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U i^EoDonald Drag Co, t-Proprijtou, ~T TO^CjSOO Afp MfW YOKE. * — :— om TStaSi&Wrat Um than ttrlce»OfUioKr~ _iS*Mu«4oa eat f to tbo English In tjpe^ _ paperrprfoUnsimdBCcth _Fiaey. jfhtaoent tent out Wreport* on ©mer at every Weaa for tteo *c*et*. Bars f chanco fo? Bjpmu to make U&onay* £end-au». far cxxt< F fit, Touts v x s r u n a u u « ' TKtHnry EM Pub. Co* f Jf$r*i<^QpK* [TfoWCOOb w h q 80 tveain tlie Thirteenth Massfichasettf* ' • - — • - - • • ^ itu ,._T_ after . v ...... .. ......... „.,.Jl)e0(imGryftiJlglQ0flpi tal. Whil§.Iying tbere ct shell burst tbrongh tbe wall creating considerable consternation nll&roahd, xjnitbe floor .shinier, both were laid on tbe floor side by side, laa the doptorg ^ t u l e s moved around W^itQ-lyidgittifir^w^itlDg for their legs to be amputated, & «&r*diapute arose between tbe two meo, fkdd ia a brief Bpace ttjey had oome to hIo*g, tJndWe io^ae. tbey. rolled over eaqh other and oiinohed io a desperate slrng sje, till those aroand interfered, and sepa rated tbem ,1 On tfeo field, too, the, story ip told btf tbe. fw©Htb, ,a ^'ouhd&d Union solBier and bis neighbour, tUwdundecl South­ erner, quarrelled with the ^esolt that eaob killed lbe oiber, the powder from their rifles naming tbe'Qlothlng of eaoh as the guoe * ere fired close to tbeir hearts. A FAIR WARRIOR’S PLEA ,d W lxo A sks to b e G r a n t e d m o r a b le D i s c h a r g e . Tbere ia & remarkable oase before tbe hoose ooxomHtae on naval affairs. It Is a bill to re move thQ'Ohargq of desertion from the record of F?«ii^Di J^pinpsoptalio9l!tIrs. Sarah/E. E Seejye. A woman named Sarah E. Edmonds, prompted solely by patriotism.served for two vearsasa soldier in the fedeialarmy. Ai thei ootbTe&k of the war sbe was livinjz iu Flijft, Miob. She assumed male attire, be mn)&ia^p^aj(^'|n company 3?. of.the Seoond HiqMgan IniHntry. w^ent to the front, was at thejbattle of Boil Ban* served ali tbrongh tbe peqlnsnla campaign, then nnder Qen Popp, ^vlth Bnrnside at Frederiobsborg. and iheuoe ^ r i t west witb the legiment to Ky. Then the yoaog soldior was prostrated witb onitls and fev^edni<aot«d on -tbe peninsula, a leaw 05 tabsenoe was refnsed, and, ftarfnl *»ha| ber sex woold be diseovered, sbe leit the army<An^Krett|rDlpg to Oberlin, Ohio, sbe resqmed^er woman’e^arb. Tboagb partioi pating in over forty battles, large and small, •shemevor.waa woanded* Opposite tbe name aho (bore the word (t deaerter’’ was written on thetarmy reoorda. Tbis she seeks to have re­ moved. She married in 1867. Sbe is fall) i^eptifled by members of,her own oompany and; regiment. S ie is now living at Fori Soojt, ^apeas, and the. bill proposes to give bera oleaWreoord- w^b backpay and boanty. I t is a§se;l£d.that ft^s.-.Bselye is an invalid as Lherosalt df-ber ezpbsares and hardship ii> the^rmy. The committed favors Mra. Seelye’a blll beoaose “ it oannot be objeoted to on tb^ gropnd tbat it is likely to sot a dangeroa? p r e s e n t . \ This sag^e remark has a more spiqy flavor Iban anything else io the docu­ ment. OBEYED H I S ORDERS 1US01UM A Sew «nd In te r e s tin g in c id e n t of tlie L a m e n t e d dex e r f tT lian c o c k . Ap atmyceffloer tells an aneodote of Qen. Hanoook abont bis love of dignity and di>oi- pUne. He.^as in command ot tbe traiu wbioh bronght General Grant's remains from Moqnt McGregor to New York. Gonoral SaqoQok and his staff wero in tbe coaob noxt to the Jast.. In the rear car was a party ot Pennsylvania militia offioers, who were pop* ping An oocaslonal bottle of champagne end smoking quiio sdolobly. ’ General Hancook ««w from hts oar what was going on in the rear, lvdid.Rot oompott «Uh bia\deasol' tbe proprietitsof eo solemn an oooasion, aod OAlljng tbeooiidQotor. he said: 1 w ill yoa present my oompltmonts to those genUepien, with tbe reqaest that ibey cease sm oking? In a lew: momenta tbe oondaotor retorned vitb tbe* ennonnoement that the ooovivial of- floers retnrcod their compliments with a per emptory deolinatiju to rolinqQish their cigar*. tyhero is the noxt Bwitoh? asked Han* cook, ^ Abdjit'fiTO miles below, replied tho oon» dootor* W£oo vo^ro#qb m if fbe «mqyng lo that car ^as bnt oeafif&dr awitob ft on a aide track andi Uavo li* Xoa may tell tbo gentleman wbat I havo siid. Xq two mlpqtea^lioro w«a oot at olgar to be seen tniu&tppe&olbg oo&on. Ita occupants knew tbat Haucookjmeaot jast wbat he said. WOOIiDS’X TAKE HIS ADYICgf“ T b < B b fdiar H i d a. B r i l l i a n t Schem e , ip n t W as H o t F o l l y A p p r e o lated . O o & ^ I X J A Q J ^ f i ^ & ^ ^ U U o c o n d Bai| Bon and Ohantllly a private soldier be­ longing to an Ohio regiment sdaght an inter* view wltb blB oaptain, and announced tbat he hadfa/plan ipr,a paiUtary campaign,wbiob mart oortalnly re|aUia<oro8hiQg ont tbe ro­ llon, Tbo offloer very* naturally iqqoired la^i, bat tho^soidler refm * . . ................ . M\ - BlHotfssjrmptoms invariably arise fromin^igestfpn.guolKas; furreiJtongwQ.vpmiting'ofibne, teifldiness, sick heaidaelxe. i r ­ re g u l a r bowels. The liver s e ­ cretes the,bile a n d acts like a filter o r sieve.' to cleanse im pu- ..yities o f the blood. By irregu­ la r i t y i a its a c tion or suspen­ sions o f its ftm etibijaj .the toila . is liable to overffow Into* tlfe blood, eausipg jaundice, sallow .on, \* yes,1' toil- languid,anguid, complexi yello w eyes,® bil- ipus , d iawhcea,, (l w e a ryfeellng-and m to y other distressing symptofns. Bilious­ ness m ay be properly term ed an affection o f tne.JiyeiViand canbe thoroughly e u redbytjio grand regulator o f the liver and biliary o rgans, BtlRDOCK BLOOD BITTEBS. It acts upon the stomach, bowels and liver, m a k ing h e a lthy b ile and pure blood, and opens th e culverts and°sluiceways f o r the o u tlet of disease. Sold everywhere and guaranteed to cure. Be W arned in time. Kidney diseases may be prevented by purifying, renewing, and invigorating the biood with Ayer’s Sarsaparilla. \When through debility, the action of the kidneys fs perverted, these organs rob the blood of its needed constituent, albumen, which is passed off in tho urine, while worn out matter, which they should carry off from the blood, is allowed to* remain. By tho use of Ayer’s Sarsaparilla, the kidneys are restored to proper action, and Albu­ minuria, or Bright’s Disease fs prevented. Ayer’s Sarsaparilla also prevents inflammation of.the kidneys, and other disorders of theso organs. Mrs. J a s . W. Weld, Forest Hill st., Jamaica Plain, Hass., writes: “ I have had a complica­ tio n of diseases, but my greatest trouble haa been with my kidneys. Four bottles of Ayer’s Sarsaparilla made me feel like a new person; as well and strong aa ever.” W. M. McDonald, 46 Summer at., Boston, Mass., had been tronbled for yeara with Kidney Complaint. By the uso of Ayer’s Sarsaparilla, he not only P r e v e n t e d tho disease from assuming a fatal form, but was restored to perfect health. John McLellan, cor. Bridgo and Third sts., Lowell, Mass., writes: “F o r several yeara I suffered from Dyspepsia and Kidney Complaint, tbe latter being so severe at times that I could scarcely attend to my work. My appetite was poor, and I wa* much emaciated; but by using A Y E R ’ S _ Sarsaparilla my appetite and digestion Improved, and my health has been perfectly restored.” Sold by all Druggists. _ P rico $1 j Six b o ttles, $6. Prepared by Dr. J . C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Mass., C. S. A. FR A N C U E S X C B A N D A j I^L bolltl i d l other book* Hon. i* 1* Hon. Allen i tttJImrylHU Prt.Oo^ JtondeA CbM. T U T t^ S k £ k « f t t M k « i -Sw „ iVMPTONIS OF A T O R P ID L IV E R . W H r t i e i i lff i t a t .D e __________ _ ® ^ s ^ ^ s s a s s a s a ^ C j J M S T I P A T i O N , . V D T T ’S, PHiLB are especially Matrted ■^o tuoh euos, ono doae efTcota suob a thangeoffeelingaatoaitoniahthesuma-er, i S W » R « ps w s a t A c tion on KHtoaltua Tuirrsn r^ r - = . ^ H ? - P F WHI3KBB8 c h a n g ed to a toy a slnglo applica.tion of 4 th isB x x . I t im p o rts a n o tnraf c o lorrncts THI f'THEVfORtO i p !