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Six Injured In Accidents; Three Drivers TaMed Six persons were injured, none seriously, in area highway accidents during the last week, and state police of the Marga- retville station issued summons­ es to three of the drivers in­ volved. Nancy Hulle, 20, of West- town, N.Y., suffered a lacera­ tion of the mouth in an acci­ dent at Highmount last week Wednesday afternoon. Pattie Grant, 13, of Delhi, a passen­ ger in th e car driven by Miss C o n s t a b l e s B u s y W i t h o u t A c c i d e n t s • 1 Phoenicia, Sept. 7.—Burglary and petit larceny occupied the attention of town of Shandaken constables over the holiday weekend, but there were no m ajor highway accidents, and m otor vehicle violations were minor. ■ Three young New Jersey men were arrested and pleaded guilty to petit larceny in the theft of a w ater pump from a car on the property of Donald VanValkenburgh of Shandaken. Constables reported that they found the pump in the posses­ sion of the trio, who had been observed near the car earlier in the day, and the description fu rn i^ e d led to their arrest. Jcimes Boyle, 23, Ted DiMaio, 19, and Kevin Snyder, 18, were arraigned before Town Justice Edwin France. They were or­ dered to stay away from the VanValkenburgh property and were released after paying for the pump. Two .22 cal. rifles were re­ ported missing from the home of Dr. William Bloom of Chi­ chester, where a glass was broken in a rear door to gain entry. The Michael French­ m an home in Woodland Valley was also entered through a cut w n d o w screen. No inventory of missing property had been made in this burglary. Bob Jones of Allaben, a con­ tractor, reported that a large num ber of pieces of 4x8 ply­ wood paneling had been stolen from a building under construc­ tion on route 42. B i c y c l i s t s H u r t ^ t R a i l C r o s s i n g Mr. and Mrs. L arry Schultz were injured Saturday after­ noon in a bicycle accident at the Penn Central raUroad cross­ ing of route 30 at Kelly Cor­ ners. The front wheel of their tandem bike caught in the tracks of the diagonal crossing and spilled the riders. Th^Vlwere taken to Maj^a-* retviile M emonal hospital, where Mrs. Schultz was given five stitches for cuts and treat­ ed for assorted lacerations. Mr. Schultz had two stitches and multiple abrasions. Hulle, suffered a mouth lacera­ tion and a possible broken nose. The driver of the other ve­ hicle, William Morgan, 68, of Denver, was given a summons for failure to yield the right of way. Troopers said that Mor­ gan started across route 28 from a side road leading to BelleavTe Mountain village into the path of the eastbound Hulle car, which struck his vehicle. James Sanford of the Marga- retville ambulance squad was road-testing a new motor in . the hospital’s Cadillac ambu­ lance and was behind the Mor­ gan vehicle. He brought the injured girls to the hospital, v.here they were treated and released. Thomas LeSaux, 24, of New York city suffered a laceration of the left wrist in an accident on the Fleischmanns Heights road Sunday afternoon. A pas­ senger in his car, Elaine Le- Cran, also of New York, com­ plained of pains in her arm. LeSaux was given a summons T r i p S e n d s B u l l e t T h r o u g h H i s C h e s t Another accidental shooting in the town of Roxbury Mon­ day sent a 32-year-old Brook­ lyn man to the Stam ford hos­ pital with a chest wound. Mi­ chael Frischetti was released after treatm ent. State police of the M ^ g a ret- ville station reported th a t Frischetti was walking uphill through a field on the Sebas­ tian Nativo property early in the evening. His foot slipped on the hill, and, as he fell, the rifle he was carrying on his left shoulder went off. The .22 cal, missile hit him in the right side of the chest and emerged beneath his right armpit. The shooting was the second rifle accident in nine days. August V. Gallie of Parsip- pany, N.J., was hit by a stray .22 cal. bullet in the Vega val­ ley Aug. 26. Police have identi­ fied the rifle from which the shot was fired. However, it had been handed around among several persons who had been target shooting in the area at the time, and none can be identified as the person who fired the shot that hit Gallie. N e w R e c o r d S e t A t K a s s C o u r s e Emil Smith, consultant a t the Kass Golf club, set a new course record last week Thurs­ day when he shot a 69. The 71-year-old Mr. Sm ith broke the record of 70 set last year iby Duane Ely of