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Ithaca journal & general advertiser. (Ithaca, County of Tompkins, N.Y.) 182?-1847, February 11, 1846, Image 2

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■If' - e S e a a t o , sevicrai mcmortaSs weropr^senr 11 le d l|)r and again s t tbe new county' o f PratS, and . petitions forj the new cq in ties o f Wy®- jiining and Irviiig. aL report was 'received'from '^■'inptroiler in ainswor to the inquiry relative public priuti jjg. '[’be Seiia le then'w e n t i’ Or !gon a n d T e s r ' & the 'ffo.or,lresi . H a w a s ^ i o d d thq liaar^fad- snt, w W m iUpnclU jdm g. , - ^ ■ M file IJeuge, pem ions.tyerp presen|ed ' I A g ffciijltpral {jHiveisitj, atfUpolMster--^foi : j a b a jish in f'dislressi jr S 2 J. 5 T S S Z » ^ ; S S 'AfSer had! be mi struck a blow or t w o ho run , f; rtionsv M r. ’^otswg hatdng t h e 'f la o w r e s u .; j ! med|and:coneiuded s 'e m a r J s v ,f ia r y a s r^ ie d ; Ltd m Mr. Clark, w te spoke and. the haarpF; lisity at,RooMster--for a law j$r rsflt^fbr.tiq aM itipn of' - H . Coercfliprted ’anal Coipmis- P S l n k . . j • B e u |aeqw . idiaxhabsted'COi jAfiter bp hadi be behind | tlje. ides £ -------- , „ 1 pud wa^ taken c u t from tiiero. H e wad” w liipp-1 ibdfpn tlip.baro b; .ok, JL a t a p d opjtiie U p f acca- eioii tillfhe m arc led out to dinner. I s a w him in | ^he a fternoon o f M o n d a y ip the shop. H e w as fittin g pn the be ich, and Whether a t wpr^ I c a n ’t;; y a t . li think in m fgh t hbf'e w o rk hift c a n ’t sayi; lviietl\er he w o u d have been in pain i f h'eliad;— : I tlhiukj 9 ^ r I t ) »’olock wtien I s a w him>oh T u e s . da^. I ih i n k j bout I d o’clock w b e n h e w a s wlSipper! o n ' f i u sday. I s a w j i i s back Op T n e s.: ’ ‘ ’ • ’ders and hips * both^ I Peter T. Spyderl Di^den, t,50] A. T. HimVod, Burdette, p,Op I u | „ J ? f e ' gaaie§SlS?tiliSii b S L I S T . ■■ - p-' r n m m ^ • to their in . te r e s t t p e p ll j t t p u r office and settle their aepts. J o a e p lr|i‘asBeiit, 1 W e st G r o ton, ^ 9 ,0 0 B a r n e y M ilo r e , Newficld, 8,00 11 •t a t A ,ahum , biai w h ipi e d . 1 had not know n nt ini J p.nm. and h|fve been in t h e hab it n.a few piaceq,. I did t t eared t o ^ e w a ll { L E G I S L A T U R E O E U ^ W Y O R R , n \ 1 ^ ■ r^izziar!\ engaged dafing the greater 'I j in discussing a PosqlhliOn'] 'd by MH Clark, peppopng A select eotnptl- Af la vt-sUgatitiij into the management o f dnd ,Iexpeiiditaresop tlicjnorllK'rn scc!|onoftlieChapi- [ plai|i canal and Glens Falls feeder. H g, Clark, Poi ler, Seovill, Johnson, 1 ikrd, Wfrgli|t,’ Potoam, |lan|d, ah Co. The-res noes 0, A. Iby M r, F o lsoalj ;gme te?nHrk.C'‘*‘I l si;ems th,ai if.' Y . N e w s , edited by J. L.jO’Salliva n , Khd, cl that he (F o lsom ) w a s a jo in t s tock p a r t n e r ' ) [dn c|>|litions o f w h iggery,hnli.re|itism ,& :,e.,wl)roh dharacterized as oite, o f polkioal profligacy, lithe H o u se, the p.ctiluons \v| lo t o f the usual ft iip-. M | _ 1st the rem o v a l o f l l h c tscholiario couinly ' [ b u i|d|ngs. M r. T o f il rcnnrted under instyuctioxis •> I' a b |l|fo r■ theeN N e w Moh o havfk raU-tload, A n un p ic- ] I g iv e Ithc bill a prcjfar. by