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Ithaca journal & general advertiser. (Ithaca, County of Tompkins, N.Y.) 182?-1847, March 02, 1847, Image 1

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i ■ ■ '1 S' i r I'l [ ] 'rii: i I t J A J O U ; P P B I , I S H E P B Y ] ; ^ 7 m Xxju.M o| ^ 4 - . Teuth. ^iall spring t E M # g ^ A N C ^ TN 0 R O * J t i a o f tJie ftlen d s p f ' l ^o»?e0ed a t G r o t o p V f i ^ , S a t o r d a j f , j? e u . s u m , ■ |gi?. T h e following P r t o t a b ie &nd^R^sD^atians ^BifiinaDiinoiisly a ^ p t ^ d : I jmssea l i » s » m g to ( t ^ v o t o o of (the city p f N e w Y o r k ex c e p ted ,) th e Cam e. like wor Jg o f pfayer, tl 4 Goday’e Lady’s Book for | obtuaty. MBS. SitRiH 3 o f o n ting i n g L i— e e o ^ o t n a l j e f o s e ! and \ O lf 4 i h a U S ( Srwoo^d liear )rl jjn the. greatcsit. p n \rom ' m titceose; aad PB o f ©ibtcn have for m , . ptiviJege o f n o t u . p e t e a s th e voters o f tijte eoivB totedt by a® o v e fw k e lpjiag inajoi lloelse j a f d w h e teasv Dtmvii!hi ., roWj SLiqeors a r e y e t soltf hy soriae, |n | v io 2 fifaaM law, and a g a i ^ t [the wi^.fted «(f, no T' ifco jnhabitaois o f s a l i t t ^ n : and vybd^eas . £ .^‘endi o f *i’em |jeran(le-% ^^^^ to ^ J B jj^aw eo& p lied w t t|j| a o ^ h a ^ ink plead, rem< ib reaten d d sajid v to l a p r ^ o f tite law , . ftihoaf p rodBoing t h e d e s ired e f f l e l : j ^ fh8:efbrevhe i t Resolved, as f f e dnliy a lterna^ iite teft, t& a ta proseeo tin g coaiffltttde p f 'fifieen leapnpittted, B^bose dntvi iit shalllhejito H h , lyer, th e feeliftg th a t G c d tvoold m ake me knobf u t— -Ttrealingr— Throug h the tip irit?s c le revealing— I W h a t, o f all bis wo rk s below, th e g reates p d i e a ib e said qommitie* J jii» fis®s> i!n case ttiej , I tjolatora of the faw, and have td pa(yjthe e e sis, ti«in there shail be a food raised |>y thq^ vaienta- anhsci^tjohs ®f iiMiiyidaals who shall pay i\ sfOptiMh to the soms so snbswibed*. f RfMaddi f f age to age, drwing traest^e'arliest, l a t e s t ,. T h roogh the world’s long ptlgrim agt« Soon vast indpp taina r o s e before m e. Shaggy, desatale a n d lone, r T h e i r scarred ffcads were threat’niogolter ^ T lm ir dark stladaws,, roqnd me throcjin ; i'h e a a voice, ^ o tn oati the m o y n tains, b e g j v e 11 [)f I mvaii jiid ialtgibfe V iolation o f f h e L a v K ^ o | ijggaid O ^ d tseer o f t h e |*odr wiff Pbt p fejap^ittted, B^bose do ty it shal ticelo th d G v d r s e e r o f i h b P o o r, ^ f e v ^ y k now n vopojiers from X The foilowing,named persons w^rf |theo diep 4 l(das the above named odmmif ie jj I M .. (Jatrv Ghambjers,Chaneey Qriltendlso, Mosefe ^ faa BttW, S i t e N. HalH Reoben Dating,W mi h JlQBhVDaotef WoodhHrry Vold.eb|Stbphen4 IlishaC^ohb, Hampton Halsey, JoshiJi W*aTfieldL [taken HoHister, %'m. ^oddbuty, Y. ft. Beej- s,ahd layman A llen. !' “ _ . i e m i m i * 'PH'- ^Uvanqs Barnqtdj p^-, he thp 'tsaagrer.. , , \ i ; ^ /: A sttbserfprion paper ysras ihep p^jesented to (Sineeting, on wliioh was subsotjiijed on the and wiii probably be inc pased to a j id eommitr A I . A J f Ha|:ry sm ilingly inierroptc^ bis friend by say. Heatbcring or nqt,’ J n d |h e added, *>y:Hh some g. I . p . cbhnck of finding one.’ > As an earlhqhake shook the: grodnd, A n d like the frightened fawns the fountain .Beaplug:, ficd| before [ th e sound }- And the A n a k ioaks bowed lowly, , Q u ivering, laipen-iifee, with fear— W|.jile the deeppapon^e came slowly, n Qr it TO ust h4ye crushed mine ear 1 •Iron .! Iron ! lion gnashing. Like the battie a.’te add sh ieid; O r the svvordpri ham let clashing, T h rough a bloody battle-field a , ‘Iron i Iroii !