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Ithaca journal & general advertiser. (Ithaca, County of Tompkins, N.Y.) 182?-1847, October 21, 1846, Image 3

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S T A T E N O M m A T I O N S . I r c r Governor, = ! SILAS WEIGHT! For Governor, | A T O i s o N G A i i a i N S : : | . FonGofl^ICoraoiiasibiiera^ I ' ■ PQr S8nate^--mll 3 I I, . la. H A W L l^ V , o f :S-^eofcLi '{ For €ongressi-26th ^strict ; I W . ,F F ^ S ^ E ^ ,|o f CheiA t^^ For 0oatjtyCl6« sjphn Yoongsay for himself, and iiAhorefore but dejegnes from »ovvos and counties, wjio •the ‘’expianaliion” ofilie Clirontcle, of something bv heir selecijons, carri sd out the wilf It supposes bm dtie-s not kno^r. We have dp |„VihB snierpion rulers of i b e l doubt that, this same thing Is pla other counties ' than Tompkins, qtFSW i:iG ^ of.;;it|hi ! nf* A«« imTiW j p A D a i i i E K :!i>rLaiisii!g,:| H iftR A C E S W IT il^ ot;Hec.t.or, | 2^ jlnal^i* Guudfi?«fe.4when thje wligs ;>ttd«Hiated Gen. iIarrisoij» comroittde look; charge p f his coEFespoj|deneci'and answeredi his, letters ^ r h i m . and, under their surveiliancf that it is not the mne which the iVite Woirkej’s [ pull in Delaware, Otsego, Schohaiie, Columbia* ! &e. Thefe Young is an Anti.Re Her, out.and- out. Therp he is opposed to aU ten ires or leaaep, and in favor of abolishing the lease systetn alto. I'ethfr. Tho remarks inserted in our colums from the •-Voice o f the People,” s low what the i j ^nbaitants of mfeUted sections exp-ct from the ; 0 # good tp Candidate, jVe d i not supposethaf John Youn^ tijegffhti s t num b e r; and wl ose pr|Dcipio! io}ds all these opinions at one a|id tho_ same aid Ppjnipns are so plaiolj and promioeuliy time ; wo do not apprehend he ja jul U o asicon|,. bbid furtli 5 th a t he tyboriJns may read, vetifent aasoine politicians in the ranks of oijr oil- «*WMi*aiBBi bs * ponents in this county are, but we deny that he j noaratlc Ceanty ( anVeiitlon. A Bti.Re nrism, County C onvention^^ is to be considered opposed to tilltb a t S S S S p J S l l S ten he IS nomma ed and represent id as friendly ^ j the objects sought to.be attainedbf the tettants, the chair, i nd C. V. Sa Si ■ I -ipp'diiled Seqreiaries. John W« W isiter. ; j tThe fojl ivving deleg Hes preseutod their'ere- t - ‘-'I took theti seals 1 ; ' I was tha first *Wam” Candidate o f which janj ao. . Illeuiic jfeeord is {Weserved.^ Ip the selectiop of ■■Clay. peord is {R eserved Ip th e selectio sjet m a n th ey iS?ere le ss fb rfu n a te, fo r R [pdorily to h e m u zzled, a n d in sp fte o flth e If h is p a rtiz a rsi th e p o o r ' felloe^ w lu ,Id W ifte M « p ia C e o h a n y a n d ev e ry su b jec t w lio h pm se o tld itself. In d ee d to sp e h a h eig h t d id •the m o iv o m a n ia e.ttend w ith h ib , th a t it is t la t. 10 hnufsa* lion o f4*6X48, fpr and a g a b s t the Tariff if 43’ t for theabolitiomslyofthe north and for the sli ve. holdeb b f tho sQUt|h, with .a faq|lity andicert iia ^♦ff\ia tlfe fegnlarit^ of tfabr appearanpe, wt ich , copiuptw®^ *bo ducfi,rise [of h p enemies,, i ;n£f ' dombetf d the r lejrtbe rt|d» and ^ Tffends.1 The resejlt o f the campaign of 184^ is juatter ** \ \ ^ W*sf de - V, i.teiam o |er gdarte^K m fae jpfeaeant regiona o t Rut the it|an, oy set pf jmenf who cjan le .. .. >nothiog|froni| expertenc 3 irjust be doinfeiode 3d; ’.fed the phigs of thisst ilo|baving taken an in- *tsi,lb4»l o f \that ^ t u s ble' memory.server nave qage’d’* tip their candidate, the }ii[oA John Yodug, o f Livingston co.,' and b’s ijffiendap the Emptle slate,. Speaking throng i a ■ s^ven-b^nine^organ outiir that <jennty, difieoi rse b f the Moor gagged Hjdividnal, whom they ii ive ^ lharehej|.