a vote o f 49 toi 61. d soatJbecupied by M r. ftlonday—ftfie qaostion J jat one! oFblock. Aj r e -1 I'thf! Ccmptrol'lcr. ih e w M a ' ccsifjil eiforf w a s m ade enc|3| T h e m o tion fqil 'I T h | lease o f the c o n t e s t N P icl(|c, w a s set tic to l|e| taken ■■oil T a e s d a y | ■port[was reecived from an}<||nt o f public: prinlij aate'priDling v A lisem b iy K v g e a ts, of tatecl in the IV 3'hotisfS were rfe- dohyentioii. T h e O N dY-Tii^tcwM al 'cslative ■ ilicofSccs and advjIftisiing| irn Prison, f< ict Plumb'Wi ist y e a r , V 13,929 7! t - 28,161 02 4 2 ,0 9 0 70. : 31,345 84 73.4 3 6 53 , ^ce o f a bill to abolish jfilson. M r.’C o e laic! on liliiig on the agent- o f the tc a p ’^ w ilh w h ich the i i u r d m , F e b r u a r y 7. I'fhe S e n a t e , petitlofes-hy Mri Sanford to a- i the act. in reiatiop |to T r in ity C h u reh, by W right and M r.Chiimberlai i again st propo- .sciijifivlsions o f GreeneJaacJ A ll .’gany co u n t ies; hV',;Mr.'ilai-cl a;id Air Iftpm onsJ for the o 'fp |h a y k ‘r,and a ne Mr. Bcckm .n t j . e C o n i , . - - : ------------ n c k ira session o f the S e n a t e w a s r e ­ lied. J'he rem a isder b r ib e day w a a s p e n f on .feregon and Te.vas rcSolutio is an'd _ iii passp.- ||olWeAn M essrs , G lafk add . F oun^. ’ * I the Ilou.se, the; pc).i|iions,-i, icluded th e P s u - |n g e , for t h e division j o f cod ities, for and tt- 'orci jn-Bible soc ut, f i r theTievv .wa(ys,'&c'. M r. S ; 'L a w - tile, from lh.c bank eoilnnii|ltci, reported a bill nfeiring the banks! lo ilpakc i c m i-cponthly re- |i|s , and quaricTiy reports, gf averages-. T h e •uling the-18tH ward i i t h e c ity o f NeW 1 passed. [T l i e E . \ c i s > bill w a s finally a lliird lim e and passed, 81 to 8, aftcjy.being iiicd as lo require all lie 'ucles to e xpire bnj] l | e 3 1 V y |dncsday o f M a y n !Xt. T h e cliseusj slcjn of t lip itla iior ^uesilion,' under that part o f I ' l | . | Governor’s M epsagq, w a s i isjioiod, and M rj l n addres.sod the co'tniniUe i i | n the cesk . H is back w a s n o t ait ihei Iple low a r d s ne, bu t wlst'ii Ire w a s w'asiiied I' St jppen jforWar 1 and s a # i l . ’ H p -has no t beenl - ished w ith brine sin e e 'his death t o m y knpw lJ g e J l have given no dit(|ctio«s tli^telm eljoiildlj 1C waffi'ed s in c e his deatflj --It-liVaS reqPeSted hyl ,| til e Jupges aftpr ho w a sjturned over yesterday! | s s E s i g g ? ? ® ince or tw ice. ' I t h in k tihes.bloocll ■ j.' ' . -i— ‘......'i - ------ - ------ — ------ __pi! n his back on Tnesday^tjHin-ltj I ■ Gmference at Ithaca. i t . Goufereuce at Ithaca, tljat bA s h o u ld Ae le f t a s fie wa’fetf Gomvicfsfljad! been • Abashed in brine be; ore by d irectipp of'th d Ppysiclian. 1 1 lib Ink I dir r e t e d in -this ease thatj hy be washqd im b'rinc, ; saw thte body onM o n J day. jHc \vas w h ipped v fth m o re severity than! isu s u ^ i. ITe d ied, as I £ m inform ed, five m in. ujtes-b^fore s ix , Satuf-day - I meatr b v 'his being vvhippbd w ith ifiore seve ntv than usual, that the — , ^ ------ 'c; ____ i-_i ------- — C q n c ^ Scrofula and Goitre. Ample oxporieace haa proved that no combination pf med- iiitotlm4irou,lation anti, eradicates disease