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Union-Village journal. (Greenwich, N.Y.) 1850-1853, December 15, 1853, Image 1

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'sza.'zn >**£**>• y ^ g - x i z & K l ^ l i V ' «aef> #M -.oil 5\ -i-Thero i 3 tho tno3t assurance. usually, . Wb6r& thore & tlio mast ignorance: wis. fact' certain ofpafljtjff because ®e bavo not light tmmijpfa to diseovor our danger. ^ ,.-^ 4 .chfCwoter should rgtain always (lie ■E,right B >’ig«?f o f tnauliueas; not to lctii> self bo beiife im.d ftsqd in any spec jifcfprni; |t should b»i|ike :!a upright clastic tree, ijvliich bandls, acooimiiodating, a little td •9atb.j?ind c^apeiy #Mtei but never lones itsgpi;i.ng, will self .dependent vigor. - • >’e,ver . r t o f y our parentage ; fur if it -i is iuiuoratls, ...you virtually acknowledge ■ your claima to r$stonthe merits of otLoris; or iCitisiuKio, you wish fo show tbat something good lias at longth cumu out , of Na?aretfc»i o r Kit i^nsithev, Jour cqti- versation cs;] hc3 iutero^ting only to your- 'SOlf, London estends over an area of eoven- ty-eigbt tba»usan,d.a<;d twenty, nine acres,or one hundred and twenty-two square miles; .antl tbJS number of Its inhabitants, rapidly . increasing, tfas two fuillions t.lireo buu- dredtmd si-xty-twu \thousand two hundred ■.tmd thirty-six, on the day of tbe last Cen- BUS. v' ——* Mias'Di/L, the philanthropist, states tliat among tlie hundreds of crazy peoplo with Vi li oil) ber sirrt-d roissiona linvo brought Jvs .n<\ Cv,»'!,t One iadividaul, however fierce aad turbu­ lent. that wuld not bo calmed by Serip- info and prajcr, altered in low audgcutle tones. Tho heiress prays in costly silks, while tho pror sovsing-girl makes bqr responses in plain califO. When In is the one bet­ ter tbo 'itii -1 * Tbe latter may bave Int. :t ^neO and virtue; the other money, aud nnthinjr ofce. Still, tho silk will be stared ot - :.i3 courto-d. trbilc calico goes un- notice 1 and mknown. A funny incident came' Under aiSt no­ tice ths othef day. Wliilo waiting our turn t.’ the inrbef's, a fWluw \ ptskod bis bead iii,*’ and Stated if they did enrfjr-' there. So nvis answered iu t.io afiw ;n- tivc, when S£o|>pinij iwide, and coiling af­ ter him a most villainous looking cur, lie pointed toiMayiug.: \ I would like to bavo you curl tliat dog’s tn»l.tllQH:,f* v* ' tmiRiWiso abashod at tbo burst o f laugh­ ter whieb gtcoted him, the barber sfep- ged forward and fetched tho dog a lusty Siek, pointed io tlio continuation of tbe now yelping owum , tightly coiM between his bind le^ja, and then demanded his .' quarter fefj&o jol). ^ JX'ggy aud fats mas. ter left, aroi<3 tbe jells pf.the excited by- 6tinders, wbsilj tho nig&t of the lather- Ijftish uneoncornedly called for tbo next Customer. S l o p e s a n d T c a r s . \ 0 a r h o p e s u i e l i k e t h o w r e a t h s < ji i u a m . T h a t g ' . i t t q r p n e a c h t l j a i n p w a v e , tVliro %\‘ t h i i g ' t s b i n g <iou».J t h e y c o n n s T h e w h i t e ' i i n d t h i r s t y b e n c h to l a v e . The w a tea part—tho ripples gleam A m'oment oil thti silent shorty - -And vanish as the hopes th a t scorn -A nuntienthr:£ht;,and a re no more. Seeking for love, for famo, fur power, To th a f u ir threads of life vye cling. For liopo we CU 11 a witbored flowcr Aiid tune a harp with broken string. Anfl hopo will shed a gliiamcr:Dg ray Ol light-on pleasure's ruined5 shrhjei, F o r nu.uldpring colum n ^ s tilJ |6oU c u y < W h e n 8 u n lnier sim b e a to S 'o 'f r tliem el/ne: Though, severed bo lovo'a m o g o oliain. Still to its tjlukou clmiiDS we tru s t, And hopc tu niend tba liivka a^aioi W h en grfof h as eaWn t&em liko rust. Frail a s the bubbles on the beaeh T h a t hopo way bo— a transiout