-v> m OLD PEOPLE FOUR SIZES , bjs r.a s |.7 ! I - tLC E R T A IN L Y CURE ifliijSCW d * , 'H o m enBM , jk * « for p u ticalip , bnl tii 0 v 80 l[llQr refased'tcrro- ,f»L th,m, nnd fof . obtnoe ta Uy bis plm s boforo Pope himself. After somo dola, ho wm giTon » piTOto hEttdqn.ileis. Be did not get to see Pope, b a t after tbe oblof of staO htd ooaxedjSDfl promised and threatened for ■ q q u tero f •i>-boar tbe Buckeye stood ap sndjioplled: Well, sir, my plso is for Jobo Fope and BobiLee to s>ap oommaodi. in ^ tl wo doni Uokitbe soatb Inside of sixty days yon ma; eboqt me for a ps!wt.ll%yfotlt swindler.' Whoa ho H tafoi& to o im p ho w^e n .tnrsl. ly a^kod wbat (ocoess bs mot with, aad he raefilly replied: Wail, tbey had a plan ol tbolr own. W ilt was it ? Why, they took m , ont a n d booled tne fot admits aod a bait. i ABOUT FEED IS(J HOUSES. k w riter,la tbo N s* Yot|< SJimes says B o r*» b m tmall atomaohs, and altbobgh tbey |Q(umab»UtJ»all opoo grass, yet it is diffiqolt for tbom to oat enongb hay to keep thcmj jn the best oondltion, beoanse it ia qoi So easily dlgs^ilblo n o ras n atritioas as fresh yoang g n ssi Tbey may look plamp, nnd may Bren be fat, bat fat gives no strength, and it wholly 4ooeptive as to eonditlon of bealt|i and strength. Hay is a o t a complete food,r»8 it doss not fnrolsh tbe reqalsite pro- telneifo*ihetprodaotiOQ o f flesh and the res­ toration of t b , waste of nitrogenons matter from jtbs ByaUmi by oTery masaalar moTe« meat. The majority of farmers and espec. laily jof iambermea, freighters, and others, wfios, hQ*iM,worlt i a r d i Uipt tba Qse of ooro and>oauv>or born aiod'ryo Soeiy ground, andted wlthont hay ln only safBoient q n toti ty to (111 Ibe stomaah. The asaal raUaa of b« street oar hordes, whoso work is tbe eard- et most tiresome of aoy, ta &ve ponndB * o a t h a y a n ^ elgbt p oqqds of mixed oarb and ojiti gwtlnd {giveb three times a day. Tbs waiter's practice has been lo give tbe same ration of hay with foor pounds of tbe mixed ground feed daring tbe Winter, and ln the Hammer the same twioe a day, witb eight pounds of oats a t noon. FOB THE POOll MOLE’S SAKE. A ratbir 6&poiated old darkey, who drives a d rajifor a wealthy Segnlo, T e u s , firm, had a basiyet) meeting with his employers atfew days a ‘Look beah, boss, St wants yer ier inoreass my celery. I don't get enongb ter eat. I'ze failin' off ebety day.* •That's jnst wbat we Sant,' said the pro­ prietor, rnbbiog his bands in' high glee; 'we lave no nse foi a ia! driver, That’s tbe rea- 100 we don’t, give yon bigb wages. You ' roold get IP Le fat a n d hea,vy and that would ie so maoh extra weight tor tbe poor male to poll. ’Is e mighty sfesred I'se going to starve to defV replied the old negro- 1 r7^tta^nst nottalk that way,\replied the proprietor, ‘irsd mOBt not do that for the >ppr mule's sake. J fist hold out, and a t the teit meeting of onrlooiety for the preve^ Bon of cinelty to aptaaiB I will see that you •re tendered & complimentary vote o f thanks for yonr heroism in lightening tbe load of the anfbrtnnate mnlo,’ THE FOOT OF WABASH ATENUE. It is a slander to say a Chicago gtrl is all sole, — [Boston Budget. A Obioago girl tried to disguise herself ss a boy, but her feet gave her away.—BarlingJ ton Free Freis. Chicago Ib k large and progressive oily, but some jealoqs outsiders want tq measure it by a foot-roiei j-Texas Sif ings. ThlttoptfiBiu miluoky nnmber. No one realized ibis foot more intensely than tbe Obioago girl.—Barlingloo Free Press. How many feet are tbere in a yard 1 That depends on whether the yard is in Chicago or somewhere el^e, —Burlington Free Press If Bartholdi bad only modeled his God­ dess o( liberty after, o. Obioago girl 'eba wonidn'ihavo needed any pedestal.—Som­ erville doornail When a Ohioogo yonng woman sees some one approaohlng sjfiomishe does not oare to meet Bhe, hides herself behind ber feet __ San FranMs^o luglesido. A A Ohioago girl never gels h e r foot o a n g p in a railway frog. Wbem.ihe \ . ............. E poetry would bis meter bo.oprreey, One mlght aa well ask; If a P hI ^ 0LK'.l?50nJ? PosttJ Wfinltf (ltr pbrrept Jqurnaj. * l i PATKKTK5 OF THS Malignant Diphtheria! H B M E D Y . A cure T or IT I B t»U g n & n t U l p b t h e r f * haa btea pro* aoqnoed -DOTinibli* oy ihe medical worldtbni a<Ur a long exporienoe wilh onr remedy we feel Joatifled tn caUlOff itan IKFA|J>IBLS CUBS. We havo ano* waaftiUy^ treated cue* tha? were pronoun &©d laenzv ble bjrtho pbjraielani, aa wan aa other 'Cues, oax&. ratal; known aa.* »Dlac3t Hfitilh DfphlEnU.” Bhn&Uan, H, Y., Sept. 6th, 1883. F a u rou L. O bajtoallj — HaTtng naed yoor Tery valuable loroaghly in my practioe, Ita merlia, (hat the publio _ ____________ „ Ihaveoaaditinaasyoaaea wbere a membrane had beeo formed In tho throat; to oo-oaa»yjL haa It tidied to removo It ln a few bonra. I reel that tbo Bemedy la far In advance of a&ytMxig we havo as tat foond as » safe asd reliable oare io this dread disease diphtheria. More than this, X have need, and find yonr ftatve ono of the boat application# in acute swelling of the glands of the throat I hare ever naed. Also s^aGonnte? Irritant tn the acute jmnemonia of children rellevtngprompttjr a- short and nnrrled respiration. I- oonlader It a- iluable remedy. you *, respectfully, *»PTTvw,t A drusglst of AO years* experience, Ur. ffc. blfrrOf W«avertowih Warron county,^1. Y., aaya: 1 havo sold sncl used yonr InlUllble ^Onre for Dlph- Ebexia two years past. It has been inoatly nsea In this vicinity nnder my personal direction, and in so oase has It filled to effeot a ooro,although U has been used in some very sovere cases. I consider It Ota bestjremddy for tbis painful disease within my know]* edge. Those observing tho direotiona given wil meet with success ln curing patients within sight and “each of hope/* Wo give many otherreoommenda* ioua from pbyetcia&awho u sait in tHclr practice, as well aa others wbo ssy they wonld not be without it in tbelr homes. Every family should keep the Bemody in the bouse, aa it waa. never known fell in preventing the mnoh dreaded disease, Full directions are given* The Bemedy ooata but $1.60. F&AHO&& L. 0BANSAIiI>,UAKUTAOTUaX8. SI Hain Street, GBEENWIOH, N. Y. Sent by mat. otj reoeipt of prioe, $L60. Forcaleaitu B. TEETT’H n rcg Store. Dated Julyt. ISfl#, 'ioa loWs'fa.