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Ithaca journal & general advertiser. (Ithaca, County of Tompkins, N.Y.) 182?-1847, February 03, 1847, Image 1

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'] i -7 f \■I - $ . C 5 4 : , v ^ N B € 5 g P B L r S H E D B ^ ] ' Miuaied on Aurora Jit. s o u m o f near 0 0 J fe0 StOTil 0 !ridge, | C T t o f f i ¥ b r . S S S S £ s^ow in foil opejaaoi). anaitlj fcs. iflery hereforepjfepa- »est KilaaDer, allor- 0f the following and tha uuderslgn? * f e S i ’* K « S O F ' I B O l i ; J^ B A S S . (SeatiBg forB aslei, OiK S a w a n d ^ o n iin g Slillsf also fbt iPfaftCas,wheels^witli: ‘ et withooi'^es, Steain®!nginB»of a®” relq^airea power, 5^ur- - w tallies for wood orlrofi.ThresltW Sfachliiesand Horse WSf Plaster jGraefe.ers, Bark Sfulf Mill Screws, Press ;Mi, Plougl( Castings,, Sash Weigjits, Eoller^ lb# Sliding Also,raan«faetored andkeiit constaritly on band; O IJ3 t l M p A N n i H ^ Read at. tbe N. t . Society’s ipistival at N. | f ., Pee, 22 , 1846 , by A . C . S poonee , ’T w a s in rny easy chair at home, Afiout a jvveek ago, I sat and pbffed m y light sejgar M usual, y o u m u st kiiowj, i mused upon the Pilgrim flock, Whose luck it was to land , Upofe almost the only rock ^^hiong the Plymouth gaiifl. In my mind’s eye, I saw them leay© X | e i r w e a ther-beaten b a r k ^ Beilbye them spread the wintry wilds, Behind roiled ocean dark. western pot havi cmployri Jfor years ;ber into ilhesocietv ;Bons, and h in d th( iban ord Works of lyi' From Godey’s Bo# hook. Elaixagtrtg SI B l«o* BY T. 8. A®TECK. I Not idnjr since there arrived, id • western tiijiage, a yo.mg lady been tbroi Fledged |but to_ tenth, ,te liften i T H a | ! A . w B 0 X 1 s ; n A Y , j | e ; b ^ fqsion, I{a w isfaed the youug lady %V0 disti ftt t a thousand niiles. There were a;ha i f dozed per­ sons present, and all were sUent h>|enefs of what was passing. For an hoar di 1 mips Oi a y rtaia contitiue her attacks upon the Toefor—tl ey who, i coi eiit, had spent nei in reading. ^ Cite i y.., Jaty 1,1846- , ’ ............. ;35 4 l the Sign, q f the PadlocLW o . 46 Owego s t r ^ t & m n y ^ a f i t f t i . f e C a f a e r ’s. ! aitd forks, carvers jrjd btitchefa steejs fumldsibalt screws,&c lissfeaed sizes. A bo a good kssortof ntpf Cabinet Ware ^poaef! bactSt we&, keiUiolA 3; out and, mill Sav is, k n fc ! and Alone that little handful stood liShile savage foes lurked nigh, T h e ir creed and watchword, ‘Trust in Gud, And keep: your powder dry,’ im a g ination^ pencil then i That first stern winter painted,. _ 1 W h en more than halftheir number died| Apd stoutest spirits isfaiate^^* ; A tear unhidden filled one eye, ; jViy ^ o k e fe d filled fhe other ; | One sees strange sights at such a time i Wjhich quite the senses bother. ' t knew I was alone-r^but jo ! (G et him who dares, deride m e ;) I looked and drawing up a chair, l)ow n sat a man beside me. Mis ^fess was ancient. and his air Was: somevvhat strange and foreign ; H e civilly returned m y stare. Arid said, ‘I’m Richard W arren ! ■ Yeii’i find m y name ai|nong the list j O f| hero, sage and martyr, i W h ofin the -^ y f lo w e r ’s cabin, signed t. Citciimsiauces li ’of inielijigent c!as$es of per. I tile con verso liona of ihestj gave her habit o f thinliing on subjects of mort nnary interest-and induced her to reac a philosopbicat character. Kapt, Car lyle, Deferando, Goethe, Schiller, ha-d become her Vavni ite authors, and she read iheni until she had (|uotations enongh qn her tongue’s end 'to frighUn away half the tnen who approached I Miss rhoehe Gray (that vvas the lady;s ijanjej*: Las considered even at honje a decided blue.