beam, But reft of joy, ’tis sweet t o teuoh Tho heart toijush its g rief and dretira, Our liopcs a r e liio tlie’fl'uvcra that bloom Upon tho mountain’s verdant side,' T h a t mountain's heart a burning tomb, Cleft, by .tho lava's scorobing tide. They 6pricg and flourish, fade and ti!c\ Like horatjg hopes—aa frail and fair, While quencnfesS'iiro beneath tlicitt lie, Iiike human passions hidden, thoro. Our fears a re liko tho clouds that shod Their gloom across a,8utumer sky, Whon lifo is forest, somo wild d read O F ( fr ief i s evnr^ h o ''t»r’ng_n:g h ____ Tho gloom, inay pafis— the shadow fado, And sunlight o nly seem to reign, But still thore ia a lingering shndo, A fear that elands willcomo a g a i n , 1 U'luire tho b right wells of gladness spring, Hopo will tho youthful h e a rt decoy, But joar is hovering thoro, to (ling A shadow on tho path of joy. A canker-worm w ittru tho fruit, j f sorpout in f e e Ihmot’s nest, A sentry over-grlia nnd mote, Is foar within tho hum an breast. A rainbow nover spans tfio sky, But Eonjo dark spirit of ctorm, W ith sahlo' plutno, ii hovering nigh, To watch its soft nnd fairy form, Hope n e v e r c h a n t a h e o f a i r y song, O r bids us rc;t bcr.e.-lb h s r •vjng, B j t foar, with all hist phantom throng, t) thc distance hovering. Wo soot the laurel wreath o f fame, And a ll her Hekla favors trust, To lit-o— porchnnco without a name, And find tho chaplet turned to dust. • Life wears away, ’mid smilc3 and (cart, • Tho wedding penl, tho funeral toll j '”_ But though o’orebndovred still by fears, H^po is tho sunlight of tho soul. FrOm th)- Jlbiiny Evening Journal. S K E T C H E S O P L 3 3 C T t !l » E S . ' J a cpmnjittee'bf the Ifduss 6 f Com-) wjeiosed in tjie body ofajninnte insect. J ’ Nor wsf^ tbey ignarant qf CAN'ts.j bearing the cstamp of their maker’s mom tliat French artizatis bad the ad j l ’hict required a powerful- aid to the j T be enginefirs wbft accompaltied Nupo-(tiame, 4,000 years ago. That stamp ' Tbo Clirkiian lira very pertinently ro- T ! i c L o s t A r ts. Y VEXDKLL PH1LUPS OF MASSACKf- SETTS. The Hall was densely crowded last vantage of stiidyirtg the drawings ofthe eye to; be mamifjictfiredj An ancient h e o n into- discovered trgces of a, was but tbe^^ modern stereotype jjlate nnctenta. ' - ••yS'riter records libst by the aid. o f an in- j t^sft ca-nal,, J:30 feet ri-|de, 40 fte't doip. (But^ttiia stereotype, plato is used for' Even our best jokes are old. F o r : stwrnent, lie saVsbips nt a distanceof - and Sou© htwdted iaTles-iii. ]e«gtb,^itjj . other purposes,than to stamp thetiamei Instance: when a correspeodeht gave a hundred mifes. _ 'Wbat that but'! kfc&p,; whose: gates auddenly closed!o f the manufacturer of the brleb. It as a reason for not writing wore con- j « telescope ? Nejp iras used by tha t when needful, to elevate vessels from jgives immortality to ideas, it prints Meiitlally, tbat an impertinent fallow j aid of some artificial object, to mark rpnia’\feyel to another. This canal is a l-, the book, which renders it impossible was looking over bis §boulder, the spy tthe gladiators at adistance.. What was* luded to by lierodutu-i, as being rn es- <lhat the.^potvledge ofthe present day, exclaimed‘ that is a Iio.’ This Is qted ^ li3^ object but an opera plasst In tlSf1 istenoe during the time of FharadU ; Jliks that of the pSst, should go outjiu ciieir way, as an excellent Irish bull. But it is i^n j “ useums of the old world arid nt-w,| and so perfect was its, origmat. work- tnth theinen tebo, to-day, possess that Christian Ai Irish bull recorded 400 years before tha [-tbere-qre'^many objeqts of ancitftit ait . mansbig,'that, f hope engineers express- ' Christian era. •Thq music .frozen in. I-^eSefved— onaravings. -so minute ^ cd tbe opinion t botlt iotild be put. in Muniliiiusen's horn is but a plagiarism!1'1^ requires a oiicr^copo to dts^l perfect repair-fi?