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The freeman's journal. (Cooperstown, Otsego County, N.Y.) 1819-1922, November 15, 1807, Image 4

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N A T U R A L H I S T O R Y ^r^r- yNfay-^ combat w y m u r anaconda . •At-fiw earUqsh poreiblo moment Alter camp had been pitched, sajfa tlio lato Oaptain Speke, a bant was get-afoot, and Captain Grant, myself .and some attendant8,wer® eoon making o u r way tip “the patch.” Thore were no animals there ' when we arrived, except a few hippopotami, and we Were, therefore; obliged to await the coming of eame more\ palatable game. Our patience, however, was severely taxed, and, after a long delay, we were about to “ bag” a hippopotamus, whon an attendant, perched m a tree about half a mile distant, began waving his blanket; This was a signal that game was approaching. We immediately drew into coyer, and awaited the coming of the latter. column of lunniulajrouithe dfopluint to^idhoc© doo, appeared in view, trotting a£a good pace to the river. Thejtjjunfea were sooii presented to us, and each selecting .his object, fired. Mc.Ooll - shot a fine young buffuto-cow, whilst Captain 'Grant was equally successful vyitli a boo-doo, aftffsGveral spears, cast by qur attendants', stop-' ped t f e career of one or two different animals of .the pgrd. * A.t this-jnncture, however, occnrned a n unex­ pected fidvemnre, that finished our sport.for at leaet that day, \ t had; sprung forward immedi­ ately after fifing, fn order to obtain a fair shot a t a huge eiephant, ,that I wantfed to bring down . on account of bis immettsq tusks. I got the desired aim, and pulled tfietriggertom s second barrel. A t the moment of my doing so, a wild c i y o f a l a r m , u tt e r e d by o n e o f t t e .b lack s , c a ii- \ e a my. a t t e n t i o n . G lan c in g around, m y - ey e c b a n c e d t o ran g e rip i n tb o foliage of t h e tre e b e n e a t h w h ic h C a p t . G r a n t nnd m y s e lf T iad lain sev e r a l h o u r s prev io u s . A ly feeling m a y p o s s i­ bly b e *jm agm e rt;'aa I beheld a n en o r m o u s b q a e o u s tr i e to r , w h o s e h e a d j n d neck, p r o j e c t e d Som e d i s t a n c e in t o v io w , s h o w e d t h a t h o w a s a b o u t t o m a k e a fa t a l spring! H i s d ir e c ti o n w a s certain ly tow a rd m e ; a n d ' a s b o flash e d from h i s p o s itio n l i k e a th u n d e r ­ b o l t , I g a v e m y s e lf.up, f o r ere aid ca n id reac h m e , t h e f o ld s .o f t h e m o n s te r w o u ld h a r e c r a s h ­ ed m y stro n g fram e in to -sC q u iveriug pulp. I felt seem ingly c a u g h t in a w h irlw ind o f d u s t, anfii a S tra n g e m d e B cribabje scuffle-enBaed, I n tlio m i d s t o f t h i s stj-ife I su d d e n ly b e c a m e conscious o f th e p r e s c n c o o f a seco n d v i c t i m , an d even aftep - th e tim o t h a t h a s elap s e d sin c e th e n , I s t i l l r e c o llec t w itli w h a t a v iv id n e s s t h e th o u g h t s h o t across m y m in d , t h a t th i s seco n d vietim - w a s G a p t. G rant, - m y n o b le co m p a n io n . .A t last, a f t e r b e m g - w liirled a b o u t f o r sev e r a l seco n d s , e a c h secon d ; s e e m i t g to be in t e r m i n a ­ b le , t h e r e e n s u e d a lull, a stiffness as o f d e a th , a n d I op e n e d m y eyes, e x p e c tin g to 'l o o k u p o n th o s e -unexplored landscapes w h ich are-seen o n ­ ly i u th e co u n t r y b e y o n d th o tom b . I n s t e a d of th a t , I sa w C a p t . G r a n t lev e lin g h i s rife to ­ w a rds m e , w h ile stan d i n g b e s ide h i u i . w & e th e b la c k s , in e v e ry co n c e ivab le a t t i t u d e o f th e m o s t in ten s e su s p e n s e . B u t , in a m o m e n t, I co m p r e h e n d e d all. T h e -• h u g e B e r p e n t h a d s t r u c k ”a y o u n g bnffulo-cow , .b e t w e e n h im a n d w h ich J liad-- u n lu c k ily p la c e d m y self, a t tb e m o m e n t of fifing u p o n t h e . ele* p li a n t. A m o s t sin g u lar good fe r t i f a e h a d a t ­ te n d e d m e , h o w e v e r , for in s te a d o f b e i n g cru s h ­ ed in to a m a n g led m a s s w ith t h e u n f o r tu n a te cow , jqiy f o r e a r m only lised b e e n c a u g h t in )ae- tw e e ix-llie bnjfalo's b o d y a n d a sip g lo f o ld of th e co n s tr i c to r . J * ' ~ T h e lim b . la id j u s t in f r o n t o f t h e s h o u ld e r , a t /.'te h e r / j o t ' ’ ‘ ' ■ ' ' -t - • • ~ ' . VA|tMEBB’ BOYIj, , T ' . . '• The Western Rural has some sensible re­ marks upon the proper treatment of boya.iipan . the farm:— ' ’ , ’ • . ' I t Is uteIeski f o r Be‘'^escsiiilfrig upon the dignity and-independence of farm labor asap argument to drudgery. Thoir philosophy is not of that ripe> practical cast which will bear them up as niartyrs, to mere, uitattractivo 'duty, while they 's e e sb much around.’that givcj a higher zest to other pursrilts. There aro many boy s on the farm and elsewhere—especially else­ where, who have more liberty and leisure Diap is good for them, while there are a great maiiy others who have less—-whose early life is little short o f unrequited slavery. Both, these class­ es need a higher incentive to industrial applica­ tion than llie-mcro routine o f lahor for its owl), sake. Labor is a. wlse: and merciful heeesslfey of human life, and those persons who are by position or otherwise, entirely emancipated from it, fail n o t only to render an equivalent for the gift o f being; b u t also to develop tlio highest perfection of manhood. But thq fault i s too often in the mistaken policy of those who havo the control of the bounding impulses of young life, which needs a healthful-ana•pleasant direc­ tion, where it frequently meets discouragement and a crushing out of i t s best aspirations. So that there is danger that the hoy will either be­ come a hopeless drone, or a wild prodigal.— Let every parent and master feel that to him is entrusted the development of,a living power, which is one day t o become tiie nation’s wealth, or itsbitterest burse. . \ ' ” I have-been young,.but qow I arn oId.”-r-Say. fifty years or so—but cun' never forget the,im­ pulses, hopes-and aspirations of tliat young life. Like a . vivid panorama, i t passes often iq ‘wholo review, with its spots o f little joy, sorrow, suc­ cess and disappoinfroent, Dull, hard work for riix days in- a week, and fifty-two-weeks in a year, with now and. tlieu a holiday that must be mure than'atoned for by overwork befgro or after, o r both, is a. poor way to mitke fnrin lifo attractive and keep.the boy ftom runniug off to the city or some qtTier speeulaiion, wliero -the rainbows'of promise are Ho tlieir vision broader and brigliter. ''There is.no-[necessity for this, and it ia a most nnserable 'nnd short-slighted policy. \ Give't/.e boy a motive for laborf by©)lowing him to feel that ho.lius Vpersonul interest in the,results of such labor,,tlieu he will toil with equal or greater efficiency, nrfesupernddcd to this, his will tells upon evory elfort.and it is,the wprk of a man instead ot a machiup. Small, but kindly motives wjll go a great young persons. When we were in or tens, of- a warm evening ill early spring) cleared the rank nettle^/from, a fence come) 'and pnp irj a bed pf cabbage soed; I t oariio np finely and attracted attention:of a clever neigh­ bor,- who offered three «,eats for tim plabts upon a certain section of the lot- The bargain was closed instantly for fear the man would' back uut,and with thosoUrst fruits of lubur in our littlo pocket there was no richer boy jn'Yankeo land. The next dirya rich merchant rode by, and,-seeing our littto.domain.gcrt down frem bis carriage and helped himself to his liking, anil patronizingly munrk<-d that lie had put ‘a hun­ dred or two, nnd there wiis enough,left lo v e L s U m s .—A Miration o f th* moat absorbing eUsracder Md- fntewifci from wrxwpmidence P8,eale-; braiedtadnbtoiiousiiieuanawoioen.,, .Brloe,*2 OO.;. W tdox w » p r I « s t i i * .-A new oomld volume, by* A ic o n ic reprint o f the ju- tenwlyourlous londen work, Just panilfshid.,,* 2 OO., K p lsiles o t C a r r y O ttiaiinc.—An lrreBistiMy laugliMWe^obk off conaiQ uplnlona. IltBptr«ted,.$l ftu. W o i i u t ' a 8 t » a t * g y —-A *K*eP4|?, new KngliBli Love feWy, Beautifully Uml profusely tUustratto ^100 D»n>l«m til S o r e lii, und othstJCpmlo and Bur- leujue Papers. By llret Karto; HlnitraWd., ..*1 60. Vice Caiw d ran P r lilc—A meet deBahtluf jldw Ueme r,w«l.. By Mary J. 60: A r lo n u s Waaril -In I-iinclon.—A uow Comic B«okliy tlilagreatauthot.. ©Uustrated..... te­ st, E liu o U is tim - Best Chance iver oJferd to ilgestt! . C)»e ort wo days’ time -will atoure* gova SawtHUlXAOictin,' W atch , S ilk D jiksj , B kvot . vxk , or some other artiste of equal value; ©»«» or Co-i I Agmtswantsd every where, mate and femate, for the SI Exclianse Btrecti lloaton, Masa. The iSJIlion tlisbejt M dVqst'pdpiuifgoyeie ot^foe a«e . . . , **00. I c - u l n r i e F a y , —A magnlHccnt nTuSframd i o i this l'oeia.\ Jileguiftlyrioana In g il t, t o 00 , How t o M n k o Jton p y a n il H i m tq lC c e p t*--' -A veluaWo hook that every one ahouw reaa.sATOtl. TU« H a b l t s oT e tood jjocIetw,-A.n exoellent worfc,.teaolitng.;gopd.ma«neTS'»n<lbeB»vler.v . . » i V>- TI a S A r t o t Con-ver«»tlo»t,—Aboolt tliat v#n- n ( l Jail to mate almost any one a good1 ta-lker.:. *1,60. Tfee A r t o l Aijn»«ing.