Roxbiuy, wjio was again a mraritoer - of the foursome Thursday. Coach Ely was second with 74. Other members of the foursome were Tom Sherwood with 76 and Richie Mead with 78. for failure to yield half the roadway. State police said his car was traveling northward at a high r a te of speed and sta r t­ ed to skid on a curve. It trav­ eled broadside down the road until its left front collided with the left front of a southbound car operated by John Cahill, 19, of East Islip. Kathleen Orban, 65, of Gar­ den City suffered loosened front teeth in an accident on the Rox- bury-Vega road Thursday af­ ternoon. A passenger, _Eva Fra- ger, suffered bruises of the left shoulder and right leg. Both were taken by ambulance to the M argaretville Memorial hospi­ tal. The Orban car was traveling easterly about IV 2 miles east of Roxbury and a car operated by Wener Norman, 58, of New York city was traveling wester­ ly. The two cars m et on a curve and collided with their left fronts. State police said the Norman vehicle was partly in the eastbound lane, and he was issued a summons for fail­ ure to keep right. A car operated by Anna Ford of Andes was being backed from a space in the Victory M arkets parking lot in M arga­ retville Saturday afternoon. State police said it struck the left rear of an adjacent parked car owned by M artin UUman of Jamaica, damaging both ve­ hicles. B i c y c l e s , P a r t s S o l d a t A u c t i o n Memlbers of the New York Cycle club, who spent the week­ end a t Pakatakan lodge, a t Ark- viUe, conducted a bicycle auc­ tion there Sunday night. The auction was attended by more than 40 members and friends of the club. A Bianca bicycle was bid by Larry Schultz of F a r Rockaway for $275, and a quantity of Japanese Shimano bicyde parts ^brought in another $250 for the club treasury. A r e a P r o p e r t i e s ‘ E x c h a n g e O w n e r s Fleischmanns, Sept. 7.—John Ebert and wife, Emiilie, of Lake W orth, Fla., have sold their Haloott Center farm to Mr. and Mrs. W alton Parker of Cold Spring Haiibor and Jo­ seph Roberto of Brooklyn. Mr. and Mrs. Eric Haider of Glenhead have purchased a FainSaim log home a t Big In­ dian. M p , and Mrs. Bemrdino .^aziju^p have purchasegl,, J t ^ . fa^miland in H alcott C ^ t e r of Mr. and Mrs. Rolf Synannek of New Providence. Christian F. M artens of Fleischmanns negotiated the sales. A SATURDAY NIGHT BATH was first prize winner in float division in Sunday’s parade. It was entered by the New Kingston Junior Grange. Appearing on the float were Sally and Dale Goodchild, Don and Kenny Taylor and Steve Allmer. Another New Kingston entry below depicted an old woman in a shoe. Parade drew nearly a thousand people and concluded with awarding of prizes and trophies at the pavilion in the Village park. R o u t e 1 7 C r a s h C l a i m s T w o L i v e s A W estmere husband and wife were killed and their 18- year-old daughter injured Sun­ day morning on the route 17 quickway near E a st Branch. The car, driven by the girl, went out of control on the westbound side and overturned in the center mall, bursting into flames. Investigators said that Joann Bloomberg was in the passing lane opposite the rest area west of the route 30 inter­ change. An unidentified car behind wks closely tailing her, and she swerved into the right lane to clear the way. How­ ever, the other car swerved too, and she attem p ted to pull back into the p ^ i n g lane when she lost control. Her father, M artin Bloom­ berg, 45, was killed as he was ejected from the late model imported car. Rescuers puUed Miss Bloomberg from the driv­ er’s seat, tout were unable to reach her mother, Judith Bloomberg, 43, from the back seat. Hancock firemen fought the blaze for two hours before Mrs. Bloomberg’s body could be removed. A l t a H e a d T e l l s p f H o m e B u i l d i n g Edward Perazone, general general m anager of Alta Indus­ tries a t Halcottville, described the building and erection of the firm ’s log houses to members of the M argaretville Rotary cQub Tuesday night. Mr. Perazone showed slides of the various stages of fabri­ cation and construction of the homes. He said the firm, founded a little more than a year ago, has sold more than 60 homes throughout the north­ east an its first year. He ex­ pects sales to double in the second year and reach more than 200 in the third year. Two large sheds were erect­ ed this year to house m aterial. A 40-foot expans'ion of the fac­ tory is idanned for this winter, which win m ake room