* half a tnjllion of dol- ,rt . J » i _ ___ .* _________I _____ . /1 « f-i < ' - 1 *1 * fiend, of tlidr being prJfEsrrQti 'ro most tastes' thi* forcjgit ^/jdo^isi'srta- gether tcio syeet . . , E.-A.McKAY. DfAPLES, N. X . Sept. IS'SS.' . from a record of tbo 4th century.— {99Ter tbeir singular beauties. Could j jars. i jtheso bave been: traced with the naked ? rj 11 ♦ nit rl ^., 11 -, f la t,.. * I. .. ^ Tboy bad also.ltwj, Ruijps. All the But all doubt is retnoved by tbo'great cities o f antiquity ivere iuUud.4-- fact that anqient (Bwroscopes liavo Aloxaudrja svas the first erected «n the beeudiscovered and aro no .v in esis- ( sea border,r There ffas a reason’ for Another modern jo t e is the remark^ am quite stiro the lady Is. 30. for site °i’e told tne so 20 years ago and yet thw ' joke is 1500 year-s old Indeed, Joe Mtllgr is but little more than an aucient! teneo. Hence, it is ademonstrated feet! this, jpbe merf,liauts o f (hftt day Were classic— older evon than the New Tes- jthat neither Mioroseopss nor Teles- little clso timn slave-tTaders tthtl pi* tament. . joopes aro. o f modern invention, . J r a tes; antl i t \?as f o esiapo tbeir aud. And in regard to the Useful Arts, the And iu reganUo Capas, we aro far. den incursions that retirement was remark is true, that we have yet much bebind tho *««¥ntj. None ^ of tho (souahJ, Piracy is now oht o f fashion j to do before Wo approximate the u*is-!coJot3 in tha Egyptian paintings of(bat .slave-iradirig ia n « . Ready means dompf the despised Pagans o(antiqtu.i‘ hf , Sliid3 o f 3reaJ-? ago, are iu the least (o f communication with, the sea was ty> lie was a»-arc that Herodotus, the Father of History, was long called tho • Father of lies,’ becauso he recorded so' muc-h that was marvellous. But faded except tho grpen, Tlie tyrian j important. and RaH Roads wero resor- purple of tho entombed city of Pomp-. ted to. They were constructed by first cii is as frosh to-day as it was; SOOO* laying upon a level huge blocks o f gran- __ years ago. Some ofthislucco painted itc. T i i s i a the first principle of a raodern investijjaiion h a s s o 't f m W m - ! bf OTO ^ m0* er'n rdil roSvr.-TEeseflocks v^ere th e n grooved for tlio wheels to run in — the equivalent of the iron rail of our day. T h e samo dass of rail roads,were seen in South America, by onr own ted the truthfulness of hia most mar- I ken up arid m.xed, m ealed its original vcllaus records, tbat his stock had now j ^ *'ct « e pity the ignorance gone up to par. The true mode ofhis- tbB f -rk skxnned children of ancient torlcalcritioisnxisthis: If yon are sat- ^ c o la r s u p o n t h e v v a lt e o f . . Med that nine of ten recorded stories Vault areas frnh as if countryman, Mr. St?phens, who adds ara true, bc!ievc tho tcntb. unless you '■ Palnfc^ >'.e3,.'-'r^.;'y- Sc i, the_chet:k of| tbat tliese whed grooves were lmed are satisfied that what is recorded is fc-b'.vptiau princesB. whi wastcotem- with a hard rastal—thus more closely an impossibility. If it Is possible, he-! Poraneous \’tth Sdlomoif, and o f Cleo-approsiJnaUng our modern rail joad. liove it, If not, bo charitable. Do.not j pat” '®t ^ bo3B fcet c «sar laid tlio rich-j Qai Lascastekw ^ evsTt:i op teach- dccido that whoeve*shall daro to record 1 03 ° ,ls nlP*re* - tlso—so popular, for, n time, #s a, mod- * tc , is - • *1 A n d tn nvrnrrt *- -------- rrn - ’ ’ moro than yourself know, Iic 3 in the icoord. It isSSid o f Archimedes that ^®es And in regard to Metam. The e d . ' rn improvemcati k moxo.lUtt 2000 of tbe stones tjf thu ubotisks oi [* ears old,* T b e T joipehance Pnt.NCi- he set thc ships of th# cn'tny onftroai] Dsypt' on tl)l5 ancifnt ln^ls °^| ple — tbo pledge o f abstinence— was distances by mirrors {-retted on tbo walb' ,r\ e. are as sharp as i f but hown yes- j;nown and practiced upon tho banka of Syracuse. This, for centurics. w » a |^r af ’ tll& stolK'3 s ll* rc™Il'':,-sa j o f the Ganges 1200 years ago. G cako , set down as a faMe. But wi,en jn (c 03B >’ fltted’ tbat tbeirseams, Iwd ieitb|— w hoso wonderful power was illuettn- Frarico‘!