-^ y fehe had early in life, so she said, been disap- pointed i i love, and from that time had felt no more o f the tender passion. Why she removed io the W( si was never clearly undprstobd. fepme ^vere so nalicipua as to hint that marriageable young m !ti were more plenty in th a tregion .~ But this, make bold to question, although some yhb kneir her hetter, seriously averred that she had no ol her motive for going W est, f Be this as it may, the advent of Miss Gray i^nto F l o ‘aville rreaied ,a good deal of sensa­ tion. Tire young man were at first very alteii. five to her,and warm in their praise of her beau. |ty and it tellrgeiice, whilst the ladies looked at rber aska rce, and could not he induced to say r : rber aska rce, and could anv thing in her favor. ‘She Iks like a book,,’ short lime does she 1 1 is frienl i .fter her arrival. ■Or rather like ten hooks;’ replieij t;h( ‘She: Hsef me rigltl tip to tir>thi..g in with her Kant, and Carlyle, and what lall it ? r- Giiirr ?’ Wes, I t a t ’s it.’ •And t le mischief knows, w h it all The fact the ease is. I ca’ n’t stand h r.’ •Nor I liihcr. She iiiakes nic f el as small, as I. seed potato ’ I •Doyo t tliink site knows what g«6d manners ‘She u lefore 11 tW • augurs. Hpiiow augura. r m shoe a. d^Btoad-aartowsihaBal Axes ; sizes, hatchet ItJ ^ - K P J E L P I l i G h l k l C h M S -ciatheS Iwes and sidklt c|rdi J i^otiAiRna *e«Je* anf .gtindstope roilexa. Win^Wi^tasskbksaRb:; tpeflUna- rotw-der, i e'first N e w Englauid ebarter, I c(i)ijE|rZ some curious facts impart— • Pefbaps some wise suggestions— Bu( then, I’m bent on .seeing sights, And running o ’er with questions.’ ‘As|k on,’ said I, ‘i ’ll do m y best T o give you infbrmatiGn, i’‘ieth e r o f privatje raejn y ou ask, Or our fenowndd nation,’ Saysi.be, ‘F i r s t tellj m e Iwhat i s - t h a t : In yon Gompat’tment, narrow, W Mch seem s to dry rpy eyeballs up |tnid scorph: m y ^ v e r y marrow,’ I is dirt last night, eompany she said—‘You ’ve lead jDv('erandio, of course.?’ and then coolly ailed fer tne to confess toy ignorance.’ • b i d y m d o i t ? ’ ' *I had never heard o f Degerando. j'Wiiat could ‘You c jiild have pretended to. be very fainiliair,; vilij hijr.’ ‘Iliimi h ! and been made to expose ince slil further, for she Would hav he ne.xt ireatli if I rcinemhered this i . I; as she ever served you so ?’ ‘Not tout hot pear to k „ 4ved kinds, with of v ithok Furniture, att- I ; ' m '!. b vv a M S . 1 0 M M , is, Upon n iy sojul 1’ I tiy n took, .up a bjit o f 'stick, > | b n e end as black as. night, i And [rubbed it quick across the hearth, • Y¥hen lo, a suddet lig h t ! M y guest drew back uprolled his eyesj [And strove |Bis bre ath to catch-— ' necE6Ec|anc]y’s that,’ hC: cried;— | Quofii I , ‘A; Tffufi >u T p o h a p i p e j u s t <f>ve rTicad, - — — - -l:• - ; 1 turned a little sc •CSV, W h en forth with inslantaneousi'flash, T h r e e streams o f 1 ightiiing fljew. h whicli iKantcan :! l -F' ^-S A M J F ^ G T flL Y ^ 7\ \ '-r ^ 7\^ t itiiey w< ^■STEllET, 1THAC j ., Uprose m y gu e s t; ‘IS ow Meavt n m e saye,’ )l»y Miss ■ I \I :d i , . # r.[|orSW-B3 sFftiteesiind' nfeW at :p.tte i. . ..j pw ah4_tm-stovc Uoiliers and tjia-kej tie a; extohqm'^.watd, » E R , T I N : & I h ?JR0N W o R K , ' .... ■ *\ . ....... i! & s s a Aloud he shouted, then ‘Istb a t h e llfia iel^ iT isg a s ; ’ -‘W e call itbydirogen.’ , T h e n forth into the f elds j w e strolled. lA train eanae thundering by, D r a # n by the'snorting iron .steed, j^wifter thaU eagles fiy. Rumbled the wheels,, the whistle shriel ; • F-jar steeampd the smoky c Ephped tfie hiljs, 'the| valleys sfipok, - T h e .fiyingi forest bowed, . . . . j Mown upon his Aneep, with hands upraised : Ip wors|iipi) Warnen f e l l ; , | ‘firrhat is the 3Lmd our God,’ cried he, 1 ' ■‘M e doeth altthings well. ; I ‘I’ve seen his chariots o f I f Ij'he horsemen, too, thereof; ! q , may'’I ne’er forget his ire, ' I N o r at his' threatnmgs seotf.? } d ahy reghTaif ;deal0r. PktBftilsilrs Will fin^ . M e r i t s , f J r f e ( iy-iottraentof' _ ■or ii|rtt .i^PA^^^iwegp-Bt. That was no chariot o f the sky, * ‘Twas the N e w Ydrk m a il train.’ I' stood w i& in a c lamber small— Men camd the news to k n o w ,'' [York, From W orcester, S d in g field and I'lew ] T e x a s and M exico, It came— it went— silent and Sure— Me stared, smiled^ burst but laughii i g ; ‘W h a tw itchcraft’s th itF ‘it’s jsvhat wq calj I , Magnetic tel egrapt ing; ’ . rf,c r O u c e m o r e > e ; stepped into thte street M Said W at ren,, ‘W1 latt iss fcat ijmiUm Cdatrin||, F i IxeMeC- ^aid W m r en ‘VYha i Wriiich movps along acrossf this' way A s softly |as a cat ? 1 mean the |bjing upon two legs, . W ith featfiers on its herd-^-- A monstropk hump below' itsnfeist, ; Large asj a feath|er‘ bed. | ' it. h a s tW g if t o f sp e e c h , I/tear,.* ' 1 ' B u t sure it can’l be hunjan ?’ I ‘M y an liabl ? ftiendv eaid l i ! ‘ThEt’s yh a t we (|all a iforaan.’ [ ‘Eterni il ppyvers! it [cannot h e ,’ ' ' Sighed h.p with a.ypice ^hat faltered ; ‘I loved the w o m en i n n ly i day, . I [ But, o h i'th e y ’retetrar ik said a young ma:n to i speaking of Miss Gray a sin ‘Id*’ n t k n o w . Why ?’ ‘She u ade me feel as cheap a :y and a host of othei ancient. 1 have, somethii were dangefosly ill, she rt\\-* highly of me were I to spend vvjiat et froiH my niarty prufessionaj enga r‘epiei reading about and study her dlsea|e insi poring aver favorite aulhors.’ 'No doubt o f that in the world. you jnted punishing her !’ •| can’t tell y e t ; but IMI stydy o thud, depend upeti it. I’ll neitef fi. five her,’ As Dr. Philips,who wasparticula ook this ni.atter a good deal to njoyed the thing niueii niore have done, and atiiibyed him hy e< sion.s to it. His usual ansvver v would ‘•return the favor one of thei intere.mk Only a few weeks elapsed before liruvvw into company with M lsyG :e:rl,y as a spider watches a fly did t ly watch for her victiin, and poem wjllli alnio.si as hearty a good \v wpo had themselves been Victimi? around, and other meinbt rs of a party swelled the circle aud bccan ‘There is no sport here,’ said one panion, asite saw the aspect of al Gray Itus caught anothof vict rii. ips. Poor fetlow ! I pity liim. hoar what is going on. And they tnoVed up and helped ‘Not y -'t,’ ‘Look; lot, then. I ’ve seen her ,hree, and Worry their lives half ot ‘Perbaps| they were narlicularly green.’ my ignOr. ? asked in r that pas- irner two or ,nnd that ^ittle 1 T h isi that soot 'S fe ^ k l d iphysictaps |viilage, ’callirig -yludy at [for read; ^loctors la ps| Iheti n ijfe sn than you or I. One was young le lawyer, who knotes a good deal a- k |. Kite eximsi-d him eruclly. He hlly mortified, Ha tried hi.s best to ap- xaw a/I about the authors whose names B' introduced, but she undersloDd kri Ik I tint l\o r£> i n hoar whal bey /novi itie nurnher ojf lihu-ners. b*\ a little dii Dr. Philipsjhad fdl other afladk with weaj as those which Had hi fore the lady ha| aifticular Ihernes.’