■ I r p a rolling,’ L ike the,far off cannon’s boo ■ g ihg ifeineetii ^iflh larpi* s u m . W hile the p lsons vio- ijtg'fhd B s d ise L a w , in' said of G ro to n , ; liofopm them th a t i f they vvffl hQiV eBaseTroiin ' l|yiolaiioQ o f t h e Lavv^no a c t i o n ' ) ’ill be had fcphai jhas a lready transpited ;; bo i. f ihey per- !!ir|ait|sj fori h e r viulatioti, th e la w mi St a n d will i!t|A sU o u :rsm '' ' I . fieso/betl. T h a t th e proceediogs p ' th e mee- % k § published in the sev e r a l pt^pers Int the n m A , . j . P . P B N N O Y E i % Prest, f Scfi’y proiem , ®fc and Mer- - ------------------- o - ----- ■ bina iias lars- ef egeclrag a {armai.jeul cure in a tompa.rat.lvWy tfort snare of time. Ttiia coinmoa and <lii} resKOig coin- fWaf dejiei the sfeni of the pti.ysician, and r Mefs the life Aftte patient mijjerabfe. A temedv that chi fin general be aepended iupaa ascertain, h%a long been desjr :d. TWs is a- (sMct) it has failed o f entirely temoving tlje tlfpeasp, havi ejlablfc-hed for it h reputatjpft above all dtlieij medicines.-^ I . ^eaiJvertiBemenjt. _ _ _ ___ ^ ___ J ______ . 1 4 f h M irm h 4f t^e A ^ e .-^K Son' t|f Hev. Me. I Pierpont,ierpont, has!s! beeneen enretinreti o f scrofula,'the:crofula, Worst P ha b e o f s __ ase we ever saW, by the Indian iiiilm e n t and; ■1 I i. dmaalrig.— ^ ffee.v. lungs, etc. mere paUi- It^ a s tirataff diseases o f tbe th| hs^iied.by Vauym’sLithontriptiG.; thipk i jititejiiatasbotiute ca.ndy,;nu pleasant Io»pge. .to tickle i&'fpafatei auA clfeattbe poorsuffeA into a!B; ilief tbat Mere ^ r plums are doing to effecEa enfe.bnfci44P'’’«^®'^*^“d ^ifieienfVemedy, |l8asaat enongtt as a medie: oe, yet not so !reB:plWlttb4c}}iIriknTOUcry f e it, tHobgli if obliged fe s p it vrffl: do U willingTy.; Call upon tfie agents and get ipaUplM. • Seeladvenisemept. JBU r J a L tTA D V efsER ,^ j InttancBldoi Jo ipaidin Advance; $?.qj if Pot paidan. ^A t THE 0. ffi (| s . - $ 1.50 in Advance ; gS'jnO if not paid stone,of power, reel Crusi»ci| thein jback to t [Stern Prt|m e thci|s,houndjn linageiftiian I t m enial W hile iliq vnllurls, on him feeding, ipys’ vengeful reij For this ifiystic Vuica H io til 3 How the |loi\ipui Could lie vvroufeht, tvas then made free O f the eahitly. vPlieo perfected, Rugged: iron f|nn.« the key I T ru th from o u | the earth shall flourish*” Tills the W ort ®f (Jod makes know n,— T h ence are harvi sts iriea to ndurish—■ There let iron s power bashow n . TlicA-i The-u H rror ceage tl Crim e he ehecl As the lillle cora Forces Ipacli lii W h ile o ur faith i i gc M eans o f gret ter' Iron, slave of we L eads the eiiw Still new tnpdes((f service finding. O cean, earth and air it moves, And the distant' i rations bindirig. Like the k tn jrid tie it proves; ■jth its Atlas,al oulder sharing Loads o f buipi .n toil and care ; [On i ts Wrings o f T h o u g h t’s sv^ipi A s the rivers, fdttibest Im the -highest ii s the banyan,,jb O flenest bows So the loflicst nr Channels: tar c f goo , S o the largest he art be >ircling all lh3 hue , by Ir iBtkinswilll) J S f ? _ _ _ _ _ , r r 'wilLLS - f t o J f & f A N p Y i | a - g , i ^ r ^ Ovvego-^treetl p i « , . SkawBillb, I .. IiUbs1sAe.i r T o g ihet vEitb EveryBesetiptiariuf -li,KTT-EIl, -FJRESS F R f r N T I p G ,. ,| ' pndJustiees’ BLANAs} k v p i constantly on ixe|uted iyi& lyeatness a'lid i^patcli, aild ■ ' t i j i M E S C L A :lH m J M E t e C H A S I T T A U t O R , S - T E A l f P f i S .T H -tU f l C T I O S . :aje pifepat^ to administer J foimtiri ^ %vbicl£ JXtdy , __ _______________ _ Sffea: . , I ■ jeo rs ' W iou|dr| M acMlie Shop! 4 l 5 .