wlierevef foe It purifies the bipod and p'hqr fluids of the body, rj?n obotruotions in the po^s etftheskin.and reduces eniargjei ive t t y than usua l, tl ___ greater- t l a-u osUal-^ I think thq hfpwd'wero non w ith mor f fp r e o lhafi u s u a l; p a . X is if v ery stout' m a n . ; H e has not pnnished 3] reat deal Ijclore. ' A rtn n w h o is accustom ed Ip le c a t can usp i t With m»ro' severity than one /'ray bcing-duly sw orn s a y s — the deceased i,n the shop on thd I haj’o been Forem an in the shoe kn e w of his bein g s ick . I tievef ■ a p p earance b f in sanity. I savir Week- a g o last M o n d a y and Tuesc | think 50 or, 6 0 blows o.o BfoncJay( j jii.t them . I counted Thesday': 26. Hu started to run through e w a s struck a s he started, or ck , a n d J a m not certain! whetlil- i, > H e wjds whipped on bis barb t p'unishjnAnt 20 or 25 m inutes. 'ho ip not. G e tirge W ,(|li i have seen tkilor% board. Lth|ng’| f theSjBgiisti^g:nausea accotnp^njing th^^idL' of |iseo v ephipped a ' I shoulc i di4 not col tjlie 4bep> qtartqd ash e s j dr i counted tf l i ' X mndr, Cary i s inflicted. liOQ^bt there] ve lost the eoc old him iS cQ .lie spWie. T | ;o cofinf. first p'unishjnAni a n y a p p e a r a n c e o f bfood running at ail. T h e y wdro 15 dr 20 mink udge, inflicting tjie' p u n ishm ent ofi Mon-dsy, ’ after' I r'eturned frorfi skpd me h ow m any b lo w s I Ihoughit I said 6l& or 70, f He-, said hh cotald not he , as many.. He said Jmt when he run, and tha'I Rathbu i leaij a.s he ^odid, knd repoi t liati is thp circum stance that led m|c thq^circum ^itney sw o rO y b a y s) I have exan ----------- used. I saejv ih e slofiadch. Th|Cr brown. iippearapcdjOn'U, qr a portion bfi|,. been in water, a s [I supposed anci^was ta- i t o f a c ish o f w ater, as I suppctsecl,'-w|ien rtion o f i t a dark.color..' J prespjne or w ould not Have appeared, had, i som e previous inflam m a tion, less iqflam ed how titan w h en fi'k er death, t thin k prostration, tile ualh whiesh iiiay liavio'heen prodip. ises. F rom the 1.es[iin()ny I have t d f i i r S S fflU is.u>o.t surpriac,: rbeir oporatipn iiBing nore or less poworiul, according ttf tho ()U»eiie|ioflbe Cifcniatiug fluid On a parson in a fair state of beakli, who is bnly qoslive ir slightly, billious, they will !(be seal hely A lt: Jon Ihejconlrar jr, if tlie complaint bachronic, and thelcpuBtitatipil be m'ucb ( eraiiged, the oftcot geiieriilly at first IVmosttid verAlfuntil 1 if) system be freed from some. of its niptand most vitiated awl turgid humors __ TbiB aiidomplishdd.dosvs'suffif ieiit to cause 2 or 3 copious s s i s t a S T i r r '.I... S i Pjrryj Nelson'J’rumbJe.Gro- l«iibu|gh; John Losee^^n- lllh : I; saw it-—a p< I the llrown co picrh not bcc [would appeal jxaipined, af ausb oflii-s (1 :ed by tw o ca ' hreayk i tliirii I o f liis prostra lie rilust havi front C ray’s t day.| T h e r e lod iipoi iipoili the loir his Backhand and] irritation w h ipping \vi lion. I think from the testim pnj Clans, yyho hayo tried,jjpd thcrbf<ire4tuuwhow to appreciate Dr.Oavid Jayne: Dear Sir-II have used vquV medicine, (so unp-ersaliy kpown (iv tho,bai|ne of Jayne’s B.viieciorant) an litv praolicef r a iinpibep o 'years, and' can ino.st truly say thn f T 'h .x'e* ♦*,»h *.... 