-lP5tru.ct!on> and IJfflts for every wort of Home Annuenceute-. ...wauc. Those books are all hcaatifully bwand—sold every-, ’wliere—amlHenf byros'l- rosrAOE vbeb , on.reoeiptet. B.I°«,ty'B W CAJtl-CTOS Co., PubllBlicra. M Y. ■ y -\ti' O C REVOLUTION IN TRADE! I s •ADIKTSryouWillbemtonlahei a tthe velueof .... X j kindiof a-ood» sen t b y thsw elf knownend Juetly celebratsd Brin of GRAHAM A CO., FO B . o m OWK HOHtiAWte. Suoti as Silk, Slerino. and'Alpiicoa Dreasee,'Shawls, yoar olabs of ten and upw»raa, ior oihoks - , aeecnomg tho good© with ton cent! for eaoh olieok, and the getter up of- tiie club; will receive a valuable preseut, worth from $3 tc# $300, according fo number/I names sent, Agenti wsaotmd In overy town. Circular* lent free, Wkadresi, GRAHAM * CO.,.0f imd.6S Federal Street, Boalon. .............. ; . ' . WITH LOTS O F N E W JIABICS’ JVATPKttltl! AwratorAt Tirs.vs aoain V fcrosiotis.. Asdth'er bi/Ht P.ltJBMHJM awarded,aa theBEST. JIodcls ofSiMi‘i.icrrv and SniEKorn. I’am- phldtseKs-x f U bb . A . A.MAH1CS, W5 Broadway,, N.Y. R E D U C E D P R I C E S FOR THB. | E f S U B S C R I B E R ' S fo - b 1868 to the jL\ Ill.CSTRA-rSB -VBUSSOlbdlOit tlOUHKAt,; » t. $8 tl ytar- witl,receive Nnv. snd Dec. Nos till) year Brinwi toddress S B W B lLS.38a Hraadway, S . Y,. Ballou’s M o f t 1808. , L u l a r g e t l t o O a e ’H i i M « l r e t n P a « e s Ph© rfrotrtatlo® ©f’ J5AtxiaOIJ3S 5EAGrZLNEi hav» ibfr-iflOrQwed' flaring 18G7. nearly feptbbk t irom and - <opi*a w idnevcrbelng bo proapfirous as atprcsexit, the: TUbliflieM «rc thereby fttduced1 to ttdll fvrthcr- add t o , XtoijLGlS.GUtACHSU.MLiBBTO ^-nr^UaRD . FiGEi, AltlJougU tbqs enlargesuent iavolvesair nddi- lloaaUxpcnBe olsoinV $5,OOua year©yet there wJups so li«CWBUSK- rS'TIli lPKICKA HflWf IS THE THIE TO GEP UP CLlf&S! ' rerms:—1.6Q aycSTi'SevencoplCB, i?MO;twelve oop- itt, *16 00 ; ah» Acorr ORATja'oss sreAiS ro. thb,frk- - aju aiiriHsa A.diUB o f xwklvh. S ingle nnmber, 16 -dirt#© Send ctiiup for epecintcu 0op.y. Iiur -ciieAfEst MAOAmfB IB.THR fforii,b i AddreM „ • — ELLIOTT; YHOAfKS & i Af,BO r, Hoaton, Blase, N ew in advnnce: __________ o., rublisli- em,1N Y.' C o m p lete Lls.t o f all NovVspaporA in '[iolllA fai, \Vf*to,L«ln la i f cVtOibcr number, Alga a cumple!& lilt of A ll ltellg;ioi*; VtWHjia- litrra Id Amfflca \ * IS THE ' it: tm m c l a d ; 5? « tnJTrie SAID FARM l COnAINS -134 H reeof land, ajf mlltt from Ooopentowri, on - Tentown road, a urge dwelling houte, neerly new, onetenintboute.-ioarrii, w titsn nouw and hop kHa;-^»ll-4»rmal»-wrtAwAtArW.nw> A g°,°4-iU6jliArdol. choice ftiift, For lurtker- prrttoclAn Inquire qf tire .utoorfoer oathep«m iiei B i j A i i B i t o .jr) Jr Coopentown, Nov. 6,1867. . 88tf . J O H N B . T X i L L U K , u 6 tv STRSKT, J>» v«ic cur, I nAltOFA0IUR*« ARD naACRR IF , . lUUHMt A NJ> HOXBIa F O H . B A L B , - Mr THE STTBSCKIBER WISHES t « _JiML Nil hit Farm arid Etotel t o tli«village Of Jack- aonvUle,lri the-oovntyof Otwgo, t u lf way between fof , b . e.haSrlher ‘ - t - A l b . m y ^ i Waiiilngton Avonue,- P O R T A B L E A N D ST A T IO N A R Y Steam Engines & M e i [ F r o i n f J t o 2 5 0 H o r s e P o w e r . Most approved Circular and Upright Saw M ille^rlit Milla, Sugar Mills, and all kinds ol Mining and Flan- tation Machinery on band and built to. order. g®-.Shafting, Pulllcs, Leather and Bubber Belting, andpll Undi of Iron and Wood-working Machinery. ai-M achinery and Hallway Supplies in eiore, and shipped a t the loweet rated. 4ni7:i J t Liaiion F A B M F O R S A 1 H . TEE SJJBSCItlEBR OFFERS _for atle lile Fam sltutted le fhe t o w / o f New o n ,lA f milta west o f n«rtwl.-fc Village contatm. ln g l 87 '« 5 M«r. the firmll’Sri agoioditate of en] anu upon i t Is t ‘ ' buildlDp- Thanriior*»6i 'he firm la i n jgqod stale ot enUivatini, : geod iioiiae tad Itrni and olhey ant- __ .... !*w e good Imps; AneverfaSl- tne andvery large spring forth.* t i e of thchouseand bams—I t ie a gootilocition tor » cheeiefactory; there woald 6o/ frora 3»« to ICO cows, rerms of ------- * nude e ta nartvick Oot,?. K .yment IKS- • ’ 3m » - A EVERTISElt’S.. QAZEITB. xL Vol Price advanced to S 2 .pei 7 year il -_ Siiig.lp copIoe.a6 ots: - G.-P. Ito VVKLb 1- Co., I'lzblisli 0 1 T H AM ERICAN ST E A M S H IP GO, rtPPOSITlOW L I \H P V J K . EVER. Y-'T W ENT Y” DA YS. pass a g e ^ A h b f r e i g h t a t e e d u c e d h a t e s . Wor further Intohnation, apply to lA.N. CAKItiNuf UN, Agent, Hi West St . K. V. t y e t, and - drove off,.tliiuking it t o o enyiili business fbr him to pay a boy for u crop ofcab b n g e plants.— HermjfaifMur eurly lesson in the scliodl 6Jf inelir a Btudj^w-liicli afterwurik bednme D. lifc-pKissioii, a n J C ^ b r s u it, u f which w e havo had stmnge l neck .an d tima lia t ia e u f bed o f I r e v p liitionaof th e tnysterious anatomy qf the “ A -. . - © . I I' W.A .■■n*uw,,.i -‘-qyAoul — ^ ■ -iJ * ** IidJti TirniT dtgi^^^^^^MtLjpuk-ipbaraesa. ! w5lh which ti^qpeirile on a hoiyl’ . '-»AkT saw Graiit a b o a t to shuot. a terror pos- . Dot 6* overdrauvi, or allutvt-d t o operate- nloire Besscd m e, fbr i f he refrained, I might possibly M uke his condition ns cuiiifurtiiblt- and convt-n- escape, after th e boa released his folds from t h e font as possible. Do not si-nd the boy fo the - - - field w ith warn'out or custoff tools, which nu- body else will use—a nioaL uxo, a atampy boo, w ith the corners worn of?, n guod-for-uotliiiig scythe and snatli, nifceod t o h is measure—and then scoid hiin if hi- doi-a not keep up! ‘ Givo him good tools udupti-d te ids tsiz und strength, and he will Imre u better ujiinion of bis own importance, nnd a better appreciation o f your estim a te for liim. N o t only In tools should you foster his lauda­ ble personal estim ation, hat his clothing should also teud to the samo end. which it will not do, - if you put hint in your old pantaloons c u t o ff nt 1 th e knee, nnd a world too routny abovo— In your ofd vest, with o n uwfiil big turk- In tho hack, or otber fragments o f an ugo nnd style wbioh would bo in inuch hotter taste In tlio museum o f an untiquuryihan upon thoverllalile peraon u f Y o u n g Afneiicii. Hut, my boys, ■whiiW jtntinW oawlreiwweV decent apparel, remciribi-r this is a great trulli on a vety common snbjnct, thut n man i s bettor tbaii his clothes, 'ffbisis uhoutall Iboaruh- raent w e over uso when our moro fashionable S 'lIlS* »XOIlXGA«E BONDS. sr. io t j i s c r a o N H O T J iirA B r e a i l e o a j co . beviD pur ceat interest, February ami August Tltcao Donds covcr aUoad 6f Dl ncileB,finished from St LuuidtcpFilot KnoLandin drat ^lasa order,.and uu ixtfimUjji-ot about th© sdm’u lenglla froin l aUut ICuob to Belmont, now rapidly <wnatruat3ngj lor whioh-tlio |iroctpds of these bonds aro t0^b*D used, mu Stir g a -ihroEgii Toutoi froin 8 t. Lmift to Wkw Vrlean by r»il» Tiie t|in?ihK 8 of the 91 milea are sooo,ow) a year; the net pr^TsHttW utogiifnolentfbpay' ho 3rit6xfeBt outlie ctitiro utnount o f lond-t; woretljey all Issued Tlie’ba uia ©r securitybs-U«ved to lib beyond' that o l 4 s.uf olhsr bonda now^'flercd Apply « i tho i.EDc^of the. CompMiy. Ko-43 Wall S t , tu MAttQUAN D, aidifnr.ur tu lLAaK,., (OO , cor J . I . TIAYE NOW OPENED t h e i r w r g * JUL and dlvereitled W - A J U L , S T O O H l D R Y GROCERIES, CROCKERY, CARPETS, ^ ' LOOKING ' GLASSES, Ac., For tlio Inspeotton o f the trade generally. The aa-. sortmcnt la o f great magnitude, fresh ana complete, and ia offered nl the most moderate market places. We would call attention to our etoclcAf' partipularly, our stock is admirable, comprising all the iiGj’eUlija ol the season, geleored with the greateat CRre,fan<Tb.iQnot hut pleaf e nll peruoua of good taste nnd experience as judges o f these articles. M E S S GOODS, iifgrcat Variety and latest nov- A .elties. Merinos, Poplins, Alpacas, &c., &c- Ti) Fhyiltians and ihe PnWie Geieralljr. The Ptesorlption a*3 OnlerDep;rtTOents of our store are under the immedinte charge o f a. com^tent miAn* and all maybe assured ofpanctualaivdiatJiftCwrY at tention to their wants. M NaHA1I fc J A B V I?. COMPOUND flONOENTKATND EXTRAOr OF S A R S A P A R IL L A , For the oure of Scrofula andKtcg’s EvlLand ah Scro­ fulous 'AffepMouB, Bfuptive and Cutaneous piseaaei, such asRoeeor Efryalyelu, Pinaplea, Blotohcf* Boll?; Tumors; Salt Rtieuni, Ac. -Also a safe and certain cure for all Syphilitic and Mercurial dtsewes, and indeed all complaints arising from the impurities « f the.blood,. Prepared »od sold by , q i k q u a h & JABVIS. ' TAB AHD W I U ) CHEHBY P E C IO B A t, Acertatti oure for Coughs, Colds, Infliaenzt sndtalL diseases o f the T brott and. Lungs, l’r:pand auct aoli by BINGHAM & JABVIS, Cholera Syiup. _ An effectual remedy for Eisrrhaa, Dysentery. Chote- ra Morbus, and i f used in time,. Asiatlo -Cholera. No family should l e without It In the summer time. Pre­ pared and sold by BINGHAM fc JA’BVIS. IXL ForBiture PolkN, Gloetlo Ehlaee.Gro Grains.Pou de.Solea, etc. ]>KIiAIN.