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Ithaca journal & general advertiser. (Ithaca, County of Tompkins, N.Y.) 182?-1847, July 22, 1846, Image 1

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jL lE T a p E S S.- a & m s M i ^ m m l a \ i M ieM w irn& ^ G m m ^ p r / « ■^ S S S a t e f c ' * •tafda E!artaers]|iijvnrte| p 5 S T & H o S ^ K ^ ^ p p l B & s s s s e s s ' ■ Qdsand Pailerna.i M rs. L. has .fverv s tyle & Sitfts,, for fijain indfe lulled H its. - J L . ■ I T H A C A laL C A D E M Y . ®!?*i>' 5 rTe™pftlu 4 nstitutionyWllbisin urniiure in jis snojjt. Jtle loves loli^hed beauty praised, m u d i i isteo to t h e sobs o f th e p o o f afflicted on e s syho; are ta ting their la s t loolr, w h ile h is band is yet <ia the lid, ready, w ith calq i and iiful oftl. 10. HEATIH, -ee’y of hoard Titislees. N o . Ot^do-STOEET, g w A Y E Lately tfeceived la. laige^addihon to their assort- W I N T E ^ G o d D S . Our assortment o f » r y jddpds is. extensive , l a ^ qaaatity- o f Carptets, M^tUngs. Od cloth,., *1^5=, x/ia«- kets, a u d a great variety oCUle iatpst and most Fashionable Styles for Ladies, Geni|lemm} kitdchild|cB% wear, which with ' • ^ p s 4 ^ ! p ^ ” i thdsiib 4 '{ * r . i S i feas cireuMsttoce# dirMt,'! M E E € D L A R K , s i i ^ |T T i ^ l E O E f 3 doors west o f Ca3mga st. Ithaca. Sooth side of Owego.st. 3 doors west of Cayuga st |t 3 ”pead|i made clothing always on hand. h a t ;, c I a i » Sijb’e R s t o r k T [ 1 C . ijS f c a r ,n s r a j t e Store.dir^tly Opposite Mack!,iAndrDs a Co’s Bonkslore, and A t M'a. 6 § 0 wegd^treet, {nirth s ideA Andall - ’— ‘•-- immend bis work, ss . , esuiu^risha. CJ>U. Ithaca, June 9 , lt) 46 . j _____ 4 I>Yif:>WOOH^ & ST 3 I J F F « . B. CPRRAN is now, reeeiv..ing at his DRDG . W * g T O R B ,in the new Br ick Bh.ck ,4 doors trnu. iAiiEdtaScrccf, on Qwegq-gircel, a supply ol DYE- Logivo’drh ■ ‘ ; Aium, | - ' ; | s d , . t-* pnnrpr C h c luefs n m a t lovedj tnpueh clay ' 1 it up till the in o m in g o f T h e Worker in m arble i< ifu! iosei-iption, celebral som e superior geniu it b f p i e t y ; put the the smooth ) q 1 Ifflonuraenta stc or condense tb' Cr-r.trVf Tnjt-?r^ 1 ^ ; '- simple C‘bfe-T?.tl»>n 4 _ Pti€S C>f ■ -‘-“'-V . i I r.-.u.,T i'_ j|-.j'lye.tT, in!? j_IhcsearncLc..^ha^caUt)..hiM-'“>‘^*>'d»e‘lt^ o f the occa- cla y cold the 00, w ill lu i iDsefiption , celebra ted by gen iu s, and b feathing the spir- t th e c h ief thing w iih him is. [to get so mdeh a letter. He ■ „ jpiigii aud gi u e s |o f individuals o r nations^ but they m u st H e liiinks m ore o f ine proportions pf the one, than o f the rich sentim en t ought he has excavated w ith o1 f the intractable maierlaj Ijiis p a l l e t (jut o f th e intractable le m an \5 u , m anhbod, old age ; none o f tof individua ls o r natjpnSj but t cu t 0 th e intracta b s i t [not, h e asks, fully w orth the rhere is no jeriod o f life, then, o u t nenfdo not m a k e m oney ; —infancy, bood, m a n h p o d , old ag e ; non e o f the calam^ j nnoney { )f w h ich child- s o r oatipnSj b lined iojtq goVd.-r-Fain, disease, I bpnek must all be paid for. Else the ‘heai- Ijng a n ’ would die out,-^Tbe passiona and i boniEQversiei of men yield a reveoue,!else he Ipgal profession would find its ‘occupa- ioD gone., Evea the sins aod’crimes of men Require the expensive establishment of dhurches, orllinciliceSj &c,, though it must be lonf^ssed be[ vyho should expect to make loney out of ihe gospel ministry, would as geberai ihMg miss the marlt, albeit certaid idge|rtevenu|s have been afieum u lated in one iraneh o f ^ehrisiendom’ properly called P o p e - om.