^ut to he deleated, s s , fell pws: ' ” .... - • •• - ja|, kmiltees, propmjftding'^ue'stionsfor iitn - ; tP answer, w-itb a view of ascertaining his ■ PpinioS upon variejus sab|ects which the writbe, ,i At leaatL coBsider ,ofof impo|taiiCe,mpo|taiiCe, andnd forr |he 4 f pfocarihr , i a fo ph?posehf pfocarihg from hvd pledgCa ai the cauTse he wOl pursue in tfa.4 event o f hi .hwtiorH? i , : ' *We,»re aothorisfd to say that Mr,; Y o lng i to the conclusion, resbetfutiy; loide- ' :SK*sfiSS' . .... tre aclipri We \ti ke this , to'be a y ^ y polite way, ^^ppftby iffr, Young%Iriegds. tpitell!Mb «& I M ’■ o' ter w' syKa^Ie PU any |abjbt,|:nof a s ingfean^ulsitive^ b fobogato^ \vhateviri'^ - - t'-' , V.' ; ’ J' ■?' ! We ap prehend.s* t{,e i^mmititee” WljiO putA! -fee __ jd Youpg, and that it is ted p lrt *I ' .ffmepoaimeUeed there and,fo'bp e f t4i|on Mon,da3j,, T h ^ h a d b o Aadtej^ to. p ! ||e ! YAe peoj le to comntaud'admiratbn for ip jn«S8,an i the unhesitancy’ with’which‘i|s idles w6ie sorcad/befard the Dubiic k notni Ipk^ weie spread before the pubpe i; fio t|in g , jgiven to the eleetoFS oflthe state from whici * c:tjpositfon, or the candidate’s, C|Qi|ld he ji|.dg u. :bffai*e 11 nothing hlteredipublfobbd, ot| pilie ' .itangibli <af iiHangibre,| and the |eOp!e ake le j^yetefor abaadlditn t'vjbo.dan .answer ^nklei and wht i* eon trolled by a host o f editors [ihtai b o t *he stkte, « ho indpidn^ily b p ly lo|imp 3s|bu« 'b , any Way bes| sioittn|, the ^^W oglathude^ 1 I They ask, \-i - : \ 4 - ' I.- >■' . 13 h a iir eUerselecUon could not liavebepn made” in District. H is pualificaVions for t he situaliom a|I| his acqoaiatancifs will readily adr lit, and they will uot be quesUoped or denied h ' the candid among hisopporienlts. Tolalenls o ’the first ori. d 3r, urbanity of manners with decision of ,cb a jter, and an u b 3 unites those together, pecojiaply’fet him 1 hich he is nominated. He i.s wor port of the Demoerhoy, and will 4 i l — ■ This distinguislied gentleman was nominated by the Democratic Congressional Gonventioii, Mii' held at Jefferson op the 8th inst,, for have do H r j|jg gp, creigo rulers of tjbe and-^ihe hard yed in L,pj,yp„^ holiest, people ;jTc the latter |u t we know lp ^jgpjj igg invitation fpr tjheia to sieze the present t p p o fiu n ity to d esert a p a rty w h ic h n akes no d eclarations fo r th e p u b lic ey e ,a n d A le a d in g ca n d id a te , w h o , urn er th e fu r v e ih la n e e p i a c o tp r a iu e e , is to b e lu tp b till a fte r , u u .« » w iherast Iv es to a q o n ira o n whaTtiJe of d e m o c r a ts ^ vh t s e efforts ten d , ■ ... . ......-pijn, Congress f t o m 4 2 : r T t e ^ o ^ ^ thy the >up, we i t We lOgden Edwards, the Ifative ct ndidate fo^ Governor, in bis letpr o f acceptance, gives Wm, I|. Seward a thrust'or two which must be hig|ilji eUtertaining to tbpse interested, htr, Edwadi^ IS a warm,, ardetfc Clay man ; and lelieves liri CHy lo.fae the raost’pUre slat esman a nd the m isb devoted patriot in the D . ’S, In I is letter be sayst , . , _ . ^ ” But I have said that I am, a Whig* why, then, it will be asked, do I not su iport their nomination for Gnivernor. Thi^ qiiestion it is that I shniild answer. Tber i is nothing \or evil pur-j that it may p.'