£S; o f ttie newest styles and best maun- • luott|re. - ” CAl.XCOES^pSeujfijf jK/ eia j ag it oflcted eheap totllISOXS,ln4he newv-t i season. best slylefcpf t i e . l oow. But shoulS he fire imd strike the reptile, it Ivould, iu its cotrvulaioris,. crupb, or drag me to pieces. Even as this idea came to me,-I beheld Grant panso. He appeared to comprehend ull. lie could see how I was eitu- ated. and I was still living, and that my delivery depended on tbcivili o r the constrictor. W e could seo every line on.gnch otiler’s fnco, so closo were we, and I would havo shouted or-spoken, or even whispered to bim, had I dared. B u t the bene head wns reared within, a' few incites of mtne, and the wink e f an eyelid would per- haps settle my d o o m ; so I stared, like a dead man, ut Grant and a t the blacks. Pivseiitiy the serpent began very gradually to rolux his folds, and after tightening them sevoral times, na the crashed buffalo qoivered,. he uinvouud outi fold entirely. Thus ho paused. The oaxtirundiktf band wus the ouo thut held clasptue. my heart atood still with hope ami fear. Oh. how hardly, how desperately I struggled to command myself | I-glanced a t Grant, and Baw hinihundling hia rifio uixlousiy. I glanced ut E r E K Y B O D Y C a n O c r T u t n t O w e Cmitiuko for Mpn ur Bays, hy u.'lnK,l*jutso..'s ‘ ’ ------------ — - Comp;ltlMto v“ucio uuy liirin lW Q u a k e T p q r h ; niuT^TiSiwI ehFor trST ip- its prey. Now, then, tho reptilo loosened ita | West women ulivo say that \u woniun is greutvr nuuuKl.t, a- i-AK80SS-.Un«airta. Si V fold on my arm a huir's breadth, ami m>w a lit© than her clolhes,” uiidt'wo only wish they could - -: -------------- - - / - — --------- - be brought to beliove i t Thu labor of a -sgiut, fnit.hlnl bny of sixteen to twenty years of age. Is often equal to- that off a full hand, ufid should be so estimated; tlmt is, whenns a son ia his father's employ, lie iluffu allowed t o feel the measure of his wilt prove n power io virtaous' „-s -------------... ---------------------- — now a lit- .tle more, until -half an inch separated my arm and ita mottled skiD. Tho second fold wns re- -moved entirely, and, tho next was casing.— Should I dash away how, or writ a more fuvom- hl« moment f I decided upon/the former ; rind, with lightning speed E boucded uvray toWiird shonltPBii ullqwi Grant, the crack of vvhriao piece I hrard at the usefulness. wbicli insiucit. For tho first time tn_my life I w u s ; s e lf esti-eiu. /in d u t i l e tlw boy may not he tboreughj; qyerfom d ; and, sinking down. 1 ru - ' “ bi8 *° d» as imit-h nt a dead lift ns one wh.ne mainsfi. in a selm,-coiiSeioua state soveral hours. I tnnscles arc more nitttared. y e t i f lie will culti- \V h e a ,I fully recuvered, Grant and the overjoyed , Fate the knack o f tnking adrantage of pnwere, hegrtaes h eld ,b « B ft ttad p ointed o u t tho bpa, b e **6 by his acility oftvn lio aliio to bring as who wah stilt wrilhing in his death a gonies. I much to para ns on aider find stronger mihb;-*- ■' ~ W h ile be is thus ncqulriug- h is muin strpnplh d o not overtax his timscular ability. Thus m u ch for his unimni mature. DORSET SKIRT SUPPORTER C0MUISE3 IS O'iK flAKMUKT A - ' - PEH F jECT F I T T I N G C O E S E T , rtno -im ):, ot *>u«ie*oo* KveroD'ureU to tliff public l‘t plaiot-a the wcJfe’lit tf ill© Murte upuu the uliuultli'm Inuacad uf tlio tiipH, It u T E I l i me wcLlit wholesale by 9^ Huunnor St. 9 ®tgreh gt D ft SAUNDERS fi Co-. UcjRtoh. A-Sa \V«l3<erSi., Votk. \Y 7 A N T liI> — A « A o k n t — O w e c h a n c e TT iti bfacb toww worfbv.tfw attieptlou of on active liu* inhuman to tube the ajjeacy lr»rthe«iIeoi iIhad iTRBiTs Uruutejt J lorunso asid W fatihk KtttiPd ai* |)’te<t.to llie botti'ai top »ud centre v f rt rod* a l i winilbwR The ,mto In beyond un^Utlog ever oirertd lieture to an agvnt; nnd froja Slo to> $vAj>ertI%y osn ba llisud? &£B<t,nr agytit** clrcttlHr ^lliu whoippty it’curo » bariiin Tr!»m« for'St'6u!«lin}fcii$Ti - J Ii JUIAJDSI’REKT ft C^)1. Bo>tou, 3Iius 'P O R R E Y ’S P A T E N T W’E A T I I E R L B r iliF S —An cxauiiusllon o r Its merit* will con u U mm «kMptcuuk tK*LTMrNti.?a cel nil others B«id lor illustrated clrtalar A^Mita tVRnicd iu cvfxy town G B fc JF TOUKW *fCO . Hoto MuLUfTOtnrtrs 7)AT»ldrn L rnic . New Y*>fk. LADItS AND GEN^L-BBiER. You. can Kav« a beautiful Paxd TiioiooiiAnt vu t n op *xpf.n3s. (with circular* ot ©ur jjreatDry anil Fait \ y Scad* 6ulo>byrendm^Mampt(kr jrulitrn iKj^tsgkdto IvAsihTAv vVhRs-i»Li^. n5 Hanover ^t.Doston, sh u d d e r e d ,' a s I looked n p o n ih q : effects o f h i s trem iendous dying e t r e o g ih . F o r y a r d s aro u n d wlieird h e fay, t h o g r o s s , hushes; a o d s a p lings, a n d cv p r y lh in g , ex c e p t th e m o r e fiiliy g r o w n tre e s , w e re c n t c i e a n off, a s th o u g h th e y hnd 'been trirfl- m e d - w i th a aoy the. T h i s m o n s te r pleasured, fifty-one feet tw o in c h e s a n d a h a lf i n cx tr c m o lcn g th , w liilo r o u n d th e t h i c k e s t p o r ti o n of its b o d y t h e g irth W as n e a tly th r e o to e t, thiiB p r o v in g , I b e lieve, t o b e th o l a r g e s t s e r p e n t t h a t w aa ev e r a u t h e n ti c a ll y -te H t g i s c ^ r ^ 4//_ DHFEBATF FIOHT W 1 T K A GBIZZLYDEAE. A correspondent o r the Helena (lloutana) Grmatte, writing frem Camp Grccn Ciay Smith,; near tbo-Yellowst ptie, gives the following nc-; -counitof-o bear fight:— , ' f -, O r d e rly S e r g c a n t S - R , S h roicp, o r C o m p a n y E , C a p t a in C aiupbell, finnheriy DfM&urOO, W i s - coilsin , h a v in g b e e n in J i c h t a u a fiom e lhing. Ies? . thnn a year, ihonght he,mnst needs signaDxehia! naouxitain life by dcspatcbing, eiugle‘handed,'a jxfige grizziy. Accordingly, o a thq 5 th instant, - whcn q u t huntiiig—-bcingabantfifty miles from ; this camp, on the eastem braueh of the Powder - ‘— thu opportunity was embraced t o doiso.— Lcfenrely proceeding on his way; hiatranauillity o f mind was suddelily distnr.biid by looking pp nnd feeeiffg-a hear jitat alipsd nf lrini Thrir tiyrs- m o t sinmltanfonsly, Brolii’s vengefnliy' gitiring. Tiie sergennt haftcd, and Coclmg his piecc. the Iiear cnmonght on, as jf, anderetand- irig f o e manwuvre, he would show how con- t • mptuouslj h e regarded it. But the sergeant, equally di-finnt.flndppadence, pcrhaps,Ioat sight in font noVel ajnbiiion which a inajorlty of O D M K T H L N G 'i E U L r M E R IT O R I- 1 3 (iHS—OliomlCii-.Klpciro Sllvi-r I’laliox Fluid, fur ln»taittancua,lg silver platmg O-V'-vcr. 1 Ilnu*. Geruisn Bilvtr. liroinr. He . and for cl-'innli'g flli'l j>-oli.|ilnr ,11 xerrnrt (liter-plated nsre. MsnuJietnted on|y l,y J BHtAW, ClitiriL-U, So. su Elrn-al „ Hrfijgeport. Ctmii. bampten.-rer trial ioiDtsheil irco upon sppllcalloa lo C u l t ivating OncnARUs.— A p p le o r c h a n l s left t o thcniselvd3 h e a r o n ly o n n lt e r n a t e years vvllh. s-Uch u n if o r m ity , tlm t “ iioariiig y e a r s '’ h u v o c o m e t o b e re g a r d e d ns t h e o r d e r o f n a t u r e , r a t h e r th a n a h u m a n d e v i c e . T h u tre e s , in A v e rage so il, d o n o t h a v e rnlrm o h t en o u g h ' to g i v e full c r o p s e v e i y y e a r . O n lliv n tio n a n d inam iring- -wiU eh u u g a ull UiU, filld \give u s rem u n u r a tiv e c r o p s o v c iy seasCn. I ’ossihly m n rioring m ig h t d o th i s ev e n i f tlio o r c h a r d w e r e le f t t a g r a s s - B u t fo e d a n g e r is if th o o r c h a r d is loft nn p lo iv - e d , i t w ill h o t g e t t h e m a n u re. T h e co m m o n , ob jectio n ,d ie te d t o plow ing i s th e d a m a g e d o n e t o the ro o t s of th o trees.— \Wo Im V C u o d o n b t th a t m i'o r c h a r d m i g h t b e r p lo w e d s o d e e p and s t m e a r t h e trunks d f t r e e s a s to d a m a g e i t p a s t hope o f recovery- B u t d isc r e tio n is t q be usred; a n d Ih o piow ia t o h e k e p t sU n e a r t h e surface h n il e r th e t r e e s u s n o t t o b r e a k off th e larg e foots., I t h a s also b e e n a s c e r t a in e d t h a t g r a m crops a r c n o t g o o d J o r o r o h a r ils. \VValjavo k n o w n o rchardB to b o m r u t e b a r r e i i fo r S e v e r a l y e a r s i n co h s e q u g n c o -of sc e r o p q f iy e . G rain c r o p s , unieSS b n e k w lieat b e a n e x c e p tio n , ta k e s from th o su il w h n t t h e tro e - n e e d s , a n d s h a d e s t h e lend too* m u c h , ~ N ew - Y o r k O b s e rver artsw v fs th i s q u e s tin n in a . R W W r f f s , t r a l v e r y coni'preliensively, t s foffoivfi V “ U n d e r i t s influence s p r i n g t a s t y n n d ccnvenictffc d w e iliflgs, iid o r4 e d :Avith s h r u b s an d fiow ers, aidL b e a n t i f u l w ith in the s m ile s uf h a p p y wives,-filly- ch i ld r e n in th e iup o f tliyugU tnil age— b r o a d ............. , r -- ...................... „ — _ ...-.