| Dear p e l if Mr* polk should make uchfa requisition on the Am erican clergy, ..s Paredes: Has' on the R om an Priests, h e ihigl^i whisile for bis War. The soldb \|voul,d soon be starved into peace. ! M |n raaka m o n ey out o f the ig ipeir|feiiow m e n ; for if w e exp e c t to he h k u g |t , w e nluSt pay for it. A y e , pay w e ll, 'i|fyoii are at a ‘S e lect S c h o o l; ’— a girl, the im a g e o f her m o ther, t h e idol o f her father^ a fBoardine S c h o o l.’ T h e y Were former- • u * rx.r^ ^ - fheiripupils chiefty ft M anyjprihetin deserved the nam e o f [ H a m p r g h ^ h o o l a . Al^n are not indeed i ejharged for sunlightj nor [for rain ; but w h e n tjhe p n is gope, mpihey if mtffle out o f the darkness, and the free w a ters pf ibe fountain iJre often im p o n s ly sold for s ilte r , f i\ 5 *ir* 4 »C* O. rtll»l»»r»ttiS 'Krtl rt «• * T^Krtvr •rv^nlvA «-v%y>.v« lorantje o f And be happy, all ye ladds! Earth was tnaao by One Almighty, And to meddle is to mar;t;‘ Change is rash, and ever w a s»o ; W e are happy as we are St[Spd ye stub ye restless nations. And be happy as y e are.’?; Mightier Is the younger preadfler ; Genius flashes from his ayes ; ' And the cilowde who hear hisjvoicc, ' Give him,[while their souls rtftoicc, ing accents fi ided natioijsv ss IS the rule o f alijl ladg for heaitful eftbrt; iy has crushed hinj hug, from good ThrolJbibg bosoms for reAlios, ’e:d they listen, yet elated, ;| Whilej his'-slirring accents fa]l r “ Eorwardt ye deluded natioi|s, Progress is the rule o f alijl Man was tni I qfl'with the consumption on%d - [ can feel my .Ever is ahnat eat|'pp: witH i>. sp j What’s the u^e to lafee ine aw^^ o ff to dip aijiqng Surg. My frie'pd, ;i^m.really sorry it are you laboring upder the effects oftbe chn* I Mil. To be sure I am—Dhere he pats, his hand upon his chestand raisesan artiffeidtcough, 1 \>”'\teffelting symptoms of gfeat pain)|just ex- e me, Doctor, .and,you’ll 4od I ’m mff |okmh ou, Doctor T if you had half the pain I suffers you’d give'me a certificate quipk, ' < Here the Surgeon approaches the cnasampt lamines and gpeslioHs 1 w as in a.;p6t o f hi! iw often are you I o f tim e ; Mlur Cash r lived credji. July i. I T&e O F F I C E and GhO'*^B ST O R E o f the ^ lACfi FfttLS WO&LIE# IVMNflFAfiTURmG CO.;! s s i ? . ; d X ‘« q f IS, Cassimeres, F lam e ls, Satinetis, Shawls, p| ledng.&o sc. will a t all ti|je3 be Very general, tow h ich gl pardcutarly call the aUedlion o f Gountry Merchants-^ ■ Jwliere they will find it an dbjeetto make their purchases. :e,Te(}ucwteil to pre ent tfaeip | q the Secretary i^ d get tlieic ’ithaea, JnneT. 1R46. m e M i g m mouse.’ VA.W B G S K I R E , No. 9 8 ^ e g o ^ s t.. Cloths^ C a sstm e r e s , V h s lm g s 4- Trim m ings., Of the most improved Fabric iad Manutacture ; consisting 1-^ I . • C L Q T & : {French, English, German and American hleck and colored, pf superior style and finish—ajl qualities, from low priced to Shirts, GoHarS, Snspenders, Gloves. plain. Fancy Vestings cpimpar ilpbt m: ? r , ‘1 s a ll It to execute ail orders that ina) bo offered, and has now ‘ “ “ \ • • “ ‘ A - f l ' S l v A E l j asdjorsale a t whql^ele.oi retail a t He has also on hafid and v p l be f e n s . \ S g th e ^ e a - j 1 approv-ed patr E.Low &. Go’s improved ba Wnt fuel-saving I Railway GookJM Stores, i£SSg!ft 5 ?S *’-4 «■' * n t s t s s . u r f r - r ’' : FarJorflnnibStoves, ; GastiDga and Machinery of lall kinds on hanp, or mail artioles in S e above Line are offered at the very low­ est prices and on ficcommodatuig terms'. 