-str,’ observed5 iho Vo’dnliy. barber, aympatheticallr, to.tbe pacientjln tbg, ohairi puenominally sad. Momber of ithe theatrieal company, sir V ‘Sep.’ - •Ah! Heavy tragedian?1 •Hop.’ ‘Ah 1 yes I know Sentimental iover, sir?' Nop,’ b - 'Oh I yes, I knew that onoe. Had lots of exporienro, sir, with aotors. I’m a' greftt jqdge. of human nature, too, sir, if I do' saji it. . Tott’re tho. comedian, and that's tbe, reason you look so sad. All you fanny men look sad OS the stage. Tott are the* Come­ dian, ara yoa not t , •Nop.’ ■No I May I ask tben wbat yon do ?' •Post bills ’ I ra^q'TOQnirctor ^ rsata, . Wbero allohayGil myawsy, UntU ttils yonnBHsurper ouae A n d took niy crown mnqr. Bo i« a fleipot—lili desire Of power, hor.3 c n cloy, Wl] 0 ,lu thi»tyr*nt, d o y o u uk ! Ho iaourbitt; oor* Uy mother, R^tpri. brotherB all or <>m l6o«d np to me, yet I before.thii new orowne^lclog tm j ‘ Many persona'have catarrh in Its first stages wbo aoppoae themselves to be trembled with nothing’mor&serlona than a severe and stnbborq oold tin the'head El>’a .Cream. Balm gives instant relief from Colds in' Ihe head, and a tborongh trealment.will core caw tarrb. For sale by every droggist in the land. M. Ii. Blair, Alderman Stb Word, Soranton Pa., stated Nov. 0, 'o3: He bas ased D*. ThomaB* EoleoirioOil for spiaine, ^utns, oats, bralsee and rheumatism. Oared every tim e . Bad drainage caoses muoh stokne^), Bad blood and improper aotion of the liver and kidneys is bad drainage to tbe humaasystojRj. whioh Bordoob Blood Bitters will remedy. By laok of open air exeroise,.and the ^rant of sn£Bolent care in the matter of diet, tbe whole pbysioal mechanism becomeaimpaired doring the winter. Ayers Sarsaparilla Is tbe proper remedy to take in tbe spring of the year to parify tbe blond, ezoite tbe liver to aotion, and restore health and vigor. Hall'a Hair Eenewer renews, olenses, b right­ ens, and invigorates the hair, abd restores faded or gray h a ir to its youthlai oolor -and Instre. People with gray hair sbonld nae the Eenewer, and thas oonoeal from the world tbeir bleaobed looks and advanolng age. It Is an Established Faot that oonsamp< tioo oan be oured; bat it is far better to ’pre­ vent tbe orael disease from fastening itself oo the system, by tbe timely use of a remedy like Dr. Wistar'o Balsam of Wild Oberxy whioh will speedily onre a ooogb or oold' donsamptioo often yield to its great power* The bulwark of health is blood. It this be impure aod runs sluggishly throagh tho sye' tem, health must be onderminded sooner or later. The most perfeot renovSter lhat the patient ever yet has tried is Vinegar Bitters. I> carries off all impurities, enrtohes tbe lif&i giving Hold, restores health and vigor; and Is a boon to sniferin;, bunnnity. Nearalgia and rheumatism are deploted in engravings as demons tearing at the bapaan form, but tbey ooold be more turbfally des oribed by showing a disordered etomaob of dogged blood vessels. Vinegar Bitters af* ford certain relief and eventual onre for b o th by aoting upon tbe internal aystem. It dls« pels all pain demons iosianter. Biliooa. iotormtttoub aud retaiuent -fever?, to wbiob people who live near fresh water, daring tbe warm and dry season*, andpartJo« olarly subjeot, are largely oaused by a torpor of the digestive orgaus and * clogging op ot tbe liver. To oorreot these v.tal organs, re­ store energy, and prevent tbeso disease, nse Dr.•Walker's California Vinegar Bitters* Are you foiling, try Wsps’ Hcaum Rs- HEwaa, a pure, clean, Wholestntio T O N I C , _ F o r B r a in .N o r v o s .B tbm a c h ,tlrcr.K ldneys, Lungs. An uocqtialod Inrigorant. Cares D X S P E P S X A , Headache, Fever, Ague, Chills, de b ility & W e a k n e s s . Nibe to tako, true merit, uneanaled for X9.RPJJ5jj-jyER% n d , Night »i.wper doc ., o ror^o.w.ac un E. 8. wstL8, Jersey City, N. J.f 1 Eomarhahlo Cores of Catarrh Of tho Bladder, Inflammation. IrxitationOf Kid­ neys and Bladder, Stole or Gravel Dis* cases of tho Frostato Gland, j>rops!cal Swelllnra. Female Diseases* Incontin­ ence oFlXrinet;all Diseases o fthe flefii^ Urinaiy Organsinfeltherser. For „ healthy or Uiinattiral Dlschhrgea- nse ft als^^uhaplaM ln3^cHo!dlJlenr,1’-each$i. | ; Fpr .SrlMlltilBi »<dther-conwacted.or=| ieredlWfy fcaint,uselCJhnplii’s ConstitUr-P . iJoiiBitfer Byfup,' fl.OOpSr.bottie./dtiii'T Tho Hoot of the Evil* To thoroagbly oare «orofnla H ia ntpdttary to strike direotly at the root of tbo evil. T h is is exactly, what Hood's Sarsaparilla does, by acting npon tbe blood, thoroughly 'cloanilDg it ofiall imparities, and laaviu^ cot eves a taint of scrofula in tba vital ilaid. Q.’hous-' aodf who’ have been cored of «orofola by, Hood’a Sarsaparilla, testify to its wonderfnl bloodpnnfylng qualities. Sold by all drag' gists. A n A n s w e r W a n ted. Cao anv one briog oa a oaso q f kidney or liver oomplaiot that Eleotrio Bittera will not speedily core? We say .they oan oOtt a» tboosaods of oa«es permanently bored and wboare daily reoommendiog Eleotrio Bitten will prove. Bright's disease, diabatet, weak> biok, or any urioary oomplalntqaiokly onr*d.- Tbey purify tbe blood, regulate tbo bo'wola,' and aota direotly on tbe deseased parU.Evary bottle guaranteed. For sale at 50o. a bottle by J. Walt (ft Oo. When Baby waa siok, we gareharOABTOBXA, When aho waa a Child, abo criod far QABTORIA, When ahe booomo IQaa, aho dtmg to OASTOBLA, When aho had ChOdren, oho gave them OA6TOSXA > Fornow;tHey paythoiroonrt to bim, My otoplraniQltB away, *‘Tbe H ingis dead. Long live the king,1* MetjbinisJ heir them say. Uy wife, who ouce’ u eed English well, And m^d.to tslk wlthxne . Qaito ae&Blbly, apeaksglbberlth, Thotongneoflnflwioy. Thla onoonth Ungnagb ahe Innista The haUy-nnderfitandsi 8nt l.cannot gnlte comprehend How patties c&u m ean hands. Although this.tyrannous youth has made. H is father abdicat . Vet I . «a strange as I t may teem, With, grace aocopfc m y fate. No aubjeoi snob tuutelflsh love To xnonaroh ever gave— I sm h is humble servitor, ^ B is most obedient slave. A S^AND ARD MBDICIAIi W O B K For Toung and Middle Aged Men. •o iH iX S i H . M S l 'R A 'l ’iy i'J BAM P I j E F B .E E toA l.1. KEV. H . B. EEEELL. of P.villion, N. Y„ saje flf (JHmoxe’e-Aromatio Wine; ‘I believe it to be a most desirable to be plaoed in every family.’ Bold by HrBV'Tcfft, druggist. LADIES, is life and bealtb worth preaerv. ng? If y o a thini ao, use Qilmore’s Aro» matlo Wine. . Sold by H. B. Te&t, droggist. GIVE \20118 OHIL'DREN, for Coughs »nd Colds. Group, Whooping Oough and 'gmrwnosa, Gii»loro'H.Mflguetio Elixir. Sold by B. B. T»fft, druggist. EEV. E , J. WHITNEY of Clarkson, N. sa\8 Gilmore's Aromatio Wine for Female Weakness, stands wilbont a rival. H. B Teflt, druggist IMPOTENCY in' Man or Woman oared by Gilmore’s Aromatio Wine. Sold by H. B. Te&t, draggist. BEAD THESE FAOTS -It may savo yonr life-QUmore's Aromatio Wine onres snp. pressed menstruation and palnfal monthly siobnfss. nuDH V l ^ = V 1 T A L I N I M E N T ! Ko compound h u ever been1 Invented to Uaefnl tnd Efficacious in Coring Bhenmatlsm, Faina In the Bido, Hip, Baok and Limbs, fltift, Weak and Enlarge Joints. Bore Throat, Beadaohe, Neuralgia, Piles,' Hard Tumors, Bee Stiags, Chapped Handa. Bunions, Bums, F rosted Feet, Mqaqulto Bites, Bruises and Bp rains of a l l kinds. IP r ioe 2 5 oen ts* V I T A C O . . N e w Y o r k . AGBKTs WAsrrzn fob . Qtm O ouuuho N ew B ook “Some Noted Princes, Authors and Statesmen of Onr Time.” Bt twenty Ot our best writers—Cannaa - Farrar, js 9 .t.F lelda, Jaa. Puton* Dickens’s daughter, and others. O r e r 60' fine portralta aod engravings. [••Tbe bobk ta brimming o t o t with oboioe a n d rare tbinga.