-oper that I shniild answer. Tber 3 is nothing eo good b at that it may be perverted \or evil pur-; poses. There is nq pSrty so pore but th at it p be betrayed.—There are periods in political, in all other human ,c that We should cSop row a sailor phrase, ' Such a period do t d< icetns, wher, it is proper ise, should, to bar.. present. . that it is m t svMeient to command •e in a candidate, that proud aekn dividual rig . „ uppu thelgeuei ‘^ E | F s party, j; Resolved, ! prornise my implieii eonjid'ence in a~'candidate, that j was bom f f aW Jiig mmindting oanventioi William H Seward arid John Tyler could boi boast the sa<ne patefoity j and yet the one ruin« the Whig pirty lit this State by his qemagogae. ism,' and tne other disgraced the nation by his; Ijte isheries dnd fony, ' ■ T h e eahd|date has been brought forward, fix. ed upon the; Whig party by a connjbination of ggtamfliia 0 len (of wbdm I consider Governor Reward the ' Resolved, sad) and m whom ,! have ho cohfidehee, and : their; of iVm Vtf.' ic qahdid^tl head)” and jh whom 'l have ho confideu by long continued, 'persevering, and! streni efforts.—Having not tlie least cSnfide|DCe in patriotism, and mnlh less i» tpeir dimntete ness,I have been driven to the conclusion mu, all these efforts werd to answer their own selfish ) electors purposes. By electing John Young,|l think we| Eohnty shall so increase thqir power, of doing mWchiefti Bp^jew, that not only the State bat the naliop will with. ; - ' ’ er under it, ' ■, I de cotisider it a movemept to concenfrate , power in the bands of those who originated it, | not only for the purpose of sltrenglberiihg and consolidating their power iq this Slate; byt 3 whole nation is infected. Far be it from (to impute such motives to the great nofjwiiy of those who co-operated in this tnovemei.t, | have, on the contrapy, the greatest confidence • in the purity of thdir motives. Owing mainly to the exhaustion off the Whig party consequeot glp to elect Henry Clay, and !,,'fofraH-|vhigsti| AwforTylwfof Mi , tbout.a.wby Of wb6reiote..’t ; i iHphu iloUUg may be to .the whig3j»no her ^qhp Tj lerT who knows t'j He i s not al owe i to ^ e e b r e his principles or fornisi i jiled^ the ;^eople i uy more than T y l ^ was, and w ^ shou id ,|UppoA Wwfiig Who w thd ;? no.de. ,cIarattoa Tyler.trap,” would be ;<?o waryj to sop. cominj • befor^ faira in, ‘ ‘ ^lie4e|«6eratic their op- , 4rW:w 'm k bae heett pobitehet i aind Mattered , .^adO a t^oyyr.4ltoA4l‘h ijAt■esjery elector may ■ >dge, V bether he caii colnscientiOu ly] soppm-t ^ '':\*b'e'candidates. p l4d^# tp| tbq^^ u^,e3a4res and ■ptiBcIpl i s s ^ l j a t fetdy|f tl^y'. ^ te if® ; ;niMad£ t&CftepId wbo a«d 1 art thd** i apMecfs, knd jn tliiSjiielbn4e.fheyj^aye, of the great struggle to elect Henry Clay, and the distracting effegts consequent upon the de* plorable resuliB o f that election, they retired fn despair from the political arena. This enabled •wily demagogues, (tvbo never slumber,) to press onwitbout opposition! and as their voices Wore almost the only onjes beard, the