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1 “ ' ltc0aM * 1ft, d i d i ^ ^ a c e n t h i ^ S ' ' :e, beatiugiaaijfc D- f:' :i^ S a S S f f e A a - s S i s s S ; idi Situate iu t^ic t o » i S ao d ii> t h e to w a d f fnty 6 f .O n tari< ^ ,aiH iS T ; J t Honeoye creek, ^ .ucherly. e a s t o f f a l ^ l * the east bank o f '£ ‘ ud Houeoye creek, q W ' f t ‘itW ffi ■ E S ^ ^ : - U e s t t o t h e w e s t U & ^ t e laovvD the west at which shall Igtanhigor rd - lege or mill lof o n B ^ S d « S I * * leasfwardly to % l^one fourth, ^artvof t £ l ^ f ' ^ i t h land adjoM ing nill jard s , whkher1nci,id3 aits aforesaid, infatJulU h l eras one F raD c f^hiilg£g^ ^ ssigns, might have heidiocen* 1 Id and e n joyedio pncsiiahc««f f the will o n d 4 t h e . : \ t ^ fcmli, decea^d, or by jq X fques! or grant whatsoeteci rivilege of going to and front erected across^aid Boncuye [head of said t|ce<ivaT,.ifr|th ■ , cans p d wagoosjforibe lurpose of reconstructing said (air the same alt any and a t preafter, and also aiong, the ^ r e p a i r the same’*^^52h 8 of mortgage was qo , |be August. 182S. duly assigned ff ^9 Eft _ _ _ z _ C7S • . m .. laynieiitof tbeimoneys secUb brtgage according to I h u l If—Kow therefot^il lie ID t h e a a i d ^ n r t g i i ^ ^ . pursuance o f the statute iU , kde and priwjded, thU ipdctt J aforesaidg'Mt|th the sifepuf. ' I IU be sold at-jpubhc irendoj* \ lay of February n f s t, Utt 2 afleruooD of th a f day^ a t the lately occupied by SoloUiim tJie occupancy ofMr.l&floB. if Bloomfield, in th e cUaUiy of besa'd. D ated'^he 7tb day of || D. 1825 ■ [ELIAS SMITH, Assigntiii^ , tCTON^W B ro STN^ hi-s ; I' having been kade f It of' money secured by tnocjtfts ? ;,date January eIfeyeUtS, j i g |^ - - j AHred Gray to J |e f l r y r ^ ' by >aid Graves aspgnednj Iby i >f all that cert aid tract or nar> litoate in V /efor,indbe C0onty uuded as folfowS^ to frit:, be- angular point tbruied by the M the road leading.'fro«b.;Vfet‘oc m e to Bloomfield.end L road leading eastWirdl^'f^ lupicd by Jabez Felt^fnjnnin|: golar point, north J ftj-E te dh- wenty-five minutes*'#est, tf6 fifteen links; thence ndlUh degrees and 'hirlly-five mioUtes liams and eighty-lQur links; I fifty fire degrees and twenty* 1 east,: ninety-two ftnks; and . I south two degrees and thirty It, three chains and thirty.liwks lo f beginuing, pontaihihg Set* Jsof liruf—Ndticeistberieifore* In. that by virtue o f a“POWC'^ *® %gp girep, the saidfidt^g^g^f }ilh the appurtenaJ^S*W jfb| |ir vendiie.at Ihf«OfUhccopi^p, cnber on the saljj^reiuiSji^tr'-'^ > I f December nex.t^ pnoon of that day. m t e d May V,. BOUGHTOI^. Aisi^nU‘ ro.\f. .4ttnrney, 24w 10 ,*| lit l.aviiig been madfti lu [lit of a sum ol money, secured ly an indenture of mor-tgage, j tl»e ninth day of December, fexecuted by NaCbap Barlow-U> [ngibiiry. as Treasurer of the jonecuciit, his successors in of* Ins—and the satnc. Eetng Itbe sttbscriUcr-T^^otice h b'ete- mat by viptud-iofl a pOWCr CCn* fci roorbjgage, Itiddf'tB d *t^^^ made and p e n ^ ^ td, the.fW*^*^\ [ ,rt| ^1 eing that part* -cil- stot south of the .ceqtcr limber elerfeu ilf tEd . wnshipS iu fh£HGfldIlty Afp^^ , isp u t o£ t U d 'f ^ e # ® / , * “^^ 1 f said lot by tfe;GanandaigB| - . also being .tbu f four of the subdivision of imber twenty two. Bpgioo'\5;^l Itlei at the noclbi'east' cornCf P | ftw e n ty aert-s owned by lying in the South *«? j r four, thence )f the said twenty acre < IS and eleven I mi .M to A N W le said lots narabN L. thence N r t h Iseven linkii along V w e si c o i^erof s*«i J \chains and fiftyh link* « # s ; ^ |»f the saM ; tft ;j I the said nhtlet{tb,tN 1 l-excepimg aotf v N c r v i n i f ^ . ^ lieges on the ? * i d b . o D N ^ : ^ ■traoiic itfachioepj^.^i!'