1 r ■ (DONE AD. Ithaca, July 9 ,|I 845 . ; , 46 lego Street. e o|ten impiously sold tor silver. M a p is a-ei|fiou s being.; T h e y m a k e ^ oiit o f h is hurioshy. Thousands: are paid M a n i f . du m t s t c a l being, maiiuiuottlrt; tnusiu tbrmim,' and charge him accordinglv. <>h ye golden epnee^ts I Ylee haveave a doqbleouble har/wo/zy'.r/Mo/2|'. Y e h a d ha Y e tpaka the sih er jingle io the ear o f oue par- w lile^the notes[ungle'in the ear o f the ot her W o a an is yain, fc|3d o f brigh t c o lors, loving to dress so as to | e adm ired.— H o w liie sillers o f purple and fiae linen do prof' by il I F o rtunes have b e |n m ade out o f ihi pyide and va n ity ,p s w e ll as out o f ihe nece [ties o f hum? n nature. E ilsts and a p p etites : nacost rapacious. T h e m o n e y -geiiers know anp they laader to tljem . T h e lust o f o f w int — o f tobaccoH -of pleasure’—the arlGUs a p ie t it e — w b a t'm o n s tro u s strt JSihaye tl: ey reared tq this great city i foc gain, ishrjned-;d—|P ' hi'i's sudd'u irfum ed— pi T h d d e f lind ever-tq jbe-depreeated w a r -^hovy it isk ( |in g to bloaitjthe purses o f s o m e nien if But V i'ho regards the tears o f the w ido|srand ih e orphan 1 1 W h a t are th e y , ired w i h honor \ bH ih bioxey ? S e e ig d o w o to - n is coum ing house. nan got] [after tni ill} s treet. Beh ehold ti|f quick step-^^-the iuvhtfuL D tow — the an x iou s face:— the tsej th e ta |n , the diail|ogue—-it is a ll for -j-jusily or [ tpey jtnake id s e a ; ’ d ig it ou $sh 11 up frxm the flatter; they f the sheep’s btjldy and the tjie land and prm|r. anil 1 [lutider it fiom' the sh e e p ’s htjldy and the jeese?s back- -th e y extrajiji it.fro|n his quill,- pey'd r a w i t out o f fire, ||vaier, ajOd s team ,— lihey [extort i . ,from ice ijtseJf,— |they lu g it apd contini0nts,ttheiy w ill get it [dcrosjs qcean^ but o f the be dias and sh •r)rien,[—they tvill s e ll theji! rnal W isdM pecla^red, th|it ‘ihe lovl iir AYho ‘ T he CAkiit'OR] her o f recruiii! Satu 'day m q m ing, w e r e [closet [fey order o f Qol. Steven s o n , thi segitnent be ng more il ao filled. F itieen aunt red m eii are already enlisted, w h ile th e '—\■“ ent is * b c o n sist o f ten cdnipanies, only ty'.seveti im|n m af 'company. \ , bej a finet. ppporthnhy G 4 e a t B a r b a i n s f o r G a s h ! ^ 0 . H A R H I S 'fTBREBY inform tb$ phblic that ilreyMyq jn T l afrivpdffqra tUeCity ot New-York,with an ex f?N0C.EAri-.ES,4-c., iffbtai the lowest Ca'sli Prices, and have op >en, nd of all ev fE>r. P f a i n n e y f i f e f i i f v P i l l s . ,. T ^ s a s a i; s % f* ‘« £ s s a s * t 21 “f i l l ’ H M,vrtaJ, 36 Owego-st. BTOWBhB. move thq Hied on tqe F . > . Ml . P l a y i n g , o l d S o j l d i e r . W e are indebted to the Fulton County Dera. ocrat, published in Johnstown, N . Y ., for the followingiudicrous account o f a dialogue that recently took place in that village between Surgeon and a Mil'itia Mali, who had bicon ey reared i,n th is gre a t city — G ain is the god ; enthroned— ?rfum ed — pr a ised — w orsh i p ed. much alarmed at t|ie pros for the Mexican War, an< procure a certificate lary duty. well, in every respect., li fa’s office with a doa’ncast >arent’.y in great bodily distre need the following ey- e sam e h B ■■ cou m in g lat rides along you- isiness. L o o k into luick step-44-the me 4 i:om traipia’. Surgeon.