for the installation of additional m a­ chinery iwhich will allow in­ creased production. Club President Dennis Mc­ Lean announced th a t the dis­ trict governor would m ake his official visit on Sept. 26. Guests w ere John Best of M argaretville and Rev. JChn Sonnenday of Stam ford. D r u g A r r e s t M a d e J n T r a f f i c C h e c k A routine traffic check Sat­ urday resulted in the arrest of a 37-year-old Lanesville m an by state police of the M a rgaret­ ville station. David Malcom Cort is charged with felonious possession of a dangerous drug, driving while ability was im­ paired by drugs and being an unlicensed operator. Troopers said th a t the arrest was made along route 28 in the town of Middletown. Cort was taken before Town Justice Sollie D a r ling in Fleischmanns, and pleaded not guilty to the m otor vehicle charges. He was ordered com­ m itted to the Delaware county jail in lieu of $250 bail, and the drug possession case will be presented to the next grand jury. CATSKILL DR. E, C. ICELET 2 5 9 SOOTH m M A?E, 8 * 1 * , i z m MOUNTAIN NEWS Vol. 110—10 12 Pages—2 Sections MARGARETVILLE, N. Y., THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 7, 1972 Published Weekly ■ SeconS-CIass Postage Paid at Margaretville, N. Y. 1245 ^ 15c Copy $7.50 Year Bond Vote OKs New Fire Truck For Shandaken Phoenicia, Sept. 7.—Voters of the Phoenicia fire district ap­ proved', 26-1, Tuesday night a $20,000 bond toward the pur­ chase of a new 850-gpm pumper for the Shandaken - AMaben Hose company. The approval came at a referendum held at the Whitney Hose company fire hall in Phoenicia. The district fire commission­ ers have approved the purchase of the new fire truck for $31,- 500 from Darley and Co. in Chicago. The $11,500 balance is to be expended from a capi­ tal reserv’e fund. The new truck is expected to be delivered in June 1973. It is a custom-built machine, fea­ turing a large booster tank. It will replace a 1952 pumper, which is to be transferred to the Onteora Hose company at Mount Tremper after delivery of the new truck. C a l l a n a n L o w B i d s E a r n T w o P r o j e c t s Albany, Sept. 1.—Two con­ tracts under the state’s high­ way reconditioning and pres­ ervation program in Delaware and Schoharie counties have been awarded by the D epart­ m ent of Tremsportation. Both the awards are to Cal­ lanan Industries, Inc., of South Bethlehem, which subm itted the lowest of four bids in each case. The firm will be super­ vised by Jam es K. Connors, re­ gional director at Pinghamton, and is scheduled to complete the Delaware county projert by next Dec. 13, and in Schoharie county by July , 11, 1973. The $494,440 contract in Schoharie county is for recon­ ditioning 5.6 mdies of route 30 , in th e 1; o « tis of GaJBjoa and ) Blenheim; . The two-lajie way will :be resurfaced with asphault from the Delaware county line northerly to a point about .7-mile north of the Gil- boa-Blenheim line. The pave­ m ent will be widened two feet on the inside of three curves, new guide railings will be erected, and the bridge over Mine Kill creek will be reha­ bilitated. In Delaware coimty, the Cal­ lanan firm ’s contract for $217,- 740 is for reconditiening 3.9 miles of route 23 in the town of Roxbury. The two-lane pavement, varying from 20 to 27 feet in width, will be re­ surfaced with asphalt between route 30 and the Greene coun­ ty line. New guide railing sec­ tions will ibe installed and cul- vert3 cleaned. B i o o d m o b i l e vi.its Eindkiieiit Cliiiibs To 846 To Set New Opening Day Record V i l l a g e W e d n e s d a y The Red Cross bloodmobile will make its fall visit to M ar­ garetville Wednesday, Sept. 13, when it will be at the M arga­ retville United M e thodist church from 1 to 6 p.m. The quota for this visit is 125 piints. Volunteer donors may make appointments or may walk in at any tim e dur­ ing these hours. The Red Cross reports th a t the need for blood was made more urgent by the Southern Tier floods earlier this summer. W h o W i l l O p p o s e R e p u b l i c a n C o o k ? Who will oppose Clarence Cook, Republican candidate for assemblyman in the new 105th district, which includes eastern Delaware county, along with Schoharie and parts of other counties ? The Demo­ cratic primary in June was to pick the naminee, with Robert E. Shaffer of North Blenheim and Mrs. M artha Dayton of Jefferson the contestants. The prim ary apparently de­ cided nothing. When Shaffer was the .winner by an apparent three votes, th e result was challenged by Mrs. Dayton. There were several recounts, but on July 18 a Supreme Court justice declared Shaffer the ■winner by four votes, and Mrs. Dayton conceded. A month after Shaffer began campaigning, another court de­ cision held Mrs. Dayton to be the winner by one vote. This is the way the m a tter stands, pending the result of an appeal Shaffer has filed w ith the Ap­ pellate Division of the Supreme Court. R o t a r y P l a n n i n g B u s y S e p t e m b e r Roxbury, Sept. 7.