\—N . 7 . Observer.) Intelligent yonng men andiftdleaoan havo permanent employment. / few General Agents wanted XHB HUNS'? BILL PUB. 0 0 . Korwich, OU AGESTS WANTED for Tw e n ty Years of Congress, U81-U31, tor James G. Blaine. Ban. J. 8. Wise or Va. esarii uWhoecer (aim it up, no matter ' '* habtUr.Blaine? ' * t ij^entsmiOto' trom 8200 to ftlOOOpermontb. Address, I Tho Ua\j\BiU Pub. Co., 1 Norwich, Oonn. Tbe Last JL btt Passed, Was T. 8. Ijaw, tha blalog man, snpplyj Ing tbs drug and grooory stores with Laws Bloing, guaranteeing it to be far superior to indigo at muob less expense. Eaob ISot. package makes one quart IlqnidbluingstroDg enough for ink, wbioh flows equal to tbe b u t writing Mid and does not fade, nolthor does freeiing'destroy tbe color wben nsed as ink. It Isiused as bluing, blesohtn?, also, for ool oring rag otrpeis it is nneqoaled. For sale in Greenwich by H. B. Tent, F. H. Looker. D W. Oarpenter, W. H._Boyt and by deals r .generally, and warranted to giTe lat'Bfaotlon' money refunded Sm 17dly Sick Headache. Tbere is a great difference between tbis and the- ordinary beadsohe, whioh psssee oS quiokly. fitok beadaobe is aooompanled witb naosea and otber bad feelings, whioh show tbat the stomaoh and iiTer ore ont of. ordoT.' It is jplensant, .and at the sametiminsbmish.' ing to see bow quickly siok bead.ohe yields to a dose ot Herricks Liver Fills. Begin with tbe Bret symptoms of siok beedaebe. Tfee«e feeing sBgaTj®oats4 avs dsllghp fal to take, even by tbe most deltoate ladies. The only reliable catarrh remedy on the market to-day is Ely’s oream balm, being froo Irom poisonous drags and offensive odors. It bas oured thousand! of gpnte and hronio casss wbere all otber remedies have failed. It quiokly onres sold in the head and catarrhal headaohe. Prico flfty oents. For 15 years I was annoyed witb swere pain ip my bead and discharges into mj throat from oatarrh. My sense of smell was much impaired* By the one of Ely's Cream Balm I bave overcome tbese troubles.—J, B ate bi.,DtM E E n e l , N. Y. E. B. ROBERSON, ------DEALER IN ----- Books. School Books, Stationery, Albums, Writing Desks, Autographs, Dolls Toys, Diaries, Christmas Cards, Smoking Sets, Vases, And a general assortment oi G R O C E R I E S . JS“CaU and Examine Goods before PnrohosinG;. . Thla old mad wsQ« tried R em edy bas proven i lv »L k > __ — — diseases from Impure, or. Impactr* Ufiid Blood* u Scrpf. el*. REwmatliffl. u). cereos Boros, whlta ONE M1GE SlfiNAL WHISTiE vaUM •( fo tiitiu te . O u a« k e s t i A (•wsaislle. ’The met tin tf » 0» £ultrs IT* Qsrsraii— * B l l e O s r & l d c e . U a d te?l mUlLM braM^wtOi nickel tifufBT te**Mstors* BucWen^s Arnica Salve* Tbo. Best 8alve in tbe world for |Oata Bruissa, Sores. Ulcers, Salt .^heum, JPeve Sored, Tetter, Obapped HandsA Ohilblains Caros, and all Skin Eruptions, Etpdposltivol oores Files, no pay required. It is gaaran teed. It is guaranteed to give perfect satis faction, or money refunded* Price 25 oent per bos. For sale br B. J. Wait A Oo. NERVE-LIFE AND VIGOB restored both men and women by oaing Gilmore^ Aromatio Wine. Sold by H, B. Tefft, draggfst MlDDIiE-AGED MEN who laok vigor and vitality oan be oured by GilmoreV*A$oioatio Wine. Sold by H. B. Tefit, droggist. THE WIFE, MOTHER AND MAID wbo suffer from Female Weakness, will find Oil*, mofe's Aromatio Wine a positive Oure, Sold by H. B. Tefft, droggist. ANSON HOUGH, of Blackberry, Ills.,6aya he owes bis life to Gilmore’s Magnetio Elixir. Try it. Sold by H. B, Tefft, droggist. WHY WILL YOU SUFFEB from Agoe&nd Malaria wheo Gilmore's Aromatio Wiirt will cure yon. Sold by H. B Tefffr, droggist.' JOHN H. Yates, of Batavia, N. Y., says: “I cheerfully commend * * Tour AROMATIO WINE; It did newlite and vigor tend Through tbis weak frame of mine. It did for all my atomaoh illa . More than the doctor and hia pills.” W h a t P a r e n t s F e a r . Many persons—especially1 parents—object to many qoaok nostrums as likely to eoooar- age a love for strong drlng. They are right. Better die of disease tban dxdn&enness. The nse of Parker's Tonio doeB not involve thta danger. It not only boilds tip tbe system, ooring all ailments of tbe stomaob, liver and kidneys, but it atimnlates without intozloat* ing and absolutely cures the appetite {or liqaor. T h a t JDIrty * D a n d ruff* Dandroff is dirty aud disBgreeabJe in every way* It soils tbe olothing cobtinuallyy and is aooompanied by a hardly less annoying flebefttion of itobiug. U he spalp U dieeased. These is nothing in tbe wotld bo thoroughly adapted to this trotible a | Piker’s Hair Bal- iam, It olBanaes and heais tbe eOalp, gtdps ibe failing hair and restores it$ original solt« vb&sfrfelQss and color. rI | not oily# highly perramed, an elegabt ^dressin^. Very eco- homlca|J aBonIya.smal.l-.occasiooal%plpi6a9 ssd-JUI; vV* . lUramuctuea** G u i t a r 8* al* tract- Ire i ItllO MTilty ih»l ... .. vuts It. - j skesld h a r e w- To litndiN car TmU, ezpeSih«,ud In* tereatlaf.M hlaciuiif [■%Kxty«,soVciu3u uA . ----- bl s rticTns ve wil] tend UtU vbltUe tad catalogue by maJlTperi- P » 'i « 3 lf a& c e n t s t& tuaat. jl4* W K E N N I E * A L L B flW MTU $ F11Imu% B tn tV P f c tU ^ tlih U , p a s l « i ? na ^ £ S g S ^ J } IH IR A M SIBLEY & CO. ifiOCHESTER, N. Y. CHICAGO ILL yzi.326 E. Mam St BOQ-aoe RsnSlnh Sa E A T R E D U C T I O ^ j In'pricefof - AHDf— SHINGLES, fE&USOD'S m t s , LESS THAN liW H O L E S A L E lIiP R I C E S ,! ! S s t L i N G a t R e t a i l \! - geiGnggoodaound G A N G - S A W E D H E M t O O K Wnch, l^lt.Hi6n6t6ok’WolirS' * fat i)io each. Wn'tfhi ” ’*t* '* ** B^o ** Oodd'ctill fienOock Well Blips ** io •• •» . •* Joist . ** ,6o *f **. I'lr*^najlty Cedsr SWngToB^ht. Lath atr ^lfso ** ■ - ' ' ) A G r e f t t M edlcttl W o r k o n -M a n h o o d , Exhausted 'Vitality. Noryous and Physical Debility, Premature Decline in Man, Errors of Youth, and tbe untold miseries resulting toota iadlscretlou pr esoea. see. A book for every man, young, mlddlo*agecl aud old. It contains 125 prescriptions for all acuto and \chronic diseases,.edoh one o f wbioh is invaluable So found by the Author, whose experience for 25 yeara is each as probably never before fell to the lot of aoy physician. 