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«V: ‘X A ’.\.~‘r.'<5'-:~‘« ' ‘ .1’ ‘4, '5\-7 ' U Mx, ‘D ‘x . .1‘ 4_ -Q, , Z gkxuzciritn tr. Clfpiijg O h t Sale ■ *•! ' •’ ‘:5 A H IG H SCHOOL. Calend*r~»iA« * d e m lc Y e a r , I 0 0 1 -2 E Q 2 PEOPLE OF THE STATpT^L E W Y O R S : To Chauneey B L ? ? ij Chauncey Hungerford, as admE* traror of t ^ eatate of giigan Judd i f i S W a ff r A m n F. Barnnm Eufi>g?ne? Ahliptii; ' Betsey A. Hatch d L Snell, EvrWatrwh. Franks' Miles BaiSpl.* Effyyarft H . Porter Whi ’ Kelly,and all ci^ditors o f Susan Judd d ? ceased, perepns interested in the estate Susan Jtiffd, deceased: 8tate of YQUand each of you are hereby Cited t« appear in the Surrogate’s Court of the C0Un t y o f Ohonango. t^fore the S u m S K t his office,1 in the village o f Norwich eounty, oiitheY3dday o f June, 1902 ,m0 o’clock in the fornenoon of that day thin and there to attend the judicial s e t t le S o f the accounts o f Stephen L. Fletcher administratpr of the goods, chattels anri credits (or) -executor of the Last Will and Testament of Susan Judd, deceased And you. artfhereby notified that in »«, o f your failure to appear in this Special proceeding, at the time and place aforeeaid your default will be noted and you win bn deemed to have waived any and all obiec tions to the accounts of said administrator\ If any o f the aforesaid persons interested in the estate of said deceased are under the age of twenty-one years, they will p|Pas: take notice that they are required to annear by their general gnardian, if they have one or if they have none, to appear and aoDlv for the appointment of a special guardian and that in the event o f their neglect or failure to do so. a special guardian will be appointed by the Surrogate to represent and act for them in the said proceeding - In testimony whereof, the seal of the Surrogate’s Court o f the said county of Chenango is hereunto affixed Witness, Albert F. Gladding. Surro­- gate of the countyof Chenango at [b. S ] the village of Norwich, in said coun­- ty, this 28th day o f April, 19D2. JOHN B. VAN CLEFT, Clerk of the Surrogate's Court Eugene Clinton, Atty. for Petitioner Greene. N. Y . 4 ^ 7 ’ h p h e v i . NF ford; B I R D ’S ELEGY. Re was tbe first to welcome Spring; A d v e n t u r o u s, b e c a m e T o w a k e t h e, d r e a m i n g b u d s a n d s i n g T h e c r o c u s i n t o f l am e. a t Co st . F all Term begins September 9. H e l ev ed t l i e m o r n i n g a n d t l i e d ew .; H e l o v ed t h e su n an d f a i n ; H e f a sh i o n e d l y r i c s as h e f l ew With l ove f or th e i r re f ra i n P o et o f v i n e s a n d b l o sso m s, he-; B e l ove d o f t h em a ll ; T h e t i m i d l e a v e s u p o n t h e t r ee G r e w b o l d a t h i s g l a d c al l . H e sa n g t h e r a p t u r e o f t h e h i l l s, A n d f rom th e s t arr y h e i g ht H e b r o u g h t t h e m el o d y t h a t f i l l s T h e m e a d o w w i t h d el i g h t . A n d n o w . b e h o l d h i m d ead a l a s 'W h er e h e m ad e j o y so l o n g : A b i t o f b l u e a m o n g t h e g r ass, — A t i n y , b r o k en so n g. , Holktay-jgacation Dec. 21-Jan. 5. Regents’ examination?. Ja n 37-81. March 34rv2&. p ir B K T T H I N a in th e D ry G oods lin e a t cpst. D ress Goods, F la n n e ls, • Dace C urtains, B e d Spreads, T o w els, H an d k erch iefs., H o sie r y , U n d erw ear, R ugs, Carpets. Easter recess, March 27-81. Regents’ examinations, June 16-20. Commencement, Thurs. June26, 8:15p. M Summer -vacation of eleven weeks. A L L JVt UST q o . FACULTY : JOHN W. LUMBARD, A. B., Principal. CORNELIA E. JULIAND, A. B„ p r e c e p tr e s s . 'T'H O SE wh o w i sh to get good bar - * gi n s better avai l t hem selves of t h i s r ar e opportunity. GRACE A. DUNBAR. A s s is ta n t P receptress, NORA M. LIVERMORE.Grammar Department MARY J. GAFFNEY,Intermediate. Department. LOUISE J. CRAINE.Snd Primary Department. LAURA U. JULIAND. 