mass of t he party vyere deluded into the belief that they e,x- pressed the prevailing senliraent.s. Thus, white the honest men of llhe party slept, the evil ones vere sowing tares xf’h.ich have now sprung up 1 ate ebaakiing up. edOr iheperfi ,o-or;thire,Ii(iCjE>r. count of younj^S ' iisel^ea witbili p tebleof votes 3— laca Chi oniolc. • The aejU inj the qase a b these|;. We made t le . tliarge that Fillmore did get i niajprily jof voiles ' I ted h e 3d baflot. |:Thi®; |he: LjhwiHci^ denied ^ ^ Yb'iAMank.: iWe‘ |hen ppblfehjed thekablejm ;v AfecKj ^ foifoded | i e assertion .and, A iked tl le .f^hrbnH le'^^ereiir 'ifw a s irtco|Tect^ !aj,a if i t ’ el 8 l|d\w'e'W 0 tiI^antettd |u r re-, •Ijijtnksllo that effect,. The only remark wp are ) , ,Tf?e doppt meaiji foaLoOr weiglibor sballkscape & ‘sm b k e M tp ra ise in d f e • 4 ; |gam '4 )d»P'd:|ii“ ' 't®,#® \ «nd alle*\how each c a n d id k e f e ■ /■'««!iV 6 dl, --’I f te fo ijsk o -.d b - .tfe H lfe n Ia»i- 4 hsei|gv: inly for tin signaie a cand ting ibeir’ power iuj this Stale ; hyt rr the purpose of f enaURng^ them to de- for it enabling th \he Piiesidem the Convention were eonduotedwitli ^ - I w s u . Mr. ■Wi..|Sr w have been ft. I years well acquainijed, and can readily say '» that J^ewfieW—A. Copk.il. Cooper, 4 . 1 V.G 0 U, A.Teeter* E. ^bjmef selection could^not ha ve be^n umde” iii H.C.^odwb. W.G. Halsey, J.W. On moti )ri,theconyei|tion iroeeeded to nomi. nate a car didate for 6 |u n (y ' Clerk. Stephen EjCushing, of lihaqa, hkving i t votes and,Hen> ryjMartin f, Mr, C, wa| decJ|ared unanitioualy nominated- File whig! gain another claim a giin of 1 inGeritre, , There is hardly a doubt hu| the Senate is whig. In .the Hbnse^ they gain' 1 nieinbor in Mifflin, Huntington 1,' Biair 1, Pike an irregular pemperal, ! ./hiUs the fi tin candidal head,! and is ,, Foster; the Dem. candidate for Canal Cvininissiphef, is IS nventiol pi bite notii Bahr.was called to livat alud W m . C. H alsev t r j ’s f a s ' i i l i l f f i v « 4 r : u : ; * H p S l l T ^ - Martin TM r, C. wai deelired unanio insing,;and Samuel Ber, orninaied for Members ot lot; and Horace ■Smith, F. Buj-dick, of Lansing, were ipi a reported the fol- '*°pm^R, Pitch, of Lar lety, of OJj sses, were no Assembly ( a the first ba ofiHectorv and J . F. Bm likewise nomfoated for Goroi The com piliee on resdlutir losing, which were adoMed : Resolved , T hat v e approve ;he general policy u iral governrafent ; le'.ieving that iii ---- ,-_..jy thedemocraliq pr tidn, and tiie interest add hon are beyond aUcontingecccs. Resolved That while all th it is pure in prin. ciple and d gnified in Sti tesm tnsliip is thought wdrlhy of considcratiOa, ths name of Silas ightight willl be remembered!emembered! It did Irene is We wil be r and forgetting, whilehile Wee ndgret gret pastast diffirencitiferenefes is in refortnceeft-rtnc* to w W r p d in r Stiiie adiniilislration; wii hereby pledge tlie uni. the democracy ‘tli3 recei c $late )onv( ( u-d and ent lusiastic effoi'ls o t Tompkins 10 . in support o f th lions of the Ifornocratic S Resolved iThat while it mhy be milted that tuerc arc points ir the tuftoii in I elfefenee tp jwhicl 4ei hopeslly dilfilr, yet that taken is a Whol qud aakn »wledgement of the sacredot s, just and equa I in its bearings iral interests of. nasscs, and that ve it does, v ith our