® t e s 5 :sa : . , ^ S S 3 E - 3 2 i and aU otbers that may beAbsirdd l^fiKbovfe'anklea and all others that may bedbsifbd be pr4l>%: msikinda of FrgdHcP.tfAen|n ’ m 1 ■ay 1 . T h e n the elpudsl o f ancient fable* Cleared away p efore inine eyes ; T ru th coaM tread a footing stable th e g u lf h f m y st Words, the propjiet, bard Stgns, the oraplej'1 Spells, the w iredjditteSybel, muttered; Tiirongh- the I p i i g h t days o f old ,, > Rightly read, belieath th e spfendor*. Shm ing now A ll their kaithfolj A ll portend a :S:sj et, b ards had ottered, leitbreteld* autifully cu armyd the b< Biinkjyou vvill m a t exquisite boldness over oif: thd skihe 0' hfead.} Id i d n fdirthil pvelinesS., there Was a sh hat beaulflfoj mouth, and a touch th a t am id all poihWd her out to Fred five min. ukes afierwardt as she Sat with her heavy curia ihrptvp back;, it okingj no in the> face o f some otie ivlio stood at tife 4rfq o f her chair. ;.r. - • - • - - 4 A those dulck* do mpn heart that SI#'- ng flash,with F r e d ; one of iuhlable kiadljngs of the hn. been explained, and pIMnly: artd r had to fft co'mmand hims npt; bear to spe! afi another timi have never been eXph It Seeded to m e 'a s X saW’ F red’s t, th a tu h k n p w h w a n t had bqen nriknown vacuum in hts spirit, vlftg. I never savv joy, perfect trinied; pn the face of man in my zing out his-spuf,at the fair girf, ill him tw ice before ho cpo|H 'a n d leave the room, t enuM to him as I would have done atianotfier tirnd, a n d there was no vvprd .spoken bdtweert' u s, iVut I returned to the room a .shoit and he, vvas s illing at her side, a noticed if you looked at hiin andSomC, t.iiiJ, Icalurcs in repose vheit lit up by eXciteiiiei o f pain* I : 31 1 hat he was, that he waS! assured of prossessing ail the aflecUons o f tha|% » r girl, and felt Sbal ' - was no longer Jiving T F nothing, thongk fae led iVHh a shaUc,; ‘Uiafclm. was cnofldent that na was r ‘ ----- ../saii,. lovd th a t h! thlicy e y , J e n added J HI M ina w as not capable same wari ' “ ' ' his son! h ad sbfftirties denjianded.''— I engaged, aUffiMina ha • the Tiorth fur the autiiw^,, ‘Hc'tidid m e t h.,. a tk e WaAaafisfied, bu^ J doubt.; T for th< ing now dn history’s, page, tr f w itness r e n d e r - better age. tibic afterward I !‘FreH, as y.o clbsel^ is not I are ioo massive whether by pic: sure or o f pain* I never .Sayv a fahe m|oFo expressive th in his, lli.s lieauViod,' whs the finest liatural hair in the world* was* elT|!aped;ex*ceedli “'f the notice ol |d struck off 1 \1 that have since beco , and his na me was bc] ,:iy'and fj orably. lese to his ready and fluent la.n- ■i.vibus to know the imprce.sioii igbt’s acqttainlanca with Mina I I noticed tliC.in nioro closely unobservCii, than iniglit have isyphus,! forevei toiling* W a s ihp typo i f toiling men, eoilii m an y one after a m onicnt, £ len some o f the sparksj o f :ge- since become so common with ig inning to be used fre- H |ath e r in g , art perhaps, m y st! perhaps, faebn considered St.' For the fi iiageifUian t He tUel vultui W ere t irth again * ,, - ------- d bleeding, ttienlal chain, Ffed lOrifc, soine of hi ‘ tioin was not w( •veil, than inig lit ha v proper by either