1st Primary Depatr-ment. JEN N IE I. SCEENCK,Asst. Primary Department. —One hundred and twenty-tlirec dogs have beeu registered so far in Norwich. N E W S ITEMS. —Richfield Springs has subscribed $900 to advertise tbo town for sum­- mer visitors. Wi l l i a m Ke l l y . — Tlios. Lough ran of Chennngo Forks, had a lot of game fowls stolen the other night. Gr e e n e , J a nu a r y 1 ,1 9 0 2 . —Charles Melvin of .Sherburne has received a pension of $G per month with § - 1<> back pay. P. S.—Headquarters Field and Garden-Seeds, Hemlock, Cedar Shingles To those desiring a high sohool education our institution offers good advantages. Our primary object is to inculcate true princi pies of right living; our secondary object w to teach the sub, ects required by th e Uni­- versity o f the Stat o f New York. T o those desiring to enter college, the four year’s course w ill complete prepara tion. , ... The principal Is arwt./B interested m ad­- vising with you respecting a course of study. Call o n him at h is home on South Chenango St.. or during school hours, at the High Sch ol building. JOHN VV, LUMBARD. Prin. Tuition : Ttie charge for tuition per quarter of 10 weeks a s follows; —-Thien sets of double boilflrs aro required to furnish steam for the new tannery ut Endieott. ‘Es ;~ —Presideut Roosevelt never stated a greater truth than when he said lip loyalty is not tlie kind that counts. a l w a y s r e m e m b e r S UPREME COURT—BROOME COUN­- TY.—Bert L. Prince vs Horatio S’. Prince, e t al. In pursuance of a judgment in the above entitled action of partition, entered in the office of the Clerk of Broome County, on the 10th day of May. 1902, and a certified copy thereof entered in the of f ic e o f t h e Clerk of Chenango c'ouniyon the 12th day of May, 1902. t, the under* signed referee, in ond by said judgment for the purpose appointed, will sell at public auction a t the law office, of W. J. Annas, Esq., in Chenango Forks! Brooiue County.’ N. Y , on the 37th day o f June, 1902, at eleven o'clock iu the forenoon of that day, the lands and premises in said judgment directed to be sold ond therein described as follows: —Nearly a wagon load of shad ■were taken from the Delaware river just below Deposit village Wednesday COPY OF WRAPPER. TH f NTUR COMPANY. MfW TUCTT. —Two runaway bovs fiom Hobo­- ken wen; arreste 1 in Norwich. They had beat their way there on freight trains. When you are in need of new Stove or Furnace, Shelf or any kind of Heavy Hardware, Pocket and Table Cutlery, Snow Shovels, Oil Stoves, inning and Plumbing of every description, in fact any goods usually kept in a first-class hardware store, that F. H. Beals’s Store is the place to buy it. Primary Department ............................$2 25 Intermed“ 8.00 Grammar'“ 8.75 Academic •• Com. Eng ...... 4.50 *' — Verona observed Memorial day by dedicating its new soldi rs’ monu­- ment—a tine memorial to Verona's soldier dead. | Rem em ber . ET S AGES ESS I N LEM BANK BU1LD1NQ G eo . L . P a g e , GREENE, N. V : & E i ?r§E ™aec Higher 'jnatics and Languages .................. 5.25 J. F. L CUNNINGHAM, President. M. 8. P a rk eb . Secretary. Eng ...... Higher •• Mathe — Prod M. Leonard, a well known young man of I'tici, choked to death from tonsihtis while on his way to consult a doctor. —Seventeen veterans of the Revo­- lutionary war are buried in the e miio- tery at i’aris L111, an unusual number for so small a j 1 tee. —St. John's militaiv school, re­- cently burned, will remain at Manlius instead of being removed to Massa­- chusetts, as reported. —Dairy Inspector Tbomns E. Ti- <]uin of Sherburne, has been promot­- ed to a special agent and re eived an increase c f S.'100 in salary. —West Winfield lias contributed $000 to the e \e so violation fund, P. D. Morgan of that place being the latest to plead guiltv and pay a fine o f $200. — Five hundred chrysanthemum plants will be distributed among tbo children of Ithaca during tho second week in June, by tho City Improve­- ment Society. THE RO BES See my advertisement relative to the Glen wood Stove. Binghamton Trust Go. Parcel A —A11 that tractor parcel of land situate in tho town of Barker. Brnome County, and in the town of Greene Chen­- ango County, both in the State of New York, known aa the “David Prince farm.