1 . .. . f M J „ Jau. 27, xkt4. rd yquf medicin lo’s E-ipector* ---- ../r— --------- mosttrulj hev.b more siweesiful in tlie use of that as a safe apd thorotlgh kiW iorailt, (than of am’ which I eaer used. It is the b f e for the following obvious reasons. ' It does ajot, if giveai/jn proper Hoses, ocea’ision a disaereeablc. of usefulnesafor yeats to come, o f wbiqli I had utterly del- paired before I began to use the IJealtif Uestorative. Jly strengtinwas renewed, my-caraplaint of the luags removed, and all mv other‘syiuptoms so entirely overoomy that I fee! myself most grateful that in .a kind Providence I waa’difefe- tedto the trial of this invaluable remedy. -In order that oth­ ers may be faeiiefitted by its use I vvirite this for the benefit b f mvfel|owstiftWers. ' ' H'. To C. Briiikerhoff, Propjjetor of llpalth Restorative,. / ilT a r r i e i i . , ■ AN DA L. HA7.EN, danglite^ of Alen B, HaiseB,sbf • « f ’ ' W t ( 3 i -■ ■ . I;\;: atthereBideijceJ; Ids acquaintance: and the peculiar rireiatnstances’ of|n3 sickness and death, must render tlie event doubly iiainfu|;tq J\ Although from prudential considetatiobd arising from jbe contagious nature of his disease, l^e was deprived of tiie|to- ■“ S r i ' L a ' S ' ^ O W E X ’S TREATISE, 3d 5 j S I L K S . S E a r .,.j ip - a o . Sfiawi.s, an/i >ilk fringe a silk lace for tfimu.jng long shawls, “ y \ * - ” ) ____ likely toeffe it F ro|n the iVatem cnl It have e; :istcd in iatic ga?!, opelrated npin flVe last w eek publisllicd a el ort article in the death o f thb co n v iit' Plum b , in thq liiurn prison, anfl aipothe vurdfct o f the Corot r’s Jury. Since) then wo h i v e seen the cViL jcnce taken bfcl’orq the Jury, a u f give a portiop it below . A ir,‘liira m R a th )un, the first perj- n e.xemtiibd, ia the agent oi the Prison. Hh stifles a.s follow s : la m Keeper o f the Prison ; ^ jiave been sin^e 1, P lum b w a s 'a I cam e h e r e . ^ with in the shdei-shclp, on thlelhilor board, ''' eglster, tqfhAve com e hei ifppears from the R e g ister, tq h k v e com e here in Ph 1842 a n d must'biji abqul 21 y :a|riS o f a g e — b e in g 17 a t tho lim e he canic, C a n|i in O e ldbcr. | l 't M A 1 i f f -and the Sen- ]lr. :-l^fi',,vensoa iO' amiind the^ ^hc 'act to ence pep ,Uie tax. on c jil.s to hreorporat'e Y d r ll and H artf .AVaynl] lie has bg^n te tim es p|evious lo a wegk going alioj i^nsidtT l|i|s vote,m a d e f ta,h!.e’. Mn, „ .. rpitiittte-debate on thql reference o f ih'e’An.tir-rcrft duesthm j pp Thursdayi j p f hil and other p r o p e k y . into' ihe ahep a n d 't w a s s e p t [6 jidhad b |c ti s e n t up tp the |kilt< ugiitlh and tlie, ,h Is than back. Tfle siv'ere injuly hn loins, was. transferred Ity sym'pat|iy In to the. stomaeli. 1 know frola ace, t h a t severe’injurii!;s s the stomach than any ollii itemcnl of Doct. Bigele fever, B illiou s fever frequently term inate^ i ty j^ u s . DiaiThha-’i s ^ c r y com m o n altpridlai typhus fevdr in ilipflast stage salips a/h as 'Ukeljr ii la | t stages o f 'o u q 'fe v e r as,aU o lhcr. I Ishduld th|nk from he ^jpoarance, ihdrc m ightbe 40t) cr jo lashes. Bigelow half • be without them.