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Catskill Mountain news. (Margaretville, N.Y.) 1902-current, October 19, 1972, Image 3

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Bowling Early Bird League W L Brow n ie s _________ 15% 4 Vs Lazy B o n e s ______ 14% 5% Go-Getters _______ 13 7 Rockets --------------- 11 9 Sleepwalkers _____ 11 9 Sleepyheads ______ 7% 12% Stragglers ------------ 4 16 Dreamers ________ 3% 16% High team triple: Sleepwalk­ ers, 1506. High team single; Sleepwalkers, ^ 8 ; Sleepyheads, 548. High individual triples: Barb McLean, 448; Josie Morra, 427; Florence Kornell, 420; Rosalie Boland, 353. High individual singles: Josie Morra, 169; Florence Kornell, 163; Mary Gladstone, 158; Barb McLean, 157, 154; K fie Nygren, 153. Friday Night Woman’s League W L R. C. W. L _______ 15 5 Pink E lephants ----- 12 8 M erritt’s M o tel ___ 9 11 Kelly’s B u ilders __ 9 11 Kiddie K o a ts _____ 8 12 DeBari’s P a in ts ___ 7 13 High team triple; Kiddie Koats. High team single; Kid­ die Koats, 1000 and 978; Kelly’s Builders, 981. High individual triples: Elna Hinkley, 468; Dee Jenkins, 468; Ellen Gray, 464. High individual singles: Elna Hinkley, 191; Dee Jenkins, 177; Alma Jackson, 177. Men’s Organization League W L D e c k e rs __ ; _______ 15 5 Inn-Between _____ 14% 5% Basin F a rm ----------- 13 7 The C a rpenters ___ 13 7 Agway ___________ 12% 7% Arkville Plumbing _ 11% 8% I. W. L ---------------- 11 9 Catskill Bluestone _ 11 9 Dependables ______ 10 10 Redmond Tob. Co __ 10 10 yEWS, Margaretville, N. Y. Halpern Supply 9 11 Masons --------- - ---- 8% 11% Wagners -------------- 7% 12% Legion ----------------- 7 13 Todd’s G a rage ____ 3% 16% PMs _____________ 3 17 Team scoring: The Carpen­ ters, 1069, 1040-3056; Arkville Plumbing, 2996; Basin Farm, 1030. Individual scoring: L. Maxim, 236-545; L. Faulkner, 545; L. Norton, 543; Fred Fairbairn, 538; D. Finch, 532; D. Bram- ley, 516; J. Hinkley, 512; B. Veit, 510; J. Fuller, 502; J. Wickham, 202. JVfen’s Suburban League Points Won Murray’s _____________ 102 New K ingston _________ 95 Dry B rook_____________86 Yaekel’s ________________ 85 Bramley’s ______________ 83 White’s Half Pints _______ 81 Big Indian-Oliverea FD __ 80 Rosa’s __________________ 80 Tel-V iz_________________ 80 Morse E lectric __________ 77 Fairbairn’s _____________ 72 Conrad’s _______________ 65 Inn-Between ___________ 63 T. M. Refuse Co ________ 56 Evergreen L a n e s ________ 54 Arkville Plum b ine ______ 38 High team triple; New Kings­ ton, 2866. High team single: Arkville Plumbing, 1019. High individual triples: Jack Wickham, 570; Archie Aley, 556; Jim Hinkley, 555. High individual singles: Jack Wickham, 236; Pete Halpern, 219; Jim Hinkley, 211. Margaretville Woman’s League Points Won Circus C e ram ics ________ 16 Helms ________________ 14 The Five Dollies _________ 12 Traver’s _______________ 12 DeBari’s _______________ 12 Del Val Oil _____________ 11 Miller’s _______________ 10 Tel. Co. ________________ 9 Thurs., Oct. 19, 1972—Page Three Call No. 483 Charter No. 7678 National Region No. 2 REPORT OF CONDITION, CONSOLIDATING DOMESTIC SUBSIDIARIES, OF The National Bank of Roxbury IN THE STATE OF NEW YORK AT THE CLOSE OF BUSINESS ON OCTOBER 10, 1972 Published in response to call made by Comptroller of Currency, under Title 12, United States Code, Section 161. ASSETS Cash and due from banks ________________________ $ 449,326.48 U. S. Treasury securities ________________________ 1,327,151.67 Obligations of States and political subdivisions ______ 498,839.07 Other securities ________________:________________ 193,777.20 Loans __________________ _ _______________ _ _____ 1,069,612.97 Bank premises, furniture and fixtures, and other assets representing bank premises ____ _ ________ 3,297.28 Real estate owned, other than bank premises------------- 9,800.00 TOTAL A S S E T S _______________________________ $3,551,804.67 LIABILITIES Demand deposits of individuals, partnerships and corporations________________________________ $ 958,216.48 Time and savings deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations------------------------------------------ 1,732,527.98 Deposits of United States Government_____________ 30,026.70 Deposits of States and political sub^visions ________ 392,225.^ Certified and officers’ checks, etc.