\ bounded and described a s follows: On ihe north by landB o f Luke Greene and Charles Seymour: on the ea«t by lands Of Charles Seymour, Jerome English and Ern»ius Johnson; on tlie south bv lands of Juhn Hoag and of the Perry Bliss estate. on the w est by lands of John Boag nnd Emelinda English, containing 85 acres of land, more or less. BLAN K ET S Gash paid for Wool C A PIT A L - $300 , 000 S U R P L U S , $ 200 , 000 W H I PS S U , - 200 , 000 DEP OS IT S , - $ —, 5 0 0 , 0 0 0 '2. Fine F. H. BEALS, Greene, N. Y. CAR R I AGES Does a General Banking Business and pays 3 1 -2 p e r c e n t . I n t e r e s t on time deposits. Deposits received a t any time nnd in ai\y ninuunt and interest paid from date if le ft tii eo months or longer. Trusts accepted nnd faithfully executed. Freed from the contingency of death. The Trust Company will survive th e existence of any trust. H AR N ESS ' .1‘-*’ Parcel B —Also all that tract or parcel of land situate in the town of Barker. Broome county. New York, and being part of Lot No. 85 in the fourth township of tlie Chen­- ango triangle, commencing at the north­- west corner of land formerly (1855) owned by Jacob Low a t a stake and stones; thence north 10 chains 53 links to a sUikonnd stones; thence cast 12 chains nnd 50 links; thence south 10 chains and 53 links, thmce west 13 chains and 50 links to tlie place of beginning, containing twenty acres of land more or less, and being the same premises conveyed by John B. Boughton nnd wife to Davirl Prince by deed recorded in Broome County Clerk’s office, in Book of Deeds No. 40, at page 295. Dated nt Binghamton, N .Y , this 12th day of May, 1902 HARRY A. YETTER, W. J. a n n a s . Es q ., Referee. Plaintiff’s Attorney. Chenango Forks. N Y. FAR M I N G MW-MI TR1BUIB FARMER. I M P LEM EN T S .1 _ h3g3’; I s a L e g a l D e p os i t o r y f o r C o u r t M o n e y s un<l R e s e r v e A g ou t l or S t a t e B an k s . FO R E Y E R Y M EM BER O F T H E F A R M ER ’S FA M I LY Established in 1841. for over sixty years it was the Nrw-YoRK We e k l y Tr i b u n e , known and read in every State in the Union On November 7. 1001, i t was changed to the A \ Offers its services on favorable terms as Trustee o t Corporation, Mortgages, Regis trar. or Transfer Agent for Corporations or MunieipaliiiesL. Loans Money on Bonds and Mortgages and Approved Securities. CHAS . J . I t N A P P , P res id en t . Lt g NEW-V0RK1ME FARMER, n high c]n&«. up-to-dnte, illustrated ngricultur weekly, for the farmer nnd his family— P R IC E $ 1 OO a year, but you cnn buy it for less. How J By subscribing through your own favorite home newspaper, Th r Ch e n a n g o Am e r i c a n. Greene,N.Y. .4 — .V new post lftiee has been estab­- lished in Delaware county, at the head of Dryden brook, to bo known as Goodrich. .John Vanderlip wns appointed postmaster. — L. ( ’. IWmitor of Sherburne, at­- tended a shoot at Utica, Friday, and brooke 9(> out of a hundred. His aver-ge throughout the shoot waa 94, and ho took first prize in several events. GEO. ®. LENDERSON. • ll E. E SMITH, Justice of the Feace Notary Public. 1 3tv 7 OTICE TO CREDITORS-Pursuant to an order of the Surrogate’s Court of the County of Chenango, N. Y.. lion. Al­- bert F. Gladding, Surrogate, notice is here­- by given to all persons having claims against the estate of James M. Phillips, late o f the town of Coventy in said county, de­- ceased, that they are required to present the same, and exhibit the vouchers thereof, to the undersigned, the executors of «Sc. cf said deceased, a t the residence of Frances J. Phillips, in the town o f Coventry, coun­- ty aforesaid, on or before the 14th dny of June, 1903. Dated Noyembcr 23. 