300 pages, bound in beautiful French muslin, emhoaeed covers, full gilt, guaranteed to be a finer work ia every sense than any other work sold ln this qouetry for $2.60, or the money, will be refunded in every instance. Price only $1 by mall, poet paid. Illustrated sample free to any body. 8end now. Gold modal awarded the author by ibe Nation* al Medical AsBooiation. to tho President of wbiob, the Hon. £ • A. Bissau, and aeaoolato officers of the Board tbe reader is respectfully referred. • The t*clenco of Life is worth more to the young ahd middle-aged men of thia generation tban all tbe gold mines of Oallornia a n d tbe silver mines of Ne- v«dr combined.’—S. F, Chronicle. 1 The 8clenCo o! Life points out tbe ro&a and qulck-sanda on which the constitution ana hopeB of many a young man have been fatally wrecked.*— Manchester Mirror. J ' 1 Tbe Science of Life Is of greater value than all tbe medioal works published ln this oountry for the past 60 years.’—Atlanta Constitution. • The Science of Life Is a superb and mssterly treatise on nervous and pbysioal debility.'—Detroit Free Press. • There is no member of society to whom Tbe 8cienco of Llfo will not b e useful, whether youth, parent, guardian, instructor or Clergyman.*->Argo naut. Address the Peabody Medical Institute, o r Dr. W. B. Parker, .tfo. i Bulflnoh Street Boston, Blass., wbo may bo consulted on all diseases requiring akiU and exporlenco. Ohronlo and obstinate diseases that have baffled the skill of a ll otber phyal ians a spe­ cialty. Suoh treated successfully w'thont an in* stance of failure. Mention tbo PAnnia’a Jooxuur* fot^infants and Children. \ iV r’CM tori* enree Coile. b a l s6 o u r S t o m a c h , D i s r r h c n a , E r t i c t i t i o n , *'CMtorl* la so Tr ell adapted tae^illdiftsi t redomtoeod It u iraperlor to M ypreicrij knoim tomo.\ ^ H .A . A»cnitn,H,I)., }11 So. C&ford St, BrooWjn; N. Y. ‘Sour Stomach, 1 ----- - -—, — - --------- - iniii. Worms, gives Bleep, u d promote, dl- iut lBjurloua medication. *fl»C*KTADn O ousidt , 182 Fnltoa.StriSet, N.Y. t a h r h E I .Y ’8 n CREAM BALMp wben applied into the nostrils will be absorbed effoctually cleansing the bead of catarrbil virus eanslng healthy beore- Uons. It allays Inflam' mstton, proteots the membrane bf the nasal passages from addition* al colds* completely beals tbo soros and re*i stores sense of taste] and smeU. NotALiqrdd or Snuff| Apply a partlolo of the» ■ a % # ■ Balm into each nostril.H # V X C j a a w A few applications relelve. A thorough treatment will euro. Agreeable to nae. Send for oiroular. Prioe 60 cents, by maU o r a t Druggists. ELY BR0THEB8, Dragglits, Qwego, H. Y. — - ---- If you wish io Farm for Profit, READ “ HOW TH E FARM PAYS,” 412 pages, $2.50 -If you wish to Garden for Profit, RBAD- “ G A R D E N I N G F O R P R O F I T , ” 3 0 0 p a g e § , $ 1 . 5 0 ■// you wish tq become a Florist, READ- “ P r a c t i c a l F l o r i c u l t u r e , ” 3 0 0 p a g e s , 1 & I .5 0 AH By PETER HENDERSON: Any of the above books mailed free on reoeiptt'of the j®oe. Our Catalogue for 1886, of 140 pages, containing descriptions%iid illusi trations of the newest, best, and rarest SEEDS and PLANTS, be mailed on receipt of fl ets. in stamps to cover postage.' 35 &'3?7 i. N E W Y O R K . < F o r e c l o s u r e bale,—somsmb coubt.- b “ * •“ ” 0 H B A P B 8 V a n d B E R T . P r ic e s R e d o o c d HOLMAN'S NEW PARALLEL BIBLES, Ovar 2.000 pagei, Fully mutinied. Agents Wanted, Circulars free. A, J . HOLMAN & C O ., P n i U . March, April, May. fjP f tT W fU s a trrlng time. In* dlcatlons of disease s h o u l d be heodod. If you-bare Indigestion, Oonstlpatlon, Dlsorded Liver snd Kidneys, or Want of Appetite, take Dr. Kennedy’s Favorite Bemedy to PURIFY THB BLOOD. without delay. It ia mild, qatok and poaltlvo in ita action. Keep it In tha houso, snd tike It with you on Journeys It is cheaper than sickness, and as pleasant to take as the hand of a friend. & S FAVORITE REMED' Bj >U Drnggtati. ,1; C for |a. KOSDQDT, H. ?■ WANT ED—Ladiese4.Dr«oSJJS?£ ber own locality an old firm Reference* raaulred. Permanent position and good salary. QAY A BROS., 16 Barclay 8L. l^Y. _______ Kstabllalred F A Y ’S ISGd. MANILLA ROOFING! ”■ ‘ * \ ‘a t in or iron, nor «l(k Takas tba load . ____ decay liks aliloilss or tar grogymd dqr*l)]a:ath^r P S I t W E B U lor Rood ss.ctmen. Bzolusivo territory. Writs for partio* Olara. IMPERIAL F I HE EXTIN­ GUISHES OOMPANY* Stewart Boild- Ing, Kew York. W _ ___ own homes, $7 to $10 per week can bo quietly made. Wo photo pa nting) no canvassing. For foil partlcu ----- Idreiadreia a tt onco,nco, OKSSOENT1 ART OOU ' \ - ........ Box 5170. lar», pleasasd a o 0 PAJTY. 19 OenlnlBtreet, B oston. Maas. D KAFfSKBS, ita aAOBSiandCUaE, by ont who was dtaf twenty-eight yosra. Treated by moat o f the noted specialists of the day with no benefit. Onrad nlmxelf In three months, snd since then hundreds o f others by tho samo pro* cess. A p’ain, simrle and sncMssfat bome treatment. .AednaaT. B. PAGE, 138 £ast 26th 8 t„ Hew Tork Oily. L ___ to work for na at tbelr ovD & o au. $7\to®lO per week can be asnly made; no canvassing; fascinating and steady __ employment ParhcaUrs and sample oi the work sent for stamp. Adddrtu BOUE MANUFAO* TURING OO., P. 0. Pox 1916. Boston. Mass. W ________ arerywber*, looaH'asd traveling, to sell o o r goods. Will p4j good salary and all expenses. Write for t*rm« at once, and state sialry wanted. Ad* dress ErCAHDAQD 8ILYBB WARS OJHPAKY. Washington Stroot, Boston. Mtss. D Y S P E P S IA ,—Its Nalore, Causes. PrevenUon, snd Ooro. ~ \ '* ‘ - -well* — ___ _____ By Jo n s H... tfass., l i yesrs Tax Collector. HqAx.t 22 t, Lo Bent b e e to any ad- CO N S U M P T IO N. I fcars apasitlTs n rasoy f o r U>s abors d laean; by tu ota tfcoBsaadsoreuM of t b e wont k iad s n ^ o f foo* ttandlarbara bein eared. l a d wd,»o<troaglsniTfa»n la Ita •fflcacy.thit I will s e n d TWO D0TTLK3 FRHS, lorct&ar with a VALUABT.BTRBATI8B on thla dl««ua to any folTortf. Olt®e<6feai anflr 0 ftSdrrta. . 9 PB.T.A.SLOOPM.mr«»M 8 Lt H v w T m t. I CURE FIT S ! WbcsHlaarnrs I do sot m«aa ncrtlr to stop tban Tors tlaift and b*r« tbem return h » ib I mean trnlM n n , tb« dltetM o( rrn, KPIUF8T or PiU/ OK H. O. BOOT, t u Purt su. H-V. * OQ-.} MERCHANTS profits by introdnclng a line of new gooda, India* penklble to all will address for full partloulars. HEALTH FOOD COMPANY, No. 72 4th Avenue, New York. To Consumptives. The advertiser htrlflg been permanently oured of that d resa disease, tonaumption by a simple reme. dy, is anxious to make known to his feUow-aufferers tbo means o f cure. To all who desire it, he will send a copy o f the prescription used, ( r a n , ) with rectlor- ■*r ------- **aring --------------------------- -------- islu, B r o n e n i t . jthedirecuons fo prep and using the’ same which they wCl find a sure C a re fbr_C d a ^ h s. C o lds, C o n s u m p tio n Is, fco. parties wlihlnt address, Bev. £ . A. WI ismsbnrgb.N. Y. Prescription, will please >27, 191, Penn B t, WU* R U P T U R E C U R E D —BEET & CO., 601 Sixth Avenue, oor. 80tb street, Ne* York* New Method. Holds any oase with ease and comfort, Belle4 at once. Parties at tend$d-to and return home the same day. Also Tarfoocele without surgical operation. Advioe free. Open day and evening. Bnndsys till 3 p. m. ~ ' llshed l s ypars. Book for 2 cent stamp. M A N H O O D See to red. A gentiiman bavinglnnooently contracted ihi habit o f Mlf*atriise in h is yonth, and in