-...j m. h e a r t s 'a m l i a c t s , fis w e ll uS-vvorifadf Welcome;— th o s e r e c e n tly - fr o m th e e a s t h a v e tb k il l a ' g r j z - - P r o g r e s s iv e ’ a g r i c ii itn r e b u i l d s b a m s a n d p u t s th q .,ftorfotom s -T -teveied;.Ifiir rifle g u t t e r s \ zly.white in ____ _ t , __ ■ sariHrcdrjuSt sg%is Buvsgo foo reared on his _ ____ _____ bind legs/to close with-him. llis bnllet strticfc trees bjr thefoeadow w th pippmser grteningsPl close fo, if it; did not penetrate, his heart., T h e it ssts out new crclterds and lakes Care o f old beat felL Itogahiiiig his feet. With w- figffee,- ones. J t - drams doto-landsrcatB~aowa husiieg? te r r i b l e grqw fa he w h eeled .arid-endeavored; to e s c a p e . U n lli™ to b i s bonipafiionfc w h o w a a p r o b a b l y o n e h u n d r e d an d fiffa y a i d s .i n t h e - r e a r , t o com o qniekly t o him ; upon h i s a r r i v a l th e y p u r s u e d t h e a n i m a l to g e th e r , ^ h e n w i t h ­ i n fw e ijty yartla, t h e sergeaiTf h a v i n g -reloaded, ag a in fired, n n d thraks- ho s fio t t h e b e a r w r i t n p o n th e 's h o u l d e r ; a n d a b o u t m idw a y -ofth e b o d y ; b i s c o m p a n io n im m e d iately s u c c e e d e d w ifirT iis b u l l e t , p l a n t i n g ag o o d ounce o f le a d in o n a d f CTCtki^Jwesriatotjldris. B rniii n o w tu r n e d u p o n ah d ’t a r s u e d h i s fo e s . ®W k e had l-eJoaded, thc'Tieifit was witfiiri ien feet-of him. cGmiug witlqutmbated (Speed., H e levelhd whejf hhteffiiioet jmi^iriedhife'cutiim fee! tho monster’s hot breath in his face. The trig­ ger is prii*d—the percussion prbvcsfimlty; with the undischarged gun in his hand a powerful Ujowr of the Infuriated grlzzlff carrieS sWay the feraater p art uf Ins scalp. Before reaching the; CfMigiit in hiairiouth'hialeft hand, ana tho jaws of bis teeth met am o u g .its cords and sineiws, T h e sergeant s tak s titethe f roand beneath the #liagte, giant, whose hold on is band fS'-stffl-fidya^'.w b u tM riCDipapiOju 'rciurims the spin and aupda a ihuliet irito: tire/ beast's head. .Stunned,biiff Stillhavliig pirirder- ops vitality, the bear roils over on hie bock, and bis red tongue again protrades from hi4 month to once more close en the sergeant. Quick aa tilioaght the sergeant thrust his right hand down the anirrial’s throat and fiercely grasped his tongue. His companioft has reloaded his piece, and nuts a third bullet j# the hear’s head-—’ Agxm the hoar withdrew Ma iteries^fodJStch- ing in his munth the seigemt’s gun xretnntttcqd Vigfwously chewing off the stock. iWow.regriri- lug Ws feet, the sergesmt liischim d iaro ballet* - from his revolver# TTitee fapbdSfl the conttiit' -Svith the deatb,gf thPStee. JjPhtefcwgCsSt.“'re- toraed to camp m indeecribnble - agfony, and, thoagh soffdrfng with gfea't prih; hh Is in a frir Way or speedy recovery j b u t he will can y to fans last muineht tbu scar# v r f|ii» dcwpierate en- apunter II esy i b u killed fire bar arid ao» t want n ett i a jvt tojfo w iA tfaq cHt- „ , ofi theni, builds stnbles for captle, hhH ffitgeBTiTOtS t o itJCiTtfann. it gfuftaWud apjile buys a mower, houses fools a n d wagons, keeps f Oftd fences and pmctlflPS Boiling,, i t makes ens lay, chiekens live, nnd prevents swine- from rooting up meadows. . Progressive ogrififfigre keeps on harid plenty cf dry fuel and brings i n the oven wood for tiie women. It plows dfflpF\ ly, Sow plentifufiy, Barrows evenly, and prays for the blessing of Heaven.\ - ■ # 'hftAx fob F o w ls re )|akk them lA.Wr—It is tile nature of fowls in good health to lay, imci- tliey. cannot help-it—lire eggg will-rome— when ScrgoMit- -ffefotyfiwe-wiilrfedirere tireir laying propensity-, a -© aj,g qejy gbM-t.TdcmteohSj Cgigs cease alto­ gether. . B ich' food; prorirotes the temlency ; certain seeds, like buekiylleat, sunflower apd hemp seeds increase if, and meat of any'kind does the sam e . . AH this, however, forces the fowl into an; unnatural slate, and oniinarily shortens her life, The c ^ s , besides, huvo often a poor-flavor. Occassi/rinl feedings of frcetf meet, Iika tlie lighfg cf hogs chopped fine, a re veiy good in winter when the fowls find no i n ­ sect food. They . need, besides, hearty food i n cold weather, .especially i f they are net kept un war.ni houses. In very cold vveather, hous run­ ning ubqiit.and roclthiff iu c^p'oBed pieces, » p l not lay, though rkbly f e d t h e i r food goes Kj keeping them vrarni.— [Agncultnrist. K O X I O D .' 1 WHO ARB IftfiRB-rED TO TH* U.eAlier Ur.Bptear, i t , flrmof JOHNSTON-A rllJL U ,.. __ _ buuk account of irix,month«’ al#iiaing,«rerequtsC(d t o call, aud Settle M’ *v»n a s jiursible, «»those bis atMlci \ e t fc- F. q f t h e : , \ J Cctr> I—Stop still exirofiie .the new <r i-*tpT*w<rifsS)d#Cttti^ Mgririerwrihi/irMtvtfc X'j OR y o o U j.ta k j * •tfw cew (tack o f R«i' e*h« ' .............. • 8kr7p-sBAiw«KiiirrT' .. I?' CA«« (he Wti te n e l f liy W m I). ot NY. l 1 D U b -S.U J 'rbF lie I... W ANTED A CORltESI’ON/IIEiVT, IN XVE1IV city, town, and hacnlut* for wliicli HberAl wa Mfillbe A lady or ci'n1I«fmttn wiU b& ccmjistcnt. Kor lurttier part(calar) addrefs witfa twoictum malaps, f>ra PODGE & StOKSB, Urcfely > DeU^van; Co., Iowa- n o . _______________ - 0 , Itepponiible R^ent wanted la evc?F counU tu intro- doco fhe article aud supply tho Urale- Dovare of iml- latlons. Don’t Pass Qvesr This tViihout rcaAing It i VVo nro erllln^ out oarsttScfc, coxnittinj OS .WnlGl’\* tu.t.ri ur*™ Dry wouda, Fanoy coxHl^tlnj of VVntchea, Jewtlxy, {>ilrer Piatcd Ware, 9 Gouda, Fanoy Ooodfij JCatlcr/. Fliotograph Al- bu jb , Stercofcopis, eto., nt tbtt 'Ualfonn' price of <O ky Don, am for riwrh ■rtfoin --------- r- _____ f O kr f^rrat, jaidocccnignta.-lo^Uig- (on* getting up ctab\ <jlrcalara fent frce Addicas Pt.RMMF.R S MOTJLTON^ (fonaerlr PloameT fc Cot-) 16 Marshall S t.. Do^tcn, Mag? , “Wunlcd (o Makeuii Arrangement\ Willi a live man in every cqoh I y , *who niches 4o make money can rivegodii rtlcxcniccR. C mo Kixiltat re- .iuirtd Will £eu a biipiHe*9 now- paying $1,600 per month* and relv bn protJts Jor my pay: 4 » Addrefg, J. C TILTON( Pittsburgh, WE STILL LIVE! Don ’t tie Immbngged by „ . Imp4il&rs o i '•patent” . asi inoR or MAcaiBK \SttsacirtoMjte ! S«ad for oar Netf Catalogue ol n iP E 0 V E P ’aTE2fClL JDlESf20 wuieta.es ALx«rincRi,f cmrefaDy Qufshtid#ahd (Sniper. cd-B .S.. 3T SFEMGBli CO-, SroltlebogO, v i $10 A P A Y WADE B * witfi zujLPaKmt^cenoU Tool?*, J BewaxeOfiDtringcra' My clrcali dr#w A J YOU, ------- ONE. samples free, wfUtscpIain. Ad!- SpHrigfRlti Vermont , PAINTS FOR FARMERS •T h e SRArrrpK ^M'lN- . _ ________ . ________ T ki - q ai6w manntaiituring thobcit, chfayeht ohiI most durable Faint In i«p; Iwo 1 coatff=WuU-nut. oni rnlsfri irtth ^pOETff LlOofcld xjh, will last LO or* 16yoars;Utl5 ol a light bro h r crbekotifnl chocolate color, and can be chttaged to greeii, lead, stone-, oJ}tc.- or dr*b J o ptiit. tlKe taite o'f tiie con* stmior. ft i9 valuable forllonses-, Darns, Fences, Ag ricuitur&l ImjpUthebni^Cnrrl&gejafitL^ir-jnakera/Rnd ‘Womieirwafe’, CaAi1**, Mctnl a#iid Shingle Roofs, t i t beiDg Fire and Watcr*prftbf()'l5Tidg<;8,BtjnalCa8ft9, uaDRl bhlps and Ships’ Jlbttkntis, Floor Oil Cloth3, (on? matmfsclurefhaving used 5/000 Tjbfi. the tiafltyelr,) and.iafapafiat for ana' pufposD i s unaur- o»Med for ‘ body^durabllityj^elaailclty and ttdhesive- neafi. Price $6 par b b l, ol 800, IDs, which tvi XT eoppTy — ... J pv» s/ul y WI uwv.iqq, VTAiluU WIAI ri a iiirmer for jrcara to come. Waramtcd i a a l l ca’fies aa above. Sena f6'r=* €lrdul!U*1TvhiCIi g&tefliUU partlcu. Iftjca.—Nxuifi-geriulne unless brafcded lu a tr^cocmark Gfiftoa Atinaril...Palht. Adrtrwi DA-HUgr, -BILL WHLb, FrD|vrlclor, ‘M 2 rtirle t , IfcwYbrk. Agents XiVVtiiiiiU frji- i I r tttis gry (vT iUc SeCfct »Ir ObttiljiO i ilftkcr. . The istontidfhr revelations arid fifarlliqs disotbmres*- mane In tht^ vpork qtb creatiog the most mteagc dedre iti ihe minds o f the. peoplo to obluift it. its ofBoial 'cTiilTA^ter ftiid^ r8».dy pale,coinbl!w|d wl th an^nereaeed c terms, «nd .................... , gives-oei3or eati*'\ — ■* ahypUierworK Address, JOJiRH' BltOTllti;- deiiiihfBFjpftj.ihitLc i t the best faiilscriplioit hook ever publwhcd, Send ibr f*irculajfi aM eee bur terms. snd H gives better entislaction tlitth A CO.^PJiUaAlelplila. Pa. 1 A t s w s m ; ? tvAiw-rBnj r u r i-K tutrN s,' t t s j c k r l C O 'S-l’aWnbroker’sS ilo .t o wlioingrcatln Juce mcntsare olTer::/ VV* w i l l -S«*»d y o u * . S e w in g M tirliin e . or N ice Dres« plisK OF cost ‘ Q lve us a tiinl Uttatoginsseut (te e . I'fiH K lN S . F I 8 K Sc C4>» V p . Box 317©Bpstoii,M*is. , “ T f r r a s t S u i ju iiie w o i i d . ' , Kslraot o f a Loiter from Baron Solomon Kothsclilict. 0 s n a , 8tli April, 1804,20 Uue Fsuljy , St. Honero. — . , -- . , - ..nl yu thr amount through Messrs. Damr>ST tt C o , Ne- ■York. - - • ' ItxaoN I toUiftnjrot I wuu-thev t • htntoestiabli*haa*pot.iii For oleiniux t sum, Cirrieges i nud polishing f.urnlture of alt llndi, Pl­ ea &o. Prepatte aniTholil ouly by . BINGHAM fc jAItVIB. F A H M E © R SA X E . ■ TIIE SUBSCRIBER OFFRK8 (or aile his sfsrui Ijring ia the town of Lauresq, I aorlhwest.Af hngteiis yill>jge,qn the atreoia untiles -------------- - _ ...— . — . _ ninritag irom GiVbe.rt'i Xiske t o Ute Lan'reus CJetten Mill, coatalnjug 830 aor?»,.»part of- wMeh Is- very nice timber lead ana s, tugir huin. - Silfl farm is well wa­ tered, .mid weter ruunlBg et t i n Moot- There Is :a Isrge dir#elllnXi well, oilculeted (or oaXlugoKeese or -bulter. A im e leig e I s m end ve.*ohrhouse, neerly heir, ■M s'hev swr-mllt endwcBi -siw. There nre 8 acres ef hops eiud a Urge, young oreheti. He wiU sell tin whole or otu iuilf to eilfc piurohaiers. For further psrtlculsae fiiqulre'or (he subscriber cm-the farm, rerms of payrerat nude' eis-v. ' 80tf*3_ Laurens, Oct. 10.18!;.. CllABfi303 J - -MYBltB. E. & 0 . W A E D , ■ PRODUCE k/klm nliffa RECEIVERS AM) DEALERS IS FL0FR> Mo, J79 WashitifioB' St., Between tarteifiiniS' Chaiu6er« Sit,, N. Y, AcX-rlce* off M a r k c ta g i r e n ’w H e * d e a lrad . RirKKlsor:—BROADWAY BANK, N, Y o « Cirr. ” 1*. BILL, Prea’t, 2d National Hank, Cooperstown- F A J t t t F O R SA X B . THB StIBSCRlBBR- OFFERS for ssle W« Icfna, loo*t(L In thp village *go, about X o f atoHe from !ti«-A. fc S-. E. tt. pet, ceacalning MOO ACHBig O f L> A.VJ>. Sstd Fsrmia Xaawau Cbe B u a ly Fiu-m, and U cen- sldcred o u t of the but inrms In thn eeoHon »J the country. About rooisciee are-good rloli-flat grass Und, iltuatedon the beials ot-tbi fflurquetianh* rlireri *leo,.e«$rerM:01goqdlmj?fove,S'ni^n|Mdiraeb»lwce In timber, consisting o r Oek, Cbestnat »mi' Hue.