^t^ ’Since I had the pi. have enjoyed a rich’'i«tellectoa| it vi as all sh e ' intfodui sham, and stripped it tin hare in no tim e.’ but a specimen of the conversation became curre'nt among iliB young men Hie, by whom Miss Plicebc Gray came Id in fear. There Were three young,- and as many young lawyers in the lesidfs a score of ycung men who weri ■ storekeepers In liis profession o ■acH o f these had enough to think oi out, iarid o f course had little or nh time, ng or tcansceiidental philosophy. Irr lavvjycrs were thoroughly read, and the Its fti) d ic ine; and the stforckeepers and ibly w.eli versed, in- thu''princh [sphere t 'Miss G,t lore of attaint quenci Aii they liad; devoted tlieniselves. But for philosophy and Carlyleisins tiiey had and always looked a tittle blank when iced, as they invariably were retly enjoyed the annoy- ’C; e introdm Sra.v, who occasioned. ^ feet on the mind of ?>liss'Gray ' pposed. Before she came h? xd a very good opinion of hkn^lf; 1 opinion , since her lesidenc'e tliere oP'? tliiS, had increased i self , Ik i f c [might b( < ville,. sit: this goo llTe.fmt aimu.nd i Iverv elil , ^ imafler 1 ow pre [theilawt er might b< jestimab e in Iterself superior yr. In faet..slie looked dow.i e o f Floi was as idenc'p tliere oP'i^ cons'derabi Upon the itter lipw skillfully the doctor ntanaged lit and dangerous case o f tllnes.s—no irofoundly versed in legal science IlOW le—liQ .matter, in fact, icfer and pseful in liis s character an< _ ie individual who.- came in combat with ay, he was an oh -horoughly versed nodern authorshio. ill whose self-estimation is haded uj I not used for the public good. Mi lered herself o f ten limes t :hat really appertained to lief, r tbiCbiCdwellers dwellers in Florayt%ilorayt^c^wa Aition r t in F physicii n o f quiet habits and retiring named, ’hillips. He was ambitious c siona! distinction, and therefore a hard neither gayer c - o f the 3 rived in an intri lusion.« tendljig Bonage any wi h in that b< this meaSur snperio They priv.aie witllORU t \ \y n I n ,t{ Don’t irfec ly ’s t f i^i t * u rary and miscella) time nor taste. aqeous readirgihe He went ipto pot a young S impany Easionally. and then kept alool] Irom the rcle“. His reputation wa's that o f a intelligenfee fnd a dose thinker. Most oung ladies flddliim in a kind o f awe. months froiH the time Miss Gray ar. Floravtlle trapsed before she obtained duction to D nrtor Pillips. Frequent al­ to him were made In her presence, all to give her an idea that be was a per- of higher i tlellectual character than whom it h |id been her fortune to meCt pntghled si etion of the country. Ail ade her an.xi ?us for an opportunity to e sworrte wipJi him,, and .show him li rity. Such an op loMunity finally an op loMunity finally Were thrownflOicUHT one evening in a to winch Hr. Philips intinue her attacks upon tuo t oetor-—t mid he called nothing else--mubh kfter this pletely discomfiting hin! dfery tit t away he was in a fos ^ o f exei lent, and avowed that he would i a dome w ay “puniali the ill-nalured and ill.maoi Ctd girl.’’ ‘Miss Gray was toO much for yoi I I^sfc Oq HpCtor,’ femadtod a friend who lu d tyilneE the w:holg scene, on ineeting hini tl e [next diy, ‘I Ijardly-think she vvas polite.’ ^ , i T d lite? No—sbewasdoWnrtgn }i|.TOann?r- (.1 I f that is a specimen o f easteri i ^qddbrejd- g, save me from it, I say. But 1’. 1 pphish hp hussy, sec i f I dort’t.’ . i -' 7 - ; . ‘Hush, Dpcior, don’t call her iard haR e?. T h a t ishot western good breeding.’ ’It isn’t, I admit-.