system of icious increa se of the stri That while itm iy b ftankh I points ir the new \\onstu Iferenee tp jwhicl demoera We believe il i 1 jid judici nopiinatipn tbedeqioCr; nation w: —is a-sure r elements in go'eruniunt, it coin, to the support c f the deini That we cordiallii approve of John VV. Wisne ' o f ChemiUng, i ;ic candidaite for C Ongress from tl e unanimity withi which his aonii- adeJe byy thehe Congre|sionalongrn Ci b t C guarantee llfat , i f 1 spnsULuents iivil* ' . him i^lved. im lh epi The fo| Demooraii Chas.V. 4< Gy|us fiepra Mr. Bnnpey of Ohio, has arrived at Indhpeh- dence, Missou.fl, from Oregon, having left in M-iy, foal H e rep o r ts t h a t ihepB o p le w eiieAen • e r a lly p\osperotis and h a p p y , M r . B b r o u g h t a large number ofieilers. He SAya the'emigrantS he inei were generally healthy and iq goo|d spin, its and their teams looking wcU. He miet 4U0 wagops on his route, some were going to Ofegort, others to Galifprnia, The;emigrants toipointb- above named, separated al Ipdeplndencei Euck' on the Igiji July. last. Gov. Boggs went to Ot the Mormon emigration Mr. Boiiney vvas fofabed ' of his horaef proy}, sions, &c„ by the Iridianff, he traveiled I5|milea ou'fqol, > -y'r' 1 ,''^;.', the Islanff jeveral vessela others, the Spanish schoon. Advi gence received some days .ago ■to has thrown off her disgaise j revolul war with tbi 3ipie of legisla- of the Republic G rats may 'fe, it is a Iconventu icted ---the in U ULnents |ivil! belsafe in jjiis hands, bat we approve ofthe non Law ley of ifteuben! as the fii for Benalpr for this distri pur supporti. 1 1 That we irecommend with much t|oi to the support of the dpinoctatic oifVoinkins co.iytephiln R. Gqshing for nl a s th e d em o cra t, this d istrict*—and k, and W. I 11. Filloh and Ban ibly; aiijd H oi ■dick as (|oron ftowing persops wer| cho.sen in the (ic Central C ol Coiiin|ittee foi thi tion votes so long, he fiaii have no hesitation m| declaring his views now. . OAto.—Returns*fijom some 7 or 8 counties on? the western reserv^f, shows a democratic loss of| 1500, all in two ctehties. The Legislature was’ whig in bolh brahchles, and will undoubtedly re.| tnain sP. The whi^s have gained one Senator,! And gained and lost One iin the House. We have’ jpolhiug yet from the ceffk-al or west counties, or| from the souther n pprt of the state. The Journal of Cbmmerce, says; The 0hio del gallon ifl the presqnl .comprises 8 WhigS’ and 1.3 Democi Gougressionai districls havir ,w. Teaches A natom ^ AJ fore the Tes thefFifZaae T h e j i ^ i vLadiesadd to a ttend I ! Lat/r/rOm of Mrs >,] flyers. ■ at the Baliz Veria Crua tc Carpenter* a C. ^vas Jiacksoq, St.fMary’s, of LieUti cfom. Per Tde FliK Three Rr< vessels wer® If was the varpdo agaii Santa An of |he Mex been ordeitei of qefenpo' w icojon tliq hafi been ret litu . 1^0 retpfnj- fr s . W, il. taking laudi u The h: Ural Cut Com/ art, Samuel'GHes, Marvey , AlfrcdJVells. | J. w . m o n t g g | m e r y ? Seeretariei A. Dowe, r Institute.~A. Coutfse of D PtivsioLOGY wiftlbe deji Institute nop in Si (itliUiemen are ehers Institute no Hall, by D r . Toad eeZure, this Evem ares on ired be* o'clgclc, invited 846. Mexico, and the Gulf Fleet- - Suicide Respectfully Oejober :20 ^S5il id the crew on his pajrole. of the crijw o f the sloe mgres! - ..