—W ell, friend, what M il.— Why, sir, in the first place I’m dealf my right ear, I can’t lieai couldn’t hearLlie noise of ffi^make M oney in every w a y jiDjusiIy— vi'^sely or* foolishly ; I w iib the I h ead and! feet, the voice, at |i|ome>me andnd abroad,broad, a a on {’ d ig it o u t o f the ?r; I ants,(they w ill g e t buls o f th e ir lello' r o w n souls for i t ! m and Truth hath ot m o n ey is the ie v e s lit joppnrtt t i beJefore, b e a fineti pi or m a k ing a s J e e t io n o f the b e |[ ip the regja eojt. J . ; H a d thej lecruting off c e s be^n continued hpeef we, doubt not ih ’ee thoiusand could havq been e n listed befbiQ th e cl this [w e e k . T h e regim h f M t h o f h isi jfew [w e e k s vvill c lo se fo the elopemeot being real., O n eiof the wives o f 1 the 'abscoridjng males is so dangerously ill that Mr iiealli islmotnentarily expected. The crim. [N .Y . New Albany. “ Standh G oir„ - None shall patiently e Any ill that he oan'cu Onward' Onward, whi T o be conqiitered W hile oppression lifts a finger T o affront iJs by his migM ; W hile an error qlotids the reason ; While a sorrow knowsMfee heart; W hile a slave a waits his freMoin, Action is the wise map*i ipart - Forw a rd ! ye awakened nfitfoiis t Action is the people’s p?irt, I “ Onward ! there are ills toionquer,— I' Ills that on yonrseivesTOu’Ve brought} T h e ie is wisdom to discera,. | There is temperance to leaip^ And enfianchisement Jhr thought. . Hopeless Poverty and Toil ; May Do c o n q u ered, if yon try ; Vice, and Wretchedness, hrtd Fam ine. Give Beneficence the lie. Onward! onwai^ ! and [subdue them ! • Root them o u t ; thefr day is passed ; Goodness Is a|on!e iiijoiM lalI E v il was ndt made [rff last, (Forward, ye awakened people, And your sorrow sh^l not last.” ■ A nd the preaching o f ifiepfeaeher Stirs the pu|s :S o f thh ! Tyranny has curb'd its,pi§W - [ Ej-rors that were ceiuedv; ‘ ‘ Into darkness haveheett hurled; Slaverywand Liberjty, f _■ And the Wrppg and Right have met, , T o decide their ancient Mjrrel. Onward! preacherf oAVVard y e t ! There.are pens to tell ypurpcogress. There are eyes that p)Ro to read. , ^ _ laiq baYe, eggs and other victualslu the san, withoiat eitlL er kettle or whter 7 \’ I .wouldii’i go therd f®*\ the niggers a id land t<? boot, hecauset Doctor, . 1 couldhjt stajnd it. i [: Surg. Yob say your liver is nearly destroyed , with consumption, Wlxat is the state h f yottf bowels I ■ M il. Gh, dpeadfulIY out have to take,two smashiu’ day to keep m e right, and! witkefulnes i ip terror; popflisloji, and. in utter I --— .u, „iti fdArMess.. They, had eJept!, 4 h^^^^ [tell'how m u c h |oflheTerfQriM»he,of::hoW,lQn i,. ;r, , |:tl}e sound i f h i s :m others voiced, H e daslied [his life. A jaip and again the motlier called.— j iShe felt— s le beard his steps-^-she kneW he| seemed tflhiive-fS-\— 't;—T 'f --- from bis I ilff seem, bewildered''almokl t& phfenzy, the- popr hoy dashed| pefeipitately qyefj the.Boxeejfell,; ,ah|d lay[,racmr“‘' '■ ------ . 