-but I feel out ^ h( knew very well that I was a phys-pi laj npt a ftl[-, erary man, and that it vvasn’i to be s ippOsedt lajt | Lcould be familliar with Brougfiaj[i,; OaHylt Macauley and a host o f others both lilpdern. i ■ 'dd. Uiu ■a something ehe to t _ •osjy ill, sit? would tliinl 'muph .Ribre ■ - vvhat |etdureT]]iad o f Bvt hpw; do li scroe the. fi. nor ihr. lykensitive, hear , bis fpifeiiids tliaflj they would pi?iank al lays \y tJ) lOwasagiiin A lira- W 7 i'd lb l l j l t& Ijia coin. I alto. ‘Miss tisH r ,P»U . ‘Indcei !’^ the^ counlenance irighiendd. ‘Yes,’ ho resumed, ‘in the Bri loiiial Medical Review of lu ly. is a has interested n e deeply. I t is a enquiry into the causes why a man his arm or leg cut off, feels his fiin|ers in the exact ph ces where they been. You are no doubt aware i fact. Miss Gra; ^Mti ‘Pal the dflictor questibns in conversation, hut tliisf monly krioivii, that I did nol drt could lie ignorant nf ii.’ Tne 3 -o 0 i'ig lady bowed, and loolu an before. ‘You are awa*-e, of course,’ tor, 'lltat the cause of this phem ex p lijined. som e favorknir Tl , Miss Gfay was npt ojheir-wise afectedi ‘! - ’ ' Soon afterwards l|iey Imei again, - not only pleased with the interview, hut pleased with each other- After this fhe^ tne quently, vvhfelher byidesignatian or be said, hut this much was certeift, ‘ read a few hours dyefy % eral litorature, and Miss t, ry day on scientific sUbjt id epeqially to animal and vegetable pbys It Was not Jong before people began , „ ;each other fcno Wmgly, when the young lady was seen on the H r.ts arm, or the Hr eeated byi tfie lady’s Hde. Gertain|y, they bad become gjiits inUroate in the space, o f a few months. ’ ' ' ItlmaCy steadily Increased,’ Otifil fiid iredtomakcpt lure. A malicidus s^ifi Without i ^ .Phiii IbelU ifti^flSandagb you. Redpanncl Is ii aridkjHb^ 'to k e b l^ t k ' frec.aafetjfi; ajt blushing and glad assent, , ‘ w*e faitite idfee thd'shtni Mrs. Hr. Philips, vlbo b acbeen a wedded ----- now for about a year, is as little like toe blue Pffibe Gray as can well he imagined-, gbe is. , becoming quite, a favotUs with the people of I Floraville, what she • was not formerly,' by kny name, Sdme frai& tbh Hr. Xvas a footfer niarj-y. .. ™ ing her ;—hilt that Wb father think w.aa. a m'a- ,-Wpll, lake, and, he, WD; are [sure, will heartUy'agree to d o ^ n w rtong the various eotflmbnls made npdn[ the ^ sion of tills i. a passing record- lady who had set the other side o f the AlIqghanies, and'^cspecjajly if she hail from N e ^ England, she. takes''ib'e pick o f the heax, in bpite o f us. It is too bad,' A ll acknowledge ihi ' best wi ves, and all t 1 no olherB; but let an jeasteru girl ..siiow her f ’hat prafession i s worth Berieral too had, ' :.a.theied.' ■ m B more we,-W-S )ro shbideclaiiered sbe.;V Boh Wadtlwin.’s 'Horsp Trndle, ‘You know Boh |Vaddain,^ I reckpp,* p i d ‘N o t that I recollect,’ I replied, ‘W ell, Boh was ap amazing hand t e ttrading' '•i bosses, and generallyeohto out ahead jtoh, I pev- , , j er knew liiin raally girdled and tfcie nnderhrash a J cut bolt once ’ i ' • ‘ ^ ‘How. was that, Hifcle Mike .?*' ■‘ Why, you see Bofiliad jUst been gt i f e S s S i S S n » # * A t M S r m - a k f M k u m . lim w -W'- .u-.