-B ____ - ____ Congressionai disttfets having been changed nor ,since the last Congj-essJonaj deetjou sp as to] is r favor the Whigs, it iB.probabie a greater number nor of Whigs will pennsylvanta.-r~^o whigs have carried I'he State, electing their C anal Cemmissioder, Pow- ey, 1 hativo, 6 democratLc and isi whig 'COti-. gressraen as far as Njeafd from. \Legisiature stands!asfolfowai i^rkd soa M a tjye. : . the Horn !USP, ,$4 whigs, 42 democrats t jelCeted, with Warre.n and McKpan counties, e- lectlioi I Member, Hrawford eo. electing -2 m em b ra iCambpa electing 1 member, to ’' n t S t e b c seiu thjlt the whigs have ' a bdith braiuches o f the legislature.!— losffe^fsyivSnfa, & laturerprobaMy, “P majority of the Congre^ionalf'Ddegatioh. It is hard lo.sepa- rate an old Mend, eieo, % p ^he present occa, Sion, for a short peif.p pf4MWM the best ?MeMs must pgrt j 'a n d ‘we bid Pennsylvania ' flrewellfor a lllUe vy bile 'with deep regret. _ sloop of war John Adamu, the. 7lb inst., wiili n has on bo 7lb inst., will ih ult. She has on crew of the Tru; his p laifo been a rested 1 1 The Whlii vho w a s found guilty of el nants W as exiecoiod on the y had arrived at LEsarde. would sail soon for Norfolk nch* three British and two Spanish lying at Saorifioos, i « ught Com. Conner would attpek Al- ra h ad b een ap p oin ted g en erfflissim o can a rm y . A d d itio n a l forces had out, an d th e m jost vigoroffle m ea n s ere to be a d o p ted . H e en tered Mex 5 tli, in g re a t trium p h . duties itted on m u n itio n s o fw r ■from southern Ohio. Myers bad:cumraiited SI arrived lid Capt. IS charged with the death and committed to pr|sou. The WhIiJ-s halve undoubt'Jdly gTmed greatly |be recf‘i t elyoiiion in, Pliiladelphia, He 3y are preparing thenisbves in ^ they are preparing The Gouriei is Vert Has sacrifice Mistaken di Fr<fm the National Iptellig^ni le pejplei of Maryland ha*ie spijk* if theC ndeffdeff to thehe AdinintBtrationt,ldinintstrationJ v n to t A !< d thb interests of Ihe eountJ 1 triumph wipelyH e^ o y 'it lo n g . than le ye irs. ^ , T O g r Hrn^«|ccy.1-The M e r C?®®* sAys th a t J o h n Y; otjng , th e: W b ^ c a n d fd a te fol: GoyjeirnQir, “ HAS N OT T H l S L I H lltE S k ' HHlANQE Q f S H C - ■GESEI^;. - V ;■ eeratre tl iastttbrei Oakland i ' 0 . We have n,o doaht, from a sllort coDV iisation we had with Mr. Truesdail, t:ha| he wilt 1 1 pnoe apply his private property ja rMeMplMli of the nptes. Such a course is nUtAiuly rigi l and proper, but absolutely neces. iary* We h a m that the whole phculatjMn of iide, by if Hoyt, „ _____ forao ovjrth''®®- 3 Very say.aga on some kinds of such' as fo^anls to fondloyds, but viplent against other classes of {New York Tefogjiapb. which interests of Ihe eountfy u ilien to false p a r ^ prineiplpa.’* From tlicffiour. o f Kom. 4 8 , ^ ’^ be gathered 4ow Iou| the thuVte\ roin the fatjt that the new Seqate ®ooi^ more Demo irat than the Senifta ui aim the! House > more Demoora^^c mcmberis than the|Hbuae t F 1844. Last yea'r tlie Democrats made an exl raordinary gain in Maryland^ and a part oir this they have lo<t. That’s all, gentle­ men. The pllowing echedule 'shows the slate of parties ifl the two Houses (during ti»e last three years> Senate ITouss 156 3)40 19 1^ flo I8i 6i 52 .OT appdprs that in spite of the new Tariff, the hew Legislature of Maryland is more Dem. ' \An i t has been, on an average of the laukw isourghyesterday.tT i ' .