conse* — inoefu^fored all the h o rrors of BOxual Incapacity,. — -physical Decay, General Prostration, eto., will, o u t of sympathy for his fellow sufferers rfedpe by which he was finally cured. mail free, AdC StKw*! freailm „ Id s fnin confldenoe, J T ‘Wew York. j . w . Y / t a cedar WARRANTED I WARRANTED The host and oh&pest Ito givd s&tisfacUon or Cough Oure in nse | money refunded P r i c e US’ a n d SO cents* This oOngh cure is unparal e cd for coughs. Golds and s diseases of tho throat Ln -g unDif and bronchial tubes. Ph.ysioifln are constantly ordering o n sumptiro patients to ihe Pise Woods: we have snco eeded bringing all the v lrtuesandj al principles of tho “Pineies\ io the invalid at home—accom­ plishing what many have Ion* tried to d o . We have demon stratod th e perfeot solubility of the tar, ana thereby its ready absorption into tho system—by a much more rapid ai d general power than merely Inhaling tho air o f the Pineries, It ie per. feotly aafe to bo taken as tho case may require - small and _________ freq u e n t d o ses being m o s t off. __ _ suayingtiie existent irritability. BOLD B f .ii/L DBUGfclSTS. Use Anderson's Poor Han's Ddnjfch Oure. J 9 *No Oure. K o Pay. auSyl O l d D r . L a C r o i x , iijapENBiEy so c oujm b u sibekt , 0on»t iqdge. Albany, N. 7, (fonr blocks west of Postoffics ndUnlon Di^ot), established in 1887, and for the wrfltwenty years nnder the ahlo minageznent of Db, >AvnaspR, has treated suooessfnlly thousands of: GaadVio, pnxTAn snd V s r a m i i diseases o f both Hexes, TheDoctcrIs longer located here' than any so adrertlslng* as the city papers show, and all old. residenWknow. ............ k __ r T f ’ ^IMPEDIMENTS TO MABBIAOET - •» _ ^petoatorrhcer an^l Impo^enpy. the, result c f self-: abujsitt jrohth, soxaal excesses in mttnred years, df i pthey^us.bs whlch produce 'ttorvousneas, somlnsl' '^wns;Tflehljlty,oonfnrt6n o f Ideas, loss o f sdxuil* m. M f&mphloU^offlc^- (OonBoiUtlon ~freararid; prttate. •Offloehoiit^ a^.'M.. to i f , n., and(r to 9 f.* i»i^Sunday*, 1 to 8 fc if,- Medicines' s e n t every* “ here. Curejj gntanteed.- A d d ress,/ ■Eliza- _ heth R. Terry agaiuet Hannah Linendoll as exeo> utrix and Robert Addison LCnendoll'arf executor cf the Will of Jobn Linendoll, deceased, and Hannah Linendoll and Bobert Addison Linendoll and Anna Linendoll, hie wife as individuals; Antlonett Linen* doll, Pboobo Linendoll, James P. Book and Pamella Buck, his wife. Oellna Mltliman snd William Nlms. By virtuo of a judgment of the 8upreme Oourt en­ tered ln the olerk’s office of WMhingtpn •’county on tbe.lOth day of Marob, 1886. the undersigned referee duly appointed, will eel) at publio auetion, at tbe froht door of the law offioo of Robert Armstrong, Jr., >in tbe town and village of Fort Edward in said oounty, on the 2<th day of April, 1866, .at eleven o'olock. a, m., the following described real estate: All that certain lot of land attuste in thd town of Fort Edward snd county oi Washington, being a psrt of a tract of land grantedby Klog George, the soO* ond, to Jobn Qohuyler. Jun., and others, known and distinguished la the subdivision aaade by Stanton Tefft in October, 1700. by lot nomber five in the soo* division of lots No. twelve and thirteen of tbe patent aforeaVd, beginning at tbe northeast corner of J o t No. 4;tbenc$ north flfty*elght degrees and twanty* four minutes, east thirty*one chains and tnwnty* seven links; thence south twcnty.nlne degrees und thirty*flve minutes, east thlrty-flvo chains and six* teen Unks to the south bounds of lots No. 12 and 19 aforesaid; then sooth sixty degrees and twenty*four minutes, west tbirty-one chains and twenty-seron links to tbo southeast corner of lot nnmber four; thence north twenty-nine degrees and thlrty^tx minutes, west along tho east honnds thereof tblrty* four ohatna and eight links to tbo plaoe of begin* ning, containing by esUmation one hundred and eight acros of land. Also one other lot ln the same pateDt and subdivided by Stanton Teflt at £ho same time heretofore mentioned ln tbls conveyance known by lot No.d m the aubdlTlslon of lota No. 12 snd 13 of the patent aforesaid, beginning at the norUi* cast cornet of lot No. 6; tbenoe north fifty-eight de* greea*and twonty.fonr minutes, east thirty chains and twenty-eight links; thonoe south twenty-nine degrees and tblrty*flTo minutes, east thirty*six chains and twoaty>tbree links to tbe south bounds of said lots No. 12 aod 13 j thence south elxtydegroes and twenty-four minutes, west tblr y chains and aorenty-eight links to tbe aoutbeast cornor of lot No. thenco north twenty-nine degrees and thirty* flve minutes, west along the east bounds (hereof, thlrty-flro chains and sixteen links to the place of beginning} containing one hundred and nine aeroa and tbreo rods and fonrteen perches of land except* ing and reserving from tho aald lot Ko. 6 last do crlbed. aboot llfty acres of land, sold by the 6an< dorses to Doctor Proudflt and wbiob waa formerly owned and occupied by Daniel W. Wing from tbo eaat ond of said tot No 6, and also abont one aero of land formorly in the possession of Jolin McDoogall <aylog on the north aldo of the road leading from Fort Edward to Arsylo; a part of said lot No. 0, also reserving 50 acres from above premises sold to Bar* rtaon Durkee. OBABLGS H. VAN NZSS, Beferee. Lo trail 6 OmsoK. Pl‘lTs Attorneys. Marll.'M T HB PEOPLE OF THB STATE OF NEW YORK— By tbo 0 race of Ood, Freo aod Indepedentt— To the next of kin azrd belra at law of Jane WaUsr. fate of tho town of areenwtch. in the county of Washington and State of Now Vork, decased, to wit: Uonroe, Waller of Troy, Bens. Oo, N. Y.; Elisha Waller, of Qreenwiob, Washington county. N. 7.1 M erritt Waller, of Greenwich, Washington oounty, Hr&,s Ohas. Q. Waller, of Greenwich, Washington connty, N. Y.j Mrs. Mary Talmtge, of Greenwich, Waahington county, N. Y.; David Carpenter, of Greenwich, Washington connty, N. Y« i Mrs. Jaao Elhwhelh Illoofof Qre«nwloh»,WashlngtonOo..N.Y,; Charles IL Kelley o f Miller, Wash* 00., H. Jobn M. Carpenter of Yalontins. Cherry Oo., Nob., Charles R. Osrpenterof Non, Jo Daria Oo., IU..t George L. Waller of Albton, Boon Oo. Neb.: Stoagh ton J* Walleraod Barah Jane Waller, both of Meboa* pany, Wyoming Co^ Pa.; Mrs. Uary M. Bnrgess of Forks ton, Wyoming Co., Pa.; Leroy Waller and Georgo WaUsr, whose respective places of reaidenoo ara unknown. G sxznroj You are hereby cited to appear before u r Surrocate?of our Oonnty of Washington, at his office, in too Village of Salem, in tbe town of Salem, in said oonnty, on tbe 3d day of May, 1880. at 10 o’clock in the forenoon of that day, to attend lbs Probate of a oertain Instrument in writing, claimed to be the iut Wll] andTestament ofthe ailddeceassd, aa a Will relating to real aud personal estate, on tbe application of Orrtn K. Rice, Execntor in aald WUl named. And those of yon who are nnderthe age of twanty-ono years are required to appear by your guardian, If you bavo ona. If yon bave none, that you appear and apply for one to be appointed; or, in the event of your neglect.or fsllnroto do so,a guardian will bo appointed by the Surrogate to repra* sent and set for you In these proceedings. I k Trsnuojrr W bzbsot , We nsvo caused the seal of offloo of our said Surrogate to bo hereunto •fflxed, w itaeu! HE BTD. W.tJ. H i l l , [L. S.] Surrogate of the said county of Waahingion, at the Tillage of 8alom, In the town of Salem. In said Oounty. this lith day of Uarcb, In the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Bigbty.slx. H. D. W. a HILL Surrogate, F ORECLOSURE SALE.