3 i : : would- s e e m ,: beWih daahedj'percipiiaiejy Hveii me.DUxeSj'ieji, i a corpse, am ong the eurjity [benches in j « S : - . ..... ■ I .A rumor pr*. vaife'd IhcVe that A b iribh bf the Lobisi Onward, preacher ! Onward, nptioi W ill must ripen into D eed . Ill sposo these c ling out o f ord( 11 S urg.—No doubt o f that, bub as to y ou lyou seem to be troubled with a bad coi lyou throw tip any matter 2 i i M il— Yes] more[ thap a [quart every sometimes almost strangles me. O h ! ol ing a cough.|l ? • Surg,— Dp you raise k n y blood t Mil.— Yes!, a great deai. Surg.— Perhaps it proceeds from ypur'ni if you are eubjict to bleeding at the nose.! i I.. “ t c ; f ^ I liver, and it’q as freph ajs i f lit was taken IftomW hog. I raise; it by monjthfuls;} so you seA'Dom torj I can’t stapd it fona a t this rate, a n d ’Lwoum be nonsense | o scn4 a %in’ man like raf aWnyi- ich alarmed at t|ie can War, and wisl ■tificate ofinabiHty to perform mi laii, who had become ispect o f being dlafled id Uierefpre to ked appearance, and ss, and then com. DIALOGUI ;W-ell,W-ell, Duel Militia Man.— leyou, and I Want to g 3 fi:om train il itor, I’ve called to get a certificate to clear is the matter ? I’m dea in >ugh it. 1 forty canuhns on that Sur. Deafness is an afiliction, my friend, hut that alone will not shield you from military du- ty, in times of national peril—but you can hear jin the other ear, can’t you ? ■ . Mil. Not very well—when I take cold it Isetlles in my head—fills it up tight, and then one ear ain’t much better than t’other. O h ! it’.a fuJ, feelin’ to be deaf, and ought to clear lan from trainin’. i jze with you, Sir, and inary eifciimslanjces l would be hap. py to grant your request- times—time.s of danger wash tub and then agift,jthe coldichills come up, and I feel as if I was [kivered'all everfivithia coat o f ice. Oh Doctoi;! you don’t knovsf iwhat [ a sickly cretur I am ; i f you did, y ou wouldn’t [ asks ne que.stions. , I ■ Surg.— Your eye.sigbt is g o od, is it pot ? Mil.—Not at all, Dpclor. I’m Vefy n sighted. When the sup shines it dazzles my eyee, and in cloudy wMiher I can’t see; from one end pf the gUn to ihe other, so you see I would be o£ no kind efl use in war. ' l ’fi«be its ' ’ ily to shoot the star^ a® Mexicans, j D on’t engaged with Mexico .on tl threatens1 to take part in the inces 1 would be hap. t— -but these are tryifig bloodshed. W e are he south. England st, and if to take part shall witnesi ;orld ever sav krucled by the Commanding General [ [ant certificates for slight c&uses during | 'exit. oes, we Shall witness me ’-most terr'ible Strug- gle the vyorld ever saw ,” and further, sir, I have | been insitrucled by the Commandin .pee o f the war. 11. li c iico ! they’ll not catch me in Texit, I’ll not go to that burniu’ climate to De | mtion off to opidn’t stand iD ■ week. It’s, hori’ihle to drag a man away Oft'to Texied to 'fight with, niggers and Iqjuus, espe. d a ily a poor deaf feller Jikq me. 