^ |th e wateVr o f - ■ md highways 'th b i id eding to the a acres and iohf . h d n | ^ iNcy. fext,*^^ »n:drthi||day. ONTARIO REPOSITORY. X.,V/,-i “■■*•■■- ____ CAN no. 2. voT. xxm.} ^ B M S O F T H E REPO S I kt ORY. who caU for it a t the Bookstore, $2. t Coinpaides of not less than ten, St,'50. [{sent by mail, J;?. payable in advance—and at that * rate for a less period. Cobb & Antis, f AVE removed to the large yellow building _[ on the corner of Main and Bristol streets, E^rly opposite their old stand, where they have [list opened a more extensive and complete assort- [ban they have heretofore offered for sale. They L oot wish to trouble their faiends with long sto­ res about “their justly *£|quired reputation of filing cheap;” all thdy ask is, that they ivill call nd satisfy ikemselves. ^ (J5*»TaveruE#pqrs are pAfticulafty inviteifft) L h and exainine^heir JEitquors, which for’cheap­ en and isiceneadgrther^ vvfftrant inferior^to none C A S S P M D FO R Wheat, Rye and Flax Seed. Canandaigua, Nov. 10, 1824. ___________ ‘hltf ENGLISH Is^ees dvA Edgings. [UST received, a very elegant lot of English Thread and Bohbinetf Laces and Edgings — [[Jso, 4-f BobUnett Lace for Veils—also, Pearl Edging, and a variety of Fancy articles, which will e sold very low, among them are— : Crape\ Lease, or Pressed Crape ; English white and black silk Gloves; Do, chocolate Bandanoes; Canton Crape Handkerchiefs and Points; Elegant tamboured Swiss Points; Jet black Bombazine very cheap; Plain and fancy morocco walking Shoes. A. U. Mott & Co. Canandaigu^ 8mo. 25, 1824. W I S fT lIH G O O B S . ~ Y . t s I E Y Y o . \AS the pleasure of informing his friends that he has just opened a very general assort- nent of MEReH.iJ\'DIZE, Which be will sell upon the most liberal terms, for ^ash—consisting of Dry Goods, Groceries, Crockery & Hardware. Innkeepers are particularly: invited to call and jexamine his Liquors.^ as he assures them with per- jfect confidepce, that they were very carefully se­ lected from the best recently imported, and war- pnteil genutfie. 38tf Canandaigua, JVbv. 16, 1824. ______________ AIGUA, TtTBLi^HEP BY> BEM IS, MORSE & WARD. W E D A 'ESD ^Y, A fiR I L 30 , 1825 . ¥ •iS'. •« .y * CWflOLE NO. 1147 . The W e § tern F ire In s u r a n c e \ 1 Company. h T a meeting of the Directors of this Com- M. pauy, on the 22d day of December, 1824, It was Resolved, that the number of Directors be reduced to nine.—Notice is therefore hereby Eiven, that an election for the choice of nine Di­ rectors to manage the concerns o f this Company, Kill be held at this office, on the first Tuesday of June next. The poll will be opened at 10 o’clock, bd will be closed at 12 o’clock. Dated at ^lanandaigua, this 1st day of March, 1825. £m48 JE R . V. R E N S S E L A E R , & c’y. For Sale, or to Let, IHE Brick STO R E , adjoining the Store of Leicester Rhelps, in this village. Apply - . F . Si T. PALM E R . Canandaiguajil^fh. 22, 1825. 47 tf A NEW SUPPLY OF j GOODS, .dT T H E OLD STA J ^ b , Motfs Cash Store. 'HE subscribers find it is fashionable to adver­ tise in the spring and fall, when merchants receive new Goods; and in order to keep their peace with the printers of the newspapers, deem it necessary to conform to genera! usage—although, \eie they to advertise as often as they receive new hoods, it would be more profitable to the printer 'lian themselve.s—since it is now generally un ' ;r<tood that they are receiving new supplies con- 5!antiy through the sea-son, and at such times as ’I'eir flionds in New York can purchase them on 'lie most favor^able terms. E very week while the Canal continues open, very valuable additions will fce made to their general assortment, of new and seasonable Goods, which syill be sold very low for Cash; and PR O D U C E , of all kinds, at Cash frices, will be received in payment for Goods. WHEAT is Itnown