— irafiooB received his _ - ---------- Alleges ill the U. S, and has had ^0 year.B expefjenceinan extensive and diversi­ fied ptacticc, by whidi he [has had ample opportuniliPs of N^mea audjpriceis of Dr. jlayne’.s Family Medicines, viz; Jayne*ai2vpeetorant, Aerbottie, $1 00 -J v-_ years expef cnee in an extensive and diyersi- slaled the rxi-slancc o f feyor, :h t q ^ e initiicales the ex isten c e lo f ib is (io.x- or -i^isUm ^ lie gass.,1 should thiak the stripes jpno caus|;d the dcalla B u t fjoin his tesdnio-1 ', A'thin! aipno c£ — ------ - ----------- ----- --- - ............ ................ II n y , j^khinli both m u st have com b ined to produce iiiis World 1 ihi’d ;. few w eeks f M r 1. M c K c e i ^liiambers (AFa.) He tlpig tale c f “ murder an. imea atidlprice^ of Dr. I “ Alterative, oi Life Preservative, . I 00 ’’ ' Tonic Vermifuga, 2.1 and 50 cts. ” ■ ' Carminiitive Balsam. ! 25and50rt.s. i ’’ Sanative Pill!, per box, 2.5 All the ahpve mimed me iiciiiev ard prepared only by jlr. D. Jayne, Iijventor and so e Proprietor, N'e. 8. Soutli Third Street, Philadelphia, Pa.,J\vho has no hesi .ation in recom- '<‘11 ^ b h l \How t|u'5 P j u l^ l 'in. W h e n I c aiqo iHen.- The. ofBtjer _______ to the shop. H e ■was slniiped or firip|>c(l him jolf by m y directiiun tor o f the Assista'tokd^ct’pcr,'); b4ing present, apd 'puil’lsli'cti. ' I ■ ” ’ cthon W , C|iry, i^.ss istant Keeper, 'pun. with a cal|tbirtj b tovtis as reported. ; I Ijdid not count m y self. I G at lljiid d five or six stranjds. jS i.v i s 'lle usuhljium p e r, arit I presurna tliis Had h s ix . ' .[ 'yak s l^ d m g j by w J k n he w as punisbi breakipiT 1 ccrlainljy the deepest and mo.st -sihgula^ y . ^ j|,g I 8f lovers tjo accoqipllsh their end ever yet riecor-1 i ;i.Bhcd hi ll jdid n o lc o f jSi.vis'.lF e usui h s i x . ' ,[ ya k s f The-tofli|,ct’ al _ , , --------- „ keeper..was pubished apart of the blows, part o f the 30 and I starldd to 'go lo the cutifct shop.'and w as sent ff|r to g|) |a c k . I Was iiifo^n d suicide,” V private iouroe, is a hoax 1 I f i t is : ik certainly the deepest and m tccoB iplkh their e infijrmation. purports that, Majo H o lm e s w a s a'suitor o f MHs. M cK q en’s Hefor lljcr niarriigo ; that after heir husband (Thpm a 'C. M cK e III) w as arrested fpr bank robbery, he father took lier to his h'lmo, and prom ised-tba it shoulc .be an asylum Ibr iier as lon g as sh lived, jinn'ided llik t s b c (xvimld UeVer havp any I thin g to iJo n ill) her liii-sb.ind. flolm Cs pgaito I m five apq I p ret rvas punish ed, .ys irep o r|s| the number to tlio hop, 'and w a s sen t for to g | d that he left his b|-ncli ' spcct.atoi m o re. ”1 th a t day. j renesved jiis assocliuiicm.s with her, and obt|kined ironi lier a promiiie Lbal she w o uld marry ipm ifj she e o u ldjobtain a divorce ; and m easures ' Wc jakento Icgislalu ie, but ■ ■ step dfUhe tragicO-cc grand |iicce p f deccplioi Tliirty w a s vj’hal hp Cary pwiiislH ijiin both itimes. Ila kbeptev in ihkt sliop'. . T h a t n?gia he .w ent lo his c e ll and lot o b p liis bible and some other books,and I il ink I was told his bed c loths. I think it w a s A^'am crb,urg[| inform ed me o f t h lea lb o f the king lor a m isclu c fin the celfi lie y,as'llien pmnished 12 blows as reported by Ca y in m y presence. 