— Ssid Farm u weul witered, lias « n lt a-good, young Orchsrd of gprefted fruit, buildings .In excellent repuir, nearly mew- and. well- malnted, csompilslag. a. largo dwelling house - suid bams, Thsrels altenpoa B«id iirzn ’ . . b . - A M E W EOF* r-AKD, . containing O sores. , The Fsrna fiveroll adapted to Pai- rying, SrsinOrowIng andCattleffltlslrig, Terraa to suit purcliiserfl. Poiieeilon given April 1; IMS, WM- VAN NAMfclB, Jr. Otsgo, Oot. 16, ise;., . . . . _ 3m8Qt. T w o K a r a t s a n c l S a w B M l fu r S a l e , T H E S U B S C R I B E R O F F E R S Sii foraatetwo good firme.upoii cne e f which Is an excellent Saw Mill fmearljr Sew.) T'heae farmetare eltaatei in Trout Creek Valley, about ten miles Dom Unadilla and Depdelt The farm oonneobed. w ith the mill contains about Xl acree. The Iniprovemenls are a good faufin house painted white, good wagon house ted ium , Is abnotjcwoaxiUeS'frdm Gannonavjll«|-w|iere you atrlke the Delaware river TTib mill will cue an nually 300,600 feet, and S f -prefcrted will heatosked — One thoueand dollali «anbe olenred trrruully I f the property l« rninaged properly. . The other fim i oootaaua about BS acres, lias thereon a rood farmhouse lutated While, gjod wagon bciue indThfrn,wilh anlanbait,excellent orchard. There feme are adapted to grain, gnus or htips. The land is hill oxul creek flat. fel.SOO -will buy the mlll-fartn, affd I3.000.wlll be suked for tbeother. Feeble health U the reason (or .selling. ■ Tenrii iraade easy. Address — C. PBAR0S1, Carinonaville. Aug, 6,1861. 3xn78» Bol. Co,N.Y. -FtaRM FO R SAIaB. f TIDE' S U B S C R I B E R , Draifftmr^ro t g o West, offers ffer sale Ilia valuable i'arra oi — - ------ - \ ‘-r--tel,aiiAu«ir'- F U i k S O A N T Tu ’a.IN; Uhill ri I » il... M . Camo, Surrogate of ths county o l Otaego, jiotfta ed to exhibit the same with the vouchers liiareof to Qhauuuejr P. Miehael, Executor of the estate of (Mi eHdldeceased, at his uritoe o f Besluenoe in Oneonta, on or before the 26th day o f April, 1888 . Dated Oot: 14th, 1887. 6m80 0. L. MICHAEL, Executor. C dukty o r Op- ;t. -William E . Itouao ________ ______, -------------- , ___ Iwin A. Blssell.and Deloa Merrella, James H'. Baroey and Frederick Wil cox. - . SUMMONS-Tb William E. Rouse, defendant:-- You are hereby Smumoned toauswer tne complaint o f the plaintiff, a eopy'of which was died Inthe offioe of- the Cletkof Otsagoicousaty, ontho'ezd day of Oc­ tober, X867,and to aerre aeopjr b f your answer on tho aubsorlber at his office In II artwlok, Gtsego county , N. Y., within fwenly days after the ecrvlce of this Sum mons, exclu-ive of the day of service, or the plaintiff Will apply tothe Court for the relief demanded in ths latut. COT j E T t —C o unty o f .O t - saoo.—William A. Neffand Mre, WilJIaiu A.Neff hia wife, Joaeph Neff and Mra. Joseph -Niff his-wlfe, ilaihtlffs, pit, Joneplt Ne-fl', Jr.,. Jonathan Neff anil _ than Neff fils w-ffe, Lord Moree and Mrs. .Ira, Jonathan .nm »>* niic, ---------- ----------- Lord Morse, Ojrriri Neff and Mrs. OrrJn Neff his wife; Sophia Cone and Mr. Cone her hueCband. and Samuel Neff and Mrs Samuel Neff hia wife, dafeudAnti. STTMSICTNS —To Orrlu. Neff ana Mra. Orrln Nelf hts wile, Sophia Cone, iful Samuel Neff and Mrs, Sam- uef Neff his wife; dclendante: Ton art hereby smn- moned to answer the coraplalttt o f the plaintiffs, a copy o f which was died In the cilice o f ttie Cleric of Otsego county, on the 28th day o f November, 1883, ■and to.sCT.v.e a copy df yoar answer on the attbtorlher at his bfBoe III Cooperstown, New York, within twen­ ty days alter the aefvlce o f this Summons, exclusive otth e d a y o f service, o r tlreplaintlffs will.spplyto tha Court tor the relief demanded lit the oomplamt. Dat- ed.Nov. 28,18(18. E. M. OAttD, l’lffs A t t / , 0 w 81 Caoperstdwn . N. Y. . C H A R L E S BU T T S , ¥ FOB TUB SAL* Qf • • B w t t e i ’, C ljie e e e ,; H o p s 8 AMD Alls* KINDS OF * ’ C O U IV T B Y P K Q D U C E , SH6k\V a a l>ingtoln Stre«f, Near Washington MBrkLt, 'NEW YORK. R*Fj{BEWOKa ^-John.F. Soott,* Coouewtown, N. Sacauel A . Bowen. Cooperatown; Alonzo L. Hakes. Buttqrnftta,N Y ; H. IL €laftn fc Co .N.Y. . fimTL* ¥51. II. LILLISTON, O o i x t m i s s i o n I V I e i ^ c l i i a t i i t AMD DRA1ER IN ALL KIHD3 COUNTRY PRODUCErl H ops , P o H ltbt , A i ^ plbs , F urs » R utt R r > K gcts , P eacuks , S kins , .. G h BRSK, POTATOIfl, GitAFRS, B r H5WAK L abd , B eans , 6 S trawdbkries , T a llow , PoRKt D kied F ruits , M aplb , S uoak , G am R j A c , 2 5 8 & 2 5 9 F H L T O iV llO W , W e . t W a i h i u g t o a M a r k e t , 1y7fir ________ NEW YQKK. '* AND B o ile r Flues, — . . t Aud all hinds of Braas and Iron Fittings, Tools, fco for Sieum and Gaa Filter's uso. * 3 - The best and largest assortment In tho oity, and at greatly reduced prioes. Send lor Trice List. J. B. FUX.LER, ’ 4m~3 47PEYSTn N.Y. Cur; • J O H N W . B R O W N , Produce Commission Merchant, AND DBALKX HT N t r r M W A T E R S T R E E T , \'ijaswr'T 6W.81 . Hartwiok, Qtaego eo , :H. Y. O F S A L E i n P artition .— _ , Supreme Court. 'William F. Alger , WLis guar* dfanJply ChapiberlniD,agt. L«rvl Mger aprf-Marfii AU S er his wiijEMiy H. II. frarriDgtoii her guordiao *4 tem ©avid Ji Str. John^ BRChel AlgeT ^flfe of Wili- fam F*. AJger,. ahd WiHIajm 5f. Spencer’. A ^ -In-pHreuaBce o f jLjfi3gmfcnt~o£ Jhe..JB.npnemc.CfiMil- o f tjie Slate of New TCoSj tbe BUhscribefaa Ueierse therein, wUl'BeU a t Dnbllc.Auotlpn 'at Bartoa’s’ Hotel,, in Kdme ton; Otaego c.ounty 4 oii. the 29tft day of JCJo-v vember, i8Q7V'it l o’olook,, P. M. u D^ve)lU»g H tpe a'nd Lot, f-ituate fn tfie tbwipof Edra^ton -afpfesald. lying on the south lide o i ihe highway rufijiing east a and west tlirongh the vllldgo o f lictnicston Oeuti^,,Rt}d hounded as follows. Dn tne'west hy lanflia of.Henry Ackerman, oii the Boutii hy lands o f Floyd,CRam? beilain. dn theeast by landsol Ely ard-Floyd Cbam-, belaii?, Sanraci Btixton and, Erastuit Waldo, and on ttiojiorth-hy aaid UigtiauY^OontaiiiiJig Nj^ty-four roda. of land more or lew; Dated Dot. 10,1867. 6w80‘ ■ FLOYD CHAMBERLAIN, .• - . Beleree. JenksA M attrrsok , Prira Att’ya^NewBerlin.N. Y. I n S h - ed to bo sold, as follows: AU that certain piece or par­ cel o f land lying and being tn the town of Worcester^ connty and State iforoBaid. bounded aa followa: On. In pursuance o t ft*juflgmiint 6f forecToHure and e«le nia^e in the above entitled action in the Supreme. Court on tbe lot h day of October, 18&7 ; I, the subscrib­ er, Sheriff o f Hie county 6f*Ot«ego, will Bell at publltr Auction at the jfrtint floor o f the Court House, in Cooperatown, in the connty of Ot«ego and State of New York, son the 7th day of December n ext at 12? o'clock M., the mortgaged premise? described in eaid. mbrtgflge'&ndjridgment, and hy sald jadgment dir«ot- _._a. . . o r p a r _ Worceater*. _______ . , /dllows;. On. the nortii by 1 finds.of j?e\vi8 U (ter,Jately purchased o f E F'erns* and lands o f tlieheirioC Beiijamln Goodrich^ deceased, on the east by lahds of Geo L. Briggs, now or lately occupied by K> H. P. Ireland, on tbe .Youth bydanils of Bradford I>avla, on the west T>y lar*,a o f Leonard C a m and ' Elizabeth Hudson,^ commoiUy called the John A. Hudson Farm, being the weeterly cart tliereofr containlog onc hundred anu flfty acres of land, be the same more or less, Ihe parties o f t h e Urst part now living thereon. Hated, Oot 19,1867.. HARYEY W BROWN; 8herlff. SciiDYLiK OnirPF.d’a RlfPs Att’y, 7w81 ; Q U P R F M E C O U R T — C o u n t y or O t - O sego .—Mary Ann Shute *gt% Leverett”P Bhnle -SUMMON8.—To Lever^tt.F^ 8hiit«, the nboya named defiRtdanf* Yon are hereDy;SnH}moned t o an­ swer thi* oozQpl&int of Mary AnnRhut«> plaintiff i a thfa aofldn,'which will be filed with the Clerk d f the county of OtiegOt at his ofllce in Cooperttowi^mnd to .serve a copy ot your answer on tho Butncriber a t hia ofllce la Mllforda D.teego county,.N«-w York, wfthite twenty 'davs’jiner life service dr this RummdiiB, exCiu-- siveoi drrice. *intt(twillapply ay o f fe or fhe.pli ijxtfct 'reliel demamfed-ln the eomplaii CAt.. ^ fit s--- - u laliw ^ «g.aiiiai 1 «ifca^Jii., the bfijit-.flFlpotlftn Inthe county ’ J- W HITE GOuDjbwUINKNS* E5lBRQ.lDERfE9,w COLLARS, Ac. 4 8 UAVI.S,elQglcand doublo, land desirable styles. L AHIES1, SAC K IN RS, - .T1HM3UIN0S, ORNAMENTS and BUTTONS', an awortmcvit moroattraotlvo than over. HOOT TS, tho world rcnowQ.ed Bradley’a Kliipile or duiiht* \prlng fiklrt , n ho cheaper qualities. L ^ l r l h b ' C D ltaE fa, something n&wand teat in mark«t - . . DRESS TR1MMINQ S, 8 Uk Cord, TaweU, RuglOa Gimps mnd Ornanmito. JVt and Fanoy Uattons * a latfcatstyk’s of Dress Trimmiugif. HOSIERY A M D GLOVES, acomplutceto^icandcheap. In W O O L E N G O O D S , a. Ft,Arr5VKfos. w n \ n * R i n > nun -Itlt.W VEIts. and WOIIB-1KU U O o ltS, goarrall/, wc offer sjicaal ti© Jucniicnti. CARl’ETSAND OIL-.oLoTiIS, We luvc fin riAorlmcnt much larger than Is mnally. kept in tht country, aud ceAf.y cQanltaany city More. Uuycrs yf tJicM- guoda u*Ul ffofl tc to their advantage to give m a chi I We offer tbem a t pricci t o compete with any ofty inarkct. t * - , I)£iiiie8tic G o o tL s , t cfiolcmnnd vtrietl assurtraent, setting a t a very itm.tl perceiitsge. O R O C X C E R Y , the b tst«l) Jei,qui!II^ Inferior tq none. • c a - 3 E k . o o x 3 n . x s n s , - te m hrsLndi of tho trade to-which we pay jiarUcntar every advantage atTorilft hy buying in large lots e t auction tales, fco . und are fully confldeai that w« can offer bargains in T « » s s S u g a r s , M o l a s s e s , 8 j r r n p s , SFICES.