-By virtue of a Judgment of foreclosu e rendered in tbe supreme Oourt on tbe 13th day of January, 1877, J n favor of Charles *W. SUBtliFlgatnatGeorffe'Eoguih and Aim era ih-' gllah, his wife. I, as referee, will sell s pnblio auo* tion a t tbo front door of tbo Hamilton hotel in the village of Qreenwiob In tbo (ynmty oi Waahington, N. Y.. on tbo 8tb day of May, 1886 , at ten o'clock In the forenoon, all that piece o r parcel ef land altna* ted in tho town of Cambridge, ln tho county of Waahington and State of New Ytfrk, and described In the complaint In this action as follows: North by the lands owned by Hannah Edie, eaat by lands owned by Abner W. English, south by the high way leading from Easton Corners to Cambridge Vil* lage, west by tbo west line of Che town of Cambridge and lands owned by Miohael Mshar, containing about four seres of land be the asmo more or less. SAMUEL M. BURKE, Beferee. Loubxx & Gib boh. Attorneys, for Lewis Slocum, Assignee. Har25,7w N OTICE TO OBEDITOR8.—In pursuance of an order of H . D. W, c . Hill,Surrogate c f ths connty of Washington, notice is hereby given aooordlng to law, to sll persona having dafma against Dladamia WUmarth, late of the town of Greehwlob, 8 . Y., deceased, that they are required to exhibit tho same, with tho vouchers thereof, to tbe subscriber executor of tho will of said deceased at hia ofllco in the villsge of Greenwich, H. 7.. on or before the 11th day of Sip. 1888.—Dated Match 8th, 1888 . GEO. E. WILMARTH, Executor. A Lecture to Young Men. ON THE LOSS OP MANHOOD A lecture on the nature, treatment and radical cure of Spermatorrhoea o r Seminal 'Weakness, induced by Self>AbUse, Involuntary Emissions, Impotonoy, Nor* vous Debility, and Impediments 'to Marriage gener­ ally s Mental and Phyalcal lncapacity, Consumption, \pjlopsy and Fits, eto, J—By BOBERT J . CULVER- m E B S I OF THE WASHINGTON OODHIY OODB1 JL i d Cou t of Sessions Tor tbo Years lfc86 and 18S7>—Until otherwlee ordered, V^ejerma of the County Co*.rt and Court of 8essiohe. in and for the Cou ti of Washington, will beheld et fhe‘Oourt Houses in said connty. as follows • County Court and.Ooprt of Sessions for the trial of criminal cases and issues of law and fact— February orm, 1885. on tbe third Monday St the Court Houso in 8 tom, with a trial, ju r y . ^ ’ Ju n ' TermV-188tl on tho secorid.' Monday, at the Court Honse in Sandy Bill, with a trial jury. November Term, 1886. on third Monday, at the Court Uousein Salem, with a trial in i# . February Term, 1887. on tbe toifd Monday, at the Oourt HQ.use.in Sandy Hill, with a trial jury. Juno Term, 1887, on tbe secon Monday, at the Oourt House In Salem, with a trill ju ry . November Term 1887,. on (ho third Monday, at the Oourt House in bandy 'Bill, with a trial Jury, Terms o f tV Washington Connty Court, for the trial of issues of law and tbe hearing o f motions and other proceedinge will 'be held at th a chambers of the Oounty Judge, in th e village ot G r nviile, as fol­ lows : . £ July, 1886, on the fli$t Monday, / October, 1886, on the first Monday. / December. 1886. on the flret Mondsy. July. 1887, on thellrst Monday. October, 1887. on the first Monday. December, 1887, on the first Monday. Th'e said Terms wiU commencoatten o’clock In the forenoon of tbe days above mentioned. Given under my band, at Granville, tho first day of January 1886. ___ R07iL 0. BETT8. Connty JndjO, {z» a ) Filed January 1,1886. O. W. Tanon, County Clerk. _ _________ T u e p e o p e u f t h e s t a t e o k n e w Y ork— By the Graoe of Ood. Free and Independent:— To tbe next of kin, and heirs at law of Elizabeth Shlell, lato of tbe town of Greenwioh, in tbo connty of Washington, and atste of New York, deceaaed, to wit: Mra. Mary Jane Sloan. Mrs. Hannah Forsyth, William 0 Skollio, Robert Skellle a n d William J. Blake, each of Argyle in said connty; William Bas­ kins snd Joseph Haablss, each of Qreenwiob. ln aaid county; Joseph Dlako and George Haaklos, each of whose placea of reside* co la unknown, snd Jobn Blake and tbe members of hia family, whose nsmes and places of residence aro eaob and all unknown* and cannot bo ascertained after dllfgent enquiry; Mra Uary Rntton. of Washington, Iowa; Alexander Blako, of Grand Rapids, Uloblgan; Bobert Haskins and Uary Haskins, each of Arlington. Vermont Ghketixo : 7oa are hereby cited to appoar before our 8nrrogate, of oor oonnty of Washington, e> hia ofiBeo in the village nf Salem, in tho town of Sslem, iu aald county, cn the 12th Day of April, 1886, st 10 o'eloek >n tbe forenoon of that dsy. to attend the Probate ot a certain Instrument lo writing, c'aixoed to be tbe last Aill and reatamentof the said deceased* as a will relating to real and personal estate, on the application of Archibald Lendmra, Executor in said Wltl named. And those of you wbo are nndea the ago Of twrnty*one;eajsare required to sppcar hy yonr guardian. If yon have one, II you bsve none, that yoo appear and eppiy for ooe to b a appointed | 0 r» the event of yonr neglect or faiinre to do so, a guardian will bo appointed by tbe Surrogate to rep* resent and sot for you in these proceedings. In Txsxmowx Wnuxow. Wo have caused the seal of office of onr said Surrogate to bo hereun­ to affixed. Wltnets: H5NRY X>. W. 0. HILL. IL. S.] Surrogate of aaid Oonnty of Waahington, at tho village of Salem, ia the town of Balexn, in aald Oounty, tbia 16th day o f February, in • the year of onr Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Bfxhty-Slx. i_, IL D. w. 0. BILL, surrogate, ■ F 25 w7 M ORTGAGE BALK.—Suraxus _____ .. Thorpe ag'st Alfred F. Nichols a n d otherr. tJotfaT,—John ______ ________ ____________id-cthan*. la purabance or a Judgment in this action entered Maroh 2d, 1886, the undersigned referee, duly ap* pointed, will sell st pnblio auction, on tho 17th day of April, 1886, at 10 o'olook. a. m., at th e Greenwich House, kept by S. Walter Scott, lo th e village of Greenwich In said crusty. Tbe following deicrfhed real estate: All that nD* divided half o f thal certain piece or parcel of land situate, lying and being in the town of Fort Edward, county of Washington, and ts described in s deed executed by Austin Elmore and Bleanoxv his wife, to Hoses Nfchols and John W. Basso:, February 1st, 18^8. aa follows} Beginning one gb«Jn from the south eaat oorner of the Widow Jakway's lot on a course fifty degrees eaat; tben north SB degrees, 10 seoonds. east one chain and twaoty.fiTa Unka; iben south 60 seconds, cart six chains and twsnty.flve links; tben south 89 degrees, 10 seoonds, west to the Champlain canaUthen u p the said canal to the plaoe of beginning, excepting therefrom, a portion of eaid lot conveyed by Lansing G. Taylor to Elizabeth Olanperwood, March 12 th. 1840 Also the