to be a prominent article »ith us, and CASH, a t 68 3-4 cents per bushel, is paid for any quantity at Shirt’s Mills, a.nd for small lots a t their store in this village. CASH win also be paid for PO R K , LARD wd ASHES, in'their season. The following articles are freely received in payment for GOODS, viz— Domestic Flannel Geese Feathers, [Fulled Cloth, Butter & Cheese, [Tow Cloth and Oats, and Bags, White Beans. N. B. Cannot purchase Rye and Corn, because [ >l>ey are principally converted into Whiskey. ifanted, 10 bmh. Dmed Peaches, '•f tlie first quality and pealed. A. U. Mott & Co. Canandaigua, 10th rao. 6, 1824. 27 GOODS. AT THE ; NEW STORE. I^ H E subscriber has received,An addition to his A former supply, an extepsive assortment o f u OQDS .qf every descwptiiim. T o enumerate articles would be tedious, ft js sufficient to state, tiaat ihey^huve been selected efifh tlie utmost care, wiU be sold to his ,custbmers at his usual I '^2^ prices. E V E R T S E N . CaaaiidaiigTfa, Fe&, 1,1825. j0 l t 44tf to inform thoN Country J . taay not be with our mode of doing business, thatweVfe in the constaiit habit o f supplying Stores about the! coun­ try, with small stocks of «GOODS, AND ALSO SUCH STAPLE ARTICLES, as will frequently be necessary to replenish Stocks in the course of a season. Our assortment of GOODS is very general and complete, and we are increasing our supplies o f such goods as are prinej- pally adapted to the Jobbing Business, and shall be cimtinuaily supplied by our Brother, residing in N^vi^York, on the most advantageous terms, which'bhables us,to sell as low as Country Merchants generally can purcliase there, allowing transpo^ation. . . • • . Out terms are C ash or P rod C ce —receiving « J l s h e S r P e r k y W h e a ty S^c. , ' the same as Cash. Those who may find it more convenient, from their situation,to go to Rochesjteit, will find.au equally well selected stock of Goodi, on the same terms, at the Store of Evernghims^ Co.^co-partners with A. U. Mott & Co. Cash paid for AVHEA'Rand ASHES. Canandaigua, 12mo. SI, 1823. 39tf cash for Wheat. r|N HE subscribers will pay the highest price, in Cash, for any quantity of the first quality W HEAT, delivered at Short’s Mills, or at their Store in this Village. A.U. MOTT & Co. Canandaigua, 9 mo. 26, 1824. 36 N. B. Bran and Shorts, for sale at the Mills, as usual, or may be engaged at the Store. NOTICE. of fVm. H. TOlVjsrSEND CO. dissolved on the 10th of February next, as Win. H. Townsend at that time leaves the country; but previous to his departure it be­ comes necessary to close the present concern : therefore it is hoped that those who are indebted will liquidate their accounts without further pro- crasuuation. From that period the business will be conducted under the firm of Feler Townsend, jun. fy Co, Canandaigua, Dec. 22, 1824. S8tf Cash for Flax Seed. FTIHE subscribers will pay the highest price in Cash for any quantity of FLA X SEED, de­ livered at their Store in this village. A. U. Mott & Co. . Canandaigua, 11th mo. 25lh, 1824. 34tf firm FTNHE A will be O 2 <! M > O E4 99 n % ►d M ►d Potash Kettles, AND CLOTHIER’S SCREWS. T IIH E subscriber has now on hand, and will A continue to receive, S T O V E S of ail kinds and sizes; among wbicli are several patterns of various sizes Cooking, Franklin, Hall, Oven and Box Stoves; —Boilers and Pipes to suit purchas­ ers—all of which will be sold very cheap for ready pay. He also continues the manufacture of S T I L L S , B O I L E R S , W O R M S and K E T T L E ^ of all sizes, of Copper, Iron or Tin, at his old stand, opposite J. D. Bemis &. Co's Bookstore. 0^^® Cash paid for old Copper and Pewter. John W. Beals. Canandaigua, August 25, 182,4. 