1 didm o t count ihom l He y. as then sent tol his bench, aiufft-triuitieU till im ou. H o then \f( table |vith liit.ciom patly. I sjjioke j igd o w about,his caise. Ij told Ihp j ficur not to let him work, but kfep biin in| t|alcd to lllh I)dct|. that i)poii betnec t > hkve a rela.x— I sr-'- .jher hi J ddj better go am) see, him , q.r w b e tber I had leUpfi sejad' him . toi the p i t i l. H e said I had bsttpr sdnd him up— I direction.^. It ^lieikti. a iM '^ : a l d 'H e a d .— W e would re- 3 C ajfldi-^Jjvs n h eith e r of these o k s tinate to apply thc' c e lebrated I x p ia n O in t . viknt 1 rem e d y . I t never has failed to died striqtly aecordii It airticle rticle j cation o f the public for the i S o l ( i > f O. B. Cm i r G r i 2AT B a RG.MN’S ! FOR C a s h ! S . H A I I r S i i C O . , . T T EREBY inloim the public that i beyiliave j u s t ;[ JCX arnvtdfioip ilieG ity el N ew -yorlr; willi kueit-J live assoetnien.i /./f , . I Y D R Y GOODS, GROCERIES,rSfC, I hougbt ai iSiii liivveM Gusli Firices.antl have opened'j Storeul N o. 60 Owi’go-Sii!eci,Ulhaca. Opr pipu of] busiiUMS IS the N.Yurk City Caih system.. jPii,i;'c|ha. ] .-CIS will now have an opportuiiity of buy ing G.oocis alli'ulv Low Prices , ' ' Iii'addiiiofito our present.srocb we shall be receiving at all limes, supplies of NEW GOQ.DS, as oneriftlie coVern i.s in Ibe ciu> of New- York cutiMimall.V pilrcli- asinkfieAi.iii e ami GHGAP G OO DS for Uii.« Market. JOUN G .llA U IllS, SAM UEL HARRIS. Iil);.ra,-D,.’.’. 19, IbtD.^j __________ ’’-SA. T IST OP kl-rrJ'ERS remaining in the JU iTti.yc.y, NXY., Feliniary Ist, 1840. ftOfl’ersoiiB calling for the following Let ay -'advertised.” [From Regnkfions of Post-Maslrt General.] \On Loiters adveiiised as remaining on hand, tliere. shall he cliarge.dlwlieii delivered out, beside the regular.poslags, tlie cost oi'aclverlisiii\ which, will be on each letter 2'ceulB»” Aiidrii.s Chas II ■ Allen Oliver E : Andros John I Aiiislee N'aiicv It i kntUvn in tlie U n ited State.s for itio n o f the above, and ledy befiirej igisla lu ie , but w a s rejected by that body. T h e in xt step Of t lovers w a s the sira fnyslerio is, tragicO-comica perform: ” b i d run am o n g sonic Srand jiicce p f deceptio n , q-orthy I w ent p a c k |amfl hq was punishcti File century. W l w a s vj'hal hb |oceiv'cd al both lim e s I ® ^ ’ ’ ’ ’ llobtam a divorce ; and m easures ; w ere |tccoinplisdi this, and aibiil for that pur- ijbcfore the last w inter’k session q f i h o | | j h e Loans anj discounts, Ijoaiis ail’d discounts u, ' \ ' “ bi'iiKera, Beal estate, IS'oridsand mortgages, |r k i r : F ; e n t hanks 01 l)ue Irom bjiriks. ^^V A tlT F llIxY Uj-toRT.-j-SiaU-'inont Kliowins: Uif’ the htsl day «t i’’ebruaVy,n84l>. '• kdOUKCKS. .■jd 78.1 fit) 96 g;t l.’i.'i (1.5 f 41l,5!W —2.5n,7'J(Lni i7,:i-4 Ic, murdering, and b u ryin g (fbr It is tw o coffins, supposed by the uriinj. itain the bodies o f the interpsling conta in the dulirig their way lo som e fairer) and mor wemlirigj their way lo som e fairer) and m ore ci genial land, where'lhe “ law ’s delay” coulfl be voided, •< ml svhere tlie tongue o f rcproqch, coi not reac i them . So, w h ile'llie deceived b u t . .