>and Germany, its possib.lity!out mortar• c®nnot be penetrated \'ith. tc(j tho remark ofthe Yankee, that u i* demonstrated, then the WQrld of t*10 ed3° o f apcnUnifi.', And tlieir sur-, b(, p]acct} a small, quantity upon tbo unbelievers confessed tbat Arcbimedos ace 15 cxc®^,nS|y hard— ;o bard that- where ho bad deposited a pump- when tho French artists soogbt to on- kin SMd, when instantly it commenced grare two lines upon an obelisk brought > owjng> nll4 tlle vine ran with suoIl from Egypt, they destroyed, in tbo te- rapidity that it entangled bis legs while dious task, many sets ofthe best tools | trjing to ge{ m% o f i ,s u.ay, an(j pitt. which could be uiiriuf rlurcd. And tin, h s haul in his pocket for his jack- yet theso ancient monu'aents arc traced knif0 to cut it, it went to seed before all over with mscrtpt.ons placed upon llc coUlll gct his hand o n t-G u ano was them in olden time. This, with. t n0wu and used long before it was 0«er facts of a striking character. S0Ught for by our people. It is not a proved that they wero far more skilled ncHf discovery. * in metals than we are. Quito recent-' Wo aro'apt to insist that Columbus ly it is recorded th?t, when an &mL>ri- first discovered the new world ; but can vessel was on tbe shores of Africa. j„o years before Christ, it was talked a son of that benighted region made.' a (j0at tis.consist ing of twq islands lar from an iron hoop, a knife superior t o 'gt.rthan al! Africa* and Asia any on board ofthe rtnsel, and another Xor is H odes * L ock anything new. might hove dono what fa recorded of him. Let us look at some ef tho ' Lost Aits’ o f tho ancten's. T«be, first, Gwss,-which wo Had so useful, Did the ancients know anything about it ? Some modern authors deny that th y did. But Pliny tells us that Glass was discovered accidentally on tbo shores of tbe Mediterranean long before his day. ?Jot only were tho anclcnts acquainted with tho manufacture of Glass, but they had the art of rendering it malleable, tie cited several proofs of this. But tho_art was lost, although i t is said that the secret was known in Riche- lieu’s time. T b e art of manufacturing SnrNEp G l \ss, «as better understood five hundred years ago than it ia to day. knowledge. It is in iho use of Scienco Jthai. we excel the ancients— iu tha practic.il ex­ emplification o f the doctrine that no man baa a Wgbt to know onything, whith fie Is not svilltug to make useful,' It is this' whifcTi pre-eminently distin- guisTies us from (be ancients; and it is to tliis, and tho recognition o f tbo great brotberhood of man, whicli, tiaj ,© r God, is to derate' us. It* the oy 6 s oi: future gentrations, fur abovo thoso whose “ Lost Arts*' aro tho subject of Our wonder. J Frairt Mocrt£tirai R Srn- Verier. ■ . JSiBELLA HilSlSS. Eds. ItwnAUj-^ta your paper of S e p t 8d, you copied* a short account of_my “ Isabella R a isivs,\(rain the Horticul- turlsk arid thereby ’fcaused tno to be flooded With inquiries, from Maino td lewd, iaregard to my rnodoof prepar­ ing them— ” whether tbeir preparation is ex JcjisiTB’*— whether ’ sogar is used,' &o., &c„— nearly all oflVrlag to ronijt tho amount charged for tho informa­ tion sought. ' » Jfotr i do not complain of all this, for it indicatcs a laudable desire on£he: part erf-cultivators to ts,vail themselves