-HB'l-evcry-srticlo In groceries, tliat defy rttailiseitton;--' - —........................ • - - - - liuyers wlll finil ft tn tlx-ir sdvSntare fo examine out itock before tmrcliaslni; It will bn found com- pleto, -mil anli-ctcil, asd cliolce In ever* depanntent - F sv o n Irom the puHHc lieretofore remllvevl sre dit ly apurcclati'il. and we hope by fair and honorable dealing td merit n couTnuouce of—Hie same# ’ TKI&MS—Cn.fi, or Short Credit , J. H. 5TUKY A Co. Cflopontown, Oct n. isft. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ PIKEM IX W O O L E N M I L L . -rirr, stESOitiUEB having for - A tliawil the Tlifunlx * 81111 . and liavlng tltit it in tnUroaan reptlrv tvuaid mionn tee pablto th&t he has supplied te vtlkh the beat and mdet approved kinder WOOi,EN» JIAC1UNBRY mode tn Ihit country, nnd the Factory It n o tv ta' tail operation, md nnfaiijnrinj! Glotlis. Ou8sIui4!i*es &> Flannels, of infttxy mri«ti«s of style, <iaality, fco. ? wpmld cnJ] ttio atlqntfOn of Mprcbflntj«> Mofflhflat Twilors nncl dldth desicrer gcnerftlly to niy aMiortmcnit Of Goods Icojit constantly oft band a.t tli&inUU Or &t tnyglote ior Coopirstovm^ wlilth wiU be a6Id at whole eale,by th« case o? piece. H O M E O E T a R T M E I V T . ■petwonsffnrnleblnst wool and\wiahfiig the eime meu- afnelared, eali have It done Et tlio following pnoes. CwAv/nterft. per yard ................. SO eta. Fnlloil (Jlorh .................... so UTdie Fttfiaet** - ............... 25 « CKccked “ ■' ..,..,.40 “ Red •* «• 35 •• Orey •« , « -, 28 “ Wool fftrdlng and flolh Drcssinir. Xdesiro tb cull particular attvnUon to tteose desiring wool carded info rolls, ns. Thavc mscftfnery Pol equal ed in this wicinity, atid hot exofHeffbyAny made . It ttuuflouttwosetaof Rolls, giving doublo tlie facility for doing -work over any otfiqr miU pot hgrleg tfie Feme iclnil of itrachine. a *- I wfeh alsb to cnli especial attention to those wishing cloth <itc^red And colored, as Lose none but the b&3t qaalityoi dye:stnfls. Cloth? 0 * maiiy varieties kept constantly on hand to exchoadgo jforwool. «> T liaveoarperienced workmen at the head of etch de- partjaent. and hopo to receive the patronage b f my frietite and life-publio generally. F. SCOTT,Proprietor. B’AMCTELFlEAMCra, Sup’t. ' Coopentpwi, dune 1 JIS 117 flltf..'; g e o ; : J a r v i s & c o . .(•ntftCESSORS TO R. I» rORT,) tT A .V C X ( J P U R C H A S E D rare, S tock J J Gormerlj Jitld by F.: i’. Cory, and restonked; with TfieJatrsl ahil tji1-! slylea u , aoods in our hue, wr will conllnuc t i e Uridcrtaktios Budness a t the “ Oln .Sfofic Store.” , . ; • . . FISK’SMItKTAUDierilURrAL'CASRS, m iULteit'a •*-' c a s k e t s ; nftaBIVOon.-MAHOOANY. BLACK WAL- ?I'NTfe,b’i ) M Vi;RK,,> CU®ltttV ASD •constantly oiinhnd ‘'Alpda vcry'ftne and c __ aorlmViit o f .\Ieiino and Muslin SUROU D^.^CAPg G-ftAJ?R/ A q . t A4- A-1 b n - an -p 1 Cg^ n t •‘G l a s ^ - S i d e ’? IX e a r s e Oitr 'onjr rxyerience iu the buviness tvnrrsnfa uj in .'■avItfM tliat thbsd wlio mny favor im witli tht-ir ordors, \Willt.u a ,.i / Imlli h i ,)thility an,I prlcn WiT I'uuiouiF nUunticl in village ond country. 1C II trO.IIY I/In Uur -Titploy and I, au thurized to tmtiiaot brielitesa i'dr the firm. OF.OKGK JARVIS V - ' ELLEEi -GOKY OeoiiersTturnMarch i Sdtoxox. l(OTS»OBIt.t) Iiivl>tgr<CO'nmrtiiiIed . . o t Iri* WemlB. WsiM UfcSlfiS DiN IMBNT; aaul tbev beltii! ilesjrous to proouct it . lieetioitlJadvlse. ' it Psris. , . , T U B IJ8 D I A N f o l l i W * , A i a rellel/eyerreadyi ae a klliefof pain, taken in- - w i t * - # ---------- ' Cor the > fiw hoequaf. loan Bruise*, < _________ eadvi. ai .a ki wirdly, o r outwardly applied, relief snd o » r « o r R n e » m » tl ____________ Y * e tIi(rt«,S l»atil*. B r u ise* ,A e , Itianneotiall ea Jt Is alio niMt efncaoloUH, taipii fnwnrdiy. iii tlie oiln o f Ofctilara.Craanp* and Patna i n th e Wto. l e t c h , U lsrrhteK , D y .e n t e r y , <U o l«ra Pf„r« bita. C n o le n K h f a m n in . dMc, affd te witliouti x c,j;tionU,«-nnn, t xvaudtrJrtl vnnaeen.Uie;world affordji, NO F'AcMILY riiould lu wltliout ik Evfry X'RfcYELKR br land o t sea should have a hottH — M iNittSatKi JAHKBIIS rasldtni'at a dlilatipefrorq PfiyaWan* shoiild .teep tt ffohiiilriliy off hand. I» oamoTAqoldaataaiid Madden fkttatkiol Stomaoh Odm S Wnti, ite rafte rannel be eitlmuttd Inqulre f, a tajor LAHR'a IjD I A f f DI J lM B H T . tala* ■ • • t h « r . l*)|(Cjf, MFOffi. yglbotJff. Nnrsaleat -wnolwnle and tetallby Dnmae Birnei fc Off. fo -F u k S°*SlIL X.i fislff rijfohlnvoe, in Gteenwlcl, et . N. let* ihrosilHHt tfi» worlL Neffe-ftcnstffaffff -------- WU ,*©■ -M W FURNITCJttE, CHAIR & LOOKING GLASS \ t F v i i m u a o m s , , ' flPPpsrTE THE EMPIRE HOUSE, \ J wfiiire can: be fouud a goad sssortmeht o f CABI- UKNfcTtHtE, strolt u « ^ _ . fti( NffeF Kb SQFAS, TB-rt/ATKTES, KOCKINQCUAIKS 1 &attl 2 , fiiiinla ' ‘ ' c JUt.CRMY — - o liar Ciitter in Uir^oot,* ,_..Jveidr^s«wilflesfG*rget*nd Spelling, or any of Hie ordinary mjieases of. the horse. For «aie \>Y- RINTGUAM .fc JAKVI 8 . r i } DR. SAMUEL, S. FlTCH’S OK ' ART3-BHI0US MEXHJRE, rtrnxxr vtdrjABt*. A mibVv 8flfe rihV -©ffwit mb remedy tor JDlliooi DUQ^ dew, Sick lltod&che, Illilon* HetfUaofaie. Hyspensia, Torpid Liver or 8tom»ch. CostivoucKH. Dllloueor I)yi- neptlo Cough, M atarisU 1* evcw, i)uw«l Complaint^ ln- digcfltion, Soht Stomaoh, fco.. Skin Diwue,Impure Uiood. Jaundice, and all complaint! c&uaed by Impure btte ur hiliourae^F. BINGIIAH Ik JARVIS HALLS YKGKTAIU.E IIAIR IHSTE'W'ER A now supply Jmt received • _ * BINGHAH * JARVIS. • Dr* Danbury Sniltlite KLssingen. Ahm CONGRESS and ether Mineral Water* constant- lylon I mnd. BINGHAH A JARVIS* WEBSTER’S VEGETABLE HAIR HTVIG0RAT0R. Tills tnvlgormtor is a certnln and tpeeey remedy for all homon ahd diacxacjLot the acalp. An a hair dresser It h unequaled, Havinga }iTeaSatitr;perfaitne, and pro* ducing thick glossy haJr Toar sate by BINGHAH A JARVIS. CHLOKINUM- An excetlent and raf* dltinteclant >g»lmt Fever.Chol­ era. and all infections diseatra; can be med vritb per- Ject rafetylndvrelllnx hatuea.Ac. M*nuf*cluredby EnwAttn tt Sqcran. Brooklyn, N. Y. « o t thi* before tiie hot wcathcriel* bn.off BtNQHAU fc JABVIS. P A T E N T M E D IC IN E S . Ail the Patent Medicine* yon *ee advertlied tn the pa­ pers, may be bought o t BINGHAM fc JABVIS. SITE D ISH LEEC H E S . A. fresh supply constantly on hand. W A L L PAPER, SHADES, fa A large assortment o f Wall Paper, Shades, Colds, F ix­ ture*, to., foreale by BINGHAM & JABVIS. t m B A K E R Y Connected with tiila extenaive estahll&Timent Is an in­ stitution known,to onr coitocoer# generally For Bread, Cake, feo-.call ou BINGHAM fc JABVIS. J U G R J X C M I E S , _ ______ We present rare inducements^ to puroLasere.' All the choice and delicate hrticlei, i s wfeli w tihe sahBtcntials, ‘m bo Iound a i the store of - fiHfGHASf fc JARVIS. W I N E S AND LIQ UORS Ot all kind*, trarnntedtobe the purest In market,eon. slatinglating ffft Brandlfft.Gina,1 Rums.Whl'—tums.Whtakys.Clnmpasne, ------------- .Claret-(a pure turllolff for table use, the olirercnt hrantls. s o 1 ra ltd ies, G i u -. I ' ------------------- j m talj]e naej and Wines o f a ll For sale hy ~ . .. BINftHAK » JABVIS T O I L E T A R TICLES. Our assortment.of Brnfflie* Is very extensive: Has-., Flesh, Nail, Lather affd Tooth Brushes*: Combs ot ail style* and sizes, Hand Xooking GTsSles, Soaps of all kinds, Tooth Powder* and Gloss, Gamplior Ice with Glycerine for chapped handa, fjtce nnd lip*, Puff b o x ­ es, Kotige, fco. Ferl'mnes in eiullcasvariety,Colognes, Pomades, Haii OIIs, fco, For sale bjr BINGHAM fc JARVIS. FISHING TACKLE . fo __ ______________ o f alt kltids, Double affd Single - . ‘ % BED STEADS, and tne latrgeii-and best assortment o f LOOKING GLASSES ta.Orari Frame* of Gilt, Itoffewood add Black Walnut Gilt stnd Bost wood Frames of a ll kinds for Piotures. Sl'BING BEDS, -MATttASSES. anflallklndeof Furniture and Chain made to order. OTd Pnrtittnre Upholstered ana repairad. Old Chllr* paintedetrrfre glided GOOD CliBBKY AND BASSWOOD LUMBER taken in'txcliange for wotk. Cali and see;' . E. 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Ooopantfftma, fBepfc, l , JM*# S’earicr portsoff^rvriifofi 8 aetes ofilOI'S.. In fine cendnieai. III 0^18 scree good wood land, the' remainder utder an exoellent itataod cnlllratlon, -welt, weteredwltl, crceka. and living Springs, one* ot which; le near tits house, snd from which, wxttr 5s conwejed ln iesd pipeto eald, dwellla* hbnw a n d bums. The locution li very deil- riibTe,t>” toIi idetBaiilly siitratei on ono ol llte .beet road. In town, isn an excellent, neighborhood, wilhln a [Unrler of amHeoft School It-uwe, Saw Jlllland Tder Mill. Tlt« sail faarni is w ilt ndaptrd to dairying pnrpOMreor tlio riielne of gralii Tlio above properly will.be sold cheap, snd terms of jpnyment mado co ' ForpaxtlcnUrs enqnlrwolthe.u&orfburouriiegn fees Ontonls. Auscuat II 18(7 JQER CHAJf T*, _ ~ 89 PEAJlL STREET, NEW YORK. Dlhe'raltdvanoes in OASU mffSFoff oonslgnment of POFB. New York, Qct 121863. , ; * c fliaT , . (Successors to SnirtT, Woon fc Co. Produce Uoniniission Mercliants F J u B fet F O R B l ALB. 