1901. *21 mO JULIUS DOERNER. FRANCES J. PHILLPS, WILLIS A . PARKER. Executors. N Elm . A . 2 ; e n t Both papers one year foronlv $1 50. Send your order and tnoney to Th e Am r i c a n. S a m p le c o p y f r e e . S en d y o u r a d d r e s s t o N E W - Y O R K T R I B U N E FARMER , N e w - Y or k Cit y . — H. B. Boyd of Cincinuatus, kill­- ed n cow recently and on opening its stomach fnnud nine two-inch nails, many smaller uail<. a screw, piece of lead, ceut ami a number of other articles. * * * * * * * FOR THE N E W YO R K A T T H E------- %\i‘_'~*j‘ \'2 \ it — Apple huycis nro already buy­- ing up orchards in Orleans county. They are offering from $1 to $2 per tree and takiug all tho chances o f a crop, doing their own spraying, [lick­- ing nnd barreling. —Presbyterian general assembly has revised the creed of that denomi­- nation so that it does not set forth that unreasonable doctrine of infant damnation. The world nud Presbv- terianism are alvaueiug. * * * * * * - « * * Can hr found a complete stock of Seed Grains, including S-ed Oatx, Corn, Buckwheat, Spring Wheat, Earley and Millet (both .Japanese and German. W e C arr y t h e C e l e b ra t e d C a y u g a B l ue P l as t er . Before buying seed grains or feed come and see ttie quality and get our price Yours for Business. BL A N D I N G & A L L E N . 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 Insurance Real Estate Transactions. C a ll o r W r ite . LIFE INSURANCE X1OTICE TO CREDITORS.—Pursuant to -La an order o f the Surrogate's Court of the Connty of Chenango. N. Y., Hon. Al­- bert F. Gladding, Surrogate, notice is here­- by given to all persons having chims against the estate of John W. Jones, late o f the towD of Greene, in said County, de­- ceased, that they are required to prisent the same, and exhibit the vouchers theioof. to the undersigned, the executor of <£x-. ol said deceased, a t the law office of Eugene Clinton, in the town o f Greene, County aforesaid, on or before the 23th day of Oc­- tober, 1902. 38iu6 WAGON WOBK . W E will rim your light wheels for-$3.60 per set, or one wheel for 90c: heavy wheels fo r $4 50 per set. or one wheel for $1 20. Othpr work in the same proportion. Will make you a new platform wagon or top carriage for $55; warranted. Will paint your buggies in style, from $6 up; w ill paint your cutter for $5. Will p u l you on a nice new se t of wheels at a small advance from cost: boxes set free. W ill Bet light boxes in your wheels for 70 cents. 22 FRANK SHIPMAN & SON COMPANY, m XL Gr eat D i sco v e r y ! JO H N S O N , G R E 5N E , NT. Y. THE FIRSTBORN. The D ruggist, Dated April 7th. 1902. DAVID SHERWOOD, CHARLES W. GRAY WILLIAM J. RUSSELL. Eu g e n e Cl i n t o n, Executors. Atty for Executors. Greene, N . Y. G R E E N E , N. Y. Al -ways Carr i es Why is it that the firstborn child is so often the healthiest of a family of chil­- dren ? The reason seems to suggest it­- self. As child follows child the mother lias less and less vitality; often not enough for herself and none, therefore, for her child. Expectant mothers who use Doctor Pierce’s Favorite Pre­- scription find that keeps them in vigor­- ous health. They well, sleep well not Offl.ce i n P. O. Block . The people of Greene have discovered that PU RE =Something New= T H E P L A C E TO B U Y ffc*Ufr«T<fc*dfrwB life. R E V I V O RESTORES VITALITY Made a Well Man of Me. u n a A T I ' j a XX KTO a T i - i m vrw it v tbe above results In 30 , It act! Nice Fresh Groceires, \VTOTICE TO CREDITORS-Pursuant to -L v an order o f the Surrogate's Court or the County of Cbenango. N. Y., Hon A l­- bert F. Gladding, Surrogate, notice is here­- by given, to all