undivided half of lhatoertJdn-lot, pieco or parcel o f Und lying and being ln tbe village of Fort Ulller, in the town of Fort Edward and connty of Washington, and is a part of a lot of land marked and describod as lot I , on map Ko. 6 made on the partition o f the real es­ tate of Barent Bleecker fifed in tbe office of the Obancellor, and Is s part of the eune l o t of land de­ scribed In a deed executed by Mtrla MllIer to Darius Norcross, dated November tbe 20th, 18*8. The psrt of said lot Intended to b e conveyed commences in the centre of a brook, the southwesterly corner of said lot I* and sontbessterly ccrfiei5 Cf lo t K, cn ft&Id map designated, and runs thence on tho east lln'e of saidrJotS-nortb-gtdegrees'anA 20 minuter, west two '*\ chains and fifiy-threelinks to tho south side of the road: th6nce along tho road north 65 degrees and 40 minutes, east seventy-five feet to a stake; tbenoe south 84 degrees, SO minutes, east to the centro of said brook; tbonce down aald brook to tbo place of beginning be tbo qosntlty of land more or lessr' CHARLES H. VAN NESS, Referee, Lotnuc & G ibson , Attorneys. . M. Du author of the ** Green Book/' &a Tbe world-renowned author, in this admirablo Lecture, olesrly proves from h is own experience that the awful consequence of 8elf-£buso'may bb effectu­ ally removed without dangeroua surgical operations,• bougios^* instruments, rings o r cordials, pointing pointing put a modo of cure a t onoo iun>n , oertain and effectual, by means of which every dalTorer, no matter, what bis condition may bo may euro himSelf oheaply, brlvatoly, and radically. .. Jta-iM a Leoture should be t a the hands of every youth and every man in the land. Sent under seal, in a plain envelope, to any address postpaid, on receipt of six cents or two postage stamps. Address, * The Oolverwell Medioal Oo., 41 Ann S t., Ke*>York. N. Y, Post OffleeBox, 460, Jnp®<tnSr, Ot^soio W eakness Oonorrh®^~BycMlUIe*an‘ri H J S r iafA f r e & lM .. SeJewfffictKatmcnFi t t f f S d J S r c ^ ^ l e s . DcfbrmlUes Treated. C a ll orw rilo for list ol or,ertlonstoboan»wercdbytho*ode«lrit)gtte|pncntbymall. ts'Dhoenwujr, fiUUiitod *0 r«<i» The World Challenged! trade ! I mark This liniment has bqon nisn. nfsctnrea and nsed for twenty* flye yoars. and oap innnmerabit cortjflo*1-- c. cKWE'/Vc‘ looteMfonro prove It, ~w -v.unparal!cledWccess. 'Vo do not offer' It an-an Internal, Romody, positively' asserting that any* linitnent. Jhst' dan be takon into the stomaobwlthont, 'injury cau have Uttlo'eftlciefaor fnactlog ssaiptolflo?when ex- L in i m e n T O r , , Vofittf.vajuoi^fc.Iptho^y.Lin* Jinjeftt'fiiadd euUrtli/ot Oils anc 'W ochslIengo^the^orld.forJlL f;?xaotlott. -or1. monBy. refnnaea,1 -PrideflS ahdW.cehtsV^bottlfe 'sbL D B Y A ^ D B u a G isy a , C s y r f F ORECLOBUREfiALS. Supreme Oourt; John Wsg- jmsn agalnit Alfred F. Nichols a n d others. In pursuanoe of a Judgment in this action entered Match 2.1886, tho undersigned a s referee dnly appointed,will sell at public anotlcn on tho 17th day o f April, 1886, at ten o’clock, a. m., at the Greenwich House, kept by S. Walter Scott, in the village of Greenwich, ssld county, the following described real estate. All that certain lot, pleos or parcel of land situate lying snd oelng In the town of F o rt Edward, In th e connty c f Waahington «nd state of Hew York, sn d described and bounded aa follows: On the north by ths road tunning from Malcom McKsuibton’s fkrm io the highway leading from F o rt Edward to Fort Miller bridge. On tho east by the nothern canaL aod on the south and west by lands o f Nichols Bradley and Un­ derwood. Said lot Is commonly known s s the Velle store lot, and is laid down and doserlbed in a mkp made by Daniel Cady, Gideon Hawtey snd Andrew Ellson, commissioners, etc., a t Albany, Feb. 9.1818, as lot F; ssld map is Sled in the Register's offico in said city. The land therein mortgaged, contains about three qnarters of a n acre of land, be tbo Same more or less. CHARLES H. VAN NESS, Beferee, Lounxz & Gznsoit, Attorneys. TJIOREOLOSEUB'E SALE.— S tjpbehz Cotrai.r— £ Stephen P . S tortetaht against Mired F. Nichols and others. _By virtuo o f a judgment in this action^ entered on^the 2d day o f March, 1B56, .the under­ signed referee duly appointed* will seU a t publloauo- ■ tion a t tho Gt-eenwidh House kept by 8. Waller Soo tt, lu the villakeofarsenwlohinBaldoountr*cn,the:17th day of April. 1886, at 10 o*clook, a m., the following described real ostatoiAH that certain piece of land ly* . ing in the village of Fort Miller.desoribed as ftfttows; Beginning a t th64bdtbwest cCrher of a lot of bifid now owncdand occupied by Henry Odell; thshoe westerly alohg tbo north sido o f tbo street running to bast bank of Hhdson river sixty feet; ‘thenbe notherly on a lino parallel with tbe west.Dnoof said Odeirs lot ninety-seven feet; thence easterly to the' northwest corner of Said odoU’s^ot; thenco souther­ ly along westlltfg of sSId Odell's lot to placo of bo-' ginning being samo premises cahvcyod by WUllain Buck to Bosea Nichols by deed dated November 20th, 1869faud recorded a t tho clerk's offlce of the county of Washington on the 27th day of Ootober, 1870, in boolf'No. 08 of deeds, at page 607. . CHARLES H, VAN NESS, Beferee. Lomus ft Gxnsotf, Attorneys. T HE PEOPLE OP TBE STATE OF NEW YOBK- By the Grace of Ood, Free and Independent: To the noxt of kin, and hoirs at law of Erastus Judson late of tbe town of Oambridge In the Connty of Waahington and Stat of Kew York, deceased, to*wttv Bollin E. Nicholson, Lewis E. Nloholson dnd Caro* line Oonlter, oaoh of Whiteoreek, ln said county; H nry Coulter of Cambridge, in ssfd county; Wil* Ham NlobOlson of Ellwood, HUn*‘\ — T' of Owatonna, Steel Ca.’ftJinn'.; and Frederick K Jndioh. v^adh or/ Hattio L. Atfdriw of'Roxbum Msss.; Carrio M.tJrfa* son and Alllo A. Jndson, eaoh of 68 Carr Streets Chicago,111,;Honry S.. Judson of Morris, Minb,; Loo Judson of 1007 Ponheylyanls^Avpnue, J7«sh|ng*- to n ,D ,0. \ v ? < ' GnKSTma: Ton sre hereby cited to appoar before onr Bnrrogate, of our Oounty of Washington, a t his cfflftci itfHho village of Haleztt, in the town of Sal otn ln Baldoountyy.cntuoiotbday'of ApriJU '2880,. at 10 o'clock, in tbe forenbon o f that day, to attend ibe J?robato ofjuiertaihJnatrumehl In ’fcrltirig, clMmcl to h e tho last Will and Teatament of th e safd do* ceaBed, dated May lQtliy J8S3, snd codicil .thereto dated Deo. 22d, 1884,^8 a'Will and bodlcll i'6laUii£to reai ahd personal esUto, o u tho spplieatidh of Hul* dah B. Jadson, Executrix in said Will nsmed>r» Ah'd. thoso c f you who ste4inder the ags of twenty-one, yfeare ire requirod to appear by year guardian, for. you have'one, i f yon have none, th'atywsppes^'ond^ apply f to n e to be appolutedi, or, In thdTlevgnt ’ot ^onr negleot or falluroto do So, a BtiirdiaO'\jlll hs appointed by the Surrogate to represent aud aot for N ■ > ; & v a ♦ itTxax^iottx anvrogatt ci:th6 eaiacoiinty ofVVaBhin|?ton, ■ ih, g,iat tho Villiffoof ^Salom, itriho^.tCwniflf: Sa. sfcy. In the year'bf o u r ^ r d Ono,vThou«and\ - —■WghfrHlinW&andEIgJwBli£*r-~^.“J~'“ ‘

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