-7.ht m m i » i [ton WaVAdstol^ y ; “ 4 ” \ \ The bill to eslablish .additional p o r t»aItel«, * p i r i i ......... .................... ot a gall.a most everlat and rt geftin’-iagray 8 jestest aboutbout asi ,8 j a a ir put hSs nose ihre luman lookin’ hOrsi le| Was always tookii t;k -ike ' Sie, let us to incret SB I f Pto^ed: to .w j j ^ ; - ilftrenl trom jvlm h a d ^ [ieen:o^e 3 t. boss, in, sorne of his deals, Jltal ;, , ■ - iri/fi: ■ riioe a boss to look at as eyer therack-slicks.. M e w a s d lli and noilmi’ slmrlef. He wi ■ stars, and carried bis tail l tlto N atioi g on the 4th of ,Tu|y, Hut he; Wouldn’t worh, , ,.v xva.s abo-vc il, H 7 d alilios't’ stop wben lie see tig you last, his shadow foJio'vin:’ him ' ' ‘ ' ‘ r.J drawin’ it. Now then, saj 3S Giay yM is I bound to be jpiekei excuse that Gray’s Shoes and t/o- him to the blacksmith’s, i-.... :iele I lat other bosses, hitched on jto 'a wagom load p f sioUe, and drove doWn la S-anj: Hewetl’s 'tpver-n.. Here, he stopped b.qfore the door,. UiOhame.«se.d , o ttep fliis hossegand put gm^wm bis plaw^ d preWoply went in and tuo|i a drink,, and watted'•■afpubd\ this curious .«ome iiidO Woald iCoine along who w4n.led ' io oppculate. lie hadn’t been'waitin’ long when: i article jbiliisophi c-al who hks 1 i| and t res b id preytoi sere dieKadnTqught toitorget adawle \‘W : w e .e v , „ 4 .' w I i W . « » * ikyou d o ; you amt fit to come into no deem t p nan’s bousp, and your room .would be ten times lor War he tpight be Novv then, sa|.s Bdb. some jndivid- cotu'ent to p a i’is gy,-.. . buskin fro!|ca po m orewith.}. -Polly White got toof cMraci tiS i tet is sb cbm fan v due d still gaaivef stop ’em ds and cussid’ ‘Ipjat sorrerhl by Sam\ H i . come up a - lit rfib ss.’ f* _itfsly |exp|ained, some favoring Th s kcatd,\ nf a spiritual body wnlim a nafor from this vyollknown fact—the ad < singular idea contending (hat all |« in the spiritual body, aii'i liiat this feclly organized and susceptible ol after its materiaf covering w^s rt in fact, it xVas tlie spiritual hand felt after the natural hand or foot Doubiless there is truth somewhe gion df assumed, not fairly ar.guet That our natural bodies are inerel of, or inachlnes by which nun s| act inj thejmaterial jmaterial world, I think Gray ■glily; ighly asl niy eyes it I (Irin’tl'gtt Shht o f hirn'.’ ‘W ell, jest then out ebines Bob ahd rohi tiled' to his wagon jest as if h | was gum’ tp driy - off, 7 “ 4 n i ; 7 r 4 : r , p n l | a p . , o „ M f c t o - < l « I . ' ‘ dqnbtjli Ihoti ought a good deal Til 3 young lady to o\\|n that her reading^! iad never led her to look at this ‘It Is a highly ii act inj the x Vyiialj isyour opinion, Miss as'your mind is hi cornet re interesting one, fact, dan be n may be trui ii philosophical, ihlere|ting subject ’ lerud a taiu. and, liad spit ;d . t il ntf more g from \*haf ted the w doctor, ‘none, m fact, dan ages lie connection belw ^ n has teniained a prpbletii; time id Van ces, we becodie ious 1 o solve. But I am w anderii I'had intended saying. iTtoentio ip to; review, sensation has alW'^ys been supposi the {kiu or oulerniost aud extrer ifidy/ This, stratigely dnough,, vriter alluded to. Feeling, he s sdnsc rioi'm ; the preception o f ih Thatj is, when I lay iny hand upo hand that fe and seems, it is true, to feel, but ihi 'U(^ is only an appearance. In the braiii says, th^re is an epitome of the whole man. fact, that the man resides jn ihei settsoriun nutest particulars, ian(| merejy muiilcatos with the e.xternal \yor|i by mea the esteirnalsenses, which matte |.o part of m really. The type o f the halid, be say the brain, or rather, the tnan’^ real ban •ain, and this is the hand that feels vlien l hyfeicalappendages to the body bearing samd itanie edine in contact with any obj and ippears to feel. This is his main posil in th 3 brail the rihybicE and,had bi 8 o f thinking .R ibject. resutned the ore so. For it dnd mailer trohlem as •iter irse, that reside in e part o f the denied by the ye, is inj the s in the skin. objecH,it ds its forth.