'Go to T exicot no, by thunder, 1 won’tf^^I’l! die first. ' Barg- A ll the sound, able bodied men Ba'rg. A ll the sound, able bodied men in this regiment will soon\ be called upon to march to Mexico } and surely no patriot will refuse to de. dexieo} country. Able bodied ir, and besides, Doctor, I’ve g ot a dread­ ful lame foot—:tbree years ago 1 split tpy big toe thro* and thro’ and it’s never beep well since, l | have- to wear a big boot.,on that foot (you see,) aiid even now sometimes g ives me great distress. Gh,'me 1 w hat times i 'T h a n -VOU a ie icm v , “..v yuu , nor n ight that big toe— and you kuow, Doctor, that side got*^liek^TS^^^^ run.; why°I f f I w< our side^got j couldn’t keep up .withth® rest on ’em on account [o f this ere lame foot. I’d sgrely be taken pris- [ oner, and then likesCnough they’ have an Injun mow over me, and tie ine to a stake and i a S ' i ; 4 l ' “ : S u V tloned on td ftontier, af oncQ lo Point Isabel, T exas. T^p company at this post and one a t Fort Gratio| will mareh forthwith. Orders have been despa|chcd to the companies on Lake Su­ perior to f|»irDW. Company C . Capt. Byrne, Stationed at;|Maekinac, w ill remain at that post, T h | Other qbmpaniea are at Buffalo, Fort N|. and Saekets Harbor. j I ain’t fit tq make a warrior, and as for g o ipg i< Texico, I won'tdo it. No, by blisEum, I wAn’i Surg, You will bo .obliged to go i f they cal a yoa, otherwise they w ill hang you qj fljarsper auaum- / i •. . §2. This act shall not eXlend lovor iifen; way apply to the city and county o f NeW.Yorli T iZ E d o m r E N T I O m - \ I could fight, by natur’. have sweats oi- cqld i age to the countyrnFLivingstoP. , ! §|l. The tbjwns o f Njunda apfi [Portage,in the breast bone four _ io. three ^.pieces, ar heal up when they ^ is bad for me, (liere he coughed tremej never go out in the nighj. air. I don’t foot w e t; if I did my toqwould s\yell;u that I couldn’t get iny [Kiot On ,for a'v haint no appetite—I can’ , eat nothin’ bujt deli cate vitals, and furtberniore. Doctor, I l^ave a j dreadful pain aero.'is t:h< kidneys and . in the J spine—it darts through ray whole body like | rp arrows. ;Seven yfei rs ago I tock tbefo’ i ague, and it bangs >n to me yet,iknd i till 1 die. Ob, Db,c!oG I ’m ai^ p'aip hud lery firom the top o f iriy brains to the] bnd of toest- and do you t|iihk it right, Doptor, to d a poori miserable,:fi}aif.dead skeleton fike: me to fight the Mcx'icand; besides, Doctor, Dm shdli {be If^nscrihed as aft a W hig. This war is Sgin’ fiiy principlies; the^ anggutlLOMty 6 f the com Locos made the war, alid fifet ’em fight |it out I'l the eouhty of Liyingstol [shoot, or ha ng, or burn |me, !but I’ll be dA-d i f I [go to Texico. I amt no eoivard, neitherii but I- couldn’t Stand the har|dshipj the marebiin’, the* fightin’, and $0 on— that’s all. N o w Doetor, do,; take pity on me, and write me a short cerjlificate., j Oh, do— I’ll pay you Avell, Doctor— (putUng his hand in his pocket,) I’ve got lots o f dhauj foot service you might join'thc caval teamstpr for the baggage wagons.. Mil.-—^Worse and worse ! ,I can‘l rifle a r faster than a slow wall| on j^ccoun), of i^y sumption,umption, andnd 1 couldin’t.oulfin’t. drivejive a te^mea,n.t joionjac- s a I c d a t j Coum of ray dizzy f i t s ^ l might tUffi|le off an,d ^-Reajjy frielid^ yog are in a if your statCmenti be correctj >w hut I ought tb grant you a iwithstanding | m f instcuctionp don’t knoi cate, not! iate, notw ithstanding Jmy i sontrary. Would you jswear to the st^l ?ou have made to me ?'j I' Mil.—Yes, sir, ah,d iqore too— what I ^ell f o s is as true as the Gospel;., < - . ■ Surg^i^Well I ’ili wait a few days td see i f my orders may fiot be countermanded; probably it j may not be uecessary |o eenid o ff ibis regiment, and i f so t will then grqht y o g a certificate. Call I

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