—The Rox­ bury Rotary cluib m et last week Monday evening a t the fire hall. The history of Rotary, its m e a n i ^ axt4 origin.^ane^ dis­ cussed. ' Rotary meetings during Sep­ tem ber have been planned by the president, Robert Prout, as follows: Sept. 11, Children’s night. Bud l^ r a k e r of Coopers- town, a magician, wil speak; Sept. 18 is senior citizen’s night and eveiy Rotarian is to bring a senior citizen; Sept. 25 will be teachers night. Mrs. T. Howard Smith spoke of the crowded condition of the public library at the school and expressed a hope for a separate building for a town hbrary, which would be available to all. The Rotary club went on rec­ ord as willing to aid in every way passible to m ake such a project a reality. There was no regular m eet­ ing of the club because of Labor day Monday. PARADE PRIZE WINNERS in Labor Day fes­ tival in Margaretville. Above are second place winners, the Bridge City Cadets of Poughkeep­ sie. Below the third place winners, the Con­ tinental Cadets from Catskill. F irst place went to the Little Big Horns of Liberty. M argaretville central school’s first-day enrollment jumped by 19 over last year, and at least half a dozen more late enroll­ ments are expected by Super­ vising Principal Dennis Mc­ Lean. When school opened Tuesday afternoon, there were 548 pupils enrolled in the Mar­ garetville building, 269 in the Fleischmanns elementary class­ es and 31 in Fleischmanns spec­ ial classes for a total of 846. F irst day problems were somewhat aggravated by the construction still unfinished at the M argaretville building, but there were no major problems, except for communications. It had been hoped that the bell system would be in operation by Friday, but Mr. McLean said th a t this probably will not take place untH Monday. The cafe­ teria opening has also been pushed back from Friday to Monday because of equipment delays. Cabinetry and shelving has not been put in the new high school library, so high school and middle school students will share the old library at least until November. Then it will become exclusively a middle school library. The three MCS adm inistrat- S c h o l a r s h i p F u n d I s $ 3 4 7 R i c h e r The M argaretville Memorial Hospital sc h o la r ^ p fund net­ ted $347 from its white ele­ phant and bake sale held S a t­ urday in M argaretville. Con­ tributions from hospital em­ ployes and area residents were on sale and included baked goods, dishes, clothes, jewelry and potted plants. A hand crocheted granny square shawl was awarded dur­ ing the afternoon and was won 'by HeI^b Kruger of -Elmsford, N.Y. Tlie proceeds will Be u s ^ toward the;^^Cboi(U»tup. ed each year to the most de­ serving high school graduate who wdH be going into medi­ cine, nursing or an allied health field. The winners are picked in rotation from Meu’garetville, Andes and Roxbury central schools. The first scholarship went to Colleen George of Ark- vi'lle, a June graduate of M ar­ garetville central school. She will begin her nurse’s training this month. A u t h o r i t y S t u d i e s P o w e r S i t e L a n d Gilboa.—Field studies of the ecology in and near SchohEirie creek are being conducted in the area of a proposed pumped storage pawer project between the villages of N o rth Blenheim and Breakabeen. The work is part of the over­ all Power Authority study that will determine feasjbility of the proposed second project in the area. The ecological evalua­ tions are part of the environ­ m ental phase of the Power Au­ thority study. Biology, w ater quality, wildlife and aquatic life are being surveyed. The Power Authority has an­ nounced tentative selection of the area as the site for a proj­ ect. A decision on whether to apply for a license to build the project will be deferred until studies have been completed and evaluated. P a r e n t s F e d 5 0 0 ors are Dennis M. McLean, su­ pervising principal; John K. Best, secondary principal, and Richard A. Dillon, curriculum coordinator. Elem entary teachers