DaBresoia of Han­ cock has been named chairman of the Delaware county unit of the American Cancer society’s 1973 educational and fund raising crusade, .which begins April 1. 9 p>ending seven weeks vacation­ ing in Florida. They visited several state parks, among tiifem the Jonathan Dickenson state park in Jupiter, Fla., where they visited Mr. and Mrs. Bud Clausen. During their stay in Florida, they visit­ ed Mr. and Mrs. Larry Rey­ nolds, Mr. and Mrs. Janies Cantwell, Mr. and Mrs. Giles Tyler, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Finch and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Finch at S ilt Springs. Their son, Paul, and Miss Caroljean Mathis of Margaretville, stu­ dents at Delhi Tech, who were on between-semester vacation, flew down and were met in Tampa by Mr. and Mrs. Finch. Paul and Miss Mathis visited the space center at Cape Ken­ nedy and Disney World, among other places of interest. Town Justice Sollie Darling reports for the month of Janu­ ary the following: 47 vehicle and traffic cases, five criminal and two civil. A total of $675 in fines and fees was collected. Dr. and Mrs. William Cohen, accompanied by their sons, Ed­ ward and Joshua, visited her brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Robert LeToumeau, in Danbury, Conn., over the week­ end. Mr. and Mrs. Robert McGlone of Pittsfield, Mass., spent the weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Vermilyea. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Konit- zer visited Mrs. Anton Rehak and son, Emil, in Gr^nviUe- on Tuesday. Men’s Organization League W L Inn Between ------- 46% Basin Farm ____ 45 35 I. W. L __________ 45 35 Decker’s _________ 43i/^ Z&Vs Agway — -------------- 43 37 Todd’s G a rage ____ 42% 37% ArkviUe Plumbing— 42% 37% Catsklll Bluestone _ 42 38 The C arpenters ___ 41 39 Halpem Supply ----- 40 40 Dependables ______ 38 42 Wagners -------------- 37% 42% Masons --------------- 36% 43% L e g ion ----------------- 36 44 PMs _____________ 31 49 Redmond Tobbaco _ 30 50 Team scoring; Redmond To­ bacco Co., 1112-3037; Legion, 1071. Individual scoring: Jim Hink- ley, 215-214-596; Scott Bouck, 203-587; Larry Norton, 555; WUlis Marks, 533; Art Erick­ son, 533; Don Bramley, 201- 531; Len Faulkner, 528; Harve Slauson, 515; Ellie Maxim, 513; Ward Keator, 512; Bob Champ- lin, 509; Frank Chappell, 506; Jim Platt, 218; Fran Fairbairn, 207; Norm Blakeslee, 205. Men’s Subul-ban Lea^rue Points Won White’s Half Pints _____ 373% Bramley’s ------------------ 363% Fairbaim’s ----------------- 362% Arkville Plum b ing ____ 356 Inn Between __________ 355 T, M. Refuse Co.^ -------- - 354% New K ingston ------------ 339 Evergr^n L a n e s _____ 337% Dry B rook ----------------- 326 Murray’s -------------------- 325% Conrad’s ------ - ------------- 323% Rosa’s ----------------------- 320% Yaekel’s -------------------- 309% Tel-Viz ______________301% B.I.-0. Fire Dept ______ 274 Morse E lectric ________ 258 High team triple and single: Rosa’s, 2973-1021. High individual triples: Klaus Thienel, 632; Bob Veit, 561; Larry Norton, 560. High individual singles: Larry Norton, 246; Klaus Thienel, 232, 214; Bob Veit, 214. Margaretville Woman’s League High individual singles: Bes­ sie Davis, 224, 221, 192; Jackie B o w l i n g Robinson, 188; Dotty Miller, 188; Mip Blish, 187. Points Won MiUer’s --------------------- 52 Gulf’s ------------------------ 50 Traver’s --------------------- 48% DeBari’s ------------ ------- 47 Helms ----------------------- 