ftad jthey kobwi st time since our acquaintance-, is uneasy. He struck ofi’one by hisibest dashes, but his convbrsa- cpI Sustained, and it « as vCi-y cv* 0 that I rcy tarri a w h ile.w ' ing d d o ve, inarried Fanth, h ath inarried tuegn of Love! iigged slrcngthland radiant beauty- These were on|E in !na,ture’s plan, Humble Ipil a:hd|headenward T h ese v f nl D arkly v justainud, and it _ ___ j d e h t t4 me t h a t h eifell the disadvaotjago th a t be ' laiored utvder of iBeing b u ta nevv acquaintance, j when s|) many i4 tn d him sccitied cl.ii the hcsl jtcrm.s with his i4wly di.scovCrud d i j n k y . j efturts to retain iHcj^ attciition vvei-e. a t times vuisivel and .die, w ithout a w.i I sWectly turned in’i| modulated, the iy\~ for.ip ihd perfect man ! the .foctrine taught us By the bods o f heathendoin ; But the hfring light w as brought ^hen the gof :l morn bad co'inc ! change e-spected, h.t, w as then jr e ’s foj riU L : e will Labi r reap the spoil,— the s Mil to wildei id by s in builder, furious :lood, good tr 0 longer, ind m arch o f peace ; iridin , ighining bearing , . i oiiasiou through the air. . flowing, liills have birth ; ' I’oadest .growing, its head to earth,— press onward, lod to tra c e ; H ere, a s angel TP&e H s a a i ' ‘Is it not a ha ‘ w f g lend downward, 3 h u m a n race; tid, pursuing i } he efkrth their plans o f Jqvie,'l will are doing, I do above I Thus, by Iron’s it id, purs Through the earth thei Men OUT F ather |s will are doing, and women whether it suits whether it s old mat'd.’ coquetting, a I to be, allowed to b ‘All o f thetn 7' ‘T b e n my idiu as. I ivill show 'Ait:n ‘Certainly, Ni ‘N o thing e.K‘.r life, c u d one, fay: You 1 taw Fred £ ' *Yis.’ fA id his ■wife ‘I did, a splen her e re and lip £ had beeii Schot lege pgpther, , friencsbxp. Wi fi-ienqsi'and n slaughter gory. 3 to break tiio soil| - in its glory, ■ s , ■ious f I ;ood g rows str^onger, n c rease; His were, a't tim e c o n . ;qrd th a t was iioti modplateil, seinntd straiigt.-ly ^SheHyas cv>}|:(]n!l!y scarcely at the a.ge. o f ;wor|auhpo()| ^ifd I liioughf, it itrangu that so ' mocli Icif.possijssibn shouiiJ be soisobu acquired, 11 i^pokej o f iier ihe cvcriiug to iimru than niy acquaintances, and f |u q d u n c char- f her, tl| ait she was proud. Very proud,.i not w* ilthy, and cold qs jj.n icieie.^- y but o|ie spoke o f her b p t with a In u t : • first sel.son bad commcn(|ed with most I ikeable ( oqiietry, and ray own obserya- :: nfirm ed'the idea, that shq was one of io it exquis te marble .statues in txistenei.-, ,)oW as im iracticablo as the marblu iitseli\ laiffieling. | | r pi|k-d: Fri d as I knew hi.s escitable ternper- ritnt j a n d the probatiility that be would .jionr out his-affeclions like waiCF, where tjlu y would bodakek up by ihe sands o f the dcsilirt, a iid-rio: fertile spot left l y them . ’ j, er almost every i lay, for I could nod rally him on jthatf subjeef and be scerricci to keep ajvay from ft} studigu ily. Oft his returni bovvqvcr, ’ a week after his first meeting, fur the fir.st tim e of ber.^ It him. But hi! the ofd repeo coc|uetr|% and light as dd Jfur ralln d ich sl-e i,nad:e a reply of daijn, tltat had settled bis forever.} to the priise of the glorious beauty pednedW F red’s hand, and given to the wnrii ill puchla manru t th a t many understood them. Y^f» mkVo r\(“ Kf»i* fVin' inftnt I’tb -.Ii, PrCiil tbe Ladies’ Magazine. TBCeart!.— by henry MoRtoRB. :d ease, H a rry ?’ ^ .._ . N e d ? ’ I ‘This one arbi rary law o f society, tihat men have the priVHega of .selecting a parinejr %• life,, an d wom en mu: it lake up w ith a chance ofier, bear the nam e o f ur abstract speculations, Ned—. y and so forth—'how m any \vo. I vouTd give up the priyilege of lepling or rejeeting at pleasure, loose and'propose thetjisqlves V of fCmMe delicacy is in error, that; womi iSeqtiqris, grdwn to bt be worked the anu whom he i be:juty filial ill si vow y P lha w d o have their ways it is 7’ ‘N 3, delicate : vomen have not.’ you not suppose ( af signifying t h e i r : r, slutll 1 tell you i . is the story firsi:'r; r; ite ?’ lordinary—a story of eyeiyda brreststill m first ite ?* ;ory o f evei y day not second h^ii led.— m y c iinpariy, j ti ink V ' lid specimen of wotnan-kind i f ,vere anything;’ le tests o f the heart, 'full, y e t ney.er g e t at the story. Fred and ' and when we left eol. ifw.ards kept up an old vvere, in short, confidenliai lends, ■ and some five years ago when we did up Ol r first fashionable frolicking together as ' things %ve did not tell vedding, in — ^— i-st., one e ig h t in February, 18— . th a t Fred and, I fou;nJ a new visiori, o f joveliness. W o came i|aftef the ceremony was about corathencing, w as not till a t the concitision o f the cer- th e crowd in tlie m arriage room began rse a little, th a t either o f usihad much oity o f observing the faces in th e rooms. A n d i w ere taking our ciirsofy first exarai, |ij.of allpjersoDS ipcesedt before entering tr rsatiop w ilh Any» a n d he as|tod' me in late,I t( 3 3 W d rersatioji w ilh Any? an J h e as}tod'm ein a. sting toSae to point him out |the belle of ;nin.g, ',t ran qvy eye over the|ming]ed as- ly of pretty an d i^ a itt faces forjBotne time, his on the point o f remarking- th a t there was he s triking face | in \.the com p a iy, when I caughi an accidentaliglance o f a cloud o f dark r i n g l ^ half h idden from the lam p -jights in the shade >f a window. 1 moved a s^ep forward and a: :W the face* and truly it is hut seldom st^fatr a glance from the upper bgaven is ive tried njiany a tim e since then to fona ds the description of th a t exquisite face, lever couid <|p i t ^ t Can op ly tell .yo«». le o f .those fipcly chisselled faces th a t m n d o f old in the Greece o f song* had ^ s t r e e t th a t n ight.— latjy loveljy vvOmen before and fitry and] in foreiga lands—httt^I have ji'ever secn|her equal.' ^ r - 1 '- 1 i^poke I Oti|u o f m thfangh Sdarce un’inisl tioins c: the mi hut abi for I ip pated, ted, 1 bitter isness of ^ noias I bac antici a a lover’s riiap.- T q eard, hni some bitter com p lainings 1 hag made an in p ression aan|could hs ve done, and that, rtli cnpld be so dea |l tbqught 11 new Fred F irre.st \vell sh( bet thd north, bii platin g litn wTijh°hk d! that Sr\\ m o r in erf- position aftd . w—wwvy w* finding .. f it, Harry* though I am not so m anv other influenced among tvhieh gold ivsiS lould not have been, but for orte ronspicnOus, M i n i K e'athormg was to be'the Jife of Fred Forrest, | niusi confess that' I doubted this, and had ntahy fears th a t iilie had, been practising on tlre|rehiains of Fred’s heart «f F ledged to trhtlij to I T H A C A , M ib e r t y , a n d laW , Wo f e v o r a lvaya u a .a i i d .iib fe*ir a lu io a w e . » : R ] > N i i ; 3 H A Y f h l w c d v * ' scraps instead I ‘Mot a 'bit ( slire that I sliould Hot have been, b u t for orte chardhtefist'C of that fRce; THh j,ip WAS co m , beautifully cu and with fullneshcnongli to have ’ ' - art of aRtoic, but coidi T do Hot iinderstaind mp, f can scarce tell b q t 1 k now th a t am had( ^ ...m th of ie [ina h ad left q g a in is poems, wrtt'nit tifter his engage, lyjd hojv much |he yearned after a , .