21 PATENT PLOUGHS. \ O TO W N S E N D, J r . &. CO. have just re- 1 • ceived, a superior lot of TVoodSf Brandage’s PA T E N T PLO UG H S , manufactured from the best materials, and warranted superior, in point of strength and durability, to any now in use; and if upon trial, they do not please, they can be return­ ed. They will be sold upon good terms, and a long credit. A supply of extra Points and Land Sides, will be kept constaujly on band. Canandaigua, March 16, 1825. 50tf JVOTICE. r i l H E subscribers, late of the firm o f J ohn A S pe n c e r Co. and H enry W. D eeavan S l C o . of this city, have formed a connection in business, under the firm of CORNING & NORTON. They have taken the store heretofore occupied by John ^ '^here they will keep con­ stantly for sale on the most favorable terms, all kinds of Hardware, Cutlery, S s w J d lc r y ^ Iron, Steel, Nails, Mill Irons, Bolting Cloths, Stoves-, Castings, &c. ERA S T U S CORNING, JO H N T. NORTON. Albany, March 2,1825. 6w50 Q [^The notes and accounts o f the late concern of Henry IF. Delavan ^ Oo. are removed to the store occupied by Corning & Norton, as above, where all -business relating to the said concern To^ B m i g p ^ t s i r p H E subscribers offer for acres o f A excellent LAND, lying e n the St. Clair river, in the county of St. Clair, Territory of Michigan. The above tract is as pleasantly situated as any other in the Territory, and the land is of an excellent quality. The seat of Justice for the county is located upon the said Land, and a Court House and Jail are now building, in a healthful situation, where a town has been laid out upon a liberal scale—the out-lots to which contain from 10 to 100 acres. This site is 12 miles from Fort Gratiot, which is situated at the outlet of Lake Huron, where a Light-House is to be erected in the course of the ensuing summer. The importance of the River St. Clair can be estimated, in a measure, by the fact, that it is the communication which connects Lakes Huron, Michigan and Superior, with Erie and Ontario— and this eommunication lies only 60 miles from Detotit. ^ . ft • ,. In the vicinity of the ^o v e ^ntioped tract, are the Bdll, Pii)e, .andjBlq'ck'^iytr^ all of which empty into the St, Clair, ^hesa rivers are navi­ gable for Rafts and Batte^bx, an^ theinbanks. abound with forests oL excellent Pine/4imber, which is now, and will ahy^ys remain, an article of great value. To the above enumerated advantages, the sub-, scribers would add that which would be derived’ by the settler, from the fisheries in the lieighbof-' hood of the-%bove site.« Tffe \yhite Fish'and Salmon-Trout are taken in abundance in the St. Clair, both of which are of a superior quality. The scenery on the River St. Clair, is justly re­ presented as being more delightful than that which is found any where else Tjetween Lakes Huron and Erie—and the subscribers cannot but hope that the advantages which theyJiave detailed, will attract the attention of emigrants and qthers to that valuable and healthful part of the country. Also —6000 acres of Wood Land, from three to SIX miles from the Capitol, in Detroit—the Turnpike to Pohciac, the contemplated Road to Chicago, and the rout for a Canal, passing through said tract; 119 City Lots', most of them surrounding the Capitol and J a i l ; **. 20 Village Lots in Pontiac, and 20. out lots, containing from S to 20 acres each; Several improved FARMS—one of w^ich, of 240 acres on Grosse Isle, with 50 acres under im­ provement, and farming^tensils, together with the stock, consisting of 2 yoke of 0.xen, 9 Cows, 20 Sheep, 50 Hogs, 12 young Cattle—there is also a good Barn, and a comfortable House on said F arm ; 320 acres of Land near the Ohio river, on Rac­ coon Creek; 1000 do in the state of'Indiana; 640 do. in Missouri; 5000 do. in Illinois; 1280 do, in Arkansas ; 7000 do. in Virginia. (U ^ T h e above property will be given in ex­ change for personal property, or sold on a liberal credit, a small part of the price being paid in ad­ vance. THOMAS PALiVlER, D. a M ’KlNSTRY- Detroit, March 11, 1825. 