'P1II2 SFHSORIBBR UFFBPS for sale Tifs firm silnaTSi 5n Iris to-wif o f f Isrt- wtck/Ji ef sm ile norta or Osttwlok village.cotalaln Inc lie atres. The larxn I, usndir a good elate of cull! vatlou, and upon It If a. good: l,et»s<. now elteete bouse nnd itffod oulDBlldlnga- Tlu-ro I* aleo aimn It 13 fforess ot hopes. Otsf vrhdeb were eel 4*1 * 3 >ilng,«Bd liaw, «om* tip riuX snd look nlte. A ncvtr aslllng ipring uf wa- (exruns II!tiiewootllioatuandfirmyaru AIio*nlco yonnr otonsrd -which t a u b e « :let two years. Adjoining Ihe abot* fsmt o n Ifceo east li t8J5 acrts o f with sralcr rnnailBg Its the woqdlxouio. There le aleo about mile dlitant an txcelleat Sit landiaeadow offabout aoicrts. ' TKirXSovelots will, haiotdtoggelher or eepjra. 1 e.as deslttd. The ofopi aad Itock *wlll he sold with the fsrmir.deelttd , „ . Tetcns of.pstnment made easy For further pirllcn- lanttirtnilre of aii» uib-eorlberon-rhefsrni- S.-il. WII.T.TS, Hirtwlck, Ang. 3 1 , 1 8 0 1 . ___________ Sm7««- O H A ’ S R. B U R C H TTAS JUSr R.XTUBSTEP rno« JT ew 1 1 fn tk with tnolheey llrfg enedwell io7tet«,l _____ STOCK m used will olfer S i i . p e r i o r A .(l\ v a n t a g e s to all who raxat lo o r lliLxik o f buying. Hy atook coxisiay (Un part) ol A M E R IC A N , i fell assortment of E N G L IS H , A N D S W I S S W A T In goldl and sflresr esses.' CIO C IS O f1 ALEt r a i l s ANfa S T I tI J S . S i l v e r S p o o n s ,.J E T o r ts ; & e . ’ * Rogers’ Gcniilac Siiter Plalcd Goods, and m IjtaaiUtal a>)(rxtoentof O B W B E i X L Y . ffll'bf ihe lateit fclyles. Call amd examine wcomrptete atpck.af w a T c k e s , . CLOCKS, / JEW EH Rr- X ASD SILVEItWJUlB, attow a a ffsiox* thsra htre tuuxi OBered for the last fiffe ywars-fn any xmrfcet - *J-Bepiltlmg o f Watches, CISols and JewelrydOne at the ahorlest notltS, ktii wsusuited . .. - . - o irA ’g r . u p r c i i . rooperstowq, S l y 3l,18S7. '' . -' ' ;r Eeatb of Kii£ Galomel. rilY r S B WISTDOM ilas FBOTtDid R bh - \ J for \the u i s t a i s o f tn the ¥001(111041 P la t iti that g r o w arcronnl u n , tndt'flclenct' OBdt Iscriliiori direct tm lo tliem . ©Yfis V e ietn b le Kingdom Is tlie G reat Garuert front iiie Animal Kingdom i# HOORI3TISD AtTD Tfe, kVD Till**,TOO, 38 VUVBl, TB« iMViZs'lO AHD S lC * C*#a TltfD Vt-IFF F K O F . H ilM I I f ’F O l^ S - SiigaT DMkM Bool asd Plait Pil« art loranfled up 0 n tlie - 3 irinclplet 3 iat c‘The Foreit Is the rKtfqtrMfftlflal iRka raaotf-^aMigaiFjHi&r*^ THfa^OSIoUi Kajg»fAS«tJ, SE d U i jtt5ltll6 PiJJLS tfo© ‘peopM of ili!»chntlte¥deraand. HAMiiliffON'S ROOI?; fc P lU N ’r' P l t l i S Hoiv tlie sUndlsril FamllY Pill o f fcmerfciL . PROF'. HAfMIIgTGPi’fl KCOTT k P U A X t P I L L S Aro pitrouhdl Y)ythe* MecdicatPrbfeision.-. PR(>F. HA»tlgTOPirB KCUT ft PLANT PILLS AReamethe-Stomach KROF. HJAMIJLTOJS'S; Rt)0T amlJPurify llie Rldod.. _____________ _tt)0T fc PLANT PILLS Cure 8 icVaTid:NerTntx« lleaditche PROF. HAHUjTOK’S ROOR fc PLANT PILLS: . .CuroCodtlvenfsa auil-RliPunmUsm. .. . PROF. HAMIL'fOW’ffROOX & PLANT PILLS . CureiG-outand Dj¥flpep 8 U. . , FROF. HAM ItTOK’S TtOOT fc PhAN'f PII,1/3 Will ptevent all klnclB of Fever, . FROF. HAM HJmSlS KOOX fc PLANT PIU M are iho-I’illt all sh/ul<3 nee at;:] n o other, rod to obtain a n rn s v m c s o f 111 * riLU) iliould be taken dir going tobea.. . _ - FHOF. HAMILTON’S BOOV'-fc PLANT P I1I.3 are Ihe best Pmngallre,Medlolne, that osri be given for InterinlttentafftrReanilttent Fetnor, Chill Fever, Dumb Agar, end for Fatal)* eotfiiiliCmts and irffegiilaaratles; fco, they are-eepoolelly idapM- PBOF. HAMIDTOM’S BOOT fc PLANT PILLS have won by ffheir Merits, .rrffepvimrse U aso atour the Patron***, o f ntarlya mlllia* of People to sustain thm#and liawe been well and truly eleeracteriecd es ■\e ~esent witr • Pitt dr Awratca Bar *•- _BI ................. Wlbe Draggiils of Cooyerslo _____ Meiehsnt# aud /Deabcre eweijwehera—at 26 cents per th dfxsar r • Pitt dr A a r a tc t Hamilton’# F lb aro sold by Ihe Draggfkia rdiaiiti aitil LtUNsni evor)1 Bfox. or 5 B ox ^ b for okic Dollar of Cooffrrstoim and stOti “ 1F.82 Spsfirklflugj C a t a w l m , • , TM* OKLUBS OF THR Pl.KASiNT m. Valley W ine Ora. Huiietoiriseori; a rv*« and excellent OU AMI'A-GSE; tetter titan nine-tenUii o f all the Torelgrt wirte c f that-knid /old In tbe country. Quirt hotriesri 2 . 3 t;p ia till % GodS judges of Ohtas- p ^ . .g l r , t h 6 w i..*h.prt& j i M . Cnoperatow, Bept. 12,1887 _______ Sj5}i«M)fa W*iles. A X A R d E s c r p i r or r i* g f qdaijtv J \ J u t t rjoylartd u S iof a t nflaoa¥oa,W | ^ B t a t v YOR TUB 8 AI.K OF HOPS, BUTTER, GHEfiSE, WOOL, to)., 37 P t a H a n d 99 Br.Ngo Stre«ttf,^f*Y* Ksraaato Parker* Urooks.VCOraNo 15Yator«t.,Nv, Y ; A. R Snutfi, Jato of Smtth, Wood teCo. ; Htnrjr Scott, Caehivr Klrot National Rank, Cooper*town, N. Y , U cvtrc . W Kiiut, CulLctor lotcmal Revenue. CoopbrntkAvT)' TT V . IT Tl WoOil.SnsTnglTelcl C^tro. N Y . J C.Smith, I’reat CannjoharloNaUonaUtank Robert Ethrtdgv, Cashier Frankfort Rank ly57 China and Glassware. A T .D A b iy, * 7 .v ., - ■ ___ A RE NOW OFFERING a v e k y con- ja . n aiporttneolof ' ’ CfUCKEll Y AND GLASSWARE, On euoh term* a* muet rmure a ready eale. as tho nrl eeaare DECIDEDLY .LOW, VV u liavo a fine itock D I N I N G A N D T B A 8 B T 3 , new lornu am) deooralions. Gtakswaxx r.siniArxo t o O kdxk , wilh oreat or Initial. GAS CU1NUELIEBS, BRACKETS ,i PBRTAfifaES, • F le A T H D W A R E , E X T R A P L A T E . Ittc h C a n t o n , t hlnta a n t t F a n t y D n n d i , A o . Albany. t S67. TUCKKlt fc C ttAW FOKD. GREiVT INDUCEMENTS TO CASH BUYERS OF JH. JH*3**25Hro ©I V H E S U B S C R I B E R w o tto r e s p e c t A_ fatlya*y tnnonncennonnce too hisis friendsends andnd Ihe pablioablio gonerr . f t f h fri a Ihe p gone ttiy, filet he Is et length ebte alter • long elckaeas, to give personii attention to hie oniinese once more. ------- , --- IIKUfclll ItfCf. MiU UU thptomh b; Und? of George Os, QQkckcnbwh. being , - , — . theeeme premfiies formerly owned and occupied br — Hls-Moek-teconpseeeAot-goodeiraraliiuwdaMliMaest- -Jor)n-VVtnnr<joqoeHHlr«ontatnlog-tettatrea,- 3 -ro«ffe/ot teffentanu • - — land, ho tlietanio more or low, subject to,* mor I rage held by Jatif* Hunt fofffstso. Now therefore, notlee is hereby given, tb it byTfr- tne of the power of eelc cfftefalBed tniald m ort|ixe and dulyreoordeil as aforcoidd, end in nnrinaneecif the statute hi suoh cnee made and provided, tbe eHd and wtlf be lurniebed to hts customers at coxrcspord, log'low-rate* Everything dow In slock is FRESH and NEW, and will be fonnd to be pf, the very best .qoilltioa Among the ffrtioles to which he would call particular attention, ara ' 1 • I Fxoti*, noKunr, W hratss G rits , Fakj^ta, Tapioca, VaxtMictLLA. lltcR. C ork M rac ., C ork . S u v x i G lom akd C omhok S tarch . liurrjER5Ai.T ik S acks ox bt thr pound , C dmmok B bl . , S in e a k d R o s 8At,T.Boxb’(I c il s ib a t b d H ostok C rack rrs , ridN io BurtSR.Mii.K.Su- CAJt afc S oda C rackkbs Lryop Kafafna. Seedless Kafstus, Curninte, Pranca nsaa Ffgs; filflbxero] by tbe pound H and '4 bbl and kita; Hcrring by the b ox; uboSnjokod Halibut,choice Teaa, Sugar?, &C. Keroecne Lamp? at greatly reduced Thankftil for favors o f the past, and with a determl natlon tdauit'my customer?, (If the beat qualities of goods and Uie lowest prices will do it.) I iuvRo a ll to call and see me, and give me a share ol their natron ROflfcfcT DAVIS. ngk. v Goopewiovm,.Jnne 14, iS 6 rt. U> DOCT. ft. L. n £ n tlL T O ft’S W ORLD-RENO W N E D Caftfornia Indian Ointment! $1000 > OF Fam* . - ......... - - - ............... perforiqed great­ er caret or met with such.a universal approval It ia a ready “Family Physician” for all. This Ointment CXirW ’ - a a‘ ■ Scjoftihiacfi Erysipelaa, Rheumitiam atid Ptiea, FeveTSoret and Ofwro, Croup and Rattles, ~ • • .1 . * Bow. Sprtins and Bruifros, Nervou« I’^livnnd Spiujll C«impla!dt?, Pain? in bide, Pack, fco , 8c*atche? on Iloroes, Galds and Calks, do 4 Stings of Bees, Insects. For full partlcizlara aee Pamphlets ”£Tery famUyahoufd'have aJldx ofihisGreatReme dy on Land to use in case of aboident.- It is jputaip ia targe boxes and sold.at 25 cents per box, or fiveboxes for one dollar Sore Kye# and Broken Breasts, Scald Head fc RingWorm, .Helps Cancers ana 8alf“ _ Rheum. r > , <•. Cnfea 1 Aathma and. Whooping. Cough, Sard hy i u Dragglato in COup^ifet^wn opd-egery where. . . ^ Iy3a. p i t u F p n A a j i L T o i f f ’s M E D IC A T E D COUGH GAISfUY, ] \ , f A D E j/ROM EXTRACTS FREI’AKED IN T a - U J . cruo-^xVertaln aridcffect \ve remedy for Coughs. ColdsrrflpaTBeneBs. Spire YUrdat, A^iUina, Brohchitia and OonBdmption: Ite greafpopularit/ and immense salSfiiiLAguaranty ol ite great value. Those who- try ft—always use it-rcure their Colds and avoid Consump­ tion and an earlyjrave.^ Price, Qnly.K cents. On© million sold annuaTfy. and told everywhere ly33 P R G F . R . L . H A M I L T O N ’S ’ G1I&MH3AL.- . E Y E A NEVEtt FAILING REMEDY For Diseases of the Eye.” Cares W eakaM Sore Eyes: ^ I nflammation ln,every stage-, however bad: “ Granulation of tiie Lids, “ Ulceration of the ixachrymal Glands, fco Every Box warranted Can be u?ed in all case* without injury to the Eye. lyS3 I N K l - IN K ! IN K ! THE COUNTY FOR oskvihsARNOLD’S attri DA- i BHOADS * SON’S o r a : B L A C K S C H O O L IN K . Mr-rchent* an) other* supplied st the l.owf.'T skt CAStt prices, s t the Dookitore of , S e p t , 18717. • W. II RUGGLES. m bavtBg O T I O E T O tC R E D I T O R S .