—- lis; he he In H f the the ject. ■y d terifts.' T fiefep tj fie s t r o h g ly grasded rny hand, : : A f t f i ^ ‘T i s $ 4 m t o . i ! e e . [ T M s k o r i f i i s s o ; ’T i v i i r n e v e r do for m o . j 'Your te le # f ip lis, y o u r rail road train$, ' Y o u r g ^ flgfttsVfrictjcgt^m^^ Yourt flumlt-fiaeifeed m m i h rock'sfoj‘coal, Y o ftr things whteh chit kens hate|os, upside do^|n,. .hirliHg round upd vanished in a m int toi ktee satoaftcfloof te :jii5 pdatomers. The Poblie fo r t h w ith m Y Y e r a c jbus t e n # P 0 te dow T ' w b a f i fiad h e a r d ; m . . Ii i ] And hei-ej dpt t ; Yi|>u i]|ave i . L ' i - 7 1 7 ilV O Iird ' ! u p m Hi f o f w suspecting the pre.seo.Cf* o f P4i.-.s,Gray, altogether unprepared for the inpeling. W minutes were, suffered t roduclion, before the yoijng , . b.ttery with guns floublfUh‘’t'‘-''l to cope . ' h i t .“tippo.sed stnuig antagotjist, b’S - : » have read, o f course.’ sfie said, v- ry ep.i- , ing| fully, i he conversation, ‘the aritielc on moral s u a .; Was Ihijs tot the la.-ii number ,01 tlie Quaitcrly.— j flectji<mi you tbink t o p ’writor has m=toe liis case , •ly clear V j \ f. Dr. Philips had Inot looked into any | ;rly, except some medical i^uarterly, for | qua !t five years, and hajrdly knew the mean-1 o f I f moral suasion. lie was an honest, I A it-forward sort of a man, and could affect the Ig. AH toal was left , hiiri Wap to reply, G.ra . sltoht blush, that he had not read the ar-; wh< to which she alluded I , indeed! then you have lost an ii ■eat. I have not enjoyed an article so much can long time, I have been Irying to make 7 t s was congr :e author. It must; be either Maeautey d f : ftu rlU the com Broug-ham. , The former 1 should think, 1 on^ and had o from .he elegant style in which it was pcnncd|. What a clear thinker and brilfiaht writer tha|t Alacauley is? You lemeniber his article oji bafid to be in ippears to feel. This is his mai le brings to the fact tiiat after I is'band he still feel the bafid ti .nir pjace as one of his proofs.’ ! W itb; the itiost.consuniinate tact and coo did the young physieiah fcottlinuieto wot victim, for full an hour, [and: beidid it wi idy opt-m d ' muc!i app irent good hornlor and uncpnscios . ih r tshe dared not show I ing offituded. She pn; ; iiig fujly, and lelt Hombied. K ore espeeially he cAse afterwards, wheln the sober re. ime, amt she saw how easy it was for IIdirect his or lur mind to a particular anger say, jhoiyeVer; But tired, and'had given up trying, u n y tojpfe, Jie came and sat do>vr on :|lh,e :horse.jb}eick. 7 '■ Boh thought ihe might as we.l'l • —■ pick'nglupbis'ribhqh.s-iclonglupbis' p ribht h.s— ‘g o 1 sorrel ttirned liis hdad and’lioke\4 T d 'i laughed again, ard when I came awaiy, they were pia laying'a gim e o f O ld SnEBSE, [Ip see who should take tliern both,’ ' Giriclnlratl 'SundayIfhvvsr' I his i ; any one to direct hts or lur mmd to a particular ,| com S3 of reading and stady, and then be cna- • I bled lo'putto}tieto' put to }tie tiine to study, biut [i/hvledgei } for the toditiors coijiversalloi Ti.sh‘ another Who had b in a different .department j who were ' present durin iversallon, they were delighted, Mb habitabit o f victimizingictimizing evi'ry young mah y’s h o f v ventured, to converse v wn, and bad been carried IlH her, was well soifar tiiat almost efy one fell oullagcd. The ln|cident soon Ire. n o known through the vlilagB, and Hr. PliiU lulated on all bands. He had ided fair orie with herowii weap- ed'his lihad lnd'lo badk kihlm , as to sav. ‘ don’t you wish T would V In va in Bfib coaxed and i^e wasn’t : as much a.s to say, but didn’t stir a hdof. patted, Sorrel jva t fAdr, and where else. ^ ‘Well, I reckon [ it’s my torn said the, stranger; ‘I spp when you oorn< ‘Oh never mind,’ says __ — Sf\? p else you couldn’: got here wiih;h|m/ ■ ' ‘Oh yes,! says’ tn® 'stranger ;.'