4ltf TO MERCHANTS. f I ^HE subscriber wouic inform Merchants, that A be has now for sale, GOODS of every des­ cription, recently received, comprising as exten­ sive an assortment as was ever offered in this place, which will be sold at Wholesale at a small advance from the New-York prices, and on the most liberal terms. I. EV E R T S E N . Canandaigua, Feb. 1, 1825. 44tf M E R C H A J V T S LIJYE VoT YveVgVit auA Yassftngers. \ B O .\T belonging to the above line, well fit JT m . ted up for Passengers, and ruouing night and day, with relays of bordeu every 12 miles, will leave Rochester for Albany every morning (Sundays excepted) at 7 o’clock, and every eve­ ning at 8 o’clock, and wiil run through in less than Jive days, or at the rate of 60 miles every 24 hours. First boat will start this week Thursday morn­ ing. N o r t o n , G oodman fc. Co. Rochester T k o t t e b , D ocolas k Co. ? an. D avis k C e n t e r \ S. T hom p s o n k Co. Black Rock. T ow nsend &. C o it , Bujfalo. The above mentioned boats will pass Pal­ myra, every morning and evening at 5 o’clock. Canandaigua, April 4, 1825. Itf A. SLEGHT, T A I X O R , TN F O R M S his friends and the public, that he A has removed to the new Shop adjoining F. k T. Palmer’s store, where he will continue the TAILORING business, in all its variety. He has just returned from New-York, where he ob­ tained the latest fashions for Gentlemen’s wearing ipparel. Military and plain work will be done iccording to o rder; and he Mill cut clothes wlien called upon. His employers may rest assured of his best efforts to please, and he intends to merit a share of patronage. Canandaigua, May 5, 1834. Iy5 Revolutionary and Invalid PENSIONERS, J f E W S T O B E , WHOLESALE & RETAIL. f l l H E subscriber respectfully informs the pub- A He that he has commenced business in the village of Canandaigua, ajid taken the Store for­ merly oejeupted by Messrs; Hale Lyon, near the Ontario Bank—where is now offered for sale, a choice apd well selected ajssortment of Dry Goods, Groceries, Glassware, Crockeify, Hard-Ware, &c &c. fresh |uj)plies, urteklj, Irol ^on Rohras, making the assortment at all times general jand complete, which will be sold at such prices as cannot fail to pjlease, and on the best « f terms. ' . • I. EV E R T S E N Cane^daigua, June 1, 1824. ' 9tf N, B]—Tavern^eepets are particularly invited to ^all ajnj examine the G R O C E R IES afnij examine l NEW STORE. T S nojw opening, at the Store formerly occupied A by W. Cromwell k Cfi. (adjoining the Book­ store,) a new and general| assortment of comprising D R Y ^ GOODS,- GROCERIES, CROCKERY, Hard arid Glass WARE. Also, Iron, Nails, Nail Rods, Lead, kq. k c . k c 05^The above Gqpdsl with almost every other aj'ticle kept in a country ptore, will be sold, whole­ sale or retail, as low as at any other Store in th% oountry. • Canandaigua, IN'ov. Ij, 1824.* _____ 3 Itf (J^^Farmers, Ipok at 1HE subscriber will p|ay Oaskfor the fullewi ortlplAC V17 • 5000’ BuslielS-of Wheat, •. ■? . i f 1 A S 3000 do. 3000 do. 1000 do.' 1,000 lb. . And will purchase the generally, for which of Rye, of Corn, of Flax Seed, of Butter. Produce of the Farmer highest pric^ will at all times he paid, at ths New Store. I. EV E R T S E N . Cajianiaigua, Feb. 1,,1825.** 44tf NEW GOODS. O CHAPIN is now opening a new and exten- sive assortment of M E R C tlA J V D IZ E . consisting of almost every article wanted in the country, which he offers as low as can be pur­ chased in this village. Cafiandatgua, Oct. 26, 1824. 