- werc m eurning, and supposing the lovers tfcsling in Abraliam ’sboBOm.lhey were enjoying the hon­ eym o o n in Some sequestered' spot o f this <’ri dane sp lere.” W e t e ll Ihih talc as it w p s to US. [Lagrange Chatlahooijihi ” hanks, I Amuiuit ( lie imd not of llio t hove heads iBOin.they were enjoying the hon- ’ ___ ___ . ; sequestered spot of this <-mun- ^ TJAR'fERLV t We tell Ihik talc as it wqs told eq't'd tion of the rLapramre. nimtmhmmbip ' ’““ “‘“S of . i ? i s L Icltp i 1 sa id I had bsttlsr I s e u \ Itim up. I th nk the reljiX close o f thq punishm ent, | penti him froiq l ttble to thohospita •- FI a(l|npt on liialoc.casioii,i| •before, difcbvcrcd’any iiijii|cati|>np onnsa,inity.!j I have mjver petit any tliin k frd ' pcetecthq njigfaibe insatie. Cary derstand; that P l i m b i ad| ^fiedj think he|w a sSnsan J. ' ^ i r to |h e ki|,elicu:;.|. Ckry di^ him insane. i|d o i Lt r e o l Set a n f Officer o f the prison; m e n tioilin g to m e, ijbjtt tney* though^ hint sane. I suppos iV3.it niy rctun^* i j .. *»«*. v. I jtpm, bat in a fpw |nstane^p It haflHeen- done, suppose I saw all ihe. bipw k |nfliqted, thatj w en lujflicted. Cafjy hhd,^oj; tpijfqugfcl. th( Siatesnj liter of lespcctabilily, about 37 yi ______ - j |ife and child, v/as indqoed by m o tives o f I to altend a M ifler m eeting in-B|elcher-| Sun_^ythO 18lh. W h ile there',he be.i , M u . . w , ■ |522,946.78 riband. ’ 70— 4,.=141 iirroi.it.'’ptro)ler,194,999 , OiiimiuJ, J2,U77-(-fB2.922 , I I I included under either tow n om Sun^jiyth i cam e diluded -with fficn t q ” b M .bore , h e be. lulled -with the threats and anathem a s w h ich \ rere preached, and left the house after tho close ol'lhr ’ upon iiisai lOrease untit he becam e a raving.n .............. .. I m this .vay he declared that his heart vva(s sinful and ini st be plucked out or banned,out. j Accor, dingty he rushed towards a largo cooking stove illenl Estate. iBoiids afid Mortgage;:, 1 and d a the flea his band before hi ihed towai 8 left hantl [•Bljcbd any furl r-% il h id | o t tU d a g h . t h e first Jum ei apd the conviq tin h i | p l w a * bptore J to the ciitlery s h o h . ' ' I haeiaiiuo reasbn to >se that jbpr?' t h a b fiO , day, e x c e p t, irom ■wtjstk' n that he did noteo u n W b p w there were moire, jl tipn’t - i svahee, in which- a lesk qnm ber yverb reported than W r e jn9ict(:d,liU |raeskay. I t wL3s the pat rrodojced, bq one' like it* I j I I have reason to hblieve m ore .than flwelye ferein f lictefi fit Tpesday;. O n ly Iwelvq were reported, Geprfee Cray t o ld ,m© iiiorq than .tw e lve w^rejnflh led. Was strut' talked w ith. )Hh w a s thalr^erf after whipped ^ fi,esl| cut i^ ydr^ ijttle,, )iyiy itjnprei- j $ 17 xC|) 0 , sion is ^pr.e'wer i hot mpilks on the, nepk. liknow fi. argo cookiijg stovi h e burning fembers, J _Q o f the Btolve until | rally b.urneclTrom the Hones of le could be secured.\ The poor ’1 death EPORT.—Stiitement .-I oiving tfle \ Tompkin./irtounty Batik,” on tlie ■'ebriiary, 1840. IKSOURC’ES. i 22,81)9.