include Mrs. Ellafem Wagner, Mrs. Isabelle Fenton and Miss Su­ san Fiedler, kindergarten; Mrs. Florence Solomon, Jeffrey Stam p and Mrs. B etty Munro, grade 1; Mrs. Dorothy Bouton, Mrs. Anne Greene and Mrs. Betty Lindgren, grade 2; Miss Linda Hutchinson, Mrs. Mary Holdridge and Mrs. PhyMis Searle, grade 3; Mrs, Wilma Craft, Mrs. Ruth Roney and Mrs. Jessie Hoy, grade 4, and Mrs. Virginia Marks, remedial reading. Middle school teachers are Mrs. Emmeline Scudder emd Mi­ chael Porter, science; Mrs. Jeanne Wilson and Mrs. Joan Degnan, reading; Mrs. Barbara Atkin, Mrs. Carolyn Nelson and Mrs. Ann Hinds, language arts; Mrs. B e tty M artin and Mrs. Patricia Tucker, m athe­ m atics; Alan Harke and H arry Solomon, social studies. High school and special teachers include Richard Tuck­ er, vocal music; Jonathan Bow­ en, instrum ental music; Rich­ ard Grounds, industrial arts; Mrs. Naomi Weiss and Mrs. Caryl Jenkins, librairians; Gary Slocum, elem entary art; Mrs. Sally Blodgett, secondary art; Miss Louise Lang, homan'ak- ing; Howard Gibbs, guidance; Mrs. R u th Lawrence, commer­ cial; Alfred Nelson Jr., boys physical education; Mrs. Jacque­ lyn Reither, physical education and elem entary health educa­ tion; Miss JuUe Nash, girls physical education. Also Jam es Degnan and Dan Morse, social studies; Miss Mary Irving and Andrew Hinds, m ath; Mise Marian Connell and Harvey Holzman, science; An­ thony Cruickshank, Latin; Rob­ ert Rofrano, Spanish and ] F teiidi; Gilb'ert Pa4en :Ham B im r and Mrs. G ertnide McCune, English; Miss Edith Davidson, nurse-teacher. Co-Op iboard teachers are Donald TuWbs, guidance; Mrs. June Burns, dental hygienist; William Schimmel, driver ed­ ucation; Mrs. Ruth Haynes and Mrs. Judith White, special class; Mrs. Katherine Bowen, primary music; Miss Viola Weaver, school nurse at Fleischmanns. The staff includes Miss Dor­ ris Gavette, treasurer; William Hubbell, clerk - business m ana­ ger; Mrs. June Valk, secretary at Fleischmanns building: Mrs. Dorothy Lunn and Mrs. Renee H yatt, secretaries; Mrs. Mary Dobsa, Mrs. Dorothy Fager, Mrs. H a rriet O’Connor, Mrs. Gloria Ploutz and Mrs. Jean Todd, school aides: Dr. Abra­ ham Rottkov, school physician; Mrs. Roses Wood, cafeteria manager. P l a n n i n g M e e t i n g The Delaware county plan­ ning board will meet at 7:45 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 12, at the county highway building in Delhi. Recruitm ent of a plan­ ning director and a 1973 budget w’jll be discussed. There wiill also be preparation of planning goals and objections to be re­ ported Sept. 16 at a meeting of the Catskill Center for Con­ servation and Development. Svndowners Drew Large Crowds For First Anmi^] Rally Event More than 500 persons dined at the M argaretville pavilion Sunday, where the Parents of the Sundowners served their “8-bit supper” to climax the first annual rally day of the local drum and bugle corps. Hundreds more watched the parade that featured visiting drum and bugle corps, fire de­ partm ents, floats and other m arching units. F irst prize for overall ap­ pearance was taken by the Little Big Horns drum and bugle corps of Liberty. Second was the Bridge City Cadets of Poughkeepsie, and third was the Continental Cadets of Cats­ kill. In the color guard competi­ tion, first place was t 2 iken by the Blue Bells from Sidney, fol­ lowed by the Little Big Horns and the Bridge jClty Cadets. The MargaretvUle Girl Scouts won th6 prize for non-musical nmrching unit. The General’s Daughters drill team from New BCTliri Hook honors in that division. A Sat­ urday Night Bath float entered by New Kingston Vajlley Junior Grange was awarded first prize for floats. Second was the Parents of the Sundowners and their V L abor Past float. Jerry Van Benschoten's Locomobile was judged the best antique car in the parade. The M argaretville fire de­ partm ent was the first prize winner for firemen, followed by the Andes and Arkville de­ partm ents. The best-4ecorated bikes were ridden by Cheryl Mestyanek and David Clewis. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Schoon- m aker were the grand marshals for the parade, which began at the school and concluded at the pavilion grounds, where other entertainm ent was provided. Prizes awarded by the par­ ents were 250 poimds of beef, won by Junior I ^ l t z of Fleisch­ manns: golf, clubs, won by M arty J. Freyer of Masonville, and a $100 savings bond, won by Don Oralis of Hancock.

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