-l. ______________ 11,404.48 TOTAL D E P O S ITS __________ _ ______ $3,124,400.91 Total demand deposits ____________ $1,391,872.93 Total time and savings deposits ____ $1,732,527.98 Cred. Group Life Ins. on Loans___________________ 3,078.53 TOTAL LIABILITIES _________________________ $3,127,479.44 CAPITAL ACCOUNTS Equity capital—to t a l _________ _ __________________$ 424,325.23 Common Stock—total par value_______________$ 75,000.00 No. shares authorized 750 No. shares outstanding 750 Surplus ------------------------------------------------------- 300,000.00 Undivided profits _______ ^ __ _ ________ _ __________ 49,325.23 TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS __________________ 424,325.23 TOTAL UABILITIES, RESERVES, AND CAPITAL ACCOUNTS ----------------------------------------------- $3,551,804.67 MEMORANDA Average of total deposits for the 15 calendar days ending with call date ________ _ _______________ $2,994,601.26 Average of total loans for the 15 calendar days ending vwth call date ----------------------------------------------- $1,058,776.43 Interest collected not earned on installment loans in­ cluded in total capital accounts_______________$ 20,900.00 I, Julian A. Wiedemann, Cashier of the above-named bank, do hereby declare that this report of condition is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. JULIAN A. WIEDEMANN, Cashier We, the undersigned directors attest the correctness of this report of condition and declare that it has been examined by us - and to the best of our knowledge and belief is true and correct. VIRGIL E. TAYLOR ] HARRISON C. MORSE JACK LUTZ Directors REPLACEMENT WINDOWS N o w Y o u C a n R e p la c e Y o u r O l d W o o d o r M e t a l H o u s e W indow s INSTANTLY — INEXPENSIVELY PERM ANENTLY — BEAUTIFULLY M A I N T E N A N C E : G O N E Made of Aluminum and Vinyl w ith baked on wMte enamel flnisii. O U T S I D E C L E A N I N G : G O N E Push button saslies, tUt-in action, permits easy cleaning frtHU inside the house. S T A Y S N E W : All Aluminum and Vinyl . . . won’t rust, warp or rot. M O R E B E N E F I T S : Y E S ! No drafts — fingertip control — interlocking — weather- stripped. Available in Thermo-Pane Glass I N S T A L L A T I O N : Designed to be installed instantly without messy carpentry from inside the house. C A L L T O D A Y F O R A F R E E H O M E D E M O N S T R A T I O N Arkville Aluminum A r k v ille, N . Y . P h o n e 586-4580 Bramley’s ______________ 7 Cowan’s ------------------------ 5 Pro M a r t _______________ 3 High team triple: Miller’s, 2405.' High team single; Mil­ ler’s, 840. High individual triples: Pat Bouck, 534; Ginny Reed, 520; Bess Davis, 516. High individual singles: Mary Sanford, 225; Peg Barners, 205; Bess Davis, 201. Monday Matinee League W L Comets --------------- 17 7 Kass K e g lers _____ 16 8 Corvairs _________ 15 9 Falcons __________ 11% 12% Jaguars --------------- 10 14 Hi Balls _________ 9 15 Buicks — _________ 9 15 No Hits __________ % 15% High team triple: Corvairs, 1814. High team single: Cor­ vairs, 637. High individual triples: D. Smith, 524; M. Blish, 522. High individual singles: D. Smith, 193, 186; M. Blish, 192, 186. Better Half League W L A & C ______ _____ 14 10 The So-So’s ______ 14 10 Nit W its _________ 13 11 Road R u n n e rs ____ 12 12 Moonglos ------------ 12 12 Nok M Ded _______ 12 12 Cats N Canaries __ 11 13 Hippies __________ 8 16 High team triple: Road Run­ ners, 2360. High team single: Road Runners, 824. Women’s high triples: G. Misner, 492; P. Barnes, 485; B. Goodchild, 465. High singles; P. Barnes, 181; B. Goodchild, 180; G. Misner, 178. Men’s high triples: B. Barnes, 469; T. Aley, 462; R. Morra, 462; V. Veis, 458; F. Goodchild, 458. High singles: J. Laine, 170; F. Goodchild, 168; R. Morra, 167. Evergreen Mixed League W L Broncos _________ _ 15 5 Arrows __________ 14 6 Mustangs ________ 11 9 By W illiam E. Griffin Halcottville, Oct. 19 , Amasa J. Slauson v/as in Shokan last week conducting Old School Baptist services. Ed Adsit of Shokan took him to the service. Mrs. Eunice Kittle of Wal­ ton has closed her home here and is living with relatives in Walton. Her health was not good enough for her to live here alone. Halcottville M.A.D.’s _ ______ _ 11 9 Tuff’s ____________ 10 10 Four Strays _ _____ 9 11 D.C.M.’s _________ 7% 12% Indians __________ 2% 17% High team triple: Arrows, 2247. High team single; Ar­ rows, 808. Men’s high triples; Jack Wickham, 538; Gordon Krick, 482; Herman Yaeger, 477. High singles; Jack Wickham. 