30tf LYMAN HULL, Carriage and Wagon Maker, T > E T U R N S his sincere thanks to bis friends A V and customers for the liberal encouragement he has received in the line of his business, and begs leave to inform them that he will use hb utmost endeatvors to merit a continuance of their favors. As his lumber room is well filled with the best of seajsoned Timber, he is better prepared for any part of the above business than he has ever b^ore been. N . B .^H e has on hand a number o f One and Two Horse WAGONS, which he will sell very cheap for Cash. Canandaigua, May 27, 1824. 8tf A RE respectfully notified that COBB &f A N - l \ . T IS will, at all times, make advances in Dwight. CASH or GOODS, upon pension certificates de-j Samv^l CoU, W E STERN iFire JJttsttratue Com iiani?, IN CANA N DA IG UA . r r i l l l S Company is incorporated with a capital A of Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand Dol­ lars, of which ^1220,000 has been paid in. , Thp Company will Insure against Loss or Dam­ age b]y Fire, on as favorable terms as any similar institqtion in the State. Applications from any part o(f the State, accompanied with a description -of the! property offered for Insurance, will receive prompt attention. ' NAT. W. H O W E L L , President. J s i t ’a V an R e n s s e l a e r , Secretary. D IRECTO R S . mg, their t money cents semi- posited in their hands, and that they will attend j //; Bogert, \ - . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..r. t »,r AdUmS, Joseph Colt, N . W\ Howell, John C- Spencer, Francis Granger, John Greig, Henr^ B. Gibson, to the necessary business of drawin for the moderate compensation of annually, and pay all charges. Canandaigua, Feb, 2,1925. Itf TAJVJVERY, P Q R SA L E . r j l H E subscriber offers for Sale, or to Mnal Rent, that valuable TANNERY, 1 1 9 I t ^ dwelling house and garden attach- J L J U e d , situated in the village of Caledonia, county of Livingston. For terms, apply to John Butterfield, merchant, of Caledonia, or to S. BROW N, Geneseo. Nov. 5, 1824. 32tf Thomas Beals, James D. Bemis, James Wadsworth, Charles H. Carroll, Mathew Brotori,jr Levi Ward,jr. Reuben Sivtft, Wjn. S. De^Zeng, David E. Evans. _______ July 1824 Cash for Flax-Seed. rriH L subscriber will pay the highest price, in cdsh, for Flax-Seed, delivered at his Store at any tijme during the coming winter. GEO. CLARKE. Canandaigua, Nov. 17, 1024. fimSS GROCERIES. r l l H B Subscribers have keep con- A stantly on h ^ d , an exiensiv& fisforloiefit o f the following GooiJi, which they vvill dispose of to dealers in the country and others, on as liberal terms as can be procured in the city o f New- York, viz.— Teas of all descriptions, in chests, half chests, and catty boxes; Wines, a general assortment in pipes, hhds. quarter casks and half or. casks.; Jamaica Spirits and St. Crpix Rum,ini punch­ eons, different brands; j Holland Gin, in pipes, 1st apd 3d proof; 100 hhds. Molasses, superior quality for retail-, log; 10,000 lbs. Loaf and Luipp Sugar, in hhds tierces, boxes and barrels'; • . W hite Havamia^'sugar in boxes; » ^ Coffee, different klinds and qualifies, i p b a ^ and bbls, * % » Fe^fer atidTifi^ehto; ... . . . j Raisins in kegs and Ijpxes; • , Spanish float and Guatimala Indigo; * • . Cassia in mats, mace, cloves and nutmegs, Ginger, currants, citron and almonds; Old Irish whiskey, in puncheons &. demijohns; White brandy, Saliad oil, olives and capers; Rice, London Porter, in quart and pint bottles; Bordeaux claret, jn caijks and bottles; Do. cordials in baskets; German liquor, cases 12 bottles each ; Hamburg Demijohns, 5 glls. Igll. and half gall. Snuff, in bladd’s, velvet corks in bags ; Wrapping paper, chocolate, English mustard, in bottles ; 3 tons patent shot, No. 1 to 9, powder, kc. They also keep constantly on hand, a choice and well selected assortment of Old Wines, Bran­ dy, Spirits,. Gin, Teas, Sugars, Coflee, kc. with