o f a ll tho Improvements suggested hi tho preparation o f th<j- fruits o f the earth for ibo use o f man, t But I think it will only bo an. act of Justice on your part, to a lltw m a to answer nil these inquiries “ at-wliolcsalc,” through tbo Rural. I cannot answer In fewer words than by giving tho account of their preparation published in the Na­ ples Weekly Journal, o f Fob. 25, in ans- \.cr to similar inquiries, mado at that time fay tha editor c f tbo Country Gen­ tleman, which was substantially as fol- loxys; ’ First then as to tbo expense. Tor I proproso to come to the point atj once. The expense o f preparation is nothing at al.l, except so far as •* sun shine,” or a littlo firo heat, may bo ex­ pensive. The raisins presented to Mr. B/vnnr, and forming tho subject o f his notice, ivero nothing more than-well aipened Isabella grapes, \dried_ slowly OH W'eii and OH Spring. * In Western Virginia neitc t t e foftej of Hughes river, there is an oil Well ani an oil spring;, wiuchare Q»rip§i,tfcs • A oorrespoiitlent of tho Advocate ani Journal tlius describes them; ' '*■ ' This Welt was dug for salt, 'bi;t i t comtneneddi blowing but oil,.nnd ,con- tiiuins its blowings at intervals up to ^ho present time, gvory fifth Hay St blows out about fourteen gallons of oil. A t the oil springs’ vast quoufitles o f oil are gathered, by sinking pits iu tho earth thirty feet deop. The bed of oil lays paralfetTvilh-Uio bed o f t h e rivci-, and is generally hear five feet.tliicic.-—• The oil, in its natural stato, adheres to tho sand, and can only bo separated from it by washing the sand in water. Tbo aandis washed by sinking s pit as deep as the bed o f ths oil; the pit soon fills with, water. When mon go into it with broad hoes, aiid wash the sand by pulling it to them an<! pushing it from them. While tbis la dope, Jho oil loses its affinity from tht, snodaud, immcdiatoly rises to tho top-of the wit, ter. i it is then gathered by a largo 1*-. die and put into large cisterns and hogsheads, ‘ whtro it .purifies itself; j t is then put into bar«l3 'attd seil6 to marked Some pits fifteen foot *quaro havo yielded on 0 hundred and -thir£y five, barrels o f oil, bat all aro not alike rioli. Tbo oil is vKluabJ| Eat weslt- ness in tho breast, sprain*, ^uts aud bruises; it burns very well in lamps, and n iiy ba, used in dressing leather, instead o ffish oil, but makes tho leath­ er p orous.\ *■ . ^ H o * fow of usatthocloso o f l i f a i i i i say, I havo filled m f position to which. ; I looked forward when a boy J Ih the onward progress of life, hovr often, in sotno stray motnont o f tfioiight sad re- fleciion, do wo not find ourselves In­ quiring, is this as I hoped-*-havo I enacted my dream? And ihe answer is invariably —No 1 Wo look forward withont reflection. Wo butld up gor­ geous palaces, wo sketch a career o f lifo all- gold and sunshine. Wbat iy-o they, and where aro they, when years sober us I made a sword of Damascus excellence, from a pieco of iron. Fiction i s very old. Ssott had his counterpart* 2 >0 It is but a model of on Egyptian lock. Hero is abeautifui-Eontence from tbo pen of Coleridge. Nothing- can bo moro eloquent, nothing moro trtle :-w ‘ Call not that man wretched! who, upon shelves in a closef adjoining my j \'hatever else he suffers, as to gain ■ dining-room, in which there was suffi- j inflicted or pleasure denied, has a child tlnnsands of years old. Messieimsm ^ oic ut lire for ordinary^ use and forcom -j^1\ whuui ho hupes and O il \v!ijm ho is no modem-idea. It is older than ^f, 3 rt > during the montjis of November | doals. Poverty inay grind him to,tho HvDRorATHt'was j anj December. They recei vud.no more J dust, obscurity may cast its dark inan- science centuries opon centuries j ta r o o