202; Herman Yaeger, 187; Gordon Krick, 169; Paul Herdman, 169. Women’s high triples; Bess Davis, 544; Doris Hinkley, 461; Helen Sloven, 442. High singles; Bess Davis, 186; Eleanor Eig- nor, 171; Helen Sloven, 169. Woman’s Suburban League Northland Motel ___ w L 18 6 14 10 14 10 14 10 13 11 11 13 7 17 5 19 High team triple; Ruff Farms, 2845. High team single: Ruff Farms, 972; Titan DrDling, 972. High individual triples: Bess Davis, 508; Jo Slauson, 502; Betty Griffin, 496. High individual singles; Bess Davis, 190; Marge .Wyleczuk, 184; Kay Mattice, iM. 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Visit our “idea” showroom of kitchens and furniture, for fam- Uy room, library, d i n ^ room, bathroom or home office. (607) 588-7511 for Free full color kitchen and fam ily room brochure TAIT'S G R A N D G O R G E H O M E A P P L I A N C E A N D K I T C H E N C E N T E R (6 0 7 ) 588-7511 Halcott Grangers Installed Monday Greene Valley Grange held in­ stallation of officers at the Grange hall in Halcott Center Monday evening. The install­ ing officers were Joe Kuip- perrbacker of Catskill Valley Grange, state deputy, a n d Helen Kuipperrbacker, junior deputy. Also assisting were Glen Ma­ son of Climax Grange, Pomona master; Beverly Jennings of Catskill Valley Grange, Pomo­ na secretary; Rev. Harold L. Galloway of Fleischmanns, Po­ mona chaplain and member of Jewett Grange, and Mrs. Gal­ loway, Pomona Flora. Attend­ ing were Elsie Morgan and Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Jennings of Catskill Valley Grange. Refreshments followed the meeting and installation. The Greene Valley Greuige will hold a card party at the Grange hall Friday evening. B E m n lIQUOHSIOni WINES and SPIRITS OPEN Mon.—Thurs. 9:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. Fri. and Sat. 9:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M. F R E E D E L I V E R Y PHONE AREA CODE 607 32E-77BE The Town of Middletown Democratic committee is spon­ soring a “Meet the Candidates” night Saturday at the Mill- house restaurant in Halcott­ ville. The affair will begin at 8 p.m. with a buffet supper. Food Stamps Used Food stamps were used by 2,241 persons in Delaware county during August. They cost the users $26,756 and had a redemption value of $44,360. Of those using the stamps, 1,286 were also receiving other forms of. public assistance. M e e t C a n d id a t e s DOUGLAS TODD CARPENTER L o o k ing fo r O n e - M a n C a r p e n t e r Jobs D r y B rook R o a d , A rkville, N . Y. 586-3284 iiiiiiHiiiniiiiHuiiiHiiiiniiiHiiiBiiiiniiiiniiiinii JA M E S M E E H A N Carpet Service EXPERT INSTALLATIOISr OF N E W AND USED CARPETS FREE ESTIMATES M a r g a r e t v il l e P h o n e 586-4524 NOTICE S t a r t i n g T o d a y th e Margaretville Bakery W ill Be O p e n E v e r y T h u r s d a y , F r i d a y a n d S a t u r d a y RALPH COWAN’S BODY SHOP BODY REPAIR REIIABIE-ECONOMICAI COLLISION REPAIRS B E A R F R A M E M A C H I N E • PAINTING • W E L D ING • GLASS Expert Workmansblp N e w K in g s to n R d a d M A R G A R E T V I L L E P h o n e 914 586-4202 Keep the Judiciary Out of Politics ELECT PAUL F. EATON County Judge, Surrogate and Family Court Judge D E M O C R A T I C C A N D I D A T E P r a c ti c in g l a w y e r in D e l a w a r e C o u n ty f o r m o r e th a n 35 years. A n in d e p e n d e n t ju d i c i a r y is o u r g r e a t e s t b u l w a r k fo r freed o m . “The judiciary belongs to the people.” . . . \No single individual can impose his personal choice of County Judge upon the citizenry of Delaware County.\ LAST CHANCE FOR WINTER TIRES AT SUMMER PRICES D iigtaii T h o r a b r e d . INTERURBAN 78's 4 P L Y N Y L O N C O R D — W ide, reverse- m o ld e d 78 S E R I E S p r e m iu m tra c t io n tire th a t gives excellent p e r f o r m a n c e u n d e r all w e a th e r conditions. $10.00 down saves a pedr until snow flies! S T U D S $5 P E R T I R E Free Mounting - Free Balancing Q U A L I T Y T I R E S A T D I S C O U N T P R I C E S A 7 8 x l3 E 7 8 x l 4 F 7 8 x l 4 G 7 8 x l 4 H 7 8 x l 4 G 7 8 x l 5 H 7 8 x l 5 J 7 8 x l 5 L 7 8 x l 5 560x15 685x15 B lack W a ll $15.39 $19.04 $19.76 $20.95 $22.62 $21.65 $23.05 $16.38 $17.10 W h ite W a ll $17.37 $21.22 $22.01 $23.27 $24.98 $23.97 $25.44 $26.60 $27.34 F . E . 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