- ! . ■ ’Fuff'hsr returns in d ica te p retty strongly,! liegs W Jiigs harried a v e carriedtate,; th e sta te.;^ Tljih h ei F llih Fosulr; tl Harr sbm ICFFU* that th e W Jii h a v e c th e s T he F Pennsylvanian, deM. concedes the fqdt, ,; ■; ' ‘ '■S'ojcltckp.mi- : Nothing yet from the Great Britain. ‘Rrobai bly the first news af her will be recCi red by the ext Gutiard sleameL , | i EFRelurn.s from Georgia give the election of 4 whigs and 4 demoorala fo congress j; Saiue as A tr^mentjau. elorin 9-,ej»t;over- ther tslaDcfcof iiig others, the Spa leresa, G a p ia iii an d fiv e p a ssengersi irm stycj Porto Rico, on the 17th Beph sported •Th< (vices from 8 received Yucatan confirm the, IhieSlji le days .ag o at N. ;Y. New. fork, OcU If, 8 n.m, frpW th e in terior o f P en n sylVariia, 1 returns already received'. The majorities in Laheaster eo. is 2234.. ^ t®fo- graph report from Philadelphia, Uiis afternoon, sayslrvihg, whig, is elected to congress, Far. ley, whig, IS probably elected in the 22d, Craw­ ford d is. A letter from Ohio, reports a- very small whig maj. in Fff.nklin co., a whig lo?s. The vole of a part of Gfeene co., indicates ijie usual maj. The Charleston Mercury foinkrE. J. Dmvllaig hasbeaten the Hoft. Jsai \ ** • hasheaten the Hofi. Jsaac E- Holms is in the 6lb, Charleston,disi., both; distanee d ow n th e tb flp at n fin h a n tic lee r. T h e hedy.of tfie d efu n ct rp oster,, w h h n o tfeing |iU t foe tail; o fl th e m o u se jiro tru d in g from bis M H , furnished f w a rn in g n s p erliiiient a o a n j! fo fo g to b e fo u n a in E so p , o ffo e d q n g ef to .a n y bfo^d, w ifo o r w h^ out,Ceaih^rfl, iw h o m a y aftenopt'.'fo m o le st foe;seBmirtgly.helplees^^^^^^ | ;.j:: FirOm ' ^ ) ’tir. M/Will be happy to wait upon all thepld cnstpniersoi' Squires & Wood, aiid ail suph new ones a^ mi tyith. their psttonage. \ /IpFA.T thq.sDb^criber haf. sold oijt his mtim IKrMybooicea.nd a N qv 54 Owegptst., whe r i g r | 2 5 3 i i j for Con] d ’mocrai D-iniel Gowen, wife and five children. weyE burnt to death this cqm'n'hg. together lyith the house 5 miles below Harrisbu'rgh. A comp: Fe have real left Same Fu on the 5tU of Sept. A |e » e r from Independence says Messrs. Wier ahfi'Cbarles Furgerson of Pliifodeip|)ia and others are aloiig They are 24 days out from Same Fe, having left there the {lih of Sept. Everythiug seems to have been quiet arouad|hejjIacefo«t fofettews from below is a Hifle siarlling. It was current, ly reported when the company left* that 5000 men, the flower of the Me-Tf’can forces, wqre or their way up from below, and niear Ghihuahua, to meet and altack G'en. i<eai;ney* that it as the Genjs determinatJon to leavenfoofflcient number under the command of Col. Bonifoan o f Clay, and take the reujaiHper below, if possible to meet Gen, W M ’s ,fivisioq,hi^^^^^ army. The report, still fartfitoli-,;''fo| foat Gshi'-Paredes was on his wav to Chfouahud With 150.0 men to atiauk Gen. Wool* If this be.true, our army will have winter. Oor army at r rrisqning tbe^ forests ' ' N I e w - F a | l O D o d s . , !’-!:! ;; ■ ■ -F I N:|G H S t ' ■ H T 0 W E B L.