r attention than would .have |lle over him, his voice Inay be unhced- , since. W l.tilief it was practised ai.y i,t.en demanded by an equal quantity ofj ^ % those among whom hodwollsand o notes in ihe delivery of his! piece possesses aouo o fthe brilliancy of !,c“ liT'* \ T '\ ’ .more succvsafu’ly then than nowf bt .ippfcs, after Wiug spread out in a sitn - 1 bis face Inay be unknown by his neigh- '®arte?.Odi‘ ytiaii4 people- will do well to; Lecture. Tl?o foSl'owing sketch willj^hat which has received and transmit- could not say: It doubtless had its dis- (lUr QianlK.1. lt) ^ry* It is confidently ^ors— e ^ n pain may rack bis joints, Vetaemlier tluitit is n o ^ e to pray to Gud |give but a very' imperfect Idea of its, ted tight «* 300 years. You have all 5 ^ ^ ° I steel “nd °PPC,’Cil,S 43 ° Ur ■’ . w . . m , — duubtless seen coloredHgtires enclosed * . . . . ’ 1 <i*»y. m e n any o fthe magnificent windows | y0ars A stnry is toldof a tv-arrior' thc nclr tfstament. night to hear t o . Pntr-urs; nntl all!™ the Cathedrals oftho oldworld l«d nottime ,0 wart for the prop- , . 1 • ... , , , .. . ,4 ^ I c^r forffiDsr o* his Verinon. but S& 1 2 H 15 i t 1 who attended wore richly repaid. Hoj broken, ,t ts well W n that the new ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ used no . ......................... ' ----------- -- -------------- -------- tn sarn them fviin th\ Cholera, whilo they ’ c lassic b e a u ty : *wril!»w' fni'rdliiafe quaiitities of crude and : untihot^wniK (odd of ary kiod Years agO' tie road of tho man who lf&tncd t<> «ty \ our Nankeen ttoTistji-s.1’ He vs^a-Just iiiapried, Tmd W tho first Sabbath, inquired of his gentlo spouse if ho should wear- bts. Ntmksen troasers-to. meeting. < '* Our Natalcen trousers, husband,1' re- -plied the g«n*tlc. better half.. ■ •*J>My Nankeen trouso'rs,’’ rejoined• the- spouso. . , _,v < \ Say our fcilicen traueers,” persisted, thg woman. And then and thore, tlj,<Jy ■fell into a disjiute; about tho ownership of tbo aforosaid.artielc, tbo wife arguing that ta • thoy wore married, ovwythtog was covrncd equally, ®ter wife failing iatiio argument, ?Enatebcdttho brota and -bettt her bflabahd .iialil ihe escaped under tlio ibed.-Asmeb'ting timo came, ho thrust his doleful’ count^nanec from under tho bod and in piteows ilccopts osked, 0 f. Wlfo,• Jaay weiwssh' oni’ JJankeBn arou- 'tjBfSfo'iiieoiiwg-to-day !” The man was i^8a^tto'fodK*i-Ubi! Wankootis went 'to Chtireb. . s, Thirteen ob]eeiigtjts w e ri once givou # J,yn9ns6l^r % . 4tflipipg a jnatoh., tbo,.f|,r#t bvolwitw.og the suitors cUiltlreii, and tho thirteenth the i>uitur liimsolfi ' . 1 c ^JtisfitfiJialsA-stfet tijf-vc nre ^^a^y.^itlslii^Erfpnad ip; .the States. M OOO . i ’lviteil Mr. P titt^ps commenced by a brief f a glass, of modern manufacture. _But ^ J Z i Z f r T ' IhjS li% ^ ^ ^ 8?T“ 8 tbal t t c M reference to the characteristic conceit of tho ago in regard to its attainments in scienco, and our own pfeople, wKo too generally believe themselves a lit. this is n&modernart. Far more beau­ tiful specimens can bo seenin far great­ er beauty and jertectiott among the rel­ ics o f imciont art, preserved in the SIu- tie ahead o f all others. We deem our- scum at Home, Naples and elsewhere, solves, not pigmies standing itpoii the! T h e famous Earbirini or Portland Vase shoulders o f giants, but giants ourselves;! tn the British Musdum, is of a material and kick at the idea that Wisdom Will;Unknown to modern art; ahd tho fa- not die with us. This Self-cohceif re- 'mous Sacred Dish id tha Cathedral at minded: him ofthe Gorman pogt ivhOj Genoa, was believed fur ages fo bs a invarfaBly took o(f Iiis hat whan speak- i massive sapphire, whieh was given to ing of himself. lie desired the atten-j'Soloinon by tbo Queon o f Sheba. So tion of tho audienco for an hour, whilo sacred was it-kept, that none but tho bp endeavored to do ijuatice t o t h e pastjpricsthoodwero allowed to look upon it. In the fmB.arts— Painting, Sculpture,j and a FreJ 10 bma.tr about the time b f our &o.