persons liaving claims against the estate of Ann E. Crandall, la*® o f the town of Greene, in 6aid County, de ceased, that they are required to present the same, and exhibit th e vouchers thereof, to the undersigned, the administrator 01 &c., of said deceased, at the law office or Eugene Clinton, in the town of Greene, County aforesaid,, on o r before the lotn day o f September, 1902. Dated February 28th, 1902. JACOB T. DAVIDSON. Eu g e n e Cl i n t o n, Administrator. Attorney for Administrator, 2\na0 Gretne, N. Y . D RTJGS and M ED I CI N ES. HAYING purchased of Race & McNitt tlieir Stock of - ^ G R O C E R T E S H - OF ALL KINDS, At Reasonable Prices, Low n ey’s Fresh. Cliocolates. and Pu r e Li n e o f Per fum es are not nervous. When baby comes advent is practically — IS AT — C o lle c to r’ s N o t ic e . painless, and the mother is made py by the birth healthy child. If would be a healthy mother o f h ealth children use \Favor­- ite Prescription.” \l -will be very clad say a few words tor Tierce's Favorite Prescrip­- tion,” writes Mrs. P. Douglas, of Mansonville, Drome Co., Quebec. \Dur­- ing-the first four months, when I looked forward becoming n mother. 1 fered very much from sea and vomiting, and felt so terribly sick I scarcely cat or drink thing. I bated all Of food. At this time wrote to Dr. Pierce, and * Favorite Prescription a Medical Discovery.’ I got a bottle of each, and when 1 had taken them a few days, I felt much better, and when I had taken hardly three parts x>f each bottle I felt well 'and could eat as well as atty one, and could do -fny work without any trouble (I could not do anything before). I feci -very thafikful to Dr. Pierce for his medicine, ana Itell nil who tell me they are sick, to get these medicines, or write to Dr. Pierce.\ Nf OTICE is hereby given that I have re- l ceived the Warrants and T ax Lists for collecting the Corporation tax and High­- way tax in th »village of Greene, N.Y.,and the tax for th e payment of th e Electric Light of said village, and w ill be at the Law office of L E Ch s e in said village. May 81. June 7, 14, 21 and 28. from 9 a. tn. to 12 in., and 1 to 3 p. m., to receive raid tax es at 1 per cent. The new law gives the Collector thirty days instead of fifteen at 1 per cent. Dated Greene, Mav 29. 1903. 45 JOHN IV. DAVIDSON. Collector. I would respectfully announce to tho citizens of Greene and vicinity that I am prepared to meet their wants in everything in the Grocery line, at LIYE AND LET LIYE PRICES. produces tbe above results In 30 days , It act! poworlnlly and quickly. Cores wben all others till xoungnen trill regain their loot xninbood,asdoU tnen -win recover their youthful rigor by oslng REVIVO. It (prickly and BurelyiMtcrree Herrons Doss, Dost Vitality, Impotent?, Nightly Lost Dowor. Filling Memory. Wastlnz Disuses. _ all effects ot Mlf-»bnsa exoeEsand lndltcictioi), which unfits ono for ntndy. btislnesa or jnsnlsje. Ii Botonlr cures by storting at tho ecet ot disease, but isssroat nerve tonio and blood builder, brln* ins back tbe pink glow to pole cheeks and r . storing tbe flro o f youth. -It wards off inrinitj snd Consumption. Insist on having REVIVO, no other. It can be carried Invest pocket. By mall, Sl.OO per pacttxo. or six tor S5.O0, with a post five written guarantee to enro o r retual the money-Book and advise free. Address ROM MEDICINE For sale in Greene by E. E. Joh n so n .' Druggist 4)7yl J. E. SH ERW O O D ’S, Removed to fgDningtam Block. and Toi l et Ar t i cl es. M r . Sh erw oo d C arr i es a Red Cr oss Ta n sy Pills SupprsssidMsnstruatlon FINE LIN E OF Groceries, Pr ovi sion s, F R U IT S , N U T S , C A N D IE S , U ’T 'H E VOLCANO’S DEADLY WORK X from the Fall o f Pompeii to the De­- struction o f $t. Pierre.” by Prof. Chart Morris, LL. D. Most intensely interesting book ever published. Complete thnlling a'nd accurate account o f greatest disast that