— N otice *■ . hereby elven. eccorqipt fff-law, to all. persons invrfigoTsims again*! ET.KANOU 7V1LSQN,lateof the town of Jlwebonm aeoea*«lj that fliey art to- niitra/l fo-fcvtitht) rffha Mnfa ..It). S t .. XI. ,A T O C R E D I T O R S . - P t m s f o A N H a S MURK, deceaseil, Ufa o l CeopcratowB, in eaW county. that they are required to exhibit the aame with the Vonebere thereof to Bllenr Cory, executor of the esteU of esld dtoe*eed tt hle rwldesce le Coon erelown, p uorbertrethe 23th ijayffi j-^hni.ry.laM, Dated Ang U. IM7. KLLEKY 0 0 on7k C U P R E M E C O U R T — COUNIY o r 7 IJ seco —I’hebo Ana Fowfitou, Kxecutrlx, irfBcr of thtrl^fericof ihe coanir of O u t g o at Goifp. entown, In eald county . on tlio n th day o f October, 1807. ^ Ow80 A D U E ltrjU llI) Y f Hff*» AtUy. ASr- ................ and George M. FowLrtoa, K«eeueor. -of Ibe l m WIG and Testnment oi William Kcwtstoa, deceased, agt. Joel L Fowlwton aud othcia Iajiursnauce o f a decretal older and judgment e f tliiK Court ra thia action. I ‘hall t-ell a t l'abUo Aucilon to tho highest bidder,at iho house o f Barton A Wil- ion in the village o f Laurena, on Sauudiay. the 7Ub day n f December, J8U7, nt 12 o’clock M o f lhatday, all tlut piece or parcel nf land situate, lying and be ud town of Lanrena , dud being aeventy-flv^ of wmchroW tore? of the foutherly part ©t th© Ifirm WtUlam.. Kowlftton dice! seized,ami u i low - ........ .. dcKoribed os 'I p S On puce IjliiM ou the nor'h aldc of lamh o f .... .............. .... . ............ ^ ... , M chaiunMltnte along the road theuc© north K'J k de givoa ea?t *id clmins 77 Hoke alotig ?tonc wail to Foal trrnrks thcirce rimrn rtie crock routb tt degrees cast 7 60 leo.Unki, fioiuli 7Ld«gnecj cant 9 chamj, eouUi • ' in cfr ‘ ' “ - * - - 10 degree? wcht 2 chain: links to George Fowteton’u CO chains 8 t links „aqrei and 21 ....... . ...... .. ..... ...... . o{- aaid road on (ltd southerly pijrt of aaid farm, whfth together with tbe laud above described w ill moke t£S< cniy flvo acre?. Lktcil, Uci. j^tl. lf)07- 7wsi aJM L r.L H. IlAltlUhGTON, lUfexte. . H /fO R T < I A U E S A L E f — WiiKRSfc?,* PK- 1*1 fault hit?..................... betn m lQ v In thopaynu‘atc paynsent o f themoney 'rtrago dat«*rij IHe lLih day'of AprEfr by Johu W - VTTiifi and CirarTea_____ SffT ............ } ecu.red by nmortjago dat«*Fi iiW icih day lano, oxtcuicd by Johu \T : VTTiifi 'and C Wfnn, proneonia, Oriego^coitntjT. N. 5T , to I’olEjr Winn, of the rsum place, and whHTi ntoitgage w il re* corded in llie CTlerv? ofllce o f Otergo county, on thto I7tli day o f April, lHOG^ at 3>| o'clock’, lb M., In Llbar ok of atortgvgvfi, at psg« 3iu>. And wlitreaa, tbo amounbcU’tnca ti> be due up-m »ald nvrtgnge at the time of the flrat publication of this notice Uthelnxu Pf $722.93, aud tfiat nc • bit or proceeding# hare been Instituted at law «r equity t o recover thd debtrdtnrcr irematniug unpatdjrocmrcd by such mortgage b s any part thereof. Tho raid protnlaw are- described in ©ald mortgate au follow* At) that tract or parcel of land iltaitrd iu ths town of Oneonta, coaaty of Oteego aud State o f Ifew York, hounded and described as follow? ~ '*he On t east by the.hosier Lot. on the north by lands of Oatria Snort, on the weal by the Stziquehannh river, and oo by a ‘ate or the premia*# ribjedbed at#t E*ubl\o^Vucilon*ubl\< at thb pubLio M m mortgage will be foreclosed therein descri a E ___________ .... r hottrokept W Wra, Jay. In Oneonta Otevrgo C o . on Saturday, tiie l lth d \ f of Jnnnary, at l o ’clock m the aftcrnoou cf thauU y Dated). Oct 17% ISO?. k’OLLY triCFNe MTcrtgMM: S 8 Brxxacoi, 13W80 , F O S e O I /O S U R E .— ■ ISnb#FtF, Bnsffll.tlistiorColiiniliS*, iitthecottl- ty o f Chenango, K Y , on the 21*t Jay o f November, 1SJ5, did dnly mmtgnge to Frenfclte Fotrar of the same lilacs, tffsennre tlio payment of *615 211.til thetcntaJa tot or parcel o f Imd situate, lying and firing ia the townof Edfficaton.ln the county oi Otaego, snd known and dletingtilshcd a s the Edmeston txaoL heiiig a part ot th* South Sroonf Edmeetou F atm.ani beginning*! the smtfiweiteofiiexoff ih e totaf laad lieFewroeaesu- veyed to -Warren De T.tmcey, running from tbfffffe easterly along tfie /tenth line o t the sud Do Laucey’i lot to the sfftttheatt corner o l tbe aalct De Lancey’eiret parchate; gram, thence eoatfi Ihirlcen degrees west to the nortlieait oorhex of-forty lour Acre* one rood-**4 seven perches oC land in the eomhwest comer of tiie said eouth zhount farm hereicfore conveyed to Oliver Brown: from thence westerly along the north JtnAol the eatd Iot eo cenveyed to the etia Oliver Brovn to the Unadilla river, from thence tip the eaid Gsedllla rivcr-as it winds und torn* to the place o f beginning, including tiie inlands ill said river, containing eighty acres two rood* and thirty ttireeperchc* o t lerid, be tfie same more urless. Sdxd mstlgffge Is recorded in book • No 32 oftaiortgages In thoCIerfe'* office of Oleegocdtmt. ty, tft pageivs, sc , on die -21et.ol November, 7SI5,.:at 2)4 P M. The amouht claimed to b e dne on the flrat publication of this notice is I1B55 67. That said mort­ gage has been duly assigned and dellvered.to Dorr Knseeli, o f the town o f (Itaego. iu *ald connty, -who Is .« - - * - -- — * a# _ _ e ... * . the payment ofthe said Sum of *1665,67, that.betir t ie amount remaining unpaid on said -mortgage, ell of which has become due and payable by the conditions thereof, and n o proceealnrsatlawor otherwise Turing been takqn lor theoojleotlon oi Said money. now, there, fore, for tiie purpose of foreelnelhjj uud mortgajge, by virtue o f a piwef therein Contained, end 4* til* statute in suoh cate made altd provided, the said mort­ gaged premises will he sold al pohllc vendue s t ths ho­ tel Of Sidney M. Ballard; tn tlie villege o f Oocpesv- ■' town, in the oouhty o f Oteego, oa the 'filst dsr fff Ma^l^l8M^at_lffo’cl»ck In tjie fbreoooii o f that fay. i s m * ' ’ DOSE RUSSFLL, Assignee. PffswoxxxsHT.—The above mortgage ride isKhsMy .postponed, until Situfday.therST&t day of A pril, st tlii same honr and.pUoe. -Dated March 3f,lS6« - I Twtl ‘ ----- D OttB^RCSSFii/L.TAMfg m F oitpokxxsnt ,—The 8iltf oi the abor© property li farther postponed until the 2d dxy oF Jaue uext, at tbi lim e tiia© mnfl pTice. IHleG April 21,1805. - w6w3 BDRB RtJSSELL, Aifiglife. P ostvowx « n t —The Mle of ihe above property further poetpd&ed uulU the SOtli day o f Jnne next, • the same-tiumand placro r Dated J u n e 1,1886%’ V 4w9 DOHE RUSSJtLL, Ajrifofft PosTroimxxxT —The above^sale ( • hereby fortlrep pofttpoaed uatil the 28 tL day of Julynext* aftfieia©De iimo and pltbe. Dated June 89*1865. r® . 4wl2 DOEB RtJSSELL, AielguN. PofltroyWESt.—Tiie Bate of the stiove ptoperteJa hereby further iwitiroiiea until Saturday, the zuthdav of^Ootobrr-nexVfct *lt© atmg^Sie a u fljlaoe.—4?itT' JtttyW,t?«IO. £K )RHR^83£LL7-A» tgli« L PosTPoimxEKT.--The eale of the above property ll hereby ftirtherpoetpoDcduiitll Thursday theaith day of Dec«ibtrer uextf Ut tLe «ame tinie snd place. Dated October 20 , I 860 .. LOBJK RUSSELL, J Minuet. .. PQ8TPONE»xaT.—TAe ®6le pr tiie above.'propery ’ Ii hereby further pwtponipd until Tue&day, tiie 12th day ofMsrch next. attlie wme time atid place. Pafed De cember 20, I 860 . DORK RUSSeLLf. Auijpiee*. Powpotrkirs^T —The sale (if . the abovevpmp- .irobyeby ittftlr-uftlier ’\ -itpobed J *Rdayj ^ olM tynext, J2.1867 .. D O ItB _________ , PnatrONEVENT —The 80 le:Of 11i6 abovfe potrMrs^T—The sale e f. the abovovproporty li her l po until Tur tn* lTth day * ” next. ufc the-Bame litrtfi and place' Datcd Morch RUSSKI.L, AsslfUM^ “herOby fUrther pcatpoaed until Tuesday,,, df Jiiiy 14..1867. U, A8Sin*«vt rfebropertria ■ the 9th dayay i. DktedMar . .... , j next, xMhe eitnro time iind placo. DatedJdar DORR RUSSEI.L. JUiJjTwS. IPosTroiuRHKHT^—The sale of the above property fi ................ ‘ . i h o ^ h i a y ? |I frt r n i\ < r o ’ foto the vQucher* lljeretH^ hereby fiit-tlier poitponed unlU S.ltirdey f fie vi.ttlffy I? m *x,cut0|'1 / ‘ IJI? te*1 wfiT-Sha of-September neat, at the asnte time and platie. D 'he e»M decease/ , at hia place of reel;: tofl Sept. 7:1837. DOBR RUSSELL, Assignee.: dence iu the vrilege-of Cooperatown, in. the town, end — -- T/.- -r * 1 .. u e ,w — . ...... county o f Otsego, off «r before the 4|h day of Mar next Dated, Ootaber 28,1867 • 1 6m82 * K. M. JlAKKrs, F.Xecutor. PoiTPOffSKiifffr —The sale of thi above prtfjit tty li hereby luttlier postponedunlll S a lnrdif,tfiel7 tli ff»- of Aug July 27, ...... - --------------------------- ------ Fosfpoffffincai—The sale of the above Tfogiefly is hereby iurtlier i»etpon«d until Sarnrdiy the 7th day of.Ssptriffber aefft, at the saanrtlme and place. Dated, Angnst 16.18677 “DOKK l{USSE[.fo.,/ieigne«. I’ osxpoxvxsmt —Tlieselo of (WtUJUVe ---------- ..jreby ftsMher o f September i toil Sept. 7,1863 .. P ostposikkht —The eale of the above property li hereby further poetpdned until Sutnrdajrttw jztTl uKjf of Ootober next, a t trie aaffie time end place. Dated , ________ DOItB I’/nrrosvn s s t —Thesele Sept 21.1867. ‘Vi LL.eAwignee. 1 jlU S B K L I: ________ or th , abovo prope, it I i med unill Stlurdty the 28Ui daw enfiteilme and jotaoe Dntffd OKR RU88 fiJ.L. Afftgnl'o Fosreoxinni.T —The fufi- of the above property 4s hereby further pcetpnned ttnlll Seltirday till! nth dty of November neat, at llie sauie time and place D* tedjlatoberre I*« rO UIt tt,ll8S.KI.t., S.elct-/. i o.Tro^vvesT —The sale of ibe abov-.- ffriipe I f Ii h ieby ..................................... “ oi ,*r turtjter jKUt.poiiedanilll flalarilay, tbo I Novembeririet,atths lame lime aadplace November«,1867, DOKEKUSSBLl/.Afc losU h ii.y _.e Date d Afc.tfate. r r

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