‘H e 'todm e L ed J t ,f p r T kiievy F''cdJ^hiT.est too'well to be­ lieve that he could be;happy in possessing Cvoti all the afleefions of a cold-hearted Woptan, ]and I sqw aocideniqlly ahl')hg ;some manuscript papers Of his poems, vvrlt'nii, efter his engage. mqiit,.lhat told hojv jdedper heart. ; . ., ’ Poorn-1 should s^yhap^' bfiHlani talents and flnh;: haturo, he had becn.|lwico misled in his estiinali gfy well, and vvouldhave attra:.ot.'- of vvoinan. But l! am getting ahead'4f'n*j He story, toe rest of which,'by tin way, I nevei knew ti|i after their marrh'se, ytoen Fred tolc nie the whole, and M ioaqjncd ts truliiv ; I ‘Arid )iow Fred fouhdhut t piijl tell you,— Sortie jveeks after Mina’f north, tyhen Fred first Ut^di riage,) J i r s , of revealing daughter had tliat; up tl knew, l^ut no coni fon jveeks after Mina’s dej arturo When Fred first madd k nq J n his .............. ’di ' (byT>e way It id the ly !j.iem|jer of theh familyamily wh® f s p riage,) M rs, H eatlieringftihk thq engagernent to her moih ^ \ t e f ‘ f a thering fop t . ^ 3o.mc tom ^ n ghter had left uhtoldi;.- Mrs- He? up to thiit lime propriety would not allqw to r( veal to ljeHahgfith>’s joyer all that qhc ig t k lb(| responsihility-: would n o t allow ialmcnt betweeu theni from A h a t tiipe ; led'her to tjle v^p- ' now, H a rry, here t|ie\ m iracle. Jlfii|a ing had loved Ff6d ^*Ql■tost abpvOiat|j J earth from the cVCping she first rael , Would of her o t|h .accord have gOt|< the grave b e f o r r -------- * ------------- --- - ' \‘A n d IluatiiCf thing o down tq it under any circumstance ter niartiagc she:wbuld..ivavc confessed a{I t bin), IS jo this day a doHl}t (o nie, hut she dl h:e found it revealed vvithput her, thoog scrif^ c f lender reproacln and dfd ih u g b tof her— the,,se«t' it was reported that ije^ : adddd thehe thirdhi oiie aifi-. is engaged to anoUierj a t t c lus S,rst visit, when she kneCv his heart t Mina IJeathe ring hnn that no obi it lat, had / heard' the same as mjne, ories of her coldneSa than-all, he told that on •he was leaving the ball, he U” LiJU uo his devoted attention ly o inipatii-Mcc and his high priili! and .strci,,^. icter w o u h , lead him to cast off 'any| To­ ns o f adinirit On, and tc be as indignant col'd'’to her il any pnd cf ufd wish. BW it wad not so, in Tfis realm of fancy, fpr spine tWb p rlth ree t i n e s during the year that folLw.' ed,|I-qa|v lh £ pr iise o f the gtorious beauty qbly ngs towards enoblgli p g t i of th a t many m her for' fiir| some tim e, ? ml that rumors were aflpa 'oiald dpt come back again, th a f .siie a i\v n o m ire o f knew that she was absentajt te tim e, E nd th a t rumors were luld d p t com e back again , t h a t sh ijight by I • rich and Itigh-miuded mai rth, and paspas engageangaged too bee iiiarrietnarriei iriontns, El or] did i the nqrili, iiivested i q t b i 1 it tjvas so, as 1 saW no o r Fred’s infatuation, She ision floWer, around vvl i loujs threads o f fail' vitlf every gra . , 4 - ----- ----- -- lot of woman.. the ruiqor o f hi r engagem ent did not ebar.t Ijiin, it only ciianged (o a more me ‘^hj^y^tpne, thos 1 fanciful musings pii lii.s li 1 }dev( •ewarp, but found; its pleasure,in iti iq b ,ck again, not married, . Is til It she had ever', -- I k lew ihc: iniiuiaGy betweei d s not renew