— we are williug to coticedethat w e 1 revolution, w-as imprisoned for several ate olitdone; to Say that tbe first liar- 'yeara for daring tolouohit. But When, t’est wa^ the licav''iist:,'and that all wo* with othef prdcious relics, it wastaken can now do is. to inntato. IfWe speak ■o t France, and pilt to a chbmidal test, of a pcret, and can say of hiin *ho is 'i t was found to be 110 goraiat all; but HornerTcywo arb satisGod. The Ital-'glass ofesquisit<rperfe4tioii. ian Speaks o f Pow*ors— o^ir own c6un- #ero Microscopes and Telescopes. trytaan whcr weiit out from tho banks uhknowu to tbo ancients ? Their Wo know that tho ancients tnusti Charles Lamb once expressed bis ty to it, by saying that tbe d uge killed tuany mote than it curcd. But thc hydropathist's reply was, that f’lve been aeqtiainted with tho A bchi - 1 al, lverc s^-e(j „.ho were ,VOfth saving iaEDtU-jf S crew , or some equally effect | tive Instrument of power, else they! never could have elevated the pander-' ous blocks of stone which constitute tbeir Pyramids and Columns. | V entilation is deemed a very mod- He had supposed that modern times might claim tbe invention of the L oom ; but on investigation, he bad como-'to believe that hts was mistaken.. There are ancient pictures extant of the ern A rt, But this is not thfi fact; for Loom, and there ia still to be scenan- apertures unquestionably made for the lcieut muslm-oallcd the Ducra mushn purposes o f ventilation, a ,; foand In ~ fif“ r than any of 'bat own day. Ju- the Pvramid Tombs of Egypt, Yes,, r(iljire- tt”cSteat IM jbfas. says that thousands of years ago, tho barbamus t ho 'Tomon of llls da>’ dressed f T Pagans weflt so tar as to ventilate'“ euU \ woven by the wind.” Our their tombs.wlule h e yet scarcely know .mUslin ca!lc(5 Bae wtach has but how to ventilate our houses. , 1150 threads to tbe square inch ; wb.le Nor is S team , as a locomtjflm pow-, themuslin in wbidi the Egyptian mum. er, a modern inve.Kiou. That power i '“ ies aie enveloped has 500 threads^ ' initk-i nrtrf nionn rtf 1 Tin tvrtl . was unquestionably known to tho a n -,11’6 and many of thpCOl eielits. Acrago, the Frdnoh-ipbiloso- °>-s of tha ancient cloths aro believed phor rpcotitly deceased, so insists, and,to be lhe same recently discovered, by , gives conclusive oviJence in support of,tbe Frollchj . ^ -, j his opiMon.,,The science pf llvhuos-! But -tbejectarer ^ u ! d aO t.W e h.s of tbo Ohio—not as p6tfc6t liimsolf, bdowlodgo of astroaomy- forbids t i i ® a]so Uiiowft; Thcffi Ate-.'^audience go avyay with the idea that but as resetpbllnjj tile ofd rn'asfors.whio 1 % that they W-eVo igitm&t of what evidences stiil cktaut k ifonm M is/^cw e ^ iiiedresprttlttodtraticeiiftbe- it-ni-n nnrf',.nf Wl,iSn itto ‘ _ . , 1 EinCiCilt^. \Vc tliay Hot linOW ni 01 'C’,bllt tjiro’ but bo liar tuamu r to d believed that it would be an improve -1 a,icl sloop See from his pillow, ment t6 wring the stems while yet on |has a gem with which he would not this vines and let them rei&ain there^jpi't for the wealth defying coniputi- and, dry in tbe sun, as is tho practice t tions, for famo filling a world 3 ear, for in preparing our best imported raisins, p 10 highest power, ior the slv’eetest I shall tty this mode of treatment tbo sleep that ever fi.ll on mortal’s eye,’ { -A man Came inlo a printing (ffieo lo bes a paper, ' because,’ said he, ' we ll|c to read the newspapers very much, butuur neighbors don't take nodiS.’ : '(here are hardly any bodily t>If»itifebc>3 wliich a winning behavior will not con­ ceal, or make tolemhle- A monster tunnel ia* nuw in caurso, of .conStrufctiun near Cincinnati. Ohio, on tho route of wnat is called tile Short fj'OG li.'lil- road. The tunuel proper will Bo fict in length, i>r with.its approaches, winch coming season, and if tho result seems to be of any importance to the public shall not fail tb report progress. But my friend, tbe Country Gentleman, says It can hardly be that the .Isa‘ belli gtape w.ifl afford \|ood raisins without add lion of ingredieiftSi.’' I do not say tbat they will; but I do say that the raisins in question were pre­ pared as abovo^ stated, and wholly “ without the addition of other ingre­ dients.’* . I have sard tbo manufacture of them ivore perfoet. Wbtn We boast of^' was essential to^'tho^^aTtainmont of tliat! «rhesre this power^ was employed^ ShateSpoarers forty drftnws, wb.forgot ikttdwlte^e. 'Afeisanaor1 found among j t jjd^agendy of, ingeoibus machinery, td 1 i use wbat. we do know differently:, that h6 bat-rowed the themes’for thirty tho spoils of* w at « copy of'the ilitvtf ‘.jniraeles.\ We havo, also, d raw | Wbat was known of seionce and the t>f t h t e fi'cstii ancient iates. lBd Uso transcribed ujob so small a spaicB th lt iqgs-of ships propoiM by ^otto invisKM ts by the ancients, Was used by the ( tasted thega raisins that ^ u ltfer’s greatest flbWl was biiilt'i-f ®}bia; bO ehefosid in a'w a lnut. IVrbW PQ«ver ;^^and ilomer, who was a his-, and tbo p riesthood to decuie i^cftselvcs in as str „ upon ,q. .story 1200 years old. _ ' - j'coiild only'BS'VeSttl byaidl o f a micro- ,{ofiaD well as a poot, says that fcfl-j^and bdlcUn subjection tho m asses.^ probation of them a s did Mr. Barry. I j-barrel manufacture gas out ofit, ^ Francs is eolebraWdfor the boadty of'sSope. 0ouft3-if, then, havS bSefl on- vs„;|, taken back t0 jj' a When these classes were them.solve8| have In every instance been told that (-thoy sell at' Tour doDarSOrbttadtp feet, and tb'o.^si^h^^tfli^faaii'ufectureir goods! \giSbeit withodt sBoh a itff ^Tliero hs4 yasset nroneflled without the use o f ei- overthrown, tho Arts’ Vefo (jvertbroWn they weVe preferred to th$ imported^ tb^n selltbo residue of t>e ooal( In the A(i; TSftgliiiT tdatnukbtuVer give j s a Ja’lBo boon Ibtissd machinery to',-^ ^ T OM!8 0r sails. What wW thrft btiti.M'd trqddftn ,&iit w ith t h e m., :: [article.- The;Isabella raisids arc a.lit- ( shape o|cojle, for eOVent^-fiveoefitt a^tar- r0aSoi^#drtlSt3( 'W®feii' tyt!f^jHf%efef6 impel the object over sstnoothsutHobAste,<ttt ? ' ••• ’ | 'Ehcre can.f»pr? bio*9CAin'!RQifle.brft:|;s|:U o ^ ''t» is th^slofet^-agpre- rel, * __ f is.not esponsive, but in this statement I ai - to be ai' hed, 10.011 feet. , It wilt tie I am not exactly correct. There is a | -9 feet, wide and high. _____ loss of weight in tho process which ^ A ii,,i„ NlsnKjir,.- oj? O l d o Tist®^.— may provo a barrier in tho way of the ,grst )jen jn Haverhill, Mass., was profitableness bf tlieir preparation, j purchased in 1781, beforo that time tlieta Oil tliis point however, the figures Can-:,,^as & ^jguJar substitute, as appears by a not.be giv.ii, as no incatis t<ifc<>n ;vo(^paasc^ io 1C30--' Thai AbfaluunTy- to ascertain, the amoiint of that toss..j j^r ljjow lus Uorn lialf an huiirhofjure>naeet- N'cxt time I prepare Isabella raisins 1 uu Luid s day, ^nd <>n lecture will use the necessary weans to en a - ;jaj.Sj aud’. reeu no oile pound of pork for' ble ine to report fully on this imp.Or- ,:bia>rvices from each family.' \J taut ppiiit., AU » y Wends^^who have, , ^ ^ -..^,7 h&va &presse£j tiw Gas Campaay of Niw O'rle^'dity strong tesms of ap-, }-ur'la=o <* 0 r.l at thirty*-of»kt cesita a wjich

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