- ■ • rg l A K E ple|sure ip stating to iheir ftienda and custoiM ping foe gli was course let h g h w a s in th ei of ^ erection, to d isp la y fo e sta rs an d stripe flow s so p rou d ly over bijr jan d , Gen. Rearneys has rn^de h'is headTquarters at e Gov'ernor’s casile, dud had given oiie or m splendid Fandangos, A forge numbe of leUefs are tn possession of the company, and will bo h HOfjlAlS’,! J U ^ T R E C E I V E t y A f : i{iiwi;s -(vorks, Liindon, ed, with numefoaa Engravjpga. |, ( A* Myat.riesof the Biickwoods. . “ I g i l i i s . . . here. to.m orrow.. iiiSt on, puts the followingques ^ ’ ’Whether there ha«- beyh a facllo^ jo this State since he came upon the polUioal arena, which Governor Seward and those by wlipm this noininatiOn was effected, have hot cbufled —with which they were not favorites ?” candii Most Melapcholy Casualty.—Jtenth o f tthree Young Ladies.^0n Friday afternoon, 2d inst, three young gtris, M‘ss Ifepperling, Miss Bare, and Miss Baker were cTrowned in Mr. Jacob: 's Spring.house, about one mile from L .wn. Pa. They had gene to the Ppri 36 for the purpose of securing the milk ( other arlicies in it, from being flooded, there be. ing indications o f a heavy storm of rain. Wbile in the Spring-house the'rain poured down in; torrents, fflliog the lower story instantly, and covering foe floor o f the loft to foe depth of Hiiine two feet, ths torrent rushing: in at the ........................... 3 ixnpdssible. T o i m € m n d ^ r A NH'THE'JiraiblG G E N E B A its?. I riT lH E aqbsprieer would lespectfuUy £ive notice'that hi sold aa clieap as they can be found in w Oct. 10.1846. i , i . . / ' hurried to their lives save their lives. AtifoRent party of following paragaph, 3 S given by Mr- lalure oi »f the: secret Legislature the two past winters, and his votek 00 the bills to redress foe Manorial grievances; to equalize ts^Sation, and in relation to DCvisCs .and Descents, are all recorded in Xhe a0m it- f if we judge a man by his past acts Mther tive; if we judge a man by his past acts Mtlier than his .promises for the future, we Must be­ lieve that.Mr. Youiig will fovor the Anti-Refit, era in all things reasonable. Should Mir. Young be elected to fi|l the office of GoVernuL there is not a reasonable doubt in otir Mind h k ihat he' will grant a reprieve to each and all o f the Rent prisoners y ^ * rtirfrtrfi- T 2 nni\lfHftA«kn Oxford Republican. • Good Eno\ _ Journal comes out with ij pew convert in support pt (ion. T h e W h igs in this jiterous nt lafel bigs in tins,quarter,.spTalefy inst the murderers of ... /iolaters of the law , are bi- jorniuglreconciled, and .wUI soon go ia fiilf: eoQcettf “ Down with foe E e n t i |M o h a w k Gourier. Just so Th Tpnapkins.. ; John MuUer.^00 Tues'day evening last, J )oiiahoo, an overseer froM Hmds co.unty, i I led b v a man named Boles ftom_ foe s der was committed, as Wi street, about, fi o’filoofc it what we have learned it ire intoxicaled, and the life ef Donahfio vikl causa though i rddge between i ; b “)« w h 4 oci. i; aoort. Fr I thatha both pears l which termini result of SOI ap.. stab I was foe it Is said - --------- 3vola. . ^MeiSoirs of of <3eorg'e 33.'' T ” ' I irid ftlystery of [Puffing. • Oct 13,1846j Kurat A rchitwttureviy S 6 aw. ' ; 'History .and ftlystery o f [Puffing. ''■ ■ *J 3 e€rip>4|ds a t N d v 9 '4 > .' ‘ ; Sa!tSltS3.£sp!S; & S i « “ T 's r > i i -17“ I ' l * ! v! i'!}r O R IG I N A L S t a i n e d i .; e ^ y :. sdWt'i

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