‘yhh edn si-fjft m if you’ll pnlj b'fing some shavliSi.^, anfi; ;hed again, ar 3 p y in g ' a g piry. mger; ‘I spose i le jn.low n ? ’ j : ' , ■ i inind,’ savs Bob. ‘iSorrel wiilgpl mldn’’ t o - ’ ' ^ j’ says tl sing the grey, las h s stood load ol stone. I ’ll|giv4 vou sorrel, add.-the.best Nekher of tliem lhad asked‘totoe'r tiopS,\cause neither of them The bosses |ver4 .exci ^ , .. , ^ ight ’as welll be gotb” : so , : ■ « W ’ sa;^b-bto Tbe; m | o n his heelj iA { % g e f e l 0 this question followed a pause, and tbp tiir Was compelled to say that lie had nevqr IJbe paper to which she alluded. , i; i have not had the pleasure of beinij 11 familliar with him.’ ^ 1 much the more to he regretted. You d{o it now what you have lost. Macauley is tl )|0 isl brilliant reviewer of the day. His'’ariicies ttt r in thought as jewels With the briltianqy ii itnonds. He and Carlyle stand out pronlt. ty , yet each has a peculiarity distinctly h[s i. i need not tell you, Doctor, what those o-uu iiau qompiefoly discomfitted her. For a time' Miss Phosbe Gray was t ofifled. But she had some good sem an( t his kept her from rouning away froi ravilld. Was terribly id sen-se left, Flo. The w[ay new* I as been phryqtc|in ofosSing' the Rio Grande, n a j |)ephpp's he a|co>atod tor by \the following d< sptojptioiF .Which ja Corre^f ' dent gives an Indi tna iiaper ; _-i '[ [ | Imagine four o f toh''erQokedest:toinf8 in ihe world, then nnagii e fohr Moto 'tWichds dnbok#. and then fancy tc''yoUrseif'a larg&TtVer^ titnes as crooked J's alj these put together,'afid you have a faipt idea of the; crooked dispbsittoti of this almi'glity sroo ted rtoer. i ’hdre' is bo d rift In it,, froth th 3 far t that it’s so erdoked tltat tirnber'cank’’fijid Its way far enough\ dowp •Wo sticks togelher—hut few .Snakes,-;e. |. jg *«R.Aian*lii iri htvirrY in and the fish ! bepaose thi different Oroolcs,! ' Ipt eed; yod may when you think you liiera'cross It.-and spoie^ ot the h’hovs say it IS da darned tvyistmg toere is not but hue side th i t / [ ‘ ' tq.|W.ind md.| tohdih fk|dm,:d:t#ftyd^ -I hcerd the ;g* itouffh ahd savs she, ’I vow. I’m tired of hoJd^ ^ ^ ^ .......... . J. ^ fe ^ The coih7Pn' private ^nd Mate March,-at Hobuqtie. 'This was laid on the la. hie. J he treasury note^biJi \vus read a third. ‘jofd: Snowball |pnt put. ihodgh'Bal w a s b d nse, anef sfep eamerunnm m withtois ... hft. vm . mas. takeprUBx'snd^er phdto: remarks. rdge two sticks togelher—hut few .Snakes,-h ause it is not sfraig it'enough to swim in,— Bd the fish are all in't le vvhirlpools in -the heiids^ \ x b \ L l'O T ..a|etU e r ; it .Ira/k P«+ S*W m d r e s f ' 'Atoh-j ceived right,a#eep, wi lurch ail laRotber: - M i . „ , , he.was ftmek .all of 4 » duM-founded. v‘I fptoteh time.I; seed himr hut I ;d rom file PresTdeot m toplvto. tj^ ^solution of. Many weeks did not elapse before the Doctor 1 Miss Gray again met, and, as onfon is, in comparty* So GoliaA a IYAfi'-~;A. correspopdetft; :oftod: a gilan ltevtojg: >r h e had that t ^ ih p !R 4 he . true^gn; o f w lm sertt, and p u t we vye ^ fe ' ;the lap of the ctepfingbt expepi ‘ . i

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