V' hich they will supply Public Houses, families and others, at reasonable rates. ELIA S M ATHER k Co. No. 63 State street, Albany. P. S. Country produce received as usual, in­ payment for Goods or on account. Jariuary 11, 1825. Iy42 Canandaigua Hotel. WILLl.AM BLOSSOM , E S P E C T F U L L Y informs his friends and A Y the public, that he has taken the well estab­ lished H O T E L , lately purchased, repaired and enlarged by Isaac Collins, of New-York, and for­ merly kept by Amos Mead, in the village of Canandaigua ; and having kept large establish­ ments in tlie cities of New-York and New-Ifaven, a short time since, flatters himself that he may, by hfs exertions, give general satisfaction to such as may patronize his House. Canandaigua, Dec. \3, 19^4. S7tf Looking Glasses. X U S T received by the subscribers, an elegant t f assortment of LOOKING G lniSSES, par­ ticularly suited' to the country ; together with a great variety qf seasonable D R Y GOODS — which are for sale very low. Our old friends and customers are invited to call and see how cheap Goods are sold at the well assorted store of A. U. Mott & Co. N .B. 1000 bushels of FLAX SEED is want­ ed, for which a very high price in Cash will be paid, if delivered soon. Also, any quantity of W HEAT, at hsS per bushel. A. U. M. k Co, Canandaigua, 12th mo. 28th, 1824. 39tf NOTICE \XTrA N T E D , a faithful, honest and industrious V T Man, to take charge of the grinding qf G rists . If such a man can be found, and wants employ, he can have it by applying at the Ontario Mills, Manchester, Ontario County. W. COLBRATH. February 9, Y825. 46tf Valuable JUills, and Wa­ ter Privileges, In the County of Ontario and State of New-York. TO BiQ SOIiB, npH A T well known stand and M ILLS, three miles east of the Court-House in Canandaigua, on the outlet of the Lake. ' The Grist-Mill con­ tains four runs of Stones, (mostly burr,) of an ex­ cellent quality, with superfine and common Bolts, and is capable of making 15,000 barrels of Flottr for the New-York market in a season, beside a large share of customer’s work. Also, an O IL M ILL, in good order,'and a Shop and Turning Lathe, together with a TA VERN STAND and Buildings, a Miller’s Dwelling House, Shoe Ma­ ker’s House and Shop, Blacksmith’s Shop, and two other Dwelling Houses, convenient foi tami- lies, with good Wells of Water, and Garden^. Also d convenient Dwelling House and Well o f Water and Garden, with a 1-arge Cooper’s Shop, with sufficient room for 18 hands, together withi.a laige quantity of the best Staves and Heading for Flour Barrels, well seasoned. The quantity of land attached to the Mills may be haid off to ac­ commodate them, comprising all the water privi­ leges, which may be much extended beyond the the present works; say 30 or 40 acres—or in case one or more should wish to purchase, it may con­ tain 800 or 900 acres, with the Mills situate near the middle of the tract. The above Mills are situate in the midst of a large and populous settlement, on the great West­ ern Road leading from Albany to Lake Erie, and different roads centering or leading tr the Mills. And in point of durable water, safety in regard to freshets, and every other advantage, is well known to be superior to any in the western country. The great Western Canal is 9 miles north of the mills, to which flour may be carried for 12 1-2 cents per barrel; and a lateral Canal is cdntemplated lead­ ing to the Canandaigua Lake, which will undoubt­ edly run past and near the Mill door. The terms of payment will be made easy, and the title is in­ disputable. Apply to the proprietor, ISR A E L CHAPIN, in Hopewell, in the connty of Ontario, or to JO H N GREIG, Canandaigua. October 25, 1824. JKJ(f ..1 -4*1

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