e i, allhou jdim df fancy. This wa ^ ever iiiore surprised my iiiejthan I was to .see in a new spaper|0f day, some lines of Fred’s, vvrilien in a t|ont __ pa|stonale devotion to a woman, but nolilo her, ? U v | a r — article thiat jold; y things in the article th a t V fianie, and I could H dc eo on nfissed, |tssed,_tm ;t Ihongh his admira M toa I|eath c n o g was not changed, yet. ■ ovh,d another, and one that he believed r hisl affeption. Ijsaw tlie -econri idol. Jr :f Ot [eyes as he to ■ ■ a warm Mina°K od.eavored solve, and told 1: im th a t hi for ^himself a sei ;ond blow firsi. Eli dorie so|hi from deal!h no tbo iai by sj: ea| pri e a rth to iodgh my heart partng for hims *He Visited h( ' U S m ur; with sp^ke d f her ;b e ^ n V siting h|r< when I » to^ iye b one o f his'’letter®:...... to find out whet: tor there. w a J a heart ickest e, it..brown was tall at delicately the iiicilior cojigratulatin g m n on his return to H J i!ia;t lliongh his adraii ~ ' ;ed, ye elieved reltUr idol, Jnfl trqlv T f he . , jpnp idol, alnh tr no tr ice of the coldness th a t i polled ^ J beauty. N o t half so beautiifi I, but h a soul in ei ery feature, I thoughi 1 1 fast t F r |d ’s h e a r . b ad found its home, f saw no rnor j 6f her, and b u tiittle o ’ him . bhtti h^arU of .tl lein as supposed to be ert raged, and Fred’s pass onate breathing in the noCliC iin f convinced n e that his heart was-at w ork. n the winlei o f th a t year Fred follavved |hcr the w e s ,, and in tiireu weeks fo urned id fiream dispelled forever. I met 3r he came back, and I mev- nged. He told me 1 m sto. hat he found her engagetl tp a had given up bis last drqarn of was a strange look of paiq in 'd me, th a t h aving been,conVi itce bad no truth in it,, he vy whether a cold face was n er side, and m eant to tliscov eathering had not a heart, to dissuade him from his i im th a t be was only laying up ipnd blow ycl, deeper than the silenced me, own I could lakiug. I t ' 0 love m e ! ’ bled for tbo • immediatclj f decided opj ird of him as| ospCct o f Stic] me, but some |m i , _ I w a fabsent be w rote Evouid have lav^ saved him vsjas—‘M ed, there’s I said no more* [ain ho was pre- from the begin. Dsition from her h e r declared lovt ;s.s. H e seldom m onths a fter ho r his sake— one a fter sl|, it know even that he thi and duruig the lime that ! w as fiiignged to another J -ahi ter :lu$ fiirsl visi iitUe in pompatisow. , . ‘I t is not necessary- fpRTP; IS n o j cfoud between the ■ St and! Mina Heathprii I saw hi'r bt held I for liimf bWdeti asYt was, had beqn long ant} true, foiMlhe fiilUip and proud eye lijtd lost their sliade of coldness, and she vvas vvhat you saw her at her husband’s side, llappy^ pred, twice disappointed, but happy at l a s t ” ' T h e speaker ceased, and for a mom ent bis friend was sile n t ; then he said, ‘But* jNed, was she not out of her place in nearly qaerifioing her own happiness to her pride, ?’ | ‘llarry|, under the present; state of convention, al society, ask yourself whether a proud woman could do]olherwise, or whether you would w lier to.’ , Harry Replied, promptly. ‘Isayjjes.’ ‘I .say IIo.’ ‘VVclI, ive shall never agre Blai’tiu Jijran® : asiti' t iie M on ic o f S t. Antjio- jny.