47 Tel. Co. --------------------- 45% Sims --------------------- 42 Bramley’s --------------- 40% Cowan’s --------------------- 38 Circus Ceram ics --------- 37% Five D o llies --------------- 35 % Pro M a r t -------------- ----- 24% High team triple and single: Miller’s, 2467-913. High individual triples: Bes­ sie Davis, 637; Jackie Robinson, 532; Mip Blish, 521. Better Half League W L A & C ------------------ 48 36 Cats N Canaries ----- 46 38 Moonglos ------------- 46 38 Hippies --------------- 40% 43% Road R u n n e rs ------ 40 44 Nok M Ded ----------- 40 44 Nit W its -------------- 38% 45% The So So’s ----------- 37 47 High team triple and single: Cat N Canaries, 2343-847. Women’s high triples: B. Griffin, 500; P. Bames, 482; R. Fairbairn, 423. High singles: B. Griffin, 190, 162; P. Bames, 170, 167; M. Qardi, 153. Men’s high triples: B. Barnes, 546; R. Morra Sr., 525; J. Ci- ardi, 497. High singles: R. Morra Sr., 226; B. Bames, 206; J. Laine, 185. Friday Night Woman’s Leagiie W L Pink E lephants ___ 52 36 Kiddie K o a ts -------- 47 41 Merritt’s M o tel ___ 46 42 R.C.W.L. _________ 45% 42% DeBari’s Paints — 43% 44% Kelly’s Builders ----- 30 58 High team triple: M erritt’s Motel, 2849. High team single: R.C.W.L., 1019. High individual triples: Bess Davis, 541; Ellen Gray, 514; Dee Jenkins, 484 High individual singles: Bess Davis,: 182, 181,178; Ann Lange, 179; Ellen Gray, 177; Doris Shultis, 177. Early Bird League W L Sleepw alkers _____ 52% 31% Brownies _________ 49 35 Rockets __________ 47 37 Lazy B o n e s ______ 46 38 Sleepyheads ______ 43 41 G o -G etters _______ 38% 45% Dreamers ________ 34 50 Strugglers _______ 26 58 High team triple: Sleepwalk­ ers, 1608. High team single: Strugglers, 569. High individual triples: Betty Veit, 466; Bonnie Goodchild, 432; Mary Ann Halpern, 426; Josie Morra, 426. High individual singles: Betty Veit, 181; Mary Ann Halpem, 165; Charlene Neer, 162; Bon­ nie Goodchild, 162; June La- Marca, 155; Doris Hosier, 152; Josie Morra, 152. Woman’s Suburlian League W L ’Titan Drilling Corp. 54 30 Scott and Shultis __ 50% 33% Kass I n n -------------- 49 35 Ruff F a r m s ______ 42 42 White’s D a ir y ____ 40 44 J.A.G.G.G. _______ 37% 46% Northland M o tel __ 34 50 Heley A g e n c y ____ 29 55 High team triple: J.A.G.G.G., 2810. High team single; Ruff Farms, 982. High individual triples: Betty Griffin, 585; Mary Sanford, 534; Pat Bouck, 533; Jackie Robinson, 530. High individual singles; Betty Griffin, 217, 209; Pat Bouck, 209; Mary Sanford, 200. Evergreen Mixed League High team triple: 'Tuffs, 2322. High team single; In­ dians, 812. Women’s high triples; Doris S e a s o n a l D e c l i n e P o o d S t a m p s U s ^ C u t s E m p l o y m e n t Albany. — State Industrial Commissioner Louis L. Levine said that employment in Dela­ ware county in December was 17,700, a decline of 400 from the November 1972 total and 100 more than total employment in December 1971. Commissioner Levine said the employment de­ cline was seasonal. The unemployment toital in Delaware county for December was 1 , 000 , equaling the unem­ ployment totals for Novemiber 1972 and December 1971. The unemjfloyment rate wias 5.4 per cent for December, 5.4 per cent in November 1972 and 5.2 per cent in December 1971. Hinkley, 525; Bess Davis, 519; Pat Bouck, 510. High singles; Bess Davis, 203; Pat Bouck, 194; Jinny Jakszewski, 191. Men’s high triples; Harold Garrison, 503; Scott Bouck, 478; Herman Yeager, 477. High singles; Fran Hinkley, 1 ^ ; Harold Garrison, 178; Herman Yeager, 177. W L M.A.D.’s _________ 50 30 Four S tr a y s ______ 47% 32% Mustangs ------------ 47 33 Arrows __________ 42 38 D.C.M.’s _________ 41% 38% Tuffs ___ ________ 34% 45% Indians __________ 29% 50% B roncos --------------- 28 52 Purchase of food stamps in December increased the buying power of eligible Delaware county residents by $16,461. The 1,480 residents who pur­ chased the stamps for $20,593 were able to redeem them for’ $37,054 in food. Of the users 788 received no other forms of public assistance. C h r i s t i n a S c h w a r z F u n e r a l i n J e r s e y Mrs. Christina Schwarz, 72, of Meeker hill, Dunraven, a resiident of the Margaretville area for the last two decades, died Saturday at the Marga­ retville Memorial hospital. Her funeral was held Wed­ nesday afternoon at the Snover funeral home in Cinnarainson, N. J., with burial at Bethel Memorial park at Pensauken, N. J. Mrs. Schwarz is survived by two sons, Christian H. Schwarz of Palmyra, N. J., and Grey Schwarz of Mount Laurel, N.J., nine grandchildren and two great grandchildren. Her Bis­ ter, Miss Flora M. White of Margaretville, also survives. Mrs. Schwarz was bom June 2, 1900 in New Jersey, the daughter of Thomas and Jean­ nette MacBeth White. She was a member of the Clovesviile Bible Baptist churdi. fVWVVVVUVVMAAWVWWVVVA/WVWVVVWWIIVWVWVyU n C Z A R IN A ' S A U N A BATH Call for Appointment — For Your Private Use During Week Only $2.50 PER PEIRSON (minimum 2 people) 254-9912 COME, SEE BT. 28, FLEISCBMANNS A q u a H o m e ’N Ju n g le TROPICAL FISH SHOP Main Street Roxbury 607 326-7008 80 VARIETIES OF TROPICAL FISH ON DISPLAY DON’T MISS DUB EXPANSION SALE COMINO SOON! Notice Change of Hours as of March 1: AUCTION SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 17 7 p. M. Sharp: Inspection Earlier PHOENICIA AUCTION BARN Route 214, V/i Mi. from Town of Phoenicia Oocks: old banjo, mission oak, etc. Glass: Steuben vase, custard, crystal, Cambridge, Bo­ hemian decanter, depression, black milk glass, etc. Pottery: Collection of old Steiffordshire and flow blue, Buffalo, Umoge, Weller, RosevUle, Stangl, Occupied Japan, etc. ’ 1848 Franklin Stove, Mason and Hamlin pump organ (1883), kerosene lamps and lanterns, crystal chandeliers, andirons, potty chair, oil paintings, deer head, picture plates, bisque figures, milk cans, etc. W ater heater, dinette set, couch (convertible), apjdi- ances, tools, toys and more. $$ Turn Your Merchandise Into Cash $$ CALL U S : 254-4382 — Sat. 4 p.m. on 688-9952 MARC W. MILLER, AUCTIONEER ALL W IN T E R CLO T H ING 15% Off QUILTED JACKETS WOOL JACKETS SNOWMOBILE SUITS INSULATED BOOTS PACS GLOVES CAPS R O C K SA L T 80 lbs. $2.19 25 lbs. $1.59 10 lbs. 65c M A R G A R E T V IL L E PHONE fa ir 586-2643 STREET ALPINE LODGE aiEBRAn WASHINGTON'S BIRTHDAY “The Finest Continentd Smorgasbord” I ONLY $ 4 .5 0 PER PERSON (WITH FREE GLASS OF WINE) EXPERTLY PREPARED BY O U R INTERNATIONAL CHEF lOUNGE and BAR OPEN EVERY NIGHT _____________________ ENTERTAINMENT SATURDAY a n d SUNDAY featuring \THE DIAMONDS\ and The Super Exdting \VINCE JACOBS” R e tu r n in g A f te r T h e ir H u g e S u c c e s s A t O u r O p e n in g A G R O U P Y O U ’VE JUST GOTTA HEAR! SPECIAL: EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT IS SINGLES NIGHT FREE COCKTAIL For The Udies M A IN STREET & A R M S T R O N G PA R K TEL. 9 1 4 2 5 4 - 5 1 5 5 FU lSC H M A N N S , N E W Y O R K

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