-57 than for loano & dUcoumk 25,421.60 ■ : •,5,:{80.49 I 15 21)8 iLUBiniTIES.' led .the red hotirdn o f the -as literally burned*: man continued in this awful stale untj o his relief on Tuesday pvening, j, 8 o’^clock. Great excitementipre|ailed in 1 rtowri, and means will be taken' tSi prevent I rther spread of this accursed idol usjon,' I ; Due ’commiasioners of Canal Fund, _Due banks. la t W (wnsoci'et,jS, / . ) —A dbtruciive fire broke out on t)he night o f the' 22 d in it- in eofton -tuanufactury o f (l^orge c J Ballot, Esq,, wfln'ph cofisjunted an Adjoining mill,. ' pr >perly o f Edward Harris, Esq., land the’ hfuseofiifr.Joh n J!I.Rui idgregate wifi probably a B|alIou, the greatest SufFe whether the other m fu l land J t to l i S o t o ^ ■, 4 as inhured for re|insar|d js,pot ocHalicJi puhlishei the. Bditil Jnly2| I B S 6 R I G 1 18,506.56 ,$548,5&6.58 ig the Editorial deaartm'entota V e m - H is terms will be itiocieraie. Any [ o f Bocli tpaper, who mav tvlsb such aseir illreoeive atteotirm by addressing aline t prof the “ Xlhaca Jouriiai.” LiS45. W I N T E R S T R A I N K D VI and ^ijber Ijaraj> OH j S, Browu Enos E Boom Mathias Copcinun G W Clark V\’m R Cushman Uiitid Chilon .Samuel Cnr|ienter J Vi iin^l0aqrfe|of| AI bo , all that! certain jpieca or parcel of lapd, lying and be- and bounded follow^, to wit—commencing at a stone in N A L S T A IN E D Post Office, al ing Letters will please .AJcGilfrcy Morey Asa Mastery Anson Maaicrs Lucy A ,, Miiitiirn Evaiiiie Eunice’W . Newkirk John.) Dslramler J B nbriaii Roht Odell Siresia J is|? Strang Niram ' Shine;poctor rhomas Camrnel Miss iMaiia Carson Sarah A Cooper Miss Mary Ih venport Ceo Davenport lltzekiah Davis Wni ■ Deinarest JtoHanna ElUridge Jas . W ' Grpen \Vni ; iC^ray .lohu ‘ (iray iSarah ; (ieiiun;: j\ar6n Ijtmr. liobt Hathaway Orville Ilc[i(irj.v Isaac ■ Uamtnel LuVvU ll^iiiikon Will Harrison M.ary Harrison aVUry J HuiniMon S.imli Howe 3%li/.a ' aloiies Henry Jaxcox Mary Kurnblo-Kev Mr Keeler .Miss Harriet Evon Jolni Limlerlmrv Cliarlca J.ahar Henry Emd-ennan (.'ornchuB J,.cotiard Miss Lovina I,yon Alfred Merrian Barucy -MiUerFfl r Monk Chas Mor^e lyeorijard Mtdlowan dafi senior \ Miller Jarof'i Milks Chaiincey SH E R IFF SALE. i i T>Y virtue of jan E-xecutiou issued out of the Courit of| X> common plt?as of Tompkins co , to me Idirected andj dc livered against the goods and chattels, Jaiida’and. tenement of Mathias D. Hawes, and etfiers in my baliwick, I hav seized and taktjn all the right, title hnd intiirest of thesai-,, ---- -------------- - All that certain piece Or parcel of land situate in. the tbWn'j' hand, Ordefs tbi Pplifes of Hector. TomiikmB county, and beng a part o f lot No) 20„fi4y received and punf m said town, anjl bounded as follows, viz—Boginping a i tbf' 1 to a stake—theibce south 6 'chains and 77 links to Mdses Tompkins North line—llience oast along said TompMns’ north 14 chainsland I5 links to the south west comer of'said Hawe s lot,lhericenortb:alpng said Hawes’ west..lme 6 chains and 25 links to jhe placqof beginning, containing 10 aorbs of Snyder Wm Summerlon J Selover John Strong Lfewis Stout Orange ” I 1 Siiinmert.on Mary Strong MDa Maiia Spaulding Joso)di Spaulding Mrs Joseph' TappanJohn 'I’libor Edmond V tuiderhoof Michael VanderpoolBenj J Vaiiderhoof & VanOrder VanOrdor Jerus. K T b X Worcester Howard C “ Wilson Sjimuel

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