—BY n. VV, t,OSBFKU,OvV. In timeB oi' old, there lived in the city o f Rou cu a fradesinati named M artin F ranc, w-li.o, by icijw n ; and, a series o f m isfortunes, had been reduced from M artin Fran opulence io povei ty. B u t povcjrty which gener. ally uiaktjs men luiinblo and ,laborious* only to ,m a k e him proud and lazy ; and in ■tionl as lie grew poorer and poorer* he lazier. He contriv loader and 1 pruporl grew also prouder a tiovvi vcr, to live along from day to day, by now and then paw n ing a silken robe of his wife, or selhng a silver spoon, or some other trifle savei from the V toc . | o f his better foritune; Emd pass ed his tim i picasanfly enough 5h loiterin'/ aboi the m a rke, place, and w alking pp and down tlie sunny, |Sidc, o f the street. T h e fair Matjguer.ite*ttiguerite* hisis wlfo, .tliTougU tn ,and her v) h w u e* wu 'hole city for her beat ■tup,., ,Shp was a brunette.yvith; t 1 C, the w h itest teeth,, and the fipi ch-ek in all Normandy ; her figUi [1 stately, her hands and feet most noulded, and her swimming g a it like ^ o f a svvan. In happier days she had the gplight of the ricliesi tradesm a n in the and tlie en vy of the fairest dames, he friopds o f jMfartin Franc, like the friends lany a ruined mart before and since, desert- pd him in ijhe day of adversity. O f all that had eaten his dliuners, and drunk bis wine, and flat, lered his Jife, noflesQught ih e riarrovv alley apd hunib e dwelling of the .br.qken tradesm an sa|Ve the latest pews and gossip.of the cilty, sides was the only visitor—in fi.ne, for the w a n t o f a bettor, lie was considered-in thp light of .a friend, , . n these c o n s tant -eissiduilljs, Fripr G u i had s secret artin Frpne .nssipiTOjes, i? rtpr O u i had if whfoWAbO|Simpl6 hear^ of entirely U;hsuspioious. The Wever. soon discovered ybut she persevered -in m isconstruing the friar’s intentions, and m dex­ terously lurping aside any expressions o f gat- Jantry tW t Fell from his lips. In this way F ri- ar G ui wa^ for a long time kept a t Bay ; a n d , M artin Fraffo preserved in ihe day of poverty; and distress that cbnsolalion p f ail this world’s i afflictions—ra frtqnd, ” ' \ inqpa. But, finlaUy, things came * tnyt the hone.st tradesm an opei id wandered he had been asleep f ih ^ t lie was ‘trying in- to such a pass, ed his eyes,,and . long- W hereupon hVwas irrev.erent enoughTo thrust F riar G ui into ftp3 street by the shotil- M e a n ^ b ile the times gfovy worse and worse. One family relic followed an'htber—the last silk, en robe w:as pawned, the las|^sflvcr spoon sold ; until a t length poor M artin J;ranq was forced to ‘drag the devil by the tail.’ :ini otb^^vvords, beg. gary s la te d him full in the face.- R o t the fair M arguerite did pot even ithen despair.V lu those days a belieif in the immediate guardianship of lilts saints was nioch more strong and preVaje.nt than in these lewd and degenerate times ;.and,as there seemed n,u great probability of impfovihg their condition by any lucky change w h ic h c o ’av bo brought about by mere human agency, .she- determined to try w h a t could be done by inter, cession with the patron saint of her husband,—; Accordingly she repaired one evening to the abbey of S t. A n thony, to placc d votive canffle and offer her pfayef at -the altar* w h ieh-stW in iho little chapel dedicated to S.t, M a rtin, It was already sunset when she reached the church, and. the evening service of the Virgin: had commenced. A cloud o f incense floated before the altar of tjiie M adonna, and the organ; ro lled its deep m e lody alo n g Itie d im a r c h e s o f the church,' M arguerite miugled with, the kneel- O R I G I N A L N E D - 4 a ; aili 'i R'il 1 ; a liPi i ' i ' -

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