ever befell tlie h'uman' race—- even than Pompeii.. Tells how Martiniqu • one of the most beautiful islands *? world, w as suddenly transformed 11,(0. veritable hell.; .About 500 page?, profusely illustrated with photographs taken bsfor and after disaster. Practically only ‘ tinique Book” in the field, for everyone now insists op having Prpf. Morris 000 and no other, Best author, largest boo*, best illustrated, scierttifically accurst . Price $1-59-Agbnts Wanted. Efiortuo profit to those vylio act -quickly. Most u • eral terms Outfit 10 cents. Don t l°s®“ minute. Send for o u tfit immediately an be at work. The.chsnce of’ a W* 110,6 % making money. CLARK &CO - n f 223 S , '4th St.i Philadelphia. P»' SupprsssidMsnstruatlon PA IN F U L Nsnstrialisn And i PREVENTIVB tor FEMALE 'SI XEUGUUUUTIU. In addition to the grocery busi­- ness, I shall handle Farm ers, A tte n tio n ! THOSE Wishing th e Osborne Farm Im­- plements. Mowing Machines, Rakes. Cultivators and Harrows, will please call on L. W. Ford who has tlie agency for-the town of Greene. ^ , 4 2 CIGARS and TOBACCOS. L im e , C e m e n t , B r i c k , I .a t li, P in s t er P ar i s , S t o n e , W o o d an d F ee d . Also, Paris Green, M ow ing Machine Oil ’ Aro Safe and Reliable. |=W* Perfectly H ar m kia Purely V e» tabltf bercrFail! DE . C . W . GOS PER , Th a L a d i es EYE and EAR SPECI ALI ST. Sperm Engine Off for Separators, etc. CHICHElTCB’i CNOLIBH IN N J f R O ^ L P I L L S ' D I S V Q B K Jrttt blMrtbboi.jh.ke,, •Oi«r.)a«ir,M gvHWjwa SvkOWHtM Ml hall* l ’T™ J'.V' ja.r*ua«~M *ia 4». i. GO I N A N D - S EE JO E , PR1CESI . 0O Seat poetpaid on receipt of price. Money refunded if not at i Yin de Uo s a Co, Dea Moinca, low*. FOB SALE BY E H JOHUSON Attention given to all kinds of Cures oil diseases o f the eye and ear by (he latest methods. Cataracts removed, Cross eyes straightened.’ Glass eyes'inser- ted and glasses fitted for all defectsof vision Kves examined dny or night Nd fe e for • MuniiiHtion or consultation. Electric massage by th e' Vibratile system. Office hours 9 k m. fo 9 p. m. Sunday hours tho same. Ifi2* Court S t , Binghamton, N. Y and he w ill d o you gooff Thme tvjib -suffer from chronic dis- r;,-ri .j • 14 ti • . t h Dr Pierce, ' 4j». -iuute idttcily private. Address Dr, R. V. fie r c e , Buffalo, N. Y. v t . Tierce’s Pleasant Pellets cwrc fell- .ia u tn tst and tick headache, ' . • , == Mason Work== Ri K . ATWATER , FU R N I TU R E D EA LER •* ' -AHD U N DE R TAKE R , *41 Gr e e n e, N. Y . . .uo SiiUitt ho i.eiorts. 1-1(1110 uud 809 ! me and I will 6avo vou time and money. . T. O. HORTON. D e w i t t 's O Sa l ve F« r P ita s, Burn*, S o r e s . IASTURE t o let. Inquire o f l f D. W. Wh e e l e r. Kodol Dyspepsia Cure D i g es t s w h a t y o n ea t . T h i s p re p a ra tio n c o n tain s a l l o f th e d lg e s ta n ts aDd d ig e s ts nil k in d s of food. I t gives instant, r e lie f an d n e v e r fa ils t o cure. I t allo w s you to e a t all t h e food you wan L T h e m o st s e o sitlv e s to m a c h s c an ta k e it. B y I ts use m an y th ou s a n d s o f d y sp ep tics h a v e b e e n cured a f te r e v e ry th in g else f a ile d . I s u nequalled f o r t h e sto m ach . C h ild ­ r e n w i t h w eak Btom achs th riv e o n It. F i r s t d o se reliev es. A d l e t unnecessary. C u re s a ll s t om ac h t rou b l es Prepared only by E. C. DEWrrr& Co., Ohlcago Tho$l. bottle contains 2)1timofi t h e 50c. size. F. IL Cow les, D rnggist S liin g les and. W ood F O R S A LE ! I HAVE just receiveda car load of choice MicliigapCedar Shingles which I can sell at low prices, and guarantee quality. I also offer a few hundred cords o f Dry StoveWood a t the follow ing prices deliver ed: Hard Wood, 5 cords, $1.25 per cord SoftW ood, 5 cords, $1.00 per cord; singl cord 1 0cento additional. *8 E. B . WHEELER

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